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Synopsis: Tired of being the shortest one with a smaller stature and less developed body than even the first years of the group, Nico yearns for a way to get bigger. She soon finds out her emotions aren't the only big obstacle she must face...

Tags: Breasts, humiliation, saliva, mouthplay, footwear, feet, odor, unaware

Characters: (μ's) Nico, Nozomi, Maki

Nico Yazawa roamed the halls of the all-girls Otonokizaka High School, heading to the School Idol clubroom for her daily practice. Recently, she felt a bit inadequate when it came to her stature. Not that the other girls were mean about it, but she just didn't like being looked down upon by others who were her age or younger! The only one who really teased her was--

"Washi washi~ Oh~ It seems like your chest hasn't grown much since last time Nicocchi, that's no good~"

Feeling a pair of hands grab her flat chest and continue to grope her, as well as feeling a disproportionately large pair of breasts press into her back, Nico knew only one person could be behind this...

"Nozomi! Would you knock it off!! T-this is sexual harassment you know!!" Nico cried out to the empty after school halls, trying to break free from her captor.

"We're just gals playing around, or maybe idols making sure our fellow group members are in top shape. No need to be so serious, fufufu~" Nozomi continued to tease.

At the exact moment Nico finally broke free from her fellow third year's arms she could swear Nozomi intentionally tried to pinch her nipples. Nico blushed profusely and backed away. She hated the fact that it almost felt nice for a brief millisecond.

"That's the final straw Nozomi, you've teased me enough! I'm tired of being the smallest one in the group!" Nico yelled.

This startled Nozomi a bit, she was used to seeing Nico all up in arms, it was cute to her, but this time she seemed genuinely upset. Nozomi felt she went a bit too far with her friend and prepared to apologize. But at that moment, with Nico still fuming mad, something changed...

Nozomi watched in stunned silence as Nico was slowly shrinking before her eyes! She thought she was daydreaming for a moment, raising a hand to pinch her cheek before Nico snapped her back to reality.

"Nozomi, hey!! Are you listening to me!? You can't just ignore me you know, I'm actually mad at you! And when I tell Honoka--"

Nico stopped her ranting and realized something was wrong. She wasn't just a few centimeters smaller than Nozomi. She was now below Nozomi's chest height, the purple haired idol's heaving breasts practically able to cast a shadow on the diminished hotheaded girl. Nico looked up to make eye contact with Nozomi, still looking down at her curiously.

The flat chested third year began sweating bullets as the shrinking didn't seem to be stopping.

"N-Nozomi! What the hell is happening!? Are you doing this to me!?" Nico squeaked up to her fellow third year.

"I'm... not doing anything, I don't think..." Nozomi replied. "You only started shrinking once you started yelling at me..."

"Well do something! What's gonna happen if I don't stop shrinking!? This isn't normal!"

"Just calm down Nicocchi--"

"I AM calm! T-this probably wouldn't have even happened if you hadn't... ya know!"

Nozomi's unnaturally calm demeanor grew into a smug smile.

"If I hadn't what? Done this?" Nozomi bent down to the now toddler sized Nico and picked her up with ease. Standing back up, she raised the tiny teen into the air, as if playing with a child.

"You know, I kind of like you at this size even more honestly," Nozomi giggled. She could literally feel the girl continue to slowly shrink in her hands.

Nico did not find the situation funny in the slightest. A part of her was terrified, this was her worst nightmare coming true.

"Babies seem to love being around me, I wonder why that is~?" Nozomi mused as she brought Nico's body back down towards her.

"Nozomi, what are you do-- Mmmphh!!"

Before she could realize what was happening, Nico got a face full of the idol's fat tits. Nico squirmed in Nozomi's embrace, but her hold was too strong. The flailing tiny arms and legs softly pounding against Nozomi's developed body only stimulated her further. Nico could hardly breathe as she literally had pounds of breast meat covering her nose and mouth.

"Now, do you promise to behave like a good little girl? When I release you, I want you to apologize to me," Nozomi said in a stern motherly tone.

"I want you to just go get Honoka and the others and do something to fix me..." Nico thought but knew another outburst might trigger further shrinking.

Nozomi gave the tiny toddler teen another playful squeeze, almost fully enveloping Nico's head between her breasts. She then lowered the girl back to the ground, where the full height difference was made apparent.

Nico was barely tall enough to reach Nozomi's knees. Her thick thighs seemed like large tree trunks in comparison to Nico's noodle-y limbs. She had seen comments on μ's message boards from fans apparently wanting to be crushed between those thighs. Nico didn't understand what those pervs were thinking before, but now she almost did.

A part of her hated how gorgeous Nozomi looked, towering far above her. It pissed her off to no end. How could this be happening to her? Tears welled up in Nico's red eyes as she thought about the unfairness of this situation. All while the DD cup idol stared down at her with a warm smile, barely able to contain her smirk.

Nico stared at the floor while her words were slowly dragged out of her mouth.

"I... I..." she muttered.

"Yes, my cute little Nicocchi~?" Nozomi put her hand to her ear.

"I... I think you're a bitchy bully with cow udders for tits!" Nico screamed; her voice raspy from the tears she was holding back. Nico laid on childish insult after insult, all the while her height was slowly dwindling away in front of Nozomi's eyes.

Nozomi just stared back at her with a mixed expression of awe and delight as Nico shrunk herself in a fit of rage.

"Stupid! Dummy! Boobs for brains! And... um... dumb... and..." as Nico ran out of insults, she realized she was no longer looking at the same surroundings. The many hallway tiles beneath her feet were now one extremely large plain that stretched on forever. Her voice didn't seem to carry very far, and the sounds around her went from the usual after school rumblings of students, to extremely deep and haunting booms in the distance.

Nico knew the mistake she had made, and she was too scared to look up and face who she just spent the last half a minute insulting.

"What were those last few remarks? I couldn't exactly hear you, Nicocchi." boomed the giantess' voice above. "Hold on, you're nearly too small for me to even see now. I can't believe you went and shrunk yourself just to apologize to me!" Nozomi cooed as she bent down.

Popping her index finger in her mouth for a moment, the purple-haired goddess swished it around before taking it out of her mouth, now with a very large and noticeable glob of spit attached to it.

"No... no please... you wouldn't...!" Nico squeaked, but at her size it would have been impossible for Nozomi to hear unless she was directly in her ear.

"Now... I think it's up to me to decide the proper punishment for such a back-talking bug, there's no way you'll be an idol if you keep acting up like that!" Nozomi teased. "I'll make sure you properly apologize by the time we're done."

Nico's eyes widened with fear as the saliva covered meteor headed straight for her. Before she could even take a few steps back, the gooey colossus collided with the shrunken idol, and she was instantly absorbed by the glob, sticking to the finger as it was raised up to Nozomi's face. Nozomi licked her lips seductively, sending chills down Nico's spine.

"Ohh just look how cute you are stuck to my finger like that! Fufu, you should have shrunken yourself a long time ago honestly~ Even still, I must punish you for your harsh words. I'll train you to be a proper young idol yet!"

"Hmm now what to do with you... let's see what the cards say..." Nozomi tapped her finger not covered in spit to her chin.

Nico simply watched on as there was nothing she could do. The well-endowed girl pulled out a stack of cards from her bag and began shuffling through them expertly. A lightbulb then went off in Nozomi's head as she found a tarot card she liked.

"Ah! So this card huh~ Fufu, maybe you'll end up enjoying this too. Let's head to idol practice."

"Practice? So you're going to show me to them after all?" a glimmer of hope was heard in Nico's voice, but Nozomi didn't respond.

With a girlish giggle, Nozomi walked down the halls of the mostly empty school. The sun was getting lower and the shadows it cast made Nozomi's large figure look even more imposing from Nico's perspective. Nico simply clung to Nozomi's finger without a struggle. Her spit had long dried which made it hard for Nico to move, and even if she could she didn't want to accidentally fall off. Nozomi could hear Nico's occasional screams for attention and chose to ignore them, already lost in her own imagination in regards to all the fun she can have with this tiny idol.

The two third years made their way to the Idol Study clubroom. From outside, Nozomi could hear someone in the room. She didn't want to expose Nico's predicament just yet, so she quickly devised a scheme.

"Come with me for a sec, okay?" with that, Nozomi brought the finger Nico was trapped on slowly towards her mouth.

Nico was greeted with the awe-inspiring sight of Nozomi's perfectly plush lips. Her cherry pink lipstick still looking immaculate even after a long day, and her cushy lips curled into a sickeningly sweet smile. Nico screamed, but that just allowed a mouthful of spit to rush into the back of her throat. Nico choked it down with tears, the sweet aftertaste of whatever gum Nozomi was chewing earlier was very noticeable.

"Stay still and behave in here, I'll be careful too I suppose. Remember, you brought this on yourself!" Nozomi said with a wink.

If Nico wasn't so occupied at the moment, she'd give that bitch Nozomi a real piece of her mind! But whatever was wrong with her body meant that she probably needed to keep her anger in check. Who knows how small she could get?

"In you go!"

Like it was nothing, Nozomi's mouth opened wide with a menacingly cute "Ahhh~" as she stuck her tongue out.

The finger Nico was stuck to made impact with and dragged against the bumpy pink appendage, and Nico's body took the brunt force of it. Her face and body smeared against the hot and moist surface. She screamed once more but no noise came out, a mouthful of saliva secreting from the tastebuds absorbed any sound of resistance.

The massive finger pulled away and Nico saw the last remaining glimmer of light from the outside world slowly disappear.

Nozomi closed her mouth and let out a girlish "Mmm~!" while feeling up the petite girl's body inside her.

Surrounded by darkness, panic began to set in for the minuscule idol. Her clothes were soaked to the bone, her eyes and body were red with tears and from the brutal beating she just received, and her stomach hurt from all the gooey spit she just ingested. It was extremely hot and moist in this dark cavern, and the giant tentacle she was sitting on would not stop groping her.

Basically, Nico was in hell. How did she come to deserve this? Nozomi was being far too cruel. She was being put in a life-threatening situation, and was simply supposed to calm down and take her punishment like a good girl? Nico stewed over this unfair predicament, while Nozomi cheerily walked to idol practice with her new piece of candy and a spring in her step.

"Nozomi! Nozomi! You better let me out of here right now or I'll--gah!" Nico tripped as she got up, the "floor" underneath was slimy and unstable. Nico fell to the bottom of Nozomi's mouth and the giant tongue patted Nico on the head playfully.

"Yuck!! Blegh! Get off me!! Stop this Nozomi, I'm getting seriously scared now!" Nico cried out while she was getting a saliva bath from her friend's monstrous tongue. As Nico continued to demand respect at her diminutive size, her height dwindled more and more.

To Nozomi on the outside, it simply felt like she was sucking on a piece of candy that was getting smaller the more her saliva eroded it away. She could faintly hear Nico's tiny squeaks buzzing in her head but couldn't make out any words.

Nozomi figured she'd just play around with the bossy girl for a bit, teach her a lesson, let her out, and forget about this whole ordeal. The only person inside the clubroom was Hanayo, still changing into her workout clothes. Nozomi greeted her and began changing as well.

"Wow... Your underwear is so stylish, Nozomi..." the busty girl turned around to see Hanayo eyeing her body up and down. "Mine are really cheap and I only have a few matching pairs..."

Nico was pushed off to the side of her mouth so she could talk clearly.

"Hehe, you say that all the time! It's just normal underwear. Let me know the next weekend you're free and we'll go shopping for some together~" the mature upperclassman offered.

Hanayo's eyes lit up. "Y-you mean it!? Ooh gosh thank you thank you!" the quiet girl squeed.

"It's no problem. What kind of designs do you like?"

From inside Nozomi's mouth, Nico was wracked with the overwhelmingly loud and booming voice of her captress. Nozomi's mature, womanly voice echoed all around her, infinitely bouncing off the walls of Nico's moist prison and causing stay droplets of spit to fly and splash in Nico's face. It was safe to say that at this point her school uniform was completely soiled.

Climbing on top of Nozomi's tongue, using her tastebuds as footholds, Nico tried to look outside at who Nozomi was talking to. She couldn't exactly make it out, the light from the world outside this high school giantess' mouth was blinding, and Nozomi's mouth and tongue movements were too quick and erratic for Nico to properly see for more than a second.

"Well, we should get to the roof, everyone's waiting for us." Nozomi advised her kouhai. Hanayo nodded in agreement and the two began to leave the clubroom.

"Ah, I've forgotten something here, Hanayo, you can go on without me, I'll be right up!"

"O-okay, I'll see you upstairs!" Hanayo waved and left the room, leaving Nozomi and her precious candied school idol to their own devices.

What laid scattered about about the room, and integral to Nozomi's plan, were the many clothing items belonging to the other seven members of μ's. Honoka and the others were now diligently practicing upstairs, completely unaware of what had happened to Nico.

Nozomi walked around the room with a puzzled look on her face, as if she was debating something in her head. She had nearly forgotten about the girl in her mouth. She stuck her tongue out, with Nico laying at the tip, and scraped her limp body off with a fingernail, removing the battered girl from her mouth.

Nico had no clue what her intention was here, but knew it couldn't be good.

Nico got her first breath of fresh air in minutes and was thanking the lord she didn't get swallowed.

"Nozomi! The other girls are upstairs! If you just bring me to them we can fix all this! Hey! Are you listening to m--"

"Shush. I'm thinking.... Ah-ha! This will be a suitable home for you. Alright, little Nicocchi, I've got to get to practice. I'll be back down later, but I want you to be a good girl and wait here for me," with those words, Nico realized she was being lowered down somewhere.

Nico looked to see where she was being brought to, and a look of morbid dread spread across her face.

"No! Wait! Don't leave me there! Nozomi you fucking bitch! I'm gonna tell the others on you! Don't you dare put me in there!" Nico's cries only made Nozomi's devilish smile grow.

Nico landed with a sickly squelch on a warm leather-y surface. Her body was immediately splashed with a substance she didn't want to know the origin of. It covered her body and made it feel like she was doused in a sticky oil. Her petite body was now drenched in the spit of one idol and the foot sweat of another.

Nozomi stood up to view Nico in her new temporary home. The goddess-sized idol looked down at her work with a smug grin, proud of her own devious plot. She blew the shrunken girl a kiss and casually walked off, leaving Nico to sit and stew about her new predicament.

"Well this is just great... when I grow big again that big titted dummy is gonna get it..." Nico muttered.

She looked around her new surroundings and wondered what she could possibly do now. Nico never imagined the inside of a shoe could look so spacious, it was like she was inside an aircraft hangar. But now was no time to be impressed.

"Ugh, what is this nasty.... hurk! Blegh!" as soon as Nico began to complain her nostrils were assaulted with a horrid odor.

She knew she was in one of the girls' shoes, but she wasn't sure whose. She couldn't even begin to imagine which member's feet smelled this awful, enough to leave their scent imprinted on the shoe for this long. Not to mention the pools of sweat that secreted from the insole every time she put pressure on it. It was hard to believe she was trapped inside a shoe of a high school girl all things, but her surroundings couldn't lie. It smelled like leather that was left to bake out in the sun all day combined with a swamp composed of stinky cheese and sweat. Nico covered her nose and tried to breathe as little as possible.

It was hard not to let her anger get to herself at this point, and Nico could feel her body shrinking away even more than inside Nozomi's mouth.

"Shit, fuck this whole situation, if I ever get out of here I'm killing that girl...!" she thought. The pools of sweat that once covered only her toes were now coming up to her ankles. Nico's clothes were drenched by the hot, humid air. The smell of sweaty feet permeated every breath she took, and even if she covered her nose, she could still feel it tainting her lungs.

Nico ran to a wall of the shoe and grabbed onto it, hoping she could gain any traction and climb out, but her hands slipped off without fail each time. She clawed away at the moist material a few more times, but she eventually gave up to conserve energy. She was trapped in this dark, musty cave until Nozomi or someone else let her out.

She stared up at the giant hole in the sky that lead to the outside world of the clubroom. The pitiful girl wondered what all the other girls were doing, if they were having fun, or if they missed her. She wondered what excuse Nozomi made up for why she wasn't at practice. It all made her fuming, and thus, Nico shrank away until she was a mere millimeter in size.

Every breath she took was filled with steamy sweat, and she feared the thought of being in the shoe when a girl's foot was actually inside with her. She hoped Nozomi would be sensible enough to take her out before that happened, but she doubted it.


"Phewwwww that was some workout! You really cracked that whip today, Umi!" Nico's ears perked up as she heard Honoka's voice from afar.

It sounded terrifyingly loud, despite the distance, and it was accompanied by myriad pairs of footsteps coming towards her location. Nico got up and ran underneath the opening of the shoe, hoping to be freed soon. The voices of the other μ's members were chatting away frivolously.

"Maki, you especially were working up a storm! I couldn't believe you learned those steps so fast!" Eli complimented the redhead.

"Yeah just look at all that sweat you worked up too, puhuhu~" Honoka joked, causing Maki to blush.

"W-who says that kind of thing to a girl!? I stayed up late last night to practice... And I don't even sweat that much compared to you!!" Maki retaliated.

The other members laughed as they entered the clubroom and started changing back into their school clothes to walk home. A giant figure appeared right above the opening to Nico's prison, and for a moment she thought she was saved. But it wasn't Nozomi there to take her out, it was the colossal, beautiful figure of Maki Nishikino. Nico realized she was simply too small to be noticed and slowly began backing away in fear, knowing what was coming next.

"Makiiiiiii! Nooooo! I'm down here!! Stop!! It's me, Nico!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as her speck-sized body sprinted through the swamp of accumulated insole sweat.

The sight of Maki's illustrious barefoot casually appeared, and eclipsed any light coming into the worn out shoe. There was no way Nico could be seen now.

"She's not even gonna wear socks!?" Nico gasped.

Indeed, it was a hot day, and a long practice. Maki had already spent the previous night studying their new routine, and her feet were extremely sore even before walking to school today. They were too hot and sweaty to put back in her black socks now, so she would simply have to wear her loafers barefoot.

Maki's reddened sore foot entered the school loafer, her five monstrous toes wriggling, almost teasingly, at the humiliation they were about to inflict onto Nico. Maki of course was unaware of this whole situation, but she wasn't one to complain about a pebble in her shoe. She loved the sensation of having something to play with between her toes, in fact.

The tired tsundere lifted the back of her shoe up slightly to allow the ball of her foot to fit in. Her smelly, sweat-soaked foot had now fully entered the tomb that trapped her fellow idol, and Nico's screams were soon snuffed out by a tidal wave of hot, sticky toe flesh coming right for her. The poor grain-sized girl was buried underneath the five playful digits. Nico closed her eyes in the darkness of the shoe and just let nature take its course, she was too scared to move, and unsure of what would happen next. Was she going to die here?

As Maki and the other girls left the clubroom, Nozomi stayed behind for a moment, looking around.

"Hmm, it feels as if I've forgotten something again..... Oh well~" The bubbly idol exited the school, said goodbye to her friends, and walked home. She had completely forgotten about the girl she left to suffer in her friend's shoe.

Chapter End Notes:
Poor Nico, I almost feel bad :') Will continue to update, thanks for reading so far~
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