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Story Notes:

Giga male story, mostly small females.

Josh came home from work and was greeted by a welcome site - his fiancée Emma had started dinner, but was wearing just a white tank top and her favorite pink panties. She didn’t take notice of him entering. He grinned wryly as he walked over to her and grabbed her from behind. Josh felt her luscious brown hair on the bottom of my chin- a reminder to her that she was about a head shorter than me. He used to tease her about that, but not anymore. Just as he felt her warm, soft body lean into him, their whole apartment shook violently. They had long stopped keeping dishes on cabinets above the stove; they’d fallen out and broken too many times before. The shaking intensified. The pot Emma had boiling began to bounce up and down and splash water out. She quickly turned off the burner and then turned around to face Josh. She grabbed his crotch. “Come on” she said, looking straight into Josh’s eyes, trying to lead him to their bedroom. he just shook my head. “You know I can’t right now” I said ashamedly. She sneered at him; “Goddamn it, I don’t want to allow that idiot to ruin the night I had planned for us”. She threw down the oven mit she’d been holding and stormed off into the bedroom, and then into the adjoining bathroom. 


Emma sat her plump ass down on the porcelain and held her knees up to her chest. She opened up her phone. Her sorority group chat was blowing up. There was a Fox10 Phoenix live stream link. She opened it. The screen was divided into two video feeds. One was evidently the news’ channels cameras. The other was streamed live from a phone. On the right half, a reporter stood on the roof of the tallest building in Phoenix. The camera pointed West. They could him taking up the entire horizon. He was sitting with his legs at 45 degrees in front of him. His cock was at full mast, engorged to nearly 5,000 feet in length, pointed at the city. He had no modesty anymore.  The camera focused for a second and Emma gasped. Right in the middle of his legs was the superhighway I-10. 

The feed cut to another camera angle. But not before she got a look at his abs, the ridges of which were deeper than her entire apartment complex. 


As the feed switched, she began to look at the other feed on the split screen. Substantial-Seth99 was the handle at the top. It was the giant; live streaming his fun. The vantage point was about 3 miles, well below his current height 5 miles, looking down on his junk and the highway. Traffic in one lane was stopped, while it moved in the other lanes. Seth’s hand descended from the sky and he grabbed his erect cock, holding it up as to reveal what was happening below. Vehicles were advancing straight towards him. Emma realized, they were going through the passage of his ass crack, which must’ve slightly parted to allow them to get through. Her mouth was dry, and her face was red. Her attention flipped back to the other feed. Now, it was a van on the ground on the highway. It, like many others was stopped. It was now clear what was motivating most to drive through his buttcrack. A couple hundred feet ahead his finger came down from the heavens. Although his finger was wide enough to stretch across all lanes of the highway, he was careful to have it land on only the stopped lanes of traffic. Those who were unlucky enough of to have hesitated to driver under him were crushed immediately.


The camera crew was dangerously close. It zoomed in to see dozens of people ahead struggling either to change lanes or to sprint out of their vehicles and out of the path of his fingertip. There were a couple of buses among them. Among them was a school bus, containing what was evidently some sort of varsity high school sports team. They watched as the bus driver, pudgy and out of shape sprinted from the bus and into advancing traffic cut down seconds later and smashed all over the road. 4 girls managed to escape through the emergency exit on the right, two were cutdown immediately by traffic and 2 seemed to be making it to the edge of the road. On the left side, another 4 escaped. They were not so lucky, there was no way they could make it the more than 250 feet his finger covered in a couple seconds. The finger made contact with the ground, crushing a line of over 30 cars and around 100 people, including, to many observers horror, a school bus full of innocent schoolgirls and their coaches. The impact knocked the cameraman to the ground and lifted the newsvan off the ground. The finger lifted again. The news van driver was too sharp. Without even waiting for his cameraman, he revved the engine and hopped into the moving lane of traffic. He suddenly slammed on his brakes though. The people hit by moving vehicles had caused several accidents, and the giant was trying to as gently as he could shove those off the road with the tip of his now free finger. This was all leftie- of course, his right hand was still holding up his erect cock. He did crush a few waiting cars by accident in the process, but the newsvan was far enough back to avoid such a fate. Once the way was clear, the feed was cast by a shadow, the new cameraman sensed the viewers curiosity and panned the camera straight up, flipping on a floodlight, so they could see the wrinkled surface of the ball sack they were passing under…


Emma was immensely turned on, but she was ashamed to admit it. Not only by this brutal, bloodthirsty violence which triggered a usually tamed evolutionary desire, but by who the giant was. He had been her boyfriend Josh’s best friend prior to his ascension. He had hit on her and made passes at her numerous times, but he’d been mostly a loser back then. And she’d spurned him. It pained her to admit she was attracted to him now. 


She emerged from the bathroom a few seconds later to see her beau lying motionless on their bed. She softly sat down next to him and simply ran her fingers through his hair.


GIANT’S VIEW (1st Person):


From my vantage point of 10 miles in the air I look down on my college-town; the great city of Phoenix. I liked the city, some of the people, not so much. But, you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, so they say. It’s getting well into the afternoon; I can barely make out a stream of dense mostly commuter traffic moving west along I-10. I think of all the bored 9-5 people rushing home to see their families. After a grueling day, they get to deal with a nagging spouse or spoiled kids. Maybe they rush around and stretch their paycheck to get some last-minute Christmas presents. What a shame. I thought I might spice it up for them.


I walk a few steps forward, towards the city. My feet are mostly in the desert, I haven’t crushed that many people yet. But the land is flat, all the millions of inhabitants of the city have a good view of me. Even in a room with no windows; they know I’m approaching. I’d seen some videos of it before; even at this size, the tremors are so violent it causes panic. Some weak buildings on the closer side of the city even collapse. I’m naked, of course, clothes can’t go with me. I am in better shape now that what I had ever been before. I make sure of it, I want to add to the God-like image. Any time I approach a city like this, I’m hard instantly. My erect cock points like a Damocles sword towards my home city.

How many girls and women thought of me when they fucked their boyfriends and husbands? I’d gotten curious, and I poked around on the internet. I found a guilty woman, a newlywed, who said she thought of me, the giant, every time she slept with her husband. He’d been surprised by how much she was orgasming in sex. She hadn’t much before. The number of comments nearly crashed the site. It numbered in the tens of thousands of women, and sometimes gay men, saying the same. It turned me on so much. A few straight men said they got aroused imagining themselves being me. Those I think are pathetic, literally cucks. They have to deal with all the women around them, girlfriends, wives, cute women they see on the street, wanting me.

I was so turned on. I stop and look down below. There’s a small settlement, seemingly some type of neighborhood or something below me. Pretty small, maybe a few dozen houses. Then there’s just emptiness for a few miles before phoenix’s western edge. I’m still outside the city. Those fucks shouldn’t have built their suburb there. I begin to sit down; I’m careful to sit so that I-10 is running directly under my ass crack. I spread my cheeks ever so slightly to make the opening wider for the highway. I grin as I feel the small crystal structures of the suburban neighborhood put up a microsecond resistance against my ass, then they and their inhabitants are crushed into nothing under me. I unlock my phone, which has the ability to grow with me. I log into my account and snap a quick picture. It’s me, each leg bent at a 45-degree angle, the highway running right up to me and under me.

Now, traffic in front of me is beginning to stop. There’s already several accidents. What would you do if a 10-mile-tall naked giant just sat down in front of you on the highway? Nonetheless, this is not what I want. I gesture at them to keep going. Only a couple obey. I want to give them benefit of the doubt. I grab my erect dick and point it up, as if to ‘show the way’ straight through the ass crack and under me. A few more seem to get it, they see the opening and start to drive towards it. Ah, there’s no feeling in the world like it. Some, don’t notice. I see, in the stopped lane, some people hopping out of their cars and fleeing! Running for their lives, some into oncoming traffic, getting themselves smashed all over the road. That won’t do. I hate being disobeyed. I whip out the phone again. I’m going to have to make an example of these cretins. Still holding my dick, I managed to use the tips of my index and middle finger to aim the phone’s camera down. With my other hand I simply extend my finger tip, grinning ear to ear, I bring it down on the worthless mites stopped. I’m careful to have it cover only the lanes that are stopped. I see a few minivans among them. I thought of some soccer mom, rushing home with younger kids or from shopping. She’d soon have realized her older kids at home were crushed under my ass. I was doing her a favor. Best to make it a whole family deal. I cherished the brief feeling of the metal instantly giving way to one of my smallest body parts. I bring the finger down again and again and again. Each time ending the lives about one hundred innocent people. These actions cause more people to rush out into the travel lane either by car or on foot. More accidents and mayhem ensue from my simple action. I look over in the travel lane, it’s stopped, not by choice, but by the crashes. I bring the finger over, with my fingertip, I push some of the wrecked vehicles out of the way. Of course, in the process I cleaved in half a tanker truck and ignited a massive (to the tinies, at least) explosion. I lean down and purse my lips and blow. Lots of the cars and inhabitants are lifted off the ground and blown thousands of feet backwards towards their death……

I will admit- I have an addiction. It’s a different addiction than in my past. Those who knew me before I grew know that I spent much of my first 2.5 years of college completely sloshed. Now? It’s power and sexual domination. Unfortunately for whatever mite is reading this; it’s something I have unlimited capacity for. Don’t like it? Not like you have much of a choice in the matter. I’d never had much luck with girls in my 1st 21 years, and I’m making up for it now; you will deal with it.

What my critics (the ones still around, at least, heh) seem to not understand is, I’d allowed about 98% of them to live. At first there was a lot of carrying-on about 5 or so cities that I leveled; the 7 million or so dead. You know what I could have done? I could’ve wiped the U.S. off the map. I was so exasperated with these idiots. I scrolled through social media and was getting ready to pay one of these detractor’s city’s a visit, when I got a blast to the past. It was a couple, a petite brunette clad in a white blouse and dark denim wash jeans, standing sideways so that her nice and round PAWG butt was visible. Her brown hair was up in a ponytail. She looked great as ever. She was leaning into a guy, and both were holding corona beer bottles, smiling ear to ear. They were my former best friend and roommate, and his girlfriend. I’d wanted that girl so bad. Maybe it was time to pay them a visit. 

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