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Author's Chapter Notes:

Flair sees a perfect opportunity to show Rhea her place…

Charlotte Flair was preparing for the biggest night of the year. Wrestlemania! Now the Queen felt that Wrestlemania was just too big for one night! Maybe it should spread over two nights? 

The Queen was sat in her locker room thinking about her opponent for mania, the NXT Champion Rhea Ripley. This young and upcoming talent thought she the hottest thing in the women’s division, Little did she know that Charlotte had a plan to deal with her. 

Thanks to all the power of money and science she had acquired a magical device. A gun that could change size! (who would have ever have seen that coming) 

Now that she had such a powerful device she couldn’t wait to use it on miss Rhea Ripley. 

She had arranged for the Aussie superstar to come to her locker room under the ruse that she was there to apologize. Checking her watch she saw that she was due ant second now. 

Charlotte couldn't wait to use her gun in this bitch. Suddenly there was a Knock at the door and in walked Rhea Ripley. This overconfident flash in the pan had such a bad attitude that Charlotte couldn’t wait to cut her down to size. 

“Alright Charlotte. Let’s get this over with. We both know you’re nit the type to apologize so tell me what your really called me here for.” 
Rhea demanded.  

Charlotte smirked. This Aussie savage was smarter than she looked. Nonetheless there was nothing she could say or that could change Charlotte’s mind. 

“Well hello to you too Rhea. My is that any way to address royalty?” 
Charlotte said condescendingly. 

Rhea snorted as she took a few steps towards Charlotte, the queens grip on her gun tightened as she was waiting for the tight time to use it. 

“Royalty? Only thing you are Charlotte is a royals pain in the arse. Now you got something to say to me or are you just wasting my time.” Rhea asked. 

Charlotte smiled as she finally decided it was the right time. 

“You’re right Rhea I am wasting my time. You’re too beneath me.” 
Charlotte taunted. 

With that she pulled out her size gun and fired it right at Rhea. The NXT women’s champion was taken completely by surprise as a small red beam struck her right in the chest. 

Charlotte laughed as watched her Wrestlemania opponent dwindle down before her eyes, it was like an old sci-fi movie watching Rhea slowly shrink down. 

After a few moments Charlotte stopped once Rhea was small enough. Putting her gun down she stands tall over her shrunken victim. Grinning for ear to ear 

Rhea Ripley contoured to dwindle down in size as she was completely caught off guard by her Wrestlemania opponents actions. She had never expected Charlotte to have some kind of shrinking ray. 

Smaller and smaller Rhea got as she watched Charlotte grow bigger and and bigger! Charlotte was already one of the tallest women in wwe but now she was gonna be freakin huge! 

Rhea finally stopped shrinking when she was only an inch tall! Scared and startled she looked around her new surroundings, things that seemed so minor before were now huge! 

She was now in the largest open area of her life, you would think she was in the biggest football stadium ever, but it was just a locker room. Things like the benches wooden legs were huge towers, a purse was like a bus to her. Hell even something as small as a pen was big to her! 

But these things were nothing compared to her Titans of terror that was in front of her. Gulping she looks ahead and sees two huge black boots. She then looked up to see a post of the thickest longest legs in the world wrapped in pink pants. Her eyes followed these legs all the way up to a black top that could barely contain to of the largest breasts anyone had ever seen. Those things were monsters. 

Finally Rhea craned her neck all the way up to the heavens to see the terrifying smiling face of the Queen Charlotte Flair towering over her. 

“Hiya Rhea! I bet you’re wondering what’s happened to you. Well I paid top dollar to have this little shrinking device made, it can shrink and grow just about anything. Which is why I used it to give you a size that matches your relevance to the Queen!” Charlotte boomed. 

Rhea who was startled and scared a few moments ago at the sight of this giantess, was suddenly filled with anger at the arrogance of this giant bitch! 

“YOU FUCKIN BITCH!!!” Rhea screamed. 

Rhea then ran forward started pounding away at the massive black boots of Charlotte. Clearly not caring about the size difference Rhea let out all her frustrations on the hard shiny black material. 

The Queen saw Ripleys pathetic attempts to hurt her and just laughed. This was too good to be true. Her Wrestlemania opponent was no more than a tiny mouse at her feet. Her strongest blows couldn’t even scratch the queen!

After a minute or so of Rhea’s attack, Charlotte decides she’s had enough and with one simple nudge of her boot she manages to knock Rhea a good few inches away from her! 

“Hahahaha!!! Seriously? That’s all it took to knock you on your tiny ass? Man Rhea you’re a lot weaker than you look!” Charlotte laughed. 

Rhea quickly stood up as she looked to square up to the Queen once more. However Charlotte decided it was time she showed Rhea who the Boss was. And she had just the way to do it.

As the tiny one inch tall Rhea continued to show her defiance. The queen decided it was time to show her just who the boss was. 

As Rhea stood up ready to attack the queen once more, Charlotte raised her gigantic boot! Rhea stopped dead on her tracks as she looked up at the terror that Charlotte’s huge black boot. 

“Oh good seems like you’re smarter than you look!”Charlotte taunted. 

Rhea gulped as for the first time the reality of being tiny finally hit her. This woman could end her with the simplest of thoughts. Looking up at the giantess Charlotte, Rhea stood frozen in fear. 

“So Rhea. What’s that thing you always do in your entrance?” Charlotte asked. 

Rhea was still stunned by the sheer size of Charlotte to really register what she was saying. 

“C’mon Rhea you know what I’m talking about. It’s that thing you do. Something about your brutality right? Now what was it...oh yeah!” Charlotte started to say. 

Without warning she dropped her huge boot down inches from Rhea! The tiny Aussie could do nothing as Charlotte’s boot collided with the ground beside her. The force of her foot causing Rhea to fly a few inches into the air before landing with a rough thud. 

Charlotte saw how far Rhea flew from a simple stomp and laughed at her opponents patheticness. 

“Hahah Oh wow this is so great! Look at you Rhea you’re so small and powerless! You’re nothing compared to the Queen haha!!! Charlotte laughed. 

As the queen was laughing she failed to notice the little one inch Rhea by her feet about to make a move. Realizing she stood no chance against the giantess she turned tail and ran as fast and as far her little legs could Carry her. 

She managed to get almost half way across the locker room before Charlotte finally noticed her. This made the queen Laugh as she had been so busy monologuing she didn't notice her. 

“Oh look at little Rhea go! You got so far in such a short time! Awww but I don’t think you’re gonna get any further sweetie!”  Charlotte teased.

With that she started walking towards the tiny Rhea who turned around and saw Charlotte’s impending approach. Letting out a squeal of fear she ran even faster as Charlotte got closer. 

After a few steps the stomps got louder and closer until finally Rhea tripped over nothing and fell to the ground. Looking up in fear she saw Charlotte looming over her menacingly.  

“Awww looks likes you’re all tuckered out. Don’t worry we’ll sort that out!” Charlotte threatened. 

Rhea Ripley has tried her best to run away from the giant titan of terror that was the Queen Charlotte Flair. The tiny one inch tall woman however had made her last mistake. 

In classic horror movie fashion, she had tripped over her own feet and was now lying prone in the middle of the locker room flat on her back. 

The Queen Charlotte flair towered over her with a massive smile on her face. 

“Awww looks like you’re all tuckered out. Don’t worry we’ll sort that out! Charlotte threatened. 

With that said, Charlotte raised her gigantic boot and hovered it precariously over the tiny body of Rhea. The tiny Aussie looked up and was terrified at the sight of the boot above her! 

“No please don’t! Charlotte!!!” Rhea shouted up. 

Charlotte just smirked as she hovered her boot over her. She loved this power she had now thanks to her trusty shrink ray. She could make her most hated of rivals the size of bugs with nothing but a click of a button. 

Hell if she wanted to she could use it in herself and make herself a rampaging giantess. These were all great future ideas, but for right now she had to decide what to do with Rhea. 

“Well little Rhea, thanks for being my guinea pig. But I think now it’s time for me to say goodbye. Don’t worry I’ll take good care of your belt!” Charlotte boomed menacingly. 

Content with her last words to her, Charlotte raised her boot even higher above Rhea, before waving goodbye to her little rival. Finally she brought her foot down with tremendous force, she heard one last scream from the tiny bug before her foot made contact. 

“CHARLOTTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!” Rhea screamed. 

This was all Rhea could do as the queens boot came crashing down onto her, in an instance the tiny one inch woman body exploded in a gust of blood and guts. 

Charlotte heads the crunch underneath her boot and lifted it to get s good look. She laughed as she saw the mangled bloody remains of her wrestlemania opponent plastered to her sole. 

Not wasting any time she takes off her boot she heads to the bathroom. There she takes some toilet paper and wipes the bloody remains off her boot before flushing it. 

And just like that one of her biggest threats was gone. Flushed away never to be seen or heard from again. Satisfied the queue headed back into the locker room and looked at rheas discarded NXT title. 

Not wanting to leave any physical evidence of Rhea being her, Charlotte took out her shrink ray and fired it at the title. Within seconds the belt was shrunk until it was the size of a ring. 

Smiling Charlotte took it and paced it on her 2nd toe. Wiggling then she let out a laugh at her new foot accessory. She then slipped on her boot and pocketed her shrink ray as she exited the locker room ready to cause some more mayhem. 


Chapter End Notes:

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