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Author's Chapter Notes:

Current setting – Everyone thought COVID was bad, they had no idea. The second pandemic to hit the Earth, MISDV-001 (Male Impacting Size Diminishing Virus 001) was something completely different. No scientists had yet uncovered what caused the incredible side effects to occur, or why they only occurred in men, but what started as simple cold / flu symptoms, soon followed on with the victim shrinking. There was no rhyme or reason that could be determined, but once someone started shrinking they would continue to do so until they stopped somewhere between 1 and 6 inches in height.

The only (relatively) positive side was that these victims developed extraordinary physical resilience to the point where many previously fatal falls, drops, and impacts would be unlikely to kill the person outright. This did not mean they were immune to damage, but it took relatively more force to cause injury.

Initially these men were protected and still viewed as people. With the prospect of having to live in a world where all men would keep shrinking, a plan had to be implemented to make the world a safer place to prevent extinction of the human race. To this end , workplaces, homes, transport were all aimed to be able to accommodate normal people and those who contracted the shrinking virus.

However this progress came grinding to a halt when a bio-pharmaceutical company in the USA made three incredible breakthroughs:

1)      A vaccine with a 95% efficacy rating;

2)      A cure for those victims who had diminished in size.

3)      A way to culture and effectively ‘bottle’ the virus so that it could be orally administered to another person

The downsides to these discoveries were that the vaccine was expensive, the cure was exorbitant to the point not many could afford it, and the bottled virus meant anyone could shrunk either willingly or against their will.

The development of the bottled virus and the associated cure led to all sorts of shenanigans across the globe, as anyone with enough money could really do whatever they wanted. This ranged from roleplaying, to humiliating an enemy, to allowing almost unsolvable murder cases.

The sudden prospect at not all men shrinking, and only a small minority being victimised, made these mass retrofits and changes to everyday life seem unnecessary. Slowly over the next few years, these ‘shrinkies’ slowly lost attention and care from the wider community, and eventually became viewed as sub-human by many people.

An international law was introduced that ‘in theory’ gave these sub-humans the same rights as normal people, but it was all just lip service. By this point, too many people had given up on being careful with the shrinkies, and no law enforcement agencies bothered to get involved. Walking around an office without watching where every footfall was placed led to thousands of deaths per year. Many shrinkies were thrown out of their homes by girlfriends and wives that just wanted someone normal size in their life.

Eventually, many people viewed shrinkies as pests and treated them as such – either avoiding them through disgust, or going out of their way to end their existence.




Chapter 1

Present day

It was a sunny March evening in Sydney, Australia. Sunny, but not too hot. That nice gentle heat from the sun but with a cool breeze that makes a long walk through the city streets feel like a pleasant stroll.

You were walking to the Ferry terminal to head home following a long day (actually a long week) at work in the city, at a job that underpaid and underappreciated you. You couldn’t wait to get home, crack open a beer and watch some T.V. having started work at 7am, getting out at 7pm was not an uncommon occurrence, but it was starting to get on your nerves.

As you approached the terminal you saw your ferry just pulling in. Not wanting to wait another 20 minutes for the next one, you broke into a jog whilst pulling out your tap-on/off card from your pocket. Tapping the card on the reader as you head onto the wharf, you have to side-step the crowd of people that have disembarked the ferry, all walking up the narrow jetty. Fortunately the worker handing the load-on ramp notice your plight and hold wave at you, indicating that they will wait.

Once on the ferry you finally catch your breath and turn to the crew member “phew, thanks mate, really did not want to wait for the next one”

“No problem” he replies.

You turn and walk to the rear of the ferry, hoping to get some more of that sweet cool breeze and get a good look at the city you call home. Surprisingly, the rear of the ferry is pretty empty, with only a group of three young women, in the left corner closest to doorway leading to the inside seating compartment of the boat. They were all giggling and had clearly had a couple of drinks in the city before heading home. You decide to have some space and sit on the back row right in the middle, spreading out and deeply breathing in the sea air. Thinking it would be nice to put on some music, you reach for your over-ear headphones that are in your bag. They were a gift from your girlfriend and you loved them. The sound was crisp and the quality was perfect. They even had an ambient sound setting, so you could keep your headphones on, pause your music and still have a conversation with someone without having to take them off. As you put them on you notice one of the women at the front glance sideways at you, and note that they have all gone silent and trying to stifle a giggle.

You don’t think anything of it, you’re a guy in good shape and work out at least 3 times a week, they are probably just eyeing you up after all. Regardless you find yourself curious, so you put your headphones onto the ambient sound mode, put your sunglasses on, and lean back into your seat giving the appearance of someone not paying any attention to their surroundings. The group of women giggle and turn back to the front of the boat. You crack your eye open and tilt your head down. Now you can study them subtly without them knowing. You realise that they are actually a very attractive group. Due to the slats in the seats, you can move your head slowly around and get a good look at them.

The one on closest to you on the left is a petit blonde with long, flowing hair, wearing a denim jacket over her tight white shirt and black pencil skirt, finished off with beige open-toe heels with light blue polish on her nails. Her sharp face and small but perky breasts instantly grab your attention as you think she is pretty cute. In the middle is a slightly larger bosomed brunette who also looks more muscular, wearing a tight fitting sweater covering her huge boobs, blue jeans, and a pair of white Nike trainers. Furthest from you is a what you can only describe as a well toned yoga babe. She has long dark hair tied in a pony-tail on top of an intense yet friendly looking face with deep brown eyes, a tight black crop top visible under a mesh style shirt, exposing her toned abs, and tight shiny faux leather leggings and black flats on her feet. Her complexion is a little darker than the other two, suggesting some Mediterranean origins.

The women have all stopped glancing at you and gone back to what they were doing. It looked like they were looking at something on the floor, but you weren’t sure what…

From the women’s perspective a few minutes earlier

“Oh my god Clare, I think you really hurt him!” said Hannah, the petit blonde on the left

Clare the dark haired one on the right giggled “oh come on I barely touched him, look he’s fine!”

“No Clare, I think Hannah is right, he actually looks to be in pain, look…” said the brunette sitting in the centre as she prodded the three inch tall naked man with the front of her white shoe.

“Please stop!” yelled Greg, wincing from being hit by a car sized shoe “there’s no need for this. It was an accident I swear! I was just heading towards the place I live inside the cabin”

“Hmmmm” pondered Clare “curious that you decide to take the route that goes right under our seats rather than going another way. You wanted to get a look up Hannah’s skirt did you, you little perv?”

Hannah giggled “aww, that would be a compliment if it wasn’t so creepy”

Greg didn’t know what to say, and could muse on how he had ended up in such a precarious position.

He had simply been walking from the rear of the boat where condensation formed on the metal bars, it was the only source of (relatively) clean water he had access to, before heading back to his hiding hole inside the boat cabin. Midway through his return journey, the three ladies came and sat right infront of where he was cowering by the leg of a bench. ‘they aren’t paying attention, ill have to run for it before more people arrive’ thought Greg. With that he ran towards the front of the boat, sticking as close to the side wall as he could, when a black purse slammed down infront of him. Unable to stop himself he tried to run around the bag, but tripped on the strap, and tumbled to the ground right infront of the group. Before he could get his bearings, he heard a thunderous noise from above, prompting him to roll onto his back and look up to the three giantesses above him

“Oh my god, Ellen look!” shrieked Hannah, pointing downwards at Greg

“Huh?” questioned Ellen in the middle, looking down “oh! What are you doing little guy? You lost or something?”

“Lost my arse, lying on his back staring up at us, dirty little bug probably just trying to get a good eye full” Clare growled as she pushed the tip of her black flat into the leg closest to her, feeling resistance as she pressed harder until the little man squeaked, before removing her foot and placing it back down on the floor.

“Fuck, could this week be any worse” grumbled Greg as he grabbed his almost crushed leg in pain.

“Guys, someone is coming!” exclaimed Clare “quick hide him, just encase this guy is a shrinky protector, or whatever those softies call themselves”

Ellen quickly lifted her trainer and placed it over Greg, who barely had time to exclaim before the sole came down, trapping him against the cold, hard floor. Ellen enjoyed feeling him under there and slowly rolled her foot side to side, forward and backwards, feeling his body creak and groan under her.

As Greg felt the weight shifting across his body, his last few months flashed through his eyes as he waited to be for inevitable  death.

Last night

Having been thrown out of home by his wife a few months back after he contracted the shrinking disease, Greg had teamed up with some other shrinkies he found on the street. Eventually they decided to play it safe and find somewhere that was warm, secure, and would have frequent food drops nearby. Someone suggested a ferry and they all saw the sense in it. They were in use in the day, locked up at night, and there would be people constantly using them, dropping life-sustaining food. Of the 6 that left, only 5 made it to the ferry. The first loss was a complete accident – having to get onto the ferry in night-time, they were sneaking from bench to bench at the wharf when a seagull snatched one of them. After that they travelled in a tight formation and made it to a ferry moored at the wharf. They clambered over the mooring line, onto the boat, and under the door into the cabin. From here they found a section of wall that was hollow and worked to make a hidden entrance.

They lived here for months. There was an extremely limited window to get out and find food once the day was over and the cleaners removed anything they would be able to eat, so they resorted to daytime excursions, using the fixed benches and seats to carefully scavenge what they could. One by one they got crushed they were killed, mostly by accident. A sudden move or step of someone in an unexpected direction unknowingly ending a life, with the exception of one day when Greg and Lenny were scavenging. Rushing around underneath seats on a crowded day, Lenny stopped between two black high heels and looked up a blue skirt, ogling at all he could see. The woman to whom the panties belonged happened to look down and see Lenny, and with a scowl quickly slipped her foot out of her right heel and slammed Lenny into the ground with the ball of her foot, causing Greg to slide to a stop just beneath her chair. Greg could only see the flailing legs of his compatriot and the arch of her foot rising high above his head. After pondering if there was anything he could do to help, the foot started to grind slowly but firmly left and right, eliciting muffled cries from the man trapped there. After a minute, the foot began lifting with Lenny’s chest trapped between the big and second toe, with his head now free Lenny started screaming in horror. Giggling, the giantess squeezed her toes tightly until the shrinky went red in the face and coughed up a bit of blood before lowering her foot back into the heel. Once slipping it on, she stood up and walked to the exit ramp of the ferry, satisfied with her commute on public transport.

By this point only two remained, Greg, and Frank who was only two inches in height. Until last night anyway.

Greg was lying in their hideaway when frank said he needed to go to the toilet, and lifted the small ‘door’ that they used to get in and out of their hollow wall home. After a few seconds Greg heard a shrill scream “Help, Greg! I’m stuck!”. Greg jumped up and was about to rush out the hatch when he heard footsteps ‘no, no, no’ he  thought, and peaked out slowly. By this point his last friend had stopped screaming, and simply watched in horror as the cleaner came around the corner ‘but they never clean this late’ he thought to himself ‘and why isn’t he running!’. With shock Greg realised that Frank was stuck on a strip of sticky paper, the same kind used to catch flies “the poor guy didn’t even notice it” muttered Greg. As Frank looked at him with pleading eyes, Greg realised he couldn’t risk being seen, so he slowly retreated as the young Asian looking cleaner approached, closing the hatch behind him hearing Frank curing him for not helping. Weirdly rather than sadness, he thought ‘damn’ he thought ‘she was cute!’

Frank’s anguished yelling turned into sobbing cries as he heard the cleaner exclaim “I knew it! Didn’t you think it was convenient that I missed a whole biscuit on the floor last night, right? I came back in the morning to check and guess what… it was gone. This is amazing!” she exclaimed “well, it is for me anyway. There’s a new bonus scheme for every shrinky we find, so youuuuu” she pointed at the immobilised and naked Frank “get me a sweet hundred bucks!”

“Please, I’m sorry, I’ll leave the boat and go elsewhere, you don’t have to hand me over to anyone”

“Hand you over? No, its just based on evidence of finding a shrinky and disposing of them” and with that Greg heard that electronic ‘click’ sound smartphones make when you take a picture.

“Now comes the disposal!” she sang, slipping her white adidas socked foot out of her left boot “I hope you don’t mind, you just feel sooo much better this way”

“Wait, wait, please I’ll… hmphh” Frank was grabbed by the giantess and squeezed hard until he couldn’t breathe. With her other hand she held the paper down and yanked him off of it, pulling the skin from the bottom of his feet “mmpphhhh!” he yelped

“Oh please, that’s nothing compared to what you’re about to feel” she winked at Frank before bending forward and dropping him from about a foot off the ground (which to him felt like a two storey drop)

“Thanks for the bonus, bug” giggled the girl as she stood upright, lifting her sock clad foot over Frank.

Lowering her foot until he was buried under her sock, with his head between her big and second toes, and his chest below the ball of her left foot, she taunted “come on little bug, at least try to get away or something, its no fun if you don’t struggle” as she increased the pressure, then releasing before increasing again. Frank tried to scramble out from under the crushing weight, but ultimately was trapped. After a few ‘pumps’ of her foot, she decided to spice things up a bit. “Ok bug, I do feel a bit bad about the paper and all, so I’ll give you to the count of 100 to run, starting…. now!” as she lifted her foot.

Frank was in panic mode and had no room for rational thought after being steamrolled by this girl’s foot, so he took off in a straight line from her towards the exit door.

“One… two… skip a few, ninety-nine, one hundred!” exclaimed the girl.

‘No, that’s not fair’ thought Frank having only made it about half a meter from the girl. Turning around, he got his first good look at her. Average height, with sharp facial features, deep dark eyes and black hair tied in a bun, “fuck you” said Frank

Genuinely taken aback she scoffed “excuse me?”

“You heard me, that was cheating! I could have made it away and you know it”

“Errrr, no. I caught you already so you already lost dude, just take it like a man, alright?”

“How can you live with yourself?”

“Easy, like this” she said as she swung he foot forward catching Frank in the chest and sending him flying across the cabin.

Lying in agony, Frank could only whimper as the girl skipped towards him, sending huge tremors through the ground. As she reached him she taunted “aww what happened to your big mouth?”

All Frank could do was look up and the cheerful face above him as she thought out loud “well, I was going to end you quickly, but that display of rudeness deserves punishment”. With that she used her socked foot to roll Frank onto his back with his arms and legs spread “are your limbs broken? Let me check”. She first placed her big toe on his left forearm and pushed down hard, smashing the limb into gore and broken bone “yep that one’s definitely gone” she giggled as Frank screamed unintelligibly.

“Ok next!” she smiled as she repeated the process on his left leg, then right leg, and finally his right arm. By this point Frank was in shock and just lay there staring blankly up at her.

“Wow I don’t think one of you has ever stayed awake through that, well done! But let’s see you survive this…” and with that she raised her heel above Frank and smashed it down as hard as she could, destroying everything that was left intact and squirting blood in a small area around her foot.

Smiling, the girl went back to where she had dropped her boot and slipped her foot back inside, picking up the paper and her cleaning kit. Giving the blood stains a quick wipe she sighed contently and left, happy she had made a bonus that night.

Greg just sat in silence, knowing he was the last, and how long could he survive alone?


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