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You were spending another evening riding the bus home after work one day, standing on a normal-sized seat alongside several other tiny commuters. You always tried to get a spot on a chair if possible, since it was far more comfortable and usually easier to get noticed by a regular-sized person without getting stepped on first. Most tinies didn't have the energy to climb all the way up though, and remained down on the floor. The only accommodation that most public transit systems made for "people of challenged stature" were the "Tiny Only" sections of various public transportation and buildings. These areas were technically off limits to regular sized people, though a mildly threatening sign was often the only enforcement of that practice. You found yourself wishing, not for the first time, that someone would hurry up and invent a smaller car already, so you wouldn't have to deal with the dangers that came from mixed-size public transportation.

Your thoughts were interrupted as the bus shuddered to a stop in what you recognized as a rich part of town, next to a very popular night club. It's music faintly thumped in the background, but your attention was grabbed by a large group of regular-sized (and therefore utterly gigantic), college aged girls who were tromping onto the bus. The first thing you noticed was their very tight and skimpy clothing, as they had obviously just come from the dance club, and they were babbling loudly about where to go next. They must have all been quite wealthy, as they were not only normal sized but also wearing rather expensive looking (and very tight) clothes around their bouncing curves. 

The second and the most worrying thing you noticed was how drunk they all appeared to be. You and other tinies exchanged nervous glances as several girls bumbled down the aisles, stepping on those tinies who weren't fast enough to get out of the way in time. The girls were busy chatting and gossiping as they stomped along, leaving dozens of tinies having to peel themselves off the dirty floor, only to be stepped on again by the inattentive club-goers bringing up the rear. 

Most of the girls quickly collapsed onto empty seats near the front of the bus and began scraping tiny people off their expensive designer shoes. The tinies, humiliated but otherwise unharmed, fell to the floor. Some recovering Tinies stopped to shout faintly in their attempts to reprimand the selfish women, and were often stepped on and dragged further down the bus by more passing women, while most pragmatically chose to run for cover instead. 

Once the seats at the front of the bus began to fill up, three remaining party-girls passed blindly by the "Tiny Only!" signs that separated the two halves of the bus. The first girl, a brunette with a huge ass stuffed into tight pink leggings, was clearly the most inebriated of the lot and sent tiny bus riders scurrying for cover as she stumbled down the aisle in a careless swagger. The second girl, a redhead in fashionably (and revealingly) ripped jeans, was talking over her shoulder and didn't seem to notice as she trampled several panicking bus passengers beneath her designer heels, only to get them stuck as she followed behind her friend. The final girl, a busty blonde in a short skirt, brought up the rear while chatting loudly and inattentively stepping on practically every person who had managed to avoid the two of her friends. All of them were casually ignoring the occasional cries from tinies who were trying to point out that all the seats back here were both occupied and reserved for tiny people. 

As the trio of bubbly girls made their way over, the very drunk brunette eventually staggered to a mostly empty seat, leaning on a railing for support as she carefully swung her huge behind over dozens of tiny heads. While hovering her ass in plain view she giggled, "Big girl coming through, make room down there!" While the tiny people shuffled to clear a space, the bus suddenly lurched forward and the girl slipped, falling away from the empty seat and towards an adjacent and very occupied one. The girl clumsily plopped into the wrong seat with a surprised, "Oof!" while many of the very same tinies who had just tried to get out of her way were instantly flattened under enormous jiggly ass. The girl was too dazed to notice the muffled screams coming from beneath her hefty behind as she bounced in place, until several of the people who escaped began banging on her thigh and yelling for her attention. When she finally looked down with a, "Huh?" she noticed the arms and bodies sticking out at awkward angles from beneath her round hips, and laughed in surprise, more amused by the incident than worried for the people who were now caught beneath her tons of ass. When her laughter subsided the girl slurred, "Okay okay, was just an accident! I'll get up, hang on a sec." 

After grinding her huge ass into the chair one last time as she got her balance, the brunette finally stood up. She reached back and began daintily wiping a hand over her backside, peeling several people who had been forcefully stuck to her pants free while she mumbled a half-assed apology. She managed to get most of the people unstuck before, apparently bored with the effort of it all, she sighed, "There, good enough!" and sat right back down, flattening a handful of people again. The unfortunate tinies, too durable to be crushed, would remain squashed underneath her weight until she decided to eventually get up (and hopefully for them they would not be stuck to her). Those who tried to bother the larger girl again were lazily flicked away. 

You were so busy watching this series of events that you didn't realize the other two girls had stopped right in front of your seat, apparently unsure of where to sit. The very round skirt-clad ass of the blonde wobbled overhead, causing many of the people who had been standing near you to flee to the sides in a hurry. Before the tinies made it far, the redhead dropped down into the seat on your left, crushing several of them into the chair beneath her jeans. She was still bouncing in place as she smiled to her friend, "See? Just sit wherever, they'll get out of your way." Of course, she said that as if she hadn't literally just sat on several people who had been trying to escape her friend's huge butt. 

The blonde, bless her heart, seemed slightly more hesitant than her uncaring friend. She was cautiously holding onto a railing, trying not to fall in her drunken state as the bus turned and accelerated. She asked, "Well, are there any tinies on this seat? I can't see, and I don't want to steal their spot!" She tried looking over her shoulder but nearly fell, and her butt was nearly eclipsing you anyway. 

The redhead flipped out her phone and began texting, only to briefly glance over in response to her friend's question. She noted the few tinies standing in the shadow of her friend's humongous and mostly-bare ass. She shrugged, "Nah, not really." Oh, that goddamn bitch. 

With her friend's reassurance, the blonde leaned back, dropping into your seat. You were stunned as her gorgeous bubble butt slammed into place, pinning you to the hard plastic seat and leaving you jammed up against her shaking butt crack. Even though you knew it was too late, you tried to cry out for her to get the hell up, especially since your stop was coming up soon. Her flesh, however, was busy wobbling back and forth, easily smothering you feeble cries and engulfing your face. After a minute, the blonde girl turned and asked, "Hey, I think I feel someone beneath me, are you SURE my seat was clear?" 

The redhead shrugged again without looking away from her phone, "Pretty sure." God you hated her. 

The blonde, wanting to be sure, thankfully stood up to check. Unfortunately... you remained wedged face-first in her warm buttcrack. The redhead smirked when she saw your tiny body plastered to her friend's gigantic jiggling behind, and took a quick cellphone picture to post online later. Eventually the blonde seemed satisfied that nobody was in her chair, and plopped right back down with an energetic bounce that left you flatter than ever. 


Twenty minutes later, you had missed your stop, and felt yourself rising into the air as the blonde girl finally stood up with her friends...

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