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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a fanfic story of the manga Do You Like Big Girls? The manga itself is about Sota, a short guy who ends up as the live in dorm manager for a group of towering girl's volleyball players, it's a harem comedy with smutty parts so if that's your thing you should check it out.

A/N: In the manga Julia’s dialogue is often misspelled and contains grammatical errors to symbolize her poor grasp of the Japanese language. I've tried to emulate that in this story.

Sota stretched, rolling over in his bed and glancing with bleary eyes at the clock. It was time to get the girls up for their early morning run, just one of many of his duties as the live-in dorm manager, cook, and coach of the university girls’ volleyball team. He slid out of bed, rubbing his eyes and throwing his clothes on, then stopped as he reached the door to his room.

It’s… huge? He blinked, looking up at the door, slowly lowering his gaze to the handle, which was now level with his head. This has to be a prank, they must have switched it out while I was asleep, he reasoned. Still, he glanced up again, frowning as he realized the ceiling was higher too. He shook his head; however they’d done this, he needed to get the day started.

“Okay girls,” he said in a raised voice, stepping out into the common area, “Let’s go, up and…” he gulped, looking at the massive furniture arrayed around the living room. The kitchen was also suitably raised, with counters he’d have to stand on his tiptoes to peek over. This is some prank, he thought, stunned, how did the girls switch all of this stuff out last night without waking me up?

“Morning Sota!” Kaoru called, walking out of her room to greet him.

Sota’s mouth went dry as his sister came into view. She had always been taller than him, ever since they’d hit their first growth spurt as kids, but now she loomed high overhead, thirteen or fourteen feet tall if he had to guess.

“W-Why are you so big?” he stammered, wide eyed.

Kaoru frowned, looking down at her stomach, then blushing, “Excuse me? I weigh myself everyday, Sota, and it’s kind of rude to tell a girl she’s gained weight just because she doesn’t look her best first thing in the morning!”

“I wasn’t calling you fat!” Sota exclaimed, stepping back reflexively as the towering amazon moved closer. “Why are you… tall!?

“I don’t know?” she said, an amused grin coming over her face, “Why are you short? Mom and Dad always told you to eat more greens, maybe that did it?”

“You didn’t get to be twelve feet tall by eating broccoli!” Sota said, pacing and shooting looks up at her.

“I’ll have you know I’m thirteen feet six inches,” Kaoru said, crossing her arms under her D-cup bosom, “Are you okay Sota? These questions are kind of weird.”

Down the hall a door popped open, “Is something wrong with Sota!?”

Sota could feel the slight tremors as the ground shook and Ayano joined his massive sister, standing a few inches taller than her. In spite of his shock, he couldn’t help but let his gaze linger on her, Ayano’s statuesque form was only more evident now, with long legs and breasts easily the size of his head.

Don’t lose focus, he scolded himself, “You too Ayano?” he asked, stunned.

He felt more vibrations from the floor below him as the rest of the girls heard the commotion, stirring from their beds and coming down the hallway to see what was going on. Sota knew what to expect by this point, but it was still shocking to see each of the girls coming down the hall at their new sizes. He’d always looked up at all of them, but now, at what had to be double their old heights, they were true goddesses. Even Sanae, the team’s Libero and the smallest of the girls, the only one he’d once been able to meet eye to eye, was now at least twelve feet tall, still the shortest of the girls by far, but a giant in her own right.  The top of Sota’s head wasn’t even as high as her crotch now!

Okay, I’ve got to figure this out, he thought, his mind racing. Is this a hallucination? Am I just seeing them, he glanced around the massive dorm, am I just seeing everything at double the size? Am I drugged or something?  Did I shrink overnight?

“Uh, hey girls,” he said weakly, looking up at them. The six girls of the volleyball team were ringed around him like a wall of toned flesh, looking down at him with a mix of concern, curiosity, and amusement. He cleared his throat, “D-Do you notice anything different today?” he stammered.

The girls all looked at each other, “No,” Ayano said, cocking her head, “not really?”

“This is it,” Kyoka said flatly, “he’s finally gone insane from the stress of taking care of this place.”

Sakura adjusted her glasses, “Hmm… he looks okay to me!” she reached down to ruffle his hair with a giggle, causing him to scowl and thrash her hand away.

“Quit that!” he shouted. They’re definitely the same girls, he thought, they’re just… bigger. They don’t seem to realize it either. He took a deep breath, then shot them all a grin, “I’m sorry about earlier, I was just tired and remembering a dream I had, why don’t you girls go do your morning run and I’ll make breakfast!”

“Are you sure?” Kaoru asked, raising an eyebrow, “you sure seemed freaked out about something.”

“I’m good!” he insisted, “now go on, you girls have classes and practice, you need to get started!”

Kaoru frowned, but then shrugged. The girls filed out of the dorm, the Amazonian footsteps vibrating the floor beneath him slightly until the front door shut behind them.

Okay, time to figure out what the hell is going on, he thought. He ran to his room, eager to look out the window. He stopped and scowled as he realized that, like everything else in the volleyball dorm, it was twice as high up as it used to be. He glanced to his desk, at least MY furniture is still the same! He pulled his chair out, scooting it to the window as he gazed out at the world.

He sighed with relief, he’d half expected to see buildings twice the size they should be stretching into the sky, but as he glanced around the campus, they seemed to be the same size as they’d ever been. The people walking along the sidewalks looked normal too, and he saw men and women going about their business.

At least it looks like the rest of the world is normal, so I guess that means I haven’t shrunk, he thought. For a brief moment he’d worried that whatever change had happened had doubled the size of everything else, leaving him dwarfed by the rest of the world. It’s hard enough being five feet tall, he chuckled to himself, I can’t even imagine all the teasing about being short I’d get if literally everyone else was ten feet!

Movement caught his eye, and he glanced towards the campus paths where the girls were jogging by some of the other pedestrians. None of the other students or staff seemed to think there was anything unusual about a sextet of double-sized volleyball players, and a few people even smiled or waved at them.

So, everyone else thinks this is normal, he thought to himself, the volleyball team’s dorm is built to their size, but everything else is just the way it was… except for me. That caused some concern, and Sota unconsciously felt around his head, searching for a bump or some other sign of injury. Were they always this tall and I’m having some kind of phantom memories? He scowled, looking at the regular sized buildings on campus, no, that’s ridiculous, how is it possible that just the volleyball team is huge? It makes no sense! Whatever made them big must have altered everyone else’s memories too.

Sota took a few minutes to ponder his next steps, I’m not sure what could have possibly caused this, he finally decided, Magic? Aliens? I don’t have any way of finding out, if I keep freaking out and telling everyone the girls used to only be a bit over six feet tall, I’ll get sent to a psychiatrist or something. He sighed, best just play along for now, follow the usual routine.

He glanced at his, thankfully still normal sized, clock, Shit, better get to work making breakfast. Sota trudged back out into the kitchen, looking up at the massive countertops and the stove, how am I supposed to do this? He wondered. He found his answer propped up against the wall, a simple folding chair with his name scrawled across it in sharpie. Better than nothing. He set it up in front of the stove and began gathering his ingredients, while the pantry and stove were bigger, his cooking utensils and the food in the cupboards was still his own size, and it wasn’t long before he was scrambling eggs and stirring diced potatoes.

After about a half hour the girls returned, a slight sheen of sweat on them as they laughed and talked. As usual Sota prepared plates, bringing them over to the double-sized girls, setting one in front of each and turning to begin his cleanup.

“Uh, Sota?” Sanae asked meekly, staring down at her portion.

He turned, “Yes?”

“Did you make any more? ” Kyouka asked, cutting through the awkwardness.

“Oh my gosh, you do think we’ve gained weight!” Kaoru said indignantly.

“What are you talking about?” Sota asked defensively, “Those plates are the same size as-“ he frowned, realizing the problem. Double sized girls need double sized portions. He sighed, then forced a smile, “Sorry everyone, I got a little distracted, I’ll start cooking some more eggs, just eat what you have for now!”

The enormous girls began to dig in behind him, easily wolfing down meals that would have filled him to bursting several times over. Sota quickly began cracking new eggs, frantically checking the refrigerator for more bacon and sausage.

At least in this universe or whatever this is I stocked well! He started sliding strips of bacon into the pan, glancing at the towering girls and wondering just how much food he’d be cooking from now on. Another thought struck him, if they’re this big, they’re going to need more of all of the usual chores I do, cooking, cleaning, laundry…

Sota stared, dumfounded, at the massive pile of laundry, standing at least as tall as he was. The girl’s athletic clothes had a stale and rank odor that emanated off the pile, and as he waited there Ayano walked past, casually tossing a pair of running shorts, a sports bra, and a pair of panties onto the pile.

She giggled as she noticed Sota standing there, “What’s wrong Sota? Were you going to steal a pair of panties for fun later?”

“WHAT!?” he shouted.

“Sota is of stealing underpants?” Julia giggled, sprinting into the hallway.

“That’s disgusting, Sota!” Kaoru called, crossing her arms in disapproval.

“I was simply washing them!” he explained impatiently, “Like I always do?”

Kyouka was walking by, but paused, picking up the conversation, “I should have known,” she huffed, “I was missing a pair last week, and I found them under my bed just this morning.”

“You obviously just misplaced them,” Sota growled, rubbing his temples.

“Everyone,” Sakura said, stepping into the room, “This is ridiculous! If Sota wanted to steal our panties it would be easy, as he does all of our laundry, obviously he’s not the kind of boy to sit around sniffing stolen underwear!”

“Thank you, Sakura,” he sighed, glad to have someone on his side.

Sakura smirked and adjusted her glasses, “He’s obviously more the type of boy to sit around sniffing a dirty sock!”

“Wait, what!? That’s an even worse thing to accuse someone of doing!”

“Look at that reaction,” Sakura said smugly, “It must be true, let me just get my sock off and we can check-“

“If you want you can all do your own laundry!?” Sota almost shouted.

That caused them all to go silent, and the girls glanced at the pile of dirty clothes waiting to be cleaned.

“You know, maybe some things are better left a mystery?” Sakura offered, backing away with a goofy grin on her face.

“Agreed,” Kyouka muttered, heading back down the hall.

As the rest of the girls dispersed, Sota looked at the clothing, sighing and consoling himself with the fact that at least the washing machine was double sized too.

Sota looked at the shopping list, it had already been on his desk when he woke up, so obviously “he” had written it, or the version of him that was used to the girls being over a dozen feet tall anyway. As expected, the amount of food he was buying was obscene, and he’d learned as he’d left for the market that the girls had a regular rotation of joining him to carry things. Today Julia was walking behind him, popping her bubble gum casually as she followed at a slow pace, altering her gait to stay with her much smaller friend.

“Uh, Julia,” he said casually, “before we go to the store, could we go to a few other places?”

“It would be sweat to accompany yoo!” she said, smiling.

I think that’s a yes, Sota thought, Julia’s broken Japanese was tough to make out at the best of times, and he didn’t speak any English beyond the names of a few snacks and media franchises.

“Okay,” he said, stopping in front of the small medical clinic, “Do you just want to stay out here?”

“No, will come inn!” she said, grinning down at him.

“So you’re sure I have no head injuries, or anything that could cause memory issues?” Sota asked the doctor, a middle-aged woman who was writing down his vitals on a small clipboard.

“You appear to be perfectly healthy,” the doctor said with a smile. “Is there anything in particular that brought on this concern?”

Sota gulped, “We have doctor patient confidentiality, right?” he asked.

“Of course,” the doctor nodded.

He breathed out slowly, “Okay, I know this sounds strange, but I live with these girls, and until today I always remembered them being a lot… shorter.”

“Oh?” the doctor asked, raising an eyebrow, “perhaps they’ve simply had late growth spurts and you’re just now noticing? Some people don’t stop growing until well into their university years if you can believe it!”

“No,” Sota said with a sigh, “Just… come over here a minute?”

The doctor followed him curiously as he opened the door, peeking into the waiting room. Julia had gotten down on her hands and knees to crawl inside the normal sized doorway to the clinic, acting as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Even now she was crouched, forced to sit cross legged to avoid hitting the ceiling with her head. Nobody seemed to find anything unusual about her entrance, though people did give her annoyed glances every time she blew a large pink bubble, popping the gum almost obnoxiously and chewing it again.

“What about her?” the doctor asked obliviously.

“You don’t think her size is a little unusual?” Sota asked.

“Americans are on average taller than Japanese,” the doctor said with a smile. “I know it can make you feel self-conscious as a shorter man, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of!”

“I don’t think Americans grow to be fifteen feet tall!” he said.

“Of course not,” the doctor said with a frown, “that would just be silly, I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at.”

“Julia is taller than any person could possibly be!” Sota exclaimed.

The doctor chuckled, “Well they aren’t joking when they say girls that play volleyball are a different breed, yes they do get substantially taller than the average person, but it’s nothing to worry about!”

“Right,” Sota sighed, “Thanks anyway.”

“It is good to hear you are healthy as horses,” Julia beamed, following behind him again.

“Yeah,” Sota muttered. Okay, science is out, what’s next?”

His eye caught a small shop, nestled between the market and a bookstore. “Medium for hire” it read, “Seances, fortunes, tarot readings, inquire within.”

Mediums are all just a bunch of superstitious nonsense, he told himself. He glanced back at the impossibly tall girl, and reconsidered. Then again, maybe I should be less skeptical.

“I am Madam Hayashi!” the woman bellowed dramatically as she seated herself across the circular table, “And I sense you have come seeking answers!” The woman was slightly portly, on the older side, and her head was adorned with an iron crown and three candles, though as the lights lowered Sota could see that instead of real wicks, only flickering fluorescent bulbs were present. Madam Hayashi saw his gaze and smiled, “Fire codes, no open flames indoors,” she explained.

“Sota,” Julia frowned, “Is this woman wich?”

“Er, kind of,” Sota said.

Julia was barely able to fit in the small room, her elbows bumping the wall and her head tapping the ceiling if she sat upright. With a scowl she simply scooted closer to the table, lifting Sota up bodily and placing him in her lap.

“Hey!” he protested, but she silenced his complaints with a giggle, simply hugging him closer. Her massive breasts rested on his head, threatening to smother him as he struggled to lean forward and talk to the psychic.

“Ah, obviously you wish to know when you and this fine foreign girl will be married?” Madam Hayashi smirked.

“No!” Sota said, chewing his lip and hoping Julia didn’t understand the words, “I need to know if I have any… Ghosts, I guess? Or maybe if I’m being cursed or something?”

“Curses are quite horrifick!” Julia gasped, “Sota, do you think a Curse maid you short?”

“Hmmm…” Madam Hayashi hummed to herself, reaching out to touch his head. “I sense… confusion!”

“Wow, your powers astound me,” he said flatly.

“Why thank you,” she beamed, missing the sarcasm, “Now… You find yourself out of place, you feel that perhaps things are… amiss?”

Sota almost leapt up out of Julia’s grip, “Yes, exactly, is there a spirit or something that’s causing it!?”

“Yes, the spirit clouds your vision!” the medium cried, “it will make you confused, sluggish, and sexually impotent!”

Sota’s heart leapt into his threat, “Get rid of it now!”

The three faux candles on the medium’s head lit, and she hummed under her breath, reaching out to hold his hands. She slowly began chanting.

“Sota, I will not let the Damon take you!” Julia howled, hugging him close.

“Yes!” The medium howled, “hug him close, and chant the words to banish the dark spirit!” she began chanting, calling upon the spirits of her ancestors, “Join me!” she cried.

“The power of Christ Compels you!” Julia shouted in English, “The power of Christ compels you!”

Sota couldn’t understand the phrase, but each time Julia shouted it she hugged him tight, letting her massive breasts flop over his face, obscuring his vision. He tried to push them up, but they were like two heavy beanbag chairs, flopping down over him and easily overpowering his feeble resistance. The soft warmth slowly battered him into submission, burying him in titflesh as Julia and the medium’s voices rose in tempo, growing excited.

For Kami’s sake, just how BIG are these things? Sota pondered as Julia’s giant tits pressed down on his head.  H-cups? I-cups? J-cups even!?  They’re freakin’ HUGE!

“IT’S DONE!” the medium cried, releasing his hands and falling backwards with a gasp. “The spirit will trouble you no more!”

“MMFF!” Sota struggled to pull himself out from under Julia’s breasts, gasping for air a moment. He looked back at the still towering American girl, and scowled. “It didn’t work, she’s still big!”

The medium blinked, confused, “Of course my dear, she’s a volleyball player, they’re all very tall.”

Sota stared at her a moment, then collapsed back against Julia, “Yeah, I guess,” he said in a defeated tone.”

“Thank you for banushing the foul spearit!” Julia said with a smile.

“It is my duty as one with the gift,” Madam Hayashi said, “that will be five thousand yen!”

“Five thousand yen!?” Sota barked in surprise.

“A small price to pay for a ghost free home,” She said with a nod, “tell your friends about me!”

Later, after returning from the store, Sota lay on his cot, staring at the ceiling in frustration.

Nobody seems to have any answers, he thought miserably.

There was a knock at his door, “Come in!” he called.

Kaoru entered slowly, glancing down at him with a frown, “Sota, you’ve been acting strangely all day, Julia said you went to see a psychic? That’s not like you at all!” The ground shook a little as his massive sister flopped to the ground next to his bed, “Do you need to talk about something?”

You’re only supposed to be six foot ten! He thought wildly, “N-No,” he stammered, “I’m just tired is all.”

Kaoru sighed, “Fine Sota, I get that there are things you don’t want to talk to your sister about, but you do need to talk to someone. Between all of us girls we know a lot, so one of us has to have the answer you’re looking for, you can tell us anything, you know that, right?”

Sota chewed his lip, “Yeah, thanks.”

Kaoru got up, leaving him alone with his thoughts, This is a pretty weird problem, only someone really outside the box would even understand it… His eyes lit up; he suddenly knew who to ask.

“Sota!” Sakura said excitedly, putting the manga volume she was reading down as he entered the room, “what can I help you with?”

“You read a lot of science fiction and stuff, right?” Sota asked, walking up to her bed. He looked at the height and then kicked his leg up, trying to climb in. Sakura’s hands came down, scooping him up and lifting him up next to her on the mattress. “Thanks,” he muttered, looking at his legs dangling over the side.

“I do read a lot of speculative fiction,” Sakura said, adjusting her glasses, “manga, novels, even a few western comics, why do you ask?”

Sota chewed his lip, thinking over his question carefully, “So as a hypothetical, if a character in a manga I was reading woke up one day, and the world was radically different in some way, and he’s the only one who remembers it being another way, what should he do?”

“Hmm…” Sakura mused, “was he hit by the isekai truck perhaps?”

“No, I didn’t get hit by any trucks,” Sota said without thinking, “I mean… he didn’t get hit by any trucks.”

Sakura raised an eyebrow, “this hypothetical character, what exactly does he remember being different?”

Sota gulped, taking a chance, “He remembers his friends, who are all very tall, being shorter, much closer to his own size.”

Sakura stared for a moment, then giggled, “Well, that would be quite the shock for him, especially if he was already a shortcake to begin with.”

Sota growled, “Watch it!”

“Sorry,” she smirked. “I guess if he can’t figure out any obvious source of change, and the change isn’t bad, he should just kind of… live it?”

“Live it?” Sota asked.

Sakura shrugged, “Lots of genre fiction just doesn’t explain the circumstances the characters are in, for example Junji Ito often simply leaves presents the scenario, and the characters must simply go through it, there is no answer, sometimes the mystery box is just empty.”

“Doesn’t that guy draw the really messed up horror manga?” Sota asked uneasily, “I don’t know if I want to be- I mean if the character would want to be in one of his stories.”

“It’s just an example,” Sakura shrugged, “but my point is, maybe spend less time asking questions and more time exploring it?” She looked down at him, a suddenly lustful look coming over her face, “who knows? You might have fun.”

“Huh, maybe you’re right,” Sota said with a smile. He slid off the bed, grunting at the longer than expected drop. “Thanks!” he said, walking back into the hallway.

Explore it, he thought. I guess it would definitely be different to be with a girl that size… It was already pretty intense being with them at their old heights. He gulped as he realized that his cock, which he’d already been self-conscious about, was now half as big relative to the girls. Would they even feel me? he wondered.

He felt the urge to use the restroom, and stopped on his way back to his room. He locked the door behind him, slowly unzipping his fly. He froze as his hand gripped his manhood. He gripped it again, letting his hand slide up and down the length to make sure he wasn’t imagining it. Finally, he looked down, fighting to keep a grin off his face.

IT’S TWICE AS BIG! Is this what it feels like to be John Holmes? He thought wildly. He fought a laugh of joy, Whatever grew the girls decided to give me at least one thing! He chuckled to himself, Okay girls, maybe I can handle you after all!

Ayano moaned to herself, her hand down the front of her shorts as the flickering light from the pornographic film lit up her bedroom. She had her headphones on, completely absorbed in the dirty movie as the main character, a rugged and muscular looking man, pinned the squealing blonde to the bedspread.

“Yes!” she drooled, leaning forward just as he was about to go in.

The video froze, and a swirling circle appeared in the middle, “W-Wha?” she looked down in the corner of her screen, “No Network Available!?” Ayano felt the lust burning between her loins and mewled in frustration.

“Hey, the internet’s out!” Kaoru called.

Ayano hastily stumbled out of her room, “SOTA!” she cried.

He was in the living room, already on his phone as the other girls crowded around him, “Uh huh,” he nodded, “Okay, thanks.” He ended the call and shrugged, “Sorry girls, but they’re doing maintenance, it’s going to be down for about an hour.”

AN HOUR!? Ayano thought desperately, “S-Sota, that’s too long, I need to finish-“ she thought for a moment, realizing what she just said, “my homework, it’s got to be submitted online!”

Kyouka sniffed the air and then glanced at Ayano’s still damp fingertips, “Oh yeah, you’re working hard on a big assignment all right.”

Ayano flushed, but just glanced at Sota desperately. The other girls were already heading back to their rooms, muttering about catching up on their reading or taking a shower while the internet was out. Sota brought up the rear, and Ayano bit her lip as she reached down, laying a massive hand on his shoulder.

“S-Sota,” she whispered, “I’m uh… really worked up, I don’t think I can wait an hour!”

Sota gulped, looking up at her, “So you want to-“ he didn’t have a chance to finish, the towering volleyball player picked him up, lifting from under his arms like he was a stuffed animal as she all but ran through the dorm to her room.

“AH!” Sota shouted in surprise as she threw him through the air onto her bed, where he landed with a grunt. He winced as she slammed her door shut, turning the lock and whirling around with an almost animalistic grin on her face.

Sota’s mind raced, she’s huge, she’ll break you in two! She advanced on the bed, looming over him and tossing her shirt off. He quickly began fumbling with his own pants, barely having time to unbuckle them before Ayano’s hand gripped the leg, pulling them off with enough force that they flew against the wall. He moved for his boxers, but with a growl the amazon gripped the waistband, tearing them off with a loud rip.

I’ve never seen her this worked up, Sota panicked.

“You like these?” She grinned, unclasping her bra and letting it fall, freeing the twin orbs of her breasts to bounce up and down before him. She didn’t wait for an answer, climbing on the bed and leaning over him. She reached down, grabbing his hand and pulling it up to her chest, clasping to over the top and rubbing his open palm over her erect nipple. “Oh yeah,” she groaned, “play with them Sota!”

They’ve got to be at least an H-Cup, he thought in wonder. He reached up, slowly squeezing the soft flesh, letting his palms race over them, eager to feel every inch. Licking his lips he brought his fingertips to the top, letting his thumbs trace over her nipples in a motion that caused her to gasp in excitement.

She collapsed on top of him suddenly, her immense chest coming down on him like an avalanche, burying him in the warm and heavenly embrace of her breasts. The soft feminine scent of Ayano’s fruity body wash filled his nose, and he felt woozy as his head was swallowed up, trapping him there until the towering volleyballer felt ready to release him.

“Oh… yes,” she sighed, hefting herself up. She giggled as she saw Sota’s dreamy smile, “Enjoying yourself?”

“It’s so cold out here,” he complained, “put me back in your boobies…”

Ayano laughed, “I can’t wait any longer, sorry!”

Sato gulped as the mountain of a woman lifted herself up, angling herself over his own prodigious and proudly erect manhood. She drove herself down, her wetness allowing her to slide over him easily as she took his entire length in one quick thrust.

Sato winced at the increasing pressure as Ayano began to ride him, pressing him hard into the mattress as her momentum rocked his body.

My cock might be twice as big, he thought wildly, but I’m not!

Soon it didn’t matter, and whatever pain he felt from the crushing pressure of the giant girl was drowned out by the hammering blows of pleasure she was raining down on him with each up and down motion. His head lolled back, and he groaned, slapping his hands across her massive thighs.

“Yes!” Ayano cried, closing her eyes and giving in to her lust. Her pace increased, and Sota’s eyes went wide as her thrusts hit him with the force of a heavyweight boxer.

“A-Ayano!” he wheezed, feeling the wind getting knocked out of him as they neared climax.

“Just a little longer!” she pleaded, slamming her hips into his like a wrecking ball.

“I-I can’t last!” he wheezed.

“CUM!” she cried, crying out and spasming as her climax hit.

Sota bucked his hips as he sprayed his seed upwards, groaning loudly as he met the immovable wall of Ayano, pinning him in place. He fought anyway, struggling to thrust further into her as the powerful orgasm consumed his thoughts.

Finally, he collapsed against the bed, sweaty, beaten, probably bruised, but very satisfied. A dumb grin came over his face as Ayano finally climbed off of him, panting as she looked at his fading erection with a smile.

“Wow, that was great Sota, I can always count on you if I’ve got that certain itch,” she winked at him as she started getting dressed.

“Hey, do you want to lay in bed for a while?” he asked hopefully.

“Oh,” Ayano said awkwardly as she handed him his pants, “I really do have a lot of homework to do, sorry!” A moment later he was dressed and gently being pushed out of her room, “Thanks again!” she beamed, closing the door behind him.

Well, that part’s the same, he thought, a little annoyed. Ayano just doesn’t like attachments, no matter what size she is.

“Did you help Ayano ‘finish’ with her homework? ” Kaoru asked as he walked into the living room. There was a hint of jealousy in her voice, but Sota was too tired to care as he trudged towards the refrigerator.

“Yeah, some of those math problems must have been real screamers,” Sakura taunted from the couch.

“They sure were,” he chuckled, grabbing himself a soda. He popped it open, sipping it slowly while he thought of what to do next. He glanced at the towering girls in the living room, who had gone back to their television show.

I guess this is my life, he thought, wincing as the soreness from the lovemaking session hit, for now anyways… His mind started to wander, thinking over what bedding the other girls would be like at their new dimensions. He finished his soda and crumpled the can, dropping it into the recycle bin. I’d better start buying energy drinks or something…

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading! This is a commissioned story for Jim1989, the expected release schedule for new parts is weekly.

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