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Story Notes:

Something I wrote that leans more towards gentle teasing rather than outright vicious cruelty. Had fun writing, hope you enjoy it.

Author's Chapter Notes:
The start of a beautiful weekend.

“Dude, I can’t believe you got a job there!” James said, tightening his grip on the controller in his hands, desperately trying not to let his cousin take the lead in Mario Kart.

“I know, right?” Michael said, releasing the spiny shell in his arsenal, “I’m pretty stoked to already have a job lined up this close to graduation.” The big-screen television flashed on the boy’s faces as James crashed and Michael flew past him. The darkened room lit up again when Michael's kart hit the finish line.

“Damn it,” James said with a defeated chuckle, dropping his controller.

“That’s my trick…,” Michael laughed, “hold on to a good weapon and take you out at the last second.”

“Yeah, I know…,” James sighed, “you think I’d learn.”

“Well, we really don’t get to play together that often, so we don’t know each other’s strategies yet,” Michael added.

“Maybe we’ll have each other figured out by the time the weekend’s over,” James laughed.

Michael sat up and took a sip of soda, “Anyways, how about you? Do you have anything lined up after graduation?”

“No…,” James sighed, “it’s so frustrating. My mom is pushing college really hard on me. She just doesn’t want me to get a job that…, you know…,” James fumbled as he tried to find the right words, not wanting to hurt his cousin’s feelings.

“You mean she doesn’t want you to get a menial job that society looks down on,” Michael said. “Dude, I don't get your mom. This job has great pay, including hazard pay and vacation time. You don’t normally get paid like that unless you go to college.”

“I know! And plus, you don’t have to go into massive debt,” James nodded his head. “I wish I could just do that instead.”

“So… why don’t you?” Michael asked.

“Dude, you know my mom,” James scoffed, “she would never let me.”

“That’s why you ‘tell’ her! Don’t ask her…,” Michael said.

“Yeah, I don’t know, man,” James paused, “my mom isn’t really a person you can just ‘tell’ something to.”

Michael was about to offer a rebuttal to his cousin but his thoughts were interrupted by a loud sound in the distance. The front door to the house opened and in walked a beautiful woman.

“Boys!” she called out in a sing-song voice. “I’m home! I brought KFC home for dinner. I hope that’s okay.” She set the bags down and kicked off her work heels, she was glad to finally be out of them.

“Heck ya, mom,” Michael said, “I love KFC!”

“Thank you aunt Mary,” James said with a smile.

“Oh my goodness,” Mary said, as she flicked on the light switch. “What on earth are you boys doing on the floor?” she asked, shaking her head with a lighthearted smile. “I could have stepped on you and not even realized it!” she said, walking over to them. And as if to prove the point, she set her foot down right in front of them with a deathly loud boom. “See? You’re so tiny! You’d be squashed just like that!” she said, snapping her fingers and raising her brow. “You have to be careful down there!” she said, smiling sweetly at the two tiny teenage boys sitting on the carpet in front of her giant bare feet.

“Sorry mom,” Michael said. “The ladder for the coffee table was knocked down and we couldn’t get it back up.”

“Sorry aunt Mary,” James echoed sheepishly, morbidly looking at his aunt’s massive foot before him. Each one of her mountainous toes were larger than either him or his cousin. James was fascinated watching her toes flex and squeeze together as they supported the shifting weight of the titanic woman. In the two years since James had shrunk, he had never been up this close to someone's foot.

“At least you guys remembered to wear your earpieces this time,” Mary smiled, stepping over top of the tiny boys so she could set the ladder back in position. Her huge foot boomed as it landed, jolting both tiny boys. Both of her bare heels rose into the air as she lowered herself to her haunches, causing the weight on her toes to increase. Her thighs came to rest on her calves, making her skin flex and ripple from all the added pressure. To say that James was mesmerized by his giant aunt hovering over him was an understatement. 

The gigantic woman hadn’t thought her movements through and had absentmindedly placed her colossal ass over both of the tiny teens. Their tiny hearts were pounding, having something that dangerously enormous above you would make anyone faint with fear.

“Oh my gosh, mom!” Michael shouted, “watch what you’re doing!”

“Oh, sorry about that, guys,” Mary said with a chuckle when she realized what she had done. “I guess it just goes to show…, I could even sit on you without realizing it! Even more reason to use the ladders and stay off the floor.”

Mary put the ladder upright and stood back up to her full height. Her bare heels settled on the floor once more, the skin of her soles widening and flattening under the immense weight. She gingerly stepped back in front of the tiny teens who found themselves, once again, toe to toe with the giant woman. “Didn’t mean to scare you boys, but at least now you can safely climb to the top of the coffee table and stay safe.”

“Thanks mom,” Michael said with a huge sigh of relief that her colossal body wasn’t hanging over him anymore.

“Yeah, thanks aunt Mary,” James added. His heart was still beating out of his chest.

“Now,” the giant woman said, smiling and crossing her arms, “are you boys hungry? I know I am. How about we go eat?”

“Yeah, sounds good, mom,” Michael said.

“Yeah, I’m starving,” James replied.

“Well, actually James, now… this is awkward,” his giant aunt said, cringing her face, “normally, I  would carry you to the table, like I do for Michael, but your mom said not to give you any special treatment like that anymore. She says you always come back home super lazy after you leave my house.”

“What?” James asked in surprise. “What did she mean by that? I only get to come over like twice a year.”

Mary shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not sure. I guess I just make life too easy for you, huh little guy?” Mary giggled lightly. “But it looks like you’re going to have to walk yourself to the dinner table. I wish I could help you out, but I can’t, sorry!”

“So you’re really going to make me walk all the way to your dining room? Seriously?” James was flabbergasted.

“I’m afraid so, honey,” Mary curled her lips into a slight frown.

“Man, that sucks,” Michael said. “Do you want me to walk with you? That’s a long way to walk by yourself.”

“N-no…, that’s okay,” James said, he was still feeling a little embarrassed. Why did his mom say that? Giving him rides didn’t make him lazy, he thought to himself.

“Okay, well come on Michael,” Mary said, squatting down and placing her open hand on the floor, “hop in and let’s go.”

Michael hustled toward his mom’s hand and climbed into her massive palm. He settled into some of the soft creases of her hand as she slightly closed her fist, to ensure her tiny son wouldn’t fall out. She smiled warmly down at James again. “See you in a few minutes, little guy. Sorry again!”

With that, she turned and sauntered off, each of her thunderous steps rumbling the floor. But as each step carried the gorgeous colossus further away, the booming earthquakes became softer and softer until they were gone altogether, leaving James alone in the oversized living room.

James stood still for a minute, lost in the silence that now permeated his world. A lot had just happened in the past two minutes. His aunt had stepped so close to him, closer than any other giant had ever stepped near him, and then without warning, her beautiful ass had been literally right above him. James had never felt a mixture of both fear and excitement like that in his life. And then, to top it all off, the feeling of being abandoned by her as she took his cousin away for dinner really made his heart sink. It felt so embarrassing just to leave him on the floor like that. Which didn’t make any sense. Why did aunt Mary make such a big deal about him and Michael being on the floor, and then force him to walk, on the same exact floor, to the dining room table? Just because his mom said so?

James shook his head and started his long trek through the carpet. As he wrestled his way through the carpet fibers, he had time to think about some stuff. For example, how had he never noticed how beautiful his aunt Mary was before? Was it just a passing feeling? Or was it because her impeccable ass was hanging over him, and he was an ass guy? Either way, he found himself completely enthralled with her at the moment, but he was sure it would pass.

But should he feel bad about it, he wondered? It was his aunt, after all. Well, not biologically… he and Michael’s dads were brothers, but their mom’s were not related by blood. So did that make it okay, he wondered? If not okay, it certainly made him feel better, at least in the moment.

After what felt like walking forever, he was at the threshold of the hardwood floor. Walking on hard flooring was a lot easier and faster than walking through carpet. He stayed close to the base trim so he’d be out of the way, just in case a giant walked by. It was something he was used to doing at home with his own family. It sucked being the only one in his family that was affected by the shrinking virus. It was tough to catch a break or get extra help when he needed it. His mom was always hard on him when it came to fending for himself. She said that he was learning skills he would need in the real world.

James passed by a register vent and felt the strong breeze of cool air blowing across his body. The vent was covered in dust and lint. In fact, all the imperfections including dust, dirt, and crumbs on the floor were super noticeable to him at his size. Not that aunt Mary was a bad housekeeper, it was just the nature of being tiny. You notice stuff like that.

Another minute later, he had finally made it to the threshold of the front door, where the discarded high-heeled shoes of his aunt were lying after she had taken them off. One was laying on its side, the other was upright. They were tall and strappy, with impressions of her toes softly embedded in the insoles. His heart began to flutter and he felt himself getting excited and breathing harder. Oh god, he thought to himself, this wasn’t a passing feeling! This was something that was starting to over take him. The sight and smell of his aunt Mary’s high-heels made his manhood ache to be touched.

“Oh my god, what is wrong with me?” he muttered under his breath as he climbed onto her beautiful footwear, as if it were second nature. He looked around at the enormity of the shoe. The vast size and scale of the giant woman’s high-heel was astonishing. The slope of its arch was intimidating as well; climbing it would be difficult for sure. Not that he wanted to, but if he did, the top of the heel would definitely be challenging to reach. When the thought entered his mind of aunt Mary walking around all day in the intimidating footwear, casually, like no big deal, well, it made her even more impressive and intimidating to him. 

James couldn’t take it anymore. He had fought the urge long enough. He unzipped his pants and grabbed himself. He laid down on the insole of the giantess’s high-heel and stroked himself. He fantasized about her stepping over him and hanging her beautiful round backside over top of him, in all its colossal glory. He also fantasized about her feet walking in the very heels he was laying in. It didn’t take long before he came like he had never came before. He turned to his side, surprised with how big and explosive his load was. It went everywhere, all over her shoe.

“Oh, geez wow,” he panted, trying to catch his breath. “Oh my god, that was… incredible.” He took deep breaths and struggled to stand. “Wow, I can’t believe that,” he looked across the insole at all the sticky discharge that was strewn across it. “Hopefully she won’t see that…,” he muttered as the hotness wore off and the sinking reality of what he had just done came over him.

James stumbled to the floor and took off running for the dining room. He was already running late and he was lucky his aunt Mary hadn’t come back to check on him. He would have died if he had been caught. And if his mom found out, his life as he knew it would be over. It was such a gamble and risk to do that, it made him wonder if that was part of the thrill… the fear of being caught. Either way, he was looking forward to spending the weekend at his cousin’s house more than ever.

Chapter End Notes:

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