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Author's Chapter Notes:

Image of Sydney by SensuAllity (DA).

Image of tiny Garrett in Sydney's mouth by CaddyIsRaddy (DA).

To Live and Die in…Chicago: A Beautiful Day to be Out and About


The tanned brunette was nearly completely nude and in bed, laying on her side, her head propped up by one arm, flexed at the elbow, a poised and amused expression on her face as she gazed lustily down to her bedspread. She was playing with something small. Or should we say – someone?

Garrett was there with her. He was also completely nude.

In other circumstances, Garrett would be pleased as punch to be in this situation. Indeed, even now, Garrett’s cock was at full mast as he looked at the beautiful young 21 year old in front of him. She was reminiscent of a young Phoebe Cates (Garrett had recently stumbled upon a movie from the 80s called Paradise and had immediately committed the name to memory).


“Dude, if I’d known what you were packing down there”, she said, eyeing his nude form, “I’d have hooked up with you a few times while you were…bigger”, she giggled, “Though, I imagine you’ll still get to enjoy a certain tightness.”

"You…you can’t do this to me Sydney”, the tiny man said as he trembled, standing within the range of her outstretched arm and gesturing up at her with his arms.


With the onset of the MSD (massive shrinkage disorder) virus a few years earlier, it was found that it only affected persons with testosterone in their bodies from the ages of 12 to 25, though most affected were in their late teens and early twenties. Some shrunk over time, some shrunk almost instantly, with the eventual size being between 1.5 to 2 inches in height.

Poor Garrett had felt a tickle, followed by a blinding pain. Then, there was the tumbling sensation which took his breath away. When he was finally able to open his eyes and focus, he found that he had shrunk instantly to a miniscule 2 inches and was climbing just to get out of his clothes. That’s when he heard Sydney let out a joyful squeal and bend down to pick him up.

She was delighted in his level of fitness and it showed even at his tiny size. The two had spent countless times working out together in the company’s fitness center and it was where they had actually met prior to her being re-org’d into his department. Admiring his tiny statuesque physique, she thought it would likely enhance his flavor.


Now, after having been allowed to explore her body for the last several minutes, she had told him it was time.

“Awww, don’t be upset Garrett”, she said, making a pouty face, bunching up her lips, “ I’m gonna make it really special for you. You’ll be going out in style. Course, that’s not what I’m gonna tell the others”, she said, chuckling.

“Please”, the shivering tiny figure said nervously, “Isn’t there some way to work this out?”

“Fraid not”, Sydney said matter-of-factly, “I’ve been wanting to try this out for the longest time and…when something lands…almost in your lap, well…a girl’s got to take advantage of her opportunity, right?” She began to reach for him, her hand curling towards him from behind.

“Sydney, Please!”, he pleaded, holding a hand up mimicking the stop sign, “I have money…oof!”, his voice trailed off as the wind was knocked out of him, the girl pinching him between thumb and forefinger around his waist and lifting him up close to her face as she sat up.

For a moment, Garrett was enthralled by the enormous, doe-ish eyes. They were so beautiful. How could something so beautiful represent such a dire threat to his existence?

“Shush, little one. Just enjoy your last moments.”

With that, Sydney lay back on her bed. Garrett screamed as she placed his legs and lower body into her gaping, smiling, maw. He tried unsuccessfully to pry himself loose by pressing on her lips.

Sydney took her time using her tongue to move the tiny man all across her taste buds, her one hand now free to be put to other uses as she lay back on her bed.

A light buzzing noise could be heard. She enjoyed Garrett’s flavor. One of the interesting aspects of the shrinking process was that it seemed to inject the shrinkies with a flavor, almost fruity with a salty aftertaste, though the flavors differed from shrinky to shrinky.


Sydney has always found the tanned, dark-haired man, 3 years her senior, to be both professional, polite and handsome. She had enjoyed working with him and learned quite a bit from his mentoring. As she swirled him around in her mouth, playing with his tiny cock, she marveled at it’s texture, how hard it was compared with the rest of his little body, which felt rather soft and pliant to her.

She thought about how delectable it’s naked form would look at full size. Would she have fucked him? Yes!, she thought she would. Tilting her head back, her hand now working the tool at a feverish pace, she climaxed as she felt the little body squirm headfirst into her tight throat. She gulped him down, then gasped as she fought to quickly regain her breath.


Yes, Garrett had been every bit as delicious as she had often imagined.

That night, Sydney had a most restful sleep, dreaming of her wonderful experience. Thoughts of how much her life would be improving in every way filled her consciousness and she smiled contentedly.

Oh, the opportunities that would soon be coming her way. She thought about whom she make her next investment?



Fast forward 2 years to present day


Kaitlin and Sydney and Goodspeed (his parents were big fans of The Rock and named him after the protagonist) were excited as they got onto the mono-rail Redline at the Bryn Mawr station.  

Sydney would be getting off in only a few stops to the south as she was meeting some relatives for a shopping spree and get-together, while Kaitlin and Goodspeed would be continuing further south as they were going to the Cubs game. Of course, Sydney could have simply walked to the location, but she wanted to spend a few minutes extra with her colleagues.


Their trio’s friendship had formed due to their working at the same location as well as living in the same apartment complex, with Goodspeed living in a separate building and the girls living in the same building, but on separate floors.

All three were financial analysts, with Sydney at the most senior level, followed by Goodspeed, and Kaitlin at the junior level, having just started at the company the prior year. Goodspeed would also considered good enough at his job to warrant a promotion to the senior level, but the company unfortunately had a current bottleneck on promotions as it was keeping it’s work load stabilized in lieu of cash flow issues.


Sydney, a 5’7” cute, athletic twenty-three year old brunette and Goodspeed had both worked for the firm for nearly 3 years and often worked on the same projects. Kaitlin had hit it off well with both soon after joining the company and the three of them formed a frequent lunch and social group, occasionally inviting others from work or friends to join them on excursions.

All three had taken the day off to enjoy the great weather. This day, the girls were hyped that it was just the three of them as they really enjoyed Goodspeed’s company, both finding him attractive (and he likewise, though his heart secretly fluttered especially for the younger 5’5” buxom blond, Kaitlin, who was reminiscent of a young, but slightly more stacked, Nicole Eggert). The three had agreed to hook up for dinner after the game at Kaitlin’s apartment.

They sat together on the same booth, though their compartment was not too busy, only a couple others travelers in it.

Kaitlin giddily squeezed in closer to Goodspeed and gave him a quick sweet kiss on his cheek.

“What was that for?”, he asked, smiling.

“Just because”, Kaitlin replied with a wink.

“I can’t wait til dinner tonight”, said Sydney, “we’re having my favorite.”

“What is it again?”, asked Goodspeed. “I don’t remember.” Goodspeed was happy to be out with the girls again; they had spent a lot of time together in the last couple weeks especially – what they had for dinner didn’t matter too much, as long as it wasn’t kale or spinach, which he couldn’t stomach. He was pretty confident that wouldn’t be the case though. Although both girls were fitness nuts, he had been out with them enough to know they ate plenty of pasta and meat.

“That’s because we haven’t told you, silly”, said Kaitlin, playfully pushing his shoulder, “it’s a surprise.”


Chapter End Notes:

story continues in the next chapter

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