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Prologue: Friday Night at Victoria's

In a small town on California's central coast, Latina seventh grader Lacey Brolin and her older sister Piper and their friend Chloe were at their friend Victoria’s home. 

The girls were in Victoria’s bedroom. Chloe, Piper and Victoria were in eighth grade, and they wore blue and gold cheer uniforms. Lacey wore the schoolgirl uniform the girls of Lockwood Junior High were obligated to wear, unless they were cheerleaders. Victoria had long blonde hair, while Chloe was half Filipina and half white. Lacey and Piper had tan complexions, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

“Victoria, I thought we were the same age,” said Lacey. “Did you skip a grade?”

“My mom had me in GATE in the fourth grade. That stands for gifted and talented education. I chose to return to school one grade ahead of kids my age because I’m too social to be stuck at home studying by myself with no friends.”

They all had small transparent cubes, each cube containing a captive. The girls were crowded around Victoria's desk. Victoria had a twenty sided icosahedron die in her hand, and rolled it onto her desk. Victoria rolled a 12, followed by an 8. The other girls had less luck, until it was Lacey's turn; she rolled twenty on the first roll.

"Wow, Lacey!" said her sister Piper. "A natural twenty!"

"You win one of our captives," said Victoria. "I have three, so maybe you should take one of mine."

Lacey took one of Victoria's cubes, which contained a convict who had been miniaturized down to about an inch tall in height. Lacey dumped the shrunken captive out into her palm and smiled.

"I'm your new owner!"

‘Swallow him!" said Victoria. “It's part of the initiation!"

"I don't want to kill him," Lacey pleaded.

"He won't die, captives are immortal" said Victoria, holding up a hand held device. "This is a neural stimulator, it can make you puke. Now, if you want to be in our club, you have to swallow him or we'll kick you out! If you want, you can order him around a little bit first, so he can get used to you.”

Lacey held the shrunken man in her hand, and commanded him to march astride her arm to her shoulder and return to her hand, and he did. Lacey held the shrunken man above her head, and slowly moistened her anxious lips. 

The other girls in the bedroom began chanting "Swallow him!" in unison as Lacey slowly lowered her captive toward her open mouth.

"Prepare to surrender to the belly of a sovereign seventh grader!" said Lacey assertively, then she let go of her captive, and he dropped onto her waiting pink tongue. Lacey closed her lips, and forced him to the back of her throat, then swallowed.

When he glided down her gullet, Lacey stood up and opened her shirt just enough to reveal her belly button, and stroked it with her other hand. Lacey and the other girls began laughing.

Meanwhile, Lacey's inch-tall captive slid down her gullet and splashed down into her stomach cavity. He tried to hold his breath to conserve air as he swam around in her chyme, but he could still smell the pizza Lacey had eaten for lunch earlier in the day. Though he was smaller and weaker than his mistress, his immortality would protect him from the savage depths of her stomach acids.

"I can feel him Tommy-knocking around in my stomach!" said Lacey, as she thought back to the events of earlier that week.

Part One: First Day of Junior High

Two Latinas were seated on a bed in a bedroom. The older girl was wearing her blue and gold cheer uniform, while the younger girl was wearing a schoolgirl uniform. The older girl said to the younger one: "Now that you're starting junior high school, I need to give you some pointers."

"Like what?" Lacey asked.

"At school, you should drink bottled water." said Piper.

"But if I brought a re-usable water bottle to school," said Lacey, "I could fill it up and save money."

"Then you'd look like a bum. Don't embarrass me, Lacey. I'm on the cheerleading squad, and all my friends are really popular. Mom was given a million dollars for volunteering for that apex athlete experiment, and she gives us a lot of money.”

The two Latinas sat down for breakfast while their mother served them. Their mother was in her 30s, fit, and beautiful. She was wearing shorts that showed legs that were so muscular that she could easily be a professional athlete or power lifter.

“How do you feel about your first day of junior high school, Lacey?”

“I’m nervous, but excited, mom!”

“Do you girls want me to give you a lift to school this morning?”

“No, I want to take Lacey to Zucky’s before school.” said Piper.

As they walked to Zucky’s about twenty minutes later, Piper asked, “Do you still have that hundred dollars you got on your birthday?"

"Yes," Lacey replied. “I have it in my backpack.”

"Then get it and let's go to Zucky's. There's something you need to get before you start seventh grade today."

They walked to Zucky's, a licorice and pop shop that sells other amenities. The girls walked in, and Lacey noticed a cuspidor.

"Why would they have a cuspidor in a licorice shop?" Lacey asked.

"You've never been in here before?" Piper asked.

"No," said Lacey.

"This is the hang-out where they sell shrunken convicts. With a hundred dollars, you should have just enough to afford one."

The girls looked through the window of the display area, and observed at least a dozen shrunken men who stood about an inch tall wandering around.

"Pick one!" said Piper.

"I'll take that Hispanic guy right there," said Lacey. The man behind the counter used a vacuum device to suck the shrunken man Lacey selected, and he was forced into a transparent cube. Lacey handed the man the hundred dollar bill, and he gave her the cube. It had a bed, chair, and a desk.

"Can I take him out of the cube?" Lacey asked.

"Of course!" said Piper. “He's your property now."

“How do I open it?” Lacey asked.

“The cubes are made out of a virtually indestructible transparent carbon compound that the captives can’t escape from. They’re like artificial diamonds. There are tiny air holes for them to breathe. The top slides open like this,” Piper showed her how it was done, “captives are too weak to do what I just did. For them, there is no escape from these cubes.”

Lacey dumped out the shrunken captive onto her open palm, and he walked across to her wrist, and up her forearm.

"How cute!" said Lacey.

"I'll buy a change of clothes for him," said Piper. "All food and water for shrunken people normally would have to be scaled down to their proportionate size, or the cells of their bodies can't process it. You could give them normal size water for a week, and they would die from thirst because it would pass right through their system."

"So we need to feed them?" Lacey asked.

"No, these captives are immortal," Piper replied. "We never need to give them food or water."

Once the girls reached the junior high school, they went to the auditorium and sat next to each other. Piper's friends Chloe and Victoria sat next to her on her left, and Lacey sat next to her on her right. When all the students were seated, a muscular man took the podium at the front of the stage. He spoke into the microphone.

"I'm Coach Contreras, some of the eighth graders know me from last year. I'm going to talk briefly about the stature statute, and how it affects some of the students here. As most of you know, our civilization changed dramatically not too many years ago when scientists developed neutrino dissimilators that can shrink people."

All of the students cheered when he mentioned the neutrino dissimilators.

"He's about to explain the theory of miniaturization," Piper whispered to Lacey, "that's what he did last year."

Piper proved correct. Mr. Contreras went on to say: “Shrinking is a lot more complicated than most people realize. Dimensional singularities are opened inside the centers of each quark and gluon particle composing the protons and neutrons of the atoms being miniaturized, causing the quarks and gluons to collapse around the now-empty space because of the vacuum that forms. The excess matter is discharged through these dimensional portals and forced into another dimension. This causes a decrease in size, weight, volume and mass.  

The electrons remain normal sized. A dimensional membrane alters the strength of their charge so it corresponds with the decreased charge of the miniaturized protons, while simultaneously maintaining the proportional distance of the atoms from one another, while another dimensional membrane speeds up the vibrations of the miniaturized atoms so the shrunken person has increased thermal resistance, giving them the same proportional body temperature as at normal size. This protects a shrunken person from getting too cold.”

"Now he's going to discuss safe handling of shrunken people," Piper whispered to her sister.

"Most convicts are reduced to a scale of one over seventy-two, which would make a six foot tall man exactly an inch tall. That makes it easier to ensure that your shrunken captives get things reduced to their proper scale. They've been genetically engineered with an immortality serum so they won't need food or water."

"Congress even altered the eighth amendment so that shrunken convicts can be sold as toys. You can swallow them, or do whatever you want to them. But I wanted to mention an experiment that is currently under progress with the mother of two of our students, Lacey and Piper Brolin. Girls, could you please stand up so everyone can see you?"

Piper and Lacey stood, and everyone clapped.

"ADP stands for adenosine triphosphate, and it is a chemical generated by the human body to provide energy for movement. Every activity you undertake requires this chemical. There are currently three methods of adenosine triphosphate production in the human body, but scientists have found another way, utilizing shrunken people as fuel. No shrunken people will be harmed by this process, but their bodies will cause a synergistic reaction that will generate this chemical while the normal-sized host exercises, giving her more energy. Mrs. Brolin, Lacey and Piper's mother, has volunteered to be the host for this experiment, so she is serving our country and humanity! You'll see and hear about this experiment on the news very soon."

Piper whispered in Lacey's ear, "We just became the most popular kids at our school!"

Part Two: Back to Friday night

That Friday night, at Piper's friend Victoria's home, the older girls invited Piper's younger sister Lacey to join their pantheon, as the cheerleaders who are part of the popular crowd at their junior high school. Now that she had swallowed a captive in front of the other girls, Lacey was ready to puke him back up.

"Can you use the neural stimulator on me now?" Lacey asked. "I think he's been in my gut long enough."

Victoria pointed it at her, and Lacey instantly grabbed onto her abdomen. She slouched over a large plastic bowl; her face becoming increasingly flushed. There was a subtle rumble as everyone looked on.

"Here he comes!" Lacey yelled, and she started to vomit into a large plastic bowl that Chloe provided for her. When Lacey fished out her unhurt captive from the puddle of vomit inside the big bowl, the other girls cheered.

"You're one of us now!" said Victoria. You're part of our pantheon!"

Each of the girls held a captive in their hands.

"My captive has a story to tell," said Victoria. "Okay, slave-toy! Tell them about your experience!"

Victoria's captive spoke up while standing on Victoria's palm.

"I was a police officer, and I was falsely accused of planting drugs in the vehicles of people I pulled over. I was framed by another officer!"

"My captive also has a story to tell," said Chloe. "Speak to the group, my loyal slave!"

Chloe's captive stood on her palm and spoke to the group. "I had gone to the bank to pull some money out, I had a large amount of hundred dollar bills because I owed money to someone who was exploiting me. While driving on a highway, a money truck had an accident and a large amount of cash was strewn across the road, and people were pulling over and grabbing the money. I was pulled over and accused of taking some of the money, despite the fact that the denominations I had were hundreds and only twenties had come out of the money truck."

"We have to get you exonerated!" said Lacey, and the other girls began laughing.

"My Aunt Suzette is a lawyer, she can help them!" said Lacey.

"I'm not giving up one of my captives just because he was falsely accused of a crime, Lacey!" said Victoria.

"Me neither!" said Chloe with a wicked smile on her face.

"Can you at least consider giving them a second chance?" Lacey asked.

"I'll do it," said Victoria. She turned her attention to the captive in her hand, and said: "Slave-toy, the Andromeda galaxy is hurdling toward our own galaxy at 250,000 miles per hour. If you can convert that to kilometers per hour, I'll set you free!"

"It's 402,336 kilometers per hour!" Chloe shouted. "I memorized the formula for converting from the Imperial system to the metric system."

"Interference!" Victoria shouted. "Sorry slave-toy, Chloe blew your chance at freedom!"

"They're having a drop party tomorrow," said Piper.

"What's a drop party?" Lacey asked.

"They drop captives in little parachutes from an airplane, and kids from nearby neighborhoods hunt them down. If you catch one, you can keep him."

"If I can capture two of them tomorrow, and I give each of you one of them, will you try to get your captive set free?" Lacey asked.

"Yes, I guess so," said Victoria.

"What about you, Chloe?" Lacey asked.

"If you can find a replacement for my captive, I'll get my original captive exonerated," Chloe replied. "But until then, he's going to surrender to my teenage belly!" Chloe lifted her captive, and dropped him onto her waiting tongue, and swallowed him. Once he was safely within her belly, Chloe lifted her arms in victory, and the other girls cheered. For Chloe’s captive, there was no escape from the predominant Filipina.

Her captive plunged down the length of her esophagus. At an inch tall, he fit very easily within the confines of Chloe's gullet and was soon dispatched to the depths of the belly of the fiery Filipina. He didn't remain there long, Chloe used the neural stimulator to vomit him up, and he soon found himself plunging up and out and into a large plastic bowl.

Victoria grabbed her captive and held him in her hand. "I like to role play with my captive. I have a fantasy I act out where he pretends to be a Lilliputian, and I'm a conqueror from Brobdingnag."

"He's an inch tall though," said Chloe. "If you were from Brobdingnag, he would be half an inch tall from your perspective."

"An inch is close enough," Victoria replied to Chloe, then turned her attention to her captive. "Lilliputian scum, you shall do as I command!"

"It is an honor to obey you, mighty one!" the captive replied. "I live to serve you!"

"You shall build a thousand statues in my honor, to appease me!" Victoria said assertively.

"I would consider it an honor to do so!" the captive replied. "And when I've finished constructing your statues, what would be your next wish?"

"Then I'll command you to build a thousand more!" Victoria said aggressively, then she lifted her captive and dropped him into her mouth and swallowed him.

"Hey!" said Lacey. "That's not fair! He was very obedient to you!"

The other girls laughed. "It doesn't matter," said Victoria. "I just love swallowing him. I've probably sent him crashing to my belly at least a hundred times, if not more. I've actually lost count!" 

"What was the longest you've kept a captive inside of your stomach?" Piper asked.

"One time," Victoria replied, "I fell asleep with him inside of my stomach all night. When I vomited him up the next morning, he was still alive!"

The other girls laughed at this. 

Part Three: Saturday Morning Drop Party

Somewhere in the central California valley at a prison facility, normal sized prisoners sat and waited for their meal. A guard pushed a food cart with dozens of boxes of pizza.

“Chow’s up!” the guard shouted.

Chuck Ward and several other prisoners were given pizza to fill up on, as they dug in and ate, the guard told them, “You need to fill up before the shrinking process because you will become immortal when you are miniaturized and will not need food for the rest of your lives. The only thing that can kill you is stomach acid. This is your last meal!”

“I was wrongfully convicted,” said Chuck.

“The judicial system is not known for making mistakes,” the guard replied. “You’d have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than being wrongfully convicted.”

“The prosecutor wouldn’t let me take a mind scan to prove my innocence!” said Chuck.

The guard chose to ignore him and continued giving them instructions. “You are all going to a drop party as soon as you are miniaturized. More than likely, most of you will end up getting captured by some titanic twelve year olds or some tyrannical teenagers. Once you’re captured, you’re their property!”

When the prisoners were done eating they were sent to the miniaturization chamber. Chuck and a group of about twenty prisoners were given parachutes to wear, and were standing around waiting for the inevitable. The sizing ratio was set to 1/72, so anyone exactly six feet tall would be reduced to precisely an inch tall. The circuit was closed and they were instantly reduced in size.

Within an hour they were strapped in an airplane soaring toward California’s central coast.

Earlier that morning, Lacey, Piper, Victoria and Chloe (the conquering quartet) left their captives at home while they went to the drop party. They were the first ones there. After the conquering quartet arrived, about twenty other kids showed up.

There was tri-tip being served by the sponsors of the event, and the girls had plenty to eat.

The announcer told them to get ready, and a plane flew overhead. In less than a minute, shrunken captives in parachutes rained down on the children. Over twenty acquisitive adolescents stormed the area hunting for tiny people descending from the sky. Lacey captured one right away, she stood with her hands on her hips and a captive landed right inside her mouth.  

Most of the captives were captured within the first two minutes, but Chuck Ward was more industrious. There was an abandoned car, and he ran and hid beneath it. Piper and her two friends surrounded the vehicle. Since Lacey had already captured a shrunken convict, she stood and watched.

“You’re surrounded on all sides by thunder children, you might as well surrender!” said Piper to the hiding captive.

“Whose belly would you like to end up inside of, you have a choice between a pair of titanic twelve year olds, or a thundering thirteen year old!” said Victoria, including Lacey in the equation.

“Why don’t you make it easier on yourself and just surrender to one of us? You’re going to end up in someone’s belly any way!” said Chloe.

At that point, other kids started to surround the vehicle, some of them were boys. Not wanting to be part of a sausage fest, Chuck chose to surrender to Chloe.

Lacey Piper, and Chloe had caught captives, but Victoria was unlucky.

“Are you giving me the one you caught, Lacey?" Victoria asked.

"I changed my mind," said Lacey. "I think you should try to win him from me in some sort of contest!"

"I know just the thing!" said Victoria.

Once they were back in Victoria's bedroom, Victoria had put up two targets used in dart games. There were numbers indicating points, with 100 in the center. Both targets were fastened to the wall of Victoria's bedroom. There were three shot glasses filled with liquid. One contained red liquid, one contained blue liquid, and one had green liquid. Duct tape was taped to the carpet about four feet from the targets.

"These shot glasses are filled with corn syrup that has been mixed with food dye," said Victoria. "Whoever spits closest to the captive, wins him. Lacey's captive is taped to one target, and Piper's captive is taped to the other. You have to stand behind the duct tape."

Victoria went first. She poured some of the red dye from her shot glass into her mouth, and swirled it around inside of her mouth. She stood a few feet away from the target, and spat. Her red-tinged corn syrup completely covered the captive.

Next it was Lacey's turn. She took a swig from the shot glass, and spat blue colored dye onto the target, but missed the captive.

"Victoria won that captive!" said Piper. "Now it's Chloe's turn with the other target and captive."

Chloe took some of the green colored corn syrup and spat toward the target, and covered the captive with the green dyed corn syrup.

Piper took a swig from the blue colored dye on the shot glass Lacey had used, and spat onto the target. She got close, but missed the captive.

"Chloe won!" said Victoria. "We both have an extra captive each!"

"Are you going to honor our agreement?" Lacey asked. "You need to get them exonerated of their crimes."

Victoria held her newly acquired captive in the palm of one of her hands. "Slave-toy, I am your new mistress. Tell me, what was your occupation before you got miniaturized?"

"I was a clown at a circus!" the tiny captive replied.

"Can you juggle?" Victoria asked.

The captive answered yes, and Victoria jumped for joy. "Do you know what this means? He can teach all of our captives to juggle, and we can have circuses where we can charge people admission to watch them perform!"

"That's a good idea," said Piper, "and we could split the profits!"

"Lacey, call your Aunt Suzette and tell her about my captive and his situation, we need to get him set free. Now that I have a circus performer for a captive, I can afford to give up my other captive."

"I'll let your Aunt help my innocent captive get freed, too!" said Chloe.

Over the next few weeks, it turned out that Lacey and Piper’s Aunt had too busy of a workload to take on the cases of the captives who had been wrongfully convicted. When their mom informed them of this after talking to their Aunt on the phone, Lacey made up her mind.

“How old do I have to be to take online college classes?” Lacey asked.

“Fourteen,” her mother replied.

“When I turn fourteen, I’m enrolling in junior college classes so I can become a lawyer! I’ll get those captives exonerated, even if it takes me ten years!”

To Be Continued!
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