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It was just the three of them sitting in the otherwise empty tavern Sunday afternoon. First there was Ray. He was 5’3, had brown hair, and was generally plain in his appearance. What was unique about Ray was his secret fantasies. He wanted to be at the mercy of beautiful women, and he wanted to be treated poorly. He was an absolute masochist, and being on the shorter side only made him feel more inferior to tall women. Most of all, he had a thing for saliva. A most unusual kink, but the idea of being coated in the spit of gorgeous women was a dream come true for him.


Sitting on Ray’s left was Taryn. She was a tomboy type and really into every kind of sport; gymnastics, swimming, weightlifting. Taryn would even take up Scottish caber tossing if it was practical. Her fitness clearly had a great impact on her appearance, keeping her looking even more beautiful than most of the other girls the two of them went to college with. She was 5’8 and had shoulder length black hair. More noticeable was Taryn’s wide ass, which wouldn’t have been possible if not for hours of squatting heavy weights. Despite her beauty however, Taryn had other habits that many found to be unsavory. She had a tendency to bite her nails under tension, she would pick her nose (and secretly eat it when she knew that nobody was looking), and even dipped her fingers under her armpits to sample to smell of her salty sweat. Ray wasn’t inclined to admit it to her face, but this only made Taryn more attractive to him. To make Taryn appear just a little more gross, her breath wasn’t the most pleasant. She loved rich flavors in her food and was always trying exotic dishes heavily laden with spices. Even now she was eating a Moroccan style lamb burger with a vinegary chutney. The food made Taryn’s breath extra smelly, with hints of garlic and paprika. This never stopped Ray taking secret whiffs now and again.


On Ray’s right was Abbie. In many ways she was Taryn’s opposite. A very meek girl with a hidden wild side that rarely ever came to the surface. Even Taryn and Ray, who she considered to be her best friends, rarely saw that side of her if there weren’t abnormal circumstances. Everything else about her was otherwise generic for the nerd type. She loved League of Leagues, Call of Duty, Naruto, One Piece, and countless other multiplayer games and anime series. Abbie stood at 5’7, also taller than Ray, had long red hair usually tied into a ponytail, and an average figure. What stood out most were her breasts. Abbie could have passed for a stereotypical busty bimbo if she wore more revealing clothing and laid down her makeup more heavily. Ironic that deep down inside there was something even freakier than what you’d expect in a woman of that appearance. All Abbie needed now was an excuse to let loose and show off who she really was again.


The three friends were several drinks into their session and the topic of sex came up. Neither Abbie nor Ray had anything to report, but Taryn wasn’t sparing a single detail on her latest erotic adventure.  

“You wouldn’t believe this guy. It was fucking great,” she said, “he was only like 5’5 and a total submissive. I had him under my thumb. I got on top of him and grinded all over his crotch and held him down by the shoulders. He gave me all the power. He was loving it more than I was! Gosh, I wish I could have that more often. Most of the guys I hook up with wanna be the on in control, making demands of me and all that.”

Listening to this really turned Ray on. Taryn was effectively a platonic friend only by this point, but he couldn’t deny how attractive he found it. The story had him mentally placing himself beneath Taryn as she rode him, barked orders at him, called him humiliating names. What aroused him even more was thinking about Taryn spitting all over him, a big ball of spit hitting him with every downward thrust on his cock.


Given that he was approaching inebriation himself, Ray brought up his own desires.

“I won’t lie, I’m pretty envious of that guy, Taryn.”

His forwardness took both Taryn and Abbie by surprise, their eyes were now stuck to him as he continued.

“Yeah. I admit it, I’m a masochist. I love the idea of being submissive. I wanna be at the mercy of beautiful women. I’d even like to be a few inches tall and dominated and spat on… by you two even.”

Ray’s last couple of words awoke something in Abbie. As Ray continued sharing all that he was into, she took down mental notes galore. She had an exciting plan and needed to speak with Taryn alone when their drinking night was over.

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