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Story Notes:

Anyone reading, please feel free to make use of this setting or idea yourself. Keep writing! Just mention me if you do so, please.

I am also including any tag I think may come up, and will try to update if that changes.

 Sierra came with a shudder, her toes curling against the carpet at her computer chair. Every time she started to come down she looked at the action on the monitor and her vibrator twitched perfectly once more. She’d quit counting after two and simply let herself ride the waves of her orgasm, periodically switching videos until she found the perfect one.

The perfect one at the moment involved two brunettes playing with a dwindling crowd of tinies who had been dropped into a large bowl. They’d begun with twelve and Sierra had been salivating before they even started. By the time long tongue-heavy kisses were making the little people vanish she was already well on her way to her first orgasm.

Now that the bowl was empty, the pair smiled and waved at the camera as the video faded to black and the video halted entirely.

“Guess that’s my cue too,” Sierra said to the almost empty room.

With a groan she slipped her favorite vibrator from her pussy. The shrunken girl screamed with a surprising amount of energy considering the amount of work she’d just done. As a former collegiate sprinter she had great stamina, which Sierra hadn’t considered when she’d shrunk her, but greatly appreciated multiple times a day.

Sierra didn’t bother to clean the vibrator before she dropped it into her bottom desk drawer. The screaming stopped when she slid it shut and Sierra had barely even noticed it in the first place. Who pays attention to their toys like that anyway?

“Wish I had the guts to make my own videos like these,” she muttered as she looked at the suggested videos on the sidebar of her browser.

Titles like ‘Exxxtreme deepthroat!,’ ‘Backdoor Party for Eight!,’ and ‘Confused new tiny never sees daylight again!’ all seemed like great options for her next masturbation session in a couple of hours. She didn’t have any plans on this particularly Saturday.

Until the banner ads at the top of her favorite website shifted to encourage her to check out OnlyFans.

And an idea clicked in her head.

Three hours later she was sitting down to dinner with her friend David.

“So,” she said nervously as she picked at her pasta, “I have an idea.”

David leaned back and looked at Sierra. He towered over her at more than six-foot tall, and no one ever suspected that his well muscled form actually hid the mind of a nerd. A nerd with a very specific skillset.

And everyone suspected that he was in love with Sierra. He knew he was deep in the friendzone and had thoroughly convinced himself this was fine. For now. That she’d eventually see who he was on the inside.

“And that makes me nervous,” he said slowly, “I’m guessing you need my help with something?”

“I do, but I think you’re gonna like it.”

Here she paused. She thought her idea was great. She had done what research she knew to do. And she was fine with most of what she thought she was getting into. But to say it out loud to her mostly straight-and-narrow friend was another thing entirely.

David knew the look and headed her off before she could go into an adorable period of inability to speak.

“Stick to the big parts,” he told her.

“Uh, well, you watch porn, right?”

David raised an eyebrow but nodded.

“And you know about OnlyCheers, right?”

He nodded again.

She wants to start her own OnlyCheers? She’s gonna be a millionaire in a month, he thought.

“Well I want to start my own thing, but with shrinkies.”

David paused for a moment.

“You know tiny porn is a thing already, right?” He declined to say just how much of it he watched.

“I know, I know,” she said, turning a little red, “And I’m actually a huge fan, but it’s all amateur stuff out there! Randoms with a camera on their phone, terrible angles, even worse audio! Tinies they just found and started using!”

“Well you make a good point there, but it’s not that simple,” David responded, leaning forward, “Shrinking is too random and unless you’ve got a shrink ray hidden somewhere-”

“Pretend I do,” Sierra broke in excitedly, leaning forward and coming almost too close to David’s face, “Let’s say we didn’t have to worry about supply. And I actually want to be shrunk for most of this too-”

David made a surprised face; the tinies in his favorite porn almost never survived their first appearance.

“No no!” she said, “Not like that! We do a script, I’ll be toughened, we-”

“I want thirty percent,” David said.

“Ten!” she shot back. “And you don’t even know what I want you involved for!”

Five minutes later they settled on terms they could both agree on.

“I’ll start putting together a site and figure out the logistics,” David said, “But you’re sure we can do this shrinking thing safely? For you obviously, not the other….actresses.”

“Of course!” Sierra said ecstatically, “We’ll just ignore those details and not really talk about them.”

Both Sierra and David paused for a moment before looking toward you, the reader, in a fourth-wall shattering moment.

“Don’t think about it too much,” they both said simultaneously, “Just enjoy it.”

Then they seemed to ‘snap’ back to their regular selves, with no knowledge of what they’d just done or said.

“I’ll pick up the check,” Sierra said as she held her hand up for the waitress, “See you soon!”


Sitting at his desk in his two-bedroom apartment, David leaned back and looked at the finished product. It had taken less time than he’d expected to film their first video but he knew it was about as simple as it could get. Editing and working out the perspective, video angles, filters, that had all taken time. Luckily he didn’t need a roommate and his second bedroom was essentially a fully functioning tech lab almost wall-to-wall with gadgets and electronics.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” he said with a smile.

He’d never admit it to himself but he was actually incredibly conflicted. On one hand, he was head over heels for Sierra, and going into this business with her felt like throwing away any possibility of legitimately being with her. On the other hand, those possibilities didn’t actually exist and he was getting to live his fetish through the girl he’d been crushing on for years.

“Now don’t mind if I do,” he said as he freed his member from his pants and sat back to watch his finished video. Just because he’d helped film the video and essentially made it himself didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy it.

On screen Sierra was sitting at a desk, leaning forward and looking directly into the camera. The astute watcher would see that the proportions for everything didn’t seem quite right. In the distance and carefully out of focus was a door and a wall decorated with ribbons and band posters.

Sierra wore a bright pink outfit that would have seemed more at home on a doll. Because that’s where it came from. And if the desk didn’t seem quite right, that’s because it was made of plastic; from the side the camera was watching from it wasn’t obvious that the drawers wouldn’t actually open.

“Hi everyone!” Sierra said with a giggle. Her long blonde hair was in pigtails and she’d done her makeup to give her pale complexion a little more flush. She waved to the camera happily.

“I want to welcome you all to my show! Not that long ago I had a great idea.”

She stood and gave the camera a little twirl.

“I love love love certain adult videos, and I know you do too!” She gave the camera a playful wink.

“And I realized that if no one was going to make really high quality content, it would have to be me!”

The camera zoomed back, slowly, as she stepped to the side of the desk.

“And if I was going to do my own content, then everyone should have a place to do it too!”

She began twisting and turning slowly in a sensual dance that would have worked better if her outfit hadn’t been made of doll’s clothes.

“So I’m making my own hosting site, specifically for us to make our own great content.”

Sierra reached behind her back and pulled the velcro that held her dress together at the shoulders. It pulled easily (this transition had taken five tries to get right), and she let it slip around her shoulders, not quite showing her breasts.

“I hope you like it! Because I have a lot of really fun ideas.”

The dress slipped over her shoulders and fell to the ground.

“Damn she’s hot,” David whispered as he stroked himself. His part in the video had been easy.

The camera kept zooming out until Sierra’s naked body was completely visible. She was shaved bare, had a tone runner’s body, and was a walking wet dream. In short she looked exactly like David had dreamed. Just not in this specific context.

“So if you make tiny related content,” she continued saying as she walked toward the camera, which moved with her and made it more and more obvious that she was only two inches tall, “Whether it’s porn – my personal favorite – a cooking show, or just some good old-fashioned tiny smushing, if you’re ready to take the next step and turn your content into a new venture, then OnlyShrinks is for you!”

Sierra finished her obvious sales pitch by pointing into the camera and smiling. She’d finished her walk next to a strategically placed crayon on purpose; it highlighted how small she was.

“And this is for you!” a man’s voice said to the side of the camera.

“What?” Sierra asked in a terrible fake-acting voice, looking to her right suddenly.

The camera zoomed out a little more, revealing a massive penis had been just out of the frame, and from the way it was bouncing it was obvious its owner, David, was stroking it furiously.

“No, wait, we’re not makng content yet!” she shouted, doing her best to act surprised and horrified, “This is just an intro video and not a-!”

David’s cock exploded, hitting Sierra in the face with a shot of semen hard enough to knock her on her back. A second shot pinned her down further with hot seed, then a third and a fourth, until she was almost completely covered with jizz.

In the real world, watching, David came as he watched her get drenched. He’d saved up for several days for that money shot.

On screen Sierra pulled herself free of the goo she’d been drenched in, and the camera shifted to focus on her face as she tried to wipe off enough semen to be able to speak.

When she finally made it happen she looked into the camera and said: “Don’t forget to subscribe!”


That evening David uploaded the video to the new domain he’d purchased, OnlyShrinks.com, and crossed his fingers that Sierra’s idea worked out. If nothing else, he knew he’d enjoy making a few videos with her but if she was correct then they’d both be on their way to an early retirement.

The following morning he got a text from Sierra: I luv the site! Any updates yet?

He could only tell her no, and held himself back from mentioning marketing costs and advertising.

Ten minutes later when he checked the site, three people had visited.

That evening it was fifty, with two subscribers.

“Twenty dollars a month,” he said wryly, “I hope we can do better than that.”

By the next morning they were up to twelve subscribers, then forty-one by lunch. And there was a new application for a content creator. The first of hopefully hundreds.

David called Sierra when he realized their website came up in the top fifty search option in a search for ‘tiny porn.’

“We really need to get on our next video,” he told her as he looked at their list of brainstormed options, “I say we go with sneak-and-grab number one, it should be quick and let us get another video out pretty fast. Gotta keep people interested.”

Sierra made an affirming noise and David could hear her shuffling papers to see what exactly he meant.

“Uh,” she said as she read through the scenario, pretending that reading it didn’t get her excited, “I guess we can do that one. Tonight at seven?”

“Yeah, yeah,” David replied back, trying to act nonchalant and as though he weren’t harder than steel at that moment.

His eyes looked at the website stats again, where all the numbers were shifting upward again. He smiled.

“And we’ve got another contributor applying already,” he told her, “I think this was a great idea.”

David’s raging erection screamed that it was an amazing idea.

Sierra was wondering if she could force-feed her vibrator to drink an energy drink.

And across the world hundreds of viewers on OnlyShrinks began to grow into thousands.

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