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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

áAny resemblance to real names, people and events is purely coincidental and unintentional. This is mainly a work of fiction.

Author's Chapter Notes:

áPretty much the same themes as my previous story. Enjoy!

‘’For God’s sake Ian! Get out of your room already!” Angela’s voice echoed around the house for the millionth time. “Dinner’s ready! Just stop playing that video game and come downstairs!” It was just another usual day in the Mac Mahon residence. The entire neighborhood was in fact used to such voices, pitying the middle aged woman who tried hard to hold her family together. Angela was devastated when her husband Fred suddenly passed away, leaving her with their only child Ian and a bunch of bills to pay for. Fred Mac Mahon was a respected father but not the most financially rational individual. After his death, Angela had to have two jobs to pay for her husband’s foolish actions and raise her little Ian. She made sure her beloved son wouldn’t miss a thing, buying him whatever he wanted, and, as a result, in making him a little spoiled. “Oh what am I going to do with you…” Angela thought, but dismissed such a thought quickly. She loved her son more than anything in the world.

 For his part, Ian was now an all around young man in his early twenties, always eager and kind, innocent and na´ve like a child, even though he inherited a bit of his father’s risky personality. There was no challenge Ian would leave unexplored. You name it: a new video game with his friends, a visit to a relinquished old house at night, a proposal to the hottest girl from the student body at college, even going camping with his friends in a deserted island abroad…He ‘d done them all. A fiery spirit. Not that every feat ended in the best way possible but anyways… he was always there to try.” Just a moment mom! I’m in the middle of a pretty good streak right now…In a minute!” He replied, frantically pressing the buttons on the controller and taking a few more zombie heads on the screen. His avatar was on rampage mode!

“Ian I made cookies! Get down here while they ‘re still warm!”

“I’m coming mom…Just give me a minute!” Ian resumed, deeply absorbed into the game. If only he could sneak past that horrible zombie warrior…

“Ian!!” With a loud thud, a huge club fell down on Ian’s avatar killing him instantly, the zombie king laughing triumphally from above. A spooky “game over” appeared on the game screen a second later…”Oh come on! Happy now?” Ian said throwing his controller away and getting up from his bed. “On my way!”

 Thankfully, dinner went on without any problems. Just the regular long speech about having to obey your mother, do what older people tell you, not coming late for dinner when your hard working mother calls you out, blah blah blah…The usual stuff. Ian went to bed that night wishing for a change in his life. Not that he didn’t like it…He was admittedly happy. It just missed that certain spark…The spark of a unique experience. The essence of a brand new adventure. An adventure that would rock his world…


 Ian woke up in what felt like days. He couldn’t remember, but he was sure he saw a bunch of weird dreams that specific night. The morning sun was much brighter than usual, blinding him the very moment he opened his eyes. He tried to reach for his covers but…there were nowhere to be found. ”Weird…” Waiting for his eyes to adjust, he could feel a cool breeze around his torso, washing him with gusts of cold air. “It’s pretty cold for a summer morning in the US, isn’t it?” His body hair rose, a sudden chill running down his spine…”GOD!” he yelled noticing he was naked from the waist up! His clothes were gone! All he wore was a pair of orange leather trunks around his waist tied with some sort of funny rope made of ivy. Looking around he saw he wasn’t in his room anymore. Tall trees rose high up, thick bushes were scattered all around the place while the sound of exotic birds singing and leaves rustling blended into a cacophony of natural noises. He was in a forest! Standing up, he scanned his surroundings for any clues of his predicament. He found none. Just a machete with a wooden grip and a flask with clear water lay on the ground by his bare feet. “It’s a start.” He quickly picked them up. The weapon was perfectly balanced and weighed nothing. It seemed as if it was specifically tailored for his 5 foot 8inch stature. “I wished for an adventure, didn’t I?” He thought to himself. ”What a fool…” His only wish was to make it out alive now. Not knowing what to do, he went forward. Maybe if he found a nearby village or town, he would find a way home. Maybe…

A few hours later…    

 The dense flora proved quite a challenge for Ian to walk through. The thick bushes, sturdy vines and sharp thorns constantly irritated him on his journey, adding even further to his sense of hopelessness. ”I’m screwed if I don’t find access to civilization soon…Water is running low…” His tired hands kept pushing and pulling huge tropical leaves, his much trusted machete lifting and falling in a steady methodical pace, clearing the way forward.

 A careless move, just a moment of not paying attention, was all it took… Ian shrieked in pain as a spiky thorn found its way into his exposed right arm, effectively piercing his skin. “Ouch!” he exclaimed and stopped to examine the wound. A black thorn about the size of his finger was the cause of his discomfort. He quickly pulled it off by pushing the skin all around it till it dropped, a technique he was taught as early as his school years. “It could be worse…” He said to himself considering that at least it didn’t seem poisonous. Turning around, he made to resume his feat when his eyes fell on something interesting.

 There was a clearing up ahead. The trees seemed to space out, giving place to an exotic looking pond. Maybe he wasn’t that unlucky after all… He quickly dashed off, praying that this natural spring was filled with clear, drinkable water. With an energetic loop he found himself at the edge of the vast forest, right in front of the unexplored fountain. He immediately knelt down and dipped his cupped hand in. The crystal clear water was cold and remarkably pure. “Worth a shot…I can’t die out of thirst now, can I?” he thought before lifting his hand up and started drinking.

“Ah…So refreshing…” It was the most satisfying quench of thirst he ever experienced. He even dipped his head in, washing off any dirt and dried up sweat, savoring the feeling of enjoying mother nature’s offerings. He meticulously took care of his wound, cleaning any remains of the wooden spikes. Everything was going great, perhaps his bad luck was starting to turn better… Ian was busy filling his flask when the ground suddenly shook.

“Huh?” Ian wondered. He momentarily thought he unknowingly activated some kind of curse by drinking from this spring. Looking closely, the entire scenery looked like a fairy spring, similar to the ones his mother used to read him before bed as a kid. It wouldn’t be unusual for the spring to be magically sealed. He carefully searched for a trap of some sort but he found none. He tried to calm down thinking he wasn’t so naive to believe in fairy tales. Clearly the short earthquake was a coincidence. Or a trick of his tired, much exhausted mind…Till the ground rumbled again.

“OK this is getting really weird now…” Jolting his head up he tried to find the source of the rumbles. This quake was no mind trick, for sure. Ian could swear this vibration was even stronger than the previous one. He could even tell there was a faint booming sound accompanying it. Standing up, he reached for his machete, grabbing it with all his might. He would definitely need a weapon in the event he would have to defend himself. His soaked hair still dripping, he frantically glanced around for any immediate threats before deciding it was best to duck behind a nearby tree. Staying hidden and having the element of surprise was clearly the wisest thing to do. Especially when you don’t have a clue on what you’re dealing with.

 The third rumble was even greater in magnitude. The ground shook so hard that Ian had to kneel down not to find himself on the ground. Loud booms and earthshattering shakes reached Ian’s ears, immediately filling him with fear. Gusts of wind and sand rose and fell on the trees all around, blasting him with brute force. “Oh God…” Ian exclaimed realizing one thing he previously missed…There was a certain periodicity in these quakes. A steady rhythm. And that could only mean only one thing. “These are not earthquakes…These are footsteps!” Something was coming towards him… and it was big!


Ada was absentmindedly walking around, the soft breeze washing her pretty face. She really enjoyed long walks at the countryside, even from when she was a kid. It helped to clear her mind from the busy life of the village and the burdens of her demanding job. As a librarian, she more often than not had to come into conflict with bratty individuals who didn’t respect the rules and were noisy, bothering others who tried to study. A strict person herself, she couldn’t tolerate such behavior, therefore she would have to ask from spoiled little brats who mistook the library for a place to release some of their pent up horniness to leave. Usually one thing would lead to another and she would have to force them out. All for the sake of general benefit.

 This was such a case. Ada walked around trying to put her thoughts in order. She tried to forget about those teenagers who misbehaved, making profound attempts to focus on other things. Her eyes fell on a small bunch of regular sized trees at the distance, reminding her of a small little pond she had found the other day. The beautiful landscape was remarkably exotic and nice to look at, despite its miniscule size. Memories of her trying to dip her foot in there came to mind, only to find that it was too big to fit, allowing only her big toe to be fully submerged. It was one of those times she wished she wasn’t so giant. One of those times she wished to be small, just like the regular humans she spent so much time reading in history books.

 Speaking of which, Ada wondered if they ever actually existed. If they were ever regular humans to be found. If she had to put the books on humans under the history section… or the novel/fantasy section in the library. What wouldn’t she give to know! Or even better, to have the chance to meet one in person! “Oh but what am I thinking… This is clearly not going to happen.” She sighed. “It would be really fun though.” She kept striding up the hill, towards the small forest. The relative distance posed no challenge for her powerful legs, each stride covering so much ground that she made it there in no time. “Not that being a giant is all bad though…” she thought figuring how much time would she need to cover the distance she just covered if she was small sized. Just one of her strides would correspond to about fifty human steps, if her calculations were correct.

 Plus, there was another thing. Being fond of things smaller than her, Ada would always find it exciting to pet little creatures. Every time she found an injured animal, even bug, she would take it home to properly take care of it. This affection towards small things was a kink she realized she had as a kid, when she would catch lullabies and ladybugs as a game, but certainly developed in her teenage years. That could explain the desire to see regular sized humans in person. She could only imagine the awe and fear in their faces, as they would crane their little necks up and up just to meet her gaze…provided they avoided certain swells and bulges in the way, that would most probably obstruct the view of her face. Her gentle, loving nature couldn’t prevent her from laughing at such a thought. “What can I say…I’m a bit endowed up here…” she glanced at her impressive bosom which jiggled and bounced heftily on her chest. “And in other departments as well…”

 The trip to the forest was short. Upon arriving, Ada decided to stand right in front of it for a moment. Not that she was tired... She once again wanted to marvel the relative size difference. The forest trees barely reached her ankles, even the tallest ones. The biggest of the bushes, even though intimidating for the wildlife with their great volume and sharp thorns were only the size… of one of her plump round toes. “So small yet so beautiful…” she exclaimed as she squatted down in a rather unladylike way with her legs spread apart to take a closer look at the spring down below. The entire scenery was engulfed under her shadow, yet this didn’t deter her from appreciating the wonderful place. Water was flowing down a grayish rock, forming a tiny waterfall that ended in the picturesque pond. Somehow the exotic beauty of the place and the tranquility of the water captivated Ada instantly. She could feel her mind clearing…calming down…her thoughts dissipating as her eyes kept staring blankly at the picturesque scenery.

 That’s it when a motion at the corner of her eye made her blink. “Huh?”


 Ian was curled like a ball behind the fir tree, his hands cupped around his head so hard that someone would think he was about to lose it. His balance long gone to the strong rumbles, he was laying on his right side coated in a thin mixture of sand and fallen leaves. His pressed, injured arm was there to remind him of his previous carelessness, never ceasing to send signals of pain towards his brain. But that was the least of his concerns now. He had to survive. And to do so, he had to remain hidden.

 But he also needed to know what he was dealing with. That thing was certainly big…giant to be exact. There was no animal in existence to be so heavy and produce such earthshattering quakes. He had to see.

 Ian stayed like that for a while. After the final obliterating footstep, there was a pause. No vibrations. No booms and shakes.

 Ian waited a little longer…Silence. Just the sound of water flowing…Calmness…Slowly but surely he started uncurling. He made sure to do so in the most silent way possible. He didn’t want to attract any unnecessary attention. He was pretty sure the danger wasn’t over. That thing, whatever it was, was still there.

Crawling like a stealthy predator, he positioned himself behind a thick bush, his face peeking through the dense leaves. He couldn’t see much…He leaned in closer. He parted a few branches with his left hand, always on the lookout of not being discovered. A slight opening formed, a crevice he could see through. He took one final breath and dared to look.

Everything seemed…normal? “This can’t be…I swear there was something there!” he screamed deep inside him. The trees were the same, the pond was the same, the rock was the same… Everything was just like before.

 Except for one thing.

“Wait a minute…” There was a change in color. The environment was a pinch darker. As if the light was more faint and darkness crept in…as if a shadow was cast over everything. Ian looked up towards the sun. And then he saw it.

 A shadowy figure loomed overhead. Ian, as well as the entire forest spring, were under its vast shadow. To Ian’s calculation the towering colossus was about 200 feet tall and it seemed to be… squatting?! “How tall is it? For God’s sake! It’s gigantic!” he barely managed to hold his cries. The urge to get up and run as fast as he could was thankfully suppressed as this would mean certain death. He looked down… took a long breath…. A panic attack was imminent…”You can do it…You must do it Ian…Stay calm…Breathe…” he looked back up.

 He focused more on its characteristics this time. First of all, it was clear that it, whatever it was, had stopped outside the forest as the lowest part of its legs were obstructed by the fir trees, another reminder of its outstanding scale. Ian could only see above the trees, a point of view that allowed observation from the thing’s calves and up. It’s legs were long and smooth, tanned and…remarkably curvy. The two fleshy pillars that were the beast’s thighs, thick and supple, supported a wide bubble butt that due to the giant’s squatting posture seemed even wider and plumper. “This can’t be…That thing is female…” Ian thought to himself, at the sight of such feminine traits in front of him. The giantess was clad in a dark brown leather skirt that ended just above her knees and it was so tight that Ian could see practically everything outlined. Normally, Ian expected to see her midsection as a logical follow up, but due to her posture, her MASSIVE breasts filled all available space in her lap. Barely covered by her custom made bra, which was made of vines tied together to serve as strings, and a combination of leaves and leather instead of cups, her abundant breasts spilled on all sides creating a cleavage line so deep, that it could smother at least seventy people of Ian’s stature. The nipples were effectively covered but not really, as the leaves left some gaps in between them providing access to the fat pink nubs underneath, areolae included. Ian gawked at such display of sexiness and enormity. Those tits were easily as big as her head if not more, huge heavy globes of flesh, yet they looked soft, perky and in a perfect teardrop shape…To Ian’s liking, it was the perfect combination… To her gigantic size though they were simply MONSTROUS! The ponderous weight of only one of those jugs was more than enough to crash Ian’s entire house, leaving a 20 foot crater after the impact. They stood heavy and proud atop her chest, resting on her knees, as she was seemingly bending forward trying to focus on something in front of her. Her arms were bare and slim, with the perfect amount of muscle and fat. Past her smooth shoulders, her lovely thin neck gave way to her gorgeous face. She had thin youthful lips, a slightly small tilted up nose and round cheeks. Her dark brown eyes combined with her curly, shoulder length brown hair betrayed her young age, which Ian estimated to be no more than 28 years of age- late twenties. Despite her impossible size however, she emitted a warm, nurturing aura, an aura only compatible with a kind, loving female soul.

 “Wow…She’s gorgeous…” Ian whispered. He would gladly ask her out if she was his size but now he would have to settle with just staring at her…and trying to come up with a way of running away. He couldn’t risk it… It’s then he noticed something strange: due to her squatting like that, he could actually observe the situation between her legs, under her skirt. Despite her tribal look she was actually wearing a pair of clean white panties. What was weird though was the fact that instead of a pleasant camel toe, Ian noticed a prodigious bulge stuffing her cute underwear, a bulge only compatible with oversized parts that don’t fit with female anatomy. “What the hell is THAT?!” Ian screamed in his mind, as the epitomy of female sexiness before him was probably gifted with a penis so big that even soft would put pornstars to shame. Her package was so large and thick that it was a bit painful to look at, the tight panties clearly a few sizes too small to accommodate the enormous meaty python.

 “This can’t be…” Ian said to himself, unable to understand what he just watched. He instantly let go of the bush and collapsed. “I must be hallucinating…” he thought. “Yeah, this must be it…The result of my exhaustion and lack of glucose to my brain…I’m seeing things…” he decided to take another look. Readjusting himself, he took another peek but what he saw made his jaw drop.

 The giantess was looking straight at him.

 A weird motion in Ada’s peripheral vision drew her attention. A little bush was shaking abnormally, as if something was hiding behind it, but it stopped only after a few seconds. At first she paid no mind, but when the shaking started again, she decided to investigate. Maybe there was an animal in need of help…maybe it was just the wind. She focused her look on that specific area… The sound of a twig snapping reached her sensitive ears. “Hm…” She extended her right hand forward but almost instantly a tiny creature emerged running away as fast as its little legs could carry! ”Oh…” It looked like a strange animal but with no fur…It was bipedal and seemed to be in a state of panic. Ada had never seen such a strange species before, it didn’t look like a regular animal. In fact, the closer she looked…it seemed like a human! A tiny, miniscule, regular sized human!

“Hey!” she said unable to hide the excitement in her voice. The small human almost tripped and fell, but he quickly found his bearings and resumed sprinting. Apparently, he had heard her but decided to keep going. “Wait! I mean no harm!” she tried not to sound threatening but to no avail. The small human kept jumping from bush to bush, ducking behind trees in a desperate game of tag. Ada leaned in closer and with a twist of her hand she effortlessly grabbed the very ground he was on, safely capturing him. ”Gotcha!” She exclaimed, making profound attempts not to grip her fist too hard and hurt the little guy. She slowly brought her hand in front of her face and opened her palm, revealing a combination of twigs, soil, a broken tree… and a tiny, quivering boy.

“It’s alright, I got you…” Ada whispered. The boy was looking up at her in awe and fear and was evidently trembling. He was barely the size of her thumb. “Relax…I’m not going to hurt you…” He couldn’t even form a word. Ada figured her looming presence was quite a lot to take in. “Take your time…Try to breathe…It’s OK…”

 Ian was in a state of panic. He couldn’t’ stop his knees from shaking or control his breathing. He was clearly hyperventilating, a thing that was obvious even to the towering behemoth in front of him. Sitting in her palm like that, he felt like a germ in the microscope ready to be examined by a scientist. The giantess’s glare was piercing… he felt she could see deep into his soul. Those dark brown eyes were wide and open, making it possible for him to spot all the colors her iris consisted of: green, black, even dots of yellow… Her lips were thin and pinkish, contrasting her tanned complexion, and slightly parted, resulting in her washing him with her warm breath. Due to the close proximity, Ian’s field of view was filled with nothing but her face, which he couldn’t but notice it was angelic. That enormous lady was a solid 10! Much more beautiful than the women he had met so far. Yet Ian couldn’t but feel uncomfortable in the presence of a 400 feet tall giantess, no matter how breathtakingly pretty she was.

“Shh…It’s OK…Feel better now?” Ada asked seeing the boy shaking a bit less than before. “Don’t worry, we can wait…” she said receiving no answer. “I’m Ada by the way.”

Ian was confused. What now? Was she trying to establish communication?

“You can understand me right?” Ada asked once again. “Please nod if you do.”

Ian did as he was told. He decided to trust her…he had no other choice. After all, if she wanted to eat him she would have done so already. “Yes…Yes I do.” He mumbled. “I-Ian…I’m Ian.”

“Ian…that’s a wonderful name!” Ada cheered, revealing her perfect teeth. Ian could see his reflection on her central incisors thanks to their pearly white gloss and of course their huge size. Each of her teeth was about the size of his torso. “See? It wasn’t that hard now, was it? You can trust me. We can be friends!”

“She seems nice…” Ian thought, as he welcomely received some of her kindness, a fact that made him feel a bit more comfortable but not completely relaxed.

“Now tell me. Are you what I think you are? Are you a human?”

“Uhm…Yes?” Ian replied a bit puzzled. What other could she have mistaken him for?

“I knew it!” she cheered.” I knew you guys existed! Oh my Goddess! Are there more of you?”

“Not that I know of…At least here so to speak…” Ian decided not to reveal much yet.

“Too bad…” Ada pouted.” You guys are so cute! So miniscule! And especially you Ian…you’re adorable!”

“Uhm…thanks?!” Ian replied, perplexed by the unexpected show of emotion and compliment.

“But tell me one thing: How did you end up here? “

“Uhm…I don’t know…Honestly.” Ian said.” All I know is that one moment I was hanging around in my room and the other I find myself in a strange new land with nothing but this machete…Perhaps, you could help me back?”

“Oh but of course! I would do so even if you didn’t ask! You know you’re lucky that I found you. My fellow sisters would most probably mistake you for a strange animal and leave you all alone in the hazardous jungle or …” She paused for a moment.

“Or what?” Ian said.

“…They could step on you by accident…” Ada said biting her lower lip. Her slight blush and her averted look indicated that she was most probably hiding something on this one, yet Ian decided not to push her further. Ending up as a red dot under a humongous giantess’s sandal was good enough to convince him to stop asking.

“Are there…uhm…many people like you? I mean…how to put it…big?”

“Big is modest choice of words but it suits just fine…” Ada joked. “…And yes, there are. A whole village actually. We are a pretty well organized society…Strictly female, if you may ask.” Ada said proudly. “Anyway… It’s getting late and you’re tired. I believe you’ve figured by now that you are coming with me.” Ian nodded. “OK there’s a problem though…” Ada said looking down at her choice of attire. “I would like to keep you a secret for the time being. Can’t risk my sisters seeing you just yet…” she turned to look back at Ian with a vivid blush on her face, “…I don’t have any pockets to put you. Please forgive what I’m about to do.” With a slow approach of her other hand, she gently plucked the boy between her index finger and thumb and slid him down her right breast cup. She positioned him right onto her fat nipple, which was wide enough for him to sit on. Securing him against her warm, perky areola, she let go of him, the custom made bra snapping back into place. Ian was immediately pressed against her ample breastflesh, which pinned him firmly, making it impossible to move. Never in his life had he come so close to a woman’s soft breasts and yet, here he was, smothered by a hefty tit the size of an air balloon. At his touch, the fat nipple encircled by his legs started hardening, till it was twice his size fully erect. Ada had small nipples for a giantess, but the relative scale compared to Ian made them look absolutely huge. “I hope you’re ready. Here we go!” she said rising up to her towering form, a motion that made her massive tits jiggle slightly. When she took her first step though, her breasts bounced ponderously. “Oops…” she said stifling a laugh. “Hang in there Ian. I’ll try to light walk.” She headed for the village, breasts bouncing on every step, rocking poor Ian’s world no matter how hard she was trying.

“Here we are!” Ada said fishing Ian out of her engorged nipple and putting him on the kitchen table. “I hope it wasn’t so uncomfortable in there…”

“Uhm…” Ian was relieved to be out in the open again. Ada’s breasts were undoubtedly soft but their ridiculous weight pinned him so hard that it was impossible to even move. His limbs had gone numb and it took him a bit of effort to have them working again. Plus, the whole up and down bouncing motion left him slightly dizzy. “…No…No, it wasn’t.” he replied looking back at the smiling face above him. She seemed really excited. “Is this your house?”

“Yup…Welcome to my humble abode.” Ada said making a funny gesture. “It’s not big but it suits me good.”

“ Not big? Yeah right…” Ian thought marveling at the plain interior which was utterly ginormous. He was set on a vast wooden table in what seemed to be a kitchen. The walls were made of hewed stones and huge beams of timber, and reached the sky. The whole room was simple yet cozy, even though scaled to giant size, with a couple of wooden chairs, a table, a grayish mat on the floor and a bunch of utensils hanging on the walls. The fireplace at the corner had no fire at the moment, just a huge pot placed neatly in it. Clearly, that was the way she cooked her food. Much more primal than his own kitchen which was equipped with all sorts of fancy appliances. “It’s very nice.” There was a sadness in his voice which didn’t go unnoticed by the buxom giantess.

“…Is something wrong? You seem sad…” Ada leaned in even closer, an action that caught Ian by surprise and forced him to take a few steps back. “Did I scare you? Didn’t mean to…What’s bothering you?” her voice indicated she was genuinely concerned.

“Uhm…Nothing…Well…It’s just, I was wondering if I ever manage to return home. Honestly, I have no idea on how I ended up here. I don’t know if there’s a way back…I’m stuck.”

Ada was looking carefully at the tiny in front of her. “Hey, we’ll figure something out. Don’t frown. I’m sure there is a way. After all, you’re not the first human to set foot on our land.”

“I’m not?”

“No…There a quite a few books in the library which talk about your race and stuff, about humans who have previously set foot in our world. I’m sure there must be something similar to your situation in there. Perhaps, we should take a look at them. Access is easy... Cause I forgot to mention I’m a librarian!”

 “You’d do that for me? Can’t find words to thank you enough…”

“No worries about that…” Ada said poking him slightly in the head. Her finger was like a tree trunk but her touch was soft and confronting. “Anyway…I think you must be starving. Why don’t you take a bath while I make us something to eat?”

“Sounds good. Where’s the bathroom?” Indeed a warm bath was all Ian needed. The long hours in the jungle had left him a bit dirty and sweaty. Not to mention the smothering titty prison which he had to spend the last minutes into.

“Usually we bathe in the public bathrooms or the Rigos river, the only river deep enough to accommodate our giant bodies…But I think the sink will suit you just fine… considering your tiny size that is.” Ada smiled and gently picked Ian up and brought him into the kitchen sink. She took a mug the size of water reservoir and filled it to the brim with warm water. With a twist of her fingers she gently dropped him next to it, the towering mug looking like a pool from his perspective. “Here’s some soap too.” She said depositing a chunk of green soapy material.

 Ian was exchanging looks between the mug and the chunk of soap the size of his torso. The surface he found himself onto was about hip high to Ada which made it impossible to miss her looming bodacious stature. Her mountainous breasts covered her face from this angle, so Ian was under the impression that he was talking to them instead of the actual Ada. To his surprise, she just stood there watching from above.

“Uhm…thank you.” He said.

“No problem.” She replied…but she was still there. He couldn’t see it but he was sure she was staring…Was she ogling?!

“Uhm…you can go now?” Ian spoke again. He tried to be polite but he would certainly appreciate some privacy. Thankfully, the moment he started undressing, Ada turned around and left, her booming footsteps shaking the ground. “Phew…it was so embarrassing.” He thought as he proceeded to clean himself.

 In no time, Ian was fully refreshed. That soap must have had healing properties as he was feeling surprisingly energetic. Putting back on his clothes, he waited for Ada to pick him up.

“Ready?” she asked, her pretty face appearing above the edge of the sink. Ian nodded and Ada picked him up and set him on the table. There were a couple of plates the size of trampolines filled with bread, cheese and vegetables. Never in his life had he witnessed so much food brought together, but what shocked him the most was the astonishing speed Ada devoured her portion of food. Outstanding amounts of food went into her mouth, bulging her throat as she swallowed and sent them to her stomach. Ian was left staring in awe as the busty giantess consumed tons of food as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“You know…” Ada said after both of them had finished, “…I was thinking on where should it be more appropriate for you to sleep…”

Ian gulped. What did she have in mind?

“…So, I thought of making you your own bed!” She beamed with excitement opening her right palm and showing a handmade bed. It was made of toothpicks and cotton, while the biggest part of the fancy mattress was made of a stretchy material that looked like… ”You ruined your clothes to make me a bed? That was so unnecessary…” the young man interrupted.

“Relax…It was nothing. Just an old pair of underwear that simply doesn’t fit anymore.” Ada said blushing. “So tell me, do you like it?”

“It’s very nice.” Ian said. “ You shouldn’t have done so though. I could sleep on the floor or somewhere…”

“On the floor? With a lady whose pinky toe could crush you and not even feel it walking around sleepily in the morning? I don’t think so.” Ada reasoned. “Come on! Test it out!”

 Ian did as the buxom giantess told him. He ducked under the covers and rest his head on the cotton. It was a bit itchy but comfortable and warm.

“So cute!” Ada chuckled from above, seeing the little human’s head peeking over the covers. “Brace yourself!” She picked the whole bed in one hand and went for her room. It was similarly plain and simple, with a wooden bed, a nightstand and an open drawer that had her few clothes meticulously folded. There were also a few discarded shoes on the ground, mostly sandals of all shapes and kinds. Ian guessed it was a rather typical girlish room save for the outstanding scale and the lack of technology. Ada put Ian’s bed on the nightstand gently and without hurry.

“Now…” she began to speak, her loud voice reverberating around the room. “…I believe we ‘re both adults here. I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable but I sleep in the nude.” With that she turned around and unclasped her makeshift leaf bikini, her massive breasts flopping out with a loud smack against her torso. Even with her back turned to him, Ian could easily see her massive breasts spilling on her sides. Unbuttoning her skirt, she let it fall to the ground by her sandaled feet, only to follow it up with her white panties. Ian’s eyeballs almost rocketed out of their sockets when she bent down to pick her clothes up, giving him an unobstructed view of her GIGANTIC bubble butt, each tanned cheek protruding a good deal from her body. Her luscious supple thighs filled his view, while her smooth vagina lips became the center of his unintended voyeuristic attempt. The room instantly filled with her scent, a carnal, pheromone inducing aroma. She then turned around and put her clothes on the drawer, a motion that sent her huge fat cock slap against her inner thighs with a heavy smack.


 From his position on the nightstand which put him the same level with her knees, Ian had a clear view up her body. “This can’t be…” Ian couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a massive fat cock dangling from Ada’s crotch almost all the way to her knees! Clearly the hallucination at the forest was no mind trick nor the result of his tiredness…She indeed had a penis! And a very large one too!

 Ian was frozen, unable to understand her unique anatomy. He was so shocked that he failed to notice Ada slowly approaching towards him, powerful and enormous in her 400 feet tall glory, her cock swinging heavily with her booming footsteps. Her eyes were focused on the window above the night stand, not really minding her absolute nudity in front of the tiny human.

“Can’t risk someone seeing you just yet…Hang on a sec.” With that she lifted and smashed a knee on the nightstand to support herself on her attempt to reach the window.

Oh! My! God!!

The fat flaccid penis was impossibly close to him and looked even bigger! It was dangling mere inches above his face, the fist sized head staring at him like a predatory eye. The penny sized slit was so abyssally dark that Ian raised the bed’s cover to his nose out of fear. The massive tip was halfway surrounded by foreskin even while flaccid, while the large shaft was so thick and girthy Ian doubted Ada could fully wrap her hands around it. The worst part was that even soft, Ada’s penis was so impossibly giant that rivaled a human ship in size!

“There we are…” Ada said closing the window shut and pulling the curtains. As she climbed down the nightstand her cock dragged along the surface, thankfully not close to Ian, only to smack against her balls with a faint thud. These balls must have been at least the size of cantaloupes filling up all available space between her already thick giantess thighs. They were smooth and soft, held in a ball sack that screamed virility and masculinity.

 With the window closed and Ian safely in his bed, Ada climbed onto her bed and duck under the covers as if nothing had happened. She couldn’t but feel excited to have a tiny little human in her house. Her deepest dream came true. There were so many things they could do together! “Good night Ian! Sweet dreams!” she said as she turned on her side, the bed creaking under her considerable weight.

“….?” Ian was shocked. His blown away mind was still trying to process what he just saw. What the hell was that? How could she have both? He was still frozen, staring blankly at the ceiling… ”Uhm…yeah…Good night…I guess…”

Ada was first to wake up in the morning. With a long, loud yawn she got out of bed, her huge feet shaking the ground underneath. After stretching her limps, she walked to the drawer, her swinging cock never stopping to slap her thighs. Wondering on what to wear, she picked up a nice string bikini and a red loincloth, which she quickly put on. She had a little bit of trouble getting her gigantic cock and balls into that skimpy loincloth but after a bit of effort she was ready to go. There was a prodigious bulge at her crotch but everything seemed stuffed in place. She decided that it was a nice choice of attire, so she went on with her gladiator sandals forgoing the use of any other clothes. Seeing that Ian was still asleep she went to the kitchen to prepare something to eat.

Ian was already awake when she returned. He seemed a bit off though. “Good morning Ian! Slept well?” she asked kneeling down so that her face was a bit closer to the nightstand. Even kneeling though, her enormous breasts still loomed over the human boy.

“Good morning.” Ian said a silently. He still couldn’t figure the giantess’s strange anatomy. He had to learn more. “Yes, pretty well. Thank you.” He lied on this one. All night he had been trying to get the image of her dangling penis out of his mind, managing only a few hours of sleep. “Uhm…hey Ada?”

“Yes?” the buxom giantess replied, her ample bosom resting partially on the nightstand.

“ As for last night…I know you said we’re both adults, no doubt about that, but…I kind of peeked at you when you were naked… I kinda violated your privacy. I apologize for that, and… I want to tell you that your secret is safe with me.”

“My secret? What secret?”

“You know…that thing…No need to act ignorant… I saw it.” Ian found it difficult to find proper words. He didn’t want to sound like a pervert or something.

“ Oooooh…” Ada exclaimed in a long acknowledging manner. “ You mean my genitals…No problem.” The casualty and easy going manner she responded with, made Ian question her sense of shame.

“No problem?! That’s all?” Ian was perplexed by her answer.

“Yeah…You saw me naked, so what? Not a big deal-” she said when she halted for a moment. “Wait a minute…Oh my Goddess! You’ve never seen a woman naked before! That’s why you’re so bashful!”

“What? No! Definitely not!” Ian protested. “It’s just…you have a penis for Pete’s sake!”

 Ada leaned in even closer. Her huge tits steamrolled the wooden nightstand and almost reached the foot part of Ian’s handmade bed. Ian though she would end him under one of her massive tits for his insulting behavior…But that never happened. “So what? Every woman has one. I don’t understand. Where’s the bad in that?”

“What?! Women don’t have cocks!”

“Yes, they do.”

“No, they don’t!”

“Every woman I know of has a penis. I’ve seen them in public baths and other places. They are equipped with pretty big balls too.” Ada reasoned.

“What is this place? In my world women have vaginas only. Penises are supposed to be male organs!” Ian was furious.

“A woman without a penis? How strange…Well, then, just to make it clear: every giantess has a fully functional vagina, cock and balls. I don’t know about your strange human anatomy but you won’t find any of my sisters without  a large penis between their legs.” She resumed. “You don’t have to act so dramatic though…”

“But…” Ian tried to protest but there was no point in doing so. Not only was he trapped in a place with massive giantesses but they were all sporting enormous cocks too! What kind of sick adventure this was? He needed to find a way back and better it be soon. “Anyways…Let’s change subject…Did you figure a way to help me back? When are we going to the library?”

“As soon as we have breakfast. I’m on morning shift today.” Ada replied and gently picked him up. She headed for the kitchen where they had their breakfast, some milk and fruit, and in no time they were ready to go.

“Ready?” Ada asked Ian who was sitting in her right palm. Ada didn’t seem to mind the previous talk. She was full of excitement and energy.

“Do I have to ride on your breast again?” Ian complained. The patches of fabric covering her nipples were even smaller than the previous day’s bikini. This could only mean much tighter space and more pressure.

“You know I can’t let you out in the open yet.” Ada told him. “ You have to remain hidden for now. If you don’t want a front row seat on my soft boobs then I can only think of another place to put you…” she glanced down at her prodigious bulge. The loincloth was stuffed to its maximum capacity, struggling to contain her massive girl meat.

“On second thought, your boobs don’t sound like a bad idea.” Ian said, seeing that Ada was actually thinking about it. “Just don’t bounce so much.”

“I’ll see what I can do. No promises though. I’m a big girl as you can see.” She joked and gently slid him into her right breast, his legs encircling her nipple which was already hard with excitement. “Off we go!”

 From Ada’s fat nipple Ian could actually manage a few peeks to the outside world. The fabric of her string bikini was semitransparent which enabled him to remain hidden while offering a few glances to his surroundings. Ada’s house was located at the edge of the village while the library was on the opposite side, which meant she had a bit of walk to do.

 As they traveled, Ian marveled at the strange environment. Most of the houses were detached, with a garden and a backyard. They were made of stones and wood, similar to Ada’s, and had a nice wooden fence that separated them from one another. From Ada’s boob perspective they looked like regular, cozy looking houses, similar to the ones someone would find in a human sized village. From this pint of view, nothing obvious betrayed their gargantuan scale. The multitude of houses that were of the same giant size created the false impression that were smaller than what they truly were. The main road was wide enough for many giants to walk side by side, and was sprinkled with some sort of yellowish dirt. Yet Ian managed to catch a few spots of interest, spots that spoke of the enormous scale of the entire village. The gigantic wooden fences stood four times the size of the nearby decorating trees…trees that were 30 feet tall to a regular sized human. The huge gardens weren’t filled with eggplants, tomatoes or other vegetables but with fir trees or oak trees. Each yard had a specific spot for housing normal sized animals, namely sheep, goats or even pigs, undoubtedly the sources of cheese and milk.

 Ian’s eye fell on some kids playing in one of those gardens. They were both girls about 200 feet tall, wearing plain yellow sundresses that ended halfway down their thighs. They were busy laughing and giving chase to some wild horses which were running away from the giants in a state of panic. Each horse barely reached the girls’ ankles. The young giantesses seemed to have a great time, cheering and jumping around, their thunderous footsteps scaring the poor horses even more. They both stopped though when their gigantic mother appeared on the house’s doorframe and called them in. She was dressed in a tight sweater and a miniskirt, while a white apron was tied around her waist and neck. She was about Ada’s height, about 400 feet tall, her enormous breasts and a rather massive bulge jutting from her crotch prominent even under the two layers of clothing she wore. The dominant housewife noticed Ada and waved hello from the distance, a gesture to which Ada replied eagerly as indicated by the abrupt jiggling and swaying of her gargantuan tits.

 As they went on towards the center of the village, Ian noticed that the central square up ahead was not only unimaginably vast but also bustling with life. A big number of giantesses hurried to their jobs while others enjoyed their morning walks. Greetings and good mornings were exchanged among them, as the earth rumbled constantly under their heavy footfalls. Ian noticed that they were all exceptionally gifted, with massive racks, huge bubble butts and thick thighs. Their bulges were nothing but subtle, prodigious swells of fat giantess penis filled the space between their legs so much, that some of them had trouble even walking. Their choice of attire wasn’t so conservative either. Most of them wore bikini tops or bras from the waist up, others tight tops and blouses, while from the waist down, loincloths were the most common sight with the rare exception of some skirts, dresses…or nothing at all.

“What?!” Ian’s jaw dropped when a nearby giantess strutted down the street clad only in button up shirt and a red tie around her neck, her enormous fat cock swinging heavily between her thick pale thighs as her butt jiggled on every step. She seemed confident in her walk and even proceeded to stop and chat with a friend of hers, oblivious to the fact that her cock was in full display in the middle of the village’s square. Strangely, the other giantesses didn’t seem to mind her, they just kept walking past the talking duo as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “They don’t care about public decency?”

“Hang on, we’re almost there.” Ada whispered overhead. Ian looked and saw that there was a big building at the southeast corner of the square, with four huge Greek columns supporting a triangle roof at the front. A big “LIBRARY” was carved on the grayish marble above the double doors.

 Ada walked there and in no time was halted by an officer giantess, apparently the guard of the building. ”Stop right there. Body check is in order.” The giantess in the form fitting police uniform instructed, to which Ian’s blood froze.

“Ha ha… Very funny Jenny. Haven’t you gotten tired of the same joke every single morning?” Ada said with chuckle.

“Nope.” The guard, Jenny, replied. “Just making sure no one sneaks anything in, if you know what I’m saying…” Ian’s blood froze again.

“Good day, Jenny.” Ada smiled, dismissing her friend’s attempt to joke around, and proceeded  to enter the building.

“Hey, if you have any problems kicking out misbehaving brats just gimme a shout! I’ll be over here!” Jenny joked, to which Ada replied with a hearty laugh.

“Don’t mind if I do!”

Upon entering Ada headed straight for her desk. It was located in the center of the library where all shelves started. The books were organized in such a way that they formed a circle, the radii of which were the bookshelves, each containing a certain category. At the periphery of the circle were tables where it was possible to sit and study. In this way, Ada could supervise the entire room without having to move much. She was only required to move when she had to put the used books back in order, which wasn’t so often.

“OK you can come out now.” Ada said before pulling her bikini top down and fishing Ian out. The library was empty at that moment so it was safe to do so. She gently set him on her huge desk right under the counter, a spot which was only visible to her and not others. Ian landed on his knees, the smothering tit pressure having made him slightly numb but he quickly stood back up ready for action.

“When should we start? I can’t wait to see what’s in those books of yours…” Ian said eagerly.

“ Impatient huh…OK, give me a minute. I’ll be right back.” Ada said and left the counter. As she walked away Ian couldn’t but marvel her incredible voluptuous contour, the back part of her loincloth swallowed in the abyssal depths of her buttcrack. Were librarians allowed to dress like that? Obviously not, but things were comically different in this giant dominated world… When she returned she was holding a couple of old books with hard leather cover, each one as big as a small field to him. “Here they are.” She put them in a pile right next to her and picked up the first book which she opened in front of her. Ian made a small jog around it, so that they could both read it simultaneously. “Let’s see what we can find…”

 The old book smelled of mustiness and time. The pages were yellow at the edges and hard to turn around, clearly the result of not a good maintenance schedule. But that was not what caught Ian’s attention…It was the pictures. Pictures depicting humans in a state of absolute panic, running away from mighty giants who held torches in their hands and burnt down entire villages…Images of lowly humans screaming for help under the enormous soles of a stomping giantess’s sandals… Scenes of mountainous women, dressed in barbarian outfits, obliterating everything in their path, throwing huge boulders at humans congesting at the distance or even devouring whole families alive in a horrific show of violence… Ada began reading out loud: “There was a time were giants and humans were in war… A war that lasted many years… Giants were the clear favorite… They used their gargantuan size to dominate, capture and enslave humans…Just a lone giantess was equivalent to an entire human army… Humans were doomed…When a beam of hope suddenly appeared…” Ada moved on to the next page.

 The images were different now. They showed humans giving chase to giants, thunders and lightnings coming out of their hands…Huge fireballs were summoned by experienced wizards aiming for still fighting giants… At the simple wave of a magic wand,  great fissures and pits formed into the ground swallowing fleeing giants and sending them in the dark abyss below… “Humans fought back…Magic was discovered…They became expert spellcasters, fabulous users of witchcraft repelling the brutal attacks of the mountainous giants…”

 The next page depicted something unique: A huge beam of light thundered from the sky separating humans and giants into different fields…A glass like dome was created, digging deep into the earth and breaking the land into two parts, one for the giants and one for the humans…The light barrier was unbreakable and no one could pass from one realm to another…The two realms progressively distanced apart till there was a point where every communication was lost… With the passing of years, each race forgot about the other and peace was established…”But magic wasn’t infinite…It was consumed rapidly…Humans saw that and, unwilling to suffer another giant tyranny, they brought in whatever remains of magical energy was stored into them and with a final, explosive outburst they achieved to separate the two kins once and for all…As magic ceased to exist so did the coexistence of humans and giants… Ever since giants and humans live in harmony in totally different universes…”


 There came a moment of complete silence when Asa finished reading. Ian fell into deep thought which Ada recognized instantly. “Well?” she asked, closing the book and leaving it aside.

“Well…It was quite the read I have to say.” Ian said. “I’m quite puzzled though. How does this have to do with me? If there’s no portal of communication between your universe and mine then how did I end up here? And more importantly, how am I supposed to go back?!”

 “ I don’t know.” She said. “Maybe we should keep looking…”

 Moving on to the next book, Ian managed to learn quite a few things. First of all, even though there was complete separation between the two worlds, the magic used wasn’t strong enough to achieve a long lasting bind. There were a few holes in that magical barrier. The book mentioned cases of sudden appearances of humans in the giant realm. They were very rare but thoroughly documented. Unfortunately, these humans were treated as toys by the gigantic ladies who found them, a fact that was graphically depicted in some of the book’s drawings. The most recent example of a human ending up in the giant realm was a about a hundred years back, when he was violently tortured and sentenced to death by the queen of the time.

“There a few things that I don’t understand.” Ian spoke. “First of all, if there are holes in the barrier why there has never been a giantess in the human world?”

“I can’t know…Maybe we ‘re too big?” Ada replied. She had a point though.

“Probably…But there’s a thing that worries me a lot. None of the books mentioned a way back…All humans who found themselves here never returned…” Ian looked at Ada who even sitting, her huge boobs dwarfed his small presence. “I’m officially doomed.”

“Can’t know about that either…” Ada replied firmly. “Don’t lose your hope. I’m sure there must be a way.”

“A way for what?” a loud female voice thundered overhead.

“Laura!” Ada jumped out of astonishment, unintentionally bumping onto the desk which shook with such force that sent Ian flying straight under the counter. He smacked with his back on the wooden wall and fell barely conscious on his side. Everything happened so fast that no one managed to react properly. Thankfully, he was still out of the newly arrived giantess’s sight. “You scared me! What are you doing here so early?”

“I was passing by and just thought about coming say hi. What were you talking about?” Laura asked raising an eyebrow at her friend’s discomfort.

“Uhm…nothing.” Ada replied but didn’t convince her friend. Looking up she saw Laura staring at her with disbelief. She was a very pretty lady, a bit younger than her, but her outgoing character and fiery personality made Ada consider her a close friend of hers. She was a bit taller than Ada, about 420 feet tall, with blue eyes and long blonde hair that reached her lower back in a long ponytail. Her breasts were enormous but not as big as Ada’s, probably around the size of watermelons and her butt was tight, round and perky. Her athletic built was evident by her long muscular legs, thick thighs and toned midsection, where, to Ada’s envy, a faint six pack was evident. She was currently dressed in a tight green t-shirt that struggled to contain her massive tits, nipples pointing underneath indicating she’d decided to forgo the use of bra for that day, and a matching miniskirt that ended halfway down her butt. The cute little panties she wore had an enormous fat bulge up front, a bulge that was hanging so low that it was practically showing under the hem of her stupidly short miniskirt.

“Nothing huh? If you don’t want to tell your best friend then fine…Just don’t keep on lying. You’re better than that.” Laura said, her looming presence unwarily standing exactly above the tiny human. “ Anyway…What are all these books? Looking something up?”

“Ergh What? No…” Ada fidgeted in place. “…I was just getting ready to put them back to the shelves…Forgot to do so yesterday with all the fuss the brats created…”

“ Yeah, I heard about that... Stupid horny teens…Just get a room for Pete’s sake, not the library!” Laura seemed to buy that. “ You did the right thing though. I would do the same If I were in your shoes…But anyway…Good day and keep up the good work!” She said as she turned to leave.

 Ada nodded nervously. She couldn’t but feel a burden getting off of her shoulders as she watched her friend walk away. Thankfully, she hadn’t spotted Ian! They were so lucky… Ada sighed with relief- but only shortly. Laura was coming back!

“Hey, don’t forget about the party tonight. Bring a bathing suit too. See ya!” she beamed with excitement before turning one last time and walking out the building. Phew, that was really close!

 The exact moment Laura closed the door behind her, Ada rushed and picked Ian up. ”Ian!  Ian! Are you OK? Answer me!” The impact must’ve been really harsh for him.

“Ergh…” she heard him say. “…What happened?” he asked. Ada was greatly relieved at his response.

“Uhm…we kinda dodged a bullet that’s what happened.” The buxom giantess said. “ Enough with all the free roaming around. I’m sorry but you need to remain hidden. In you go again.” She said as she swiftly put him on her nipple once again, hiding him under her small bikini cup. He would have to stay there till the end of her shift. She couldn’t risk him being spotted, no matter how hard he was kicking her fatty areola in frustration…”Oh shush young man…It’s for your own good…” 

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