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Story Notes:

This story was originally written by ISM whom I know nothing about.  The story was originally in the old gts2.net story archive which was wiped out.  I copied it before that happened.  Since I couln't find this story in the "Old Archives" section here at giantessworld.net, I decided to upload it.


The one thing that bugged Leyna Macpherson more than not having three full urns of coffee ready for Her when She got to work was the backstage clatter that always occurred before She went on the air. Leyna had been doing the LMSN gig for five, going on six, years and it still frazzled Her nerves; hence the three urns of coffee to get Her going to pace with everyone else.

Alison Marrell, Leyna's personal assistant, made certain that the coffee and the roster of the day's activities were ready and waiting in Leyna's dressing room at least two hours before She hit the studio lot. Leyna entered and, seeing the usual pile of scripts and the coffee, smiled. Leyna was a drop-dead gorgeous, copper-haired Temptress with a smile that would melt the polar caps. She had to be a Temptress. That was Her job: tempting all of the Women in TV land to buy what She was hawking. And Leyna was good -- very good! She walked (timbled, really) the rest of the way into Her dressing room, kicking off Her red high-heeled, open-toe pumps and tossing Her agenda on the small bed where She napped from time to time. It was unseasonably warm for March, so She had worn a nice, albeit somewhat risque', skirt, opting to go barelegged. She doffed the light jacket, revealing well-defined arms beneath the snug black sleeveless turtleneck. Grabbing a cup, Leyna poured a cup of coffee and collapsed into an overstuffed chair to go over the shooting schedule.

Alison walked in and delivered more updates. Leyna looked at Her and smiled. "Any word on that new masseusse, Ali?"

"He should be here already. I think Jackie was waiting for You to get here before She dropped him off. She didn't want another freak-out like You had with Your last one." This last comment drew a smile from Alison and Leyna shot Her the bird playfully.

 "How was I supposed to know he was already here?" Leyna asked. "I come in for a quick nap and the next thing I know, someone's molesting My Toes!"

They both began to laugh when the phone rang. Alison answered and informed Jackie that Leyna was there and She could bring the masseuse in anytime.

Two minutes later, Jackie, Leyna's short fireball of a producer, strolled in, grinning ear-to-ear. Leyna and Alison noticed this and began to moan "uh-oh"s in unison. Alison looked at Leyna. "Well, that looks dangerous!"

Jackie giggled and said, "Ooooooh, Leyna! You are gonna love this one!"

Leyna glanced again at Alison, then back to Jackie: "Well... let's have him."

Jackie reached inside Her dark green blazer and produced a man that couldn't have been more than eight-inches tall. He was clad in a black jumpsuit and knee-high boots, smartly tucked over his trouser legs. As Jackie brought the miniature man closer, Leyna noticed he possessed a neatly trimmed Van Dyke and his hair was pulled back in an equally neat ponytail.

"Leyna Macpherson, this is James, Your new masseusse."

Leyna outstretched Her right Hand and Jackie carefully placed James so that he could stand up straight. Leyna's Eyes widened along with Her smile. "Ooh... damned if You didn't undersell this one. He's cuuuuute!"

Jackie smiled and said, "One thing I will tell You: do NOT take this one on-set with You."

"Why not? I always take my masseusse with me for commercial time."

"Because," Jackie began, Her voice taking on a mock-disciplinarian tone as She looked pointedly at the little man, "he is a mischief maker! All the way over here, I had him in the inside pocket of My jacket."


"I haven't had my Breasts stroked like that in waaaaay too long! I was tempted to get You another one and keep this gorgeous little playpretty for Myself, but I knew You'd have a stroke!" Jackie looked at James again, caught Her breath, patted Her Breast as if about to swoon, and said, "You're on in ten minutes, by the way."

As She was leaving, Jackie bent down a bit and whispered from across the room, "Thank you," then giggled and caught Her breath again. Leyna looked at James, gently stroking his chest with elegant, burgundy-tipped Fingers. "Well, you certainly made the cut! Jackie's the harshest screener I've ever had, so for Her to be fawning all over you, I can't wait 'til you get a hold of My Feet!"

James placed his hands gingerly on Leyna's Finger, leaned to kiss it, and said, "Neither can I. Don't forget me, Madame -- I tend to get lonely when my Mistress is gone too long."

Leyna looked at Alison. "Oh, goodness. He's quite the charmer. I think I may start to swoon, too!"

Alison reached to retrieve James from Leyna's Hand as Leyna brought Her tiny toy to Her Lips and bestowed a delicate kiss upon his chest. Her finger gently grazed his crotch and whispered, "I like it when My little men miss Me."

James motioned for Leyna to move him up to Her Ear. He said something that made Her blush and then She handed him to Alison.

"Here, Ali... do me a favour and break him in for Me. I think he's a bit too randy for this early in the day."

Alison took the little man as Leyna headed for the soundstage. She placed him in the inside pocket of Her blazer and instantly felt tiny fingers massaging Her Breast and his body moving against Hers in order to find better purchase.

"Ooh, keep squirming, little man. You're turning Me on!"

* * *

Leyna clipped Her lapel mic on and shuffled the script together, readying for airtime. The new girl behind the camera gave Her the standard countdown, the red light came on, the music came up and Leyna went to work.

"Hi, everybody! Coming to You all the way from the Mindari Sector, I'm Leyna Macpherson, and I'd like to welcome all You Ladies out there to The Little Man Shopping Network: Home of the Finest Miniature Males Anywhere in the Universe. Get those communication channels warmed up, 'cause I've got some of the sexiest little men today and I know You're gonna want to start the bidding before I even open up the cases!"

Before Leyna even had a chance to bring out Her first little man for the bidding, She could see, out of the corner of Her Eye, the communication lines begin to clog. She could tell it was gonna be a good day -- most days were brisk, to be certain. Days like this, however, came along only once every few months and Leyna was glad that She'd drunk the extra coffee before She left the house.

"Whoa! All right, Ladies, I knew You were anxious, but I had no idea it was gonna be a helter skelter today. I've got plenty of little men with Me today, so I'm sure everyone's gonna get a chance to place Her bid.

"If You're a newcomer to the Little Man Shopping Network, allow Me to go over the rules of etiquette. Every little man has a minimum bid set on him, so please don't betray decorum by trying to underbid. If a bid has been outdone by more than fifty percent, closing of the bids will automatically begin until it's upped by at least twenty percent of the last bid accepted. If it's not upped within sixty seconds, the last bid stands and that lucky Lady, or Ladies, in some cases, wil be the happy Owner or Owners of a fresh-faced, well-equipped, brand-spankin' new little man! Once again, make it count when You bid, Ladies. If You are familiar, You know that My little men don't stay around for long. So, with that said, I'm gonna let Heidi and Ashley and Megan set up the first three of My little playpretties and I'll be back in two minutes. 'Bye, now!"

The red light snapped off and the trio of Women wheeled the treasure-laden pedestals into their camera positions. Leyna ran a grooming Hand through Her thick, auburn mane and glanced around for Alison. She didn't have to look far; Alison was just off to stage right, trying to maintain Her composure (and doing a very poor job of it!) as the tiny James was attempting to bring Alison to climax by basically assaulting Her Breast through Her inside jacket pocket. Leyna had to laugh as She watched Alison shift from one Foot to the other, doing Her best not to scream and moan. Finally, She grabbed Her blazer and pulled it away from Her more than ample Bosom, gasping for breath after James' magic fingers had been denied further purchase. Once She could speak again, She could only rasp out, "Oh, Jesus!"

Leyna had moved just behind Alison and was watching Her moment of bliss with great amusement. "'s he too much for ya, Darlin'?"

Alison looked at Leyna, a glazed and distracted look in Her Eyes.

"Oh, My God, Leyna! This little gem is gonna be too much for YOU!"

Smiling bemusedly, Leyna reached into Alison's pocket and retrieved Her minute masseusse. Before She pulled him out, Her Eyes widened and She laughed out the whisper,"I can feel his hard-on!"

"Oh, that's nothin'. It's got a built-in radar! Every time I tried to shift him away from My Nipple, I kept brushing against his little woody. It felt like a blunt toothpick pokin' Me in My Tit!"

Leyna finished retrieveing Her new pet from the jacket pocket. Once in the open, James stood erect, in more ways than one, in the Palm of Leyna's Hand.

"Weeeellll, little one... you like your work, don't you?"

"I've always believed that anything worth doing is worth doing right..."

"And repeatedly, you randy little man!" Alison chimed in.

Defiantly, James asked,"Is that a complaint, Miss Alison?"

"Oh, most definitely not, James! In fact, complaint only comes to mind when I think that you're going home with Leyna instead of Me."

James assumed a reverent bow in Alison's direction. "High praise from a lovely Giantess is the best reward I could receive."

Leyna interjected: "Oh, I don't think 'praise' is quite the reward that Ali had in mind for you, Doll!"

"Damned straight, that wasn't what I meant!" Alison confirmed.

Leyna smiled again, realising that she was thirty seconds from airtime. "I think he's a bit much for You right now, so I'll take him with Me." She tucked him in Her inside breast pocket and strolled toward Her chair.

"No, Leyna! Jackie's right: You do NOT wanna take him on-set."

"I can handle my little man, Ali, don't worry." Leyna patted James through the fabric and stopped short as She inhaled sharply and unexpectedly, Her eyes closing and Her Head tilting back. The Giantesses looked at the pocket where James was stowed and could see the jacket moving as if alive.

"See what I mean?"

"Oh, My... I do indeed." She opened Her jacket, looking down at the little man, who showed no signs of abating his stimulation of his Mistress.

"You don't quit, do you?"

"My job is to quit when I pass out or You do... and maybe not even then."

Leyna looked at Alison between waves of ecstasy and said, "Remind Me to give Jackie a biiiiig commission at the end of the month." With that, Leyna removed James from Her pocket and handed him back to Alison. "Here... take him back to the dressing room and... settle him down!"

"Any suggestions on how to do that?"

"Like You need ME to give YOU suggestions. Short of bodily harm, dismemberment or death, You have carte blanche. Use Your imagination or Your Body. Hell, for that matter, use both." Leyna leaned over and kissed James, and again blushed as he whispered something in Her Ear. "Oooh! You are SUCH a naughty little man, James!"

"That's my job, Mistress."

"And you do it well."

"Indeed I do."

As Alison took James in Hand (!) and made Her way back to Leyna's dressing room, Leyna headed for the stage.

As the new Girl (She'd really have to find out that new Girl's name!) signalled Leyna to prepare to go back on, Leyna found Herself very distracted. She usually enjoyed the auction process; playing with all those delicious little men, feeling their weight in Her light but firm grasp, their perfect, tiny limbs squirming between Her Fingers as She stroked them. Sometimes, when She was feeling extra-saucy, She would bring Her little men to orgasm on the air. That really got the ratings from the Giantess community, despite the protest of The LMCLU (Little Men's Civil Liberties Union -- 'What a bunch of sissies!' thought Leyna. 'Screw 'em! They don't know what they're missing!').

Leyna still looked forward to today's fun, but something was different. She found She couldn't stop thinking about James, the way he had caressed Her (and Alison & Jackie, too!), the sweet, nasty thoughts he had whispered to Her before going on the air. Her mind drifted to images of Her little servant practically Foot-raping Her -- with his seemingly boundless enthusiasm, that was the only term She felt applied -- and in turn Her ripping that formal, fascist-looking jumpsuit off his diminutive frame and showing him how it felt to have someone force pleasure on him and not stop when begged.

'Oh, no!' She thought. 'I'm in love with a little man! Shit!!!'





Chapter End Notes:

(These are ISM's original end notes.)

      Thanks for the kudos on the 1st installment to those who wrote in.
      Hope you like this one as well!
      I WILL return.

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