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Story Notes:

This will be my first story and I'm so excited about this, I hope I can get your good reviews. And its gonna be a long story if it gets attention.

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He was running for hours, sweating, and was out of breath. A giant hand which he doesn't know belongs to was about to catch him, but there was nowhere he could run. Right before that hand almost caught him he heard an alarm ringing, and finally, he woke up from a nightmare. His whole body was fully in sweat. He turned off the alarm and then he sat on the bed. It was 7 am, he needed to get ready for his new job.

Ren was a 24 years old boy who studies math in college and lives alone. He wasn't so lucky with his family and these days life was getting more and more expensive and he decided to be a tutor. It made sense, he was good at math and he could earn money with that. After he took a shower and get dressed he packed his stuff and looked at himself in the mirror the last time before he left his apartment. The thing that he didn't know, this was the last time he left there. He felt like his clothes are a little bit lose for him but he didn't care.

He was a very petite and kinda feminine boy. At 5'5 and 120 pounds he doesn't look like he is 24, people usually mistake him for a kid.

After an hour he finally found their house. He was going to be an 18 years old girl's tutor. He didn't know much about her, her mom just told Ren that she sucks at math and she doesn't care about school. He thought he could handle her, she is just a teenager, how difficult it could be? ... He knocked on the door and he waited patiently, he was excited but he was trying to hide his feelings, he is going to be a tutor, "I need to be more confident" he said to himself. After a couple of minutes, he heard a voice from inside. "Who is it?" she said, she sounded very confident. "Uhm, hello. It's Ren, I have been hired as a math tutor, and you must be Kate right?" he said. "Yeah yeah whatever," she said before she opened the door. He slowly looked up and found a girl who was probably 6'3 and so much larger than him. And from her perspective, a skinny shorty boy was standing next to her door, he looked like he was supposed to be her little brother. She grinned widely and looked down at him. "Well well well. Look at that, are you my tutor? I think I should be the tutor little one" She said and ruffled his hair. That made Ren a little bit angry but he didn't want to say anything, god he needed that job. He shyly walked inside, while he passed her she giggled, and his head barely came to her shoulder.

After she closed to door he stand next to her and offered his hand to her. She held his much smaller hand and shake it slowly. She looked down at her like she was better than him, superior to him. While looking up at her, made him scared a little bit. "It's nice to meet you, Kate, I'll be your teacher and I'll help you as much as I can, I promise it'll be fun" he smiled. He tried to let go of his hand but she was still holding it firmly and shaking it, testing her power over him. Her hand was easily covering all of his hand to his wrist. It was so easy for her to shake his little arm and his smaller hand. "Yes yes, it looks like it's gonna be fun and I wasn't expecting that" She grinned at him again.

"Okay why don't we go to my room little boy?" she said and let go of his hand. He looked up at her shyly and tried to make eye contact with her "Hey Kate, let's be respectful to each other, please don't call me that, I'm your tutor and I'm older than you."

She smiled and bend over him slowly, "Don't call you what?" She looked at him, this is the first time he saw her face closely.

"You know what I'm talking about, now please let's go to your room and start," Ren said and tried to look strict, but it just made him cuter in her eyes.

"Okay okay, come with me" She led him to her room. And after they went to her room Kate turned to Ren and looked down at him and she said: "Do you want me to help you to sit on the chair or you can do it on your own?"

Ren looked up at her with anger, he realized that she wasn't smiling or grinning, she was acting a fool and that made him even angrier. It's gonna be difficult, I hate money he thought to himself.

"No Kate of course I can sit on my own, why would I need help?" He said. 

"Okay then, climb the cha- oops I mean sit on the chair then" She giggled and tried to hide her face with her large, beautiful feminine hands.

After he sat on the chair, she brought a table and put it in front of them, and then she put a chair right next to him and sat down next to him. Even while sitting, he looked so small compared to her. He peeked at her body, she was wearing a black crop top, and her belly was full of muscles. She was wearing pink shorts and her thighs were exposed, they looked so thick and strong while his thighs are small and thin. It made him blush to be so much smaller than a girl who is so much younger than him.

"So, Kate let's start then" He took some paper and notes from his backpack and put them on the table.

"Your mom told me that you have problems with arithmetic so let's start with that." He took an empty paper and start writing some equations.

"Before we start I want to ask you a math question teacher" She smiled and looked down at him. "Yes of course Kate," he said and looked up at her.

"Which one is bigger, 6 feet 2 inches or 5 feet odd inches?" She looked down at him and grinned.

"First one is mathematically bigger Kate, anything else?" He answered her quickly, didn't want to play her games.

"I thought so. Okay, let's continue then, thank you TUTOR" She smiled.

After a few minutes he explained to her some equations, he felt pressure on top of his head, and he turned and realizes she just put her arm on his head like his head was a supporter.

"Hey Kate what are you doing it's not funny, leave your arm from my head and just focus," he said angrily.

"Yeah I know it's not funny, just keep doing what you are doing shorty, I'm just resting my arm on your head, since your head is down there I thought it could be useful." she simply explained, and didn't take her arm.

"Alright, that's enough Kate, I'm in charge here, your mom told me that if you do anything naughty I can scold you and put you in your place. I just want you to behave and focus on your class and listen to me, I'm trying to be as polite as I can but you are not helping me" He tried to push her arm away but it wasn't useful, she just giggled and looked down at his pathetic attempts.

"Omg you are so cute when you are angry, look at that itty bitty boy who is getting angry at me. What are you gonna do to make me behave big man? come on, show me." She grinned widely and looked down at him.

"Alright, that's enough. I'm calling your mom" He stood up and reached into his pocket to get his phone but right before he took it he felt a firm grip on his arm, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't move his arm.

"You are not calling anyone little boy and start acting in a way that suits your petite body before I make you." She looked down at him while holding his arm firmly. Before he started yelling at her, she felt his body shrink right in her arm. 

"Omg, did you just shrink?" She looked down at him and start laughing. He got so angry and start yelling at her "Y-you little shit! Don't ever touch me again! I will never come back here again, you sick crazy bastard!" His whole face was red, because of all the humiliation and anger. He felt his clothes get a little bit looser and it made Ren so worried. She finally let his arm go but she was still standing in front of him. She was looking down and grinning down at him, she was so interested in him. He was like a little helpless prey in front of him, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nothing to do and so delicious! He was already so small and weak and is he even getting smaller and more helpless? No no, she couldn't let that kind of opportunity slip away. She had to claim him, and this was gonna happen. He wasn't gonna decide what was gonna happen, he doesn't have that authority, only she had.

These thoughts were just occurring in her brain while she was looking down at him and grinning. He looked down and get so confused and worried. Was she right? Was he shrinking? But it's not possible, no no he must be dreaming, this can't be real. 

He craned his head up and looked up at her, now he was 5'3, 2 feet shorter than her. She was grinning and looking like she is about to eat him. Like a cat and a little mouse.

He stepped backward slowly, with every step he made she got closer to him. "Kate, I think I need to go. Don't worry I-I w-won't call your mother and I-I'm gonna tell her that I h-have a t-thing... t-thing to do so I won't b-be able to be y-your t-tut..." He felt his feet leave the ground as she picked him up easily.

"Oh no no no Renny boy, you are definitely not going anywhere. You are staying here with me and that's the final decision." Before he said or did anything, while carrying him she locked the door and put him on the floor.

She turned back at him and got closer to him then he looked down at him and grinned

"Now, where were we?" 

Chapter End Notes:

I just made a patreon account. If my stories are liked, I'm planning to be more active in there and make commissions. My patreon page is under review right now, I didn't share anything yet but I'll do and I'll share my patreon page with you when its ready.

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