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Author's Chapter Notes:

This takes place in the same universe as my other "modern fantasy" stories like the garter lamia ones. There aren't recurring characters or plots, so you don't need to read them to read this one, but the general idea is that portals to other worlds opened several decades before the present, and magical creatures from those worlds are common and mostly integrated with society.

Infinite worlds, infinite riches, Talia thought to herself, grinning as she stared up at the trio of pale pink moons hanging in the sky. When she’d first come through the portal, which had connected to earth somewhere in a New Jersey suburb, she’d been stunned by the sight, and regular commuters through the dimensional rift had shoved her, annoyed by how “green” she was. She didn’t care, it was still a fantastic sight, and if they had let it become boring, that was on them.

This particular world was one of hundreds that had appeared across the earth as magic had returned to the world, linking the planet with the myriad mythological creatures of its past, as well as some never imagined. Several decades on society had adapted, and Talia had grown up thinking it wasn’t unusual to meet an elf, or plenty of other otherworldly beings, if you stayed in the city long enough.

Most of the activity on this world was concentrated down near the portal itself, where a small town had been built serving the people from Earth with business here. So far, no other intelligent life had been seen, a relative rarity, although ruins dotted throughout the world suggested that the people of earth weren’t the first ones to visit the hilly world with three moons in the sky.  

It was one such ruin that interested Talia, a recently discovered crypt only a few miles from the portal itself! Laws on the esoteric structures that dotted the landscape of many worlds varied, but after caving to public pressure the government had reluctantly allowed them to be explored by parties of so-called “adventurers,” seeking gold, glory, secret knowledge, and most importantly fame.

And therein was the problem. The demand for dungeons to explore far exceeded the supply, and with the government licensing scheme in place more experienced explorers almost always got first crack at any recently discovered ones. More experienced, and more popular. It seemed that most of the popular streaming channels had a mix of attractive women and muscular square jawed men leading such expeditions. Talia, who’d often been taunted as “titless” in high school due to her petite physique, likely wouldn’t be cast for such a program.

It’s not fair, Talia thought angrily, by the time they open them up for newbies all the good stuff is gone! With a scowl still on her face she looked up at the wooded hill where the news report had said the entrance was. The dirt road before her had a large sign that proclaimed in bold red letters “Road Closed – Military Evaluation in Progress.” With a chuckle Talia altered her direction, walking into the thick woods on the side.

The military presence would likely be a few guards at most, conducting a quick evaluation of the hostile wildlife within and around the temple, along with noting any magical hazards. For such a small job Talia guessed there would be at most three or four guards.

Making her way up through the brush was easy enough, and soon she saw the massive carved wooden doors, built right into the hillside. Ornate runes flashed along the top, and the door was carved with a number of foxhead motifs that curled up and down in a pattern that was almost Celtic in appearance.

“So anyways,” she heard a man’s voice say, “I was saying that the military needs to be prepared for Godzilla.”

“He’s not real Ed,” another man said in exasperation.

“Yeah well, our parents didn’t think elves and fairies were real, but one got drunk and turned my dad’s car into a giant pumpkin last week, now he’s stuck fighting his insurance company over it. I’m just saying we don’t want to be caught with our pants down again if we were wrong on that one!”

“It’s not the same thing,” the second man groaned, “there were legends about elves and… all the other stuff, for thousands of years, Godzilla’s from a movie!”

“But what if it was inspired by a true story?” Ed said, his tone growing hushed.

“Bullshit,” his partner laughed.

From her hiding spot Talia could see the pair of soldiers walking up the dirt road. The pair didn’t seem to be on particularly high alert, and as she looked further she saw a military Humvee parked in the clearing in front of the dungeon, the large machine gun on the top manned by an equally bored looking third soldier.

“Hey Rick,” a soldier shouted, “Is Godzilla real?”

The debate resumed, and Talia grinned to herself as she crept out of the woods, that’s right boys, just keep talking! I just need to get through those doors…


“Fuck,” she swore under her breath, putting on a smile and holding her hands up as the soldiers approached. “Hey guys,” she said cheerfully, “I was just hiking through the woods and got a little turned around and-“

“Yeah I don’t think so,” the soldier chuckled, “look lady, I know you want to run in there and do adventurer stuff, but nobody’s allowed in until Uncle Sam gets the first look. Once we’ve given it a danger rating, you can read over the report on the Department of Magical Explorations website and see if you feel like it’s right for you.”

Talia glanced at the two men, then back to the third on the humvee’s gun placement. He’d gone back to scrolling on his phone, content to let his companions deal with her.

“Yeah,” she sighed, “I guess you’re right… maybe I should have tried to get a look at that big thing that was running amok in the city a few weeks back, they say it can’t have gotten far.”

“Big thing?” one of the soldiers, Ed, said excitedly. He licked his lips, “Was it green, with spines on its back?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” the other soldier muttered, rubbing his temples. “It was obviously a Grand Lamia from the preserve!”

“Then why wouldn’t they just say that?” Ed asked angrily.

“Yeah, why?” Talia grinned, feeding the argument. “I heard a rumor that it was green!”

“It was white with pink spots,” the other soldier insisted, “With a big long tail!”

“I heard it could be a military experiment,” Talia said, easing away slightly as the men’s voices rose in pitch.

“God, if I could get down there with a Geiger counter,” Ed muttered, “all of these other magical creatures, none of them are going to be able to stand up to Big G, this could be it Lewis.”

“If Godzilla were real we’d just hire the elves to shrink him or something,” Lewis retorted, “and that thing was probably some kind of Lamia working for the government, why else would they refuse to release information?”

“He’s king of the monsters, magic never works on him!”

Talia slowly scooted away, letting the two continue the argument while she tiptoed closer to the door. She felt her heart flutter with excitement as she reached the massive wood structure, and with a deep breath she put her hand on the handle to pull it open.

“Not so fast,” a hand clasped down on her shoulder, spinning her around. She blinked in surprise, the face staring back at her was familiar.

“Zach?” She asked, a smile coming over her face, “Zach Murkowski!?”

“Talia Sullivan,” he chuckled, relaxing slightly and taking his hand off her shoulder. “I haven’t seen you since high school.”

Talia giggled as she looked up at him, while Zach had never been particularly tall he still had a good head on her five foot frame, and he’d matured nicely too, with a short cut head of auburn hair and a physique that had bulked out slightly from the skinny geek she remembered.

“Well look at you,” Talia said, hands on her hips, “all grown up and in the army!”

“Yes, I’m actually a specialist in Magical Explorations,” he said with a smile, “and this is my operation you’re trying to sneak into!”

The soldiers noticed what was going on, and with faces red from embarrassment hurried over, “S-Sir, we were just-“

“At ease,” he said dismissively, “It’s all right, I’ll handle this one personally.”

“Handle?” Talia asked nervously.

“You’re going to come back to our base and watch a half hour video on the dangers of going into a dungeon unprepared,” he said with a smirk, “then you’ve got to promise you won’t come back until it’s been evaluated and opened to the public.”

“Oh come on Zachary,” she groaned, “can’t you just let me have this one? For old time’s sake?” She fluttered her eyelashes, “For your old homecoming date?”

“We went to one homecoming, as friends, ” Zachary said, his face growing a little more serious, “Seriously Talia, you can’t go in for another week at least. Now let me see your license.”

“License?” Talia asked weakly.

He rolled his eyes, “you know, the little card the DME gives you that states what level of magical exploration you’re qualified to undertake? Your adventurer’s card?”

Talia chewed her lip, “See, the thing is I’ve been meaning to get one, but the courses are kind of expensive and the student loans are really starting to eat me up…”

“So you were planning on going into the dungeon completely unprepared and unlicensed?” Zachary asked with a sigh, rubbing his temples. “Same old Talia. Okay, come on, let’s go take a ride.”

Talia looked at the door, then back at him. Before he could react she grabbed the door handle, pulling it open with all of her might. The light weight surprised her, and she was stumbling inside while Zachary was shouting angrily, running after her. The runes above the door glowed once, and the door shut behind them.

“God damnit Talia!” Zachary growled, unbuttoning the holster on his service pistol.

She went pale as she saw him reach for the gun, “W-Whoa, don’t shoot-“

“It’s not for you,” he muttered, putting his hand on the door and pushing against it. He turned back to her, “did you bring a gun?”

“Uh, I’ve got this?” she said weakly, pointing to a holstered folding knife clipped on her belt. “It came free with the purchase of this backpack!”

Zachary stared at her, “you were going to explore this place unarmed?”

“I figured I’d just avoid the dangerous parts?” she said weakly. “I didn’t need much treasure, just enough to pay off my loans, maybe give me a good head start on a business-“

“Talia, we’ll go over it later,” he said, interrupting her, “this dungeon door is covered in runes that won’t let it open again until a certain point is reached.”

Talia beamed, “Oh, so we have to go explore this dungeon then?”

Zachary sighed, “this is serious, please stay behind me and when we are getting out of here you are in serious trouble!” He stormed past her, unclipping a flashlight from his belt and letting the beam illuminate the hallway in front of them.

The dungeon walls were hewn from the rocky hill in a perfectly smooth motion that would have put any earth machinery to shame, and their footsteps echoed distantly as they descended into the mountain. Finally they came to a vast open room, where the beam of Zachary’s flashlight disappeared into the darkness.

“Huh, that wasn’t all that bad,” Talia said, stepping forward, “I thought you said- EEEP!” She teetered forward over a massive pit that opened up from one of the floor tiles, a series of spikes rose up to meet her, and in a panic she noticed that a handful of skeletons hung on the steel points, the remnants of long gone adventurers.

Zachary’s hand shot out, grabbing her backpack and slowly pulling her back upright, “Watch your step,” he muttered, shining the flashlight along the floor. There was a glint of metal, and Talia gulped as she saw the series of pressurized pads on some of the tiles.

“T-Thanks,” she managed. She giggled a little, trying not to seem so flustered, “T-That’s just like the time you bailed me out on that math exam!”

Zachary smirked, “I spilled my drink on the pile of tests, it was an accident.”

“No,” Talia giggled, “you knew I’d fail, so you “tripped” and just happened to stain the test pile!”

Zachary smiled a little in spite of himself at the memory, “Okay, look at the tiles without the pressure pads, we follow those across the room.” The pair made their way through the open chamber without incident, avoiding the traps until finally coming to the door to the next room.

“Okay, now just-“ Talia grabbed his shoulder, holding him back. He frowned, “What?”

“Look,” she pointed down, where an almost imperceptible thread hung at ankle height. She flipped the knife open, cutting the string. A moment later there was a hiss, and Zachary’s eyes went wide as dozens of darts hissed by where he would have been had he taken another step.

“Good eye,” he whispered, impressed.

“I’m telling you, I could totally do this,” Talia said, “it’s just about-“

There was a heavy breathing sound that filled the chamber, and both of them went silent. Talia went pale, letting the knife fall to the tiled floor with a clattering sound as a pair of enormous red eyes glared at them from the darkness. A moment later a massive lupine maw appeared, saliva dripping over yellow teeth as the beast snarled at them.

“W-Werewolf!” she rasped.

“Bloodwolf,” Zachary said, taking careful aim with his pistol. “A werewolf turns back into a person.”

The chamber glowed red, illuminating the beast in full, and an ear shattering howl echoed off the stone walls as the eight foot tall beast began to charge at them.


Zachary’s gun barked three times, there was a canine yelp, and then the monster tumbled over, sliding to a stop. Zachary approached it carefully, nudging the carcass with his foot to check for signs of life. He breathed out in relief when he found none.

“D-Do all of the dungeons have things like that living in them?” Talia asked quietly.

“We got pretty lucky with this one,” Zachary said, holstering his pistol, “bloodwolves aren’t very smart, and most of the monsters that the builders stocked these things with were meant to stop guys with swords and crossbows.” He chuckled a moment, “in some of these things the monsters figured out how to order shit off the dark web… try walking into a room full of skeletons with black market AK-47s, now that will give you nightmares.”

“I don’t think I should be here,” Talia groaned, “Y-You were right, this is stupid!”

Zachary chewed his lip, “you could do this,” he said slowly, “but you’d need a lot more preparation next time. Imagine if you’d gotten in here without me?”

“Yeah,” she sighed, walking over to him, “I guess I just- AAAHH!”

The floor fell out from below her, in a circular pattern this time that had no obvious trigger. Zachary’s eyes went wide, and he ran to the edge, looking down. A winding smooth slide wound into the darkness.

“ZACHARRRYYY!” her voice echoed up. With a sigh he jumped in after her, sliding along the polished stone and struggling to keep his flashlight in front of him.

Talia shrieked as the slide came to an abrupt end, launching her into a small chamber, illuminated by a pair of glowing blue flames at the far side. Her flight was ended by a small stone pillar, causing her to grunt in pain as it tipped from the impact. She groaned, looking up in dismay as a golden idol atop it wobbled, the molded fox-figurine seeming to wink at her for a moment before it tumbled down onto her.

Instead of the bone shattering impact of a falling golden statue, Talia gasped as it burst on her like a water balloon, liquifying and seeming to melt into her stomach. She shivered, curling her toes at the way it felt, her eyes rolling back in her head as she gasped with pleasure.

“Talia!” Zachary cried, hurtling into the chamber a split second later. Unlike her he landed gracefully, quickly sprinting over to her just as the last of the golden liquid seeped into her exposed midriff. He reached for it, unsure what he even intended to do, but his fingertips brushed across nothing but her skin. “Well shit,” he muttered.

The ground began to shake, and for a brief moment he worried the whole temple was about to collapse, but instead the wall before him slid down, revealing a tunnel and a set of stairs. With a sigh he picked up the unconscious Talia, hefting her over his shoulder as he carried her upwards.

Talia groaned, smiling at the memory of a particularly exciting dream she’d been having. Without opening her eyes she could feel that she was wet, with a fire burning in her loins that begged to be sated. Without thinking she let her hand drift between her legs, eager to start her day with a bang, then frowned as her fingers made contact with a papery fabric.

Her eyes shot open, “Wha?” she was in a hospital gown, with a number of machines next to her monitoring her vitals. Looking around, she could see more medical supplies, an IV bag, and finally a series of posters about military health benefits. The base, she realized, I’m at the army’s medical ward…

She let her head land back on the pillow with a sigh, well, we got out alive, but Zachary is going to kill me for this. She chewed her lip as she thought of him, her face flushing as she imagined how she would thank him for saving her life. She fought the urge to begin fingering herself again, growling in frustration and confusion.

Why the hell am I so horny?

The door on the far side of the room opened, and a woman in a doctor’s coat walked in, accompanied by a somber looking blonde elf, standing close to Talia’s own five feet tall. The elf wore a loose robe colored in forest camouflage, along with a rank insignia.

“Hello,” the doctor said, not looking up from her clipboard, “Talia Sullivan, correct?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” she said nervously, “Am I in trouble?”

“Maybe,” the doctor muttered, “but that’s not my concern. I’m doctor Adams, this is my colleague-“

“United States Mages Corps Major Elyndel Windfall,” the elf said, coming around to her side. Her fingertips glowed blue as she ran them along Talia’s side. “Hmm… can you describe your encounter with the object?”

“The statue?” Talia asked. “It fell on me, but it turned into water or something, it soaked into my skin.”

“She’s not showing any of the usual physiological signs of being cursed,” Doctor Adams commented, glancing at the monitors.

“No,” Major Elyndel muttered, “I think this is something else entirely, a codec…”

“What’s that?” Talia asked nervously.

“A magical construct meant to store knowledge and bloodlines,” the elf explained, “very rare, very difficult to make… Without examining it directly it’s hard to say what race could have-“

“EEP!” Talia shivered, biting her lip and trying to stifle an orgasm that rocked her body out of nowhere. Her heart monitor spiked, and the doctor’s eyes went wide as a pair of foxlike ears sprung out of the girl’s hair, twitching in confusion. Feeling pressure at the base of her spine, Talia leapt out of bed, looking back in shock as a fluffy orange tail grew it’s way out from under the bottom of her patient’s gown.

In shock, she looked up to the doctor and the mage, “W-What happened to me!?”

“The codec appears to be from the kitsune people,” the elf said, her voice flat.

Talia blinked a moment, “Kitsune? I’ve never heard of them…” She realized she was looking down at the elf and frowned, “weren’t you taller?”

“No,” the elf said with a small smile, “ you just got taller… and more.”

“What are you talking about,” Talia muttered, “This is all so…” she trailed off as she realized that a pair of perky C-cup breasts had sprung into being, and as she looked back at her tail she noticed that her bottom had lost its flat figure, protruding out slightly and giving her a womanly look even through the gown.

“Your vitals are going all over the place,” the doctor muttered, “brainwaves in particular.”

“The codec won’t harm her,” Elyndel said, “it’s chosen her to carry on the legacy of its creators, the Kitsune were a wily and mischievous bunch, but far from wicked.”

“What exactly is a kitsune?” Talia asked nervously, “and how long are these ears going to stay?” She reached up to touch one, rubbing the velvety texture between her fingers. She shivered, her tail swaying behind her in excitement.

“A sort of fox-demihuman would be the closest I could explain it,” Elyndel said with a shrug, “they were very blessed magically, even more than we elves are.” The elf grinned suddenly, the first time she’d smiled so far. “I imagine you’ll soon know more about the Kitsune than I will, since you’ll be the first one on earth in a millennia.”

Talia paled, “So it’s-“

“Permanent,” the elf nodded, “and far from over. I suggest finding a place to rest and wait it out.”

The door to the medical ward opened again, and Zachary hurried in, relief evident on his face when he saw Talia out of bed. He rushed to her, then frowned, first taking in the foxlike ears and tail, then blushed as he saw her new “assets.” While they were far from impressive, they were still more than he was used to seeing on her.

“Y-You’re uh… better,” he stammered.

“Yeah, I’m a fox girl now,” she sighed.

“Can they-“

“Permanent,” Talia grumbled, her ears twitching in annoyance.

“Well ah, I’ve gotten you cleared for release,” he said slowly, “and I booked a room for you at the inn in town.”

“Please don’t hesitate to come and speak with me if you need any more assistance,” Elyndel said with a small smile, “try to enjoy it.”

“Try to enjoy what?” Zachary asked as he handed Talia her backpack.

“Apparently I’m not done changing,” Talia sighed.

As they walked to the inn Talia couldn’t help but wince at the way her clothing felt tight against her skin. The simple pair of shorts she wore hugged her new ass, and it was made worse by the tail that trailed behind her, puffing through a hole she’d cut with scissors.

I’m going to need to cut a tail hole in all of my pants, she realized with a groan.

Her shirt was tight too, straining against a bra that was now too small for it, and fabric that was meant for a less endowed woman. Still, there were some benefits.

“Just r-right up here,” Zachary said, blushing as he forced his eyes upwards.

“Thanks Zach,” she giggled, leaning close to him in a playful hug. She pressed her new boobs right up against his own chest, ever so slightly rubbing them back and forth. “Hey, you’re on your leave, right?”

“I am for the next two days,” he said, his face going crimson.

“Can you hang out with me and catch up? They want me to stay on this side of the portal until I’m all done changing.” She gave him a pouty look, and her vulpine ears went flat against her skull instinctively, giving her an adorable look she knew he couldn’t resist.

“Yes!” he said a little too quickly, “Let me just get you checked in, I’ve got a few errands to run, then we can have drinks or something!”

“Perfect!” she giggled, her tail wagging as they walked into the town’s inn together.

The inn itself was a fully modern construction, with the latest in centralized heating, cooling, and according to the sign out front, HBO in every room. Still, the décor had a distinctly European look to it, as though whoever had built it wanted to evoke an image of a far off world from a fantasy novel.

Her status as a fox girl got them a few looks from the mostly human patrons, but with a table of orcs in the corner drinking pints of cheap domestic beer, and the pair of dwarves arguing with a bartender about smoking laws, she was hardly the most interesting going on.

Do I count as a demihuman now? She wondered, following Zachary to the front desk. She sniffed the air, frowning as she picked out a myriad of odors. The woman at the counter checking them in smelled tired, but how did she know what tired smelled like? She leaned closer, trying to catch a waft of Zachary’s scent, and she could tell his scent, everyone in the room had a smell now that stood out as easily as the clothes they were wearing, but what was that under it?

Oh, someone’s horny! She thought excitedly.

“Okay, here’s your room key,” Zachary said, handing it to her. He frowned at her smug and knowing look. “What?”

“Nothing,” she said, licking her lips playfully and giving him her sultriest wink. “Go do your errands, I’ll see you a little later.” She blew him a kiss, sauntering her now wider hips as she headed for the stairs.

Zachary watched her go a moment, fighting the urge to run after her. Slowly he breathed out, turning to go.

“Someone’s getting lucky,” one of the boisterous orcs laughed, tossing back another drink.

“W-We’re just old friends,” Zachary stammered with a weak smile.

The orcs stared at him a moment, then as one burst into laughter, a drunk, mocking sound that followed a red-faced Zachary out the door.

Zachary sighed as he left the small building that served as a town hall for the settlement, having gotten everything for his own small private residence in order. He noted a candy shop as he walked back to the inn, and paused. Like many of the small boutique shops along the town’s main street, it was primarily geared towards tourists from the Earth side of the portal, day trippers and families who wanted to see an exotic other world, but didn’t want to drive or catch a flight to the much more interesting portals that existed elsewhere in the country. The sign advertised “Fresh Fudge Made Daily,” and a shopkeep could be seen working at a table, chopping the prepared dessert into cubes.

Talia always did like sweets.

He made his way into the shop, seeing that he was the only customer present. The rich smell of fresh fudge hit his nostrils, and he enjoyed it as he looked at the sweets on display behind the glass case.

“Can I help you find anything in particular?” the clerk asked. He was a younger fellow, about the same age as Zachary himself, but Zachary started as he saw the tiny snake-woman coiled around his neck.

“What’s the matter?” she asked in a teasing tone, “never seen a garter lamia before?”

“Er, sorry, didn’t see you there,” Zachary said with a friendly smile.

The tiny snake girl slithered down the clerk’s arm, making her way to the work table, like him she was wearing a white candymaker’s outfit, complete with a small white hat that contrasted sharply with her jet black hair and ebony colored scales.

“Cocoa and I were just finishing up an order,” the clerk said with a nod.

“She works here too?” Zachary asked.

“Hey, I own half of it!” the tiny snake woman said indignantly.

“It’s true,” the clerk said with a smile, “we’re business partners.”

Zachary nodded, looking down at the candies on display, “these different colored stars next to these ones,” he said, pointing to the cards, “what do those mean?”

“One of our specialties is chocolate mixed with alchemical potions,” the clerk explained.

“Give him a free sample of the shrinking one!” Cocoa shouted excitedly.

“Er, no, I don’t think I need any of that, ” Zachary chuckled. “I’ll be sharing these with a friend who is already undergoing some magical… stuff. It wouldn’t be a good idea to play around with potions right now. I’ll just have a pound of fudge and four of the black forest truffles please.”

“Sure,” the clerk said with a nod. He started boxing up Zachary’s order, and Zachary decided to browse the rest of the selection, glancing down at the arrayed confections. “Cocoa, can you stick a label on these boxes? One for this guy here, and another one for the pick up order, the customer says he’ll be here this evening.”

“On it,” the Garter Lamia said, slithering over to the drawer on the table’s side. She hefted it open, returning a minute later with a stack of the pre-printed labels under each arm, one containing a warning that the chocolates within were spiked with potions, and another simply carrying the shop’s name and contact info. Cocoa slithered up to the boxes, quickly labeling the pick up order box as “Alchemical,” and the next box as standard. A moment later the clerk scooped up the box with the standard label, handing it to Zachary.

“Thanks,” he nodded, heading out the door.

In the hotel room Talia was reclining in a chair and watching the TV. In truth the struggle of trying to sit comfortably with a tail was occupying her more than the program, a documentary about Grand Lamia, was.

Suddenly the familiar tingle came over her skin, and she shot upright, “OOOH!” she moaned, feeling her skin get goosebumps as a feeling like electricity and a warm summer day raced up her spine. She felt a sudden tightness in her chest, and a moment later her old A-cup sports bra, already overwhelmed, snapped completely as her breasts shot outwards again. Her shorts gave up the fight next, a loud ripping sound filling the room as the fell off. She swayed a moment, balancing herself with both tails.

Her ear flickered in realization, both tails? She looked back behind her to see a second appendage had appeared alongside the first, equally long and fluffy. Huh, she thought wildly. With a sigh she tore off her t-shirt, the last survivor of her growth spurts, and tossed it on top of her backpack. She walked over to the closet, thankful that the provided bathrobes were unisex and one-size-fits-all.

A knock at the door startled her, and she went to answer it, grinning excitedly as Zachary walked in.

“Hi I brought chocolate…” he gulped, looking up into her face for the first time, “y-you got taller, and-“

“Bustier,” Talia laughed, pushing the door closed and ushering him in. It was odd, being physical with him like that, everyone had always been so much bigger than her… Her eyes lit up at the box of chocolates, “are those for me!?” she asked excitedly. Her tails wagged faster, and a moment later she heard a crash. She glanced over her shoulder to see that they’d brushed a lamp off the nightstand, and it had shattered on the floor. “Oops,” she muttered.

“You’re still getting used to your new…” he gulped, glancing at the rich curvature of her bottom, tight against the white bathrobe, “parts…”

Talia sniffed the box of chocolates, tearing it open and eating one as she sat on the bed, “Yeah,” she said, chewing it. “I’m smelling a lot of stuff differently too, these chocolates have a weird kinda zest to them… Still good though.”

At the chocolate shop the clerk handed the last box of the day to the customer, a portly man with a mustache. He eagerly tore the box open, then frowned.

“This isn’t my order!” he said indignantly, holding the box out.

“No,” the clerk muttered, recognizing it, “it’s not!” he scowled, “Cocoa!”

The tiny garter lamia was relaxing under a heat lamp on the shop’s counter, but she reared herself up with a scowl, “What!?”

“You put the wrong labels on the boxes! That last guy got the pick up order!”

“Hey, you didn’t mark them or anything!” Cocoa said defensively, “what was in his?”

“Lust potions,” the clerk muttered, red faced. “I hope he’s very close with that friend he’s visiting…”


Zachary fought to keep his eyes off of Talia’s voluptuous form as she ate the chocolates. She was naked beneath the robe, and every time she moved he caught a little more of her new body. He cleared his throat, trying to focus.

“S-So Elyndel told me that this codec thing wasn’t just a way to preserve a race’s bloodline,” he said, “but also their magical skills. Do you think you’re magical yet? Have you tried casting any spells?”

“I don’t know anything about magic,” Talia said with a shrug, “I got tested in school like everyone else, but the nurse said I had zero po-“ she gasped, dropping the chocolates and letting them tumble across the bed. She stood up instinctively, curling her toes and scrunching the fabric of the carpet as the energy raced through her body. The bathrobe provided by the hotel stretched against her frame, the small buttons and the sash straining against her body as what should have been a loose garment was pushed far beyond it’s limit by the immense pair of tits surging outward.


Talia was too wrapped up in the ecstasy of the transformation to notice, instead closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation of her new third tail wagging excitedly behind her. Finally she opened her eyes again, and as soon as she saw Zachary’s stunned expression she realized she was standing in front of her old friend stark naked.

“Eep!” with a flick of her wrist the blanket on the bed glowed blue, wrapping itself around her as a makeshift toga.

Zachary blinked, “Talia, you just did-“

“Magic!” She finished, grinning as the blue sparks danced along her fingers. With a smug look she raised her palm, and the chocolates scattered across the floor levitated upwards, aligning themselves in front of her mouth as she playfully chomped them one after the other. At her newest height, surpassing most NBA players, it didn’t surprise Zachary to see her devour the entire assortment he’d brought.

Talia frowned as she felt something begin in her belly, a strange buzzing feeling as the chocolates hit her digestive system, like a good wine and not at all like one at the same time. She breathed out slowly, feeling a heat forming between her legs as she slowly looked down at Zachary.

What was in those chocolates? She thought with a giggle.

“I’m feeling good,” she said in a husky voice. She stood up, dropping the blanket to the floor and exposing her voluptuous body. She couldn’t help but grin smugly, she had curves that would put a model to shame now, and Zachary was noticing. She crossed the gap to the room’s second bed where he was sitting, turning around and plopping her now ample bottom down into his lap, causing him to grunt under her weight.

“T-Talia?” he stammered.

“I’ve always wondered why we didn’t make the leap to being more than friends,” she muttered, grabbing his hand and placing it on her hip. To her delight he squeezed, and she ground her bottom against him as she felt his manhood stir in his pants.

“I guess I was kind of a coward back then,” he said sheepishly, “by the time I felt like I could say what I wanted, you were headed to school, and I had to go to boot camp, so… yeah.”

“It’s my fault too,” she said with a shrug, letting her tails curl around him and brush against his face. She smirked as she saw his eyes flutter, falling back into their embrace slightly. “I should have just gotten over myself and told you how I felt.” She looked down at him, grinning as her three tails brushed their soft fur along his arms, up his face, “I won’t make that mistake again.”

“Mmm…” Zachary muttered, “your tails feel nice.”

Talia reached out with her hand, running her fingers through his hair as her tails continued to tease him. Somehow she knew instinctively that they were exuding a strong pheromone on him, one that would relax a male and prepare him to be taken.

She blinked a moment, briefly shocked by the new instincts, and abilities, that she had. It was as natural as walking, and felt like she’d lived her entire life knowing about them.

Zachary’s moan brought her back to the moment, and she returned to the seduction at hand. She slowly slid out of his lap, pleased to see a rock hard tent in the human’s pants. She stood up to her full height, never letting up with the assault on the human’s senses as her tails curled around her, playfully brushing up his body, the potent pheromones wafting over him.

“Let’s get rid of these,” she giggled, running a hand down his pant leg. There was a flash of red, then his clothing was gone, vaporized in an instant, leaving just a bit of white dust which dissipated instantly.

Zachary started, “b-be careful with those spells!” he managed, “you’ve only been using magic for a few minutes!”

“It feels like a lot longer than that,” Talia mused, reflecting on the long hours she’d spent practicing spells… No, it wasn’t me, but it might as well have been. She turned back to Zachary, leaning down and gripping his erection tightly. “Let’s see what I can do with this,” she muttered.

Zachary gasped, throwing his head back as the magic flowed into his manhood. With some effort, he managed to get himself to look down at it, and his eyes bulged as he saw it grow in Talia’s hands, first becoming a foot long monstrosity that would have put most porn stars to shame, then growing further, widening as it went until Talia had to bring her other hand around to keep it upright.

“Talia, isn’t it big eno-“

“No!” she said, a wicked grin on her face.

There was a final surge of magic, and Zachary looked at the tower of flesh before him, stunned. It was nearly as tall as he was, he was sure of it, and Talia held it before herself like a prized trophy, playfully running her hands along its length and making him shiver.

“Big dick energy,” Talia laughed.

“What do you even want to do with it?” he gasped, fighting to speak against the tingling feelings of her hands moving up and down his massive shaft.

“Hmm…” She playfully licked up the side, making him groan in response. “It’s a little big for a blowjob… how about a tittyfuck!?”

Zachary wasn’t sure that would work either, even with how well endowed Talia had become, but with a playful snap of her fingers she remedied the problem. Her breasts ballooned outward, spilling over the bed and causing it to creak as the massive pillows of warm flesh surrounded his towering erection like a flood.

“I don’t even know what you’d call these,” Talia laughed, rubbing the sides of her new beanbag chair sized breasts, “Z cup? Triple Z cup?”

She didn’t wait for him to respond, instead sliding the two mounds of flesh up his length, an effort that made her grunt slightly from the weight. Zachary shook with pleasure, gripping the sheets on either side of the bed as she slowly rubbed the soft tits up and down his length.

Did making it bigger make it more sensitive!? He wondered wildly.

He didn’t have to wonder long, it didn’t take more than a minute of Talia’s treatment to have him gasping for air, his face going red as he struggled to contain himself.

“T-Talia, I’m going to-“

“Do it!” she said eagerly, “Blow it right on my chest!”

He groaned and bucked his hips feebly as the towering cock took on a life of it’s own, spurting impossible amounts of pearly white cum across Talia’s breasts. She grunted as a glob hit her in the face next, and despite her best efforts plenty went over her shoulders, by the time Zachary was panting, his heartbeat steadying and his head clearing, an embarrassing amount of the thick material had coated the room.

“Oh god,” he groaned, embarrassed. “We’re never getting the deposit for this room back.”

“I think kitsunes must have had this problem a lot,” Talia muttered, “because I know just what to do for this.” She traced her hands over her breasts again, and within seconds they’d returned to normal, or what was her new normal anyway. She muttered an incantation in some dead language under her breath, and yellow sparks flew out of her hands, seeking out each of the piles of gooey semen, causing them to shimmer and disintegrate with a puff of citrusy smoke.

“Was that-“

“A spell specifically for cleaning up cum!” Talia said proudly.

“Can you maybe… fix this?” Zachary said, nodding to the massive organ between his legs. “Not that I don’t like having the biggest dick in… ever, but I don’t think I can walk with this thing!”

Talia leaned down and stroked up the length again, and Zachary sighed as his cock slowly began to return to its old size… plus an inch or so, he was sure of it. He frowned as the tingling spread through the rest of his body, and with a start he realized his body was slowly sliding against the sheets, which seemed to be exploding in all directions.

“Talia, what are you-“ he gulped as he watched the grinning Kitsune growing larger and larger before him, her tails swishing eagerly.

“I’m trying out some more magic,” she said nonchalantly, “shrinking!”

“I see,” he said numbly.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!” Talia said, bending over and biting her lip as he dwindled further. Finally, when he was about the size of an action figure, she reached out and grabbed him, her fingers wrapping around his torso as she lifted him up to her billboard sized face. “CUTE!” she squealed, leaning forward to give him a kiss. He grunted as her pillowy pink lips covered his entire face.

She carried him over to a writing desk in the corner of the room, sitting on a chair that creaked under her bulk as she set her toy sized friend on the grainy wood.

“Okay, we’re going to play a game,” she said, her ear fluttering mischievously.

“Uh, okay, what are the rules?” Zachary asked.

“I’m going to trap you under my boobs, and you’re going to try to get out!”

She hefted herself up slightly, leaning forward and letting the pair of gigantic breasts block out the ceiling light, casting a shadow over him as he looked up in awe. They descended like an avalanche, slamming into him like a wave of soft sensuous snow and pinning him against the desk.

Zachary groaned, slowly trying to crawl along the wood. Pinned beneath her breasts he could smell a rich almost floral scent coming off of her skin, and the warmth of the mountainous mammary quickly had him sweating as he struggled to squirm along the small amount of space between the tits overhead and the hard wooden floor below.

Suddenly he felt his body begin to tingle again, what the hell!? He grunted as he felt the breasts getting heavier, pressing around him more and overwhelming his efforts to squirm along beneath them. What is she doing up there!?

Talia giggled, twirling a finger through the fur of one of her tails as she cast the spell, continually shrinking her tiny friend at a steady pace. She felt him struggle as his size diminished, and leaned over further, putting more weight on him as he crossed the threshold from toy sized to bug sized.

“Come on Zach,” she taunted, “fight, you can do it!”

Her voice was muffled and far away, but Zachary could just barely make it out. The breasts overhead now had him completely trapped, and a distant part of him realized that at the rate he was getting smaller, escape was literally impossible. With a sigh he resigned himself to defeat, simply laying back and letting the now truly mountainous breasts crush him into the surface of the desk.

Talia kept going with the shrinking spell, focusing her energies on Zachary’s squirming form as it became nothing more than the itching of an ant against her skin. A moment later it disappeared entirely, and with a frown she cast the spell in the general area a few more times, just as a final measure to make sure he was really as small as he could get.

“Zachary?” she asked in a blissful tone, “are you still there?” She held out her hand, casting a quick locator spell, then frowned as it came up empty. She stood up, lifting her breasts off the table. She squinted, looking over the wooden surface for him. “Zachary, can you jump up and down or something?” she asked. She leaned in closer, still not seeing anything.

For Zachary the world had lifted upward like a rocket, and the thin layer of sweat on the gigantic breast had adhered him to the bottom like glue. He heard Talia’s booming voice as she looked for him, but no matter how much he shouted she couldn’t hear him.

“Maybe I need a magnifying glass,” Talia muttered, pacing the room. She paused, looking at the mirror. She moved closer, lifting her breast up slightly and focusing on a tiny black speck, like a fleck of black pepper. “Oh my god!” she laughed, “Zach!?” She sighed, feeling somewhat relieved she hadn’t lost him. “I’ll bet this is a dream come true for you, huh?” she taunted. She chewed her lip a moment, letting her hand trace closer to her puffy pink nipple, toying with it slightly. “I like that size for you, you could probably live on my tits if you were small like that…” She slid her hand down, gently brushing the speck sized man off her breast and onto the tip of her finger.

Zachary had no choice but to go with it, with the gooey sweat adhering to his tiny body he could barely control his motions. Her eye hovered over him as he was glued to her fingertip, an immense blue saucer that filled the sky. Her rumbling amused laughter rattled his bones as she took a moment to take in his situation.

With a final satisfied chuckle, she started towards the beds. She stopped, frowning, then waved her free hand, causing the beds to slide across the floor as they came together, fusing from two twins into a king bed big enough for her seven foot frame.

“I love magic,” she sighed, turning and letting herself fall back onto the bed. She slowly spread her legs, scooting her back up the headboard as she brought her fingertip, and the dust mite of a man on it, down to the bedspread. The blue sparks trailed along her finger, and Zachary’s form slowly reappeared, growing out of the sheets. “Welcome back,” she said with a grin. She pulled her finger back when he was about a foot tall, standing between her thighs before her wet, pink womanhood.

“Uh, not all the way,” he said, looking up at the twin walls of her legs. “So, what’s next?”

“Just follow your instincts,” Talia growled, bringing her hand down to slowly finger herself. Her ears twitched in anticipation, and her tails, two on her left and the third on her right, all wagged eagerly.

Zachary looked at the puffy lips before him, the warm rich musk billowing off of them and seeming to invite him towards the source of that heat. He fell to his knees, crawling forward and looking at the massive slit.

It almost looks like it could swallow me whole, he thought. He brought his face to the top, licking his way up her folds and finally seeing her baseball sized clit. He slowly drew his tongue along it’s surface, bringing a chorus of moans from the amazonian woman above.

“That feels good,” she sighed breathily. Her tail curled around her leg, brushing slowly against his back in a way that made him shiver.

Better keep going, he thought, bringing his hands up and focusing on the sides of the nub at the top of her pussy. Her breathing increased, and the warmth from the opening below him seemed to increase wildly, like a sauna heating the air around him and making it grow humid with the thick scent of her arousal. His body was quickly getting covered in her juices as he traced his tongue in wide sweeps up and down her sides, always ending with her pearl.

“I can’t wait any longer,” she breathed, “I need you inside me!”

Inside her!? He looked down at his rock hard erection, then at the massive opening in front of him, wet and hungry, waiting to be filled. He gulped, wondering how it would be possible for her to even feel him at this size, but she quickly answered his question.

“Come here!” Talia growled, reaching for him again. Her fingers squeezed around his body, forcing him headfirst into herself.

There was a squishing sensation as his world went dark, his shoulders pressing against the spongy opening of her insides. Talia grunted, struggling to force his body further in, swallowing up his arms to the elbows next. The wet walls clenched around him, eager to welcome him in, and he felt the warm flesh close on him, undulating in excitement as the motion of his body against the sensitive tissue brought more pleasure to the gigantic Kitsune.

Talia breathed out slowly, Too big, she thought, and with a quick blue glow Zachary shrank further, easily sliding inside of her. She sighed happily feeling her pussy slowly draw him inside as she pressed her fingers against the soles of his tiny feet.

“And… goodbye,” she breathed in a husky tone, giving the bottoms of his feet one final push and taking him completely into her eager cunt.

Zachary felt himself surrounded on all sides by the slick walls, rubbing against him and drawing him further into her. He groaned as the motion of the soft tissue against his manhood brought him his own share of pleasure, and distantly he could hear Talia moan too.

You feel so good in there! She thought, her eyes rolling back in her head as her hand shot down, picking up where Zachary had left off and toying with her clitoris furiously.

“I hope you like it in there Zachary!” she panted, her face taking on a crazed look as a droplet of sweat rolled down her cheek, “You’re staying!”

I’m staying!? He tried to react to the muffled voice, but his motions were further restricted as her inner walls pressed in on him again. The silky juices coated his skin, plastering his hair to his head and clouding his senses with the earthy taste of her arousal. He tried to fight, but in the dark warmth of her insides he was helpless, a toy for her pussy to play with until it brought itself to climax.

“YES!” Talia shouted, squealing with delight as she enjoyed a furious orgasm. The bed creaked below her, and her cries of pleasure went higher as a fourth tail sprouted, pressing it’s way out from beneath her and wagging in excitement with the others as her vulpine ears pressed themselves flat against her skull.

She blinked as her vision cleared, feeling her magical power growing stronger. She glanced down at her body, smiling in approval as she saw that her breasts had gone up another cup size, matching the foot or so of height she’d gained. Between her legs she felt Zachary sliding slowly out of her, the force of her orgasm having subsided, releasing the pressure on him.

“I feel like I just got hit by a truck,” he chuckled, cracking his neck, “your pussy really got me good…” He saw the fourth tail and gulped, “A-Are you-“

“Bigger, bustier, and more magical,” Talia grinned, “I wonder how far this is going to go?” She playfully let sparks dance between her hands for a moment. “I’m remembering so many spells,” she whispered, “so many wonderful magics…” She glanced down at him with a smug smile, “We’re going to have so much fun playing with them all.”

He gulped, “What kinds of things did you have in mind?” he asked nervously.

“I could turn you into a sex crazed monster, and have you fuck me for days,” she giggled, “or maybe transform you into a pair of underwear for a day? I mean it is going to be hard shopping now…” She laid her head back on the pillow, “I’m sure we’ll have to figure out if I know anything the government’s magic guys don’t know?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s kind of what the Department of Magical Explorations is supposed to do,” he said sheepishly. “I’d love to help you catalog your new abilities, if you wanted…” he chuckled, “it would probably make my career, actually.”

“Sounds fun,” she grinned, “we should explore some dungeons together too! I think I could handle an overgrown wolf now.”

“I’d like that,” he sighed, stretching and yawning. “All of this magic has taken a lot out of me,” he said in a tired voice, “can you regrow me?”

“Nope,” Talia said, reaching for him again. “You’re not sleeping in the bed tonight!”

“But then-“

“Shh…” she whispered, gripping his body and bringing him back to her still wet opening. “You’re going up here again.” Her hand glowed blue, shrinking the man in her hands so she could more easily slip the tiny man inside. Like before she took a certain pleasure in pushing the bottoms of his feet in, slowly forcing him out of sight as her body swallowed him up.

Zachary sighed, feeling the warmth around him, the softness of her insides, I guess this isn’t the worst place to sleep…

“Now let’s make sure you don’t slip out,” she muttered. She closed her eyes, concentrating.

Inside her Zachary gasped as a blue glow wrapped around his body, dragging him further up into the interior of Talia’s pussy until he was right against the small ringed opening of her cervix. He only had a moment to see it before the glow vanished, leaving him in darkness again.

All the way in,” she grinned happily. With a yawn she turned over, leaving her tiny lover trapped in her deepest and most intimate place as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Talia woke with a groan, cursing the sunlight streaming through the window. She waved her hand, drawing the blinds, but after a few moments of trying to fall back asleep she realized it was fruitless. She slid out of bed, her four tails swishing back and forth behind her. She glanced at the mirror, seeing her matted hair.

Let’s fix that.

With a snap of her fingers sparks trailed along her bangs, down to the tips of her auburn hair. Instantly the unruly mess was cleaned and straightened, shining to perfection as if she’d just visited an upscale salon. She took the opportunity to look down at herself and examine her latest changes. She’d already looked statuesque, but now she was almost like a horny boy’s fantasy, with an hourglass figure and a perfectly curved bottom, and breasts that seemed to defy gravity in spite of their massive size, each capped off by a puffy nipple that made her shiver slightly as she tweaked them with her fingers. The foxlike ears at the top of her head capped the whole thing off, having grown larger and bushier as the other transformations had occurred.

This is going to take some getting used to, she thought. The codec had brought so many physical changes, that she took a moment to wonder about her mental state. Am I still me? she wondered. She had seemingly years, centuries, of magical knowledge that she remembered as if she’d studied it herself, but at the same time…

She giggled, feeling a tickle as Zachary moved within her, Yeah I’m me, I went straight for the thing I’ve always wanted. He moved again, and she crossed her legs, “Just stay in there a little longer,” she muttered.

The now nearly eight foot kitsune glanced around the room, frowning as she tried to find something that she could wear. She settled on Zachary’s military uniform, and with a thought she cast a spell on it, enlarging it slightly. Picking up the pants, she quickly tore a hole in the bottom for her tails. As she got dressed his camouflage uniform dangled just below her breasts, giving her an impressive midriff that would be scandalous in most situations, but somehow that didn’t concern her much.

Now why is that? She thought, I always hated people seeing me naked… She glanced down at her chest and chuckled, then again I didn’t have jugs like these…

She sighed, trying to decide her next move, I should probably go back to the military base, she decided. She reached down to her lower belly, patting her womb with a chuckle, you’re not coming out yet though!

She slowly walked down the hallway of the inn, her tails brushing the walls as the stairs creaked under her weight. The inn’s small tavern was filled with patrons having breakfast, and many of the same guests from the night before were muttering in a much more subdued manner, their beer, wine, and spirits swapped for orange juice, coffee, and in the case of one of the orcs cradling his head in the corner, a bloody mary.

All of them went silent as they noticed her, and she cleared her throat, “Hi,” she said slowly, “Don’t mind me, just passing through!”

“What the hell are you lass?” one of the dwarves called, chewing on an unlit pipe, a sign of his loss in the smoking argument the night before.

“I’m a kitsune!” she said, grinning as she ducked under the inn’s door. She looked up and down the street of the small town, deciding to make her first stop at a proper clothing store. They should have some clothing sized for larger demi-humans…

“Talia,” a familiar voice called. She turned to see Elyndel walking towards her, the military mage robes traded for a casual human style civilian outfit, jeans and a figure hugging t-shirt. “I thought I’d stop by and see how the changes are coming along, are you taking to your new form well?”

“Yeah,” Talia said with a grin, “It’s been great! I’m enjoying the magic a lot, how do you elves resist the urge to just cast spells all the time?”

“We don’t have nearly as much as I’m sensing coming off of you,” Elyndel said with a small smile.

“Wow, that’s inter-“ her statement was cut off as she felt the familiar tingle of another transformation coming on. She bit her lip, shivering as the wave of pleasure shot up her spine. A fifth tail burst through the hole in the pants, joining the others and wagging wildly as her height shot up again and her expanding breasts threatened once again to rip her outfit to shreds.

Inside of her Zachary woke with a start, realizing from the shaking of the tight vaginal walls around him that Talia was about to orgasm again. Before he could figure out what was going on or try to call to her, he was pressed upwards, his head slamming into the tight cervix.

What is going on out there!?

Talia’s eyes shot open as she felt it, “Uh oh,” she whispered, fighting the urge to double over as her tiny lover was pressed against the entrance to her womb by the force of her convulsions.

The cervix gave way, slowly swallowing Zachary’s head up, then with another spasm the rest of his body was pushed into the new chamber, a tight dark space with soft walls. He quickly turned, trying to force himself back down, but the cervix had snapped shut, sealing him in.

Talia, what did you do? He thought, chuckling as he leaned against the walls of his friend's womb. He sighed, certain that someone would get him out somehow, but for now he was content to rest.

Talia cleared her throat, standing upright again as the pleasure subsided. Her ears dropped, and as she felt the tiny hands against the insides of her womb, she glanced at the elf. In spite of everything her face still went red as she tried to think of how to phrase the question.

“Elyndel,” she began slowly, “let’s say a shrunken person got stuck really deep inside you.”

Elyndel wasn’t phased, and her face remained neutral as she answered, “Is he up your ass, in your stomach, or your womb?”

“Womb?” Talia admitted sheepishly.

Elyndel nodded, “we elves have many easy ways to retrieve a reduced lover who gets stuck in there.” She smiled, “come along, I’ll show you how at my apartment…” she glanced at the tails, “Although you might want to just wait out the rest of the change, Kitsune’s have nine tails after all.”

Nine!? Talia thought with gulp, following the elf.

Life was certainly going to be different from now on, but as Zachary’s movements fluttered inside her, she couldn’t help but smile. She wouldn’t be alone, that was for sure. 

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