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Jerry was reading the forbidden book he found with Kale, sipping a coffee, as the week neared an end. It also meant Kale would be back soon, but there was a problem. As he read the possibilities of transformation spells, he noticed something peculiar, a little note that he had not read prior. He realised, he had messed up big time. The note read "never mix a transformation spell with a soul based spell, for this is the mistake all magicians commit in regards to transformation spells. To transform is to become a new object, not become a part of something."

It is an understatement to say this was bad news since the book did not provide specifics of what could occur. Jerry now also learnt something that was never taught; in the schools where he and his half-brother learnt magic, teachers only said transformation spells were bad news, but no one ever specified why. Today, he learnt that why, and his heart raced. He was worried for what would happen to his brother, and so he looked for a solution. Thankfully, the next few pages said that if a transformation spell went wrong, simply cast a new one, but ensure it is not mixed with a soul based spell. He also now wondered what was the difference, but after looking at other books, he found out that a transformation spell is always confused for a soul based spell. Reality is that soul based spells are the more dangerous ones, since apparently they can leave someone disfigured. He had a solution, and now waited for Kale to show up.

A few days passed and Kale appeared in the room where he was transformed. A loud scream of pain was heard and Jerry ran over to see what happened. His eyes saw a disfigured human body, his legs contorted in directions that should not be possible, his face disproportionate, stuck in a position in which he could no longer move. "What is this??" Kale asked, gritting his teeth.

"Well....I kinda fucked up, but don't worry I have a solution." Jerry quickly began drawing a smaller incantation next to the one Kale was laying upon.

"Okay hurry it up then." Kale responded in pain. He did not care for what it was as long as it meant ending the pain.

Jerry bit his lip as he finished, asking Kale to place his hand on the incantation, and also dropping a strand of his hair on the drawing. He then muttered the words, and in a flash, his half-brother was now a pair of pink panties with a pattern of red hearts. He used a telepathy spell to ask if Kale wanted to spend a day as her underwear, or if he wanted to be back to normal. He did spend a week eating and drinking her waste fluids after all. But lust was ever so powerful, and Kale went for the one day panty option. Sighing, Jerry gave in, and simply snapped his fingers to replace the panties the girl was wearing with Kale. And as he did, a man appeared behind him, dressed in a robe with a cape, holding a stick.

"You two have been using too much magic, a lot of it dangerous." He spoke, his voice deep and raspy.

"Shit..." Jerry muttered.

"I am here to let you know Kale might not live to see his 70s. You two might want to stop for a few weeks, if you wish to live for long." He added before vanishing again.

"What a bunch of jerks." Jerry spoke to himself.

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