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Chapter One: Justin

The three naked giants had walked down the beach a good distance so they could talk with each other undisturbed. They often did this lately. Well, maybe I should say the two naked giantesses and the one naked giant. I didn’t like him, how he looked at my wife Samantha, or Sam as I called her. I wanted to strangle him every time he dropped his eyes to her bare breasts or stole glances at her ass or vagina.

I suppose I should count myself fortunate that she was one of the three people that had become gigantic. It gave me some level of control over what went on and I knew things before most everyone else. With such a big ship one would think we would have been found and rescued already, but no one had come to our aid yet.

Food and water that washed ashore was running out. People were getting scared and hungry. A fight had broken out just twenty minutes ago over hoarding. Sam and Jamie had to physically separate two groups of three men each. One group of people had discovered the other group of people had a secret stash of food and tried to redistribute it.

It was a sight to see Sam and Jamie naked and crawling above us on all fours and snatching up full grown men with fingers longer than the men were tall. Sam and I had guessed that she was about a hundred and fifty feet tall now. Jamie was almost a head taller and Brendon was taller than Sam, but shorter than Jamie. Both women were well endowed and their gigantic titties swung freely above the crowd as they separated us. Yes, I was one of the men trying to redistribute from the hoarders.

This was what was being discussed most likely. My shoulder was still sore from where Jamie had picked me up and dumped me unceremoniously in the sand in front of her knees along side my allies. You should of seen the look on Sam’s face when Jamie noticed who I was and said, “Hey Samantha; I got Justin over here.” However, she was more understanding when I told her and Jamie what had happened. The other group of guys were none too pleased that the giant ladies seemed to be taking my side.

I almost had them ready to distribute the hoard of food then and there, but Brendon came walking out of the jungle with a dead boar in each hand. The ladies stopped and told him what had happened. By this time a large crowd had gathered and he suggested they talk away from all the “little ones” as he often called us. Did I mention I don’t like Brendon?

Before he grew to be a hundred and sixty foot giant he was the typical twenty year old frat boy. He was on the trip with a girl named Daisy who was put together nicely herself. However, she kept going out of her way to state they were just friends, but I guess she meant friends with benefits. They were all over each other in the pool and on the deck before the ship sank.

However, now that Brendon was the big man on the island they seemed to have cooled a bit. It could be that it was just physically impossible now or that there were more important concerns. I hoped that it wasn’t because he had designs on my wife, but I feared that it was. If not her then certainly Jamie who was closer to his age at 22.

Jamie had a steady boyfriend, Jim. He was nice enough, but you could tell he was unsure about his place anymore. They had only just started being exclusive the week before the trip he had told me. I could tell he was worried about the way Brendon looked at Jamie too. We left it unspoken for now, but we each knew it was on the other’s mind. Just being in the same boat vis-a-vis our gigantic significant others gave us common ground.

He walked over to me now. “What do you think they’re saying?” He asked. I had been wondering the same thing myself and I liked Jim so I gave him my theory. “Well, Sam is pointing out to Brendon how much of a dip shit move it is to hoard food, but Brendon can’t let a woman decide things and has probably said that we shouldn’t have fought over it. Jamie is just listening it looks like. Whatever they decide Brendon will be the one that tells us.” I told him.

Jim laughed and said, “I bet he makes you all kiss and make up.” I chuckled. “Probably. I don’t have a problem with that so long as the food gets shared with everybody.” Brendon was over there talking feverishly with his arms and hands waving, pointing, and gesturing as he spoke. Jamie looked to be listening intently. Sam had her arms crossed under her big tits and was just nodding now. I could tell she was annoyed and was just waiting for him to shut up.

He finally finished and they all nodded before turning and walking back over toward us “little ones”. They were all pleasant to look at. Sam was oldest at 27. She was shorter and more plush than Jamie, but this is more because Jamie was too thin, in my opinion, than Sam being too fat. Jamie was fit, but still some how sported what I guessed would have once been measured as large D cups. Sam’s F cups were definitely bigger. In fact, after growing into a giantess her tits were each as big as a house and Jamie had two smaller houses hanging from her chest.

Both sets of giant boobs bounced merrily on the walk back over. Sam’s thick triangle of copper-brown curls effectively veiled her pussy for the most part. However, Jamie’s light blond landing strip left little to the imagination. Clit and inner lips could often be seen peeking out at everyone. Even Brendon was fit and handsome as guys go I guess. The muscles in his chest, arms, and abdomen were well defined. His limp tree sized cock swayed freely as did his car sized testicles. Hopefully size didn’t matter to Sam or Jamie because if it did Jim and I were fucked.

When they reached us it pretty much went down like I had thought. Brendon was in the middle scowling down at us as Sam and Jamie flanked him and joined in the stern stare down. Jamie dropped her hands to her hips and Sam crossed her arms. Brendon spoke and gestured and pointed.

“We are not going to have people stashing food. OK.” He said with authority. “So, anyone who has any stashes go get them and dump them here now. Nothing will be done if you have food and you share it now, but we better not find anyone stashing after this.” He said menacingly. “What happens to hoarders after today?” Someone yelled up. He looked befuddled. It was obvious he hadn’t prepared an answer. “They’ll answer to us.” He said gesturing to him, Sam, and Jamie.

A few people dumped some food in the pile that me and my helpers had liberated. It didn’t really add much to the grand total. “OK, now we don’t want any bad blood. So you fighters need to shake hands.” He said. I looked at my wife and she just nodded as if to say, ‘Oh just do it’. I was fine with it anyway so I walked over along with my two companions and we shook the hoarder’s hands. “OK, so we’re going to ration the remaining food to make it last longer. I’ve killed two pigs. That should help.” He said.

The others started to disband. Jim started walking back to where he and Jamie stayed. It wasn’t far from mine and Sam’s spot. “You coming?” he asked. “Nah, I’m going to talk with our leaders. Want to come?” I asked. He looked over at the triangle the giants had formed as they spoke. I could tell he wanted to, but wasn’t going to. “Nah, see you tomorrow.” He said and walked back towards his spot.

I walked right up in the midst of their triangle directly opposite Sam and listened to Brendon prattle on. “So, we need to walk this island off and see how big it is. There is wildlife and we’re big enough to catch and kill it, but we’ll need a lot of it to survive.” To my right was Jamie’s bus sized foot. I had to look up to her ankle. To my left it was the same with Brendon’s foot. Sam saw me first and just started smiling.

Then the other two looked down at what she was smiling at. “Hello honey.” She said. “Hi babe.” I yelled up. “Can we help you?” Brendon asked curtly. “Not right now.” I responded. I could see that he expected me to leave. I didn’t oblige. Finally, he just continued talking. “Anyway, like I said if we knew how big this place was then that could tell us if there’s enough food.” He said. “Why don’t we build a boat?” I yelled up.

Sam was smiling again and Jamie and Brendon looked back down at me. He was even more annoyed than before. “Dude, we’re talking about survival here. A boat is not going to feed us.” He said emphatically. “A few pigs aren’t going to feed us. There’s almost 400 hundred of us and three of us can eat a pig in one bite. Rescue is our best chance.” I replied.

“Do you believe this?” He said to the women gesturing down at me. “Samantha please talk some sense into him.” He said to her. “Why? I think he’s right. After all rescue is the end goal.” She said. “Look little dude, if you want to build a boat go right ahead, but we’re going to find some food and water sources. Lets walk back over there.” Brendon suggested and started walking. Jamie followed but Sam stayed behind.

“You coming?” He asked after noticing Sam hanging back. “Nah, you all go ahead. I’m done for the day.” She said. It was dusk. “Whatever.” Brendon said and continued walking down the beach with Jamie in tow. When they were safely out of ear shot Sam knelt down. Her tits bounced beautifully as her knees plowed into the sand creating a small dune in front of me.

“Why do you pester him so much?” She asked. “Its easy and he’s douche.” I replied. “He can just step on you, you know.” She said. It wasn’t a lie. He probably even wanted to. “Then he’d have a pissed off giantess to deal with.” I answered. “That he would. Come on lets go lay down.” She said as her open hand plopped down in front of me. I knew what that meant and so I eagerly climbed aboard.  

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