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Author's Chapter Notes:

             “So that’s the history of Seijou General Trading, founded in 1887 in Yokohama to capitalize on the textile trade from China, broken up in 1947 by the US occupation as a zaibatsu, and on to today where we’re a globally recognized leader in materials trade and distribution across the world.” The sole member of the audience politely clapped as the older man finished his speech.


              “So, with that, it’s now time to give you the grand tour, follow me, Jeremy!” The older man rose from his seat and beckoned the young man to the door. To the young man’s shock, outside the small office was an unimaginably vast room filled with enormous cubicles. Skyscraper-sized women milled around, chatted, and worked in the office space that filled the vast space. One woman sitting at the desk shot Jeremy a knowing smile before returning to her computer, giggling as she typed.


              “As you know, Seijou America’s offices are all mixed size, so us tinies have plenty of opportunities within the company. During your internship, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to experience a wide range of different jobs and tasks with us, from simple data processing and purchasing to more complicated matters like demand forecasting and I’ll speak with the big boss about getting you some managerial experience too. You’re a BusAdmin major, right?”


              “Mhm,” Jeremy nodded affirmatively.


              “Good, so hopefully you’ve-” A rush of air cut him off as their view of the office was replaced with a chasm-like cleavage perfectly framed by the white undershirt of an office lady’s pantsuit. Looking up, Jeremy staggered back instinctively at the gargantuan woman’s beaming smile, which blocked out the lights above and cast the two in shadow.


              “Good morning, Cindy!” The older man smiled back, unmoved by the building sized woman looming over the two of them.


              “Alfred! Good to see you again! How’s the family? I see you brought a new little friend with you! What’s the name of this little cutie?”


              “J…Jeremy,” he replied, shuddering as he could’ve sworn he saw her lick her lips.


              “It’s nice to meet you, Jeremy! I hope we get along well.” She cooed, eyeing the new tiny boy right in front of her.


              Suddenly, Alfred’s phone buzzed. Checking it, he exclaimed, “Oh, I forgot I had a meeting. I was going to tell you this later, but Cindy here will be your mentor during the internship, she works in the same department as me and will be the best person to speak to in your tasks. Cindy, could you be a dear and give him the grand tour?”


              The enormous woman’s face lit up with excitement. “I’d love to show this little cutie around! Come here lil guy!”


              “Alright, I got the perfect place for you!” She cheered before reaching to grab him. Before he could even protest, Jeremy’s world became a blur as her fingers pinched down on his waist and effortlessly lifted away from the safety of the walkway. As a tiny, he had been picked up by giants before sure, but the rushed nature of her grab easily surpassed even the most powerful roller coaster he had been on in intensity. His world, and stomach, settled down between her ample bosom as Cindy tucked the tiny guy into her cleavage.


              “Gotta have my hands free, hope you don’t mind lil dude. Thank you, Alfred!”


              “Just show him around and get him acclimated to the office and our coworkers. I’ll see you around Cindy!”


              “Wait, sir!” Jeremy called out, but Alfred and Cindy simply exchanged friendly smiles and his one tiny friend casually walked off to his meeting. The reality of his situation sank in as his face turned red. Sure, he had seen this scenario before online, but the real sensation was unlike anything he could’ve imagined. Her soft breasts completely overwhelmed him, holding him in place like a tight, warm hug, punctuated by the gentle rumbling of a heartbeat through the pliant flesh.


              “Alright let’s go!” Cindy sauntered down the hall. Her breasts shook like an earthquake with each step, jostling Jeremy across the plush surface.


              “So, these are the human cubicles, most of us here work in purchasing, management, and sales. My boss Anna, who’s over there, and I handle procurement for North America. Marketing is down the hall and there’s other positions all over the place. HR is in building 4, which also has the cafeteria, though many of us go out for lunch instead. You should join us later today!” Cindy’s eyes sparkled looking down at him expectantly.


Jeremy sighed. “Guess you don’t leave me much choice. It’d be good to meet some of my coworkers. By the way, what do the other tinies do?”


“Support, data processing, accounting, and there’s plenty of overlap with what we do. I have two tinies who work for me, but they work from home, so I never get to see them.” She frowned as she relayed the last part. “Anyway, onto the next room!”


Jeremy quickly forgot he was even in a girl’s cleavage as the two talked about their work. To his relief, he began to figure that maybe her intimidating aura was misinterpreted. Even his embarrassment regarding her cleavage seemed to fade as he grew more and more accustomed to talking to the huge woman.


“Oh Sasha! Come meet this little cutie!”


Jeremy’s eyes were wide open as he observed the scene before him. A tan woman, seemingly a few years younger had turned away from her desk to face Cindy. Looking at her fingertip, he was shocked to see a small figure pinned to the table against the tip, playfully squirming under the woman’s hand.


“I see you two are already well acquainted,” Sasha commented, leaning in close to take a peek at the figure.


Jeremy tried his best to bury himself in her chest as her face filled the sky. Large brown eyes observed his every move as she examined his form buried in her titflesh. In an attempt to be friendly, he returned her gaze with a nervous smile and wave.

              “You’re lucky, little guy, Cindy is a great woman. She’s always nice to her tiny pets.” Sasha boomed, letting her words wash over the tiny.


“S…so, what does your tiny friend do?” Jeremy stammered, trying to change the conversation.


“He works support for me,” she replied again in a monotone voice.


“Supports your arches nicely, right?” Cindy quipped, and the two women chuckled.


“He does feel good down there I will admit.” Jeremy could only shudder, imagining himself in such a hellish space.


“Don’t worry little guy! I won’t put you in my shoes!” Cindy’s words were of little comfort as his nerves spiked.

              “I’ll leave you two to get back to it!” Sasha commented, returning her focus back on the tiny under her fingertip.


“That’s Sasha!” Cindy commented cheerfully as she walked off, “She’s a little stern but she’s a nice person deep down.”


After a few more minutes of tour, Cindy arrived at a small office, flicking on the lights to reveal a cozy space, complete with tubes, ladders and elevators for a tiny to get around the comfortable space.


“And this is my office!”


“Ah, cool, so where is my cubicle? I assume in the tiny area.”


“Well… you did say that you were interested in purchasing, right?” Cindy looked down with a cheerful, knowing smile.


“I mean, that is what I put on my… Oh no.”

              “Your cubicle is right here! On my desk!” Cindy fished him from her breasts and sat him down before a small cubicle next to her enormous monitor. “You’re working for me! I’m glad to finally have a tiny guy on my team who I get to see every day!”

              Jeremy sighed, bracing for several months of her overwhelming teasing. As he stared up at his new boss, cheerfully humming to herself as she turned on her computer, a strange feeling of happiness began to replace his disdain. Sure, she teased him relentlessly, but in the time in her cleavage, he began to feel a sense of admiration for her. Not wanting to make her feel awkward in the silence, he spoke up.


“So, why aren’t there any tinies on the floor? I saw doors all over the office floor but there was nobody down there.”


“It’s much too dangerous to be exploring the floor, we don’t want to step on our coworkers, so we don’t like them walking around down there. Of course, if being stepped on is your thing, I may be able to oblige you.”


Jeremy brushed off the last comment, “So, what do you want me to do now, Miss Cindy?”


“How formal! Just call me Cindy, dear, and as for what you can do for me… I don’t really have anything for you right now so just sit there and look cute! I’ll come up with some use for you soon.”


“O…kay then.” Jeremy stared at his tiny monitor, mind already racing with what such a statement could mean. With a sigh, he looked over the papers already waiting for him. To his relief, she had made sure all his information was ready for him. Perhaps she wasn’t as bad as he thought, he mused as stared down at the paper, typing in the login provided to him.


“So… What do you think of big girls?” Jeremy’s focus was snapped as he turned to face his boss. The huge woman looked down at him expectantly, propping up her chest under her arms.


“That’s an… interesting question.” Jeremy froze as her face morphed into a disappointed frown. “I don’t mean it like that! I meant… I don’t know, I haven’t been with anyone, much less a giant… I mean… I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” Jeremy looked away in embarrassment.


“I’m glad to hear that.” Cindy’s face lit up in a bright smile! “I hope we can get along well together!”

“Same here.” Jeremy replied. At the very least, he knew his time at Seijou would be anything but boring.

Chapter End Notes:

First story, hope it went well!

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