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I had been up late partying in the backyard, no idea what time it was I didn’t really care I was having to much fun singing and dancing with my friends to the music we had blasting from a radio hooked up to some one’s phone. I don’t know what time it was but I’m sure it was late enough at night that the cops were probably on their way thanks to the neighbors not minding their own business. We were not really celebrating anything other then being alive, I had a beer in one hand and bag of chips in the other that I had to keep defending from Carries’ grabby hands. I have never been able to hold my alcohol very well, when it came time to finally relieve my self of the excesses water weight, I staggered my way over to the tree close to the fence. I knew there was often an ant hill under it so I figured might as well kill two birds with one stone and do a little bit of pest control at the same time. I was just about to begin when again Carrie came over to try and grab another hand full of what didn’t belong to her. I tried to shake her off and ended up spinning around a few times before losing my balance and falling over into the grass sending the chips everywhere and spilling my drink. I started to get increasingly dizzy as I lied there, last thing I remember was two figures standing over me as my vision faded to black and all the sounds got muffled

“Hey… wake up” the distance voice said blankly. 

“You need to wake up”


I awake to Carrie violently shaking me, I sit up quickly and then lean back as my head sings with the after-morning effects of a night of drinking. 

“Eh… fuck what happened did I spill my chips?” I sputter groggily. Its daylight and I’m cold… so very cold, I’m surprised I can’t see my breath.

Carrie and Sebastian are both standing over me they look tired and… scared… 

“Dude… Where the fuck are we?” Sebastian says with a shake in his voice.

“I woke up and we were just… here! Carrie adds turning around flailing her arms around to gesture to the general vicinity. 

We were surrounded by green vegetation; it stated wide at the base and came to a point at top in a solid green leaf. White roots twist and weave in and out of the soil around us some coming up as high as our waists. 

“Wh… what? Where are we?” I ask my friends as I try to lift my weak body into a standing position. 

“We don’t know I woke up maybe 3 minutes ago? Carrie was sleeping next me and by chance we found you not to far away” Sebastian says with confusion in his voice.

“We were at your party last night, having a good time, hanging out and then we woke up in this jungle” Carrie adds.

“Ugh This… has to be a dream, I’m still drunk and just asleep in my backyard"

“This isn’t a dream man, this is as real as it gets” Sebastian angerly responds. 

“We were hoping maybe you would know but I guess that’s a no go.” Carrie says clearly trying to hide she is also cold.

There’s a clearing in the Canopy above us, straining my head I can see a massive tree, bigger than any redwood it reminds me more of the so called “world trees” from old story books it looks like its close to touching to clouds with just how tall it is. It completely dominates the sky above us branching stretching far outside of our line of sight from here, it seems pretty close like we are a short walk from the base. 

“Hey check it out” I say pointing upwards, its not an answer but it’s the best land mark we got.

“Maybe if we head towards that massive tree, it might give us an idea of where we are.” 

“I don’t know, when you are lost aren’t you supposed to stay in one place and not go wandering off to be easier to find?” Carrie asks with a some what shy tone.

“I actually do not think we are on earth any more Carrie, I don’t think there is any one coming to find us unless they got intergalactic GPS tracking and a spaceship” Sebastian retorts angerly with a slight tinge of sarcasm. 

“Come on its in this direction” I say taking leadership and heading off in the direction of the tree. 

We trek through the foliage, crawling under big roots and climbing over the smaller ones, our party is generally quiet apart from some sperratic interjections of someone bouncing a theory of our predicament off the others.

We walk for some time, could have been anywhere from 30 – 40 minutes before we hit an incline in the terrain. The tree is so close we can make out the details in its bark, I take a good look at it and there’s… something just, so familiar about it but I can’t quiet place it, I would almost describe it as Deja-vu. We continue up the hill and quickly notice the foliage is starting to thin. More and more sun light is starting to leak through as the greenery becomes thinner until it disappears completely. And all that remains just dirt and wide-open space right up to the tree trunk. This tree, I know it from somewhere. My thoughts are interrupted. By Sebastian and Carrie’s screams. Turning my head so fast I might have given my self whiplash I see the colossal beast. Body split into 3 sections, 6 long legs, two antennae coming from the top of its head, eyes the size of swimming pools, 2 massive sharp looking pincers clutching a massive chunk of… something yellowy-beige that glistened in the sunlight. And then two more of the black beasts burst out of the green foliage, one on either side of it. 

“ANTS???!!” we all cried in a panicked unison

They were massive! One dwarfed all three of us we were less then a fifth of its size. They towered over us the empty eyes staring deep into my soul. The 3 beasts stood their antenna moved forward and wobbled around in the air. I could hear their exoskeleton scraping against its self as it moved around. They stood there for a moment and then started to walk forward. Sebastian tackled Carrie to the ground, I took their unspoken advice and dived onto my stomach. The bugs wide feet stomping down around us as the 3 beasts trotted over top of us, I don’t know if getting stepped on would have been fatal and I did not want to find out. It did not take long for them to pass over us. This is by far the worst hangover I have ever had. 

“Everyone ok?” Sebastian says rolling off of Carrie. 

“I think so???!!” I respond quickly

“No… I want to go home” Carrie says clearly on the verge of the tears.

Sebastian hobbles over to me and we both stand there with mouths open as we watch the ants stomp away along the base of the tree.


“Ants, fucking ants bigger than buildings” Sebastian says in disbelief. 


“That… can’t be right. Its impossible for ants to be that big. No, its completely impossible”. 

“GUYS???!!” Carrie screams out loud.

“Wha-oh fuck” I say turning around to face her and immediately realize why she was going to show us. 

Stretching out far beyond us is a green ocean, beyond that is a haze of incredible colours, and even past that is a wall that looks like it to touches the heavens. And to our left is a structure, one that dwarfs the World Tree we are standing under. I know this structure, its my house. My house is incomprehensibly massive Towering above all else in its shadow. 

“Wh-what the fuck, this is my backyard but its massive”

“No… its your backyard but we are small” Sebastian answers cold and blank

“How can we be small that’s impossible” Carrie quickly asks

“The Ants, the tree… your fucking house. We are the size of mites, that jungle we trekked through is grass. Its your fucking back lawn” Sebastian says in disbelief 

“We… we can’t be small this cant be happening!” Carrie says fully breaking down into tears. 

“Where are the other 3?”

A loud screeching sound erupts from the house, the glass door to the back patio slowly slides open and out steps my sister. She stops to feel the warming sunlight wash over her, holding a book in her left hand and a travel coffee mug in the right she turns her head in our direction and steps out onto the grass. 

“HOLY FUCK SHES HUGE” Carrie screams

Sebastian and I are instantly jumping and waving to try to get her attention. She covers ground quickly and in what felt like a few seconds is towering over us, completely dwarfed by her size and completely engulfed in her shadow. My sister stares down at us and her eyes shift over to the right. She puts her hands on her hips and leans forward to the point where it almost seems like she’s going kiss the ground, I follow her gaze and see she is staring at the 3 ants who have stopped and turned there heads slightly to stare back at her. 

“Feh…” My sister mutters dryly as she stands back up to full height. She’s turns around till her back is facing us and then… her knees start to bend. 

“FUCKING RUN SHES GUNNA SIT DOWN!” Sebastian screams grabbing Carrie’s hand and starting to run up the hill.

Not wasting any time trying to reason with my sister’s titanic ass I follow their lead and run up the hill as her shadow grows ever darker over us. Tripping on a small divot in the dirt I summersault a couple times before coming to a stop and rolling onto my back. My gaze is completely consumed by my sister’s descending ass. I quickly flick my head around but can’t see Carrie or Sebastian, I look back upwards the falling moon. And all I can do is scream in horror as her butt makes contact with the dirt. 

The woman exit’s her house onto the back patio, remarkably her brother and his friends cleaned up the backyard yard after partying last night. She’s surprised since she figured they would all still be passed out in the grass. She was going to give him an ear full about the noise next time she sees him. As for right now, she wanted to spend a moment reading her book and then nap till the afternoon before it gets to hot or noisy. Dad still had to run the lawn mower and Mom needs her help with the garden but for right now its her private time. She walks over to the tree and leans down for quick inspection, she sees 3 ants carrying chip crumbs, probably headed for a nest behind the tree or something. She made a mental note to call the pest control to spray the backyard sometime this summer. But she wasn’t going to let 3 little ants stop her from enjoying this early morning peace so she dismissed their presences quickly. Not her fault they choose to be where she was going to sit. So, she planted her butt down on the sloped dirt under the tree, took a big swig of her coffee and started reading. 

Little did she know just how massive the chaos was she was causing for the world below her. 

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