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Author's Chapter Notes:



I was always a submissive girl, which is strange since I have a dominant body. Standing 6 feet and 8 inches, and blessed with the proportions of a viking, shield maiden - busty, blonde, fair skinned, and beautiful - I was nothing short from impressive. So why was I such a sub? Well its also because of my height.

In elementary I was constantly bullied because of my tall figure - I even towered over our teacher. So of course I hated my stature. Taking the insults to heart and thinking myself different to others.

It wasn't until I discovered sports that I found the benefits of my height. In most sport I was unstoppable. No one could rival me and everyone wanted me on their team. So of course on the court I felt like a goddess. I wasn't the submissive, shy, nerdy girl, Atiyana. I became Athena! The confident, athletic goddess.

But funny enough, as soon as I stepped off the court I'll revert back to the shy Atiyana.

College came and I found myself playing in the school's volleyball team. I was so good that I even got to play at the Olympics, winning our nation a gold medal. This open many opportunities for me before I even graduated.

I made new friends. Even met the man of my dreams, Sven. Standing at 6'5", he wasn't as tall as me. But still tall and big in every way. As soon as we met we started dating, and married shortly after.

Those were some of the best years of my life. What soon followed was a rapid decline from my glory days to being a neglected and unappreciated housewife.

The few years after we married, we had twins (girl and boy) and a wonderful house. But with all the opportunities given to me, which I was exploring at the time, I couldn't really look after them. Leaving Sven with most of the house work, which he really hated.

After a discussion with my husband, we decided that I pause my career as a professional volleyball player and help in the house. I thought it was only temporary. But I was wrong.

Sven said he'd focus on his basketball career, and WHEN he'd make it big he'd take over with the kids so I can continue my own career. That "when" never came as he wasn't good enough for the pros, leaving me stuck at home.

I always wondered why I couldn't be the one to pursue my career. Between Sven and me, I had more promise. I was bringing in a lot more than he is now. So if it was really about finances, which Sven claimed it was, then I was the smart choice to continue my career while he stayed at home. It wasn't until many years later that I realized my husband was jealous of my success, so he sabotaged my chances.

Many years later and here I am: a housewife. I didn't mind it one bit. I loved my children and loved raising them. What I didn't enjoy was being overlooked and taken for granted. As sweet and caring as my children are, they are now teens. Which means they had their own lives and wanted me as far from it as possible. Being popular themselves, they were always out. Leaving me alone most of the time.

But the thing I hated the most was being completely neglected by my husband. Sven and I still talk and share a bed, but more like roommates rather than a couple. I still loved him. I still wanted his attention. But I knew it was with someone else. A few someones actually.

As a handsome, tall man he had a number of women to pick from. And he did pick without any regards for me. He was cautious at first, but now didn't even bother to wash away the lipstick from his cock. Something I chose to ignore when I gave him head like a "good wife should". Ya that was what I was reduced: a suck-doll. He wouldn't even reciprocate. Leaving me untouched for well over a year now.

I know I should have left him, but I was just too scared to leave my current life. It was a comfortable one. Sure a bit of problems here and there, but everyone has problems they put up with. So I could either choose to ignore my own discomfort and stay married, or dread a life as a single woman/mother at the age of 40. I begrudgingly chose the former with a sad fake smile.

Then everything changed when the Saito family moved in next door.


"Good Afternoon, Ms. Athena," Vivian basked warmly as she barged through the kitchen door.

"Good afternoon, Vivi," I said, chuckling at her playful mention of my sporting alias. "And its Atiyana, not Athena."

"I prefer Ms. Athena," she said while marching to the island counter, grunting as she heaved herself onto the tall stool. "Or Volleyball Goddess."

"Vivi, stop," My cheeks burning. "I'm not that person anymore."

"Yes you are," she said, reaching over for the cookies I left resting. "Just more refined."

I replied with an embarrassed chuckle while turning my red face away from the adorable girl.

I knew Vivian since she was a little. In fact, I was there the day her parents moved into the house next to ours. The parents were a short couple who just arrived from Japan. They didn't speak any english, and seemed shy and reserved when I went to say hello. But I guess that was more my fault. It can be intimidating meeting a woman as tall as me. More so since they were small, cant speak the local language, and in a foreign land.

With a friendly smile, I decided to leave before I scare them too much. Chuckling a bit as I imagined what it was like for them coming from a short country and the first neighbor they met was nothing less than  an amazonian. But as I was about to turn, I heard an excited squeal.

It was Vivian.

She wasn't like her parents, the moment she saw me her little body leaped right into my arms. Well more like jumping onto my leg as she was too short to reach any higher. I had to bend a full 90 degrees to pick up the excited 4 year old cutie. And at that moment I knew I'd love her.

Our families became quick friends. They were a bit intimidated by my size, even till now, but I didn't mind. Everyone was. Even my husband who strongly objects to me wearing heels as he didn't want to feel smaller.

The Saito family were warm and loving when I got to know them. Especially the mom. Being housewives, we quickly bonded and became best friends.

We were an odd pair. Me a tall 6'8" white amazonian with a great bust and powerful, long legs. And Aiko, a small, gorgeous Asian standing at 4 feet 6 inches, with small and perky breasts, and little curves. But that didn't stop us from getting along. In fact it was our differences that brought us together - I taught her english and how to get around town, and she open my eyes to a different culture.

The time we shared together will always have a special part in my heart. One specifically was that romantic time when we traveled to Japan just the two of us. A moment I loved and cherished more than my honeymoon with Sven.

But of course like many happy moments in my life, that too didn't last. A few years after meeting her, Aiko died of cancer. Leaving behind a heart broken husband and daughter. I too was devastated. But also jealous as I watched her husband break down from his lost love. I'd never get that from Sven.

It was the greatest low for me. The only thing that kept me strong was when Vivi had me cuddle her to sleep. I knew then that I'd live to care for my best friend's daughter and husband.

Since then, I watched Vivi grow up. Metaphorically speaking of course, she didn't really grow. Stopping at an adorable 4 feet tall, she was the smaller version of her already short mother.

But even with a small stature, that never stopped Vivian from being the dominant character in any group. Even amongst my tall children she was the ring leader. They both loved her and looked up (metaphorically speaking) to her.

"Hey, Ms. Athena," Vivi beamed from her perch on the counter. "Guess what day is tomorrow?"

"Is it something special," I feigned ignorance.

"You know it is."

"No," I shook my head. "I don't."

"I know you're just joking, but I cant wait to say it," she basically squealed with excitement. "Its my 18th birthday!"

"Oh right," I laughed. "Happy birthday my little bean sprout."

Vivi smiled as she leaned towards me. Biting her lower lips, she purred, "Am I not getting a birthday kiss?"

Then I saw it. Something in her light brown eyes. That same hunger, fierceness, and longing I was accustomed to seeing in her mother. Paired with the same mischievous smirk, it made my heart skip. "Oh... of course you are."

I swallowed hard to regain my senses. Then smirked as I walked over, leaned in, but didn't give her what she wanted.

"Buuuut... Its not yet tomorrow." With that I withdrew, smiling smugly as I returned a little teasing of my own.

"Ugh, fine," Vivi grunted. "Well it doesn't matter." She sang while grabbing another cookie. "I can wait until tomorrow. By then, I'll be fully legal."

With a seductive wink, she left to find me children. No doubt to plan whatever party they'd have.

Leaving me feeling funny.


Vivian's father - who makes plenty as a failure analysis engineer in a major car company - spoiled Vivi. I'm sure that was his way of making up for his absence after the loss of his love. But from what I could tell, Vivi didn't hold it against him. In fact, they had a strong relationship. More so than my family had with me.

For her birthday, Mr. Saito let Vivian go all out. Letting her use their lake house - a house Aiko and I broke in. And basically turning a blind eye from Vivi's spendings and shenanigans. And boy did Vivian go wild in both.

I watched the girl's party through the secret social media account I made to spy on my kids. It was wild. And of course all about Vivian. I saw her get paraded on a portable thrown carried by four shirtless jocks as people cheered. She barked orders/dares and people obeyed, cheering as she made two guys make out. She was indeed the queen, and everyone seemed enthralled and in awe of her. It was hard not to be, she was fun, confident and lovable.

I felt envious watching these teen go crazy. But more so when I watched a teenage boy lick Vivian's foot as a reward for winning some game she orchestrated. The crowed laughed and cheered, Vivian simply nodded in approval before allowing him to kiss her on the lips as a bonus reward. Another act that made my heart skip.

With a heavy, annoyed sigh, I placed my phone down and tried to go to sleep.


A week later, I found myself doing my old, boring, house routines. Right now I was putting away the final things I bought from the store. Like many times, I wondered how life would be if certain choices I made in the past were different. Sighing heavily, I shook the thought away. It usually left me depress.

I was all alone at home. A situation I frequently found myself in as my children were mostly out practising with their sport's club or hanging with their friends. And my unfaithful husband? Well of course he was having a "late business dinner".

Being alone made me wonder if this was truly going to be my entire life. If this was really it. Alone at home while the rest of my family were with people they preferred.

Little did I know that my life was going to turn upside down with the appearance of someone barely clearing four feet tall.

"Ms. Athena," came Vivian's silky voice as she once again barged through the kitchen door. She was dressed in a white blouse that acted like a dress and matched it with black short-shorts and slippers. The same little outfit her mother used to wear. An outfit that made my heart ever so slightly skip. "Guess who's finally eighteen!"

"Oh, Vivi," I smiled warmly. "Happy birthday again."

Without any encouragement, Vivian run up and buried her face into my soft, mommy belly. Her small frame vanished under my large bust as her short arms wrap around my waist. Hugging what little she could.

At first I felt self conscious about my smell, hoping I didn't stink too badly after a long day of housework. But then smiled and returned the hug once I realized Vivi didn't seem to mind. Hugging her at my height was basically placing my hands on her shoulders and pressing her closer. But despite our difference in size, I basked at the warm feeling that radiated from her petite form. It was heavenly.

"I'm really happy for you. My sweet Vivi is finally a woman!" Vivian giggled at the response before pushing away. Allowing herself space to look past my protruding breasts to my silver eyes. As our gaze met, her smile shifted to mischief. Making my heart skip.

"I'm finally legal." She said in a sultry voice.

"R-r-right," I said brokenly. There was something behind those words that made me nervous.

"So, Ms. Athena, are you free right now?"

"Oh, Vivi, how many times have I asked you to stop calling me that?"

"Cant help it," she shrugged. "I prefer that name."

Ever since Vivian found videos of me from my glory days playing volleyball, she exclaimed to be my biggest fan. Funny because she was the smallest. Since then she collected posters, uniforms, and other things I endorsed. It was strange watching her do that, but also thrilling. I mean its always nice to be admired. Especially from someone you care about.

"Sooooo," she sang. "What are you doing now?"

"Ummm," I placed my finger on my lips in thought. "I think I still need to do the laundry?"

"Can that wait till tomorrow?"

"Well... I guess. But then I have to start dinner. The kids and Sven wont be home, but you are always welcome to join me."

"Great," the little doll said. "But you don't need to cook. I'll order pizza."

"Oh... ok," I frowned. "Vivi, what are you planning?"

"I just want us to spend some time together. Its been a while since it was just the two of us," she beamed from under the shadow of my breasts. Her eyes locked onto them. "I miss you."

This made me blush. Both her staring at my bosom and her warm words made me tingle inside.

"Then its settled," Vivian said as she grabbed my hand, pulling me to the living room. "We're bonding tonight!"

That wasn't a bad idea. Especially since a few minutes ago I was wallowing at being alone. Plus, I did love Vivian's company. She made me feel loved.

Vivian pick an old romance film I watched with her mom. Which made me nervous since the film usually got me worked up. And here I'll be watching it with Vivi.

Ignoring my growing lust, I decided to help setup the film while Vivi made popcorn, got us drinks, and brought out the cookies I made. She insisted on doing it herself while I relax. I offered help because I was certain she couldn't reach everything in my kitchen. But surprisingly she came back with them all.

"I climbed your counters," she smirked at my surprised stares. "And yes, I know you don't like that."

I rolled my eyes, but smiled. Vivian always did what she wanted.

With a drinks at hand, and snacks on a large bowl, we started the movie. I sat on one end of the couch while Vivian cuddled up against me. The same way her mother used to do. And I gladly draped an arm over her shoulders and held her close, like I did to Aiko. Again, ignoring that growing tingle within.

As time went on, I couldn't help but feel such familiarity with Vivi. She was just like her mother! But smaller. The feel of her perfectly smooth Asian skin against my own. The sweet scent from her hair. The same little outfit. Even the soft whispers was almost identical. It all made my heart skip. Rendering it impossible to ignore that now burning, suppressed, sensation deep within me.

"You ok," Vivian whispered as she looked up at me with the same light brown eyes.

"Ya," I lied, taking a deep breath. A bad choice, since now her scent flooded my brain. "The movie is just getting too me."

"Ok," she smirked before cuddling under my arm. Resting her head on the side of my plump chest.

As the film turned more sensual, I was really feeling bothered. The movie. Vivian. Everything was getting to me!

"Are you still ok?"

"Ya... just a bit stiff."

"Oh, then here," she slipped off the couch, much to my disapproval. "Why don't you stretch out."

"I'm fine, you can-."

"Nonsense." she bent down and heaved one of my legs. "Boy that's heavy. Help me!"

I blushed. But complied. Allowing my other leg to stretched to the other end of the couch.

"There! Now you just relax." She sat back down, right at the very edge of the couch, with her head resting on my breasts. "See, the perks of being a small girl is that I don't need lots of space."

The movie turned more sensual. Reminding me of the R-rated acts Aiko and I did when we last watched this scene. This was when my sex deprived self finally took over. All my clouded mind could think of was how beautiful this young Asian was.

"Is something wrong."

By then I didn't see Vivian. I saw Aiko. Her soft, plush, rosy lips looked so delicious as they moved. Wafting over her minty breath, making me shudder and inviting me for a taste. And so I did just that. Caught in a spell, I leaned in for a kiss.

"Mmph," came the muffled response of Vivian. Quickly shattering the spell. Flooding my mind with instant regret.

With wide eyes, I pulled away. But instead of seeing a bewildered girl, I saw Vivian smile approvingly.

"Finally," she sang.

"Oh my gosh." My cheek burned red. "Vivi, I'm so-"

"Shhhh," she said, leaning in to place a finger on my lips. "Its ok. I knew this would happen."

"You... you what?" I didn't know how to respond. My mind was freaking out, confused, and... aroused. It was impossible for me to think straight!

"You didn't notice." She stood up and gave me a twirl. "Everything I have on belonged to mommy."

"Huh..." I said in confusion, but then realized that the similarity was deliberate. But why would she wear that?

"So why wear it?" She gave me a knowing smirk. In a graceful flash, she was sitting beside me again. Her beautiful face inches from mine. In a soft, sultry voice, she whispered. "Because I knew about you and mom."

My heart stopped. She knew? Suddenly, I felt like exploding. The only thing that kept me at bay was Vivi.

"Its alright. Its ok," she calmed me, her hands pressing and caressing my shoulders. "There is nothing shameful in that. So please calm down."

"You... you knew?"

"Yes," she chuckled. "It was so obvious. At least for me. Everyone else was oblivious though."

That calmed me a bit. I didn't know how'd I'll feel if me kids, Mr. Saito, or my husband found out. I frowned when I thought about Sven. Why should I worry about what that cheating bastard thinks.

"But seriously though." Vivian laughed again. "I got you."

"Got me?"

"You thought I was mommy," she said in a teasing tone. "Though I'm not sure if that's racist or we actually both look alike."

"You... look like her."

"I do." She affirmed. "Even dad says it. And I smell like her too. Here," she raised her head, exposing her slender neck. "Give me a whiff."

The spell I was under must have still lingered, because I complied. Leaning my nose just inches from her skin, I took a deep sniff. And oh how she did smell like her mother. The same sweet scent, hinted with a personal musk, that drove me crazy all those years ago flooded my mind with sensual memories.

"Good right," Vivi laughed like it was the most normal thing in the world. Making me feel at ease with the mildly lewd act I committed. "I used her perfume. I knew you'd love it."

"I... I do."

"I even used her shampoo brand," she said, taking a whiff of her own long hair. By then her confident behavior became gentler. With a soft smile, she leaned close to me and whisper, "She loved you, you know?"

I returned the smile as I remembered Aiko, "I know."

"And..." this time Vivian did something I never thought I'd see her do. She blushed shyly! "...And I love you too."

My heart instantly melted. Feeling invisible in my own house, hearing those words made me want to cry. But there was another feeling there. Because I knew that the "love" she meant wasn't said by a daughter to her mom. It was more mature.

"And I've been waiting for a long time to do something about it." She beamed, Her shyness suddenly gone. "Now that I'm legal, I finally can!"

By this point I didn't know how to feel or think. My entire being exploded with confusing and conflicting emotions. All revolving around the sensual feeling brewing in my core.

"Ms. Athena," she spoke in her sultry manner. "When was the last time someone showed how much they appreciated you?"

"I..." No memories came up.

"That long," Vivian laughed, sliding off the couch to stand before me. "No worries. I'll show you how much I appreciate you."

I did nothing to stop her. One, because I was still dazed from everything. And two, because this girl was giving my deprived self what I longed for. To feel wanted. Appreciated. Desired. Loved.

Vivi glided towards my feet, lifting them to slide underneath. I felt conscious as she laid them on her lap. Knowing after using my old, fluffy slipper all day they smelled. Something my husband would complain about every time we got on the bed together. And with my feet so long and big compared to her small frame - stretching all the way to just bellow her chin - I knew she'd take a good whiff of them soon.

"Sorry for the smell." I cringed as I watched her nose twitch from the stench.

"Its fine," the cute, petite Asian said as her hands started to massage my sore soles. "I think it smells wonderful."

She surprised me by bending down to plant a kiss on my big toe. The feeling made my shudder. She then meet my eyes. When she knew I was staring, Vivian took a long, exaggerated whiff. Breathing in the tangy aroma of my sweaty toes.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, still locked into my gaze. Watching gleefully as I turned red. "You know why I love your smelly feet?"

I could only shake my head. My mind screaming all kinds of confused feeling ranging from embarrassment to arousal.

"Because it shows how hard you worked. How many steps you took, how you sweat and bleed doing things for your family." She sniffed again, laughing this time. "It smells like love."

I blushed deeply at that. Never in my life has anyone associated my smelly feet to the efforts I put to caring for my family.

"They smell wonderful." She planted a kiss on each toe. Thanking them. "Thank you,"








"Hard work." She ended the last one by seductively extending her small, red tongue to lick my soles up to between my toes. "Mmmmm, taste good as well."

"Ohhhhh," I protested softly in surprise, biting my lip to get back into focus. "Don't do that, Vivi." Groaning as I felt her magical tongue once more. As shameful as I felt having her lick my stinky feet, I didn't do anything to actually stop her. "Its... Its dirty."

"No, Ms. Athena," Vivian laughed. "They're salty and sour. But perfect."

With that she started licking and sucking on my toes. It was so naughty that I couldn't help but moan as the passionate and sloppy act continued. My hands gripped into the sofa, and thighs rubbed against each other. All the while, I kept thinking why I was allowing this to happen. Hating myself for loving it too much to stop it.


The sound of her lips retracting from my big toe caught my attention. Looking at Vivian, I watched her smile with drool all over her pretty mouth. My own feet glistened from her act of appreciation. With one last kiss, Vivi slid off the couch and faced my cleanly licked feet.

"Thank you for your hard work!" She exclaimed. Bowing to them like how Japanese people do to show respect.

"Gosh, Vivi," I chuckled sheepishly. "No need for that..."

"Nonsense!" She beamed, twirling back to me. "I need you to know how much I appreciate you." Her gaze then shifted to my hands. "All of you."

In an instant, she was sitting beside me. Laying my hands onto her lap.

"Now for you." She lifted my right hand, and pressed it against her soft cheek. "Mmmmm. Rough and strong."

"S-sorry," I pulled my hands away. I knew my hands were rough. Sven complained how they didn't feel nice against his shaft. "Guess they aren't as soft as they used to be."

"Again," she grabbed my hand. "I love it. And you know why?"

"They show how hard I work for the ones I love..."

"Bingo!" Vivian beamed, planting a wet kissed on my palms. "These hands carry, wash, and clean anything and everything for the sake of its family!"

Her eyes locked on mine again as she pulled one of my long fingers to the edge of her mouth.

"They are perfect in every way. And I love them," with that she slowly lowered herself. Taking my entire digit in its wet embrace. Her mouth was so small that I could feel the back of her throat. But she never once gagged... like she was used to having long things deep into her throat. "And I'll lick and suck them daily to make them soft again. If you want."

"Vivi," I huffed watching her worship each of my fingers. My shame at a new height. "Should... we be doing... this?"

"Should we stop?" She paused, looking at me with a knowing grin.

I could only blush in response. I didn't want her to stop.

"Thought not," she chuckled. then planting a final kiss on the back of my hands, she stood and bowed. "Thanks for all your hard work!"

Again, my heart flattered. Making me feel more conflicted and confused as my desires and sanity fought.


Vivian climbed and sat herself on my belly. Her milky thighs press onto my sides as her crotch burned through her shorts and onto my abdomen. Her weight almost negligible as she leaned onto my breasts to cup my cheeks.

"...For the rest of you." She leaned in more. Her sensual, rosy lips inching closer.

"Vivi..." I moaned, feeling her breath. I knew what was about to happen. I have allowed her erotic massage of my hands and feet. But this? "...We cant."

"We can't?" She asked. Her warm breath washed onto me. Inviting me to taste her like before.

"We... mustn't..." My please sounding unconvincing as my own desires burned.

"Why not?" She leaned in closer, eyes hungry and strong. Digging deep into my soul, breaking every defenses I had. She was tiny compared to me, but I was the one submitting under her more powerful and dominant gaze.

"Because... because you are like a daughter to me... You're still a child..."

"I'm eighteen," she whispered. "And though I see you as my mommy," she leaned in to lightly lick my upper lip. Sending a shudder of pleasure to my core. "Its not that kind of mommy."

That one, wet, sensual lick broke free my suppressed desires. How could I resist her after that?! After years of neglect, could I really say no to such a young, enthusiastic woman? One I loved. Who loved me. Who appreciated me enough to show it?

No. I couldn't.

Finally broken, I leaned in the last few centimeters to meet her. It was one of the best decisions of my life.


I don't remember that night in anything resembling a usual memory. It was blurred behind an erotic bliss I haven't had in a while. What I remember profoundly was the feeling of that night.

Her tiny hands gliding against my nervously sweating body. Finding perch somewhere sensual and expertly working me into a moaning mess. Her beautiful tongue - tiny, wet and reddish pink - exploring me, tasting every inch of my body. Her small mouth sucking my nipples and tongue in a way I cant describe. The sharp pings of pain she left as she bit my skin, leaving marks going down south.

"Stop," I remember telling her as she started to pull off my old, worn out panties. "I'm not... groomed."

"So," was all she said before striping me.

I remember the embarrassment I felt as my crotch, buried under golden pubes, and reeking from sweat and lust, was exposed. I remember Vivi mocking my bush, burying her hand in the dense forest. Pulling it. Gagging at the stench radiating out of my overly eager and dirty cunt. I remember loving her belittling. But more so when she kissed me there. Licked me there. Sucked me there.

My embarrassment only grew as she constantly stopped to pull stray strands of golden pubes from her mouth. In fact they were all over her pretty, drenched face. But her laughter told me she found it amusing and enjoyable.

Her magical tongue, though small, was precise and beyond professional. Finding the right spot to graze, poke or slap. Rendering me quivering and screaming in pure ecstasy.

Her delicate fingers would snake in, enhancing my pleasure by pinching, rubbing or flicking every part I desired. Especially my clit. Her other hand grabbing onto my ass. Sliding along the crack to get onto and into my other hole. An act I protested until the pleasure of it struck me with another orgasm.

From then, all I could remember was the pleasure. One after the other they came. Each one stronger than the last. Each one longer. Each one more erotic and wild. Hitting differently. It was like riding an extreme sexual high. Nothing was clear, but everything felt great.

I remembered feeling her small body all over me. In my arms, between my legs. Behind. Above. Everywhere at once. Leaving each part visited quivering with utmost gratification.

I loved how she felt. Her warmth. Her soft, unblemished skin against mine. Her weightlessness as she laid on me.

I loved her scent. Sweet. Flowery. A bit musky as the night went on.

I loved the taste of her lips, tongue and skin. Sweet and sour, like most of my favorite Asian dishes.

Though sadly I didn't get to thoroughly taste ALL of her. She wouldn't let me. Saying tonight was all about me. For a woman who wasn't touched like this for over a year, I didn't complain. I just hoped to get a chance at her juicy fruit too.

Everything about that night was magical. Tiring, but magical. I couldn't remember the last time I was that spent and satisfied with Sven. The only person who left me that silly and dazed was Aiko. Oh how I missed her.

I didn't want our time together to end. But sadly my children came home. Breaking a night I hoped would last forever. Though as time passed, and I started regaining my senses, full shame crept in.

What have I allowed to happen? With Vivian no less?!?

The little doll snuck out before I could talk to her about what we did. Leaving me in emotional confusion. I loved what happened. But it felt wrong. Vivi was like my daughter. Not by blood. But I helped raise her. There was something wrong with that. Especially if you include that she is barely legal! And my dead, best friend's daughter!

I was ashamed. How could I allow that precious little thing to commit such vulgar acts with me. I was the adult. I was the bigger woman. Yet I laid there and let it happen. It felt like I was dishonoring my friendship with Aiko, the woman I held with highest regards.

Yet... it was wonderful.

That was what shamed me more. I loved it!

But no. I had to be strong. I couldn't let it happen again.


The next time I saw Vivian, I said that we couldn't do what we did ever again. She just smiled up at me and said she understands. That she'll not initiate anything further. But with a mischievous smirk, she stated:

"You'll be the one to start it."

It has been weeks since our night together. And how it was a hellish few weeks! My mind kept wondering back to that night, at how glorious it was.

Sven even started to see the changes in me. Getting curious as to why I was so distracted, and of course why I haven't, in his words, "forced yourself on me".

That hurt. Before Vivian touched me, I was always looking for physical affection from Sven. Initiating something I hoped would turn into a night of pleasure. But Sven would angrily claim he wasn't in the mood. Or just have me blow him off. Never reciprocating. Of course I knew why he wasn't in the mood, but still I pushed him for love.

Oh, how stupid I was!

In the end, to get him to stop bothering me, I let him fuck me. The first time he touched me since forever. And all because I wasn't acting like the crazed, needy housewife looking for his affection.

How foolish I was to be in love with such a self centered, narcissistic ass. To crave for his touch and love while knowing he was unfaithful.

Sure, the sex with him wasn't bad. I mean, he had a long, thick cock - something his lover liked about him. I admit it was nice being fucked by it. But not nearly as erotic, fun, or exciting as it was with Vivian. Or even Aiko. Totally different experiences. And I clearly developed a taste for something more refined, adventurous, and loving. Not just being a basic fuck toy for Sven to pound, cum, and ditch like he usually treated me. Calling that making love.

I did like the sex. It served as a distraction from my horny thoughts. But didn't like my time with Sven.

What I ultimately longed for was Vivian. That tabooed relationship. The one I stopped from continuing.

Each day it got harder to keep my hands off her. Every time I heard her, saw her, or even smelt her, my heart would skip. My desire was fighting my resolve. Slowly winning.

Vivian wouldn't make it easy for me as well. She kept her word, she didn't initiate anything. Though she'd tease me relentlessly. Each day she'd pop up to "hang" with my children. When no one was looking, she'd give me an air kiss. Or bite her lips. Wink. Lick ice cream sensually. Always succeeding in making me hot and bothered.

One time, while watching a film with my daughter, she caught me staring. With a sensual stretch, she parted her legs. Exposing her wet, soaked white panties for me to admire. Those same panties I later found left in my hamper. Of course I did the sane thing and... sniffed it.... They weren't the only clothing she left behind. Her socks constantly found themselves in my way. Teasing me for a sniff.

Another time she purposely spilled water on herself. Showing my dazzled children and I her braless, small, yet perky, chest. Leaving us all bumbling like buffoons as we tried to help her. How cruel to do this in front of my children! Yet... exciting.

I almost lost my resolve many times. But surprised myself by not giving in.

What really broke my will was when I overheard a conversation between my twins. They were talking about how annoying it was that Vivian was pursuing some mysterious person.


I always knew my children had a crush on Vivian. When they were younger they both proposed to her and had Aiko and I to preform a mock wedding. Somehow they never got over Vivian. Even when they started dating others, they'd ask her approval. That's how Vivian is, she has a bewitching charisma. You just have to please her. Have to get her attention and praise...

All those things I had. Me, the mysterious person Vivian was pursuing...

I don't know why that broke me. Maybe because the person everybody desired, including my children, had only eyes for me. Making me feel special and wanted. Or maybe it was because she was broadcasting our secret in a way only we would know - it was exciting hearing that from my oblivious children. Or maybe it was her constant teases.

Whatever the case, at that moment I couldn't think of anything else I'd love more than to have Vivian in my arms.

"Oh hi Ms. Athena," Vivian said as she greeted me at her family's front door. "How may I-ahhh!"

Whatever resolve still remained where shattered when I saw her. My arms darted out, wrapped around her waist and lifted her up against my towering form. She could only mumble a response as I quickly kissed her. A deep, longing kiss. One that I hated myself for wanting soooo badly.

"Ms. Athena," Vivian smirked when I finally broke off. "Its about time."

I could only blush at what I've done. The realization somehow scaring me. I just opened Pandora's box.

"Now," Vivian licked her lips, wrapping her arms around my neck. "What should I do to this hypocrite."


A night filled with tabooed acts of erotic pleasures ensued. As good as I fantasized and more. As pleasurable and gratifying as I desired. Better than any dream.

But as I laid there, out of breath and recovering from a love high, my own rational mind started to kick in. Guilt riddling my thoughts once again.

"Don't." Vivian ordered as she played with my breasts.

"Don't?" I replied in confusion.

"Don't say, 'this is a mistake'."

"Oh," I blushed. Vivian could read me like a book. But I had to say my piece, if only to get rid of my guilt. "Vivian, it was... I mean your mother and I-"

"Do you believe my mother loved me?" she cut in. Leaning over my breasts to met my gaze.

"Ah... Yes. I know she did."

"Do you think she wants me to be happy?"


"What about you? Did she love you?"

I sighed sadly, the thought of Aiko made me teary. "I know she did."

"And she wishes you happiness?"


Vivian leaned in more. Her expression earnest and gentle. "Are you as happy as I am right now?"

"Yes." I said, knowing where she was taking this.

"Good." Vivian brushes a stray strand of golden hair off my face. "Now one last question. What do you think mother would feel if we used her death as an excuse to be miserable and sad?"

"It will break her heart."

"Exactly," Vivian kissed me gently. "So stop it. Stop trying to find excuses to run away from your desires. Mother wants us happy. So do whatever makes you happy. Hold me. Kiss me! FUCK ME!" She screamed as a sensual smile appeared on her face. "Because that makes you happy."

I looked at her large, light brown eyes which burned with passion and desire. Taken aback by her bold assumptions. But there was truth in her words. Making me regret thinking Aiko would ever hold a grudge for what I've done. She'd never! She always wanted the best for everyone. Wanted what makes us happy. And truthfully, loving Vivian in this mature manner was what ultimately made me happy.

I was using Aiko as an excuse too pursue happiness.

No more.

Holding onto Vivian's head, I gently pulled her in for a wet kiss.


After that night, my life has changed. I was still the "good, submissive wife" of Sven. The loving mother of my children. Those didn't change. But at my private hours - when my cheating husband and neglectful children were gone (which was always) - I was Athena. Vivian's lover.

And oh how exciting it was to be her lover. It wasn't just the secret, or our tabooed relationship, or the kink from bedding the crush of my children. What really made this so exhilarating was Vivian herself and her erotic games.

She'd open me to many things. Things I've forgotten. Things I've only done with her mother. Crazier things that I've yet to explore. All of which I loved.

In our relationship there was no doubt that she was the dom. I was the sub. Funny since our sizes didn't fit our roles. Yet there was this fetish Vivian had. Finding it extremely hot when I took the role of master. A role she orders me to constantly act. But even as the master, we both knew that she was really the one in charge.

"Spank me, Goddess!" She squealed, jumping onto my marital. Her face was down on the sheets, back curved, and ass pointing up high. Swaying as she waited for me. "Spank me!"

It was Friday night, and we had my place all to ourselves - kids off at a party and husband at a "business dinner". But now I didn't mind. I actually hoped they'd be gone all night. That way I could enjoy Vivian to my heart's content.

"Goddeeeeesssss," She whined. "Your naught servant needs her spanking."

I rolled my eyes, she could be so cute when she wanted to. Sitting beside her, I took hold of her hips to stop the swaying.

"Mmmmm. That's it, my Goddess. Spank me."

I caressed her butt, loving how her tight ass peeked behind her tiny booty shorts. It was the perfect ass for her. Small but well shaped. I could cup the majority of it in one hand. "Ready?"

"Yes, Goddess."


"Mmmmmmffffffff," she moaned loudly into thee sheets.

"Does naughty, little slave want another?" I asked while rubbing her quivering buns.

"Yes, please," came her sweet, soft, submissive voice. She really knew how to change characters when needed.

With a smile, I hooked a finger into her shorts and pulled it off. Exposing her tiny black thong and red cheeks. The imprint of my large hand visible, making me cringed. Was it too strong? She usually liked me being rough. Ordered me to be. But seeing the hot red mark made me wonder if-

"Its fine," Vivian said in her sultry alpha voice. Shifting back to her master role. "I want it harder."

It always surprised me how easy it was for her to switch roles. Even more so was the fact that she constantly knew what I was thinking.

"Now please, Goddess." Her voice changed back to submissive. "Beat my tiny ass. Teach your Asian toy in her proper place!"

With a renewed smirk, I lifted my hand high, and swung with all I've got.


"Ahhhh," she moaned.


"Yes, Go-"





"Had enough, you little Asian slut?" I instantly cringed as those words left my mouth. Belittling wasn't something I cared for. I didn't mind when Vivi did it, but it wasn't something I personally liked to do.

"Oh, Goddess," she sniveled. "I think you ruined my butt."

"Oh my," I freaked, noticing her buns swollen and lightly bruised at the spot my hand constantly hit."I'm so sorry Vi-"

"Ugh," Vivian groaned. "Again? Really?"

"Oh," I blushed, realizing I just broke character... Again. "Sorry."

"Its fine," Vivian said. Turning to face me. "You're just too kind hearted. That's all."

"Sorry," I apologized again. "I'm just not used to this entire... Dominant role."

"Tell me about it," Vivian groaned as she sat on her beaten ass. "But you'll get there, Goddess."

"Do you really have to call me 'Goddess'?"

"Seriously," Vivian frowned. "I mean look at you. How can I not call you my Goddess?"

"I'm nothing like a goddess?" I said, feeling conscious with my body. I wasn't young anymore. My toned body taking a more motherly shape. My large breasts got bigger after pregnancy, and stayed that way. My bell became soft. Sure it was still slim, but not the toned, ab tight, perfection I had in my youth. My hips were wider (again, pregnancy's fault), and legs thicker. Not fat. But not toned like it was in my youth. Sure, it wasn't a bad body, but my confidence couldn't see it as godlike.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS," She jumped at me. Slightly annoyed. Trying to push me down.

I was shocked by her sudden outburst. Barely budging as she continued to heave. When I realized what she wanted to do, I laid down. Allowing her to "pin" me.

"You are perfect, my Goddess. More than any woman I've ever seen."

That made my blush.

"More so in comparison to my pathetic, petite, body."

This time I frowned. "There is nothing wrong with-"



Her slap was weak, but the surprise kept me silent. "You are wrong. In comparison to such a Goddess like you, I'm nothing."


*Smack* "I'm nothing!" She growled. "You, my dear Athena, are a Goddess. And there is nothing wrong with that. The same way there is nothing wrong with me being your a pathetic, little, Asian slave."

She leaned in. Grabbing my hair tightly.

"Say it. Say that you're a Goddess."

I cringe as her grip tighten.


"I'm... I'm a Goddess." I managed to whimper.

"Good," her snarl disappeared. In its place a soft, warm smile appeared. "Now," her voice went back to the cutesy tone, "Goddess, what do you want your wittle slave to do?"

Blushing at her adorable shift of character, all I could do was meekly ask her for one thing, "Well... could you uhm... lick me?"

"Where," she asked in a manner out-cuteing any pup or kitty.

"My... cunt."

"Of course!" She beamed, eagerly crawling between my thicc thighs. Which I now noticed were thicker than she was. A comparison that put our drastic size in new light. Especially now that she was dwarfed between them.

Once situated in front of my nether, she parted my legs. Giving herself more room to admire my burning loins.

"I still cant believe you trimmed it," she pouted as her delicate fingers combed through my now groomed pubes.

"You don't like it?" I asked a bit worried.

"Of course I like it," she said bending down to rub her cheek at my inner right thigh. Face inches from my cunt. Finger still placing with my pubes. "I love everything about my goddess. Even when you were so hairy."

"Oh," I blushed. "Well... I'm sorry. I just didn't like you having a mouthful of pubes again."

"But its so tasty," she giggled. Her breath washed over my quivering lips, making me shudder.

"Tasty?" I moaned in mild embarrassment.

"Ya," she righted herself and leaned in to take a deep whiff of my crotch. "Is that..." she sniffed again, "...Lavender?" She laughed. "You sprayed yourself!"

I blushed a darker shade of red. "I didn't want you to gag like last time."

"I loved your stink," she said, sniffing again. "It just showed how you are such a dirty goddess," she teased. "But," she took another whiff. "I guess this isn't that bad too."

"Oh... MY!" I gasped as she gave my labia a deep and long lick.

"Still taste great," she savored my juices. "Less tangy, but still delicious."

Another lick followed. Making me jerk in surprised glee.

"Less stringy too," she giggled. "Though I didn't mind that." she said while rubbing the tip of her nose on my trimmed bush. "I just miss the fluff."

"I can grow it back."

"Do whatever you want to do, my goddess." She planted a teasing kiss on my erecting clit. "I'll love you either way."

With that, she buried herself in my folds. Her small face fit perfectly there. Seemingly sinking in me as she pressed deeper inside. Sucking up the splurting juices, and probing the delicate points that sent me in a state of euphoria.


"Damn," I repressed a moan as I felt the egg shaped vibrator pick up intensity.

"You ok, mom?" Sylvia, my daughter, asked.

"I'm fine, Hon. Just mmm." I moaned again as I felt another strong ping. "Just having cramps."

"That time of the month?"

"Ya." I turned to hide the blush creeping through my face.

Vivian gave me the egg shaped, remote controlled, vibrator. And forced me to wear it as I cooked dinner. It was hard to concentrate since she was constantly changing the intensity. And embarrassing since Sylvia joined me to do her homework at the kitchen island counter. Out of all the days they decided to stay for dinner, why did it have to be tonight...

"Oh my," I gasped.

"Really mom?" Sylvia rolled her eyes. "It sounds like you are having sex."

"Having what," Vivian asked as she entered the kitchen riding my son's (Tyler's) back.

"Ma is having her time of the month," Sylvia perked as she saw Vivian. "And she's making weird sounds."

"Hmmmmffffff" I stifled a moaned as my legs quaked.

"Damn, ma." Tyler laughed. "What's wrong with you."

"Hey, don't make fun of her. This time of the month is no laughing matter," Vivian said as she secretly gave me a wink. At the same time the intensity spiked.

"FFffff," I covered my mouth as I felt another orgasm.

"Serious," Sylvia growled. "You are exaggerating now."

"Everybody, has their bad days," Vivian said as she slid off Tyler's back. "You ok, Ms. Atiyana?"

"Ya," I took a deep breath, relieved that Vivian finally put it back to the lowest setting. "Just having really bad cramps."

"I feel you. I had some horrible cramps last month too." She smirked while climbing the long island stool to sit on. "Ouch."

"Are you alright, Vivian?" Both my kids asked in unison.

"Ya." Vivian groaned as she settled down. "My butt is just a bit sore."

"Oh no, what happened?" Sylvia asked, getting up to check on her crush.

"Nothing much," Vivian smirked. It was enough to make my cheeks burn a darker shade of red. "Just got hit by something."

I shuddered at that. Feeling embarrassed as our tabooed game was secretly being revealed. Little by little, I started to realize why my kids were here for dinner. Vivian probably made them stick around so she could tease me right in front of them.

"Haa," I moaned as I felt the egg's intensity spike up again.


I've "played" with Vivian several times now, but I've yet to actually taste her beautiful, wet, tiny peach. Every time I'd try, she'd stop me. Saying things like "A slave doesn't deserve it", or "A goddess should be serviced, not serving". It was all part of her game. But I really wanted to taste her. Or at least return the favor. She made me feel so loved, appreciated and sexually satisfied. Yet the only thing I've done in return was spank her.

This time I'd please her. No matter what she decides.

"Ya, that's right." I hyped myself up in front of the mirror as I waited for Vivian. "You are the bigger, stronger girl. You will control the night." I affirmed myself. "You are a goddess."

If Vivian really wanted to the play goddess and slave, then tonight I'll act the part. No goddess takes orders from their little slave. Or ask for permission. They just do.

Feeling hyped, I changed into my tiny black camisole and put on my 4 inch black heels. My standing mirror wasn't long enough to reflex all of me, but I knew I looked damn hot. Like a true goddess.

"Its been a while since I thought that about myself," I said with a smile. Being treated and called a goddess did wonders to my confidence.

Several days before, I would never consider this mommy body as hot. But Vivian gave me the confidence to see its beauty. Sure, I was no longer toned, tight, and fit like in my athletic days. But on the up side my breasts were larger and hips/ass fuller. Even though my stomach was soft, it was still slim. And the contrast of having large breasts, a slim waist, and wide hips gave me this sexy, hourglass figure. Not to mention these thicc thighs looked wonderful on a pair of long legs like mine. Instead of looking fat, they looked shapely, juicy, and sensual.

"Yes. I'm a goddess. Tonight, I'll make Vivian my bit-"


As my door got kicked open, I turned in shock to see Vivian. Instantly being stunned by the sight of her.

Wearing a tight, black corset that made her tiny breasts pop, matching booty shorts, fishnets, and 6 inch heels, Vivian easily looked like the gorgeous mistress I knew she was.

"On your knees," she barked, striking the air with a black riding crop (a whip).

I instantly obeyed. Reverting back too my submissive self, abandoning all plans to dominate Vivian. There was a way Vivian held herself, making her appear dominant. I knew she was small - even with additional 6 in, she only stood 4'6". Yet somehow, looking at her in that costume, with her great proportions and long legs - in comparison to her body - she looked tall. All that, plus her dominant aura, made her appear powerful. Of course I'll naturally submit.

"Good girl," she said, walking around me. "What is this?"

She tapped my heels with her whip.

"Oh," she laughed. "I see. Someone thought that she was going to boss me around."

I was shocked at how easily she keeps reading my mind.

"With your extra height, you thought you'd appear more dominant?" She said while grazing my ass with her whip. "It'll give you the courage to stand up to me. Put me in my place?"

I groaned as she grabbed her hair.

"Well, Atiyana?" she whispered in my ear with a sultry voice. "How is that working out for you?"


"Mmmm," I moaned in surprise as she whipped my ass.



"Oh Viv," I moaned. "I-"


"Shhhhh," she hushed me. "Don't talk. No talking unless I allows it."

She walked back in front of me. Stopping a foot away to look me over. Her dominant demeanor wavered a bit as she bit her lower lip and blushed.

"Oh, goddess," she spoke in a soft, submissive tone. "You're still taller than me, and I'm wearing heels." She shifted shyly.

I froze. It was hard to believe. But true. The illusion of this all powerful, tall, and strong woman was broken. In her place stood a girl who couldn't compete with my height. Even while I was on my knees and she stood in heels!

"Are we really the same species," she chuckled while walking up to me. Still craning her head back to meet my gaze. With another giggle, her arms wrapped around my neck to pull me down for a kiss. "Mmmmm, I never thought I'd ever get to kiss you while standing."

"Ya,  this is-"


"What did your master just say about talking," she frowned. Her voice back in its sultry, dominant tone.



Her whip came down on my arm. Leaving it stinging.

"Pathetic," she whipped me one more time. "All that height. All that strength. Yet you're still just a weak little girl. Taking orders from a weaker, tinier girl.


"Sit on your ass."

I obeyed.

"Good," she stepped forward. Now finally towering over me.

The sight made me shudder. This was how I really saw Vivian - a powerful young lady who completely owned me.

"Such a good height," she said. "But I need you lower."

I complied. Laying on my back.

"Good girl," she teased my erect nipples with the tip of her whip. Her heeled foot came up and pressed itself on my belly.

At this point my heart was racing, face burning from the erotic play, and my crotch ached with desire. And it only got better as she applied weight on her heel.

"You know, you can do anything you want with me. You're the bigger, stronger woman." She beamed from above. "I know you fantasize about tasting my little, soaked, honey pot."

She stepped over me and straddled herself above my head. I moaned involuntarily at the sight of her parted legs leading to what I desired.

"You really want to taste my fine-china," she teased. Rubbing the whip on her divine crotch.

Swaying her hips, she slowly got lower. Getting so close to my face that I could smell her arousal. It drove me crazy, lust begging me to grab it. But before I could, Vivian stopped me.

"Move one inch, and I'll leave."

Of course I obeys. Her leaving would break my horny heart.

"Good girl," she said. "Don't worry. If you remain well behaved, you'll definitely get a treat."

She squatted deeper. Teasing me with her crotch an inch from my nose and mouth. I could practically feel the moist heat radiating from her nether. And the smell... Oh how divine!

"A goddess doesn't serve," Vivian said. "She is served. And you aren't a goddess tonight."

With a seductive wink, she sat on my face.


After long hours of doing her bidding, I finally got my prize: Vivian's pink treasure! It was tiny like her mother's. And perfect. Everything about it was gorgeous and elegant. The thin, puffy lips, the small pink pearl at the top, the pinkish red color inside, even the smell! It was an intoxicating mix of sweat, her personal feminine musk, perfume and the telltale signs of arousal. I couldn't have enough of it!

"Are you going too stare at it all night?" Vivian giggled as she looked down at me from her perch at the head of the bed. "Or will you accept your prize and lick me?"

"Sorry, master," I spoke in the appropriate manner Vivian taught me.

"Then get to it," she said, hooking a leg on my neck and pulled down.

I willing complied. Leaning in to get my mouth onto my leaking prize.

OH! FUCK! It was beyond delicious! The taste flooded my mind with memories of Aiko. How I've been addicted to her cunt. Dreaming about it. Longing for it like a recovering addict longs for another hit.

"Wow," Vivian moaned. "Someone is eager. Oh yessss..."

Her musical tone of approval inspired me to reach deeper, suck harder, and play more aggressively.

"Oh my," she groaned. "Go slower... I want this to last."

I followed her orders. Doing longer, stronger licks. Starting from the bottom of her cunt - to lick up all her leaking fluids- I ran my tongue along her folds, reaching deep with my impressively long tongue. At the top, I'd hook my tongue at her cunt's edge and use the spring to flick her swollen clit. Sending her shivering.

"Yes, just like that. Mmmmm-oh fuck!"

My arm reach forward to caressed her modest chest. Pinching and rubbing her erect nipples. Making her moan louder. My other hand helped me play with her now quivering snatch.

When she was appropriately flooding, I slid a long pointer finger in her tight, hole. Causing my pretty doll to gasp with pleasure. Then I hooked it to probe her more sensitive spots. Focusing on the places which sent Vivian screaming.

As time passed, I picked up my pace. Ramming my finger in quick successions as I licked and sucked her folds and clit.


This made me work harder and faster. Focusing my mouth and tongue on her clit, one hands playing with her breasts and the other drilling her tiny puss. It wasn't long until I felt it, her muscles contracted, her back arched, and hips buckled and quaked. Time paused as she was tipped over the edge. In slow motion I watched as her cute, drooling lips parted.


She screamed in great volume. Shaking wildly as she sprayed her divine elixir all over my face. All while I helped her ride each wave of pleasure. Trying my best to make this as great as she made me feel. After a glorious 10 minutes, she finally settled down. Eyes dazed, body quivering in the afterglow, and lips stretched into a silly smile.

"You're amazing," she said in gentle tone. Her face was flushed and stuck in a grinning trance. She did not look like the powerful girl that commanded me a second ago. Now she appeared like a dazed kitty. A sub.

"You enjoyed that?" I smirked. Happy to see that I still had it in me to make someone this happy.

"Mm-hmm," she moaned her reply while sheepishly crawling onto my lap, balling up against my tummy and pulling my hand over herself like a blanky. "Pet me, goddess."

I chuckled at that. "I'm the goddess now?"

"You always were."

For the millionth time, Vivian made my heart melted. I've been nothing but a shadow in my own house. Ignored by my husband and taken for granted by my constantly absent kids. I felt forgotten and undesired. Living in routine rather than really experiencing life. But then Vivian came and gave me what I truly desired. Just like her mother did many years before.

With her I felt appreciated. Loved. Wanted. Sexy. Strong.

I felt like a true goddess.

With happy tears in my eyes, I pulled Vivian in for a loving kiss. Knowing that from now on my life will truly change for the better.

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