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Title: Saki’s New Honda
Commissioned by: Zenryokutfs
Categories: Original
Characters: Saki (OC), Honda (OC)
Tags: Body Modification, Ownership, Humiliation, Futanari, LITRPG, Lesbian, Object TF, Femdom, Air Inflation, Breast Inflation, Contortionist Flexibility, Multiple Orgasms
Started: 11/01/2023
Finished: 24/01/2023

As soon as the hot tea touched her moist lips Honda felt her pale pink lips begin to lightly tingle as the earthy taste penetrated her mouth. The ruby-haired mage let out a low hum as the warmth trickled down her throat and began to spread through her chest.

“Like the new blend?” Saki asked, stirring a teaspoon of honey into her cup as she leaned back into the corner of her soft maroon velvet sofa, her eyes half-lidded as she watched her partner closely.

“Mmm, I think I can actually taste the mana from the plant’s leaves,” Honda said excitedly, her tone rising in pitch as she took another sip, not noticing the slight tightening sensation of her lips.

The warm, grass-green, liquid slithered down her throat, the warmth in her chest spreading further and more insistent. The mana of the aphrodisiac petals belonging to the pink flower that was the base ingredient, weaved its way through her blood and into her own mana, steadily leaking and filling each cell of her being as it began to take hold.

Honda shifted in her seat as she took another sip, her thighs sliding against one another as she felt a familiar warmth radiating from her pelvis. Her sanguine eyes began to gravitate to the slit of Saki’s low-cut pale blue shirt that stopped just shy of her toned stomach, the slit of the shirt reaching down to expose the full inner curve of Saki’s D-cup breasts. Honda shifted again, her nipples hardening and pushing out against her dark purple leotard, the slick fabric teasing the sensitive tips, with each moment she felt the friction teasing her nipples, it was almost like they were tingling.

Images of her burying her face into the delicious, soft crevice of Saki’s breasts filled her mind. Her cheeks darkening with a lustrous blush, Honda lifted the cup to her lips to hide her shame with another sip. The warm blend kissed her lips, caressed her tongue, and trickled down her gullet. Honda swallowed, shifting in place as the tingling sensation between her thighs warmed with liquid heat.

‘I need to get the brand of this tea,’ Honda thought to herself, running her tongue over her lips in a sensual manner. The erotic vibration spreading out from her lips and over her face, it felt like every inch of her was becoming sensitive, desperate for her lover’s touch.

“Anyway, I’ve found us a new contract, all we have to do is catch some thief and we’ll get a nice ten gold, each,” Saki said, admiring her manicured nails as she absentmindedly pushed out her breasts, the slight movement squishing her soft orbs together before bouncing back into their more relaxed position.

Honda swallowed, her eyes again drooping and glueing to her girlfriend’s tits.

“T-Ten gold?” Honda stammered, feeling the words cluttering at the back of her throat, the inside of her mouth feeling both dry and slick, her lips parting into a slight ‘o’ shape as she started to breathe more labouredly, not noticing how her lips seemed to part on their own accord.

“Yep, apparently, some perverted thief has been breaking into a shop and making off with some valuable goods and the increased security hasn’t done much good,” Saki said, smirking slightly as she noticed Honda’s cheeks starting to reflect the flickering light of the candles about the room as they tightened.

Honda shifted in place again, her movements becoming a little more rigid. It felt like her arousal was bubbling up from between her thighs, filling her. When she looked back to the Saki her sanguine eyes met her mossy green ones, they were so sharp and calculating it made Honda’s pussy clench with desire. She always just melted when Saki looked at her like that.

“I’m surprised that tea works so quickly, I’d expected it would take the better part of an hour, half an hour at least, but wow, it’s a good thing I didn’t give you it in public or we’d have gotten a lot of stares…though I could always store you-“ Saki trailed off, placing her index finger to her chin as she looked up in thought, her own thoughts making her both amused and wet, she’d definitely have to try it once Honda was finished.

“What are you talking about?” Honda flinched, her voice raising in pitch to almost a squeak in the final words of her question, “huh? What’s happening?” her arms raised to her throat, but as they bent at the elbow it felt more like she was folding an inflatable mattress in half making her arms bulge with compressed air, she sounded like she’d just inhaled a mouthful of helium.

Saki’s shoulders shuddered, her breasts bouncing with mirth as she listened to her squeaky girlfriend. The bouncing mounds again caught the inexperienced mage’s eyes, making Saki’s laughter grow in volume, making her breasts bounce more dramatically, if her shirt were any tighter, they would have popped out.

The latex of Honda’s indigo leotard began to ripple and shift with her panicked movements and began to flow into each crevice and dip of her body, sliding over her curves as though it was being vacuum sealed to her developing body. It became so tight the shape of her nipples was clear to see, and then the fabric began to thin, becoming more like body paint than clothing, curving perfectly around her breasts and making her nipples stand proudly, begging to be suckled as the fabric between her thighs slid higher and melted into her pussy, merging with every wrinkle, and sinking into her slit until it melded with her flesh.

Saki’s eyes slid down Honda’s rippling body and were pleased to see her purple stockings now painted onto her legs. She reached out and caressed the paint, Honda flinched at the sudden caress, she was so smooth and rubbery, her fingers sunk in a little when she applied pressure. Her eyes fell further and she was pleased to see they’d even merged with her feet, her cute little toes now painted with the light purple of her stockings.

What’s happening to me?” Honda squeaked, moving to stand from the soft sofa, she bounced when her air-filled soles touched the floor and fell back into the air, eliciting more laughter from the older thief.

Honda’s legs stretched out shoulder-width apart on their own.

Transformation successful! Honda LV11 Mage has transformed into LV1 Sex Doll

“Sex Doll!!!” Honda shrieked, her squeaks becoming more like a hiss at the new tone.

“Yep,” Saki smirked, stroking a finger along the inside of her rubbery inner thigh.

“Why did you turn me into a SEX DOLL!?!?”

“For the job, though we could always have a little fun with it too,” Saki teased, capturing one of Honda’s nipples between her thumb and middle finger and giving it a playful tug, Honda let out a high-pitched moan as her nipple stretched more than it naturally should before Saki let it snap back into place, the breast bouncing at the sudden snap.

“Wh-Wha job?” Honda gasped, her breast bouncing with each breath she took, inflating and deflating her boobs.

“The one I was just telling you about silly,” Saki laughed, leaning back against the sofa and propping a bare foot into Honda’s lap, her heel pushing into the rubbery flesh just above her pussy, Honda shivered and squirmed, pressing her lips together in a vain attempt to squash her carnal moans.

“The thief? Why do I – Oh fuck-“

“And you kiss my ass with that mouth? I’ll have to clean it out with soap and water…or lube and spunk,” Saki teased, grinding her heel into the sex doll’s lower tummy. “Anyway, the thief has been stealing some of the sex dolls, so I’m going to switch one of them with you and when he takes you, I’m going to follow and capture him and claim the bounty, simple,” she explained.

Saki removed her foot from Honda, and she let out a squeaky sigh of disappointment despite herself.

Err what if he gives you the slip?” Honda objected, trying to ignore the fires of desire between her thighs, she’d never felt so turned on in her life. Even the way her lips naturally rested into the ‘o’ shape, begging for her owner’s cock instead of her small smile was making her wet, though at the moment it seemed every breath was keeping her lubricated.

Information: Sex Dolls of the S Class range have naturally lubricating orifices, the doll draws on the ambient mana from the surrounding area to generate a constant stream of sexual lubricant of the owner’s preselected choice.

“You should have more faith in me runt, the potion links you to me, you’re effectively a part of my personal gear, and I’ll always be able to find you…in theory, in time I’ll be able to summon you as easy as my dagger,” Saki said with a slight smirk as she stood from the sofa and made her way to a wooden cabinet.

Honda banished the ethereal text from her vision and stared after Saki, her eyes naturally falling, tracing the line of her spine to the curve of her plump ass, her mouth began to water, and there was a slight strawberry hint to her taste.

Saki retrieved a small, black leather case from the cabinet and made her way back to the sofa, putting an extra sway into her walk when she noticed where Honda’s eyes had been glued, her walk making her sizeable assets squish against each other drawing her rubbery gaze a little higher.

Saki placed the case on the arm of the chair which seemed to break Honda’s trance and draw her attention to the dark object.

What’s in the box?” Honda asked, Saki nipped her lower lip as she tried not to laugh at the pitch of her voice. The thief flicked the clasps of the case and pushed open the lid before lifting out a clump of folded rubber, Saki rotated the clump in her hands and pulled out a small black tube, and making eye contact with Honda, used her tongue to pull it into her mouth and began to blow.

Honda, pushed her legs together, her thighs squeaking like balloons as they rubbed. Strawberry lubricant began to trickle from her circular lips as she watched Saki’s tips play with the black tube enviously.

‘Fuck why am I so horny!’ Honda mentally cursed, mentally wincing when even the voice of her inner monologue sounded like it was high on helium but with an added sultry tone that hadn’t filled her own voice. At least not yet.

Information: Mamma Coochie’s Sex Dolls are always in the mood and ready to please their Master and Mistress.

Honda felt her eye muscles try to twitch as she read the company’s slogan.

The clump of rubber and latex quickly began to unfold itself, drawing on the surrounding mana in time with each of Saki’s orgasmic puffs. Honda squeezed her eyes shut making her cheeks puff out adorably as she tried to stop thinking in such terms. First arms then legs shot open like a blooming flower, then the head snapped back into position, lips filling, begging for cum, and finally, creamy breasts bounced into existence, their bounce summoning clouds of jealousy in Honda’s lower tummy.

‘Mistress doesn’t need another- wait what the fuck am I thinking!’ Honda shook her head to banish the thought, her head bouncing against the top of the velvet cushions in a comical fashion.

Held up in Saki’s arms was an almost exact duplicate of Honda, the features were a little off, eyes a little closer together, the nose smaller and cuter, the hime cut hair a hot pink instead of Honda’s brilliant sanguine and the breasts were a little bigger…so was her ass. But still, the resemblance was quite strong.

“I bought this from the shop and I’m going to return you in its place, when the thief takes you, it’ll be easy to catch them,” Saki said, flicking the toy’s nipple playfully, Honda shifted in place, trying, and failing to ignore the feelings brewing inside her.

“Why don’t you just let the thief take the one?” Honda asked, her red eyes widening as she heard the slightest hint of a breathy tone slipping into her high-pitched voice, was she going to end up sounding like that bimbo voice in her head? Why the fuck did that make her hot!?

“It would take months of repeated use to bind this thing to me, you’re already mine,” Saki answered authoritatively, Honda felt her pussy throb, the word mine echoing in her air-filled head in her owner’s voice.

What if he tries to-“ Honda began but was immediately cut off as Saki moved back onto the sofa, letting the other toy fall to the floor, it bounced a little, and sitting herself right next to her. Honda shivered, her thighs physically quivering as her pussy began to vibrate as she felt the warmth of Saki’s body against hers.

“He won’t get the chance, you’re my toy,” Saki said, reaching out and stroking the top of Honda’s right leg, tickling over the purple-painted flesh to the pale rubber nudity of her exposed thigh. The vibrating began to grow more insistent, it was like she wasn’t even wearing any clothes, wherever Saki touched it felt like she was caressing her naked body.

Saki hummed, her tongue stroking her teeth behind her closed lips as she both felt and heard the buzz of her toy’s excitement, she could already feel her cock becoming firmer and lifting against her short skirt making a slight but very noticeable bulge as she got more and more aroused.

“Mmm maybe I should try you out before I pack you up in that box…maybe that’ll get it through your empty head that you’re mine,” Saki purred, leaning forward and pushing her exposed cleavage into Honda’s face, stopping barely an inch from it. “What do you think?”

Honda tried to talk, her circular lips flexing but no words would come.

“Then again, it doesn’t matter what you think does it, you’re my toy, and I’ll use you if I want to, anyway I want,” Saki said, placing her palms over Honda’s small, purple-painted breasts and pushing her into the sofa, her hands dipping into the rubbery flesh.

Honda’s voice vibrated with a high-pitched moan, her back arching as she tried to push her breasts into her owner’s soft hands but all that did was make her back start to fold as she gave way to Saki’s strength and weight. She was completely helpless, even if she tried to resist, Saki could easily fold her up until she was nothing but a handheld fleshlight.

“Mmm you’re so malleable,” Saki said, bucking her hips to rub her growing bulge against Honda’s tummy, she could feel the thin fabric of her panties being stretched as her cock fought for freedom. It felt fucking amazing. Saki shifted on top of Honda, grinding herself into her toy. Honda mewled adorably as she felt her owner’s bulge pushing into her, she could feel her skin sinking into her, surrounding the clothed member, she wanted to reach down and take it out and beg Saki to fuck her.

P-Please,” Honda gasped.

Saki squeezed her breasts and Honda cried out in a mixture of pain and arousal, the purple rubber squeezing between the gaps of Saki’s soft fingers and darkening slightly.

“Please what?” Saki teased.

Honda’s lips squeezed together and flexed open, reminding Saki of the fisherman’s friend as she struggled to find the words. She wanted to stop, to be turned back but another…hotter part, wanted to beg Saki to fuck her until she was full of her cum instead of air.


“Turn you over and fuck your ass? Not a bad idea,” Saki’s said, her grin growing as she squeezed her breasts so hard the backs of her hands turned white. Honda screamed, but even her pain-induced cries sounded like a harlot having the most intense orgasm ever.

N-No…p-please…oh fuck…turn me back!” Honda forced out, her squeaks rising in pitch to the point part of her worried dogs would start howling, almost like she had sprung a leak and the air was whistling out of her.

“Turn you back? Hmm?” Saki repeated, placing a finger to her chin as she looked upwards in false consideration. “Nah.”

Honda felt her stomach drop and her pussy’s vibrations rev with excitement. She squeezed her eyes shut, why did her body have to act like this. She shouldn’t be so fucking hot. She flinched when she felt her owner’s soft hands grab either side of her waist and the weight of Saki’s thighs drift away as she pressed her knees into the velvet cushion.

Please!” Honda gasped, her ass cheeks flinching in anticipation, she could feel her lubricant trickling down from her pussy. ‘I hope I don’t stain Mistress’s sofa…what the fuck am I saying?!!’ her inner voice moaned, she could almost imagine an astral version of herself pushing out her breasts as she creamed herself as she spoke.

The world suddenly spun as Saki effortlessly lifted her off the sofa and flipped her like the inflatable toy she was. Her face bounced against the red fabric, and her legs trembled as her vibrating cooch intensified and began to sound like some kind of mechanical orgy, screaming for pleasure.

Saki leaned in, Honda’s rubbery back moulding around the curve of her breasts beneath their weight. It made Honda’s toes curl in anticipation only to bounce back into place due to the air pressure. She felt Saki’s hot breath caress her ear.

“If you keep begging like that, maybe I’ll just keep the toy and let the thief have you,” Saki teased, imagining having a silent, obedient inflated Honda kneeling on the floor of her chambers, sucking her cock like a bitch in heat, her cock throbbed, her panties teasing her sensitive tip and becoming stained with precum. She needed to fuck her now.

Pl-Please don’t,” Honda begged, her buzzing body flinching, she felt her owner’s bulge flex and tap her lower back lazily, and her thighs quivered with anticipation.

“Mmm, then you need to be more obedient my little toy,” Saki said, lightly smacking Honda’s perfectly shaped ass cheek to punctuate her words, eliciting a startled squeal from her doll.

‘Obedient…toy…’ Honda felt her head warming, a sultry fog beginning to burn around her eyes.

Please…turn me…oh mistress!” the sex doll squealed as she felt her owner's palm slap across her cheeks making them bounce together, the sound echoing like a pair of balloons colliding together.

“Mmm Mistress? I think I like the sound of that,” Saki teased, flicking her doll’s other cheek, and hitting the final letter of Honda’s brand. Printed on the doll’s thigh and trailing onto the tanned rubber of her ass was the words Mamma Coochie branded in big scarlet letters and punctuated with the imprint of a sultry kiss after the final letter.

Honda squirmed, the sound of her buzzing coochie becoming more pronounced and noticeable.

“I wonder if I can change your brand…” Saki mused, tickling the brand with her fingertips making her doll flinch and wriggle at her sultry touch. “Maybe something like Saki’s Slut, or maybe a new name for my little Dolly,” she teased, her smirk growing, her fingers leaving the warm rubber and slipping beneath her short skirt.

Honda shook her head, trying to banish the thickening fog of her mind, even her nipples were starting to tingle with the magical arousal. Her body needed Saki’s touch, to be held, to be molested, to be oh yes violated by her. She tried to squeeze her eyes shut but her eyelids snapped back into place, they began to warm and before Honda could click on to what was happening her eyelids had melded with the rubber of her face and her eyes glazed over with a  protective transparent film.

‘Is my body still…changing!?’

Information: Mamma Coochie’s Premium Sex Dolls come with an additional adaptable feature ensuring their new Master and Mistress are always pleased.

If they could, Honda’s eyes would have widened as the information sunk in. She was going to keep adapting to Saki’s wants and desires, and now she was going to have to watch everything her Mistress did to-Saki did to her.

‘Oh damn, it’s affecting my mind…am I going to turn into a sex starved bimbo?’

No information displayed itself.

Honda flinched as she felt something very warm and rigid slap against her ass cheeks and hold itself against her.

“Mmm…” Saki hummed as her cock sprung free of its playfully tight confines and bounced against her doll’s ass, lifting her skirt. Her breathing was becoming more laboured as her cock instinctively twitched, as if trying to spank her doll. Her large breasts noticeably rose and pressed against her shirt, her cheeks flushing with arousal as she felt her body heat starting to rise.
“Fuck it,” Saki lifted the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head before tossing it away the very low-cut article of clothing and confirming that she was in fact not wearing a bra, her naked breasts bouncing from the movement, her nipples pointed. Saki cupped either side of Honda’s ass, the rubber sinking beneath her firm grip, earning more squeaky moans of pleasure from the doll as she began to massage the elastic-like material and began to lean forward with her pelvis, her tip sliding beneath Honda’s warm, gooey lips.

‘Fuck it, it, it, it…’ the words echoed around her Honda’s emptier head, making her pussy begin to convulse, as if trying to pull itself inside, milking a phantom cock. ‘I’m not an it, not an it, I’m not a doll, I’m a – oh god yes!’

Saki slammed her cock inside the vibrating doll, throwing her head back as she felt as if her 9 inch member was immersed in an ocean of euphoria. Honda’s pussy was perfect, buzzing around the tip and underside of her shaft as the walls squeezed and pulled, it was like she was designed to please her cock. She had never felt anything so good in her life.

“Oh, Oh fuck!” Saki cried out, she tried to pull back to thrust but Honda’s pussy pulled on her again, and she felt her ass cheeks start to violently twitch, her legs starting to quiver.

Mmm so good!” Honda moaned, having Saki inside her, it was like having a cock of pure mana shoved inside her. Every cell of her body radiating out from her pussy was alight with ecstasy

Saki’s cock began to throb inside, the thief leaned back, thrusting her cock as deep into the doll as she could, her pelvis slamming into Honda’s ass, the rubber sinking, moulding to her shape. She came and she came hard.

“Oh oh oh my!” Honda cried out as she felt hot thick spunk fill her cunt, the cock inside her convulsing violently and shooting into up inside her. Energy surged into her, as if she’d downed a mana potion like a shot – or a err frontal suppository? The buzzing of her body became more insistent and her pussy moved on its own accord, milking every drop of her owner’s magical seed. Her stomach even began to distend a little as she was filled with cum. It was like she could live off Saki’s cum, the thought made pussy buzz.

Saki fell back from her toy, landing on her ass on the slightly rough fabric of her carpet, her cock at semi-mast, drenched in carnal fluids and throbbing. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and her legs trembling violently.

“Oh fuck, I’m definitely keeping you, I’ve never cum so hard in my life,” Saki gasped, her vision shimmering a little from the pleasure saturating her body, and she was starting to feel very warm, and very horny. Images of her keeping her girlfriend as her own personal fuck toy made her cock rise and bob with renewed hunger.

K-Keep me…” Honda moaned, trying to sit up and look around but was like she had iron rods in her legs and spine, keeping her in the position her owner had put her in for her carnal enjoyment.

“Oh definitely,” Saki moaned, stumbling back to her feet, her legs shaking so much she nearly lost her footing. Images of coming home from a successful job and taking out a deflated Honda from her dresser, inflating her and fucking her until she collapsed from exhaustion. She licked her dry lips, her mouth filling with her salty taste, she needed more, her cock was already back to its full rigid length.

‘How is she already ready to go again?’ Honda mentally whimpered, seeing her owner’s shaft in her peripheral vision as she tried to crane her neck to look back only for the air pressure to force her back into the proper position.

Information: Mamma Coochie Sex Dolls generate a viscous to lubricate the owner’s penetration, on contact with the organic matter this creates an aphrodisiac effect that heightens the pleasure sensors, this is fuelled by the mana the Sex Doll pulls from the owner's sexual fluids.

“Mmm isn’t this kinky,” Saki moaned, her firm fingers digging into the rubber of Honda’s crack and forcing them to part for her, exposing her puckering anus, which was filled with a dark tube with a cap over it, “I think I’ve found your inflation valve; I wonder what will happen if I do this…”

Honda let out a startled scream as she felt the head of Saki’s cock press into her valve. The surface slid back allowing the intruder to enter, hot air whipping out around it and teasing Saki’s girth.

It felt like a hole had opened inside of her. She could feel her limbs weakening, it was like her body was closing in on itself from the inside, her fingers had already gone slack and had begun to curl back into themselves unnaturally as if they were being vacuum sealed. Then again that is more or less what was happening to her as Saki pushed deeper into her anus.

“Mmm fuck that’s good,” Saki moaned, enjoying the sensations of the miniature magical hurricane violating her cock. Her buttocks tensed, thrusting her cock as deep as she could go as Honda’s body performed its purpose, pleasuring her even as it lost oxygen and grew weaker and weaker.

‘She’s truly mine, she will give everything to please me…oh fuck…Honda, I am so keeping you,’ Saki internally swore, her cock  already starting to bob as she neared her limit as the tornado lifted and teased her.

“This feels so fucking good…mmm, I need to see this,” despite every instinct in her body Saki forced herself to slide out of Honda’s anus, her cock fully erect, stretching as if it was trying to pull her back inside. Swollen with pleasure and ready to burst with the next immense eruption.

Honda let out a relieved sigh, she felt the valve close itself and the air stopped escaping her body. She looked at her hands, they had been crushed back by the suction and had curled up into wrinkly stumps at the base of her arms. If she hadn’t seen what was happening to herself she wouldn’t even believe they were her hands, they looked much too small. Like really small.

Ah!” Honda gasped as her world suddenly whirled and she was flipped onto her back and allowed to look up at her girlfriend-turned-owner.

“I wonder how flexible you are now,” Saki grinned and she began to push.

Fear and arousal curled their fingers around her heart as Honda watched her body with a sense of detachment as her lower half folded towards her. She felt no pain, but rather a building of pressure inside of her as the air inside of her was compressed. With an almost comical sound of an inflating balloon, her hands popped back into existence with her fingers.

Saki continued to push.

Honda let out a low groan as felt her breasts growing warmer, the elastic rubber of her skin stretching as the air search for more space to occupy. Her breasts ballooned from her small A cup to a modest B cup, her fingers swelled to twice their size and her palms became more like small balls. She could even feel her features shifting, stretching, her visual parameters expanding as her eyes stretched as even her head began to expand.

She felt relieved when Saki stopped pushing, when her newly sized breasts squished against her thick soft thighs, also inflated by the condensed air. Saki’s eyes met hers, the power and authority in them made her wet, well wetter than she already was. The fog was getting thicker in her head.  Saki’s erect cock slid into view between her ass cheeks, she wanted to suck it, to slide her tongue along its tip and drizzle her mouth in her owner’s cum.

‘Damn what’s wrong with me…’ Honda tried to shake her head but she couldn’t move her body, her joints too tight with air.

Saki repositioned her cock so the tip pointed at Honda’s asshole, holding her doll’s ankles with one hand over its red hair, it was surprisingly easy to squash them together, toes stretching comically from the slight pressure increase. She kept eye contact with her toy.

Please-“ Honda squeaked.

Saki slowly pushed herself back into the warm, squelchy, stretchy hole. Biting her lower lip a pleasurable moan echoed in her throat as the rubber moulded to her shape and air began to whip past through the small openings, teasing every minuscule inch of her cock as she slid inside. Goose bumps trailed up her spine, her toes curling, it took all her self-control not to just slam into her, but there was something about prolonging the penetration that heightened her pleasure.

Oh…wow…” Honda moaned, trying to tilt her head back and close her eyes but was only able to stare into her owner's pleasure drunk eyes as the nine inch member drove deeper and deeper. She could feel it more insistently now, her features shrunk back to normal, and so did her breasts as air burst from her.

“Mmm, I never knew you could give such good blowjobs,” Saki groaned.

Only the best for you Mistress,” Honda squeaked before she could stop herself, ‘where did that come from…mmm it’s true though…wait what?’ if she still had her heart, it would be racing with panic and arousal as Saki’s pelvis spanked her stretched ass and lower back.

“Mmm, looks like you’re learning to be more obedient dolly,” Saki gasped, pinching Honda’s ass with her spare hand, earning herself another adorable startled squeak and a brief, slight increase in the wind speeds. ‘Hmm there’s an idea,’ she mused, pressing her palm gently to Honda’s cheek.

Aaahhh!” Honda cried out as she felt her owner’s hand begin to close, fingers and nails digging into her ass and forcing more air to push out of her, making her mistress moan in a higher pitch, her large soft breasts bouncing as she leaned back, applying even more pressure to her ass

Honda gasped as she felt her legs growing noticeably weaker, her once firm legs and soft thighs drooping and starting to sag.

‘W-What…’ the word was half-formed in her mind and even the sultry tone of her thoughts sounded weaker, more like an exhausted whisper.

Information: As the air leaves Mamma Coochie’s Sex Dolls they lose their mobility and limited sentience until going fully dormant.


Head HP:  5/5
Torso HP: 4/5
Right Arm HP: 3/5
Left Arm HP: 3/5
Right Leg HP: 2/5
Left Leg HP: 2/5

‘I still have…health…bars…’ the fog was getting very thick now, it was like her energy was being ripped from her very core and the warmth invading her ass was beginning to grow, a small pleased grown escaping her ‘o’ shaped lips like a feline purr as she felt Saki growing inside her. She could already feel her cock reaching into her womb…if it was still there.

Name: Honda/Dolly
Item Type: Enchanted Construct, Sex Doll
Brand: Mamma Coochie
Object Durability 19/30
- Head HP:  5/5
- Torso HP: 4/5
- Right Arm HP: 3/5
- Left Arm HP: 3/5
- Right Leg HP: 2/5
- Left Leg HP: 2/5

Mana: 4/6
Enchantable Item: This item can be enchanted to hold any enchantments the owner desires.
Recyclable: This item is able to be broken down into the items used to form you.
Repairable: This item can be repaired if it reaches 0 durability and breaks as long as the main components are still intact. Premium – this item can be repaired using other items that match the type used to create it in the first place.
Regeneration: By absorbing the sexual fluids of the owner, this item can regenerate its current maximum durability. This item will absorb any fluids it is exposed to. Premium this includes other fluids such as saliva or urine.
Storable: This item can be stored in the owner’s inventory space. Premium this item will not impact the owner’s carry weight capacity.
Fire: This item is vulnerable to fire damage, prolonged exposure to open flames will make this item unrepairable.
Piercing: This item is vulnerable to piercing damage, any piercing damage will need to be repaired for the item to inflate.
Lightning: This item is vulnerable to lightning damage, prolonged exposure to lightning will make this item unrepairable.
Special Properties
Adaptable Personality: This item will learn from repeated use by the owner and will cater its body and responses to the owner, the owner’s pleasure is this item's number one priority and true purpose.
Aphrodisiac Coating: This item's orifices generate a lubricant designed for the owner's pleasure and while allowing more ease of use will also enhance all pleasure felt through using this item. Premium this will also reduce the owner’s refractory periods and will reduce more with each use of this item.

‘Huh…I really am…just an item…’ Honda flinched as she felt the head of her owner’s cock reaching into her chest. Her arms had shrivelled up and shrunk into two wrinkly, tiny stumps on either side of her torso and her legs had withered and were absorbed into her ass. She couldn’t even feel them anymore.

The only thing she could feel was her owner’s growing cock. And if she was honest with herself, she loved it.

Head HP:  3/5
Torso HP: 4/5
Right Arm HP: 0/5
Left Arm HP: 0/5
Right Leg HP: 0/5
Left Leg HP: 0/5

Her character sheet flickered as her mana dwindled. She didn’t even have the mental capacity to banish the sheet from her vision. Her breasts began to sag as Saki’s cock reached the base of her neck. She must really be small now. It felt like her cock was filling her entire being and she could feel every ounce of mana around it, she was saturated with cum. The thought that her owner was going to use her to clean her cum soaked cock made her shrinking nipples twitch.

She wanted to lick her lips but her tongue was gone, melted into her slutty mouth. The little air inside her was tainted with Saki’s cock, her musk overwhelming the bland flavour and making her pussy weak. It made her want to suck her, taste every inch of her cock with her mouth. She was so salty it made her mouth lubricate.

Her neck began to contract, slowly closing around Saki’s tip, her neck moulding around the shape of the head as her chest and abdomen encased her shaft. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t even feel. All there was, was her owner’s cock. She was little more than a condom, barely a fleshlight.

Head HP:  1/5
Torso HP: 0/5
Right Arm HP: 0/5
Left Arm HP: 0/5
Right Leg HP: 0/5
Left Leg HP: 0/5

“Mmm nearly there Dolly, just a little more,” Saki teased, running her tongue over her lips in a sultry fashion as she stared at the flashing display above the toy’s head, showing the dropping durability points.

Honda’s neck disappeared into the rubber around her cock and then its features began to change as the head of her cock entered the diminutive mage’s head. The eyes comically stretched over the curve of her cock, she looked like a cartoon character that had just seen something truly shocking. Her lips stretched, looking like she was a tattoo trying to pucker.

Head HP:  0/5
Torso HP: 0/5
Right Arm HP: 0/5
Left Arm HP: 0/5
Right Leg HP: 0/5
Left Leg HP: 0/5

“Mmm, maybe I should turn you into a kinky tattoo next…you look good as decoration on my cock,” Saki laughed, her smile growing as she gave the former girl another tug and fully equipped her new rubber and she began to stroke her length, her thumb teasing her tip each time her hand glided up her shaft. She imagined going to the local tavern and taking busty Rosmerta upstairs, and filling every one of her holes with her new condom, her cock throbbed at the image, already near the limit.

“Fuck, you make a good condom!” Saki cried out, her hand suddenly rapidly shooting up and down her cock, her grip intensity alternating between a light squeeze and a firm fist until she couldn’t hold it anymore, throwing her head back, her hips bucked and she came hard.

Honda stretched as cum filled her head and flowed back down Saki’s length, her cock actually bucking and making the former mage slide a whole inch off her cock as cum streamed off her thoroughly lubricated member.

Honda’s head had swelled to an inch in diameter with her semen, the sight made Saki laugh, it was like she was some kinky Christmas ornament.

Her cock began to tingle, and wasn’t softening, she could feel it, and she was ready to go again.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna fill you with cum until you’re fully inflated with my splooge!” Saki pinched the base of her condom and slowly began to pull it back over her length until her tip touch the warm gooey pool in its head. This was going to be fun.

She curled her fingers around her length and began to massage her tip with her thumb again, her hips bucked as she felt the aphrodisiac lubricant slide across her sensitive tip. Again she began to run her hand up and down her cock, squeezing every inch of Honda against her hard shaft. Her legs shook as she imagined the tiny girl moaning as she used her for her new purpose.

“I’m never turning you fucking back!” her hips bucked on their own again, a shot of premature cum splashing from her tip like a premature buckshot, her legs trembling as she moved her hand even faster.

“I’m going wear you and fuck Rosmerta, mmm fuck!” Saki imagined the dark-haired temptress falling to her knees, the loose white blouse sliding down her creamy shoulders,  showing more and more of her bottomless cleavage until it finally fell and exposed her naked tits. Her hips bucked, shooting a large splodge into Honda’s head. She imagined her hand was Rosmerta’s, jacking her off as those perfect soft lips parted and she leaned in to take her head into her mouth.

Her cheeks began to violently twitch again and Saki’s legs lost their strength, she fell back into the velvet armchair adjacent to the sofa, her vision blurring as a phantom of the barmaid, ale-scented temptress appeared between her thighs, deepthroating her Honda-clad cock.

“Mmm fuck, I’d make her scream my name as I fuck her pussy with you, I bet you’d love that wouldn’t you, you cum guzzling slut!” her hips bucked again and another load fired into Honda’s head, her features stretching to the point it would be hard to identify her.

“Mmm yes, I could fuck her ass with you, fuck she has a killer ass, I’d love to bury you in it face first…mmm, I wonder if I can keep you conscious…maybe you can lick her asshole as I fuck it…though you’d need a- oh fuck yes!” Saki cried out, her hips bucking so hard her head slapped the back of the armchair, firing another hot, thick load into Honda’s head.

Her heart was hammering in her chest and her cum drenched cock was bouncing in her new condom. She wanted to keep stroking. To fill Honda with cum until she was back to full size. But her eyelids were starting to droop, and a spectral image appeared in the corner of her vision, flashing red.

Stamina: 4/200

“Wow, you’re a good fuck my little doll, there’s no fucking way I’m turning you back now, I hope you like your new life,” Saki grinned sleepily, groaning as she nipped the tip of the rubber above her tip, just above the pool of cum in her new condom and peeled it off her length, her cock twitching at the sticky sliding sensation. It felt like Honda was licking her cock as she slid off her length.

Head HP:  1/5
Torso HP: 0/5
Right Arm HP: 0/5
Left Arm HP: 0/5
Right Leg HP: 0/5
Left Leg HP: 0/5

Honda’s vision blurred into existence, unnoticed by her owner. The world was spinning. She was upside down. Her head felt heavy and she was bouncing up and down, her head stretching with some kind of weight. Her mouth was filled with a delicious salty flavour. She wanted more.

She tried to groan but she had no strength. What was once her legs and ass were stretched and wrapped around Saki’s fingers as the giant goddess proceeded to tie her shut so not a drop of her cum would escape her new toy.

“I better get some sleep, but we’ll play later my little doll,” Saki giggled, pursing her lips, she blew Honda a kiss and with a wave of her spare hand summoned the spectral image of her inventory and brought Honda to an empty square.

‘Wha…going…on…’ Honda tried to think, her thoughts a sleepy sultry purr.

Saki touched Honda to the invisible symbol.

The world around Honda vanished. She was suddenly floating in an empty space. No light. No dark. Just nothing. She tried to move but nothing happened. She could do nothing as she aimlessly floated in the space, feeling her Mistress’s cum sloshing inside her, reminding her of what she was.

‘Di…sh..sh…she?’ the fog and exertion were too much for her, she could barely string her thoughts together. All she knew was that on an instinctual level, she wanted to please her owner’s cock.

Information: Storable - This item can be stored in the owner’s inventory space. Premium this item will not impact the owner’s carry weight capacity.

‘I-I…Inventory…’ Honda mentally sighed. She was in Saki’s inventory space and here she would stay until her Mistress wanted to use her again, and she couldn’t wait.

Saki leaned back into the soft fabric of the armchair and let her eyes close and she drifted into a deep sleep, her mind filling with sultry dreams of her new toy and the many ways she could and would fuck her. She was hers, now and forever.

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