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Tina lifted her hand toward her face, palm up, fingers coiled in a loose fist. As she uncurled her digits, she revealed a dozen or so people—naked and terrified—standing stranded on her palm. They were laughably minuscule, the tallest of them could maybe challenge the height of a sunflower seed. As they stared up at her face, her hungry eyes leered down at them, and the pink tip of her tongue slid over her supple lips. None of them loved the insinuation. 

One puny man shrieked with a tiny voice, pointing backwards to alert the others. Another giant face! As their panic rose, they all whirled to witness an equally large face also looming over them. Then the realization hit.

It was only a mirror. 

They stared at the twin colossus, along with their own reflections. From this vantage the little people beheld their true situation: pathetically small, less than even toys, cupped in the immense hand of a goddess. 

Her captives surely preferred the reflection. That face was more distant, and while at first her attention was focused on their mirrored counterparts, Tina startled them when she alternated her focus between those in her hand and their reflections. She enjoyed hearing whimpers when she briefly locked her great hazel eyes on a lone mote before flicking her gaze to the next.

Tina grinned, showing off her vast white teeth, each as large as a car. As she slowly relaxed her jaw, strands of ropey saliva stretched from her tongue to the roof of her mouth. She could just make out the color draining from their tiny faces as she flexed her tongue, her huge pink muscle rearing high, then crashing back down against her teeth. As she brought them even closer to her face, Tina’s hot humid breath washed over them, ratcheting up the terror ever still. A few cowered, but the rest fled, scurrying across her tennis court sized palm away from her open maw. 

As if they could run from her.

Before too many got away, she leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide. With the tilt of her enormous open hand she dumped the mass of people roughly inside. 

It was absolute pandemonium. 

People floundered in her saliva, their screams of terror echoing off the row of imposing hard teeth that loomed over them. Her tongue rose, lifting part of a small group, others spilling off over the side, choking in her warm frothy spit. One unlucky speck crashed into a molar, bouncing and landing into the cavity beneath her massive monster of a tongue. 

She teased them. One individual looked out toward the light streaming in from the opening of her mouth. Drenched and sputtering, he stared out bewildered, once more locking eyes with the massive woman. Then he realized he was again witnessing her reflected gaze, firmly fixed on the chaos inside. It was all a game to her. 

And Tina was having fun. But now it was time to eat. 

The group of people felt her jaw shift, their landscape tilting again, her tongue steering people toward her teeth. One tiny screaming man found himself settled between the cusps atop her molar. His shrieking continued as the tooth above descended on him, grinding his pathetic body into a squirt of salty viscera. When her tooth lifted, the man’s flattened form rested in that depression, completely bloodless, a tattered banner of flesh and shattered bone.

Her mastication continued unabated. Now the broken man’s remains hugged the unforgiving surface of her upper tooth, lifting upwards with a awful squelch.

Those toward the back of her mouth were lucky enough to be drawn back by her tongue. They watched the terror before them, caught in the gloom of Tina’s throat. 

Tiny hands gripped a slippery tongue, struggling to maintain the hold as they were drawn ever closer to oblivion. Tina leaned closer to the reflection, opening her mouth wide, displaying the gristly remains of the victims of the teeth. She could see a few tiny people perched in the back of her throat. She moaned, her throaty hum reverberating inside the cathedral of her mouth. The lustful bone-shaking boom rattled them, numbing their struggling limbs. 

One last tongue undulation was enough, their grips failing, her unrelenting throat hauling them, along with the mess of their comrades down into the acid and darkness below.

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