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Author's Chapter Notes:

My first time writing something like this, so don't be too mean

“This is the SoftWizard309, signing off! See you all next time!” Mika cheered as he ended his livestream. He took off his headphones and sighed, leaning back in his chair. Yet another stream with only ten viewers. Standing up, he walked into his kitchen and started making a cup of ramen. It didn’t take very long to make, and not very long to eat either. 

“Ugh, this stuff is disgusting,” Mika complained as he threw his empty cup into the ever-growing pile of ramen, take-out, and pizza boxes piling in his living room.

“I should probably clean this place up, but I really don’t feel like it,” Mika murmured, glancing around his living space. His house was quite spacious, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. Mika came from a long line of wealthy business people, who could easily purchase whatever they wanted, whenever. As a kid, his parents pushed him to follow in their footsteps, but Mika had different plans for his life. Growing up watching YouTube as his main source of entertainment, it’s been Mika’s dream to become a professional streamer. While slightly disappointed, his parents supported his decision, buying him everything he could need to be successful. Everything, except for fans.

Sitting back down at his desk, Mika began tapping a pencil against his head, deep in thought. 

“What am I doing wrong? I have the best equipment, I play popular games, and I don’t think I’m that annoying,” He glanced over to his mirror across the room, looking himself up and down. Somewhere along the way when deciding his personal style, Mika chose a more feminine approach. Maybe it’s because his body was more fit for a girl anyway, being shorter than average, with pale skin, freckles, and a nice plump butt. He doubled down on this by dying his hair white with a big pink streak, and speaking in a softer tone while filming. “And I don’t look that bad either, at least to me. Maybe I need to change my hair color or-” 

Before Mika could finish the thought, he noticed a pop-up on his computer screen, an email. He went to send it straight to the trash bin, before looking it over a bit closer. It was from a company called GoodToGrow, a company based on providing up-and-coming streamers with the support they need to gain an audience, but then charging a premium afterward. But this offer was different.

"We at GoodToGrow are offering you, SoftWizard309, completely free creator counseling! All you need to get started is tag us, #GoodToGrow, during your next live stream. Give us a chance, and we promise to help you become the biggest streamer out there!

“Huh, normally this junk mail would charge for something like that. But taking something like this kinda feels like cheating, and it could be a scam,” Mika sighed, glancing back at the statistics for his last stream. Ten viewers, less than his average, which wasn’t high to begin with. He turned back to the email. 

“Well, I’m already at rock bottom here, so the only way to go is up, right?” He rushed to his forum and scheduled a stream at 1 pm, not his usual time, but earlier. If he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, he wanted to do it soon, and after a night's rest. He very well could be the biggest streamer ever in the morning.

Mika woke up the next morning with an unusual pep in his step. He jumped out of bed and got straight to his normal routine without the usual 5 cups of coffee. The warzone that was his living room was tidied in short of an hour, the trash was disposed of, and the dishes were all washed. Next came a warm shower, before donning what he considered his signature outfit, being a light pink hoodie dotted with white stars, pink thigh-high socks, and of course his tightest pair of white booty shorts. He had to look his best for his ascent into stardom!

Soon enough the time had come, and the livestream began.

“What’s happening my fellow spellcasters, I’m back at it again with another stream, I hope you guys are ready for some fun!” Mika announced to an empty stream. “Now I know this stream is kinda sudden and off schedule, but I have a good reason for it! This stream is actually sponsored by a company that’s promised to help me and my channel get bigger! Now I’m ready to say that I’m #GoodToGrow!”

A moment passed, and nothing happened. 

“Huh. Well, I shouldn’t have expected something to happen immediately, so I should just wait a bit,” Mika reassured himself. That’s when he saw it, a new viewer had joined his chat. 

“Heya! Welcome to the stream, be sure to stay a while!” Mika smiled, before glancing down at himself. He was starting to feel a strange tingle moving throughout his body. Maybe he was starting to catch something. Ignoring it, Mika looked back at his chat to see his viewer was typing.

Hello Mika, I’m an agent from GoodToGrow, and I'm here to help give you some counseling,” the viewer typed.

“Oh! You came fast! So tell me, what’s the first- oooh,” Mika folded over in his chair, the tingling in his body turning from a slight nuisance into a large pain. He managed to recompose himself and looked at his screen again.

You may be feeling a slight sensation throughout your body Mika, and don’t worry, that's natural when it comes to growing. In fact, the first step in the process of getting bigger is making yourself comfortable with the idea of growing.”

Like magic, upon reading those words the pain in his body faded away. It actually started to feel kinda good.

“How… how did you know that was going to happen? Wait, and how do you know my name? Who are you?!”

You can call me Phil, your friendly agent from GoodToGrow services. What you’re experiencing is completely normal for anyone going through this process. In fact, it’s time for step two, once you’ve become comfortable with the idea of growing, you will.”

Once again, the words became true, as Mika’s body began to change. It was barely noticeable at first, it felt like basic stretching. But as Mika stood up, he realized that this was much more than stretching. His once-high ceiling was beginning to get more and more cramped as Mika occupied more and more space. 

“No no no! What is happening to me?” Mika cried as he toppled backward, his knees knocking over his entire gaming setup. His head quickly bumped into the opposite wall as his body folded in, like being squeezed into a box to be mailed. The walls began to creak as the twink's body filled nearly all the space left, ready to burst through. But it didn’t.

“Whew, I’m glad that’s over,” Mika sighed, before feeling yet another sensation hit his body. The tingling was gone but was replaced by a pulse that sent a wave of pleasure throughout Mika’s whole body. With a loud moan, Mika’s body burst through the room, leveling most of the house in an intense blast of growth.

When the dust cleared, Mika found himself sitting in the rubble of his own house. Wiping his eyes, Mika stood up, but the new perspective was nauseating. Mika stumbled backward, accidentally crushing his neighbor's car with a single step of his foot.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Mika apologized, stepping forward again, attempting to fit onto the tiny street. “How big did I just get? And how do I change back?”

You’re standing at about 45 feet tall right now Mika. And I’m afraid there’s no going back from this point forward,” came a voice from inside Mika’s head.

“Phil? How can I hear you right now? And do you mean I can’t go back? I never wanted this!” Mika exclaimed.

Don’t worry about why you can hear me, just know I’m still here to guide your journey. As for your second question, it’s all part of step three: once you start growing, you won’t stop. So try to take as much pleasure from this as you can.”

The words filled Mika’s head as he felt a stirring down at his crotch. Another burst of pleasure jolted through him as he grew again, his feet that once fit on the road now expanding outwards, pushing cars further into the homes around him. Mika reached down and started rubbing his erect member, letting the pleasure begin to consume him.

“God this feels so good, but I can’t release this, I’ll crush all these innocent people!”

This leads into step number four,” Phil explained in Mika’s mind. “You’ll see others as merely interruptions to your growing success. No one ever got big without crushing some people in their wake.”

With that, a sadistic spark began to shine in Mika’s eyes. People had begun to file out of their homes, confused about what all the commotion was. The perfect opportunity. Mika reached down, quickly grabbing one of the bystanders in his massive hand.

“You look just like a little doll!” Mika toyed, holding the struggling man up to his face. “You think you could help me out real quick? I’ve really pent up lately, and could use a partner to help get it out!”

The little man shook his head violently, begging to be let go. Mika just sighed, then let out a giggle.

“Why did I even ask? It’s not like you get a choice anyway!” Mika blurbed before dropping the man down into his shorts, landing right on his major boner. 

“Oh yes! I guess you won’t be needing this anymore right?” Mika questioned, before dropping his crotch down onto the poor man's house. Squatting, Mika began to drive his erection into the building, causing it to crumble within moments. 

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!”

With a burst of pleasure, Mika shot up again, pulverizing anything left of his toy under his growing cock. Mika folded backward as his cum shot out all over the inside of his shorts, ruining them instantly. Buildings were reduced to rubble as Mika's thighs took up more and more space in the neighborhood, and his feet shot out, reducing a large portion of the street to dust in an instant.

When his orgasm finally subsided, Mika stood back up, assessing his newfound size.

“God that felt amazing, and I must be like 150 feet tall now. I mean, just my foot can cover an entire house!” Mika exclaimed while demonstrating his fun fact, crushing a nearby home like paper.

After the building folded in on itself, a little spark glinted in Mika’s eyes, snapping him back to reality. He glanced around himself, eyeing the destruction he caused.

“OH GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?” Mika panicked, threatening to rip his hair out with the stress.

Calm down Mika, remember this is all part of-” Phil attempted to reassure, before being interrupted by the panicking titan.

“What do you mean calm down?! I’m gigantic, I can’t keep control of my own brain, and I’m killing all these people for my own pleasure? What part of this is supposed to be calm?!” Mika snapped at his counselor. There was a long moment of silence before Phil returned, but he could swear he heard some faint mumbling and shifting of papers.

Ah, here we go. Section number 42.78a23: Activation of GoodToGrow enrichment is permanent and legally binding. Assigned counselors are permitted to use any means necessary to finish any enrichment plans created with a client.

“What does that even mean?” Mika cried, infuriated at the disembodied voice. 

That means I get to do this,” Phil casually spoke. Mika heard a sound like a snap, and in an instant the vicious look in his eyes had returned.

“Now that’s better, now where was I? Oh yes, getting these ruined things off,” Mika slid his now soaked shorts off, letting his cock slide out for all to see. Normally his dick was around an average size of 6 inches, but now his massive member reached out to 12 feet long from a tinies perspective, and it was still getting longer. 

With another wave of pleasure and a fitting moan, Mika shot up once again. The ruins of the house he was standing on were taken for a ride as his foot grew wider and wider. His toes barreled forward, plowing through dozens of homes as Mika’s head shot upwards into the sky. Just the experience of this spurt was enough to make Mika leak precum, which fell down below and completely submerged anything still alive below him in a lake of sticky goo.

“Man, that was my biggest spurt yet, and I’m feeling refreshed,” Mika grinned, peering further into the dwindling city skyline. 

You’ll notice your growth is getting bigger, and more frequent,” Phil chimed in, completely ignoring the earlier fiasco. “That’s due to step number five: once you get big enough, everything becomes exponential. Soon enough, you’ll be steamrolling everything in your way.”

With confirmation of his theory dancing in his head, Mika began his march towards the inner city, home of the highest skyscrapers in the country. Normally a trip like this would take hours on foot, but for Mika, it was only a couple short steps, each one causing untold damage upon each neighborhood unfortunate to be caught in the way.

When he arrived in the inner city, it was quite a sight to behold. Just passing through caused major destruction as many medium-sized skyscrapers had their tops leveled off with the femboy’s swinging dick. But it wasn’t those buildings, or any of the card-sized ones that he trampled that Mika was interested in. No, it was the building in the direct center that caught his eye. The Heartfold Tower, named after the founder of the city it resided in, stood tall at a proud 1,798 feet tall, which was the same year the city was founded. 

“Ah, Heartfold Tower, so much symbolism to be had with you. Unluckily for you, I’m not here to do any tourism.” Mika teased, before feeling yet another shiver and wave pulse throughout his body. Once again his body shot up in size, the force of his growth crumbling many surrounding buildings as the twink rose like an obelisk into the sky. 

He quickly became eye level with the historic tower, and just as fast rose above it. With this growth Mika could feel his erection grow even more stiff, nearly standing straight up as the tower became smaller and smaller before him.

When the spurt finally ended, the once massive Heartfold tower only stood up to Mika’s knees, the femboy now standing almost a mile tall, his dick as large as one of the skyscrapers it once leveled on his journey here.

“I have some symbolism for you: when an extremely horny twink finds a penis-shaped object that looks the size of a paper towel tube, what do you think he’s going to do with it?” Mika toyed as he took two loud steps forward, positioning his gaping asshole towards the tower. “Well let’s find out!”

With a drop Mika's ass fell down, swallowing the Heartfold tower like a dildo. Mika moaned as he began to gyrate up and down the tower, plowing himself with the massive man-made structure. Buildings crumbled under the shock of Mika’s sex, as his moans grew louder and louder. Neighboring cities could begin to hear the cries of ecstasy as something began to build inside Mika, ready to burst.

“Oh, oh god! I’m, I’m, I’m CUMMING!” Mika screamed as his load blasted out like a rocket, coating a large portion of Heartfold in his sticky liquid. As Mika reached orgasm, yet another feeling began to grow inside him, the ground beginning to rumble louder and louder.

Arriving from work late, Matt placed his supplies down and rushed to his desktop. He was late for his after-work routine. It started with boiling water for some nice black tea. Once the tea was ready he’d pour a glass and get into comfy clothes. Then he’d grab a thick blanket and sit down at his desktop and watch his favorite streamer, SoftWizard309. Though he wasn’t super popular, there was something about Soft’s charm that made Matt stick with him. Maybe it was in part that Matt thought he was cute, but that didn’t matter too much. All that mattered was that Soft always streamed at the same time each day and that he was just in time to catch today’s stream.

Matt sat down in his chair, putting on his clunky headphones and setting aside his tea. He scrolled through his Twitch page but didn’t see Soft streaming.

“That’s weird, he should be streaming right now. I wonder if he’s alright.” Matt worried, before checking Soft’s schedule for the week. “Oh, he streamed earlier today. Well, guess I’ll have to go a day without seeing him.”


Matt stood back up and began walking to his kitchen. If he didn’t have a stream to watch, he might as well make his dinner earlier. He opened his refrigerator, before feeling a rumble all around him.

“Holy shit, is that an earthquake?” Matt panicked, rushing to his window. What he saw completely blew his mind. Off in the distance, where the skyline of the city normally fell, he could see a gigantic human. They were wearing nothing but thigh-high socks and a hoodie, and lines upon lines of cum were being launched out of their massive dick.

“Wait, is that, SoftWizard? What the hell is going on?” Matt questioned, before being knocked straight to the floor. He looked up, only to see the figure in the distance getting closer. No, not closer, bigger. Really fast. 

Scrambling to his feet, Matt bolted out his apartment door, desperate to get away from the growing apocalypse he just witnessed. He rushed to his car, fumbling with his keys as the moans of pleasure got louder and louder, soon followed by the sound of thousands of buildings being crushed by an ever-growing body. 

The car door finally opened, and Matt jumped in. Finally, he could get out of there. The keys turned, the engine started, and Matt sped down the street as quickly as possible. But the sounds of destruction only got louder. Matt looked back, hoping his fears weren’t true, only to be proven wrong. Behind the speeding car, buildings collapsed like cards as a massive pink wall created by Mika’s socks crushed down the street at an alarming pace. Matt slammed on the gas, but it still wasn’t enough, and in mere seconds, the wave of pink crashed over him, and everything went black. 

Consciousness entered Mika’s body slowly as the force of his orgasm left him groggy. He awoke lying down, completely unaware of where he was. Sitting up didn’t help his confusion either, the only thing he could see around himself was nearly endless fields, covered with a slight fog.

“Is it over? Was that just a dream?” Mika questioned while peering around. He felt a slight buzzing near his ear and swatted at it. “Stupid bugs, can’t leave me alone for a second.” 

He quickly noticed something peculiar, the fog around him was extremely condensed, forming a layer close to the ground. The air above the layer was crystal clear.

“Huh, that’s strange. I’ve never seen fog do that,” Mika pondered, leaning closer to the ground with curiosity. As his face got closer to the ground, something else was beginning to become visible. Under the fog was this small patch of gray. It looked prickly almost, like a sort of moss.

“Wait a second, is that-” Mika yelped, before being interrupted by a familiar voice.

Yes, that is a city, Mika. You must be somewhere near 20 miles tall now, congrats!” Phil clapped.

“Wait, where’s Heartfold? Don’t tell me I-”

Yes, you did. Heartfold is gone, buried underneath your latest growth spurt.” Phil said completely casually like this was a super common thing.

“What?! Where am I supposed to live? What about all those people? Why-” Mika panicked, before hearing a loud snap. His composition changed quickly, going from cautiously observing the little cities below to laying down on his stomach without a care in the world.

Remember Section number 42.78a23 Mika, I don’t want to hear any more of that complaining. You’ve gotten exactly what you wanted right? You said you wanted to get bigger.”

Mika repositioned into a kneeling position, crushing millions of people in a very simple movement. 

“I guess I did, didn’t I?” Mika shamefully admitted.

And you know the rules of growing, you’re bound to crush people along the way.

Mika shifted again, standing up to his full height, the clouds below him barely reaching to the top of his feet.

“And I guess that’s also true…” Mika contemplated, wiggling his toes a bit.

And you know that crushing your competition feels really good in the end, so what’s the shame in it?

Mika raised a foot up, hovering above a nearby city. Despite the size difference, Mika could hear the screams of the tiny people as the sun was blocked out by the twink’s foot. In one quick motion, Mika stomped down, obliterating the city and sending cracks throughout the ground causing untold damage to everything around them.

“Yeah, I guess it does!” Mika smiled, watching the explosions around his feet grow brighter.

Then it’s time for the final step of your counseling, step number six: soon your current size will become less satisfying, the only thing able to satiate your hunger being to become worldwide.”

Those final words broke something inside Mika. Even while rampaging earlier, deep in the throes of his mind his conscience still fought for control. But that little conscience shattered, as his mind was filled with only one goal: get bigger.

His true purpose finally revealed, Mika kneeled back down, rubbing his growing erection with one hand while scooping up a nearby city in the other. He poured the rubble of what once was a city onto his growing cock, letting the buildings and blood become lubricant. 

As his masturbation got more and more intense, another wave began building up inside of him. The strength of the wave made Mika moan in delight as it filled every part of his body. 

“I need to cum right now!” Mika moaned, eyeing the destroyed ground below him. With a brash and lustful movement, Mika drove his cock directly into the ground and started pumping. The pleasure grew and grew as magma surrounded his cock, making it harder and harder with each passing thrust. Each slam of his dick into the Earth caused earthquakes throughout the entirety of America, and sent tsunamis out that flooded nearly any land near the ocean worldwide. 

And with each thrust not only came more and more pleasure but more size as well. The growth building inside Mika could barely contain itself, with some leaking out nearly every second as Mika pounded into the Earth. The growth caused more pleasure as Mika’s dick grew longer and longer, plowing further into the ground when it finally came.

The moan of pure ecstasy could be heard through the entire world, shattering glass everywhere and bursting most eardrums with its pure volume. And with that came the flood, one to rival the biblical one as oceans of cum launched from Mika’s cock directly into the Earth. The ground broke in several places, becoming giga-sized cum volcanoes that flooded entire countries with a white flood. And finally, the earthquakes, as the Earth shattered apart as the force of Mika’s growth put trillions upon trillions of gigatonnes worth of force upon the ground.

Anyone lucky enough to survive the onslaught of unnatural disasters would soon have their spirits broken even further than they were. He was visible from everywhere. Just one toe was enough to cover an entire county, each thigh an insurmountable wall of pink. Those thighs were spread out, one covering Canada and a majority of the United States, and the other drowning Europe and Asia in its squishy goodness. And in between those two thighs was Mika’s dick, an obelisk of pure lust standing tall for all to see. 

That tower continued to pump out more and more cum, and with each splurt making Mika’s size blossom further. The orgasm continued for what seemed like an eternity to the microscopic survivors on Earth, but in reality, it lasted just a minute as Mika’s body further covered the planet. With a final moan of pure pleasure, Mika’s legs left the planet, dangling off into space as his body doubled, then tripled in size.

Mika couldn’t believe his eyes. Floating before him, the size of a marble, was the Earth. The place he once lived, the place everyone once lived. It was so small before him, that he could easily eat it and barely notice.

But Mika didn’t focus on that, because he could see other planets off in the distance, taunting them with their size. There’s no way they were gonna get away with that, Mika had to be the biggest. He WAS gonna be the biggest. Grabbing the Earth like the toy it was, Mika pushed it deep into his begging asshole, and yet again began to stroke his planet-destroying cock. And with that, he could feel the familiar wave of growth begin to fill him up once again. It was time he focused his goals not on becoming the biggest streamer in the world, but the biggest streamer in the universe.

Leaning back in his office chair, Phil observed the small ball in front of him. On his desk a case was filled with identical balls, all showing a similar scene inside. Each contained an entire universe within its limits, and each of these universes had its own titan inside, bound to get larger and larger for all eternity. Phil looked down at his latest work, watching Mika cum into the depths of outer space, an entire galaxy wrapped around his dick.

Grabbing a large rubber stamp, Phil stamped down on the ball the word [COMPLETED] in dark red and set the ball into the case. 

“God, I love my job,” Phil smiled as he felt his erection bulging in his pants. Before he could answer it, he heard his clock chime beside him, declaring the time as 10:00 am.

“Shit! I’ve got fifteen more of these to get done before lunch, no more slacking!” Phil declared, rolling his chair over to his desktop computer. Opening up his computer, Phil read the info on his next client. The client was an athletic girl named Cara, who wished to become the biggest football player in the world. Smiling, Phil opened up his email and began to type.

Hello Cara, this is Phil from GoodToGrow, here to offer you the biggest opportunity of your life!”

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading, now go drink some water!

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