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This story was done as a commission and is complete.

Author's Chapter Notes:



Jason was an 18-year-old schoolboy that lived alone with his 46-year-old father. He approached his father’s room diligently. He looked around to make sure dad wasn’t around. He had been caught in the past before, and didn’t want to run the risk of it happening again. Jason’s Playstation 5 had broken suddenly the week before. With a single stroke of poor mechanical luck, something that was totally out of his control, it was gone. Without a job or much to speak of in terms of savings, he needed money. And the way to get that was to prowl around his father’s room, looking for loose dollar bills. Jason’s father was unimpressed the last time he caught his son up to his pitiful little act. For punishment, he’d banned him from all electronic media. No phone, no computer, not even ebooks on the Kindle. Jason was committed to being extra careful this time. His old man had had a few beers and dozed off in front of the TV downstairs.




Jason had acquired some pills from a local drug dealer, but they weren’t the kind that you popped and then danced and chattered all night with infinite energy. These were shrinking pills. The drugs were not approved for use in any country. They had been smuggled out of a Chinese chemical weapons lab and had just reached American shores. They’d keep you shrunk for up to 24 hours. Convenient for Jason too. They were relatively unknown and demand was low, making them just affordable enough. And he knew the right guy. All he hoped was the gamble in buying these pills paid off and he made more from searching around the bottom of his father’s bed as a tiny man.


“50 dollars. That’s what I need to justify these pills. And it’s all going into my savings account. I must have a new Playstation 5.”


He took one final look behind him, opening his ears far more than his eyes. Not a sound and no sight of his father. Jason opened the door gently, creeped in like a burglar, and closed the door again behind him.

“God I hope dad didn’t hear that” he thought to himself.


Adrenaline was flowing through his veins like a flood. His anxiety was through the roof. Jason definitely wasn’t born to be a thief, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Then he took out the pill from his pocket. It was but a quarter of the size of a penny and a pinkish white. If he wasn’t so fixated on getting a new PS5, he might have applied some scepticism to taking an illegal pill from a Chinese lab. But who needed health and safety anyway?


Jason threw the pill in his mouth. It landed on the back of his tongue and he gulped it down dry, taking it like some medicine he wanted to be done with ASAP. He coughed a little bit as it went down. He really hoped that minor sound didn’t draw his father’s attention. When dad had been drinking, he wasn’t receptive to much outside of whatever room he was in, but punishments for misbehavior tended to be a lot more harsh too.


The pill worked like a charm. Jason had shrunken down to a quarter-inch tall and climbed out of his enormous clothes.

“Damn,” he thought “I should have moved closer to the bed. Now I gotta walk a few football fields of distance!”


As so he did. With that annoyance out of the way he started to make use of his time under his father’s bed.


For a businessman that ran his own car repair shop, the bottom of his father’s bed was an absolute mess. What made it worse was that he couldn’t see anything. Night had fallen only an hour earlier and the lights were out to ensure his father wouldn’t walk by outside and get suspicious. Jason could smell something gross as well. He felt a lot of fabric in his travels. Fabric that was moist and stinky. No doubt these were dirty clothes and that most of them were socks. Although the smell invaded his senses, he pressed on. He then thumped into something. It was soft and heavy. There was also a small opening, just large enough for him to squeeze into. What was it? Jason thought to himself that it might be an old backpack made out of a foamy material, or an old pair of pants. Gambling that he was right, he ventured into it and hoped there might be a few bucks laying about.


The smell in there was putrid. He couldn’t describe it exactly, but there was something faintly familiar about it. Only it was far more intense than anything he had previously experienced. This was a side effect of the pill. It heightened his senses. If only it could allow him to see in the dark! The smell was a little chlorine-like with hints of mud and dried sweat. Maybe this was the bag his dad used for his swimming gear? Yes, that explains it! And he has to pay a fee every time he goes to the Olympic pool! There has to be some cash down here! With these thoughts in mind, Jason ventured deeper into the tight object, not knowing where he was truly going.


He came to a dead end. It was just as soft and tight as the rest of the bag. Only at the end he came across a material. The source of the awful smell. He desperately covered his mouth and nose to avoid it. The substance was sticky, but also kind of crusty. Although he couldn’t see, he touched it. Feeling the flaky material in his hands, breaking it apart in his fist he tried to work out what it was. Lint?


Suddenly, Jason felt movement. Very rapid movement. The object was being lifted into the air! And then it dropped again. Light began to emanate from the entry. He saw that the walls of the ‘bag’ were pink and that the substance he’d just put his hands in was his father’s greenish-white, dried-up semen.


“Oh dear god,” Jason thought to himself. “I’m in dad’s fleshlight!”


He peered through the fleshlight’s entry out into his father’s room. He could see his father stumbling about. Tipsy and removing his clothes. Jason started to crawl from the bottom of the fleshlight towards the entry in a desperate plight to escape. His father had removed his underwear, revealing his veiny, mushroom-headed cock. He started to jerk it, moaning in excitement of what was awaiting him. As his father stroked and look through porn sites on his phone, Jason scrambled for the exit. He knew what was coming, and if he wasn’t so distracted by the horror he could just make out through the hole, he would have been able to crawl through much faster. His father had lubed up his cock, which now stood fully erect at 6.5 inches. The thought of “Dad’s much bigger than me” crossed Jason’s mind briefly, before he returned to his panicked rush for survival.


Jason had made it halfway through. Being a relatively unfit guy, he was already puffed out, feeling as though he had just completed a 500-foot sprint. Then he felt the fleshlight move again. He saw a bottle placed above the entry and squirt a thick jelly in.




Totally helpless and his prior efforts in vain, Jason slid back down to the end of the fleshlight.


He had slipped and landed face-first in the dried-up semen accumulated at the bottom of his father’s pleasure toy. Then he looked up again, horrified at what he saw. Although he knew from the moment the fleshlight was picked up it was inevitable. He saw the thick mushroom head of his father’s lubricated cock struggle to enter the fleshlight. It was that tight. It stretched his urinary meatus open, before releasing pressure on his tip and allowing him to slide in.

The darkness returned and Jason was once again blinded, and more terrified than he had ever been.






Jason’s pleading screams were silenced by the sudden thrust of his father’s penis deep into the fleshlight. His miniscule body was sandwiched between the end of the device and his father’s thick and horny cock. The pressure was unbelievable, like getting hit by a car if it was made of wet flesh.






“Oh, fuck yes!” his aroused dad moaned, caring not if his son heard him from another room. Not knowing where he truly was.

His father was looking at a porn video on his phone while pleasuring himself with the fleshlight. Back and forth. Back and forth. He felt absolutely fantastic and completely unrestrained after having a few beers. Each thrust produced a sloppy wet sound. Not unlike if you tried to juice a peeled orange by hand. Little did the aroused middle-aged man know what he was inflicting on his poor, but mischievous son.


Inside the fleshlight, Jason was being pulverized. Only minutes earlier he thought he was going to steal a bit of loose change; and now he was being demolished by his father’s erect penis. Over and over again the massive cock slammed down on him into the end of the fleshlight, rising off of him ever so briefly only to pound down on him again. The entire experience was relentless. Jason was coughing, as he inhaled a mixture of lube and precum. The oxygen in the fleshlight was lacking, leading to him taking hurried gasps of thin air. The worst part of all was the broken bones he was enduring. First it was his left knee; then the toes in his right foot. Several dozen thrusts of the enormous cock in and he felt an agonizingly painful crack in his neck. In that moment he had become a quadriplegic. Paralyzed from the neck down. Lost in the dark, in the tight and slimy depths of his dad’s fleshlight, getting beaten to death by the biggest cock he’d ever seen. All Jason could do now is let out desperate screams in between thrusts and his gasps of thin air. Screams his father would never hear.


His father’s thrusting became more aggressive. In the excitement (that he didn’t share with his father at all) he was flipped over. As Jason tossed about midair within the flashlight and his butthole exposed, he could see the cock coming down. It was as though time had slowed down.


Jason gulped, terrified.


His father unknowingly, slammed into his son’s asshole. Although dad had no idea what it was that felt different, he really liked the feeling as it tickled the tip of his penis. He thrusted even harder, absolutely loving this new effect. Struggling with broken bones and the feeling of his body being stretched in unnatural ways, Jason had lost hope when he felt twitches in the end of his dad’s cock. Erratic twitches.

“Oh god. Oh dear fucking god, dad, no!” he wailed, knowing his fate was sealed.


His father had had one of the best orgasms of his life. He ejaculated deep inside his son’s asshole. The fluids rushed through Jason’s body like a tsunami. Unable to move in his final moments, all Jason could tell was it was coating his innards. Blasting blood out of his body, coating his bones, rupturing organs and causing cum to leak out in every hole in his body. His ears, his eye sockets, his mouth. All of them drooling out gallons of semen. Even his lungs had become sacks of jizz. Jason, of course, did not realize much of this before his consciousness disappeared and he succumbed to death. A painful death.

Jason’s dad, not knowing he had killed his thieving son, looked into the fleshlight. He observed the sticky mess that he created and noticed something. Was it a bug? Yeah, it must be a bug. A beetle or a cricket. Being a filthy man, he ignored it, believing wholeheartedly that this dead bug was the reason for his added pleasure this evening.

He placed his toy back on the shelf and went back downstairs, cracking open another can of beer and putting the baseball on. Mindlessly he zoned out, falling asleep in front of the TV. The pool of cum that became Jason’s tomb dried up, becoming the same sticky-but-crusty substance he found at the bottom of the fleshlight earlier. Jason’s remains were glued to the bottom of the fleshlight.


Time had passed. Although he was upset, Jason’s father assumed his son had run away.

“That boy can’t live without his videogames! He ran away in anger!”

The fleshlight, which now felt much better by neither his or his late son’s intentions was used more regularly than ever. Increasingly violated again and again for years to come. Eventually, Jason was grinded down to little more than paste and had a new role in death: As that thing that made his dad cum so damn good!

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