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Author's Chapter Notes:

Inspired by this wonderful picture by the amazing YoHomeboyRaps! https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/90907451

              Ichibe leaned back in his chair, flipping through the stack of paperwork on his table. Sent from the home office to act as a regional vice president for Seijou North America, the middle-aged manager knew he had a lot of work in order to properly settle into his new position. With a frustrated sigh, he poured over the pile of documents before him, rubbing his temple as he tried to make sense of the obfuscated mess his predecessor left for him.


              “Alright boss! I organized your calendar, processed the backlog of emails and ordered you a new coffee machine!” A booming voice snapped him out of his concentration. Looking up, the curvaceous body of an auburn-haired young woman filled the sky above the walls of his little office, her billboard-sized smile lighting up her face.


              “Ah, thank you Rachel.” Ichibe acknowledged the building-sized girl above him with a neutral expression before returning to his computer. He knew how mixed-size Seijou’s North American office was, but he still couldn’t get over having a human secretary. The gigantic woman seemed friendly, and he appreciated having her around, but her bubbly, excitable nature began to feel overwhelming at times to the serious, focused tiny.


              Rachel pouted before looking back down at the tiny cubicle. It was an interesting solution to converting the human-sized office for use by a tiny to say the least. Eight-inch walls formed a miniature office in the center of the room, resting atop a pedestal. Rachel’s desk sat next to the pedestal, and the lack of a roof meant that she could communicate easily with her tiny boss. It even featured an elevator that carried him to the floor, which was complemented with a tiny elevator on the wall that takes him back to the tiny deck.


              In stark contrast to the tiny’s cold demeanor, Rachel was secretly over the moon. A human secretary and her cute tiny boss seemed straight out of her fantasies and here she was living out her dreams. Even glancing over at the miniature person typing away at his keyboard or sorting paperwork sent her heart fluttering. Despite her excitement, she still had one hurdle remaining to create the office life she dreamed about.


              “How the hell do I make him notice me?” She pondered as she watched him hard at work, nose deep in some spreadsheet. No matter what she tried from books and articles online, she just couldn’t get the little guy to look at her properly. Clearly “The Ultimate Guide to Tiny Relations” was missing a few pages.


              Ichibe, meanwhile, was in hell. His predecessor left him neck deep in unfinished business that now fell on him to parse. He grumbled as he finished another budgetary report, salvaging it from the disaster the last guy left it in. With a sigh, he sent the file off to Japan and set upon his next task, the strategy reports. Despite how frustrating the paperwork seemed to him; it was far from his biggest concern. His train of thought promptly derailed as Rachel began to hum to herself.




              Despite his cold demeanor towards the girl, he truly did appreciate her. She was the only one who was able to help him parse through his predecessor’s notes and files, and made his transfer go from a living nightmare to merely a somewhat frustrating endeavor. Her dutiful efforts helped him transfer from his prior job to this place. However, he couldn’t get over how extra he felt she could be. How she loomed over his office without a care, and how she didn’t even seem to notice how her… assets loomed over him so much.


              He drew a sharp breath as he heard her chair rolling back.


              Rachel stood up and stretched, before picking up her pen and clipboard to set her plan into motion. With slow, deliberate steps, she walked around the office, eyeing the tiny man as she brushed past the stand that held his workspace. Coming to a stop, she lifted her pen to write, lightly gripping it before letting it tumble from her fingers, sending the pen clattering to the ground. The clink of the pen attracted Ichibe’s attention, and he idly looked up before resuming his work.


              “Whoops! There goes my pen! Gosh I am so clumsy today!” Rachel exclaimed before bending over to pick it up, deliberately sticking out her ass over the stand. Down below, Ichibe’s office suddenly became dark, and the tiny looked up, only to immediately avert his eyes. He knew Rachel was a curvy girl, hell, it was one of the things he liked about her appearance, but in this position, her ass loomed over his office like the moon, blocking out the light beneath it as if it was an eclipse. As her thighs rested on one of the walls, he realized how easy it would be for her to sit down on the stand. If she did so, there was no way he could stop her meteoric ass from crushing everything beneath it, including himself. Ichibe nervously looked back up at the vast mountain looming overhead. Her pantyhose desperately strained against her ass; clearly outlining panties large enough to cover his house pressed against her tight skirt. The wall began to creak under the strain, threatening to snap and obliterate him in ass.


              “Rachel!” Ichibe exclaimed, hearing the walls creak under her weight. Despite his terror, she did have a fantastic ass, and he found himself staring into the monumental rear above him.


              Rachel knew this, and as she fished her pen from the ground, she gave her butt a wiggle before lifting off of the miniature office.


              “Sorry about that boss! I hope you at least liked the show.” She quipped, before returning to her desk with a cheerful clip.


              Ichibe sat and pondered what had just happened. The images of her ass, her cheeky smile and playful demeanor circled through his mind. Over the past few weeks, he had gone from being annoyed by the huge girl, to almost enjoying her company.


              “Hey, Rachel…” Ichibe spoke.


              “Hmm? How can I help, boss?”


              “I don’t know if I’ve said this to you since we started working together, but thank you, seriously, for everything you’ve done. You have been a major help in the transition, and I think that we make a good team.”


              Rachel was over the moon and struggled to contain her excitement. Thankfully, the walls of his office kept him from seeing her silent celebration. Calming herself, she replied.

              “Thank you, sir, I’m just doing my best.”

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