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Story Notes:

Maternal stuff, with a focus on steady, gradual growth and lewdness in a civilized, urban setting.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Setting the scene with some light erotic encounters.

It all started to happen shortly after Kyle’s 18th birthday. He had graduated high school and taken a year off to do a little camping and seasonal work, mostly staying at home with his mom. Carol, his mother, had been feeling intermittently sick in the past couple of years. She had just been to the doctor for the third time during that interval. Carol explained to her son Kyle, “Dr. Young has taken me off my hormone blockers permanently. Every time I go back on them, I get so sick I can barely get out of bed.” Carol was of course referring to the hormone blockers that she had been prescribed and taking since adolescence. At that time, Carol’s growth spurts had become a problem, and had affected her ability to concentrate at high school, some thirty-odd years ago- after all, she was 45. Forty-five, a divorcee… and a very, very large lady.

Carol’s thighs were plump, and stocky, holding up a nice, thick ass that protruded curvaceously from her torso. On this particular day she was wearing shorts and a tank top, and, as was her custom at this time, no bra. Bras had been particularly difficult for Carol since in recent days, she had been growing… Growing because of the change in her medication routine, no doubt. Having to procure clothing was becoming a real challenge, and she had only one or two outfits that would fit around her at any given time. The bras had been the hardest, and Carol had been forced to give them up rather early. Her large, heavy breasts wobbled as she shrugged, throwing her hands up. “I don’t know that I can handle it all by myself…” The big lady chewed her lips. “I’m trying my best here, but I forget things all the time, and the mood swings, and…” Carol scowled as she looked around the living room. “…And I can’t seem to keep the house clean…” She stamped her bare foot in consternation.

Kyle put down his game controller and snapped up to his feet. “Uhhh… that’s my bad… I’ll get to it right away…” Kyle hustled to grab a couple of fast food containers from the coffee table, but Carol stopped him.

“No, no… It’s fine, just play your game… We can get it later.” Carol moved to sit down beside Kyle, and spent the next half hour playing word games on her phone and ordering pizza. Kyle returned to his own game. Carol twisted and grunted at regular intervals, crammed as she was on her side of the couch. “I’m not comfortable!” She groaned. Her big brown eyes darted around lazily as she wondered aloud, “Oh yeah… I got rid of the chair…” Carol snickered as she recalled slouching on the big swivel chair for the hundredth time that week, finally overwhelming and snapping the metal base. She had flung the two pieces out the french doors in contempt. “I need more of the couch. You’ve gotta share…” Carol declared as she put down her phone. The big plump woman snaked her arm around Kyle’s shoulder. She scooped her bewildered son up onto her lap. Kyle was caught by surprise. He swiveled his head up at his beaming mother who seemed to enjoy the attention she got from tormenting him.

“Mom… Stop that… I-I’m not a baby…” Kyle complained as he snapped his head back to the game in front of him. His cheeks were burning as he had gotten a wide open look at Carol’s huge pepperoni nipples that were pushing out through the fabric of her top. Carol kept grinning at her son while she settled her hips into place. Kyle continued playing as she went back to her phone. He was keenly aware that his mother’s huge boobs and bulging gut were pressing pleasantly into the length of his upper body. The scrawny young man was bent forward with the back of his head tenting into his mother’s awesome cleavage because he simply didn’t have anywhere else to be. Carol didn’t seem bothered though. “You know,” she remarked, “I passed seven-and-a-half feet today…” She giggled, and this sent her breasts wobbling sympathetically into the sides of Kyle’s head.

“Now I’m not comfortable…” Kyle complained. He slid down and reclined against the seat of the couch, positioned between Carol’s trunk-like thighs. A couple of hours passed. Carol made Kyle retrieve the pizza at the door. When he brought several boxes back to the den, Carol took them from him and started gobbling down the food right there on the couch, as she had done the entire past week. Her illness had passed as soon as she went off her meds, and her hunger had returned with a vengeance. Kyle was just used to it at this point, though it was a little more intimidating to be there on the edge of the couch, gaming while his hulking mother devoured slice after slice above him. He missed the chair. In fact, this situation had spun beyond his control for some time now. He had already made up in his mind that he would put off his first camping trip. Carol needed him. She had been finding it harder to take care of herself amid the ever-shrinking environment, vehicles, clothes, etc. Keeping the house tidy and doing errands was what he could offer, though it was becoming harder for him since the take-out containers had started piling up.

Now it was late, and Carol put down her phone. She rubbed her engorged belly as it gurgled noisily. “Oh, sorry baby… Did you want some pizza?” Kyle did not, seeing as he had already eaten some of that same pizza today from an earlier delivery. Carol had finished every slice in any case. Now she relaxed her abdominal muscles, letting her big gut spill down and press against the back of Kyle’s head. Carol’s thighs were very warm, and Kyle sensed that they were closer to him now than before- Carol had slouched which caused her thick creamy thighs to pancake into Kyle’s shoulders. He felt warm. Too warm, in fact. He had become uncomfortable in no time. Carol’s breathing slowed, and she pushed her massive gut out generously with each deep diaphragmatic breath. Kyle continued to become warmer, but soon he was comfortable… almost cozy.

Carol soon began stroking her legs as well as her belly. Her large, heavy hands ran down her torso and over the tops of her thighs, making a pleasant, tactile rasping. Kyle stopped gaming sort of by accident, becoming lulled into the comfort of being pressed up against her mother’s swollen belly as it gurgled and groaned above. Carol’s hands began to play over the tops of Kyle’s shoulders now. She gripped and squeezed his traps gently, but like a vice. She was feeling very lulled herself. The feeling was not only pleasant, but sensual… erotic… In fact, Carol was casually surprised to find herself sort of… aroused. She wanted to slip her fingers down her shorts and play with her pussy lips for the dozenth time today. However it would be impossibly awkward to do so with Kyle sitting right between her legs. She realized with a blush of self-admonishment that Kyle had stopped playing his game. Oh no… had he noticed?

Carol excused herself, abruptly saying goodnight to her son, while her cheeks puffed up hotly. She had to get out of that room. It’d been too long since Carol last got off, and she had been suffering these persistent urges. The urges would induce states in Carol that would make her irritable, or absent, or hot and bothered. The best way to control these urges was always to find a quiet place to reach into her panties and get herself off as quickly as possible. The problem for Carol, was that as that the urges were increasing geometrically. Over time she was becoming hornier, and getting the job done quickly by herself was becoming tragically boring and unfulfilling. She needed more, and she needed it more often.

Arriving in a package that day was a footlong silicon dildo of some girth- something that would have been a ridiculous, oversized prop to most women. Carol was anxious to give it a test, now that her hunger had been sated, and Kyle appeared to be busy with his game. The big lumbering woman headed to her bedroom where she pulled the delivery parcel from under the bed where she had hidden it. Kyle had answered the door for the delivery, naturally, but had not asked what was in the box. That was to be expected, as Carol continued to order many clothes and other necessities online to accommodate her increase in size. Carol lubed up the dildo eagerly and set about to filling herself with a good four pounds of silicon. Now this was more like it! Carol clung to the bedspread as she pulled the big pink dick out of herself with a playful slurp. It had been a while since she’d had a man to pleasure her. Now with her increased size and level of arousal, she felt extra naughty- just satisfying herself unconcernedly like a cavewoman. Carol bit her lip and stifled a moan of pleasure. “This is more like it…” she mumbled to herself.

Kyle climbed into the covers of his bed. He had finished gaming an hour so after Carol had left him so awkwardly earlier. As he had padded down the carpeted hallway to his bedroom, there had been a noise coming from Carol’s room. The door had been left slightly ajar, but he had hurried past, not knowing if his mother had become aware of his presence. Now laying quietly in his bed, Kyle remained motionless for a time. He became sleepy in a few minutes, but just as he was about to turn onto his side to pass out, Kyle heard another sound. A little squeal had escaped from his mother’s room. He heard even quieter sounds now. It was the panting of a large set of lungs on a powerful diaphragm. Mom… What the fuck Kyle sat up without a sound and eased himself off his bed. He crept out of his room and back up the hall. He felt so guilty, spying like this. Lately, since Carol had been acting somewhat strangely, he had started creeping on her, albeit, usually more subtly than this. Kyle gazed through the door that hadn’t quite been shut all the way. He could see Carol’s clothes strewn hastily about the floor. He crept a little further, lightly pressing into the door, trying to get an angle to see more of what was inside.

Carol ripped the 12” dildo from her great slobbering muff, tipping her head back with a silent snarl of ecstasy. The thickset woman was spread completely naked across the top of the bed with her legs splayed out to either side. Her fat, swollen nipples cast shadows across giant pancake breasts that shone like ivory in the moonlight coming through the window. She proceeded to rub the tip of the giant penis around her clit, huffing and gasping like a champ. She greedily plunged the huge silicon cock in and out of herself some more, riding the orgasm through its peak while messily soaking her bedspread in womanly fluids. The big naked women froze and let out another little gasp as she heard the door creak. A shadow crossed the threshold and Carol could swear that she heard the scuttling of little feet on carpet, even as her last few convulsions abated. The interruption had ruined the tail end of her masturbation, and Carol flung the dildo irritably into the corner, leaping out of bed with a grunt.

Kyle padded quickly down the hallway back towards his room. The image of his naked mother filling her pussy with the huge dildo and obviously climaxing replayed in his mind’s eye. He was shaking and feeling light-headed when he heard a thump of a heavy object being chucked. His mother could be heard rising out of her bed, and Kyle dashed as quickly as he could to his own bed. The terrified teen slunk deftly under his covers and pulled them up over his chest. Kyle gripped the bedsheets tightly while he listened to the heavy thuds of Carol’s feet as they stomped down the hall, becoming louder. The plump bare feet paused right outside his door, which Kyle had left open rather than risking the noise of closing it completely. Carol cursed quietly outside while Kyle trembled in place. He slitted his eyes and inclined his head so that he could watch the door covertly, hoping that his mom would buy the act that he had been sleeping all along, rather than spying on her.

Carol pushed the door open slowly. She bent over at the waist so that she could see under the doorframe. The shape of Kyle’s body laying in the bed came as some relief to the large woman, but she could have sworn she had heard and seen something in the darkness of the hallway. Carol pondered this for a moment. Completely forgetting her own nudity, the hulking lady pushed the door completely open, watching Kyle sleep as she breathed heavily. What if he had seen? Carol crept forward another pace or two, now standing over her son’s bed, pussy glistening in the moonlight coming through his window. Her heart pounded as she stood there, clenching her fists and trying to listen for the rhythm of Kyle’s breathing, which she could not hear.

Kyle trembled in horror as his mother stood over him, lewdly baring her enormous breasts and genitals. Too frightened to breathe, he stayed frozen, now too committed to this bluff to back down. She knows… She knows I was watching her! Kyle’s mind raced with premonitions of being accosted, being rebuked, taunted… punished… He heard Carol’s throat rasp with a loud, dry swallow. Her breathing slowed down, and Kyle focused all his psychic energy at begging her to leave, to go away before he passed out from a lack of air. Carol remained there for a few minutes, watching, looming… but finally she turned around and departed as quietly as her amazonian size and weight would allow. Kyle waited until he heard his mother ease her bulk back into her own bed before gasping in relief. He was left to lay awake, staring at the ceiling and wondering whether his ruse had worked.

The next day began as usual, with both mother and son getting up independently around mid-morning. Carol worked from home and largely determined her own schedule. Since her recent health issues had emerged, she had taken a lot of time off, only answering emails and attending a few meetings via video chat. Kyle was not surprised to see her sitting at the kitchen table with a huge bowl of cereal, eating corn flakes with a soup spoon. She was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, which seemed to fit her even more poorly than the day before. Carol’s face was buried in her phone as she read emails, interrupting herself every few seconds to take in a big gulp of milk and flakes. “Morning…” She remarked without looking up. Kyle grunted something in reply while he grabbed a couple of slices of bread to make toast. “Did you sleep well, baby?” Carol asked casually.

Kyle froze for a moment, gulping back the fear so that he could respond nonchalantly. “Uh… yeah… Fine, thanks.” He turned his back to Carol while he made breakfast, trying to hide his red cheeks.

Carol watched Kyle’s slow, deliberate movements, scrutinizing him carefully. She put down her phone, using both hands to bring up to her lips the salad bowl she had been eating cereal from. She finished off all the liquid with a long, loud slurp. After a few moments she asked, “Remind me again, when are you going off camping?” Her voice and the tone of her inquiry sounded innocent enough.

Kyle’s bread had been in the toaster for a good minute already, and he felt his mother’s eyes boring in the back of his skull. With no good reason to continue facing away from her, he turned around to address his mother directly. “It’s next week…” He began, “Well… it was… I, umm…” The teen tried to sound as casual as possible. “I’m thinking I’ll probably just cancel actually.” Kyle sounded almost sheepish. “You know… since… since you’re not feeling well…” Kyle glanced up from the floor to meet Carol’s gaze momentarily.

The big woman leaned back on her chair and slitted her eyes coyly. “Well, that would certainly be a big help to me…” She admitted. The chair groaned piteously beneath her immense weight. “I’d certainly owe you a favor…” Carol’s lip curled up and she wrinkled her nose, as though she was privy to some joke of which her son was unaware.

“It’s no problem, mom, really…” Kyle mumbled, enjoying the flattery more than he expected to. He glanced at Carol again, this time taking in her hefty, curvaceous physique. “You’re bigger again, aren’t you?” His voice broke a little as he made the observation, and Carol noted with a bit of naughty satisfaction that her boy was forced to gulp at the sight of her scantily clad form.

“I definitely grew a bit yesterday, yes…” Carol stretched luxuriantly, eliciting another series of creaks from the chair as it floundered under her the weight of her bulk. After a moment’s thought she remarked, “I don’t have any more underwear that fits.”

The toast popped and Kyle whipped around, grateful to hide his blushing cheeks from Carol’s scrutiny. Why does she have to say stuff like that? He began scraping some peanut butter across the toast with a knife, thinking of something, of anything to say that would break up the painfully awkward silence.

“I could… um…” He stammered, feeling his mother’s eyes upon him again. “Do you want me to go shopping for you?”

“No…” sighed Carol. “Well, yes actually, we’re almost out of food. I’ve made a grocery list for you… Or, at least I think I did…” Carol was forgetting everything these days. She had completely forgotten about being caught masturbating the night before. The events and the feelings rushed back into her consciousness when she had heard her son brushing his teeth the next morning. She was fantasizing about it now though… dreaming about the next chance she would have to get off… entertaining delicious impulses of exhibitionism. “Don’t worry about buying panties though,” Carol elaborated coyly. “I don’t think I’ll wear them anymore.” She felt a naughty delight in tormenting Kyle with this line of thought. “If I keep growing at this rate, I might have to rethink the whole idea of wearing clothes, haha…” The big stocky woman giggled at herself. “What do you think of that, hon?”

Kyle turned around and brought his toast to the table. Carol was behaving in such a way that there was no avoiding the awkwardness of her conversation. He resolved to try and play it off casually, despite his burning cheeks. “Um… What like… Walking around naked?” He rasped, wishing he’d started the day with coffee rather than toast. He flinched, hearing what he had just said aloud… in the context of spying on Carol the night previous.

Carol brought her arms down to the table and leaned forward onto her elbows. In this position her large creamy cleavage was pushed outwards. By now, the tank top could barely contain her breasts, and a sizeable fraction of her prodigious aureoles had advanced up and over the fabric. “Well, yeah…” Carol mused as she flipped her shoulder-length chestnut hair back behind her, revealing more of her huge bust. “I would put on clothes to go outside, but…” She looked down for a moment, admiring her own breasts. “I think you’ve already seen everything… right honey?” Kyle looked down at his plate, suddenly regretting entirely having sat down to engage this line of conversation. Carol was clearly enjoying watching him squirm, and he couldn’t think of anything to say. After a few moments, the burly amazon leaned forward some more and repeated, “Well… What do you think about that, baby?”

“I-I…” Kyle stammered. He shifted uncomfortably which brought his scrawny legs into contact with his mother’s large, voluptuous ones under the table. It was too much for him. “I’ve gotta, um… I’ve gotta pee…” Kyle gasped, his throat swelling to the point of choking his voice. He stood abruptly, leaving Carol behind to watch him depart.

Seeing her son so easily outmaneuvered gave Carol a pleasurable, domineering feeling, but his escape was also inscrutably frustrating. Carol sat there for a few moments, chewing her lip in contemplation. She needed to get off again. The big horny woman stood up, sliding the chair back across the floor with a protesting squeal. Carol thumped down the hall, passing the bathroom along the way. The door was closed, but she heard no sounds of her son peeing. She smiled wickedly to herself. Carol ducked under her doorframe which seemed a good couple of inches lower than the night before. It wasn’t going to be long before she wouldn’t be able to walk normally through doorways at all. Carol ripped her clothes off, fraying the stretched fabric at the seams. Once again, the huge bulky woman forgot to close the door, and it remained somewhat ajar while she grabbed her giant pink dildo and began to play with herself again. Through force of habit, Carol tried to stifle her own sexual vocalizations, but for some reason, today she wasn’t trying as hard as she normally would.

Kyle sat on the toilet, also masturbating. He had to release the pressure before he did or said something to his giant mom which he would regret. Boorish grunts and little moans were now filtering under the closed door of the bathroom while Kyle tugged himself silently. The source and context of the sounds gradually dawned on the teenager. Despite his cheeks flushing with renewed embarrassment, he did not stop jerking off. Once finished though, the shame and reality of the situation washed over Kyle. He cleaned up as quickly as he could before sneaking back up the hall. Carol’s door was open, yet again. Kyle kept his head pointed straight, feigning obliviousness, despite the fact he didn’t have a direct line of sight on his mother’s activities. Kyle punched out of there as quickly as he could. He didn’t need to look, as there was no doubt in his mind what was going on. Carol was either becoming reluctant or incapable of concealing the flourishing nature of her newfound sexuality. Kyle was irritated at how this trampled over his boundaries and how embarrassed it made him feel. Still, he knew she wasn’t entirely to blame. Carol had taken her meds for decades, which had apparently kept all these physiological issues at bay, and had only gone off her meds when they began to make her sick. With a sigh of resignation, he grabbed his keys and shoes. Carol had indeed forgotten to make a grocery list, so Kyle simply re-used the one on his phone from last week. He noted grimly that he would simply need to double the quantity of each item, in order to keep up with Carol’s increasing appetite.

That night, Carol lay on her bed, glowing in the aftereffects of her most recent orgasm- maybe her tenth of the day. The large naked woman nuzzled comfortably into the pillows while her feet dangled over the edge. The bed wasn’t going to fit her burgeoning body for much longer, and she would probably have to disassemble it and move it out of the room to make way for her increased size. Carol smiled to herself as she envisioned ripping the frame apart with her bare hands and chucking it through the french doors like she had the living room chair. The image aroused her, and even as she drifted off, Carol was becoming horny again. The last couple of masturbation sessions with her new dildo had been progressively less satisfying. The footlong silicon dick didn’t fill her up as nicely as yesterday, and after so much focused sexual exploration, it was sort of becoming old news to her. The big curvy woman drifted off into a light sleep, fantasizing about new and more naughty sexual exploits.

Carol’s mind turned to her son Kyle. The little brat had spied on her last night, and she suspected, several times before that. She had caught him staring at her breasts, her ass… Like he wanted to get a closer look. Well, she had a fantasy for that. The amazon smiled to herself and twitched in the moonlight as her dreams took on a more reproachful, more taboo turn. Carol saw herself climbing out of bed and creeping into Kyle’s room. In her mind’s eye, the big horny cougar pulled off his bedsheets and grabbed him by the shoulders. The boy woke with quiet confusion, but his protests were quickly overturned as she pulled off his pajamas. Carol mounted her son and began grinding up and down on him. Kyle’s diminutive cock stiffened, and she reached down to aim it up into her huge, drooling muff. With sinister ecstasy she fucked him, bringing both of them to climax in a mist-filled wet dream.

“Ooooohhh, Kyle…” Carol moaned. Suddenly, she awoke like a lightning bolt. She had woken herself up, hissing her son’s name into the dark. Carol heard a sound coming from her Kyle’s room. She sat up in the dark. Her body glistened with sweat, and her crotch burned with sexual hunger. The giant mom chewed her lip contemplatively for a moment. Not thinking clearly, and not even truly convinced she was awake, Carol called out again, “Kyle… Kyle, baby…” Her words cut through the silence like a blade. A minute went by. Carol waited for a reply, trembling in the moonlight, but there was no voice, not a sound from her son’s room.

Kyle laid perfectly still in bed. He had been woken up by Carol’s voice for the second time that night. This time, rather than simply moaning, his mother had called him by name. What does she want… God… The teen gripped his sheets and stared at the door, not daring to reply. He had a fluttering feeling in his guts, one of excitement and anxiety. There was a creak and a series of thumps as Carol dismounted her dwindling bed. Kyle’s heart pounded as he heard the big lumbering woman stalk down the hallway towards his room. The door creaked, and Carol pushed through. At first, Kyle could see only her huge bulging breasts, and she had to duck significantly to get in under the doorframe. He slitted his eyes, remaining still while his mind raced to come up with a plan of action, or simply to understand what was happening.

Carol approached her son’s bed with uncertainty. She trembled slightly. What am I doing? Kyle was not moving, and still hadn’t responded in any way. The large, curvy woman lowered herself down to her knees, and she crept up the side of Kyle’s bed while the floorboards creaked underneath her considerable weight. Finally, Kyle stirred. He turned to face his mother, making vague eye contact in the darkness, still saying nothing. “I was calling you, honey…” Carol mumbled, still half asleep. “Didn’t you hear me?”

Kyle’s ears were ringing, as his mind tried to reconcile the fact that his mother had nakedly accosted him in bed. “Mom…” He breathed. “What are you doing in here? Why are you n-naked?” He didn’t know why he was whispering. The situation was unfolding around him with dream-like unreality.

“I-I…” Carol stammered. She gulped as she realized that this situation was shaping up frighteningly close to how her midnight fantasy had gone. This time though, she knew she was awake, and this was really happening. The big voluptuous woman swallowed dryly. “I had a dream… that you…” Carol faltered. What am I doing?! Kyle was clearly flustered and seemed suspiciously less sleepy than Carol thought he should have been. He asked her if she’d had a bad dream, but Carol shook her head emphatically. “No… It was… I just… I need to cuddle…” Kyle was too flummoxed to reply, but Carol made him move over all the same. She stood up, bringing her puffy wet crotch dangerously close to her son’s face, and with a grunt of consternation, lowered herself onto Kyle’s bed which creaked dangerously in protest. Carol rolled onto her side and scooped Kyle into her cleavage. He was trembling, and his mouth was moving as if to speak, but no sound was coming out. Selfishly ignoring her boy’s protests, Carol wrapped him up in her thick, powerful arms. She ran her hands along Kyle’s body, pressing him into her breasts and crotch. It felt insanely good… quite wicked indeed. Carol’s womanhood was heating up again, but through shear force of will she managed to keep from touching herself right then and there. After a while, Kyle’s tensed-up body began to relax, and pretty soon they were both sleeping soundly through the night.

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