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It was a warm sunny Monday, as Tim and his beautiful wife Beth began their day getting ready for work. He sipped his coffee while he stared at his gorgeous wife. She was slim but with a large pair of breast. Her butt was his favorite. It was large and firm despite the fact she was entering her forties soon. Her long brown hair would usually almost reach her butt if she let it down. Since she had to work she work her business attire with a bun and heels. He couldn't tell if she noticed him staring but she gave her butt an extra wiggle whenever she walked by. His thought of her rear were finally broken as she kissed his cheek and headed out the door. 

He continued his morning routine when it was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was very strange to have a visitor this early. He answered the door an was overjoyed at the sight of his kids, Sammy and Brian, They had gone off to university months ago and scarcely visited. They greeted him with a hug before explaining that their teacher was called away for a few days, leaving them with some spare time. Tom was thrilled and imidiately decided not to go to work.

The three spent the rest of the day catching up before Sammy spoke up, " Hey dad! Before I forget, can I get a few pictures of me when I was a kid for a school project?"

Tim nodded getting up, "Sure! all the gems are in the attic. Lets go look for them." 

The three of them set off up the stairs and into the dusty attic. It was filled with all sorts of junk and trinkets. After searching for a few minutes Brian calls out holding and old book, " Hey guys check this out!" 

After examining it they could only guess it was some sort of spell book. " Lets get down stairs and we'll check this out in better lighting."

They all sat in the middle of the hall with the book as Sammy grabs it and begins flipping through the pages and stops on one with a picture of a fish." This ones cool! Let me try it out." 

She clears her throat and begans chanting the words from the book with her eyes closed. After she was finally done reading she opened her eyes to see nothing had happened. Just her brother and father sitting there staring at her. 

" Oh well! Must be a dud. You mind if I bring this to school? I have a friend whos really into this stuff."

Tom replied, " Sure, I'm pretty sure it was left here by the owners before us."

Sammy gave her dad a kiss and skipped down the stairs to the basement to put it with her stuff.

Tom however stood up and said " lets keep lookin-" His words were cut short as a poof of smoke caused him to disapear leaving only a goldfish flopping on the ground looking for water. Brian went pale in the face. Brian scooped up the goldfish who is presumably his father and began turning in circles in confusion. He stopped and took a deep breath and whispered "Water" to himself rushing into the bathroom. He lifted the toilet seat and let the fish slide out of his hands making a plopping noise as he hit the water.

Brian let out a sigh of relief but his shocking nightmare wasn't over. he closed the seat out of habit turning off the light and went into his fathers room. He sat down on the bed with his face still pale. Was this a dream?  He couldn't wrap his head around what had just happened. He sat there staring at the floor in shock.

Sammy came bouncing up the stairs thrilled to get back to her family. She noticed they had already went back up to the attic and decided to steal this opportunity to have a pee. She entered the bathroom with the flick of the light as she locked the door behind her. She undid the top botton on her jeans as she made her way over to the toilet realizing she hadn't peed since this morning. She lifted the seat and began tugging her pants and thong down when she noticed the gold fish swimming in the toilet. She mumble " What the fuck?" to herself and reached for the toilet lever.

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