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Story Notes:

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Lexi puts her arm around Adam. “I’m really glad you accepted my offer to come over and watch a movie.”

“Yeah, th-thanks for inviting me.” Okay, keep it together. You are in the basement of the hottest girl in the entire school. And she has her arm around me. This is crazy. Just don’t screw this up. Don’t do anything wrong. Don’t stare at her boobs, even if her shirt is showing off crazy amounts of boob. Don’t look too much.

Lexi smiles back at him and twirls her dirty-blonde hair. “Of course. I’ve been meaning to get a date with you for a while now. It just finally worked out.” Oh my God, his face just turned so red hearing me say this is a date. Wow, I can just taste his nervousness. It’s so delicious. What a turn on. But, I should probably get him to relax for now. “After all, I am lucky to get some time with you outside of school. It seemed like you were just gonna work all the time on school or writing. But, loosening up is good for you. It’s good for the mind, the soul, the body. Do you ever really let yourself relax.”

Adam sighs. “Not really. I’m a bit of a workaholic.”

Lexi chuckles and raises her eyebrows. “Really, now that is a surprise. Adam the guy that already finished two full novels before his Junior Year of high school on top of a perfect G.P.A. He’s a workaholic.” She softens her face and looks at him with concern. “It’s not healthy for you, you know. It doesn’t matter how much potential you have if you get a heart attack from overworking yourself.”

“It’s not…” Adam lets out a deep breath and hangs his head. “I know. I know. I just struggle with letting myself let go. I want to, it’s just…”

Lexi chuckles and sighs. “Hard. Hard to let yourself think you deserve a break because you feel like you need to make up for missed time.”

Adam smiles at Lexi. “Yeah, it’s exactly like that. You know what it feels like?”

“Yeah, I know that we both are behind where we should be in school for very different reasons, and I know that you getting sick when you were a child is much more serious than my family moving so much. But I did have to struggle a bit with those thoughts when I was younger. We’re the only two Juniors in our high School that are eighteen so I get how you have that desire to make up for lost time. But with time and practice I learned to give myself the rest and care I deserve and I’m sure you will too.”

Adam nods at her. “Thanks. I’ve just been pushing myself a lot.”

Lexi pulls herself closer to Adam. “Well, how about you let yourself forget about that for now.” She places her left hand on his thigh and pats it a couple of times. “You have much more fun and interesting things to focus on right now.” She whispers into his ear, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Adam nods his head, trying to hide how red his cheeks are getting. His voice cracks. “Yeah.” 

Lexi moves her hand from his thigh and walks her fingers down her face. “I’m sure there’s something we could do together to help you relax.” She brings her hand down to her neck and slides her index finger down. “But I don’t know, is there anything you can think of.” I got him hook line and sinker. 


She rubs her index finger across her chest, taking a tantalizingly slow time to trace her fairly exposed and well-endowed breasts. Now this is fun. He just can’t take his eyes away. It’s like he’s under a spell. She pokes her left breast letting it jiggle in her top. Breaking him from his trance, she boops Adam’s nose. “How about we watch a movie? I’m sure that will relax you.” 

In an octave higher than he normally speaks, Adam says, “Ye-yeah. Sounds great.” Oh my fucking God. She just touched my face with the same finger that touched her boob. Don’t look at it anymore. Just try to not do anything weird here. She’s so close. I can smell her hair, her shampoo is nice. Shit. Don’t sniff it. I can feel her body heat. She’s so close. This is a dream come true.

Lexi smirks and grabs the remote. Now that is how you tease someone. I’m the best at this. His nervousness is such a turn on. And I know for a fact he’s way too innocent to do anything until I give him the go ahead. Let's start that process. “Before we start, I was wondering something.” 

“Uh yeah, what was it?”

“Be honest alright.” After seeing Adam nod, she continues. “Since you’re always working yourself so much. Is this the first date you’ve ever had?”

Adam pauses and hesitantly says, “Yes.”

“Thank you. I like your honesty. I like how sweet you are right now. So along that line, have you ever kissed a girl before?” 

Adam’s eyes go wide. Oh shit this is it. “No. I haven’t.”

“Alright cool. Just checking. Which movie do you wanna watch?” And now’s the part where his brain short-circuits.


Lexi giggles and gives him a sultry look. “I’m kidding. Forget the movie. Let’s go back a bit. So you’ve never kissed a girl before. You’re alone with a girl right now, and not just any girl, a girl who likes you. So you have complete privacy with a girl that likes you and would like to be your first kiss.” And that’s the gold right there. 

“I-uh-You-uh…” Adam continues to struggle to speak for several seconds, as his face reaches levels of red it never has before. 

Lexi giggles at his inability to speak. She stays silent and smiles at him, enjoying his display of tongue-tied nervousness. 

“Uhm, uh. So you. Uh.” Adam takes a quick breath. “So you, you uhm really want to be my first kiss?”

Lexi licks her lips. “Why yes I do. I would love it actually. There is nothing I would want more right now than to be your first kiss Adam.”

“Th-th-thank you.”

“If you don’t mind, let me move your hands. Is that okay?”

Adam nods. “S-sure.”

“Perfect.” She takes his hands and places them on her shoulders. With a smirk, she says, “Keep your hands up here Mister. Alright.” 


“I like that I can trust you to keep them there. I really like how sweet you are, Adam. And as cute as it is seeing you be so nervous, I do want you to be able to enjoy this. So just relax.” 

Adam takes a deep breath. “O-Okay. I’ll try.”

Lexi giggles and runs her finger on his face. “So sweet Adam. But enjoy this. I’m not so scary.” She pouts. “Am I?”

“No. Not at all. That’s not it, it’s just…”

She brings her finger to her ear. “Just?”

“It’s just you’re so wonderful.”

She winks. “I like that answer. Just follow my lead okay.” After seeing Adam nod, she wraps her hands on his shoulders. “Okay, both our hands are on each other’s shoulders. A respectable position for us to keep them, and one that I think won’t stress you out too much. Now pucker up.”

The two lean closer to each other and their lips meet.

Lexi smiles internally. He’s not bad for his first kiss. I think I got him to relax enough for this. This is fun. Maybe, we’ll get a little tongue action soon. The only way to make this more fun is if he had the gene. I could shrink him down and then we could really have some fun.

Adam’s heart races. This is the best moment of my life. I can’t believe this is happening. The only thing that could make this better is if she had the gene. She could shrink me down and I could just swim in her amazing boobs. That would truly be the best moment of my life. 

A tingling sensation fills Adam’s body. He tries to ignore it, but the longer it continues the more lightheaded and nauseated he feels. He breaks away from the kiss and tries to stand up. He falls to the carpet and slurs his words. “I’m feeling weird.” His clothes become looser and looser until his entire body is covered by his shirt. 

As Adam looks around, it dawns on him that Lexi has the gene and that he is actually shrinking. 

For a long time, people shrinking was considered magic. Eventually, as science progressed it was discovered that certain people had rare and opposite genes. On one end was a rare gene that allowed people to be shrunken and on the other was the rare gene that allowed people to shrink others. The caveat is that both people had to be close to one another and that both people had to actively think about the one who had the gene that shrinks them being shrunk at the same time. However, once shrunk the only way to grow back is for both of them to actively think about the shrunken one growing back. When shrunk the tiny person is practically indestructible and unable to be killed by any amounts of pressure or even by being eaten. Depending on how the two people think about the shrinking, the person can be shrunk anywhere from their original height down to half an inch. Additionally, if both parties think about the tiny person being squishable, the tiny person can become like rubber, without dying of course. However, durability doesn’t always equal pain tolerance.

This was studied for a long time and scientists tried to figure out how it was possible for this gene to break other scientific laws, among them the Square Cube Law. The conclusion of the general scientific community was, to paraphrase: ‘Fuck this, it might as well be magic. This shit makes no sense.’

Adam has told no one about having the gene, only his parents(and a handful of doctors) being privy to the knowledge of his rare condition. Other than Lexi’s family(and her doctor) there is only one person who knows about Lexi having the gene. 

Lexi manages to keep herself from screaming and forces her voice to not be too loud. “Holy Fuck! You have the gene! This is insane!” She stands up and steps a few inches away from the top of Adam’s shirt. “Follow my voice out of there.”

After eventually gathering his bearings and settling his heart Adam musters the courage to exit his shirt and crawl out of the hole where his head would be. He struggles to breathe as he looks at the toes in front of him, trying to wrap his mind around being shorter than the ankle of the girl he was just kissing. 

Lexi smiles down at him. “Well I have to say I’m surprised. But in a good way for sure.” Wow he’s nervous. This is so much more delicious than anything else before. Now it's time to play. She twirls her hair playfully. “So, I hadn't mentioned anything about the gene before, which means there was no reason for you to be thinking about being shrunk unless you wanted to be shrunk, right?” She lightly drums her toes up and down against the carpet making enough sound to draw Adam’s attention to the massive power difference between the two. 

Adam stares breathlessly at the well-pedicured toes as they wiggle excitedly in front of him. Even her little toe could dominate me without any challenge right now. She’s not even doing anything and yet if she wanted she could just make me her toy. Adam struggles to form his words. “I…Well…Okay, I was thinking about being shrunk.”

Oh he’s struggling to speak. This is just turning me on so much. “Once again, I like your honesty. So you must like the idea of being shrunk right. Tell me what really does it for you? Is it being dominated entirely? Or is it something specific?” She moves a little closer to him. “Is it feet?” She gently lifts her left foot off the floor and runs her big toe across the carpet, circling his body. “Do you want me to get some socks and put you in while I wear them?” She lowers her foot in front of him and spreads her toes. “Say the word and I’ll snatch you right up. Just step forward and I can do it for you.” Oh he’s so out of his element right now. Fuck, this is hot. Hmmm, should I be a little nicer? Maybe just a little.

Lexi moves her feet away from him and lies down in front of him. She keeps her eyes on him, relishing his stunned expression as the mountainous woman before him descends from her massive heights and lowers herself to as close to eye level as she can. 

Lexi smiles at him. “How about we back up a little? Tell me Adam, How many times have you been shrunken before?”

Adam swallows nervously. “N-n-never.”

“So, I’m your first.” A predatory grin spreads across her face. “Then that means there’s a lot of special things we can do together.” She places her hands a couple of inches behind Adam, her palms facing towards her face and his back. 

Adam glances behind him and trembles. If she wants, she’s got me. I’m the mouse and she’s the cat. 

Lexi looks him up and down. “You know, I like the view better down here.”

Adam looks down and his cheeks turn a deep shade of crimson. He hurriedly covers his crotch.

Lexi giggles. “You don’t worry about that. No need to be modest. After all, we were just kissing.” 

Adam looks back down and up at Lexi’s expectant face. Fuck. I don’t want to make her upset. Slowly he moves his hands away and reveals himself again.

She grins at him revealing her pearly teeth. “There we go. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?” He’s like putty in my hands. Should I give him a show? Hmm... not yet. I’m gonna play with him a little more.

Lexi quickly moves her hand and snatches Adam from the floor, holding his body in her fist, leaving only his head exposed. “Gotcha!” You’re all mine.

Adam squirms in her grasp, unable to free himself. What’s she going to do to me?

Lexi pushes herself off of the floor and sits back down on the couch, keeping Adam in her grip. She stares at Adam and licks her lips. “Well Adam, I think it's pretty obvious we won’t be watching a movie anymore.” She giggles. With her other hand, she taps her cheek. “Hmm, but what to do instead. Do you have any ideas?”

Adam stutters for several seconds before squeaking out, “A-are you going to hurt me?”

She brings him close to her face. With him close enough to feel the heat of her breath, she whispers, “If you want me to, I will.”

“No. No. Please don’t.” 

She brings him away from her mouth and pouts at him. “Aww come on Adam. I’m not scary am I?” 

Adam tries to choose his words as carefully as he can. “N-no, it’s just uhm…”

“Now that you’re fun-sized, I’m just playing around with you.” She gives him a sultry look. “Isn’t that what you wanted.” 


She loosens her grip on him and lets him sit down on her other palm. With a touch of concern, she says, “I hope I haven’t been scaring you too much Adam.” She raises her eyebrows playfully. “I just couldn’t resist when you shrunk.” Her eyes soften. “But, I don’t want to hurt you. Not in a non-fun way at least. So let’s just talk about what’s happened so far, alright.”

Adam nods his head and looks up at the gigantic girl in front of him, feeling safer again. “Th-thank you.”

“Let me bring you up to eye level alright.” She gently lifts her hand, cooing at the tiny boy in front of her. “Now, you shrunk because both of us were thinking about you being small. So was the reason why you wanted to get shrunk because you liked the kiss so much you wanted to feel it on your whole body?”

Adam swallows nervously. “Well I was thinking that kissing you was the best moment of my life.”

“Aww, thank you. That’s a lovely compliment. Please continue.” 

“And well I thought that there was only one thing that could be even greater.”

“Okay, continue.”

“D-do I have to?” 

Lexi tilts her head a little. “Come on, what’s the matter? Is it super embarrassing?”

“It's just…”

“It can’t be that bad. I promise I can think of something way way worse than whatever it is… Oh wow, what I’m thinking of is super ultra mega embarrassing.” Lexi smirks at Adam’s red face. “I’m not going to judge you Adam, whatever it is. Plus don’t you trust me by now. We’ve known each other for a while and I would like to think that we’ve been friends for most of it. I liked you before you shrank and I like you now. So just tell me Adam.”

“Uhhh. Okay, do you promise not to get angry with me?”

Lexi smiles at him. “Adam, I promise I won’t get upset with you. Okay.”

“Alright, I was thinking that the only thing that could be even better than kissing you. If you had the gene and I was tiny and then…” Adam closes his eyes and looks away. “If when I was tiny, I was…”, with each word, Adam’s voice gets higher, “swimming in your breasts.” He breathes heavily, waiting for Lexi to express her disappointment and frustration in him. He slowly opens his eyes, expecting Lexi to have a disgusted look on her face.

“You were worried I would be angry at you for that?” Lexi laughs. “Geez, Adam, you don’t need to stress out so much. You need to relax man. Come on, I would never get upset with you for liking my boobs. Why did you think I wore this top? I know how hot it makes me look and how much it shows off.” She gently rubs his face with her finger.  “As cute as you are when you’re nervous, you seriously can’t stress out this much, it's not good for you.” 

“I’m sorry, I just…”

“No. Don’t apologize, Adam. You aren’t going to get anywhere by apologizing when you didn’t do anything wrong. You can apologize for your actions, but don’t apologize for your feelings.”

“Wow. Thank you, that's really good.”

Lexi shrugs. “Eh, I feel like I definitely saw that in a movie at some point.”

Adam chuckles. “Any chance it would have been the one we were going to watch.”

Lexi laughs heartily. “Finally! You’re loosening up.” She smiles at him. “Look, I think you’re really cute when you’re nervous. And I admit that I have been intentionally messing with you a little bit to get you all flustered. Honestly, it’s a turn on being in charge. I just love taking the lead. But, at the same time, you’ve been too nervous to be yourself this whole time. I didn’t invite you over just to make you nervous, I could make a ton of different guys nervous if I wanted to. I wanted to spend time with the sweet guy I like. I wanted to spend it with you.” 

Adam blushes. “Th-thank you.”

Lexi smiles, playfully. “Well, if you really want to thank me I have an idea. Let’s think about something for a second. You’re alone with a hot girl that likes you. Not only does she like you, but she was also your first kiss. And she was enjoying it too. I was having a great time kissing you, but then it got interrupted…”

Taking the hint, Adam says, “Do you, do you want to continue kissing?”

“I absolutely do. Thank you for asking. I was having so much fun.” She smiles at him. “Now, I assume you don’t want to try any tongue action just yet.” She opens her mouth and licks her teeth before sticking her tongue out and moving it side to side. “Aahhhhh.”  

Adam pauses briefly. “Right. Not quite ready for that yet. You know.” 

Lexi winks at him. “Sure. I get that. Still new to this whole thing.” She gives him a sultry look. “Well don’t worry. Even though you’re very good with school, I’m sure you wouldn’t turn down a little extra-curricular tutoring from me.”

Adam quickly nods his head. “Sounds good to me.”

Lexi smiles. “I love your enthusiasm.” She gives him a serious look. “One more thing before we continue. Thank you for not lying to me about why you were thinking about getting shrunk. I appreciate you being honest and telling me the truth. I value honesty a lot Adam and I want you to always be honest with me.” 

Adam nods at her. “I will, I promise.”

“Good. Now pucker up.” She pulls him close to her lips and leaves him enough room to stand up and lean in. Mmmm, he feels good. Even if his lips are smaller now, he’s putting in his all. But I should return the favor shouldn’t I. After all, he deserves a good kissing partner, one that will put her all into the kiss. 

Lexi moves her hand from underneath him to behind him, pressing Adam into her lips. She covers the upper half of his body with her lips and focuses all her attention on kissing him. 

After half a minute of kissing, Lexi inhales through her nose. Good thing he doesn’t need to breathe while he’s so small. But, can it still feel like he needs to? Is that something we need to focus on together when he shrinks to control? I’ll look into that later. I can let him come up for air soon… Soon, not yet.

Lexi pushes him even more to her lips, holding him there for several more seconds before finally pulling him away. “Mwah!” 

Adam breathes heavily. “Thank you for letting me breathe a little. Even though I don’t need to, it still feels like I do.”

“Hmm. So you do still feel like you need to. Got it. Alright, let’s continue.” As she pulls him closer she whispers, “I wonder how good you are at holding your breath. I’m really enjoying kissing you.”  

Using more force than before, Lexi holds Adam captive against her lips. After another minute of passionate kissing, Adam taps against her lips with his arms.

Lexi grins internally. Mmmm. Need a little air Adam. So soon. Aww come on, you can go a few more seconds. Alright, alright I’ll give you some air. My air though. With another inhale through her nose, she gently moves some air into her mouth from her newest breath. She opens her lips enough for Adam’s head to fit in between them. There you go Adam. How does it taste? Delicious? It should be, it’s from my mouth. Filtered through Lexi. My breath is literally filling your insides. Wow this is hot for me. And this is just scratching the surface of what we can do together. Time for some more kissing though. She pulls Adam away just enough to close her lips again, before kissing him for another twenty seconds. Alright, time to make this a little more hot for you Adam.

Lexi slides her palm and moves Adam’s top half above her lips, switching to kissing his bottom half.

Adam breathes heavily, quickly sucking in lots of air. “Woww. This, Ahhhhhhh, feels really goOOOOD.” 

Lexi feels Adam’s boner press into her lips and pulls away. She smiles sultrily. “Good to know. I’d like to do more of it in the future.” She glances down. Hmm, now that is a feeling I like. He’s proportioned well too. Hmm, I wanna mess with him a little more. I think I earned it. 

Adam nods his head. “Y-yeah. Sounds good.”

“I’m glad you had so much fun kissing me. I really enjoyed it too. But, I was also thinking about what else you might enjoy with me. So far my mouth has been really enjoyable for you and I was just wondering something… Are you into vore?” Ooh, he froze up. Keep going. “Because, I can help you out if you are.” She clicks her teeth several times, making sure he can hear the noise. “If you are, then I’ll place you inside my mouth. Ahhhh.” She spreads her mouth as wide as she can. “Then I’ll tilt my head back.” Giving him a show, she leans her head back. “And take a big gulp.” She swallows and begins tracing a line from her chin down her body. “And then you’ll travel down my throat, and in between the girls.” She shakes her breasts around and continues. “And then you’ll end up allll the way down here in my tummy.” She pats her stomach a few times. “And depending on what you want, I can let you back out the quick way, or if you want…you can take the long way and I’ll clean you up after you come out.” I just couldn’t resist. Oh his face is amazing. She flashes her teeth. “Rawr.”

Adam shakes his head. “N-No. Not really.”

“Okay, just checking. If you change your mind just let me know. And I have to say you do look absolutely scrumptious. I’m sure you’d make a delicious snack.” She looks intently at his crotch. “And little Adam doesn’t look entirely opposed to it either.” 

Adam glances down and blushes heavily. He’s not rock-hard, but he’s not all soft. Oh boy, this night. Never would have expected this. 

Lexi grins. Now what to do…Ooh, I could really up the ante and pretend I want to be his owner. That he’s all mine now… No, as hot as that would be, that’s too cruel and I don’t want to do that to him. I don’t want to give him any trauma. “So we have a lot to talk about. But first, as a sign that you can trust me, let’s grow you back.”

“R-really, thank you!”

Lexi’s face softens. “Oh Adam, I really hope I didn’t scare you that much. It shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re growing back. Come on, let’s get you big again.” She places him down on the couch. “So, I guess we just think about you growing?”

“Yeah, I think so.” Adam sighs, grateful to be getting back to normal size. 

The two close their eyes and think about Adam growing. After a few seconds, Adam starts to feel the tingling sensation again and begins to grow on the couch. After several seconds of growth, he’s back to his normal size. 

Adam lets out a large sigh of relief. “Thank you, it’s good to be normal size again.”

Lexi curls her legs up on the couch and looks at Adam’s face. “Well, I’m happy to see you happy. I really want to help you work on getting less stressed. And I have to admit, there are some benefits to seeing you full size like this.”

Adam reflexively covers his crotch. He nervously chuckles. 

“Oh don’t be shy, I already saw everything. I didn’t comment on it earlier, but your butt is cute too.”

“Oh, uhm…Well it’s just...”

“Yeah, I know. It’s probably best for you to put on your underwear and other clothes now. I’d like to talk for a little bit.” She turns around and waits for him to put his clothes back on.

Adam tries to calm himself. “Done, thank you.”

Lexi turns around and faces him again. “So, I don’t know about you, but there’s only one person outside my family, and doctor, that knows I have the gene.”

“No one besides my parents and doctors knows I have it…Who’s the other person?”

Lexi grins. “An old friend of mine. I haven’t seen her for years and years now. We lost touch after my family moved, I can’t even remember which move that was. At least we’re finally settled here. She also had the gene, your gene to be more specific. We had some fun sleepovers. She was pretty adventurous. I wonder if there’s a way for me to find and reach out to her…eh that’s for another time. We discovered it in a pretty similar way, actually. She was at my house for a sleepover and we quickly figured it out when both of us thought about her shrinking. I grew her right back and because we trusted each other to be careful, well I shrunk her back down and we had fun.” 

“Like uh, what?”

Lexi smirks. “Well, I can’t tell you everything. That was between us. But she did enjoy painting my nails when she was small. She made these super cool designs in great detail. She loved art and loved the chance to practice.”

Adam nods his head. “Well, it sounds like you two did have fun together.”

“We sure did.” Lexi looks into his eyes. “So, are we in agreement to keep this a secret?”

“Y-yeah. The fewer people that know about the gene the safer it is, you know. So yeah I think it’s best if we don’t tell anyone.”

“Yep. My lips are sealed.” Lexi moves her head back and forth in thought and sighs. “Alright. Before I say anything else. I want you to know that if you want to leave I won’t get upset. And I’m not going to go psycho bitch on you alright. I wanted to ask you this for a long time. Since I transferred in Sophomore Year. At first, I didn’t know if we were going to move again so I didn’t want to because with you I think we could be serious together. But I’m happy that my family finally isn’t going to move again. I like you Adam, I think I’ve established that. And you like me, I think we’ve also established that. So when two people like each other and are compatible, have similar values, can make each other smile.” She chuckles. “This is probably the least confident you’ll ever see me…” She sighs. “Look, you don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to… But, I would…I would like to be your girlfriend.”

Adam’s face turns deep red and his heart races. Did she… I would like to be your girlfriend… I heard her say that. She really wants to be my girlfriend…I…I…I’m gonna puke. Adam quickly covers his mouth and forces himself to calm down. He breathes heavily. “Sorry, just uhm got a little stressed. Uhm, I really really want to say yes…”

Lexi raises her head slightly. “But…”

Adam sighs. “Look, I’d love to date you in general. I’ve really been enjoying talking with you and hanging out. And it seems like we both enjoy me being able to be shrunken down with you. I don’t know if it’s chicken or the egg, from the gene, but I can’t imagine my life without the fetish. It’s just… I’m just scared. Not by you, but just sort of by the fact that any girl in your position has the potential to control me. It’s not that I don’t trust you specifically, it’s just the general concept of being concerned about this is in my psyche and you’re already so good at taking charge in life. You were the one that asked me out and invited me here and everything….And I just…”

“I think I understand.” Lexi leans back on the couch. “I get it. I respect your decision. So going forward, how do you want to interact with each other? I don’t want to push you away, but what would make you most comfortable. Will avoiding each other make you feel the safest?”

“I didn’t say my answer wasn’t yes.”

Lexi turns her head and widens her eyes.

Adam takes a deep breath. “Look, I know I said everything I just said. And all my fears are real. But, you know, it’s not healthy if I stress out so much.” He cracks a grin.

Lexi starts laughing. “You’re making progress for sure.”

“Well, I think I’m going to need help maintaining that progress. And I think the best person to help me would be you. I would very much like to be your boyfriend Lexi.”

Lexi leaps forward and hugs Adam tightly. She plants a kiss on his cheek. “Yes!” She looks into his eyes. “I’m really really happy Adam. I’m looking forward to dating you. Thank you for trusting me.”

“Well, you’ve given me good reason to. I truly trust you Lexi. I know you don’t want to hurt me.” 

Lexi flashes a grin. “Only if you want me to.” She smiles, seeing  Adam chuckles nervously. “Alright, so I think it’s clear that I’m a little more on the dominant side. And that’s not gonna change, but if you ever need me to stop, I’ll stop. I want to be able to do lot’s of things with you, but you need to sign on because otherwise it won’t work. So just tell me if you want me to stop. Alright. We’re dating because we care about each other.” 

“Thank you. I really care about you too.” 

Lexi smiles. “Thank you.” She pauses and thinks for several seconds. “So…we have some options. One, we can just put on a movie. Two, we can go back to kissing. Or three, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous…maybe you can get a little smaller.” She strokes his face with her finger.

“H-how small?”

She whispers into his ear. “That depends, how small are you willing to get?”

“Uhhhh.” Eh fuck it. “How about we use the bathroom first and drink some water.”

Lexi’s eyes light up. “Excellent. Thank you.” She squeezes him even tighter against her for a few seconds and plants another kiss on him. She pulls away and gets up to use the bathroom. “There’s some water in the mini-fridge over there.” Oh this is gonna be awesome.

After a quick bathroom break and some rehydration, the two stand next to each other. Adam takes off his clothes and pushes them out of the way. The two close their eyes and concentrate on the image of Adam getting smaller. The tingling sensation spreads across Adam’s body and to his relief, he doesn’t feel nauseated shrinking this time.

After he finishes shrinking, he opens his eyes and looks up at his girlfriend. “Wow. I think I’m a little smaller this time.”

Lexi bends down in front of him. “Yeah, I think so. I guess there’s a lot we’ll have to practice in the future.” She puts out her hand for him to step on. “I figured that waiting for you to get on might give you a more pleasant experience.”

Adam steps on and slowly moves upward with Lexi’s hand. “It’s calmer this time than the first time. The first time it was like a game of cat and mouse.”

Lexi’s eyes light up. “Ooh, that could be a fun game. There are lots of fun games I can think of. Lots of fun things we can do.” She switches to a more serious tone. “But, we absolutely positively need a safeword. Do you have one?”

“No. I’ve never really given having one any thought. I’m pretty new to all this. I mean you were my first kiss.”

“Hmm…how does ‘traffic’ sound?”

“Yeah, sure that seems good.”

“Alright. That’s our word. Now that that’s all settled.  We’re only going to do what you want with it for now. So lead the way.”

Adam pauses to think. “Uhmm, for right now, could you just sit down on the couch and just  gently hold me in your palms, please.”

“Sure, I could do that.” 

“Thank you.”

The two sit peacefully on the couch, smiling at one another. 

“This is nice Lexi.”

Lexi gently rubs her finger against Adam’s head. “I’m glad you think so.”

“Well, your confidence is rubbing off on me. Speaking of which got any tips?”

“Get a sword.”

Adam squints. “What.”

Lexi nods her head. “I’m serious, actually get a sword. I saw it once on a tumblr post, don’t judge me for having tumblr when I was younger. Anyway it said that walking around with a sword does wonders for your self confidence. Usually, accompanied while being hot. Which I always am. But yeah, walking around holding a sword gives you a lot of confidence. I do it for tons of things. I did it before you came over tonight. It’s the best when you’re in heels and walk on something hard, so I hear the clacking of my heels as I strut around holding a sword. It does wonders.”

“Wow, that's awesome. I think I’ll look into that. I’d been thinking about picking up fencing in college, but that’s a different type of sword as it is. Yeah, I definitely think I’ll look into it if it can give me confidence like you.” 

Lexi giggles. “Well, if you want to improve your confidence you have to practice being more confident. I’ll give you a chance to practice.”

Adam nods his head. “Sure, go ahead.”

“Remember how I said before that your butt is cute.”

“Yeah…” Where is this going?

“Well what do you think of my ass?”

“Well, I…I think…” Fuck, pull it together. She’s your girlfriend now. Adam takes a deep breath. Calmly, he says, “It’s gorgeous like the rest of you Lexi. All of you is just wonderful.” 

Lexi nods her head. “Nice, there we go. You got it in the second half. You’re doing great.”

“Thanks. I’m curious about something, you said that we were just doing what I wanted right now. But, what are the things you would do with me?”

Lexi gently shakes her head. “Let’s not worry about those today. I say we hold off until you’re more comfortable like this.”

“It can’t be that bad.” Adam looks at Lexi.  “Can it?”

“Well…” Lexi chuckles lightly. “I didn’t exactly ask what you thought of my ass for no reason. I kind of want to just put you on and in my butt.”

Adam’s face freezes and he swallows nervously. “Oh, uhm.” 

Lexi calms him down. “Relax, I'm not gonna do that yet. We’ll work our way up to that stuff. And you wouldn’t actually go in, you’d stay outside the hole. At least for a while, when we started. But, we’re not doing that now and I don’t want you to freak out about it. If you don’t feel like it's something you can do then we won’t. I promise to keep our relationship healthy.”

Adam sighs in relief. “Thank you. I really really really appreciate you wanting my consent. It’s why I trust you. So yeah, I’m definitely not ready for something like that. But, maybe given some time. It’s possible.” 

Lexi winks at him. “Keep fostering that adventurous spirit Adam. It will take you far. And you know, worst case scenario if we do it and you don’t like it then we won’t do it again. We’re in this together. However, there is something significantly less scary that I think we could do if you’re interested.”

“Uhh, what is it?”

“Well, the reason you shrank in the first place was because you wanted to swim around in my boobs. And right now you’re shrunken and I’m here with you. So would you like to go to second base tonight?” 

Adam stutters for several seconds while nodding his head. “Y-yes please.”

Lexi lowers her hand onto her right breast and smiles at Adam. “Here you go, please collect all your belongings before exiting onto the platform.”

Adam smiles up at Lexi before crawling off her palm onto her jiggly breast. “This is crazy. I can’t believe I’m actually touching it.” He presses his hands into her massive mammaries and breathes heavily.

“So you like what you see?”


“Well why don’t you give it a little kiss.”

Not needing to be asked twice, Adam plants his face against her boob and relishes the feeling. He gives her a powerful kiss as he savors the moment. 

“I’m enjoying this a lot, but I think we can kick it up a notch. How about you go in the middle.” She giggles as Adam quickly crawls towards the middle of her cleavage. Once he’s in place, she asks “Are you ready?” After Adam enthusiastically nods, she gently presses him down with her finger and hides him between the massive mounds around him. She leans back on the couch, letting her breasts jiggle around him. She places her elbows at her sides and slowly pushes them together on her chest, squeezing Adam between her boobs. “I'll let you out in a while, but for now, we’re gonna have some fun.”


Adam walks through the halls of the school with a chipper look on his face. Well first Monday at school after the best weekend of my life. Things are going my way for sure.

He turns his head as he hears Lexi say, “Morning babe!”

Lexi wraps her arms around him and passionately kisses him on the lips. The two pull away from each other with smiles on their faces. Lexi takes his hand and locks their fingers together. “Can you please walk me to my homeroom?”

Adam grins, “Of course, Lexi. I’d be glad to. Anything for my girlfriend.” 

As the two begin walking, Adam treasures the stunned faces of his classmates, peers, friends, and even the teachers. I love my life.

Chapter End Notes:

I might return to this eventually, but I have a lot of other stories I'm working on. Lexi is definitely on the playful side of all the characters I've written, and fun to write.

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