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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

One of Scarlett’s favorite things about being so much bigger than everyone else was just how trivially easy it was for her to get away with “inappropriate workplace behavior.” It had become a tradition of hers to wear a new and eye-catching outfit any time another tiny office worker was hired, just to give them a taste of what they were in for every day they came to work with her. Today’s “concentration destroying” outfit of choice was a skirt that barely fit over her fat round ass (while giving plenty of opportunity for floorbound observers to witness the pink thong she’d wedged between her crack) and an undersized blue top that was constantly popping buttons loose. To top it all off, a kinky leather strap tightened around her midsection served to draw even more attention to her wonderfully full chest.

This week, her morning ritual involved greeting the tiny section of the office by bending over their waist high cubicles until the threads on her buttons were audibly straining while she gave a vigorous (and extra jiggly) little wave to all her mini coworkers, “Good morning, boys!” It was hard for her to hear anyone’s response, but it was easy enough to catch looks of desire and barely suppressed frustration in the eyes of the men (and pure envy from the few women), which was motivation enough for her to repeat the provocative action each and every day.

But Scarlett’s real entertainment came from the many office interns; they were just as small as regular office workers (hardly bigger than her little toe!) but it took people longer to notice when one went missing. Usually an hour at minimum. Even better, no matter how many times an intern got stepped on or sat on over the course of a work day, HR was incapable of taking action unless it could be proven that the “act of squishing” was 100% intentional or malicious. As a result, Scarlett had perfected the art of playing dumb, and long ago made it part of her daily routine to "accidentally" use the intern-only breakroom as her personal seat-of-choice whenever she went on a coffee break… especially when it was already occupied by any number of tired, overworked, inch-tall men. After a few weeks of this a post-it sized sign that warned “Intern break-room: TINIES ONLY!” had been posted nearby as HR’s low effort solution to the issue. However, those that relied on the miniature vending machines and water fountains within quickly discovered that a passive-aggressive sign (laminated or not) wasn’t enough to prevent Scarlett from walking over filling the entire room from wall to wall with her gigantic bare ass whenever she needed to rest her feet.

Another one of Scarlett’s naughty little workplace habits involved coming up with new ways to “innocently” torment different co-workers. Sometimes if she was feeling bored and uncreative that might mean finding an excuse to cross the room in order to step on everyone in her path, or simply “borrowing” someone’s office chair for a few minutes (with them still in it of course), or just bending over and letting her skirt ride up in front of a few dozen cubicles. Whatever seemed fun and convenient at the time, really!

But today, inspiration had struck when a recently hired intern had nervously run up and asked her for help finding a meeting room (located all the way across the office) where he was scheduled to have a very important talk with the boss. Most office buildings had not been built with the convenience of tiny people in mind, so it was a common occurrence for diminutively-sized office workers to have to travel great distances across the floor or their big coworker’s desks throughout the day, or to rely entirely on their large female coworkers for assistance. None of which was a problem for a full-sized woman like Scarlett, of course! Scarlett (in no rush herself) pretended not to hear him at first and bent down to pick him up so he could repeat his request, this time while dangling near two breasts that were each probably larger than his house. Though his concentration visibly suffered he still hastily begged for Scarlett’s help, and was beyond relieved when she oh so selflessly promised to take him there herself. After all, as far as he knew he’d just been blessed with the opportunity to arrive at his destination faster and more safely than traveling across the floor on his own would ever be! But his optimistic smile faltered as Scarlett casually deposited him into her extremely tight shirt pocket: this was not the company approved method of transporting a tiny co-worker, to say the least.

Scarlett smirked to herself and falsely reassured the puny little office worker, “That’s the only pocket I have, but don’t worry, I’ll get you where you need to go in no time!” right before she turned and headed for her desk, in the exact opposite direction of the intern’s meeting room. And just like that, she had her own little boob-toy for the day, who she was free to squish and bounce around as much as she wanted!

Walking by a wall-length window, Scarlett got a passing side-view of her new plaything’s predicament: he was splayed face-first over the tip of her breast, involuntarily bobbing up and down in time with her footsteps. Scarlett had expected the little man to slide all the way into the very bottom of her shirt pocket, so she was slightly puzzled to see that he’d come to a stop only halfway down... At first she’d assumed he had deliberately braced himself to avoid sinking any deeper, but a closer look made it abundantly clear that his body had simply gotten stuck thanks to the skintight nature of her pocket. To make matters worse for the little guy, his final position left his entire body splayed directly over Scarlett’s bulging nipple as if he was being forced to give it a gigantic bear hug. As far as she could tell that had merely been a matter of extremely bad luck on his part (oh well!), as was the fact that he’d been utterly immobilized thanks to her constrictive choice of clothing. Still, Scarlett couldn’t help but feel just the teensiest bit bad as she imagined the poor guy spending the entire day trapped with his crotch bouncing directly up against his big busty coworker’s big squishy nipple… but that didn’t stop her from smiling as she felt him shaking vigorously with every step she took. Maybe she’d even take the stairs when she went out to lunch, just for fun!

As she sauntered her way through the office, Scarlett’s attentioned fell upon a small group of tinies that had gathered around a mini watercooler by one wall, and casually altered her course to put them right in her path. Those who knew of Scarlett’s reputation quickly scattered once they saw the enormous secretary approaching, but it didn’t matter: a casual stroll from the curvaceous woman could fully outpace a full-bore sprint from a tiny. Scarlett always made a point not to look where she stepped (not that it was easy with her gigantic chest blocking the floor from view anyway) so she could hardly “aim” for anyone, but that didn’t matter either: plenty of unfortunate little office people still ended up crushed beneath the gigantic, scantily clad bimbo of a woman’s heels. Those lucky enough to avoid her footfalls could only stare up at the wobbling underside of her skirt-clad buttocks as she passed overhead and continued on her way, now with several unfortunate victims adhered to the bottom of her expensive pumps. Scarlett herself didn’t bother checking whether anyone had ended up stuck to her shoes or not: she just kept going as if nothing had happened, though she could hear faint screams coming from underneath either foot, alternating in time with her plodding footsteps.

Scarlett had to wonder; had the intern stuck in her pocket heard any of his coworker’s faint cries for help before they’d been flattened? It would be pretty funny if he did!

It was only after arriving at her spacious desk (which took up more space than hundreds of tiny cubicles) that Scarlett thought to consider just how visible the little intern must be for everyone nearby, especially since her tight shirt already drew so much attention to her chest. Surely several of the office workers she’d casually trampled only moments ago had noticed the shape of another little person crammed into her bulging pocket as she’d approached them? There were also plenty of other little cubicles within eyesight of her desk, so anyone who glanced in her direction would easily spot the human-shaped bump in her skintight shirt. Scarlett pursed her lips thoughtfully; maybe she should have stuck him somewhere less conspicuous, where a tiny human being would be far less visible... like into her cleavage or between her butt cheeks. Then again, it’s not like it really mattered: even if HR caught her red handed (or was it red “chested” in this case, Scarlett wondered?) she probably wouldn’t face anything more than a verbal warning, and she could always just say she “forgot he was in her pocket” or whatever. Not compared to the scolding he’d get for being late to a very important meeting... Scarlett was never one to worry too much about anything, so rather than ponder the future consequences of her actions she just shrugged and plopped comfortably into her office chair. Plus, Scarlett decided as she bounced to a standstill, she kind of liked the idea that anyone who happened to look her way might notice her little “boob-buddy.” It would be like a fun little surprise that she could use to distract everyone all day! The thought was actually making her nipples swell just a little (which the intern was no doubt noticing)...

Figuring her little passenger was probably getting antsy about his upcoming meeting (and starting to wonder why she’d taken a seat if she was supposed to be dropping him off somewhere), Scarlett decided to have a little more fun with him. In her best “ditzy airhead” voice Scarlett tapped a finger to her lips, “Hmm, wasn’t I supposed to do something before I sat back down? Something super urgent?” Scarlett heard a faint male voice crying out urgently for her attention, but pretended not to hear it. Instead she glanced at the clock and smiled carelessly, “It’s five-after, but I don’t remember having any, like, meetings, or junk.” That feeble voice became more frantic; Scarlett guessed the little guy was already late thanks to her! Oopsy! Not bothered at all that her hijinks had resulted in serious consequences for someone else, Scarlett gave a careless shrug that only bounced the little intern around some more, “Oh well, whatever it was, it must not have been too important!” One of the great benefits of being gigantic was that it was very hard for tiny people to prove you did anything deliberately (let alone to administer any punishment), and Scarlett was an expert on playing dumb.

More than content with giving her hapless victim plenty of time to fret over all the trouble he’d be in later on, Scarlett turned to her computer and began to type, unwittingly squeezing her elbows together beneath her chest as she did so. Those forced to work in close proximity with her already knew of her tendency to absent-mindedly fidget as she worked, especially since her inattentive movements often jostled her large chest into a state of constant motion that drew stares from across the office. While Scarlett’s softly jiggling curves might have been a real delight to observe from a safe distance, the incessant wobbling only served to further aggravate the one-inch man (who’d just had his schedule so casually thrown into disarray but the selfish young ditz) since he was still plastered against his will to one huge, squishy, jello-like boob. The little intern continued trying to voice his complaints as he wobbled this way and jiggled that way, but it was trivial for Scarlett to ignore him since he could do nothing but experience every fleshy little motion in full (thanks in part to her deliberate choice to go braless today). One of the perks of having such a great big chest was that anyone stuck to it would inevitably be squished again and again, whether Scarlett was actually paying attention or not, and she meant to capitalize on that by letting her chest keep the little guy occupied until she decided to pay him any more attention.


Not much later, Scarlett had to reach down into a lower desk drawer for a notepad. After her large bosom had already flattened out against her legs, she suddenly realized her panicked captive had probably just been squashed half to death thanks to her carelessness (oops!) Scarlett was deliberating whether to sit back up or not when she discovered what felt like a small but very hard object poking into her nipple from below, and decided to satisfy her curiosity by investigating further.

Scarlett smirked to herself, Did he have a little boner already? He was so small, it was hard to be certain... Scarlett very gently shifted her leg against her chest, and noted with satisfaction what sounded like a displeased grunt coming from where the intern was being smeared into her thin shirt. Even though the rest of his body was pressed flat, Scarlett had definitely felt what could only be his miniature erection rising from between his legs against the overbearing mass of her chest, as if standing in stubborn opposition to her insurmountable size. In all likelihood the poor intern was probably just so helplessly immobilized and frustrated that he wasn’t able to keep his own member from poking her anytime she happened to move or wobble slightly, but Scarlett was already deciding how she wanted to play with her “defiant” little toy (nevermind the fact that she’d basically chosen this outfit with the express goal of arousing tiny men in the first place). Scarlett couldn’t think of anything clever to do (she’d never been the brightest, honestly), so she settled on her usual fallback: plain old squishing! But despite hoping for a more interesting challenge, Scarlett quickly learned that it required only the tiniest bit of jiggling for the tremendous weight of her gigantic bosom to crush the penny-sized man’s throbbing erection almost completely flat. Reducing the grown man’s entire body into a paper-thin form had been surprisingly effortless, actually, which was an amusing (if slightly disappointing) realization for the bored giantess. Hoping for an excuse to squash him just a little more, Scarlett shifted her chest again, but only ended up compressing the defenseless man flatter and flatter with every passing second, and that lost its appeal before long. Scarlett silently rolled her eyes, Ugh… boring!

As the curvy young woman sat back up straight, her newly un-crushed pocket plaything rose with her and wobbled slowly within her front-pocket as she settled into place. For a very brief moment Scarlett wondered if the little man had managed to orgasm from her playful movements, since his prolonged stay in such a cramped and bouncy prison would no doubt be significantly less tolerable if he had to spend the entire time hopelessly aroused. In fact, Scarlett could already feel what she suspected to be his erection gradually returning to its full strength after having been flattened only seconds prior… Uh oh, that didn’t bode well for the little guy’s day!

But as usual, Scarlett’s attention quickly returned to her own wants and needs. Aching boner or not, the intern was stuck for good, and Scarlett had no interest in sharing his frustrations. With a casual motion she reached up and flicked her own nipple, smashing the tiny person stuck there directly into her fleshy boob and sending a pleasant shiver down her spine as her chest continued to jiggle along with the aftershocks of her impact. Scarlett squirmed happily in her seat and stretched her arms out contentedly, That felt wonderful! Just what she needed to liven up an otherwise boring day at the office! An agitated buzzing noise told Scarlett that the intern was none too happy about his unexpected demotion to “boob toy for his busty coworker” but, well, that kind of negativity was his problem. Scarlett didn’t feel an ounce of shame over leaving him jiggling along with her round tits as she went about her business, so that’s right where he stayed. After all, Scarlett’s work day was just getting started!

Chapter End Notes:

All my patrons get exclusive early access to stories like these! If you'd like to see all my work the moment it's released, consider supporting me here: https://www.patreon.com/squishme/membership ! Supporters can access my stories and artwork before anyone else, can vote on which size scenarios they want me to make next, see early previews, and more! Thanks for reading!!!

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