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Story Notes:

Mark finished putting on the last of his makeup for his costume, and glanced at the wall to check the time. He was pleased to see that there was still plenty of time until the Halloween Party started, and so took his time waking out to meet his girlfriend Carol. She was waiting for him in the living room already dressed up, a tight but movable blue zero suit Samus costume covering her from neck to toe and her blonde hair done up in a ponytail. She looked sexy as hell to him despite nothing really showing, and he could not help but let out a playful “Pika-pika.”

This drew Carol’s attention to him, and she smiled at the Pikachu costume and makeup that he was wearing. She walked over and gave him a hug and a kiss, saying “Well don’t you look good? Are you ready to make this costume pairing really match up?” Mark knew that this was Carol giving him a last minute out from their plan if he was unsure or uncomfortable, and he appreciated the gesture and care that it suggested. However as soon as he had heard of the idea floated by his girlfriend he was completely onboard, and he was not going to stop now.

“Of course I am. I trust you and your magic to work and keep me safe, and it is too good of an idea to pass up.” This made the young woman blush slightly, and hug him just a little tighter before letting go and taking a step back. She reached over for the spellbook she had left on the table and picked it up, silently browsing the spell one last time and confirming how to perform it, the warnings involved in its use, and the counter-spell for an emergency. With everything in order she pointed at Mark and began to chant, light beginning to fill her eyes and the tip of her finger.

Mark was always amazed to see real magic performed, a skill that very few people could do and was only recently gaining increased recognition. He had actually been dating Carol for a few years before she revealed her talent as a witch, and he found that he had no problem with that. In turn Carol had been glad that he had not turned away from her, and their bond had only deepened from the truth being revealed. He watched as the light around her finger reached a crescendo before lancing out and impacting his costumed body with seemingly no force behind it. Then the room around him began to slowly seem to grow, along with Carol, but he knew that it was actually just him shrinking.

Finally after a few seconds the light faded away, and Mark found himself a mere foot or so in size, still perfectly in costume. He looked up at his now very large girlfriend, and feeling a little bold he jogged over to her left boot and grabbed on. Testing out his temporary physical reinforcement and increased stamina he scrambled up the blue material of her boot and leg and crossed over her front to reach her right shoulder. Carol just laughed at the antic, making her chest jiggle slightly inside of her suit as he crawled over them, and he silently reveled in the masses that were as big as his torso was. He then took a crouching stance on her shoulder, and all smiles Carol reached up and over to pet at his head and fake ears.

“Well, I think we can call this a complete success.” Carol spoke as she walked over to a full length mirror, and stood in front of it looking herself and her boyfriend over. They truly did make quite the pair at the moment, Mark currently the correct size to be a real Pikachu, while she was practically the very vision of Samus Aran. Mark likewise seemed impressed at their appearance, and he leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek with an adorable little “chu!” for good measure. With that all done Carol began to exit the house to head to the party, Mark remaining safely on her shoulder the entire time. They passed by a few people on the way, some just thinking Carol had a prop but a few noticing that the “prop” was actually Mark and briefly gaping as they walked past.

Arriving at the rather massive townhouse the party was occurring at, Carol and Mark walked in the open front door just a few minutes after the party was set to begin. They would have been on time, but a few people had stopped them along the way to ask for photographs, and the pair had decided to oblige them. Looking around they saw that they were of course not the first to arrive, but slowly confusion began to dawn on them. There were people around, but all of them were just girls that they knew, several of which they had known were going to be showing up with brothers or boyfriends. Wandering around looking for answers, Carol had only just started to ask before there was a large plume of colored smoke in front of them.

As the cloud rapidly dissipated it revealed the form of Bethany, an acquaintance but not exactly friend of Carol wearing a peppy, bright cheerleader outfit. The raven haired girl was only connected to Carol due to the fact that she also knew how to use magic, and she was in general by the pair considered to be rather stuck up and arrogant about that fact. Right now the girl had on a haughty smirk as she began to grandly say “Ha, welcome to the party Carol. I am sure that you are wondering where your boyfriend is, well I can assure you, thanks to my magic he is now more of a…boy…toy…” The girls obviously pre-prepared spiel ground to a halt in confusion, as her attention turned towards Mark still standing on his girlfriends shoulder.

For her part Carol figured out what was going on within moments, and let out an aggrieved sigh as she palmed her forehead and gave the other girl a withering look. “So, I take it you cast a spell over the house to shrink and possibly alter any males at the party, only you did not take into account the possibility that someone might already be under the effects of a spell and so immune?” In response Bethany just pouted and looked put out, crossing her arms and huffing while reluctantly nodding. To that Carol pressed on “In that case, what kind of spell did you use and what is its effects?” It was important to check on this sort of thing, just in case the other practitioner failed to consider something.

Bethany huffed and moved her hands to her hips, where a pair of pom-poms were resting clipped to her waist. “All of the men are shrunken down to about an inch tall, and durability enchantments were also placed on them. The spell ends by sunrise tomorrow, and I included all of the other basic defenses, including the Escape Clause.” Carol considered this for a few moments before sighing, finally admitting that she supposed that all of the bases were indeed covered, and that since it was too late now they might as well enjoy the party. After the Samus and Pikachu pair had turned away, Bethany breathed a sigh of relief.

Heading over to the nearest person to ask about how things were going, Carol was greeted by the sight of a woman with brown hair in pigtails wearing a mostly orange outfit. Mark piped up that this looked like it was Diane from Seven Deadly Sins, and as the Samus costumed girl called out for her attention she turned around, making both her and the Pikachu on her shoulder fight to hold back snorts. For Mark it was because he recognized the girl in question was ALSO named Diane, while Carol had simply been the first to notice her date Greg. Diane noticed the two of them and smiled before saying “Oh hey guys! Nice to see you here! I have to say, those are some great costumes there.”

“Thank you, Diane.” Mark replied with a slightly raised voice, being sure that he was heard. “By the way, I thought that you were supposed to be here with Greg, where is he?” At this question Carol laughed a bit, and in lieu of answering pointed at Diane, in particular towards her chest. Mark looked downwards instead of at her face, and could only raise his eyebrow as he located Greg, in a fine King costume currently just an inch tall as advertised and snuggled up in the cleavage of his date. Mark remained silent for a moment even as Greg struggled to get an arm free, but when he did he just raised it up to give a thumbs up before he began to sink down lower into the tits. To that Mark could only say “Well, I suppose it’s canon compliant if nothing else.

This just sent the two women into more tittering giggles, and Mark had to wonder what that was like for Greg, who was currently so low that his King was now doing more of a Terminator impression. Carol then asked a few leading questions, mostly to determine how everything had gone down and what was happening. After taking a moment to reach down and pull Greg up a little to give him more air, Diane explained “Well, at first things seemed to be fairly normal for the party, most people had shown up, including what seemed like a few possible party crashers, when there was a flash of bright light. Then all of the guys disappeared, some of them found fairly quickly before Bethany showed up and kind of explained everything. Honestly I guess that things are turning out alright, so no reason to not enjoy the party, right?”

Carol and Mark did not particularly disagree, and they spent a little while longer talking to Greg and Diane asking how things had been. Admittedly Diane was answering most of the questions, but Greg was able to volunteer a few things in between pulling himself back up and looking a mixture of pleased and dazed. Then after one good natured but slightly lewd comment too many Diane gained a look of good natured exasperation, and with one finger pushed him down deep into her cleavage to shut him up again. Carol took that as her cue to leave, and left the pair behind while Mark suggested that they find a different friend to speak to.

The pair walked into another room, passing by a girl named Megan dressed as a generic Egyptian Goddess complete with scanty clothes and gold jewelry. They passed by her because they did not personally know her very well, and they had already spotted another of their friends looking around worried. What they did not know was that Megan was also worried, and was wondering where her date Art had disappeared to. Megan was not the brightest of girls, and so a fair bit of what Bethany had been saying had flown clear over her head, and she just moved around looking for her date. Perhaps if she had not been so oblivious, she would have figured out that her costume had an addition.

Art had shown up to the party dressed as a Pharaoh, but when the magic spell of Bethany had hit him he had done a little more than just shrink. He had briefly been blinded by the light, and as it began to fade he felt something connect to his back and pull upwards tightly until he felt like he was hanging in mid-air. Slowly Art became aware of a faint thudding sound coming from behind him, and a feeling of two walls on either side of his body. He looked forwards just to see the house he had been in before, but at a much, much larger scale. He opened his mouth to ask what the hell was going on, but then two things stopped him. The first was a booming feminine voice above him saying “Huh? What was that Art? Art? Where did you go?” The second was the walls on either side of him collapsing, revealing their warm and soft nature.

Since that moment Megan had continued to walk around the party looking for her date, not knowing that he was closer than she suspected. Hanging down between her mostly free swinging breasts was a new golden necklace, one with a particular male figure hanging front and center. For his part Art had continued to try and shout up for the girls attention, but she could not hear him at all, partially because whenever she crossed her arms her breasts swelled up around him sealing him inside, and as she walked her bouncing and jiggling tits rebounded and slammed into him again and again. He had even been colored gold, so any casual observers would just see another ornament.

Back with the Pikachu and Samus pair, they reached their mutual friend Polly in short order, mostly due to her rather distinctive costume. Decked out in a primarily pink, very frilly dress and with a faux gold crown on her head, the girl made for a pretty decent Princess Peach, even if she did not quite have the right hair volume. The girl was looking fretful and turning in place back and forth, mostly looking around higher up but also keeping an occasional eye on the ground and her feet as well. Coming to a stop nearby and briefly surprising her by having her blue pair of boots enter her line of vision, Carol was the one to say “Hi Polly. What’s wrong?”

The girl dressed as a princess wrung her white gloved hands a little and said “It’s about Frank. He showed up with me dressed as Mario, and after Bethany shrank all of the guys I was looking after him. But after I left him to get us a drink, I came back and sat down before realzing he was missing, and now I don’t know where he could have gone!” Polly was visibly worried and upset, and missed the shared look between Mark and Carol. They knew about Frank, but unlike Polly they were not friends with the guy. They both thought that he was not a good fit for Polly, being mostly take and very little give, but as of yet they had been unable to convince the girl to dump him. For all they knew he might have taken the chance to leave her alone just to try hitting it off with some other girl.

“Don’t worry, Polly. I am sure that you will find him eventually.” Carol was quick to try and reassure her friend, which Mark also somewhat reluctantly nodded along with. Polly thanked them for the encouraging words, and turned away to walk to a different part of the house to continue her search. As she did so Mark and Carol both spotted a telltale red and blue splotch currently plastered to the rear of her pink dress, clearly embedded so deep it could not come free even as it wiggled back and forth in time with her steps. Clearly Polly had not watched herself when sitting back down, explaining what happened to Frank. Carol turned her head to Mark and quietly asked “Do you think we should tell her?”

To that Mark scoffed and said “heck no, the guy is a dick. Did you know he still owes me twenty bucks?” Carol indicated that she had not known that, and they walked away to leave the inch tall man to his current fate. They moved to a different room in the house, where as they turned the corner to walk through a doorway Carol ran into a girl going the other way. The mild impact was enough to send Mark falling off of his girlfriends shoulder towards the ground, only to be caught by landing on the still partially pressed together chests of the two full sized women. He lay there briefly dazed looking up at his girlfriend, and then turned his attention to the other girl and winced. He recognized her as Natalie, and calmly said “Oh, uh, hi there Nat. How are things going?”

Recovering Carol reached up and took hold of Mark and held him in her arms as she took a step back, and looked down at the small Pokemon in her arms as she said “Nat, huh? Mind telling me how you know each other?” Mark somewhat hesitantly laughed, while the other girl gave a wry smirk at the now smaller guy in the arms of another girl. Thankfully she seemed to take pity on him after a few moments of him trying to formulate an answer, and she waved off his concerns even as he took in the sight of her in a rather nice Princess Zelda cosplay.

“Oh, we used to date in high school. We lasted a few years, but he broke things off with me in senior year and we went our separate ways. I will admit that I was hurt at the time, but to his credit he made it as clean a break as possible and was mostly gentle. He never led me on or deceived me, which is more than I can say for most of my last boyfriend.” Mark looked shocked to hear that news, and Natalie was gratified to see the pain and sympathy on his little face clear as day. “Yeah, that concern right there? That’s why it hurt when you left, but in hindsight we were not really a good match. No hard feelings.”

The easy acceptance and forgiveness from the other girl made Mark relax a good deal, and he spent the next few minutes lightly catching up with his ex and introducing her to Carol. Thankfully the witch was likewise forgiving and kind to the other girl, understanding that she had done nothing to her boyfriend and they had only known each other well before she met Mark. Eventually however the conversation turned to recent events with Natalie, and Mark found himself unable to keep from asking “So, if you don’t mind sharing, what happened with your last boyfriend?” To the pairs surprise Natalie actually laughed at that, and explained while grabbing at something at her side.

“Well, it turned out that I was still with him up until today, and had even planned this costume to match his. However, not two hours ago I found out that Chad was cheating on me with a girl named Stacy, and they planned to reveal everything including him dumping me at this party by showing up in their own matched outfits. Thankfully when Bethany found out, she decided a little karma was in order.” As she finished speaking Natalie brought up a clear glass bottle from her side, a perfect match to the kind seen in every Zelda game. However it was not empty, instead it contained two small figures futility banging on the thick glass. Mark and Carol looked closer to see that one was a male all in green, and the other was female in what looked like dark bodypaint or a suit with long vibrant red hair in a ponytail.

“They had shown up dressed as an Arabian Prince and harem girl, but once Bethany worked her voodoo they were put into more appropriate clothes.” Carol and Mark had to agree, there was not much more that really could be said about what was clearly Link and Midna trapped in a bottle in the hands of someone dressed as Zelda. “They can’t actually hear very well in there, but can still breathe so they should be fine. I figure I will keep them locked up for most of the night, maybe have a little fun later before dumping them outside just like I am dumping Chad.” With one more slightly cruel but deserved laugh and solid shakes of the bottle, Natalie turned away and left to enjoy the party some more. The couple did not try to stop her, as both agreed that their fate was probably well earned.

After seeing that things seemed to be more or less in hand, Carol and Mark began to make their way towards the dinning room where a large amount of food was available on the table, from brightly colored candies to spooky decorated baked goods, at least two kinds of punch and a few other finger foods. Along the way they had to pass through a more open room devoid of furniture, which seemed to be being used as a dance floor of a sort. Some low powered fog machines put a low thin layer of swirling mist over the hard floor, and moving lights and thumping music gave it a mild club atmosphere. Far safety the pair kept to the sides, but this did not keep them from noticing some more people that they knew.

On the edge of the dance floor was a girl named Kelsey and her date Will, the former decked out in a decent recreation of Laura Croft while the latter made for a somewhat dashing Nathan Drake. Not that Will could easily be seen in his costume, even beyond his current diminished size. Mark could not help but notice that Kelsey was likely fully aware of Will and his location, and had clearly decided to keep him “safe.” The actual safety of his position was up for debate however, as perhaps shortsightedly Kelsey had placed him in one of the back pockets of her shorts. To her credit the tiny man was not going anywhere, but that was because her considerable rear assets kept him pinned tightly between the layers of fabric, and he currently looked just a little ill as her intense dancing had him shaking and bouncing around with her ass.

Mark briefly considered asking Carol to speak to Kelsey about what he had noticed and perhaps get Will to a more comfortable spot, but he was distracted by his girlfriend in a zero suit suddenly letting out a squee of joy. Feeling her speed up he turned his attention forwards, and was able to more clearly see the buffet table and some people next to it. He only needed a moment to take in the sight before he got a similar sentiment, as he spotted Rachel and Monica, two more of their mutual friends together. Part of the reason for this was because both girls had held out torches for each other for months now, and apparently they had finally realized their mutual attraction.

The other reason for the thinking of the situation being adorable was the current state that they were in, namely Rachel being literally in the palm of Monica’s hand. Monica was always not exactly the tallest of people, and so apparently had decided to lean into this fact a little bit by dressing as an already short character, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna from Touhou. In contrast Rachel was one of the schools star volleyball players, and was currently robed in a red and white shrine maidens outfit similar to that of Hakurei Reimu, also from the Touhou Project. Currently Rachel was busy nibbling away at a chunk of cookie nearly as big as her head like a hamster, all while Monica was cooing over her and rubbing the top of her head.

Arriving at the cute new couple, Carol and Mark greeted them and asked them a few questions, how were they enjoying the party, when they had finally gotten together, and perhaps most pertinently why Rachel was currently so small. With her partner currently still stuffing her face with cookie, it fell to Monica to answer most of the questions. “We actually only figured it out two weeks ago, when Rachel here as fretting over what to wear to the party and I finally mustered up the courage to offer this suggestion, and things developed from there. As to why she is so smol at the moment, after Bethany shrank the boys Rachel got this idea. She actually walked up to her and asked her to shrink her to the same size, and well, here we are.”

Mark and Carol offered their congratulations to the new couple and began to chat some more with them, and in the meantime Bethany herself was standing on a second floor balcony looking over the party with a smirk. Everything was going to plan in her eyes, the guests were mostly having fun, and the few that were not either deserved it or would be fine after her little prank was over, even the uninvited guests. The witch had not lied to Carol about making sure everyone affected would be safe by the time this was all over, but what she had neglected to mention was that not everyone was exactly equal in their treatment.

As a matter of fact, a local fraternity had heard about the party and had shown up to crash the party, intending to eat the food, flirt with the girls, maybe trash a few things, and just generally be a complete nuisance. So Bethany had decided to teach them all a lesson about not being where they were not invited. The frat bros had not even bothered to show up in costumes, and so the witch had put them in more “appropriate” attire of predominantly red, blue and yellow, with small flowering stems poking up from their tiny quarter inch forms. Now appearing to be just a mass of Pikmin, she had also scattered them around the building.

Using her magic she was aware of every one of them, and she grinned all the harder as she watched their struggles. Some had ended up on the snack table, floating in the punch or stuck to sticky food, either way soon to approach the gullet of a hungry female guest. Still more had ended up on the furniture, trying to gather attention only to have to run from girls sitting down or leaning on top of them. A couple had even fallen afoul of a girl dressed as a maid idly brushing her broom across the ground. However most had been placed on the dance floor, where the music, slight fog and general atmosphere had them fruitlessly dodging all sorts of footfalls. Bethany was particularly tickled by how many were unable to survive when “The Monster Mash” had been put on. Even Carol herself had obliviously trampled several in her wanderings, their multi-colored forms flattened and crushed under her boots.

Of course, Bethany was not a monster or a murderer, all of the party crashers who had perished were actually fine. They would remember most of what happened to them, but no matter the state of their bodies or what happened to them as soon as the sun rose they would awake hale and hearty in their own beds, at full size even. Perhaps then they would learn their lesson and make better choices in the future. In the meantime Bethany could have some more fun seeing and recalling all of the struggles encountered by those she had successfully pranked.

Back with Mark and Carol, they spent the night having an absolute blast, chatting and catching up with various people, enjoying the music and food, and just generally having fun. Mark did eventually remember about Will and got Carol to bring him to Kelsey to inform her about his condition, and a few times one or the other or both of them helped to locate a missing guy or aided in hooking compatible people up. Finally a little after midnight they headed to Mark’s home, where they took the chance to sit down and unwind a little after the mildly exhilarating night they had both had. Mark was considering heading to bed, to sleep off the rest of the spell until the morning when it would end and he would be restored, but then got a different idea.

“Say, Carol?” Mark began, getting the attention of his girlfriend who had been in the middle of flicking through a few photos she had taken at the party. She looked over to him as he exaggerated wiggled his eyebrows, and he continued “We had a pretty good night, but there is still a couple of hours until dawn and the magic ends. We don’t have anywhere else to be in the morning, so why not put this increased stamina and endurance I currently have to the test?” Carol only needed a few moments to think this over before she gained a salacious grin of her own, and she picked up the yellow clad small man. She then began to head towards the bedroom, keeping him in front of herself in one hand while her other began to unzip her suit to expose her hot and slightly sweaty chest. Mark was right after all, there was still so much more fun that they could have, starting with divesting both themselves of their costumes.

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