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Author's Chapter Notes:
A new series to take a break from my previous one. I really do like the Swiftverse which a lot of us size enthusiasts took inspiration from. So here I present to you my take of it!

There is no island survival yet, just the introduction of the main trio.
Benn’s POV:

“I wouldn’t exactly call this an upgrade…” I sighed at the receptionist who was giving me an expression that was the opposite of the one in my face. I grunted as I tried to squeeze my large bag to try to fit it on the small box so I won’t have to pay extra to put my ONLY bag in the back to pay extra.

“An upgrade doesn’t always have to be more expensive sir, it’s an upgrade because you don’t have to pay baggage fees if you change your seat.” The receptionist beams at me watching my futile struggle of ramming my butt to get the bag to fit on the box.

“Oh no! That part’s great!” I sit down on my bag, taking a few seconds to catch my breath. “The fact that I’ll be sitting in the Brob cabin is the part that doesn’t sound like an upgrade! It’s cheaper because I’m paying with an increase in my mortality rate here!”

“While we admit that this is a new way for the company to introduce mixed race cabins, this has been in effect for a few months now with no recorded accidents!” The receptionist keeps his smile, but most importantly, his patience despite my attitude at the situation. “Of course, this is only a suggestion. We would gladly allow you your seat in the Lilly cabin, but I will have to ask for the Baggage fee.”

“No ‘recorded’ accidents.” I said, emphasising the second word. There was still quite a line formed up behind me, and all my ramblings must have been making me sound like a racist. But who cares? Better to be a live racist than a dead guy who saved a few more bucks on his flight. I stand up with a grunt and begin pulling out my bag that has gotten quite stuck in the box. “Yes! Please! Do that!”

I pull out my bag nearly stumbling backwards and falling on my ass.

“So, how much will it be?” I ask impatiently, putting my bag on the conveyor belt.

“That will be one thousand dollars, sir.”

It took a while for the number to register, but once it did, I dive bombed into the conveyor belt reaching for my bag before it could get out of reach. My stunt caused a lot of bags to fall to the floor and security to rush over to see what was happening.

“So… about that Brob cabin…”


Gail’s POV:

I’m too much in a daze to even describe my surroundings clearly right now. Just know that I’m in an airport with a lot of people passing by bumping on my shoulders scrambling to get their tickets or rushing to board their flights. A few of them gave some passing comments which I didn’t bother to listen to, they were probably yelling to watch where I was going. There was no need to tell me that however, I’m right where I want to be. But not exactly where I want to be. I just want to go home… Voices rang through my head as I mindlessly continued my shuffle in the white polished floors of the airport.

It will be great, they said. There’re a lot of opportunities here, they said. You’ve got a lot of potential, they said. You have a lot of potential, they said.

I grimaced which already made my haggard face with bagged eyes magnified by my glasses, face with no makeup, and dishevelled ponytail look even worse. I shook my head then slapped both my cheeks twice to pull myself together. Now’s not the time for sulking. That time is when I’m back at my Mom and Dad’s house with all the ice cream I can gorge all my problems away with. Just pretend everything’s alright for now and keep it in until after the flight’s over! Easy enough no? Just… forget about it!

“Bad day huh?” A quiet voice reached my ears which caused me to jolt up, finally pulling me out of my own world and into reality.

“Huh? Who said that?” I look all around me but just find people in my line, minding their own business waiting to be boarded up to the Brob plane.

“Whoa calm down. If you were any taller your ponytail would’ve whipped this platform sending it all the way to Lilliput.” Said a male voice which I now figured out to be coming from up above me, but it wasn’t from someone taller than me, in fact, it was from a Lilli. Someone who’s nearly a hundredth of my size.

His comment made me unconsciously grip the base of my ponytail. “Are you talking to me?” I asked before answering his question, I really did not want to be reminded of why I’m down in the dumps after I convinced myself with fictional ice cream.

“Yeah you. You bulldozed your way through here and proceeded to stare at the back of the guy in front of you for about a minute straight.” The Lilli said with both hands on the railing of the elevated platform where the other Lillis entered to board the plane. His other hand palm up so that his chin can rest on top of it. He didn’t look that much older than me, but there’s just something about him that shows he has had much more experience in life than me. “Coulda sworn I saw you drooling too.”

“It’s nothing you need to worry about.” I say looking away from him wiping the corner of my mouth with my long sleeves. “I’m just a little scared of flying, that’s all.” Not wanting to sound rude I lied instead.

“Hrm.” He hummed which was a sound that was barely audible to my ears. “It’s like I’m looking through a mirror when I’m looking at you. I know that face, and I know that it ain’t fear.” He slowly lifts his other hand to point at himself with his index finger “This is what fear looks like.”

My eyes twitch in annoyance at the man. He had the nerve to strike up the conversation just to tell me just to correct myself of my own feelings? Well… he’s right… But right or not, this conversation wasn’t something to be had with people who have just met each other. This small talk was about to turn into a heated argument as I turn to look up at him again but I stopped myself. The man wasn’t waiting in line like the other Lillies behind him, and just what exactly did he mean by ‘he was fear’?

“What do you mean?”

“Got myself a ticket to ride the Brob cabin.”

I gulp sympathising with him for a brief moment but it just turns to confusion. Why would anyone in their right mind, especially for a Lilli like him sign up for this death ride? They would have to pay for me to ride on the Brob cabin, and this guy just got himself a ticket out of his own volition. I guess the confusion was painted on my face because the man continued.

“It’s a lot cheaper than the original tiny ass seat I bought apparently. I’m not one of those weirdos who gets a kick out of being with those walking mountains.” He says with a long drawn out breath. After saying his piece he turns his head as a stewardess greets him and exchanges a few words in their own normal volume which my ears could not pick up anymore. “Welp. My ride’s here. The plane’s huge so we Lillies get to have a ride inside. Thanks for killing my time, and cheer up will you? I won’t be here no more to brighten up your day.”

With that, he left and I watched a group of Lillies fill up a capsule outside the window when their ride arrived. Their idea of a ride was one of the stewardesses my size picking up the capsule carrying the passengers towards the gargantuan plane which was too large to view from my window.

I rolled my eyes and finally could breathe normally when the conversation ended. I was left a bit annoyed by how the man spoke so bluntly but maybe he was right, for that brief interaction, I found myself forgetting about my teeny tiny troubles.


Lorraine’s POV:

“Mom! Mom! Look!” I point excitedly at the almost imperceptible dots in the distance climbing up a ramp leading up to the plane. I could barely contain my glee as I squealed at the thought of that small speck holding even smaller specks that were people. I shake my mom with one hand as I use one hand to block some of the glare the sun was beaming into my eyes through the window. My mom didn’t budge and she just kept herself busy with her phone. Despite looking very much like her on the outside, we did not share the same wonder when spotting the smaller races in public.

It’s not that my mother despises them, no! It’s just that she treats the Lillies and the Gullies like any other person. So to her, it’s probably like I’m telling her to gawk at a bunch of random people riding a bus while in my eyes, I was seeing the world’s last unicorn.

“It’s rude to stare, Rain…” She says without even taking her eyes off of her phone. “Get back in line or I’m going to let someone cut you.”
Still giddy with excitement I walked back to my position in front of my mother but I still kept looking out the window, standing on my tippy toes in case another Gulli carrying a bunch of Lillies boarded the plane. There weren’t a lot of people in the Brob waiting area. This plane was leaving Brobdingnag and was going to land somewhere in Gulliveria, so there wasn’t any reason for us Brobs to go to the smaller countries except to sightsee.

“Jeez, we aren’t even at Lilliput yet and you’re already this fired up?” My mom laughed, finally putting her phone away and grabbed me in a playful hug. “You do know you have to behave when visiting the Lilli cities right? They aren’t going to allow any little Brobs that would cause them accidents you know?”

“Of course! I can’t wait to see what Lilliput is really like!” I giggle back and put my hands on her arms that wrapped around me. “You underestimate me mom! I’ve done some prior research for this trip and I’ve already watched a Youtube video. It listed the top 10 things not to do in Lilliput as a Gulli or Brob tourist!” I say a bit proud of myself.

“Oh did you now? I haven’t done any research yet, care to give me a few of those tips?”

“Hmm… let’s see. I remember it’s recommended to avoid wearing sandals or flip flops when going near urban Lilli areas. While it’s more comfortable for us, I heard that the smell can be unbearable to the Lillis in the city. So we should wear some clean shoes when we’re walking near the cities.”

“Oh dear, I can’t even imagine what the Lilies would have to go through if you go to the tour wearing your flip flops.” said my mom who seemed amused by the idea “I had to endure you going home from gym class somedays and it can be a bit pungent, imagine if I was their size, it would be overpowering!

“Stop it mom! Oh I know another one! We give the Lillies any of our food, even if it’s just a crumb. Sometimes the crumbs are too big and the Lillies are going to need to carry them out with heavy duty equipment before they smell and rot… Also, we really shouldn’t touch any of the landscapes like mountains… We could destroy some long standing geographical landmarks.” I say putting my finger on my chin trying hard to remember the contents of that one 10-minute video I watched last night. “A few years ago, Lilliput’s 7th tallest mountain got demoted to be the 10th tallest because someone was tired and wanted to have a seat.”

“They… they sound so helpless and feeble with the smallest things we do… Why do you want to learn about them so much?” said my mom, her amusement fading into pity for the smaller ones.

“Isn’t it obvious?” I said, smiling wider for both of us. “It’s because they’re so weak that they’re so cool!”


Benn’s POV:
This was all getting out of hand. The amount of effort for just me to board the plane is the same amount of effort I would have taken to go from one end of Lilliput to the other. This one Brob airport took an entire journey to just get to my seat. After being carried by the Gulli stewardess, we were all placed in our own individual capsules, large that could house a Gulli if it was made for them, but it was made to be too big just so Brobs could handle us easily. Sure enough, my capsule was then carried by a Brob stewardess in a tray so she could bring us to our seats in the cabin.

The capsule was accommodating, it almost looked like a hotel suite sans the king sized bed. The walls were made of reinforced glass so we could see what was going on outside. I see that there weren’t a lot of us that agreed to ride with the Brobs, because I see only about 3 other capsules including mine in the tray carried by the titanic woman whose ample chest is looming above all of us. Despite the speed at which the stewardess was carrying us, we barely felt a shake as this capsule was in a gyroscope that adjusted with each earthshaking step she took.

Eventually, we lurch into a stop, and the room around me gets dark as the shadow of the lady’s hand envelopes my capsule to pick it up from my tray. The stewardess then lifts me up, gently placing me on a crater sized hole atop a structure where normal airplane seats would be.

“Here you are sir.” said the stewardess smiling at me from above “You will be sitting down with one of our kind. If you wish to speak to them or any of the staff, you have an earpiece at the armrest of your chair. If they have an earpiece on, they will be able to hear you. Is there anything you’d like before I go?”

Sure enough, I looked to my side and aside from one titanic stewardess, there was another mountain of a woman I had to look up to. She was beautiful and I got a good look at her skin as a near microscopic being, I saw faint wrinkles on her once smooth skin hinting this might have been a 30 something year old woman. She had blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. If this had been someone my size,I would have thought I hit the jackpot, but seeing as her shadow was enveloping me with miles to spare made me feel like I was being crushed with the weight of the world.

“Y-yes… Thank you very much.” I told the stewardess My calm and cool facade faltered in the shadow of these titans.

“Oh my…” The woman sitting beside me boomed while gazing at me with amusement while directing a question towards the stewardess “Is a Lilli or a Gulli inside there?”

“He’s a Lilly, ma’am. You may communicate with him through an earpiece at your armrest as well, but I will have to advise against physical contact with his capsule or anything around him for his safety.” said the stewardess

The woman beside me put an earpiece on her left ear. “Hello? Can you hear me?”

The capsule shakes with her thunderous voice rattling the insides dangerously before the mechanisms stabilized everything down. I had to grab onto my seat to even feel safe. Even though this was Lilliputian technology, it was still nothing compared to the raw power of a single Brob.

“I can hear you just fine without it. Maybe a little too fine.” I manage to quip up at her. “I think it’s so you can hear me, and not the other way around. Hi… Sorry you had to sit beside… this thing I’m on. I know you’d prefer someone your size.”

“Oh my! You sound like a rather young man! And don’t you worry about a thing dear. It’s my first time to be so close with your kind and to be communicating with them.” She smiles warmly at me. “Oh! I have someone here with me who would be delighted to meet someone of your kind.”

“Really? Well I don’t mi-” I began but before I could finish, the woman already called her over.

“Rain! Look who I have sitting beside me!”

I could not see who the woman called to, but I soon hear and feel massive footsteps coming close to where we are and eventually, I see an exact copy of the woman beside me, but she looked to be at least 20 years younger. Equally as beautiful with the same golden hair but in a much longer and straighter fashion reaching up to her lower back.

“Who?” said the young girl whose sonorous yet high pitched voice denotes someone to be in their early teenage years. She eyes the strange structure I was in beside her mother then slowly realizes. “Omigosh no way! You get to sit beside a Lilli?” Her colossal body moved in such speeds that made me shocked something this big could be so fast. One moment, she was miles away from my capsule, the next, she was merely hundreds of feet away from my windows, her breath fogging up the glass. Reinforced glass. I had to remind myself.

“Please… keep your distance away from the Lilli passengers.” The stewardess quickly reminds the excited teen who backed up a a few hundred feet away from me.
“MomcanyoupleaseswitchseatwithmepleaseIwon’taskforanythingeveragaininmylifeeverIswear!” She says really fast it was almost hard to follow, and almost deafening to the ears.

“I don’t know… we’ve already taken our seats…” The mother says looking over to the stewardess.

With the most forced smile I’ve seen the staff here do, she nods. “Just remember the rules I’ve said you can switch seats as long as it’s not mid flight.”

The plane hadn't even taken off yet, and my eardrums were already popping due to the young teen’s excited squeals. Here I thought that my flight would be a never ending barrage of questions from a Microphile.

Now I wish that was the case.
Chapter End Notes:
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