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Adam has a rare condition that allows him to be shrunken if someone has the other matching gene. If both people think about him shrinking then he shrinks, and the only way for him to grow back is if both think of him growing. On his first date, he discovers his crush Lexi has the opposite gene as he's kissing her. Now he's in her basement alone with her, shrunken...But even if she's playful, she'll grow him back... hopefully.

A fluffy story about two people that both like each other and the start of their relationship.

Shout out to Greenanon. I was inspired by his story "Sharing is Caring" and came up with my own take on it.

Rated: R
Categories: Gentle, Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Breasts, Couples, Feet, Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes, Mouth Play Characters: None
Growth: None
Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: F/m
Warnings: This story is for entertainment purposes only.
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Word count: 7260 Read: 2446
Published: June 14 2022 Updated: June 14 2022
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1. Adam's first Kiss by Jsmith20 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (7260 words)