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Story Notes:

*Original idea conceived by me. Also, co-writted with cubedcinder128.

*It includes a lot on focus on destruction, feet, as well as sandals.

It’s another typical day in and around the Nickle household, with just Tiffany and Lucas home while their mother goes out shopping. After his adventure with the ants a couple months ago, Lucas makes sure to treat them with respect and help them however he can (especially in the sweet treats department). All Tiffany does, especially as she looks out the window, is roll her eyes in boredom, and put her headphones on queueing up a song from her digital music player….

….Wanting to maybe walk a bit over the grass and sunbath herself, in her two-piece swimsuit.

“I swear, my baby brother has gotten soft ever since he met those ants, but whatever…” Tiffany hit the play button on her player and danced all the way to her room, breaking out into singing and a bit of dancing. While all this was going on, some discussion of huge importance was taking place at the ant’s hill.

"Wow guys, it looks like Queen Tiffany has been stomping over our territory again” Fugax said.

“That’s true, I even fell dozens of times over those footprints in the garden!” another ant added.

"We have to give that selfish teenager a lesson. She's interfering with our plans!" Zoc shouted, annoyed.

"Zoc, you're taking the privileges the queen has given to you too far. All humans do not deserve this judgement. Think of the good humans out there like Lucas" Hova protested.

"Nah, what would an ignorant ant with silly pacifist ideas know? We as ants must show that we are the boss here. This is how the law of the strongest works in nature. If we don't do something, they'll kill the entire colony indiscriminately, and you'll swallow your own words!" Zoc replied in a rather arrogant tone. Hova left Zoc's camera, sad and worried. After the discussion, that night, a group of rookie ants marched towards an open window, with one of them carrying some large objects.  

“Ugh… these pills are so heavy…” the ant holding the pill gasped.

“Keep it together, soldier! Zoc has asked us to deliver this cargo to the destination pronto!” another ant shouted, presumably the one in charge.

“Why are we doing this, again?” another ant asked.

“Zoc is testing these new pills that, after they’re dissolved in a liquid solution, will make the subject smaller!” the ant in charge stated. Eventually, the ants made it into the kitchen and raided into the refrigerator, using various food items and shelves to make their way to one of the upper shelves where the drinks were being kept. The resilient bodies of the ants made them able to resist the cold temperature inside the fridge, but they ran into a slight problem.

“Huh? There seems to be more than one drink” one ant commented seeing the multitude of options before them, including a six pack of pink cans, held together by some sort of plastic loops.

“Darn it! Which one does the Queen from the Destroyer’s nest consume?” another ant asked.

“Just pick some already! We can’t stay here much longer! We must get back to the colony to continue your training!” the ant in charge shouted. With that said, the ants just picked out whatever drink they set their eyes on and carried the pills into it. The drink turned out to be the pack of diet soda that Tiffany consumed on a regular basis. It didn’t matter to the ants, as they felt the job was done.

“Well done, rookie ants! Now back home on the double! Hop two three four! Hop two three four!” the ant in charge ordered. He and the numerous rookie ants all made their way back into the anthill from whence they came.

The next day, the blonde-haired Tiffany, wearing her usual outfit of purple pants and purple shirt (both adorned with flame patterns on the edges) and of course those thick dark purple sandals of hers, wiped the sweat off her forehead. It didn’t surprise even her that she ended up standing up from the chair to jam to her beat, and naturally, as much as she moved around, she worked up a sweat. She took the headphones off her ears and let them hang behind her neck.

“Whew… nothing like hearing the soothing rock tones of my girl. Still, I am thirsty after all that” Tiffany walked away from the living room and into the kitchen. She opened up the fridge and pulled out her favorite diet drink. Without knowing the trap that lay in store for her, Tiffany tilted the already opened can of the diet soda towards her mouth and gulped it down. She kinda cringed at first, feeling something a bit “strange” with the flavor.

“Mmmm… did this soda get too cold? Whatever. I’ll just blame it on Lucas” Tiffany closed the refrigerator door. As she did so, a boy behind where the open door was startled the teenage girl.

“Waaaah! Don’t sneak up on me like that, you little pipsqueak!” Tiffany shouted.

“Well maybe don’t leave the fridge door open as long as you did. You know Mom hates that!” Lucas said.

“Hellooooo! Could you please talk louder, little pipsqueak? I don't hear you...” Tiffany joked, playfully bonking her little brother on the head. Lucas just rolled his eyes, brushing it off to the typical behavior of his older sister.

"Tiffany, remember that you promised to take me to the pizza shop arcade today. My friends will be waiting for me" Lucas reminded the teenager her big sister responsibilities.

"Yeah yeah, I got it. Ugh.....why do little kids take so long to grow up?" Tiffany sighed nonchalantly. Tiffany disliked going out to ‘low class’ places and taking care of her little brother. She’d rather spend her day pampering herself up and being worshiped like a goddess to anyone who walked near her. The girl raised the can of soda to her lips.

"Mmmm… tasty. Oh.....OOOOOOHHHHH…" Tiffany let out a deep moan. Clutching her stomach, her blue eyes wide opened, she dropped the empty can and stared at Lucas, as if something out of the ordinary was happening.

"Tiffany?....What’s wrong?" Lucas gasped nervously. The young boy then watched Tiffany get a little bit taller before his eyes. He always knew Tiffany was the ‘big sister’, but this was quickly proving to be more literal than usual.

“Ouch!” Tiffany’s head brushed against the ceiling. She looked down to see not only how much taller she had gotten, but a few other changes happened with her body as well.

“Huh? This feels… kinda nice actually” caressing her chest, Tiffany fully processed everything that changed with her figure, not just from the increase in height. Her thighs got wider, almost looking like the ones of her mom. Her entire body got thiccer and curvy. Her breasts got notably rounded as well, and despite all these changes, her clothes and even the music player and headphones grew right with her. How that happened was of no concern to her, however.

“Lucas! Give me a mirror! Hurry!” Tiffany shouted.

“R…r…right!” Lucas ran up the stairs. He came back about 30 seconds later holding one of Tiffany’s handheld mirrors, and after a quick look, she whistles over her new appearance. Tiffany now looked like an attractive 21 year old model.

"Wow, I look so pretty. That diet soda rocks! Now all the girls in the neighborhood will envy the queen!" Tiffany really enjoyed the results.

"What are you talking about? That diet soda is more like a jumbo growth soda! This is not normal! Let me help you return to normal!" Lucas shouted. In the back of his mind, he suspected the ants had something to do with Tiffany’s growth spurt, and started to run away like he wanted to go outside and consult with them. Tiffany was having none of that, however, as she pounded the floor with her sandaled feet in frustration, shaking up the whole house in the process!

“Hey, you pipsqueak! Don't ruin my fun!” Tiffany shouted.

"AAAH! But Tiffany, just look at you! Get rid of that soda, now!" Lucas tried to take the whole pack of diet soda as he opened up the fridge, but the big blonde girl pried them easily from his hands.

"Neh neh, you're still too teeny tiny to reach them" Tiffany playfully raised the package with her huge strength, and pushed Lucas away.

"I always wanted to look this beautiful. Mmmmm..." Tiffany looked curiously at the entire pack of sodas. After a brief wait, Tiffany opened the cans, and drank all of them.

“Ahhhh… Tiffany, stooooop!!!" Lucas screamed desperately. The amazoness teenager planted her flip flop feet in front of him. In a matter of minutes, Tiffany finished almost all of the drinks.

"Mmmm....It feels so good. Oooooh…Aa-ah! OOH-OOOOH! Here it goes again!" the sister experienced another growth spurt. The kitchen got filled by Tiffany's body in a matter of seconds. The blonde girl was having such a hard time finding space, even as her head burst through the collapsing ceiling. Tiffany loomed large over the miniscule stature of Lucas, who had a hard time breathing, as she now weighed close to a few tons.

"Woah! This is Mom’s room!" Tiffany’s head continued to plow through the floors. But the fun was just starting.

"Ugh… My parents are going to kill me for this mess" with great difficulty, Lucas finally managed to wiggle his way out of the kitchen and out the front door.

"AAAAAAH….MOAR, MOAAAAR!!!" Tiffany continued moaning. The girl grew and grew with satisfaction, wanting to earn more power, like a goddess. Lucas watched from outside the house how her sandaled feet pierced through the walls. Eventually, Tiffany's gargantuan body bursted through the structure, now at an outstanding size of 50 feet.  

"Ooooooh… everything looks so small. I like it...." Tiffany giggled, showing a gleeful smile. She looked around her surroundings, impressed to have the privilege to be a divine being in comparison to everyone else, especially in the size department. Obviously, Tiffany’s growing antics drew attention in the entire neighborhood. People near the demolished house stared in shock at the giant Tiffany. Some ran away frightened, others stayed like voyeurs watching with curiosity.

"Heh, what's the matter? Do you think I'm pretty?" Tiffany decided to strike a couple poses down at some of the older guys. As for everyone else, they weren't just staring at Tiffany. They were staring at all of Tiffany, especially her glamorous, irresistible body even if most of it was still covered by clothing. The giantess blushed cutely at some guys that whipped out their cameras and took pictures. Yet as embarrassing as the situation was, she loved receiving attention and being seen as the ‘queen of the place’.

"Miss, stop or we'll arrest you for disturbing the peace!" some policemen shouted from below.

"Huh, and what you're gonna do, you pipsqueaks?"

*THUMP THUMP* The 50-foot-tall teenage beauty planted her immense flip flop down, chasing the policemen away with ease. The police cars parked in the street, got reduced to scrap.

"Oooooh, this is so gooood. I'll finally be the most beautiful beloved girl in the entire town" Tiffany’s mischievous smile made her intentions very clear. Feeling immense pleasure, the sandaled big sister of monstrous proportions casually walked down the road of the town, with a few people running and screaming for safety. She either kicked or stepped on smaller things such as mailboxes, trash cans, and street lights that were in her path. Sometimes, she trapped some people between her pedicured toes just to get laughs out of it. But the fun was just beginning.

“Ugh… Tiffany, for the last time. Stop!!!” Lucas screamed, like a simple commoner wanting to attract the attention of a goddess. Of course, the pleads fell on empty as Tiffany ignored her brother and almost crushed him with a huge stomp.

“Oops! Sorrrrrry, little pipsqueak! Haha… look at you, you’re not even big enough to massage my big toe!” the jumbo sized girl laughed, softly wiggling her big, rounded toes. Lucas cringed as the comment clearly rubbed him the wrong way, but thought better to argue with his giant sister unless he wanted to be a splat under her sandal.

“Now the giant queen that is me, Tiffany Nickle, shall continue her march, not wanting to waste my awesome size and beauty on this lowly town” no longer bound by the obligation to take care of the ‘little pipsqueak’, Tiffany directed her heavy steps with destiny to the city, eager to be served and adored. Lucas finally stopped chasing her and looked back to his wrecked house.

“Okay, Lucas, one problem at a time. First I should come up with a reason to explain to Mom why the house is a mess. Then I gotta let the ants know what happened!” Lucas rushed back.

Taking advantage of the fact that her hearing aids grew with her, the gigantic teenager hummed her favorite tune fervently, with a nonchalant air. Without realizing it, the effect of the growth potion was still ongoing. Taller and taller the gal very quickly got with each heavy step, already eclipsing over 125 feet tall and still growing, albeit very slowly. Underneath her large flip flops, most people on the outskirts from her hometown screamed in horror and tried to run away. The cacophony of screams. shattering glass, thumping sounds and crumpling metal extended to all the site. Giant Tiffany’s sandaled feet bulldozed house after house in the process.

"Hahahahaha, what are you doing on my feet, you little bugs?" Tiffany giggled in pure satisfaction, after discovering that some people ended up between her toes. The diminutive people grabbed the central strap of Tiffany's favorite pair of sandals in the hopes it would provide them cover.

In the city center, everyone gathered for fear of recent tremor warnings. But no one would realize that the worst was yet to come....

*THUMP THUMP* Immediately afterwards, the citizens felt the ground shake and loud thunder-like sounds echoed overhead, getting bigger and stronger. With each powerful advancing step, the cars, trucks and every vehicle possible in the traffic began to bounce. Some people were forced to grab something to hold on and also to realize the danger they were in.

"Muahahaha! Hiiii, this is Tiff, your new Queen!" giggling cutely in an evil tone, the giant goddess rose her stunning legs over the horizon of buildings. Piercing easily the huge structures of concrete and metal, the flip flop clad feet of the giantess lands in front of the traffic, unleashing a huge rain of debris.

"AAAAGHH! A giant monster!" a frightened woman shouted.

"Geez, it's more like Babezilla. *whistle*" added a tiny that watched everything from a safe distance.

“Haha, thanks! Now you go squish!” Tiffany raised her sandal up to try and crush the woman. She managed to run out of the way just as Tiffany planted her foot down, leaving a huge sandal imprint in the ground.

“Aaaaaah….. I feel like I’m in heaven!” Tiffany admired the many people running away from her as well as some of the buildings towering alongside her. Granted, some structures were still towering above her, but she still felt the overwhelming sense of power coarse through her veins, and it only grew as she continued to walk down the streets, making sure to crush any parked cars that stood in her way. Of course, Tiffany did much more than just fee fi fo fum her way down the road and crush anything that was in her path, including a traffic light that she effortlessly kicked off its foundation with her sandaled feet. She made sure buildings were part of her destruction spree as she casually slapped the sides of any buildings she stood alongside. She giggled watching the debris fall to the streets and almost land on groups of people and cars.

“Woo! Wait until the other girls at school hear how I spent my summer vacation!” Tiffany looked in one of the glass windows of the nearby skyscrapers. Numerous officer workers all look in shock at the ginormous face of the giant female monster, adorned with adorable freckles. Tiffany playfully grabbed her newly endowed chest and gave her shirt some nice rubs.

“Mmmm… aren’t I the most beautiful queen in all of history?” Tiffany twirled around showing off her beauty pageant winning body, transformed thanks to the effects of the growth potion.

“And if you disagree with me…” Tiffany wound up one of her fists, with the office workers running like mad away from the windows as they knew what was coming next.

A loud crash rang in the eardrums of these people as they looked back and saw the giant fist crashing through. The punches opened up and demolished every floor, ceiling, desk, computer, file cabinet, and Roomba in its path. After Tiffany felt she had grabbed enough stuff in her hand, she closed it up and pulled it back out, taking a bunch of debris out with her. When she opened her hand, she saw a man and woman both quivering with fear.

“Awwww… aren’t you a cute couple!?” Tiffany playfully petted them with her finger.

“Please! Don’t eat us!” the man screamed.

“Eat you? Bleh! Why would I want to eat a bunch of pipsqueaks like you? Besides… I’m on a strict diet” Tiffany outlined a disgusted expression.

“Then just let us go!” the woman said.

“Hmmm… I’ll let you go on one condition. That you agree I’m the most beautiful girl in the entire world!” Tiffany shouted.

“Yes, giant girl! You are the most beautiful girl in the entire world!” the man and woman hugged each other in fear.

“Teehee… thank you for your cooperation!” Tiffany kneeled down and set the two people on the ground next to her sandaled feet.

“Now run along! Things are about to get really messy here!” Tiffany reached inside the gaping hole she punched into the building and gutted it some more. The people ran away as the building finally couldn’t take any more of the giant Tiffany’s abuse, finally toppling piece by piece down to the ground. The plume of smoke that came from the building’s destruction made the giantess cough as she tried to wave the smoke away.

“*cough cough* Geez… why can’t they make these buildings out of something else that won’t go up in smoke, like, I don’t know… paper mache!” Tiffany said. The giantess shrugged off that random thought and got to peeking inside another nearby building.

While all this was going on, Lucas’ number one enemy, Steve, had been going about his day until he, like everyone else, got a sudden look at the giant Tiffany. Steve had run after the giantess doing his best to keep up with her until finally he stood a few yards away from her sandaled feet. He looked up and up and up at the towering beauty while she played around with the buildings in front of her. Steve had drool coming out of his open mouth as he stared up and watched her, blushing horribly. Apart from her extraordinary size, the girl herself was very good looking. Her scale was much to command attention, as those sandaled feet easily exceeded the size of any truck. Who knows what the building sized girl would do to him if she spotted him?

It was with that thought the boy made sure to keep his distance and yet inch closer and closer to get a better sense of being towered over. The now 250 foot teenage girl was so close enough, that he could smell the gorgeous perfumed lotion anointed to her pedicured feet, which almost put him in a trance. He broke out of his fantasy, however, since Tiffany move away from the destroyed buildings and go back to rampaging down the city streets.

"Muahahaha!" Tiffany laughed as she put her hands on her hips. The titanic girl of immeasurable weight casually strolled through the traffic, flattening cars, buses, and trucks like paper. The citizens did their best to run away from her giant flip flops. With each monstrous stomp, the heavenly huge breasts of the female monster bounced and bounced. Also, each of her steps left huge gaping footprint shaped potholes on the pavement.

Steve, on the other hand, didn’t seem scared at all. In fact, ever since the Nickle family moved to his neighborhood, despite using Lucas as a punching bag (at least until he and some of the other neighborhood kids rebelled against him), he always had a secret crush on Tiffany and often would wonder how he could get her attention. The 250-foot-tall Tiffany then came to a sudden stop in the middle of crushing a semi-truck to pieces (almost causing Steve to crash into her flip flop).

“Hey, wait… these grew with me?” Tiffany remembered she still had her music player next to her hip and hooked to her pants as well as her headphones around her neck. She took the headphones off and looked at them.

“Hmmm…” Tiffany’s imagination got cranking in her mind. What if she were to… and that’s when she snapped her fingers and smiled.

“Oh! I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing this before!” Tiffany hurriedly put the headphones on her ears and then pressed a series of buttons on her music player. Once one of her favorites songs was playing, as judged by the lyrics coming out of her mouth, she broke into a rhythm as she stomped and crushed to the beat, not giving a darn about what she was destroying, and even if she wasn’t directly stomping on something, her powerful stomps from her dancing caused quakes all over the city, cracking apart many buildings and knocking people and vehicles galore off the ground.

“You’ve got the funk in my heart! Just dialllll me up! You my lovin’ doll...” Tiffany continued to swing her arms and legs wide as she grooved out to the song.

By the time the song ended almost 3 minutes later, Tiffany had worked up a sweat as she wiped her forehead with her arm and took off her headphones, actually letting them fall to the ground next to her feet, causing a few people dumb enough to be near the giantess (including Steve) to scamper and avoid the headphones crush them.

“Whew… maybe not the best of ideas to dance like that on a hot day like today.” Tiffany said. She reached down towards her pants and put her hands inside them like she wanted to pull them down. She stopped at first, remembering where she was, but then remembered how much more beautiful her giant size had made her, and then smiled again.

“Oh, what the heck” Tiffany pulled her pants down, revealing her beautiful legs and her pink underwear. And the giantess didn’t stop there either… after stepping out of her pants (with her sandals still on her feet), she next reached underneath her shirt and lifted it up and over her head, eventually removing that as well and leaving her in just her pink bra. After dropping the sweaty clothes atop some nearby buildings, Tiffany breathed a sigh of relief and then looked over and saw some brave souls taking pictures of the giantess exposing more of her skin. Tiffany giggled and playfully did some supermodel-type poses, and then made a rather dirty comment.

“Heh, I bet you perverts want me to take it off, especially up here” Tiffany playfully bounced her newly enlarged bra-covered chest up and down with her hands. The giantess then stuck her tongue out.

“Well, too bad. Wait until I’m a few years older! Meanwhile, I’m gonna give my skin some much needed UV rays” Tiffany joked.

The giantess walked towards a row of buildings and sat down, firmly squashing and mangling them underneath her behind. More buildings got ravaged as she laid back on her back and rested her hands behind her hair. After she shifted around (causing further damage to buildings and vehicles) to get more comfortable, she peeked to the sides of her head and saw a few more gazed onlookers, some of whom were still taking pictures.

“Your goddess demands a massage! Give one to me however you can and I may just spare your lives!” Tiffany said. To the giantess’s amazement, many of these people complied and started climbing up the skin on her body.

“Heh… that was easy. Maybe it’s because of how big and beautiful I am that these people are hypnotized.” Tiffany said as she felt the miniscule feet and hands of these little people while they either climbed up or walked around her body. When they got to ticklish parts of her body, such as near her belly button, the giantess giggled and fidgeted around.

“Teeheehee… that tickles!” Tiffany shouted.

Unsurprisingly, one of those who ascended onto the giant Tiffany was Steve. He had climbed onto the flip flop, making sure not to stay in between her massive toes for too long. The smell of the destruction both on her flip flop and her foot was overwhelming for Steve, but he pressed on, whistling as he looked out in the distance from atop Tiffany’s ankle, marveling at how far the giantess stretched on.

“Wheeeee! Lucas is going to be so jealous when he finds out I’ve been crawling all over his super-hot giant sister!” Steve rushed forward, wanting to see if he could actually talk with the giantess. He had to make sure to keep his balance along the way, as Tiffany continued to giggle and fidget around from the little people tickling her with almost every step they took.

Tiffany, meanwhile, was 50% relaxing in the sun and 50% feeling the movements and massaging attempts of the couple dozen people that populated her skin.

“Ugh… I wish I had my tanning lotion with me, but oh well. I’m beautiful enough of a queen as is” Tiffany looked down between her breasts to see what the little people were doing. As she focused her vision around her belly button, she spotted a familiar face around that area.

“Hey… it’s you!” the giantess reached down with one of her hands. Steve looked up and saw the giant hand approaching and tried to get away, but there was simply no escape from the fingers that wrapped around his body. Steve could only watch as he moved upward at rapid speed, eventually coming face to face with the giantess and her baby blue eyes. At the same time, Tiffany got up and into a sitting position, causing the other people standing on her stomach region to tumble down to her legs.

“Um… hi, miss giant Queen Tiffany!” Steve greeted.

“I remember you. You’re the dork who pushes kids around, one of them my little brother” Tiffany said.

“Heh heh… guilty as charged. Steve’s the name, and… no hard feelings?” Steve asked.

Tiffany liked seeing how scared the boy was. It was to be expected, as she’d be terrified too if she was in some giant monster’s hand. But then the giantess smiled.

“Nah. Actually, I think you look cute. Do you want to be my friend?” Tiffany asked.

“Um… yes! Yes I do!” Steve shouted.

“Okay! I’ll keep you in a safe place for now.” Tiffany moved Steve towards her chest.

The little bully fell right smack in between her massive boobs. For good measure, Tiffany rubbed them together and couldn’t help but laugh seeing his cute little head stick out.

“Comfy, little guy?” Tiffany blushed cutely. 

“Yeaaaaaaah…” Steve seemed to be dozing off into a trance. Whether it was the perfume the giantess was wearing or just the mere fact he was between two of her most sacred body parts, Steve was overcome and let himself relax while Tiffany gradually nudged the tiny boy to a spot between her breasts and her bra to ensure he wouldn’t fall out.

“You’ve got the yeah yeah! I’ve got the hey hey!” Tiffany broke into a song again and then laid back down into a relaxing position.

“Keep massaging, you little peeps! You do a good enough job and maybe I’ll put you where Steve is.” Tiffany winked down to the tiny people.

Meanwhile, back at the neighborhood where the Nickle family lived and Tiffany first grew, Lucas ran out of the house and gulped nervously as he watched his mother, Doreen, pull up in her station wagon. Doreen got out of the car and Lucas immediately ran to his mother.

“Peanuts! Thank goodness you’re okay! Have you seen what’s happened to Tiffany?” Doreen said.

“Mom! I’m so sorry… I can explain what happened…” Lucas took a deep breath, expecting to be grounded for life, but instead…

“It doesn’t matter how it happened. The important thing is that you’re safe” Doreen answered.

“Yes, Mom. Yes, I was… um… outside when it happened. I…” Lucas babbled.

“Lucas, wait here. I’m going to go inside and call the science lab. Maybe they can find out what’s happened to Tiffany and find a way to cure her” Doreen hurried inside the wreckage of the house.

Lucas, meanwhile, merely folded his arms over the incredible stroke of luck he just went through.

“Rokai! Rokai!” a female voice shouted from nearby. Lucas’ eyes lifted up as there were only a select few who called him by that name. He looked towards the anthill in the front yard and approached it, leaning down to just barely make out three ants that he recognized.

“Zoc! Hova! Queen!” Lucas said.

“Oh good… the implant I left in your head works perfectly. We can hear each other crystal clear!” Hova shouted.

“Rokai, are you alright?” Zoc asked.

“Yes, but what are you doing out here?” Lucas asked.

“Tell us, Rokai. Has your sister, the girl you call Tiffany, been enlarged to giant size? Of course, when I say giant size, I mean big enough to make you and other humans look like ants?” Queen asked.

“Well, actually, yes” Lucas said. There was a very audible groan from Zoc.

“It’s just as I feared. Those rookie worker ants used the wrong potion” Zoc lamented.

“Huh? The wrong potion? Wait… that means…” Lucas thought for a bit.

“Rokai, please forgive us. I am the reason for your sister’s growth spurt. Our ants were intending to send pills full of the liquid I used before on your hear, so your sister was planned to shrink and get kidnapped to the colony like you months ago” Zoc explained.

“But I sabotaged the plan. I’m also so sorry…” Hova added.

“Me too. This all happen for my obsession of getting revenge on humans” Zoc put a sad face. Lucas snapped his fingers.

“It makes sense now… that’s why Tiffany grew big with her diet soda. Please tell me you guys have an antidote!” Lucas shouted.

“We do. Our top scientists have already developed a counteragent that will allow your sister to return to her normal size” Zoc said.

“There’s a pretty big catch, however” Queen said.

“Because of how big Tiffany will undoubtedly have grown by now, her skin would be much too heavy to pierce through and administer the antidote directly, so we had to embed it into a food item that we feel suits her taste buds based on what you’ve told us about her” Hova said.

“Okay, bring it up!!!” Zoc shouted into the anthill. Lucas and the three ants waited for about 30 seconds until suddenly what appeared to be a chocolate chip came out. Lucas immediately picked it up from the anthill opening.

“A chocolate chip?” Lucas asked.

“We hope that’s satisfactory. It’s really the only thing we could fit out of that anthill” Zoc said.

“No, no, that’s perfect! I can have Mom bake a giant cake and sneak this inside, and then when Tiffany eats it, she’ll shrink back to normal! Thanks, guys!” Lucas put the chocolate chip in his pocket and then turned around, racing back inside the house. Zoc, Queen, and Hova all shouted a friendly goodbye to their giant friend. Inside the house, Doreen nervously pacing back and forth with a cell phone in her hands.

“Mom! Did you call the science lab?” Lucas said.

“No… and I couldn’t reach 9-1-1 or your father either. I think the phone network is down” Doreen said.

“Mom… can we still make a cake?” Lucas asked.

“Well… of course, but how can you think about cakes at a time like this?” Doreen said.

“I think we can calm Tiffany down by giving her the biggest cake she ever imagined” Lucas said.

“Hmmm… well, Tiffany does have quite the sweet tooth and can’t resist a good supersized treat when she’s not weight watching” Doreen said.

“Then we don’t have a minute to lose!” Lucas opened up the fridge and pulled out as many ingredients as he could. Doreen joined in feeling Lucas was quite serious about executing this plan. She also pulled out a can of diet soda, feeling this was going to be quite the undertaking for the next hour. Of course, the two had no idea that this drink had also been spiked with the growth agent by the same rookie ants from earlier…

Tiffany was laying back relaxing in the sun like she was on the beach, the subtle movements of the tiny people (including Steve as he continued to wiggle around within her cleavage) all over her body adding to her overwhelming feeling of being a queen goddess and further putting her mind at rest. It was because of that relaxation that she didn’t see what was about to be a rude awakening, especially as she felt an explosion off the side of her stomach.

“Ow! What the!?” Tiffany got up, sending people tumbling off her skin, and looked towards where that explosion came from. That’s when she saw a series of tanks rolling up to her.

“Oh, so nooooow the army sends its little toys to come after me. What took them so long!? Hey!” Tiffany let out an evil grin, focusing on the tanks until she felt some bombs go off the top of her head. She looked up and saw a group of fighter jets and helicopters bombarding her next.

“Alright, now we’re talking!” in response, Tiffany clapped her hands together (not a good thing for the eardrums of those nearby).

The giantess didn’t waste time engaging with the tanks, who kept shooting at her even though she was fast approaching and making them shake along with the ground. Tiffany did her best to ignore the blasts from the tanks before finally raising one of her sandaled feet up and pancaking one of the tanks. Tiffany looked underneath one of those sandals and saw the mess not only from crushing the tank, but also from when they tried to blast it, and for someone who deeply valued how her footwear was being shown off, this got her riled up.

“Ooooooh… you jerks have no respect for a goddess’s feet and her footwear!” Tiffany thoroughly rampaged through the group of tanks. As she did so, one of the jets flew right by her head. Tiffany reached up to try and swat it out of the sky, but ended up missing. On top of that, she ended up inhaling some of the smoke trail left behind by one of these jets, and the smoke definitely irritated her nostrils.

“Ah… ah… aaaaaah… CHOOO!!!” Tiffany let out a powerful sneeze that covered the tanks and some of the nearby buildings in a combination of snot and saliva.

“Ahem… bless me” after her apologize, Tiffany wound up her foot and gave one of the tanks a good kicking, sending it several feet down the road and exploding upon crashing against a bakery.

As Tiffany continued her assault on the last couple remaining tanks, she was still getting ambushed by the jets and helicopters from above.

“Hmmm… I wonder if I can get on higher ground” Tiffany dug her hands and sandaled feet into the nearby skyscraper and climbed upward, much like a certain giant gorilla did years ago in the movies. However, because of how much bigger Tiffany (the skyscraper was certainly no Empire State Building), it crumbled apart and Tiffany lost her grip.

“Pffft… so much for that idea.” Tiffany got up and brushed her skin of debris. The giantess focused back on the jets and helicopters as they continued to fire at her.

“Geez… you’re like all those annoying ants in our front yard!” the aggressive giant girl jumped up and swatted a jet out of the sky that couldn’t get out of the way in time, causing its back engines to shut off and the jet to crash in the distance in a fireball. That of course didn’t stop the other jets and choppers from shooting at her, namely around her breasts (much to Steve’s surprise as he took cover behind the giantess’s bra).

"Hahahaha, you naughty little critters!" Tiffany’s breasts felt a very pleasing, ticklish sensation. The entire helicopters of the army fired their weapons over and over again, only to get bounced back by the gorgeous cream pies from the giant beauty.

While Tiffany continued to move around and deal with the overhead assault, her sandaled feet were doing a number on the city. More and more buildings, vehicles both parked and moving, and even people got crushed underneath her mighty flip flops. At the same time, Steve was fighting to keep a firm grip on Tiffany’s bra, having slipped out from underneath it because of the sweat on Tiffany’s skin.

“Help! Help, my queen!” Steve shouted as he dangled on Tiffany’s bra. The giantess finally noticed the boy and held a hand underneath him, allowing him to fall into the palm of her hand.

“Steve, what were you doing there? You could’ve fallen and gotten hurt!” Tiffany shouted.

“Forgive me, my queen, I was just…” Steve said, only to be interrupted when Tiffany hugged him against her stomach.

“Whatever. I’m just glad I caught you” Tiffany smiled at him. After a few seconds of hugging the boy, who was speechless from being so close to her radiant skin (and it still smelled great too). Tiffany then set Steve down on a nearby rooftop of a building that barely rose past her knees.

“You can stay there and watch while I destroy these army wimps” *SMOOCH* Tiffany blew a kiss down at him before looking back up at the attacking jets and helicopters.

Outside of the city, Lucas pedaled as hard on his bicycle as his skinny legs would allow him. It didn’t help that attached to the back of the bike was a wagon holding a birthday cake that was easily three times his normal size. But it was important that the cake be so big because Tiffany was a big girl. Lucas pedaled up to the sandaled feet of Tiffany and shouted as loud as he could.

“Tiffany!!!” after shouting her name a few more times, Tiffany finally recognized Lucas’ little voice and looked down at him.

“Oh. Hey there, pippier than usual pipsqueak. Hahaha!” Tiffany burst out laughing.

“Tiffany, look what Mom and I made you!” the little boy pointed back to the cake.

“This is to celebrate you being the new queen of the city!” Lucas said.

“Pffft… really? Don’t you both know how strict of a diet I’m on?” Tiffany simply lifted her foot up like she wanted to crush the cake, but Lucas waved his arms.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re right! But think for a moment, Tiffany! With all that added height comes added weight too… and even a giant queen such as yourself has to eat SOMETHING sooner or later!” Lucas reasoned with her. Tiffany pondered Lucas’s words for a few seconds, and as much as she hated to do so, she agreed with her younger brother.

“Yeah, you’re right, I suppose. And I do see some of my favorite brand of chocolate there…” Tiffany licked her lips. Lucas gulped nervously as he watched his giant sister reach down and take the entire cake between her fingers. The young boy hoped to the maximum that the ants did their job and prepared the antidote inside the hidden chocolate chip correctly. Lucas watched as Tiffany scarfed the whole cake down with just a couple bites and one mighty gulp.

Only a few seconds later, the effect of the chocolate chip hidden inside the cake kicked in as Tiffany quickly shrunk smaller and smaller, including the bra and panties she wore.

“It’s working!” Lucas shouted. To his amazement, Tiffany hadn’t even noticed yet she was shrinking as she was still enjoying the cake she had just eaten.

“Mmmm… delicious” Tiffany commented. After about 30 more seconds, Tiffany was back to her normal size and body shape, and when she saw the jets and helicopters stop attacking (and fly away) and then looked forward and saw Lucas not ant-sized anymore, that’s when she somewhat realized it.

“Huh? Did you grow big too, pipsqueak?” Tiffany asked, only to instead get a hug from her little brother.

“Whew… thank goodness!” Lucas shouted.

“Um… ew!” the big normal sized sister wrangled her little brother loose.

“I’m sorry, Tiffany. I snuck an antidote for your growth condition into that cake you ate. You can kill me later” Lucas closed his eyes expecting to be either physically and/or verbally insulted by his older sister, but instead, he received a pat on the head.

“Eh, don’t worry about it. Turns out being a giant queen gets kinda exhausting and boring after a while” Tiffany said.

“Huh? Boring and exhausting? I dunno… I kinda know a thing about being a giant Destroyer…” Lucas said.

“What?” Tiffany asked. Lucas then remembered he never really told Tiffany about the adventure he had with the ants after they shrunk him.

“Never mind. Just my imagination talking out loud” Lucas said.

“Now come on, let’s go find where I left my clothes and… holy…” Tiffany suddenly looked up at the sky like she had seen a ghost. Coming towards the two was a now 250-foot-tall Doreen Nickle, who like Tiffany was reduced to wearing a bra and panties.

“PEANUTS, I'M HERE! Wow, everything looks so cute from up here…” the now Godzilla sized Doreen planted her sandaled feet in front of Lucas and Tiffany.

“MOM!?” they both shouted in fear.

“Oh, I see Tiffany is back to her normal size. Oh well, at least I found your clothes and your music player, though I guess they’re all too big now. Heh heh!” Doreen blushed. While the nearby people once again screamed in panic over yet another giantess towering above their city, Lucas and Tiffany just continued to stare up in awe at their enlarged mother, who like Tiffany also had a much more beautiful body to match her new size. Before the boy could continue with his thoughts, however, Doreen caught her children’s attention by continuing to pose and show off.

“Hmmm… I even think my hips are much cuter now. Daddy is going to get a good surprise, don’t you think, you two?” Doreen kneeled down and reached to pick up both Lucas and Tiffany. The giant mom then stood back up straight and cradled her children against her chest with a jumbo-sized hug, which made them hard to breath despite the softness of her covered breasts.

“WAAAAH! MOMMY, MOMMY!!!" Lucas almost ran out of oxygen.

“Ugh… not cool, Mom!” Tiffany yelled.

“Ooops, hehehe! Sorry. Let's go, you two. We're going to find Dad to have some pretty cool, pleasant vacations together. Your boyfriend is also invited, Tiffany!" Doreen happily took heavy steps on the traffic with her massive wedge sandals. As Doreenzilla put her children on one of her shoulders and tenderly stomped away towards the horizon, little Lucas could only think one thing while Tiffany just sat and enjoyed the view.

"Well, here we go again” Lucas sighed to himself.



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