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Story Notes:

This is my first story on here. Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

"Do you trust me?"

"Um." Alexandra has to consider that question. "Yes…"


And there is a but.

It's a reasonable but, she thinks. 

This is incredibly odd. 

Lying down in the center of a massive, cupped palm is foreign to her. Add the fact she's also completely naked and being watched by a 'more than just fascinated' giantess, and Alexandra simply doesn't know what to do with herself. She was definitely more enthusiastic about this when it was merely a flirty suggestion. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for her, she isn't the one calling the shots. 

"Then let's do it," Talia says, not at all concealing her excitement.

She says it like it's obvious.

Although it is, isn't it?

This is what they both agreed to do. 

Talia brings her other hand up, wasting little time in parting Alexandra's thighs with her spit-slicked index finger. The effect is instant. Alexandra gasps. She has no control as the digit presses up against her, rubbing unexpectedly roughly. In fact, it's almost a little too rough. Like Talia doesn't know that less is more at this scale. Like she doesn't realize her own strength. 

Which to be fair, she probably doesn't. 

She's always been a little that way. 

Always fiery.

Neither of them have had to deal with the consequences before now. 

Alexandra immediately tries to remedy this issue. "H-hey, woah, y-you- oh-!"

Mistakenly urged on, Talia ever so slightly picks up the pace — and like that, Alexandra cannot speak. She can hardly even breathe. She couldn't resist if she tried. The finger separating her thighs and relentlessly assaulting her clit is the most intense and terrifying thing she's ever experienced. It's also perhaps the single most wonderful thing she's ever felt, because it leaves her incomprehensibly moaning and mindlessly scrabbling at Talia's skin as she's uncontrollably driven toward her peak. 


It's so much.

Too much. 

Yet not anywhere near enough. 

Just before she's about to come, and just when she thinks she's about to have relief, the friction stops. The pressure is gone. A blanket of warm air washes over her. 

"I want to show you what you did to me," Talia whispers.

She's much closer now. 

Her words are sharp in Alexandra's mind. 

Because hold on.  

She looks up at Talia's immense face and sees nothing but lust. Her lips are coming closer and closer by the second. She opens her mouth and—

Holy fucking shit. 

How is this more.

How is this more than before.

The overwhelming pleasure Talia's tongue brings is beyond godly. It's much different than her finger, somehow exerting less pressure and yet touching so much more deftly. Maybe it has to do with the texture, Alexandra doesn't fucking know, but each inescapable flex of muscle provides her an almost out of body experience. The orgasm that was about to crest only a minute ago is straight up ripped from her body. As she writhes, she's screaming Talia's name, and she just knows she'll scream herself hoarse.

There's a rumble, the telltale sign of Talia's low giggle, and the vibrations it causes are indescribable. 

Then, quite suddenly, several hot bursts of breath cover Alexandra again. They're much quicker this time. Everything from Talia's hand to her tongue is beginning to tremble, and though that's utterly petrifying, Alexandra can't do a damn thing about it given her position. She's still hopelessly pinned, trapped in place by the enormous tongue currently eating her out, when she vaguely realizes that Talia is fucking herself to this. 

Oh God, that's magnificent. 

Alexandra is in love. 

That alone pulls another orgasm from her. All the while, she can hear Talia working herself from far below. The panting and erratic movements increase — Talia's fingers begin to twitch. 

And that's so fucking scarily hot.

Alexandra closes her eyes as the world around her shakes, willingly giving herself to her situation. The force is so great that she's slowly being pushed back inch by inch. She's hyper sensitive yet entirely overstimulated. The heat she feels below seamlessly blends into the heat of the flesh surrounding her, and it becomes nearly impossible to separate when she's coming undone and when she's not. It's perfectly endless bliss. 

If this goes south, then it was worth it. 

Without any warning, Talia pulls her mouth away and releases a loud moan. Everything shudders. The fingers above Alexandra involuntarily curl, clenching in rhythm with the orgasm happening below. Said fingers come dangerously close to touching her before Talia stops herself from accidentally crushing the tiny cradled in her palm. 

A few more quivers come and go before the world rights itself. Finally, apart from heavy breathing from them both, everything is still. 

Alexandra reaches up to touch the pad of one of the digits hovering above her head. She weakly presses her palm against it, and within a second or two, all of the fingers relax and unfurl. 

"Wow…" Talia says.

She's staring down at her like she just witnessed the most beautiful thing in the world. 

That's how she feels too, huh?

Alexandra gives the weakest of nods, still essentially unable to speak. She's panting too hard to respond. Her lower half is covered in saliva, so much so that she might very well be stuck to Talia's skin. More importantly, however, she feels as though she's been run over. She remains flat as Talia moves, who knows for how long, and gingerly places Alexandra atop the nightstand.


After that, Talia lies down in the bed next to her and turns so they're roughly at eye level. She smiles, then reaches out until one of her hands is resting on the nightstand. She lets it fall just short of Alexandra's form. 

Close, but not too close.

It's a sweet little gesture. 

"You doin' okay?" she asks. 

"Was just… a lot…" Alexandra manages, having finally regained some of the wind that was previously knocked out of her. "Yeah though, wow…"

"Heh, now you know how it was for me."

"No way…" 

Talia smirks. "Ehh, I dunno. I'm pretty sure you look like how I felt." 

"But I was… I was gentle… wasn't I?"

Alexandra doesn't think her question is funny, but clearly it is, because she's met with the sound of Talia's laugh. It's always such a lovely laugh, even if it is directed at her. 

"I know you were, but trust me, Lex. I was gentle too. That's just what it feels like. If I'm being honest, I barely even touched you." 


"Oh... Oh my God, seriously?!" 

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