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By request, this is my additional chapter to the story ‘Daddy’s Shrunken Stripper’ by DaBoss and Marcinballa. These aren’t my characters, I’m just being allowed to play in their world for awhile. Don’t consider this chapter canon for that story overall, though I hope it’s a worthy fan addition. 

Here’s a link to the real story: https://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=9711

I highly, highly recommend that you read that story first, as this will only very briefly cover any refresher material. 


Ashley peeked into the hallway to make sure it was clear; the last thing she needed was yet another debacle. It seemed like recently every small event found a way to prolong and worsen her torture. Lately it had been impossible for her to spend any time at home without her father finding some way to use her for his own gratification, all facilitated by insanely bad timing and a shrinking remote that her mother possessed for revenge on a shrunken stripper.

The only thing that didn’t make this nightmare worse was that no one had yet realized she was the shrunken stripper that her father Ray had been playing with. Very much against her will, and each experience had been worse than the one before. She still worked at that strip club, making enough money to get her through her remaining months of grad school, but thanks to her mother’s remote and a ridiculous amount of coincidence her work had very literally come home with her.

“Where’s that damn remote?” she whispered as she crept down the hallway to the living room.

If she could get rid of it now, she had finally figured out a plan to nullify its connection to the shrinking tech that the strip club used outside of its building. Once again she could be free to simply strip and make money without worrying about being her father’s sex toy.

She shook as she tiptoed, wishing she had the bravery to tell her dad how wrongly he’d interpreted literally everything for the past several months. Ashley was traumatized beyond all reason by his actions. To the point that her parents thought she was horrifyingly depressed, and while that was partially true it wasn’t the actual truth. She was so sickened by what her father was doing to her that she was barely able to talk in his presence.

“There!” Ashley hissed when she saw her prize, the most hated object she could imagine.

Carefully she moved toward the coffee table, where her mother had left the remote that no one had realized was actually shrinking their daughter. Now to get rid of it…

Ray yawned as he walked out of the restroom. He looked right toward the bedroom, then left toward the living room and kitchen where leftover pie awaited him. His day had been exhausting but he couldn’t turn down the temptation. 

Speaking of temptation…he thought as he approached the living room, Looks like I’m not the only one who couldn’t resist.

In the living room was his daughter, Ashley, who had recently moved herself into a much more intimate position in their family dynamic. When Ray had been caught by his wife with that shrunken stripper months ago he had been sure that incredible experience was gone forever. But once he found his daughter was just as into it as he was, and possibly more so, his life had perked right back up again.

And here she was, holding the shrinking remote in her hands at midnight. 

It never occurred to him to wonder why this remote, bought by his wife to torment his old stripper, also seemed to work on his daughter who had never, ever, done that kind of shameful work before.

“Can’t get enough either?” he asked as he entered the living room. Ray could never turn his daughter down, and especially not now that they had this shared interest.

Ashley squeaked in terror and dropped the remote to the couch.

Fuck! she thought as she stepped back in a panic. 

The remote tumbled from the cushion to the ground where it landed and slid, improbably toward her father.

“Dad I-“ 

“Shhh shh shh,” he said, picking up the remote.

Ashley tried to stammer out a response but found she couldn’t speak. She felt physically sick and horrified – if the lighting had been better Ray couldn’t have possibly mistaken her expression for anything other than terror. If she’d been able to breath she was sure she’d throw up right there.

“I know what you want,” Ray told her as he dialed in the settings he thought would work best tonight.

“No wait I-!”

Ray watched his daughter vanish in the dimly lit living room. He smiled as he thought about what he should do with her this time. Kneeling, he reached toward a barely perceptible moving form and carefully pinched her millimeter-tall body. It may have been dark but he was good at picking out his daughter’s eager little body.

“In the morning,” he told her with a smile quickly followed by a yawn, “Wish you’d have gotten the ball rolling earlier.”

“No! This isn’t what-!” Ashley tried to yell, but at this size she knew there was no way he would hear her. Even at larger sizes he’d only heard a backwards version of what she’d yelled to him.

His fingers threatened to crush her even though she knew that was impossible. But it was preferable; even at her size between his building-sized digits she could see where he was going to put her. 

“Daddy no!”

Ray pulled his waistband forward, and deposited her toward the base of his half-hard cock. He knew she’d find a good, warm place to snuggle there and probably get him going in the morning before he had a cup of coffee.

Damn she’s a horny little thing, he thought as he sleepily stumbled back to bed.

Ashley couldn’t hold still. Both from the massive movements of her father’s swaying as he walked, and from sheer panic. 

She had been so incredibly close to ending this nightmare, until he’d walked in just as she was about to get rid of that damn remote!

But she had to focus now: each rocking motion forced her to cling to her dad’s skin, through which each heartbeat was easily felt. If she fell there was no telling where she’d land, and there was no way she could possibly get back to the remote and operate it to save herself by morning. The best thing she could do was hope her dad passed out quickly and she could escape.

In the morning the timer would go off, she hoped, and she’d return to full size wherever she found to hide.

Right, she thought sourly as she felt her world turn sideways when Ray laid down in bed, Because anything has gone my way for months.

Ray laid on his side and drifted away with a smile on his face almost instantly. Thoughts of playing with Ashley in the morning gave him sweet dreams all night.

For Ashley, those dreams only made her position worse.

She did her best to orient herself, but it was pitch-black. Up and down were easy, but what direction to go? Taking a deep breath, she tried to think of how Ray was laying; she knew he liked to sleep on his side, which would…

“Which would make…that way? Down? Away?” she asked rhetorically, relieved to hear distant snoring. Ashley pointed in the darkness, unable to see her own hand, and shrugged as she hoped for the best. If she went that way she’d be approaching the bed, and therefore Ray’s underwear that she could probably squeeze through. After that it was a matter of keeping her giant tormenter at her back and walking until she was safe.

Carefully Ashley walked half-crouched down what she realized too late was the length of her father’s cock. At her size it took several careful minutes of making her way before it even occurred to her that she hadn’t ran into a pubic hair yet. But the gentle downhill slope gave her hope that she was still approaching the bed.

“Just ignore the dick part, pretend it’s a hill,” Ashley told herself. 

But ignoring that part was harder when she came to his helmet; to get past she had to climb carefully onto her father’s glans. At her size it was easy but she also knew that lots of guys were sensitive there. If she moved too much and he got hard while she was still there it would, at best, take her away from ‘down’ where she had been hoping to go to escape Ray’s underwear.

Once she was on his helmet entirely, Ashley stayed on all fours for a moment to catch her breath and try to orient herself again.

Ashley screamed as Ray rolled onto his back, dreaming about being back in the strip club where he’d first paid for her traumatic dance.

She tumbled and rolled sideways as he shifted, and it was impossible to not notice his cock was getting harder too.

“No! No no no no!”

The shifting finally stopped and Ashley’s own rolling came to a halt just as she rolled into what felt like a massive dip. A crevasse that smelled faintly of urine and other things that clients often left her drenched in. A hole that was growing wider with each distant heartbeat as her father’s dream slowly aroused him.

Ashley froze, her frayed nerves finally giving out on her. She had a moment to cry before Ray’s urethra widened slightly more as he grew harder, then she screamed as she felt her tiny form start to be sucked downward.

Lost in a sweet dream, Ray only half-felt his daughter’s struggling form slowly make its way down his rod. When Ashley landed finally in his sack, she panicked and raged against his sensitive skin until both physical and emotional exhaustion finally claimed her too. Ray sighed as his balls tickled pleasantly, her greatest struggles pleasuring him in his sleep.

In the morning, Ray was working on his second cup of coffee before he felt a familiar tickle in his balls. He almost spit out his coffee when the memory of last night’s late-night events came back to him. 

Damn she’s dirty! he thought, She went and climbed down my cock when I was asleep!

“-listening to me?” Carolyn said as she finished the dishes, “I really worry about Ashley, she’s so depressed lately! It’s not like the her I know at all.”

“Of course I am,” he replied, carefully shifting in his chair to let his balls hang a little looser. He was instantly rewarded with more activity from Ashley and he felt himself growing harder rapidly. “Maybe she’s just working on something big? You know how she can get.”

“Oh, I know,” his wife said, “She really does dive right into her work.”

Carolyn sat down as Ray said: “Ashley really doesn’t relent when she wants something.”

His balls twitched almost in response. 

Can she hear us? he wondered, She’s probably moving more to make it exciting while I’m talking with her mother. Damn she’s dirty!

“Is there something we can do?” his wife asked, “I feel like we’re not giving her something, and she just doesn’t know how to ask for it.”

Ray agreed, and the two continued their conversation for several minutes, but Ray found himself increasingly distracted.

Is this why she’s been so down and acting weird lately? he wondered as they talked. Is she afraid to ask me for more of this?

His balls continued twitching, unaware of his internal monologue but seemingly confirming.

She’s been acting like she wants to be a toy for so long now…am I just not giving her as much as she wants? She’s been playing like a toy for weeks now. Is that what she really is after? Ash was going to shrink herself last night before I stumbled onto her…

While Carolyn finished cleaning up, Ray resolved to go upstairs and have a real talk with Ashley.

Gotta get her out first though, he thought with a smile.

Ashley awoke in darkness. At first she was so disoriented she had no idea what was happening, until she heard a distant heartbeat. Then she was able to put two and two together, beginning with the memory of what happened just last night.

“No!” she screamed as she struggled to her feet, then immediately fell in the wet darkness, “Daddy not again!”

In a panic she tried to climb the walls that held her but it was pointless; she’d struggled in her father’s ballsack before. It would only make him feel better. This knowledge didn’t slow her panicked escape attempts in the slightest.

Despite everything she could heard distant rumbling voices of calm conversation. Then her struggles changed from merely trying to right herself to struggling against the motions of her father’s walking. 

It paused and she felt a sharp sudden drop. Her fleshy prison was no longer supported by underwear.

“-ley,” she heard her father’s voice say distantly, and she made herself pause in her struggles. It wasn’t easy in a truly blind panic. “I’m sorry I haven’t been doing more for you, I realize how much you’ve really been wanting this.”

Wanting this? What the f-

“I’m gonna give you all the toy treatment you really want, for as long as you want.”

“No wait that’s not what I want at all!” she yelled, but Ashley knew he couldn’t hear her.

If she had any illusions about that, the sudden rhythmic jumping of her dark prison confirmed it. He was masturbating. Every bounce threw her side to side and she screamed in terror at the sudden violent movement. 

Ray stroked himself rapidly, determined to get Ashley out to at least have a face-to-tiny-face conversation about the toy treatment she so clearly wanted. Or that’s what he told himself at least. In reality her eager bouncing in his balls was making him so horny he could barely think straight. He was sure she could tell he was masturbating and knew how much her movement would help.

Damn she’s into this!

He resisted the urge to edge himself, even though he’d already told Ashley she would get the full toy treatment. Surely she wanted him to use her as long, and as often, as he could. She’d certainly sought out every opportunity to make it happen. But he wanted to at least tell her to her face, that way he could see her happy smile. The one they hadn’t been seeing a lot of lately.

“Yeah, keep jumping you little…” he whispered, more than aware that Carolyn could—

The door opened as Carolyn entered, not worried at all about modesty at that point in their marriage.

“So I was—Oh!”

She dropped the half folded towel in her hands and placed her hand to her chest in mock indignation.

“Ray!” Carolyn said, half laughing. The older woman bit her bottom lip and Ray instantly forgot all about his poorly thought out plan of…


Carolyn knelt with a smile in front of her husband. Something that still amazed all their friends was their fiery sex drive and spontaneity. They both knew they were lucky about that and took every opportunity they could get to keep that fire burning.

Ashley’s panicking struggles slowed when she felt her prison stop bouncing. With effort she composed herself, briefly wiping tears from her face but regretting it immediately; she’d just covered herself a little more in her dad’s spunk without even thinking about it. Not that it mattered. She’d essentially slept in it all night.

Okay, he quit beating it and he’s not moving, she thought, trying to find anything to cling to that might be positive, So he’s either realized this is horrible and gonna get me out another way or-

Her ears popped and Ashley’s thoughts froze in place. They seemed to release, as though she’d stepped outside and she realized that she’d felt a slight upward pull at the same time. It happened again and this time she felt her feet briefly leave the ‘ground’ she was standing on. When the pressure vanished she fell again with a screech, getting a mouthful of her father’s spunk in the process.

“Wha-?” she tried to say, just as the wall nearest to her seemed to cave inward, knocking her backward.

Carolyn carefully licked her way up Ray’s scrotum, just like she knew he loved. Once bathed in her saliva, she sucked one testicle into her mouth. Her searching tongue briefly felt something new, an almost imperceptible lump, and she made a note to keep an eye out for it next time. When it wasn’t there on the next lick she instead dragged her tongue up his shaft and resumed her suction.

Between Ashley’s rapid movements and Carolyn’s skilled mouth, Ray knew he wouldn’t last long.

Wait, Ashley? he thought, feeling her bounce eagerly as Carolyn began rapidly stroking him, Caro doesn’t know she’s there! She’s gonna-

He felt his orgasm approach as quickly as his returned realization about who was playing in his testicles while his wife sucked him dry.

“I’m gonna cum!” he told his wife, who barely kept from rolling her eyes.

She knew before he did.

Ashley screamed as she felt pressure build in a horrifyingly familiar way. She’d realized pretty soon what was happening in the outside world and found herself actually hoping her mother would swallow her; dying was starting to seem like a valid option to her current hell. The pressure yanked her upward and her head hit something fleshy hard enough for her to see stars.

Then she had the distinct impression of being sucked through a sickening water slide until she was launched briefly into open space. She hit something hard and opened her eyes to see through the spunk she was covered in. Staring at her was her dad’s one-eyed monster, and looking down at her from above was her unknowing torturer himself.

Knowing her husband loved a show, Carolyn let the final shot of semen land on her chin. The rest she swallowed down by reflex. Her finger reached up to clean up the rest and send it down to her tummy.

Ray came to his senses just in time to see Ashley’s little form swimming in his seed on his wife’s chin. He stopped her from licking up the rest of his seed with his hand. She was insatiable.

“Allow me,” he told her with a smile.

His still leaking rod went back into her mouth and while she was distracted by the cleanup he carefully plucked Ashley from his load. With her safely on his finger he pulled his cock from Carolyn’s lips and used it to push the rest of his seed into her mouth like they’d done hundreds of times before. She smiled up at him, then rose to her feet.

“Now that’s how to get a day going,” Carolyn said with a smile. She made sure she had the last of her husband’s seed off her chin, then skipped out of the bathroom.  Ray didn’t fail to notice she simply kept the last of it in her mouth for the time being. “Come help with the laundry!”

Once he was sure she was gone, Ray looked down at the dot that was Ashley on his fingertip. 

“That was close!” Ashley heard her father say.

“Dad!” she tried to yell, but there was still more than enough of his spunk on her to make her regret opening her mouth. Instead she found herself wretching and almost wishing he’d smash her on accident.

“We’ll have our talk later,” he told her with a wink, “But don’t you worry, you’ll get all the toy treatment you can stand, I’m not gonna let you down anymore.”

Ashley screamed in shame and frustration as he lowered his finger down to his softening cock. His foreskin peeled back and she was tucked casually into the folded skin, where she was greeted with a horrifying mixture of her mother’s saliva and father’s drying seed. She burst into tears as he let his foreskin roll back over her in another fleshy prison.

This view became all the more common to her over the next several weeks.

Her father’s inability to see anything in front of him only got worse. 

Ashley’s life fell into a terrible cycle.

She went to school and studied hard, harder than she ever had. Ashley told herself she was only throwing herself so hard at it because she was almost done, but that was only part of the story. She did the same at work, bringing in massive amounts of money but increasingly risking herself while dancing on clients.

It was all a distraction from what her father was doing to her at home.

She never had the opportunity to get a word in edgewise; she was so ashamed that some days she couldn’t even look her father in the eye. The so-called ‘conversation’ he seemed to think they should have never materialized. Instead Ashley continued to be so ashamed she could barely speak around her mother and father, and he mistook all of that as consent.

Every time she tried to get rid of the remote, her father stumbled upon her, sure she was trying to start yet another sex game with him. 

Over weeks things only got worse as her mother seemed to forget about the shrinking remote and her father began carrying it in his cargo pocket. Ashley spent as little time as possible at home, and while her mother praised her work ethic, Ray took that as a reverse-psychology trick to pack as much play as possible into her time home. 

One afternoon she returned home from an early shift at the ‘dance studio’ she worked at, and tried to quietly slip into the shower at midnight to wash off any fluids she missed while cleaning up at work. Moments after the water started she found herself an inch tall and near drowning. A preferable alternative to what she realized was happening when her father was towering over her already erect and looking mildly frustrated.

“Good timing,” he told her, stepping into the shower as though she weren’t screaming in terror. From his height it looked more like yells of excitement, and the running water easily drowned out her voice. “Caro got me hard as hell then passed out-“

Ray picked her up and plopped Ashley into his mouth while he pulled the curtain shut.

“-An she pwomis-“ Ray spit her out onto his palm where she gasped for air and tried to get his saliva out of her mouth, “And she promised prostate play, so you know what to do.”

Ashley’s screams went unheard as he lowered her around to her backside. Covered in water and saliva, she couldn’t even start to resist as he shoved her into his brown backdoor. 

“Oh, you’re so good at that,” he mumbled as he looked down at his rapidly hardening cock. It was true what he’d said; Carolyn had been teasing him all day. He shot his load almost embarrassingly fast in the shower with Ashley’s enthusiastic beating at his prostate.

When he caught his breath he reached back to help Ashley get free, but realized from her movements that she clearly was liking it in there. Surely she felt his orgasm but she kept massaging his prostate nonetheless.

“I’ll get you out in the morning,” he said as he dried off.

Ashley heard none of this, and could only panic and scream in the darkness of her father’s colon.

And so it went.

Three days later, when her mother had to travel overnight for work and her brother was away on a college visit, Ray spent several hours stroking her two-inch tall body up and down his cock as he edged himself to porn in the family living room. She tried, she really tried, to gather her courage, get his attention, and stop this nightmare.

But he was already watching shrink-themed porn and couldn’t be bothered to give his toy any attention she wouldn’t give her dildos. By the time he was done with her she was covered in more semen than she thought could possibly come from one person. He left her in a small bowl on the coffee table while he went to make himself a drink.

When he came back it was time for round two; but she was so weak from his earlier rough use that she’d been unable to escape the bowl she was stuck in and only managed to fall down. His semen had dried, effectively anchoring her in the dish on her back. It gave her a perfect view of the porn he was watching, where a leggy blonde was slowly inserting anal beads that were really shrunken men with floss tied around their waists. The blonde giggled every time she pulled the string out and saw it was missing at least one of the men.

She also got a great view of Ray’s bizarrely affectionate face looking down at her as he stroked himself back to hardness.

“How did I raise such a little horny slut?” he asked rhetorically.

Ashley tried to catch her breath and yell up to him but he wasn’t listening. 

“Oh yeah, I’ll give you more,” Ray said as he worked up his second load of the evening and covered his daughter with it.

It was a full week before she felt clean after that unholy adventure.

Weeks later Ashley realized things could still get worse.

She was, for the dozenth time, stuck in her father’s underwear. Ashley had returned home from class and before her mother had even realized she was home she’d been tucked between Ray’s balls and shaft. At two inches tall she knew he’d love any movement she made, including her uncontrollable crying and shaking. So she did her best to hold still. 

Ray for once was okay with Ashley holding still for him. Usually she was so enthusiastic he had to keep their playtime to when Carolyn wasn’t even in the house. But when his wife had a sudden change of plans that evening he only had time to shove Ashley into his underwear. His bookmarked tiny porn site was closed out just before he was going to watch a brunette do something very interesting with a clearly underage blonde wearing only the top half of a doll’s swimming outfit.

He began appreciating the situation more and more as he saw how much wine his wife was putting away with her dinner. Carolyn was a horny and easy drunk. Ray saw this as an opportunity, and knew that as horny as his daughter always was she obviously would too. It was the best explanation for why Ashley was suddenly holding still: she could hear them talking and realized Ray was finally going to take things to the next level.

This was only partly true. Ashley could only hear their tones, but she knew exactly what they meant. Her mother was getting drunk. And her father was getting horny. Her only, temporary, defense was to hold still and hope her dad got too drunk to get it up. Which never happened.

Dinner was half an hour gone by the time Carolyn was finishing her fourth glass of wine. Ray was encouraging her of course, and she knew why. Or thought she knew why. Carolyn knew what alcohol did to her.

A few minutes later Ray was following his stumbling wife to the bedroom.

“Come here hot stuff,” he said, pulling her into a deep kiss. 

Her hand massaged the front of his jeans and his heart leapt, thinking of how he’d explain his passenger to his wife if she slipped her hand into his underwear.

Instead she said: “Mmm, you feel really big tonight.”

She followed that up by stripping naked and climbing onto the bed. Ray thought fast about what he wanted to do next.

“Get warmed up for me,” he told her, stepping into their bathroom for a moment.

Her only response was a giggle and admonition to hurry up.

Oh I will, he thought as he grew harder than a rock.

His daughter seemed to want to stay where she was between his rod and balls, but Ray assured her he only wanted to do a little repositioning. 

Ashley wanted to scream but nothing came out as her father held her body against his cock. She was terrified at what she thought was about to happen, and when Ray started tying her to his cock with long circles of dental floss her fears were confirmed. All she could do was cry and shake. At first she thought it was lucky she’d been tied face-away from his cock, until she thought about it a little more.

“Perfect,” Ray whispered as he tied his toy to his cock like a sacrificial offering in an old movie. He bounced his cock several times to make sure she wouldn’t fall off and smiled when she didn’t. “You’re gonna love this,” he told her.

When Ashley didn’t respond he knew she had the right idea.

“Right, shhhh!” he said with a smile.

The only reason Ashley wasn’t screaming was because she was too terrified.

“Come here big guy!” Carolyn called, and Ray stepped out of the bathroom into the bedroom where the lights had been dimmed, to his relief.

She was less likely to see his extra.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, climbing onto the bed where his wife was already spreading her legs for him.

When Ray guided his head into Carolyn’s depths he groaned with pleasure. Both his own and Ashley’s; he still had no idea how he raised such a horny girl but he wasn’t going to complain about it. Carolyn groaned in pleasure as he slid entirely into her in one long stroke.

“Oh! You feel so big tonight!” she said, not knowing the added girth was their daughter.

Ray silenced her with a kiss and began fucking his wife with long, slow strokes.

For Ashley, it was a new hell.

She was only two inches tall, so she wasn’t sheathed in her mother’s vagina the entire time. But far more than enough; her father loved holding himself buried to the hilt in her mother. Ashley did her best to hold her breath but soon she’d lost all semblance of self control.

It didn’t matter that she was screaming the entire time though: her parents were making more than enough noise to drown out her pathetic screams. Each scream filled her mouth with fluids she hated to even imagine. During the few moments she wasn’t encased in her mother she tried to breath clean air, but her father was thrusting so fast even those moments were difficult to time.

If she didn’t die from suffocation she was sure she’d die from the shame. It was obvious both from her mother’s distant thundering squeals that she was getting the best lay of her life. Her floss bonds dug into her skin as each thrust threatened to push her further toward the base of Ray’s cock, but he’d tied her on well enough that wasn’t actually happening; it just felt like her neck was going to breath before her mother’s well-lubricated pussy accommodated to her additional size.

Then the thrusting stopped with only Ray’s head inside Carolyn, and Ashley found herself wishing that Ray would just cum, cover her in his seed again, and let it all be done. Her hopes were dashed when instead she looked up and saw that he was simply pushing himself slowly back into his wife. Ashley’s scream was cut off when she was enveloped again, boiling hot pussy swallowing her head first all the way past her feet as he encased himself to the hilt.

Ray held himself deep inside Carolyn, loving how her heat felt around his member. He kissed her deeply and she wrapped her legs around him to keep him that deep. In their youth they’d spent hours like this. Now the only thing that kept them from doing it was the idea that their kids may burst in to interrupt.

Only half the problem it used to be, Ray thought as he kissed his wife.

She broke the kiss first and unwrapped her legs from his waist.

“I quit counting after three,” she whispered, looking him in the eyes. Her drunkenness was obvious to Ray; her eyes didn’t quit focus on his and she continued to be giggly every time he shifted around inside of her. “But I’m getting sore, you really do feel huge today.”

“In a great way, of course.”

Ray slid out of her with a groan and tried to hide his disappointment. Not only did he make the mistake of lasting too long to creampie his wife, he knew Ashley had to have been looking forward to being part of that too. From her squirming he knew she had to be loving it. She felt like a little vibrator on the base of his cock.

As the thoughts passed through his head, Carolyn shifted around with trembling legs until she was prone on her belly. Ray felt his cock leap with anticipation when she spread her cheeks for him.

“Anal time?” she asked playfully.

While their sex life was almost hyperactive normally, her backdoor was a rare treat. Mostly when she was drunk. And Ray wasn’t about to turn this down.

Ashley could only see half of what was going on above her. She watched her mother roll onto her stomach and expose her backdoor. Heard her request anal sex. And felt her dad’s cock swell at the idea.

“Daddy no wait no do-!” she tried to scream, as his length slid into her mother’s asshole. 

By the time she worked up the courage to scream that hole was accepting her head as well. At first the sphincter resisted but Ashley was covered in natural lubrication; after a moment of painful pushing she popped into her mother’s asshole. Where, on top of her blind panic and screaming, she realized something even worse: her bindings were coming undone. 

The floss around her abdomen had loosened and vanished at some point during the earlier fucking. And now all that held her to her father’s cock was the rapidly loosening floss around her legs and chest. 

Ray groaned with pleasure as he bottomed out in his wife’s asshole. He didn’t notice that her sphincter inhaled Ashley far enough to grip the base of his cock  and take her in entirely. Nor would he have known to worry about what that meant. Ray was only focused on his rapidly approaching orgasm, thrusting ever faster.

But Ashley noticed.

“No!” she screamed as one pull yanked her further upward on her father’s cock. Her mom’s anal ring was tight enough that Ray loved it, and it was more than tight enough to not want to relinquish tonight’s sacrifice. Each time he pulled back, Ashley’ bonds loosened a little more, letting her be pulled up and down on his cock just a little bit. Each time he drove forward the same happened in reverse as she was crammed through her mom’s backdoor.

By the time his thrusts were becoming erratic Ashley was praying to anything that the floss would keep her on his cock just a little longer so that-

Ashley fell off Ray’s cock with a scream. It wasn’t a far fall to the inside of her mother’s colon but that wasn’t what caused the scream.

It was the panic of knowing where she was stuck now.

Ashley tried to move out of the way of her dad’s pounding cock but it was useless. Whether intentionally or not every stroke rammed against her, pinning her between it and her mother’s insides. She screamed in the darkness.

Ray bit back a scream as he came harder than he could ever remember. He felt when Ashley untied herself from his cock and that was all he could handle. 

Damn she’s so dirty! he thought as he exploded.

Ashley’s scream was poorly timed. Her dad’s first shot hit her directly in the face, filling her mouth with boiling hot jism and cutting her off mid yell. A thrust rammed into her chest and pinned her down against her mother’s insides, where Ray tried to press every single bit of his cock in Carolyn as he flooded her rectum with spunk. Ashley felt every blast strike her almost dead-center.

Carolyn came with her own scream as she felt her insides boil with heat. Anal sex hurt her backdoor most of the time, and tonight would be no exception, but the orgasms were unreal.

Ashley cried out in shame and terror as her father covered her with his seed yet again. This time she could only feel it, not see it, and that made it worse: He’d made her a sex toy with her own mother. Yet another part of her died inside.

When his cock finally stopped pressing down on her, Ashley rightly assumed that meant he was pulling out.

“No! Wait!” she screamed hoarsely, trying to blindly follow the path it was taking outward.

There was a brief flash of light as her mother’s anus gaped open, a horrifying view of her dad’s smiling face looking down at her once more as her mother’s hole closed, then darkness.

The tiny dancer cried, then screamed as her prison rocked and threw her sideways.

“That was amazing,” Carolyn groaned as she rolled onto her side.

You have no idea, Ray thought, forever savoring the view he’d just had of a jizz-covered Ashley through his wife’s temporarily gaped asshole.

“Yeah it was,” he agreed as he rolled out of bed. 

When he was done cleaning himself off in the bathroom he returned to what he was hoping he’d find: Carolyn drunkenly passed out. She hadn’t even attempted to get dressed or cover herself up. And he knew she was an incredibly heavy sleeper after a couple of drinks. 

Which would let him get Ashley out of her rectum before she woke up and wondered what felt so good back there in the morning.

Ray turned on the lamp on his side of the bed, which gave him more than enough light to see Carolyn’s voluptuous backside. She snored softly, making him pause, but when she didn’t respond to the light he pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her now-angry hole that was leaking slightly. 

Carefully he put his fingers next to Carolyn’s sphincter and tried to spread it. When it refused he slipped two fingers in with a smile; with the added leverage he was able to widen the opening. Immediately he saw Ashley reaching toward him. She was covered in spunk and other fluids which made it hard to read her expression, but her body language told him that she was very excited.

Ashley hated everything about it, but when she saw her mother’s anus open she leapt toward it. Even if her savior was her torturer, it was better than staying where she was. Her arms stretched out and he reached in, pulling her out into the open air. She breathed deeply in relief.

Ray glanced at his wife who had, predictably, slept through the extraction.

“You are incredibly dirty,” he whispered to his daughter. 

They’d played together in almost every way he could imagine, but this was a whole new level of fun. Something he knew he wanted to do again. And again.

“You gotta stop,” Ashley whispered back, finding the courage to speak but not the volume for it to be useful. She was shaking in his fingertips both from fear and the sudden cold. “I can’t take it anymore-“

Ray could tell Ashley was trying to speak, but she was far too small for him to hear. He could feel her vibrating with excitement, and while he did want to talk with her about more ways to keep this going, now was not the time or place. It was easy to guess what she was saying though.

“Okay,” Ray said to her, giving her a smile and a nod.

Ashley breathed a sign of relief. He’d heard her. It was over.

“We can figure it out in the morning,” he continued, and she froze as his hand lowered her back down.

Ray couldn’t help but smile when he heard Ashley’s faint excited squeaks. He knew he was doing what she wanted, even if he barely understood it. He certainly wasn’t above taking advantage of his daughter’s incredible perversions.

“No! Wait!” she screamed as she felt her mother’s body heat at her back. Ashley felt her legs contact something hot, wet, and terrifyingly familiar. “No dad this isn’t what I wanted!”

Without his cock going in at the same time, Carolyn’s sphincter easily accepted its meal the second time around. Moments after Ray pushed his daughter against it, she was swallowed and gone. Ray followed her in with his finger to make sure she was as far in as possible and couldn’t help but appreciate the little hug she gave his finger before he pulled it back out. Carolyn murmured in her sleep, and Ray could see she had a smile on her face. 

“I love you honey,” he told her as he snuggled in as the big spoon.

Ashley screamed and tried to hold onto her father’s finger as it withdrew but it was pointless. She wasn’t strong enough and everything was too slippery. Once again there was a brief flash of light through her mother’s sphincter. Then deepest darkness.

She cried out in despair, hoping there was no way for things to continue getting worse.

Ray couldn’t help but wonder just how perverted his daughter really was.

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