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Author's Chapter Notes:

My perfection paralysis has gotten the better of me for far too long as I try to finish my stories. Here, have some good solid fun with a story I just won't worry about perfecting too much.

Ben’s arms and legs had been tied to a sturdy wooden post hung from the ceiling. He considered struggling, but the fall could seriously hurt him. He slowly rotated left and right as he occasionally adjusted himself as best as he could, though he was stretched far enough that movement at all was exceedingly difficult. The bedroom he was hung in was dark because of the blackout curtains, but enough light crept through that he could see just fine.

The king sized bed was enormous, with a plethora of fluffy pillows and several blankets. There was an expensive looking computer desk against the wall with a very high end computer setup. Adorning the desk as well as the multiple shelves throughout the room were figures, art pieces, posters, and all sorts of other nerdy paraphernalia. Anime, video games, movies, tv series; you name it, there was something in this room that represented it. The color scheme of the room was overwhelmingly pink, white, and black, with bits of blues and yellows speckled beautifully. Whoever had designed and modeled this room clearly had a passion for the job, and this was their masterpiece.

Yet, juxtaposing the lavishness of this room, Ben’s tiny two foot frame had been unceremoniously stripped, bound, and tied to a simple wooden post, then hung from the ceiling.

He would have screamed for help, but the gag that had been stuffed into his mouth was big enough that it caused some discomfort for his jaw, and the tape ensured he wouldn’t be able to push it out. Even if he could have, his captor would be the only one to hear his screams. The storm outside was loud, and the rain was strangely calming despite his situation.

Although the screensaver on the computer was colorful and fun to look at whenever he swung that way, it didn’t have the time on it. He knew he had been hanging here a while, he just didn’t know how long. Perhaps an hour.

Footsteps approached the door to the bedroom, and when it opened he saw the woman who had put him in this situation; Angel. Her dark eyes stared right at him, and her full lips curled into a wicked grin.

At nearly six feet tall, she was almost three times his height and didn’t look to be any more than twenty years old. To him, she was the epitome of beauty despite her actions. Soft facial features with a defined jaw, olive skin, thick dark hair that reached her thick, full bottom. Her tight jeans accentuated her thick thighs and wide hips, showing the effort she put into keeping herself fit and healthy. Her white t-shirt hung over her large, perky breasts, and stopped shy of her bellybutton to reveal her tight, skinny tummy and small waist. Her very feminine appearance defied her height.

Even hanging there uncomfortably stretched across the post, bared naked in front of her, precariously dangling from the ceiling, just the sight of her aroused him. Her eyes fell to his groin and she tilted her head up triumphantly, making eye contact with him once again.

Without a word she cat walked in his direction, and he instinctively began to breathe harder and attempted to wiggle, though he found no way to move his limbs at all. She placed a single finger against the bottom of the post and dragged it with her as she walked to her true destination; her nightstand. She let the post roll away from her and it swung in the opposite direction, spinning wildly.

Ben’s panicked muffles as he swung around the room relentlessly made her bite her lip as she blushed, but before she opened the drawer to the nightstand she quickly darted back to him and grabbed the post, now looking at him with a genuine concern and care that opposed her earlier sadistic glare. She cradled Ben in her arms and brought him close.

“I’m sorry, are you okay? Was that too much?” She asked in a hurry, but with a soothing tone. To Ben, her voice was the most beautiful thing about her, even though every inch of her was perfect. It was melodic, smooth, and gentle, like an angel.

Though he was breathing hard from the fear, he smiled at her and she sighed in relief. She leaned down and those plump lips hugged his face in a kiss.

“Good.” She kissed him a second time, and a third time. “Can we keep going?” He nodded his head. “Good.” Her smile slowly shifted from worried and loving to seductive and sadistic.

“Good.” Her tone followed suit. With a single finger she touched his cheek gently, then slowly traced it down his body all the way to his penis, and stopped. A muffled groan escaped his lips.

“Aww, do you want me to make you feel good?” He looked into her eyes and tried (and failed) to struggle. She licked her finger then began to caress his penis slowly, sensually. 

“Poor little man, you’ve been up there so long. You must be cold.” As she gently massaged his groin, she opened her mouth and breathed on his torso. 

“Let me warm you up.” She breathed on him again, and again, and again. His face, torso, legs, she was warming up his entire body with her breath.

Ben was in heaven. The soft, gentle touch of her fingers bringing him closer and closer to the edge as she cradled him in one arm and her warm, minty breath enveloped his entire body. The attention and touch of this goddess was more than he could take, and all too soon, he felt himself nearing climax.

“Are you gonna cum?” She asked seductively. He nodded desperately and tried to thrust his hips, though like every other time he tried to move at all, he found himself unable to.

“No.” She pulled her finger away and dropped him. He bounced around the air as the post tugged on the string that attached it to the ceiling, and accompanying this feeling of falling and terror was the desperate need to have his penis touched, or even breathed on, to get him over the edge.

Such was her expertise that her ability to stop when just a tiny, insignificant amount of stimulus was all it took to make him cum was like magic.

He screamed and begged through the gag and she laughed with the heart of a true sadist. She got onto her knees to be eye level with him and stared at him, bouncing and swinging around with no choice but to accept it, drinking in his suffering caused by nothing but inescapable, undeniable pleasure. Without any touch at all, she felt herself warming up, such was her sexual sadism.

“You want me to keep going?” He nodded pathetically and begged with his eyes each time he spun around to make eye contact. She grabbed the post to stop him and brought him to her face.

“You’re not allowed to cum.” She said, licking her finger again and rubbing his dick just a single time. It would have been enough to make him cum if he hadn’t been resisting with every drop of willpower he could muster. 

“If you cum,” She whispered, rubbing his dick again. This time felt even closer than the last, but he managed to hold it in.

“Your punishment will be very, very severe.” She rubbed his dick one more time before standing up. The stimulation almost shot him over the edge, but he screamed and clenched every muscle in his body to stop himself. She turned around and brushed her jean-clad ass on him. Thankfully it didn’t touch his dick, because even though it only briefly made contact with his torso and face, even that almost made him cum.

She walked back to her nightstand and pulled out a strapon. It was pretty small for her, but for him it was huge, as thick as his arm and at least as long as his leg.

She turned to him and with a sly grin, licked it from bottom to top.

“If you wait for permission, I’ll give you an orgasm that will melt your brain.” She sauntered back over to him and dragged the strapon across his body over and over.

“But if you cum without permission…” She lightly fiddled with his cock using the strapon, building him back towards the edge he had only just managed to crawl away from.

“Your torture will be so intense that you won’t even have the capacity to understand what’s happening.” Just as he was about to cum she pulled away, then a second later, she stroked it again, keeping him a millimeter away from losing control.

“Do you understand?” As he nodded, his eyes showed an emotion so close to genuine fear that for a moment, she let herself believe he was truly, really afraid.

In that moment, she felt a bliss previously unknown to her. This feeling tickled a part of her psyche that she didn’t know existed, and her heart ached with ecstasy. It was as if she was kissing her first love for the first time, and those butterflies were almost too much for her to handle.

Soaking in this euphoria, she collapsed to her hands and knees and had to take a moment to collect herself, panting with her eyes close, saliva dripping to the floor below.

“Fuck.” She whispered, riding the wave of pleasure.

Ben’s penis twitched in anticipation, as he felt his own pleasure at seeing his partner in such a state. Knowing that she felt so intensely for him that she physically couldn’t take it was an otherworldly elation.

Finally catching up to herself, she rose back up and caressed his face, staring at him with a hungry love only soulmates could bear.

“You pitiful thing,” she began, and began stroking his dick. This time rather than going quickly and stopping, she moved slowly enough and softly enough that the stimulation wouldn’t be enough to take him over the edge if he tried hard enough, but it was enough that he would have to try very hard.

He screamed and begged and pleaded through the gag and she stared at him as he did so, drinking in his craving with the utmost adoration and lust.

She leaned forward and lightly lapped at his face, coating it with saliva, ensuring that the pace of her strokes adapted to the other stimulations she gave him so that he wouldn’t be forced over the edge.

“You taste so good.” she whispered in his ear. “Do you want to cum?”

She pulled back a little to look deeply into his eyes, and through his muffled screams and pleas, he managed to nod his head. She smiled with satisfaction and leaned back in to whisper her answer.

“No.” She sped up her stroking so he would fall off the edge just a little bit, and then immediately stopped. His struggling became relentless and erratic, like he had lost his mind, and yet he managed to hold it in.

She stood and backed up, looked down at him, and began to lightly touch her nipples through her shirt.

“Do you want to see more?” She asked, though he hadn’t the capacity to answer in his attempted writhing.

She began to play with her large tits, lightly massaging them, demonstrating their natural fullness and perkiness. 

“You poor thing,” She taunted, “just dying to be touched. To finish.” She grabbed the end of her shirt and began to lift up. Even through the tantalizing torment, Ben pulled his eyes to watch her. He had seen her do this before - her titty drops were not of this world.

Angel lifted her shirt so her breasts were just about to fall out of it, and then dropped the shirt. The effect was similar. The thinness of the shirt combined with her not wearing a bra caused that same bounce, the same jiggling, but it wasn’t quite the same. This was more teasing.

When Ben moaned, the corner of Angel’s mouth curled into a sly smirk. She unzipped her jeans and slowly slid them off with a sexy little dance. Her butt resisted, and she turned so he could see as the jeans struggled to cross that threshold and finally pop over them, creating that brief bounce of her impressive ass. She could have slid them off the rest of the way normally, but instead bent down with the jeans as if touching her toes, hovering her ass right in front of Ben.

It was then that he saw how wet she was. Her panties were soaked. He almost felt guilty that all he had to do was sit there immobile to please her when she did so much to bring him that same pleasure, but the thought barely had room to breathe in his mind as the sight of this goddess and the desperation of his cock fought so hard to drown him.

Angel turned around to see her captive lover so enveloped in her show and the prior stimulation that he couldn’t stand it. She almost felt guilty that all she had to do was indulge herself in him to feel so cosmically glorious while he was forced to be so helpless, with no control over how he felt - that tormenting him this way was what gave her pleasure - but the thought quickly evaporated in the heat of the moment.

She grabbed the two-foot post and detached it from the ceiling, laying it down on the floor with him facing up. She placed a leg on either side of him, looking down at him from above.

She only looked down on him for a moment, but that pathetic, pitiable look he gave her from down on the floor, so very far beneath her, so much weaker than her, so helpless, once again weakened her legs. She found the strength to keep standing, to bask in the heaven she had created here on earth.

Ben stared up at this giantess in a vortex of heat and emotion. This strange concoction of love, arousal, fear, anxiety, and worship was the alchemical formula for true, heavenly bliss.

He watched as she faltered, her incredible thighs catching herself. He had a fantastic view of her breasts from within the shirt, and the flowery smell of jasmine and grapefruit now wafted over him and cradled him. His eyes traversed her stunning form, from her thighs that could crush his head like an egg to her flat stomach that he wished he could nuzzle and breathe in to her breasts that defied logic. Just the sight of her would have been enough for him to finish if he let himself. 

It was then that his eyes met hers once again, her beautiful eyes, the windows to nirvana. They looked down on him like prey, and her lips pursed menacingly. From them, a single, large glob of sticky saliva began to fall quickly before she slurped it back up and grinned at him. She pursed her lips once more, threatening to wash his entire face with her ambrosia, and the glob fell once more. This time she didn’t stop it.

He inhaled deeply as it disconnected from her pursed lips and splashed onto his face. There was enough that he had to hold his breath lest he drown. The sticky fluid soaked into his face in the best way, creeping into the tiny crevices and spilled through the gag into his mouth.

“Aww… poor baby.” She leaned forward to get a better look at him. “Looks like you need some help.” She watched as he stared at her through the saliva coating his face, time ticking away as she held his life in her hands.

He begged with his eyes for her to save him from a watery grave. She watched with glee, even dropped to her knees around him to get closer.

She brought her face closer to his, close enough that he could feel her breath.

“Do you want me to help?” She asked him as if he was a baby. He nodded profusely, simultaneously answering her question and attempting to stop the saliva from smothering him. His lungs were beginning to burn as his panic increased. He instinctively tried to pull his arms away from the bindings so he could wipe his face clean, but there was absolutely no give. He tried with his legs - still nothing. He was completely and utterly defenseless and at her mercy.

She began stroking him again.

“I’m going to count down from ten. If you cum exactly on one, I’ll save you.” She licked her fingers to lube them up, and began giving him a handjob like no other… though even if she started counting now, he doubted he could hold his breath that long. All of his feelings, all of his emotions, they were all turning into panic.

Yet, this was it. This was how he could pleasure her. This was the effort he could put in to give back to her in even a small way. 

“If you can’t hold it for the entire countdown, I’ll still save you, but I’ll keep going. For a long, long time.” She was panting now, and started grinding her wet panties against his legs. “I’ll make you dry cum throughout the night.”

He was already at his limit. Not only would he cum before she even started counting, but he would drown too. He couldn’t hold his breath for more than a few more seconds - but he had to. For her.

“If you fail to cum, then you get edged until morning, with no hope for satisfaction.” Her evil grin turned into almost a psychotic one. “I. Will. Break. You.”

This was it. He was about to inhale her saliva and begin to drown. He had to do something. As much as he loved her, he knew his death, especially at her hands, would ruin her.

Seeing him a single second away from his limit from both drowning and cumming, as well as his fingers getting ready to start snapping at her, she pulled her hand away from his cock and wiped the spit off of his face. She wanted the moment to continue. She didn’t want to have to stop because he snapped his fingers.

“Did you think I was talking about saving you from my spit?” She taunted cruelly, a lie. She totally had been talking about that, not that he could process any information at all right now with the sharp inhaling and his cock begging to explode. She stood again, feet on either side of him.

“No, this is how we’re doing it. You only have a few seconds to catch your breath.” She placed one of her large feet on his torso, knocking the newfound wind out of him. The scent of jasmine and grapefruit grew more powerful. She knelt to one knee, the force of her foot on his chest increasing even more. It hurt a lot, but he could take it for her.

Then she began rubbing herself with her right hand, and rubbing him with her left. She came immediately, her cum soaking through her panties and dripping onto him. She used it as a lube to keep stroking him.

Once again he found himself close to orgasm. At the intensity of the pleasure her fingers were causing in him as they massaged and tickled his sensitive dick, he would never last to even the start of the countdown.

As he thought that, she lifted her foot and placed it directly on his face, the soft, doughy flesh molding to the features of his face. He hadn’t had enough time to catch a good deep breath, but it was too late for that now.

“Ten…” She started, and she came again. Knowing that any more stimulation of herself and she would lose her mind, she stopped rubbing herself and brought her right hand down to start tickling his balls.

He was in a strange mix of heavenly hell, and hellish heaven. The stimulation of his nethers was so strong that he already felt the beginnings of orgasm when suddenly a sharp, intense pain coursed through his balls. She had flicked them. She flicked them again and he would have yelped into her foot if he could have breathed. He tried to struggle at the pain, but was completely and utterly helpless. All he could do was sit there and be tortured and tormented.

“Nine…” His lungs autonomously tried to breathe in for air, creating a unique, deep sound in his throat. Seeing this, her breath was hot enough to be steamy. The stimulation would have been enough for him to cum, but the pain from her flicking his balls was exactly what he needed to have the presence of mind to stop himself.

“Eight…” She kept flicking relentlessly. It was too much pain, he couldn’t take it. He had to stop it - and that was the hottest thing he could imagine. Pain so bad that he was genuinely desperate to stop it, yet completely unable to even try. That sensation, combined with the unreal handjob she was giving him and his body convulsing from lack of air, was exactly what she wanted to do to him. That knowledge alone was beautiful and stimulating to him, but even without it, he would never be able to make it to five, let alone one.

Angel was a Ben expert, though. Seeing his entire body convulsing, his lungs trying to breathe against his will, and his cock about to explode, she sped her counting up tremendously.

“Seven six five” she sped her flicking up, increasing the force behind each flick. His balls were screaming, and the cum was traveling up his cock. She felt the beginnings of the orgasm and finished.

“Four three two one!” She counted at exactly the perfect pace so that his orgasm erupted on one.

He screamed and screamed into her foot that was smothering his face as load after load of cum shot out of his cock. The finger beating the life out of his balls only emboldened, as if trying to beat the cum out of his balls by force.

His orgasm lasted several seconds, and the finesse of her hand with his cock gave him the absolute perfect orgasm, with a perfect tightness as he shot his loads and strokes harmonious with the sensitive needs of an erupting penis.

When he was finally done, she lifted her foot off of him and gently, softly caressing his body with her fingers.

His body was immensely sensitive, and she tickled him and loved on him in just the right way to bring him inner warmth.

“I love you so much, baby.” She planted a kiss on him as she carefully undid the bindings on his hands. When the tension was released, he groaned loudly through the gag as his arms flopped uselessly to the sides.

“My sweet, darling baby.” She whispered lovingly as she slowly, carefully removed the gag from his mouth. His sore jaw flopped lazily. 

“I love you too…” He said, though the words were barely intelligible. She understood them and smiled at him with a sparkle in her eyes.

She undid his feet and finally pulled him away from the post. He was like a big ragdoll with the way his limbs flopped around, a third her size.

She tenderly cradled him into her chest, ensuring his limbs were able to rest comfortably.

At last, a moment worth waiting for, she kissed him passionately on the lips, and he reciprocated. They made out slowly and sensually for a while in the afterglow of their fervent sex. His balls ached greatly, but the bloom of post-orgasm somehow made the pain feel good.

As they kissed, she gently, gently, gently stroked his sore, aching body with her fingers. The fire burning in their hearts for eachother only grew as they intertwined.

Finally, she moved to the bed and laid him down as softly as she could.

“I’ll be right back, love. You did so well, I’m so proud of you.” He smiled at her, unable to speak.

He closed his eyes as he lay there on the bed, his muscles sore, throbbing and burning. He thought about how absolutely incredible that was, and how he both wished it had kept going and was perfectly happy with how it ended. He knew she liked to control his orgasms, especially with countdowns, but he yearned to be able to last through the entire countdown. That’s what she wanted, right? She wanted him to fight so hard that she wouldn’t have to change pace?

His eyes were heavy as he thought about her. He hadn’t gotten to see the magical, marvelous titty drop she had teased before. Maybe that had been part of the teasing - a little denial mixed in with it.

He heard her enter the room and opened his eyes to see her, only clad in panties and a small white shirt. The panties weren’t soaked so she must have changed in the other room.

She presented a water bottle to him.

“Can you take it? You have to drink, my love. That’s the rule.” She smiled so warmly at him that he questioned if he was worthy of her. He didn’t believe he was.

He shook his head.

“That’s okay.” She whispered to him with sweet affirmations. Then she slid her hand behind his head to lift it and placed the bottle against his lips. “Come on now, darling. Drink what you can.” He took a few sips, then a few more, and realized how dehydrated he was, only for her to pull the bottle away.

“Woah, honey! Not so fast, okay?” She let his head back down, “You can have some more in a minute, but you have to drink slowly.” Instead of completely removing her hand, she pet him and played with his hair. It was such a comforting, welcoming feeling.

“You have to eat, too. Do you want some granola bar, or some banana?”

He mouthed ‘banana’.

“Okay.” She peeled the banana and broke a small piece off, then placed it against his lips. “Come on, you can do it.” She encouraged as one might a pet.

He let the banana slip into his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed.

“Good boy, you did so good.” She kissed him. “Want some more?” He raised an eyebrow. “More banana! More kisses in a minute.” He nodded and she fed him a couple more pieces.

‘I love you.’ He mouthed, and she blushed like a teenager and covered her face in her hands.

“I love you too, sweetie.” She cooed, following it up with a few more kisses.

After giving him some more water, she made her way onto the bed and cuddled in close to his limp body, pulling the covers over it.

With an arm over him resting on him gently, he felt safe, loved, and secure. Her warmth was radiating through the shared space beneath the blanket, and her occasional gentle kisses on his cheek and lips were heavenly. He was engulfed by her smell - his favorite smell in the world. Not because it was actually his favorite, but because it came from her. It’s what she smelled like, and because of that, nothing could be better.

The slow, rhythmic rising and falling of her chest as she breathed was a wonderful sensation, from the sound of her breathing to the hypnotic breath itself finding its own way to hug him.

“Darn, I should have put on some music, huh?” She whispered as she fell farther and farther into sleep. He only nodded in response. “Did you want me to bathe you? I can be gentle and use a warm towel and everything.” He shook his head and kissed her nose. “Okay.” She smiled.

“I love you.” She whispered one more time, trailing into slumber.

“I love you too.”

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