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Story Notes:

Warning: This story features scat pretty heavily, and you're best off avoiding it if that bothers you.

It’s one o’clock in the morning, and you’ve finally worked up the balls to enter Melissa’s apartment. She seems nice, and despite her humble lifestyle, affluent. The perfect target for a thief like yourself.

As you creep up to her windows, you pat yourself down to make sure your shrink suit is properly configured. After making sure everything is in its right place, you put one foot up on the windowsill, and mash a series of buttons on the arm of the suit. Your body begins to shrink, and in no time you’re only a inch tall, standing next to her bedroom window. The brutality of the Florida summer caused most of the tenants at the apartment complex to crack their windows open at night, and Melissa was no exception. You pull out a little scalpel from your pocket and surgically cut your way through the screen.

You step inside the room, don your night vision goggles, and survey the area. You see Melissa lying face down on her bed, with no blankets covering her. She’s wearing only a t-shirt and panties, giving you a nice view of her assets. You chuckle as you admire the middle aged woman’s ass and legs, lamenting that you have nothing to take a picture with.

Brushing that aside, you hook your emergency escape rope on the window frame, before fastening it around your waist. You jump down, your boots making contact with the ground. You start marching across the room, towards the open door, avoiding the scattered socks, shirts, and shoes along the way.

You make it to the hallway, before hearing a groan and creak from the room you were just in. Having your “clients” wake up during a heist wasn’t ideal, but you could usually manage, so long as you stayed out of their way. You hear a thump, followed by rythmatic slaps against the floor. She’s approaching you, quickly. Before you have time to gather your thoughts, the hallway door swings open, and you’re tackled by a large foot.

Melissa’s foot catches you at such and angle that you’re stuck between her big and second toe. She takes a couple steps, flinging you up and down like a demented carnival ride. As she walks, the rope around your waist begins to wind around her ankle, causing her to stop for a moment.


Melissa takes another couple of steps before flicking on the hallway light. She looks down to see the rope around her feet, and you, nuzzled between her pedicured toes.

You remove your night vision goggles, and look around, scared shitless at the pickle you’ve just got yourself into. You try your best to wriggle free, but the grip of Melissa’s toes is too strong, so you can only writhe against her black toenails. You try mashing the emergency return button on your chest, but this does little good, since your rope is being held back by Melissa’s ankle.

“The fuck?”

Melissa squats down and picks you out between her fingers, untangles your rope, and holds you up to her face. Her blue eyes stare directly into your soul, and you begin to quake in fear.

“Oh my god!”

Melissa’s plush lips form a circle, showing you her perfect teeth.

“I’ve heard about you guys! You’re one of those little fuckers who shrink down and steal from people’s houses at night, huh?”

You stare blankly into her face.

“Well, aren’t you?!”

Drops of saliva splash against you as you throw your head up and down.

“Hahaha, I knew it, I fucking knew it! Man, you must have some kind of death wish coming around here. You think just cause I’m nice and have money that you can just march right in here and steal my shit? Well, I’ll have you know, I can be a real cunt to people who wanna play me for a fool. Thank God I had to get up to use the bathroom, otherwise you might have actually gotten away with it.”

Melissa raises your rope up to her mouth and clamps down on it with her sharp white teeth, snapping it like a rubber band.

“Nowhere to run to now, little man!”

Melissa laughs manically for several seconds.

“Man, people like you disgust me, I mean they absolutely make me sick. Are you really too fucking worthless to get a job, or sell something? You gotta try to steal from people who aren’t fucking losers?”

Melissa’s grip strengthens around you, and you feel like you’re about to burst.

“Well, I can tell you, this is the last time you’ll ever do this, because this is the last place you’ll ever see. If you have any delusions of escaping from this apartment, you might as well toss them out, ‘cause it ain’t gonna fuckin’ happen.”

You begin crying and screaming, which is met only with laughter.

“Ha, don’t you give me those crocodile tears now, you little shit. If you didn’t wanna die, you shouldn’t have fucked with me. Especially not when you’re the size of an insect. Jesus, I could literaly step on you like a bug.”

You stare at her, petrified.

“I’m not gonna do that, though; I wanna have a little fun with you. Instead of killing you by stepping on you, or eating you, or flushing you down the toilet, I think I’ll do something a little more… creative, we’ll say.”

“You see, I only got up 'cause I have to use the bathroom, and I still really have to take a shit. Mexican food is great, but eating it has it’s consequences, y’know.”

Melissa carries you to the kitchen, where she grabs a couple paper towels. She then goes back to her bedroom and grabs some scotch tape. She takes both back with her to the hallway, laying the paper towels on the ground. She squats down and places your body in the middle of the paper towels, before fastening you to it with the tape. You’re now completely immobile, unable to move even your arms or legs.

Melissa stands back up and pulls off her panties, tossing them to the side. When she does this, it all clicks in your mind. You realize how you’re going to be executed, and you begin screaming in terror. You writhe fruitlessly, but your bonds are just too strong.

“Haha! Are you scared little man?”

Melissa looks down at you with an evil grin.

“Just know, the more you struggle the more I’m gonna enjoy this.”

Melissa places one foot on each side of the paper towel and squats down, her big fat ass now hovering above your face. She lowers it, to the point where it almost touches you, and unleashes a brutal fart. It’s loud, bassy, and spicy. You start to wheeze and cry as the toxic gas fills your lungs and overwhelms your senses. That comment about the Mexican food earlier was no joke.

“Haha, how do you like that? Smell good? Well, I hope so, since that’s just the beginning.”

Melissa places both hands on her ass cheeks. She separates them, giving you a good view of her asshole. She moans and grunts for a few moments, before it appears.

The dark brown battering ram of shit starts to poke its ugly head out of Melissa’s hole, humiliating you by it’s presence. You begin crying, accepting that any attempt to escape is futile.

“Oh, I think I feel it! You can see it can’t you?”

Melissa keeps pushing and grunting as more and more of the foul sausage escapes her anus, inching closer and closer to you. This was the real deal, the kind of impressive shit that makes one afraid their toilet will clog. The spicy stink gets more powerful as it gets closer to your face.

“Just hope God is more merciful than I, little man.”

With one final push and grunt, Melissa fully excretes the log. The big fresh steamer lands on top of you with a slap, and it's all over. Never in your life did you think you’d die by being shat on by a giant lady, but life has a tendency to surprise you.

“Ha, serves that little fucker right.”

Melissa stands up and picks up the paper towels.

“God damn, that was a ferocious one.”

She says, plugging her nose as she walks to the bathroom. She drops the soiled paper towel in the toilet and cleans herself, before flushing and going back to sleep.

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