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Slowly and quietly, I opened the door to her apartment.  The hallway was eerily quiet, and dimly lit.  Pushing the door open just enough for me to fit thru, I slide inside and closed it behind me. There I was, standing inside her apartment.  The familiar smells and subtle nuances that made her space hers enveloped me. We had been seeing each other for some time now, so even in the darkness, the layout of her place was more than familiar to me.  Slowly I started taking steps towards her bedroom. My heart was racing as I crept down the hallway.  It had taken us time to build the amount of trust needed to live out this fantasy.  I was supposed to come in as she was sleeping and take advantage of her. It was a new one for me, and a little weird, but I’m always open to trying new things.

I reached her bedroom door. It was open just slightly.  Enough for me to be able to push it open without having to make any noise with the door knob.  Placing my hand on the soft wood of the door I push it open a few inches and peak inside. I hoped that I had been quiet enough for her not to wake up.  As the door opened the vision of her hit my eyes like a freight train.  Curled on her bed, like a lone wolf, she quietly slumbered. I could see her soft skin illuminated by the moonlight from her bedroom window.  I couldn't help but gasp slightly at the vision before me. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and opened the door the rest of the way, taking a step towards her. 

As I opened my eyes I was hit with a sudden flash flash of red light. A feeling of heat and sharp tingles shot thru my body like a lightning bolt.  Blinded, I cover my eyes and stagger backwards. I felt an immense pressure surrounding by body, forcing me into a fetal position on the floor.  After what seemed like an eternity, the pressure released and the tingles subsided. Shifting up onto my  hands and knees I coughed hard and tried to regain my bearings.  Finally I sat back onto my knees and opened my eyes.  Words couldn't describe the landscape that now laid before me. 

".......fuck......." the word slowly escaped my mouth.

I was still in the same place I had just been standing a few seconds prior, the doorway of her bedroom. Only it was far more than that to me now.  The world seemed to stretch on forever now.  The door I had just opened with ease now towered over me like a monolithic structure built for for the gods.  That flash had somehow shrunken me to an unimaginable small size. If I had to guess by the shear scale of the world around me, I had to be less than 1/2" tall. Probably closer to 1/4".  The hardwood floor below me now seemed to stretch for miles all around me. As all of this information began to sink in, a sense of terror swept over me when I heard a noise that gave me a true sense of my predicament. 


She had slightly coughed in her sleep, and then rolled over in her bed. 

This minor action by her had sent a shock wave thru my world.  Not only was it an amazing site to behold something that size move, but it showed me how insignificant I was.  I was literally the size of a bug, trapped in her bedroom, and she didn't know I was there.  The severity of the situation sank in for me. 

I had to get her attention.

Fear and panic gripped my every fiber as I stood there.  Standing in her doorway I felt so exposed and vulnerable.  What if she got up right now?  What if I couldn't get out of the way in time? She...she'll crush me without even knowing it!  These thoughts raced thru my head and I almost fell to my knees from the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. 

"No. No I have to move. I have to move now!"   I screamed at myself.

 Finally breaking my own trance and forcing myself to start to run towards her mattress.  Luckily She didn't have a bed frame, so the climb up would be a little less of a pain.  Relatively speaking, that is.  I ran as hard and fast as i could.   The reality of how tiny I am started to set it.  It's only a couple of feet from the doorway to her bed.  Now, though, it feels like miles.  I have to keep going, keep pushing.  It's my only option.  She'll know what to do, she'll know how to fix this.  I pressed on, watching as her mattress began to fill more and more of my field of vision.  After what seemed like an eternity, I finally reach it.  Putting my hand on the fabric to brace my self, I allow myself a minute to catch my breath.  Looking up, the mattress looks like the side of an endless cliff to me.  Suddenly the ground reverberates slightly.

"Mmmm"  She had slightly moaned in her sleep

It was the first time I truly felt her power.  He body was more of a god like entity to me now.  It's slightest activity sending shock waves thru my world.  What if she doesn't notice me?  How can I even get her attention? I start to panic and have to snap myself out of it.  This isn't a  dream, this is happening.  You gotta move!

I grab hole of the fabric of the mattress, and to my surprise I find that I can grip it fairly easily.  The threads being just loose enough for my tiny hands and feet to fit thru.  I took a deep breath, looked up, and began to climb.  Climbing things was always something I had enjoyed doing.  However this was a little bit much.  I had to safety harnesses, or padding to fall on if I lost my grip.  I just had me, and my will to survive.  Slowly I inched my way upwards, keeping conscious on not looking down.  I knew if I looked down I would freeze.  I had to just keep moving, no matter what.  Just over that ridge was my salvation......or my demise. 

After what seemed like another eternity, I reached the summit of my climb.  I collapse onto the soft mattress and roll my body away from the edge.  For a few moments I just laid there, looking up at the ceiling. 

"Mmmmmm"  She moaned again in her sleep

The entire bed vibrated beneath.  Quickly I sat up and the vision hit me like a freight train. 


There she was.  Quietly sleeping away her night, oblivious to the perils that had been happening in her room.  Laying on her side, the first thing i saw was the soles of her feet.  Sitting on top of each other, they look like massive walls of flesh before me.  They looked soft and inviting.  I loved her feet.   Just then her scent hit my nostrils.  It almost knocked me to the ground.  Her aroma was amplified to me at my size, and I could feel it surrounding me.  It was quite pleasant, to be honest.  She always smelled nice, and took care of herself.   I stood up and peaked around her massive feet to see her body stretch out for miles.  Her soft legs leading to her lovely hips, torso and chest.  Finally off in the distance her face loomed, at peace as she slept.  She was a beautiful girl, and now, she was a vision of a goddess.

This was all just so much to handle.  I had to move, I had to get her attention. 

I had to. 

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Feedback Appreciated

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