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Story Notes:

A RWBY finished commission.

Whitley begins shrinking in front of his little sister, Weiss, who he's always lorded over - now how will Weiss take advantage of these reversed roles? I'm sure she'll be very understanding and help out no problem.

Focuses on themes of teasing, tormenting, second-hand food and spit, ass crush, breast crush including during a workout, ownership, and more...

To be continued...!

Note: in this universe, the magic schools are colleges and all characters are above 18.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter one focuses on teasing, demeaning, second hand food and spit.

After having to put up with a long dinner his mother insisted on holding for Weiss visiting home from her training, Whitley was more than happy to shut himself away in the library. First Winter had chosen to leave to join the Atlas military, and that was bad enough, but now Weiss had decided to dirty herself with combat as well, leaving him alone with his parents. He smirked as he shut the door behind him, thinking that at least the dirty work of fighting seemed to fit them. Honestly, a soldier was bad enough, but now a huntsman too? It seemed like only he and father understood the important work the Schnee Dust Company worked on.

Opening his satchel on the desk, he pulled out the vials of experimental dust that father had given him earlier that day. While the research department usually analyzed it, Jacques would occasionally give his son special kinds to look for... specialized applications he'd rather keep as secretive as possible. Supposedly this one would be useful for corporate spying. Carefully extracting a crystal, he brought it to the microscope before dropping the vial on the table a bit too hard by accident. A crystal within burst, setting off a chain reaction that made the vial shatter violently. Covering his face with his hands, Whitley gasped and stepped back.

Opening his eyes, it seemed to have been a normal gust reaction, though he cursed under his breath for being so clumsy. If that had set off the other samples in the bag, it could have been much worse... and now he would have to tell his father about this as well, something he didn't look forward to.

The door behind him opened with a creak, as if he couldn't catch a break. He turned around to see his sister, Weiss, peeking in.

"Everything alright, Whitley? I heard a crash from the hall..." Weiss's thoughts trailed off as she took in the scattered glass and slightly blackened microscope as she stepped into the room confidently. "Honestly, you need to be more careful when looking at dust. You're lucky that it wasn't elementally charged..."

Not wanting a lecture from Weiss of all people, Whitley couldn't help but cross his arms for a second as he looked up at her in annoyance.

"I was... just trying to see how volatile a small dose was, is all. It was a bit stronger than the researchers told me, so I'm going to have to..." He stopped as Weiss stepped closer, bringing a finger to her chin as a look of confusion flashed on her face.

"Say brother, I thought you were my height, it can't have been quite that long since I saw you last, right?"

Whitley stepped back as she came closer, the difference in height becoming much more noticeable. She was right, he hadn't been forced to look up to her since he had turned 15, so what could have happened? She stood a full head taller than him at the moment! She wasn't that tall earlier today...

"...Hmm... It has to be your ridiculous high heels or something. Unless you learned some kind of magic at that academy..."

Weiss scoffed, holding her hand above his head before bringing it closer to herself - it was just below shoulder level, leaving his head at the same height as her breasts as she brought it towards herself.

"I'm wearing flats... besides, it would take more than that to make me that much taller. What kind of dust were you working with anyway? I don't know of any that would do this..."

Whitley was growing more than a little annoyed at all these questions, and didn't feel like having an argument with her right now. Grabbing his bag as he stepped around her, he frowned as even the doorknob seemed to be higher than before.

"I... I'm probably just tired. Why don't you go bother Winter or something? I... think I'll just turn in early." Whatever it was, it would probably wear off by morning.

He heard a giggle from behind him as he stormed off, Weiss grabbing the door before he could close it.

"I'll see you tomorrow... little brother!"





The next day, Whitley awoke to a rapping on his door. Opening his eyes and yawning, he pushed the covers back with some effort as he rubbed his eyes and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. As he looked down, he got light headed from the steep height as he saw his slippers under the bed... ten feet below him. What the hell had happened? Another, louder knock on the door drew his attention to the rest of the room, everything suddenly oversized. He hadn't been put on a larger bed, it seemed he had to be actually shrinking!

"G-give me just a moment please!" he shouted, trying to give himself some time to figure out what was going on. Distressingly, even his voice felt more pathetic to his ears.

The door's handle jiggled before it turned inward, as Weiss's towering form entered the room.

"What's that? I can barely hear you, come out of the bathroom..." Her jaw dropped as she looked at the bed, seeing Whitley's diminished form as his oversized pajamas hung over the edge, small head barely sticking out over the drooping neck.

"...Oh... my..." Weiss couldn't stop herself from laughing at the ridiculous sight of her tiny brother, covering her mouth as she giggled at the sight. "Whitley, you're... tiny! You can't be even four feet tall! What happened, little brother?"

Whitley blushed as he tried to pull the oversized clothes to a more fitting angle, only succeeding in sending another sleeve over the side and nearly pulling him to the floor.

"I... it has to be that damn dust father gave me! Go get him so he can get this fixed!"

Weiss only laughed harder at his squeaky voice, small tears forming at the sides of her eyes. It took her another fifteen seconds to get it out of her system, before she stepped closer to the bed to get a better look. Whitley tried to put on an annoyed face, but it was hard to take him seriously as he had to arch his neck to see her face past her breasts while still sitting on the bed.

"Oh my god... Heh, sorry brother, but I'm afraid he's already left for the day. He said there was some kind of emergency at the labs, so I have no idea when he'll be back anyway. Besides, what's the rush? You look pretty cute like that." Weiss grinned as she teased her brother. It was the least he deserved for barely giving her anything more than a scowl ever since she told him she was leaving for Beacon.

"Weiss, this isn't funny! Just... go get one of the servants to fetch him or something, before this gets any worse."

"Oh, come on Whit... We can get whatever it is fixed later, don't you want to spend time with me? I haven't seen you in months after all! Mom and Winter are gonna be out for a few hours, so this is the perfect time to spend time with me. Oh, but we're gonna need to find you some better clothes..." Weiss patted his small head before stepping over to his closet. "Hm... I have some bad news Whit, no way is this stuff gonna fit you. Don't suppose you still have anything from when you were, say... 7 or so, huh? Nah, that's all gotta be gone. Oh, I know just the thing..."

Weiss hurried out the door, leaving Whitley by himself as he heard her shoes echoing down the hallway. If he was lucky she would be gone long enough to get one of the maids from downstairs... Frowning as he looked over the bed's edge again, he grabbed onto it with both hands and slowly lowered himself. His feet didn't touch the floor, meaning he had to let go and fall half a foot. Rolling up the sleeves and grabbing the waistband of his oversized pajamas, he tried to rush out the door, only to trip on the pants after a few feet.

"Oh, Whit... I said I'd bring you something, didn't I?" Looking up from the bundle of tangled clothes, Weiss stood over him with a smirk... holding the large teddy bear her mother had given her as a little girl. "You remember Whitey, right? He said he wouldn't mind lending you his clothes. He thinks they should fit you even better than him now..."

"D-don't you dare! Just go get one of the maids already, before..." Whitley wasn't sure what to even say, watching her slide the silly striped clothes off the bear.

"Oh, relax brother. I helped mom give you baths when you were little, so this won't be anything new..." She gave another giggle as she shut the door.




Despite trying to struggle away, there was little Whitley could do to deter Weiss from her teasing game. Thirty minutes later he was sitting sullenly in the living room, dressed in his sister's bear's ridiculous clothes. He hadn't seen anyone since she brought him out here after leaving for a few minutes, so he had a bad feeling that she had sent any workers she found away for the day. He hoped Winter or Willow would be home soon, since nothing seemed to deter Weiss from the fun she was having.

"So Whit, I looked in the library... I found some stories mom used to read you as a kid, want me to read some to you? A little guy like you needs something more his speed." Weiss came back in the room, carrying some brightly colored books.

Whitley jumped off the sofa, stomping his foot in annoyance.

"Ugh... Weiss, stop treating me like a kid! You've been like this since you decided to run off and play barbarian with your friends... Why is it that I'm the only one who wants to help father do something that really matters? Why won't you just go get someone to fix this already!"

Weiss's smile faded, her face contorting to an annoyed frown.

"...Wow. I knew you didn't like my choice to go to Beacon but... is it really so awful to just spend a single day with me, Whit? I just wanted to have some fun with you like we used to, but if you don't want to be treated like a kid, you can at least learn to be supportive of me. Get on the ground."

"...E-excuse me?" Whitley was taken aback by his sister's change in tone.

"I'm not kidding. You don't want to be treated like a kid, right? Well get on the ground. Or do you need my help with that too?"

Before he could back up, Weiss brought her slippered foot to his side, slowly but softly pushing him towards the ground with ease. Refusing to fall flat on his face, Whitley caught himself with his hands and knees, holding himself against his sister's large foot.

"...Not what I intended, but... Well, that will do too. Show me you're a strong little man, Whit."

Turning around before Whitley had a chance to stand up, Weiss dropped herself onto her the couch behind him, before bringing her feet to rest on his back. Smiling at the sight of him as her foot rest, she chuckled a bit before dangling her slipper to the side of his head.

Whitley grunted with exertion as his arms shook slightly, being too proud to simply fall down and get crushed under the weight of his sister's legs. He wanted to yell at her, but it felt like if he let his concentration slip for even a moment his strength would falter. She'd move any second now, letting this awful joke end... right? He felt something warm emanating to the side of his face, causing him to look to the left and see the slightly dingy material of the inside of her slipper, his face paled a bit at the humiliation as he caught a slightly acidic whiff of sweat, mostly covered by her overwhelming strawberry scented lotion.

"Hmm... Not bad, Whit, maybe you're a bit stronger than I thought. Still, you were pretty rude to me you know. A barbarian, really? I think you need to learn how important being a huntress is if you're not strong enough to protect yourself..." An evil grin spread across her face as she crossed her legs, leaving the slipper dangling a few inches from his face. "I tell you what, you just have to be my footrest until I finish this children's book, alright? Otherwise... I'll tie you up, put you in my bag, and you can come watch me train at Beacon for yourself. You could even be useful and do my laundry or something, we don't have any maids over there you know." She was just kidding of course, but knowing her brother, he was too proud to risk the embarassment. She cracked the book open with a smile, looking through it as she enjoyed the feeling of power over her little brother.



Fifteen minutes had passed, but Weiss's footrest had begun to wobble. Well, she had finished the book a few minutes ago, but mostly she wanted to see just how long Whitley would last. Looking down, she could see beads of sweat dripping down his face. Any second now...

Whitley collapsed under the weight of his sister's legs as his arms gave out, sending him face first to the floor as her feet came down atop him painfully. He tried to use his arms to crawl from under her, but they were too weak at this point. Bringing her left foot over his head as he gasped for air, she poked it into his face as she sighed.

"Honestly, couldn't even hold your sister's feet for a little while? That's pretty sad, Whit. You really need to exercise more little brother. Looks like you'll be meeting my barbaric friends before too long..." She finally took her feet off of him as she stood up, watching him gasping and struggling to stand back up pathetically.

"You... Can't... Just..." Whitley tried to catch his breath, but Weiss cut him off.

"Hold that thought, little brother. Is it just me, or did you get even smaller? Whitey's shirt barely even fits you any more... You know, I'm sure dad would want you to wait and see just how powerful that dust is, anyway. A little field trip with me will do you some good. But first, let's get you something to eat before mom and Winter get back, I'm sure Winter's going to want to see you too."

Before he could protest, she grabbed his hand which could barely reach hers at his new full height, dragging him towards the kitchen.


It took them only a few minutes to get there, despite Weiss having to nearly drag Whitley, he couldn't put up much fight as he was too exhausted from holding her legs. Weiss couldn't stop smirking as her usually high and mighty brother had been reduced to acting like a petulant child already.

"We should get you something with a bit more protein, you need some more meat in your diet if you're that weak Whitley. I never would've expected you would be so weak when I got back, you know."

Whitley tried to tug his hand from hers yet again, but he was far too weak to pry even a single finger off her far larger hand.

"I-it's only because of that damn dust, alright! You know you couldn't push me around like this normally..."

"Well, I'm not so sure about that Whitley... You always did complain about how working out was so beneath you when we rode home from school together, remember? And I'm sure that new private school father sent you to doesn't even do exercises... You need to get stronger if you ever want to get a girlfriend, you know. Those rowdy girls at my school would push you around all day. Nobody wants a weakling for a boyfriend, Whitley!" Weiss smirked at the thought of Ruby or Yang spending an afternoon with poor Whitley at this size. She could easily imagine Yang making him do some exercises with her, which would probably quickly devolve into her making him do push ups with one of her fingers on his back... if he could do a single push up normally, anyway.

Weiss frowned a bit, wishing there was a high chair she could put him in to tease him a bit, but decided that the counter would be high enough to deter him from trying to jump down. Releasing his hand, she quickly grabbed him by the waist without asking, bringing him up and depositing him on the edge of the table top a bit roughly.

"H-hey! Watch it... I wouldn't be interested in any of your brutish friends to begin with. A proper lady has no need for muscles, and I'd rather talk things through myself! I've never needed to show off, only ruffians get into fights..." Whitley sighed a bit as Weiss ignored him to open the icebox, rummaging through to find something she could cook. Feeling a petty need to fight back, the sight gave him an idea. "Speaking of a lady's skills, I didn't think you could cook. The servants always prepared you every meal, as I recall. You want to make fun of my deficiencies, but do you even know how to make something beyond scrambled eggs, Weiss? I've been taking lessons myself, every gentleman needs to know such basic skills."

Weiss's eyebrow twitched a bit in annoyance, luckily hidden behind the icebox lid. While it was true she hadn't learned much about cooking thanks to her reliance on maids, she wouldn't give her brother the satisfaction of having anything over her now of all times. Pulling out some eggs and bacon, she closed the box and reached for a pan over the stove, switching it on.

"I'll have you know that cooking is an important skill for a huntsman, so of course I know how to. It's important to keep your strength up no matter the situation you find yourself in, so I even know how to cook over an open fire now. But if you want to show off your skills, shorty, be my guest." Weiss brandished a spatula towards Whitley, noting it was larger than his upper body. "It shouldn't be hard for such a culinary master, right?"

Whitley eyed the oversized implement, shutting down his backtalk momentarily.

"...Fine, in this one circumstance, I suppose it's a bit more fitting for you to do the cooking." As Weiss cracked an egg into the pan, switching the stove on, he smiled. "Oh, but you did forget the butter, now I guess you'll have to make scrambled eggs after all."

Weiss shot him a dirty look. "I never said I wasn't making them. But since you've decided to be so annoying, I'll keep them all for myself. Annoying little brothers can go hungry." Weiss began to scramble the eggs, attempting to keep her cool demeanor as she showed off.

"I... maybe you're right, I was... a bit rude. I apologize, Weiss." Whitley frowned, remembering how vindictive she was only a few minutes ago. If he appeased her a bit, maybe she would actually get him some help instead of following through on her threats.

Weiss turned her back on him as she began to toss the eggs lightly, trying to hide the smile creeping onto her face as she had an idea for payback.

"...Apology not accepted. If you want to eat... then beg your big sister to forgive you, Whitley."

Whitley's face dropped as he realized she was serious about her threat. Being this size was bad enough, but going hungry would only make it worse... especially if she got into another vindictive mood. His pride immediately fought back, but as he smelled the cooking eggs, his stomach rumbled, reminding him he hadn't eaten since dinner last night.

"I... I'm sorry, really Weiss. P... Please, won't you forgive me?"

Weiss shot him a glance, her seemingly stern face unchanging.

"You call that begging? Get on your knees."

Whitley's face dropped further, but not wanting to upset his large sister, he pulled himself onto the counter, going down on his knees as he cursed her in his mind.

"Weiss... Please, forgive me for being so rude, I didn't mean to offend you."

"Oh, come on, that's not begging. Beg your big sister for forgiveness, Whitley." Weiss made extra effort to emphasize 'big sister' as she placed a hand on her hip, leering down at him as he faced the counter.

Gritting his teeth, Whitley complied unwillingly. "B-big sister... Please, forgive your... little brother for offending you."

"...Well, you need to work on your begging, you clearly still have a far bigger ego than someone your size should... But I guess I'll let you have a little. The bacon is still mine, though."

As Whitley sat back up, trying to hide his rather pained face, Weiss pulled out two plates, putting most of the eggs on hers, separating a miniscule amount onto Whitley's plate. After putting bacon into the pan, she washed her hands, then brought his plate to the counter. As he reached out to accept the meager portion, she yanked it back.

"Oh, wait, it still needs some sauce, doesn't it? I think you need a little more... meat on your bones, so every calorie counts. Let me help you out here, little brother." With a smirk, Weiss made eye contact with his confused face as she pursed her lips, letting a small dribble of spit out, dangling it over the eggs threateningly as Whitley made a disgusted face. Unsatisfied, she sucked it back in, before letting out an even larger amounts with a disgusted 'ptew,' spitting directly onto his eggs. The frothy spit sat on the still warm eggs, slowly spreading over them, drenching them. Normally she would consider such an act far too uncouth, but her annoying brother had driven her just far enough for her to overcome her usual reservations. Placing the plate in front of his disgusted face, she smiled.

"Here you are, little brother. Make sure to eat every bit so you can grow up big and strong like me."

Whitley had to repress the urge to gag after watching his usually reserved, well behaved sister doing something so disgusting. He pushed the plate away with a hand, not wanting the disgusting substance anywhere near him, preferring to go hungry. Weiss frowned at this, not wanting her petty revenge to go unserved.

"Oh, so after begging me to eat you want to reject my kind provisions? Whitley, you'd better eat every last morself of that, or... I'll gag you, stuff you into Winter's chair cushion, and leave you there until tomorrow."

Paling at the thought, Whitley had to fight between his internal feelings. Surely he would prefer... nearly anything to eating these eggs soaked in his sister's spit, even if he could tell from how she had been acting that it probably wasn't an idle threat. But on the other hand... Allowing any more escalation only increased the chances of Weiss leaving the rest of his family in the dark. If he could humor her until mother and Winter got home, surely they would talk sense into her, or better yet take him to father. Choosing to swallow his pride, he pulled the plate back towards him.

"Could I... at least get a fork?"

"After acting like a spoiled child? No, I think you should go ahead and eat like one."

Weiss couldn't believe he was actually going to do it, but didn't let it show on her face, too amused at the opportunity to see her little brother demeaned in front of her.

Whitley eyed the disgusting yellow blob in front of him, noting the oddly thick layer of tiny, floating bubbles. As he picked it up he couldn't stop himself from shivering from the disgusting slimy feel, trying to get it over with. Bringing it towards his mouth, he got a disgusting whiff of the mixture, the pleasant smell of the eggs more than overpowered by the funky morning breath and spearmint haze of his sister's spittle. Shoving it into his mouth, he tried to swallow immediately, but the chunk was too large, forcing him to bite into it and causing a new squelch of spit to flow out, covering every inch of his mouth. The disgusting taste of his sister's morning spit was only slightly lessened by the strong, minty toothpaste she had used. Swallowing it immediately, he knew his resolve would falter if he didn't end this quickly, grabbing the rest of the plate's contents with both hands and shoving the rest of it into his mouth. This was, of course, a mistake, as his mouth could barely close around it all, forcing him to take his time chewing it all up and swallowing it bit by bit. By the end, he knew he wouldn't taste anything other than his sister's fetid spit until he had a chance to brush as well.

"Well, see, that wasn't so hard. And you were so enthusiastic, too! You must have liked that first bite to go for seconds so fast. I don't think I've seen you eating that quickly in years, little brother." Weiss grinned at him evilly as she removed the bacon from the pan, taking her time to smell it in full view of him rather exaggeratedly.

Whitley gagged a bit, feeling the eggs threatening to come back up. Forcing himself to keep them down, if only to not taste them again, he had to resist the urge not to curse under his breath in case it would only make his situation worse. He took a moment to compose himself before speaking up again.

"...Weiss, would you... please take me to the bathroom so I can brush my teeth? I'd like to, uh... freshen up a bit, if you don't mind."

"Oh Whitley, don't be rude, I served you first! Give me some time to savor my meal, won't you? It smells great, I need to enjoy every bit." She brought the bacon to her mouth, taking a large bite as she looked at him. "Mmm... Not bad, though I'm sure it's not quite as nice as your meal was. If you want some more, just let me know, little brother."

"...I'm... good, thanks..."

Weiss ignores his small reply as she continues to eat, savoring every bite to drive in his new position a little more. As she's halfway through her eggs, she hears some noises from outside the kitchen. Looking down at her tiny brother as he sulks, having sat down while huffing, it looks like he hasn't heard anything yet. Taking one last bite, she considers what to do quickly. She was tempted to drag him to her room or put him into one of the cupboards - he would fit easily and might not even be able to open the door without her leaning against it... But she reconsiders, knowing she can only take her little game so far. Maybe he's suffered enough? Mother used to dote on him, so surely she would have it sorted out in no time, but she's had enough fun for one morning. Besides, she's looking forward to seeing Winter's reaction anyway.

"Mmm, that was good, but I think I'm full." She opens the kitchen trashcan, watching as Whitley grimaces at the perfectly good eggs she's wasting, clearly still hungry. "Oh, you said you didn't want any, brother! Don't worry, I'll cook for you again any time you want..."

Before she can tease him any more, the kitchen door creaks open as yet another white haired girl enters. Winter sighs as she brushes a stray hair from in front of her eyes.

"There you are, sister. I was wondering where you were. Where on Remnant are all the servants? I had to practically drag mother to the bedroom by myself..."

Chapter End Notes:

Looks like another sister's about to join the fun...

If you enjoy this, please also check out my newest work with a friend - SPYxSISTER! It explores similar themes and gets a lot more spicy...

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