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A Super Mario story. A giant Princess Peach arrives in New Donk City and enjoys herself with the little locals, thinking it all a dream.
TAGS: Mega, Feet, Footwear, Crush, Breasts, Gentle.
The people of New Donk City were in a panic at the approach of the giant who had appeared on the horizon—a giant with a very familiar face. It was Princess Peach, enlarged to a hundred times her natural size by an especially potent mega mushroom she had made her servants prepare as a meal for her without realizing what it was. Now the princess stood more than five hundred feet tall, almost matching the city's largest skyscrapers in height. Her steps spread tremors through the land, and as she reached the edge of the city, her shadow stretched across half a dozen streets.

She was wearing a shorter version of her usual dress, with the skirt reaching only halfway down her thighs. Her long, nylon-clad legs seemed to everyone beneath her a pair of dark pillars that towered over all nearby buildings, and even seemed a pair of skyscrapers themselves. Her cute pink shoes were as big as houses, and when they fell on the ground right at the city entrance, the ground sank under her prodigious weight, the earth shook, and windows rattled for many blocks around.

While the city at large was still panicking, those people closest to her stood frozen, looking up at her colossal figure. The princess looked divine at this size. When her bright blue eyes swept over them, they all trembled in awe, feeling like mere bugs underneath her.

Peach looked the little guys over, fawning over how tiny all the people and buildings looked, and how detailed too. Why, there was so much detail that for a moment she even felt that this could all be real, and not the dream that it obviously must be.

In her wonder she reached for the house that sat before her feet, a cute little thing dwarfed by her mere shoes. Her fingers fell around its walls, and as she gripped it and pulled up, the walls broke off at their bases and everything but the floor was ripped away, exposing a tiny little family all huddled together inside. “So cute!” she cooed, carefully petting them a fingertip as big as all of them put together. The people were all flattened at her touch, until with a giggle Peach left them alone and stood back up. Lifting up her feet, she pulled off one shoe after the other, set them both down by the entrance, and stepped into the city, her prodigious feet nearly crushing the little family before they scurried away.

The feeling of concrete and asphalt cracking under her soles was amazing! Peach shivered and wiggled her toes in delight, sending out a series of softer tremors. It really did feel like she was a giantess stepping on a city street! Without a doubt it was the most vivid dream she'd ever had.

Eager to see what else this dream had to offer her, she stepped forward again, this time putting her foot down on another house. The building started to break as soon as her sole fell on its roof, and a group of tinies ran out mere moments later, right before the house went CRUNCH underfoot. The whole thing being mashed to pieces, and Peach laughed and ground it into the dirt before taking another step forward, casually crushing the next house without bothering to see if there was anyone inside.

The people were back to panicking as it became clear the princess had no qualms about stepping on them and destroying their homes. Their screams as they fled before her were like music to her, every show of terror making her feel all the more powerful. These people were as pitiful and helpless before her as a bunch of ants crawling at her feet. They were so easily overtaken, with just a single swing of her towering legs matching a hundred of their frantic steps, and so easily caught under her stocking-clad feet. Peach wasn't even trying to step on them, but it was hard not to when there were so many, and besides she didn't care either way what happened to these figments of her imagination.

The deeper she went into the city, the more people there were, and the taller the buildings became. By the time they reached her hips they were becoming a real annoyance to her. She couldn't simply step over them anymore, and it was hard to fit between them, especially with how wide her hips were and how round her butt. “Talk about a tight squeeze,” she muttered as she shuffled sideways between two buildings. They both pressed against her, countless windows cracking under pressure from her plump thighs and butt where these rubbed against them. Once she was out, though, she found herself in a much wider street where she could breathe easy again.

While Peach took a moment to massage her tush, she heard clicking noises coming from below, and she looked down to find a small group of young men standing between her feet and aiming their phones up her skirt. “Ew! Nasty little perverts!” The princess scowled as she raised her foot over the group. At once they tried to run away, all but one who was furiously snapping pictures of her incoming foot, but they were too slow to escape Peach's wrath. Her foot fell on them, and while they wriggled trying to escape, she upped the pressure until they had all stopped moving. Then, satisfied, Peach left them all behind and went further into the city.

Peach was so glad to have left behind that tight street back there! It was great to have some space to move, and she gladly took advantage of it, letting her hips sway wildly left and right as she walked, each swing delivering a hefty blow to the surrounding buildings that left a good-sized dent on them.

Soon the princess found a building that was just as tall as her, and she went up to it curiously, peering in through the glossy windows. Dozens of people looked at her from inside, shrinking back whenever her eyes swept over them.

“Hi, little cuties! Mind if I come in?” Peach raised a hand and tapped a window with her fingertip. Tap, tap, tap. The drumming rattled much of the building, and everyone on that floor fled for the stairs as the glass started to crack. “Aww, going away already? Come on, don't leave me hanging! I promise I won't bite~!” The window shattered, and Peach's finger was allowed entrance into the building. The princess casually swept aside every object in her path as she reached for the few stragglers running for the exit, only for them to all evade her. Angered, she pushed the rest of her hand in past the windows to reach for them, but by then they had already disappeared down the stairs.

“Hmph! How rude!” Peach pouted as she pulled her hand back out. “Well, fine, run away if you want! I'm sure there's plenty of people in there with the decency to say hello. Isn't that right, little guys~?”

The other floors she saw held as many people as that first one or more, but there was one of them in particular who caught her eye; a cute little guy on one of the floors level with her chest, who stood against the window staring straight ahead. He was so fixated on it that he didn't even notice when her eyes fell on him. Smiling, Peach shook herself a bit, putting a little bounce in her boobs that her tiny admirer followed without fail.

“There we are! I knew at least one of you would be brave enough to meet the princess. You like my chest, cutie?” The young man finally realized that Peach had seen him staring when she mentioned her bosom, and he hurried to bow in apology, clasping his hands together to beg her forgiveness. “Aww, don't be scared~. I'm flattered that you like me so much! Here; why don't I give you more of what you want~?” Peach leaned forward until her chest thumped against the side of the building, pressing softly against the windows. The heavy impact knocked the young man on his back, where he stayed watching in awe how the pink fabric and the soft flesh behind it pushed up against the window. Slowly, though, the windows started to crack under the pressure. Then he heard a low groaning noise, like the moan of a giant monster, as the immense pressure strained the very walls and floors. Suddenly there was a crunch, and the princess's chest surged a few feet closer, collapsing the walls into the building.

Startled, the young man crawled further back, but Peach's chest was hot on his heels, closing in faster than he could get away. When it finally reached him, he had no choice but to jump on it and hold on to the fabric so he wouldn't be crushed under it. It was a terrifying few seconds that seemed to stretch into minutes before Peach pulled away from the building, leaving behind a shapely crater, and found her tiny admirer clinging fearfully to her dress. “Aww, did I scare you? You poor little thing. Come here and let me make it all better. Gently her fingers eased him off her chest and carried him to her mouth, where she delivered to him a big, soft kiss, enveloping him in her plush, velvety lips whose loving softness swept away all his fear. When she pulled him away, he looked at her so adoringly that Peach decided to keep him. “How would you like to be my little pet?” she asked, and the young man nodded enthusiastically. “Good! Come here, then; I have a very special place for my very special pet.” Holding him close, she tugged on the neck of her dress and dropped him inside. He bounced down her breasts and nestled in her cleavage, and then a fingertip pushed him still deeper, until he was totally entombed in the softness of her breasts, her bosom his whole world. There he would stay, happily basking in the princess's warmth while she had her fun in the city, completely oblivious to the terrified screams of his fellow citizens. After all, who needed a city when he had such a lovely new home?
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