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Author's Chapter Notes:

It’s only been an hour since Faelyn arrived at the port of Idosa, and she already felt homesick. As she stepped out of her ship, she was greeted by a busy beehive of sailors, merchants, retainers, and a deluge of other people that shouted, carried boxes, and carriages moving about. It was a far cry from the well organized port back at the capital.

She sat on a large crate and leaned her back on a brick wall. Her informant was supposed to meet her at the port, but there was no sign of them. She looked to her side and saw a group of workers sharing a meal as one of them let out a boisterous laugh. They were an elf, a catgirl, and a lamia, and they all made her sick to her stomach. They were loud and discourteous; The sooner she could get out of this city, the better. 

“Miss Torous?” Called a voice.

Faelyn looked to her left, and saw a big man wearing chain mail armor. His bald head shone under the morning sun as he stood next to her as his hand laid firmly on the hilt of his sword.

“You’re one of Reina’s men?” Asked Faelyn.

“Call me Adonis, Reina has been expecting you. Shall we go?” He replied.

“Good,” She hopped off the crate and removed the dust from her white dress. “If I had to wait in this bloody city any longer, I would gladly swim all the way back to Hilradia.”

“Uh, yeah sure.” He said as he led the mage through the crowd.

“How was your trip?” He asked.

“Tiring, I have no idea why they hired feline and serpent-folk crew for my ship. I get it, they don’t want me arriving here in a royal class ship, but couldn’t they at least hire a human crew?! By our lord, this port stinks!” She said, as her nostrils took the foul odors of rotten fish.

“Yes, uh. I’m pretty sure that they had their reasons. Maybe these folks were cheap enough for your trip.”

“Never mind that, tell me the situation here.”

“Miss Reina and the rest of us have been tracking fugitives for a while, and just last night we found one of them here in Idosa. One of those lizard-folk. She was involved in the incident.” He explained.

“Lizard-folk? How can someone like that be involved in the assassination? Have you seen how her ilk live? They used to dwell in caves and kill each other for food.  They’re disgusting!” She scoffed.

“Um…” Adonis gazed back at her, he looked almost disgusted by her words. 

“Do you have a problem, Adonis?” 

“No, Ma’am. We found a connection between her and one of the people who were at the festival.”

“She’ll pay for what she and her cronies did. We treat these lesser races like kings in our kingdom compared to what they live in their native land, and this is how they repay our favor? They deserve mercy” She cracked her knuckles.

Adonis grimaced at her, “Of course, follow me.”

Adonis led the mage to an alleyway in between two decrepit buildings. He looked left and right before beckoning for the mage to follow him. She went into the alleyway and turned to see a winding stone stairway. Some of the steps were cracked and small patches of grass grew on them. The giant bald man went down and she followed him until they were met with a giant door. 

“They’re inside.” He opened the door as it let out an almost screeching creak.

Faelyn nodded and walked through the door. She saw what looked to her like endless rows of boxes, sacks, and baskets. The place was lit by rusty lamps that look like they were made before she was born. She trailed Adonis to a corner and saw three women. A short haired redhead who was sharpening her knife, and a dark haired one who leaned on a large box. There was a third woman tied to a chair with a bag that covered her head. She was green skinned, with scales dotted around her body, but not covering it entirely. She only wore shorts and a white shirt that revealed her midriff. Another feature that distinguished her was her long and scaly tai that was tied to her back by a rope.

“She is here.” Announced Adonis.

The pair looked at the mage, they walked near the mage and gave her a firm, unassuming salute.

“Reina at your service, Ma'am” Said the brunette one..

“Madis, At your service, Ma’am” Said the redhead.

The mage saluted them back and looked at the dark haired woman. “So you’re Reina?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“Good.” She crossed her arms. “I’m Faelyn Torous, mage from the white order. I was sent here by decree of his highness King Atticus. Tell me, Is she the one you told us about?”

“She was involved in the killing of high highness Prince Sarus, our sources indicate that she was in the kingdom and had in her possession letters talking to people who were involved in the killing. The one she talked with the most was an elf named Jermia.” Explained Reina.

“Lemme see her face.” Ordered Faelyn.

Adonis walked over to the captive and removed the bag from her face. She had short green hair, dark green lips and a cloth tied to her face that prevented her from speaking. She looked at Faelyn with a horrified look with her bright blue eyes, that were on the brink of tears.

“Untie her mouth, I wanna hear what she has to say for herself.” 

Adonis walked towards the mortified lizard-girl and untied the cloth from her mouth. She let out a couple of hacking coughs and wheezes. She then turned her gaze towards the mage that stood in front of her.

“Th-thank you.” She said with a hoarse voice.

“Tell me, Lizard. What's your name?” Asked Faelyn

“Sh-Shyla” She replied.

“Shyala, I don’t know what to tell besides that you’re in serious trouble. However, I know people, powerful people, and if you cooperate, I’ll give you my word that you won’t rot in a prison cell for the rest of your days. Are you ready to work with us on this?”


“You were involved with a group of people involved with the killing of our beloved prince. I need you to tell me everything you know so justice can be served.”

“J-J-Jermia was a friend of mine, I know him, I-I-I didn’t know he was with assassins! Please, lemme go I know nothing!” She pleaded.

“Shyala, I’d like to remind you that our king is not only forgiving, but pretty generous.” She walked towards the sacred lizard girl and fondled her green hair. “He was pretty upset about his son being killed. If you helped us catch the culprits, I’m pretty sure he’ll award you with handsome gifts and protections under him. I can send in a good word or two for you.”

“I-I told you I know nothing! Please, lemme go I didn’t hurt anyone!”

Faelyn frowned, and shook her head, “I’m disappointed to hear that you don’t wanna cooperate, I’m forced to take you with me back to our kingdom. Our judges will decide your fate. I’m saddened that it had come to this” She stood up and stepped away from her as she approached Reina. “Prepare to ship the prisoner, our justice system will take care of the rest.

“Wait! I swear I had nothing to do with any of this!” She shook her body violently in a feeble attempt to free herself.

“Shall we ‘interrogate’ her before we let her go? Maybe we can squeeze a little bit out of her.” Suggested Reina.

“I don’t think she is gonna be useful to us, but go ahead.” She shrugged. 

“Please, I beg you!” She cried as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Reina went near the tied lizard-girl and grabbed her cheeks, “Nobody hurts our king and gets away with it, pest. Our glorious kingdom won’t take this lightly.”


“Adonis! Do your thing.” Reina let got of Shyala’s as Madis tied the cloth back into the Lizard-girl’s face.

Faelyn crossed her arms and leaned her back on the wall as Adonis walked slowly toward the petrified lizard-girl. He cracked his knuckled and then looked back at the three women that were behind him. She moaned loudly and shook her head as tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

“It’s my time to shine.” He chuckled.

Adonis looked at Shyala as he clenched his fists together and a faint aura began to form around him. Faelyn felt magic concentrating around the man’s body. 

Ad..Adonis?” Said Madis.

Faelyn sensed immense magic concentrating on the man’s body. She tried to reach for her trusty time, but mere moments before she could do so, Adonis turned toward her and a beam of light blinded the mage. She let out a loud cry as she felt a surge of magic all around her body. It was overwhelming that she collapsed on the floor. The mage felt as if her very life force was being sucked out of her own body.

Faelyn felt the immense light get weaker and thus opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry for a short while before becoming sharper and her body feeling lighter. She looked at herself, saw that she was unharmed, but something was off. She turned her gaze to the floor, and it looked different, yet familiar.  She stood up and looked all around her, only to realize that the boxes that littered the place were now the size of buildings. The place looked like a city from where she stood.

“Wh… by our lord, what is happening?!” She yelled as anxiety crept on her.

The earth shook underneath and looked to her side and saw Adonis tower over her like a mountain and with a smirk across his face. He was already taller than her before, now he completely overshadows her.

“Wh...what’s the meaning of this?!” Cried Faelyn.

At that moment, Adonis’ body was covered in an aura that blurred his body. His head grew white hair that extended to his shoulder, and turned white. His skin turned from peachy into a light shade of blue, and his ears grew longer. The man’s body shifted into a lithe, hourglass shape. Finally, what stood above her was not a man, but a tall, blue elven woman. She towered above her, almost like a mountain. 

As she tried to comprehend what had happened, the gargantuan blue hand reached for Fealyn’s tiny body and shortly after, these giant fingers wrapped around the mage’s body before she was lifted closer to the elf’s face.

“This worked better than I thought! You almost look cute when you’re this small” Said the elf as she neared her green eyes to Faelyn.

“Put me down, do you have any idea who you’re dealing with?!” Cried Faelyn as she fidgeted her body against the giant blue fingers.

“I know exactly who I’m dealing with, Fealyn of the white order. Some might even say, your reputation precedes you.” The elf gave a wide smirk.

“What  a cerulean elf is even doing here?!” She squirmed some more.

“Name is Wanda, I’m just a humble elven mage. Pleased to meet you, tiny Faelyn” she giggled.

“I don’t care what’s your name, release me at once! Or you sha-”

Wanda’s giant index finger pressed lightly on Faelyn’s lips before she could continue.

“Shhhhhhh, I think I found one of your friends. Fear not, I’ll get her for ya.”

Wanda walked behind one of the boxes, bent over and grabbed a tiny body off the floor from its legs and stood back up. At a closer inspection, she recognized the body as Reina.

“Lemme go dirty elf!” She cried as she flailed her arms left and right.

“But you look so adorable!” sneered the elf.

“What happened to Adonis?!” Cried Reina as she continued to thrash her arms.

“The big guy? I met him this morning. He tried to kill me, can you believe that? Some people have no manners! I had the pleasure of dealing with him.”

“Where is he, what did you do with him? We Hilradian do no- whoa”

Wanda neared the human to her face and startled her speech. Faelyn could see the fear in her human compatriot’s eyes

“You’re so eager to know where he went, aren’t you?  I can easily take you to him.” She licked her lips.

“In the name of the king, I de-whoa!” The elf craned the little human above her face.

“What? You wanted to know where Adonis had gone, right? I’ll show you.”

The blue elf parted her lips and a wet purple tongue extended from it like a welcoming mat. Faelyn was dismayed, she wasn’t going to do what she thinks she is going to do, will she?

The elf let go of the tiny human, and Reina howled and flailed her extremities as she fell from the hand until she hit the purple tongue of the blue elf with a wet smack. The tiny human couldn’t get any time to move as the elf expediently retracted her tongue, and slurped the tiny human inside with it.

“No!” Faelyn floundered as hard as she could, but her miniscule body could not hope to overcome the gargantuan blue fingers.

“Ooooh. She is a fighter!” Said the elf as her left cheek bulged with the squirming Reina.

“Let her go!” yelled Faelyn.

Wanda glanced at the captive with her green eyes before twirling her lips into a wide grin. The elf then threw her head back as her throat let out a wet, thunderous gulp. Her neck contracted with a lump that traveled down until it disappeared behind her collarbone. The elf sighed and placed her free hand on her bare stomach.

“Now that was a treat!” She giggled.

“You monster!” yelled Faelyn as she fidgeted harder than before.

“Oh, am I the monster?” The elf neared Faelyn to her face, she could see the giant green iris with all of its details, she felt as if could stare at her very soul. “You served under the white order during the siege of Moheetan. Maybe people died that day, more lost their family members, houses, and their entire livelihood. The people of that archipelago posed no danger to your kingdom, yet you besieged regardless. You dare call ‘me’ a monster?”

“These people needed saving from their own tribal leaders, our glorious king w-”

“Your king doesn’t care about you.” Wanda interrupted, “He only cares about his own throne and influence. Do you think he sits in his palace, caring about people like you? You’re nothing but pawns to him.”

“You dare talk like that about our beloved king!?”

“What are you gonna do about it, little pea?” She giggled.

“Release me at once!” She demanded as rage started to boil inside her.

The elf looked at her, almost bemused by her request. Faelyn saw the giantess’ free hand come near her and the fingers that wrapped around her body released. She fell into the squishy blue skin of Wanda’s palm as she let out a grunt.

“What are you going to do?” She gave her a smile as she neared her open palm to her face.

“You’ll pay!” Faelyn opened her tome and swiftly cast a spell, but all she could conjure was a meager bolt of lightning that hit the elf’s cheek and left nothing but faint white smoke, the giantess didn’t even react.

“Did I mention my spell weakens your magical power too? Oh, the mighty Faelyn can’t even defeat a single silly elf.” She chuckled.

“You little…” She cast the spell again, the only reaction she got from the giantess was a wide smile that mocked the mage.

The elf grabbed Faelyn by her dress. She yelped and flailed her extremities as she was lifted away from the giantess’s hand.

“I don't think you’ll be needing this any longer.” She snatched the tome from the tiny mage’s clothes. Faelyn tried grabbing it, but she was no match for the elf’s giant fingers.

“Give this back!” She spat.

 “A magical tome directly from the royal library, I can’t wait to see what kind of things I can find in here!” She said as she placed the tiny tome in her side bag.

“You filthy elf, when my king find out what you did to one of her his servants,  you’ll be the most wanted elf in the kingdom, you-”

“Oh, but you see, they won’t find out.” She interrupted. “I’m gonna take you to a place where they cannot reach you.” She said as she brushed her hand against the blue skin of her bare abdomen. The mage couldn’t believe that Reina was trapped behind this fleshy, blue wall.

“No…No, you can’t be doing this!” Faelyn flailed her arms and legs as hard as she could, but to no avail.

The elf craned her hand up, licked her lips before opening her mouth wide. Faelyn was greeted by a purple, fleshy cavern with columns of saliva and a uvula that dangled right above the abyss of the elf’s throat. Her tongue extended to accept its next prey as the terror-striken human squirmed with all of her might. The giantess released Faelyn’s body, and the mage screamed for her life all the way until she landed on Wanda’s tongue. Before she could move, the tongue retracted back into the elf’s mouth. The tiny human saw a row of teeth pass above her before the mouth closed on her, it finally sealed the tiny human from the outside world.

Horrific thoughts flooded Faelyn's mind as she was trapped inside this fleshy prison. She punched the tongue, but her tiny fist is nothing compared to the mighty floor elf’s purple tongue of the elf. She yelped as her body moved around the mouth by the tongue. She was soaked in saliva and was being played with by this giantess.

The tongue stopped moving and Faelyn had a chance to catch her breath. She hastily reached for her bag until she felt a soft and round object. She pulled it up and chanted until it lit brightly. She looked around, and she was surrounded by purple flesh, the tongue, the roof of the mouth, and fleshy walls that moved as the elf breathed. In front of her were rows of teeth that looked like a wall from her perspective. Her body started to shake, and her breath became heaving as she never felt like she was trapped as she was at this very moment

As the mage stood up, the ground underneath her shifted. She slipped further to the back of the mouth, and she was face to face with the abyss of the elf’s throat. The orb slipped from her hand, it rolled on the tongue until it eventually fell down the purple throat. She could see the orb illuminating the esophagus as it went down, and the darkness slowly overtook the fleshy cavern.

The mouth shifted again as Faelyn's body was pinned to the roof of the mouth and then shot directly down the elf’s throat accompanied by a deafening wet gulp. She slipped past the uvula and down the tight tunnel, it was over, there was not turning back.

Faelyn cried as she felt the powerful muscles press on her puny body as it pushed her further down the depth of the elf’s body. She felt herself being squeezed down a tight hole until eventually she was released into a fleshy chamber. The mage could hear the sounds Wanda’s body all around her like her rhythmic hear-beat. She wheezed as she looked around to see her orb right next to her. She quickly grabbed it to see where she had landed. She saw sticky, purple colored wavy walls all around her that slowly oscillate. Her ears were assaulted by the sounds of wet smacks and gurgles.  

“M-Ma’am!” Cried a voice.

She looked behind her to see Reina crawl to her, she was soaked from top to bottom and her clothes were torn.

“You...were swallowed too?!” She cried.

“That monster is gonna pay for this!” Faelyn conjured some lightning, but it was no use.

“I’m not gonna die in some cerulean elf’s gut!” Reina punched the wall several times as she let out desperate cries.

“This...can’t be how it ends…” Said Faelyn, the mighty mage who fought alongside the king is not nothing more than food for some elf, she couldn’t accept this and punched the wall too.


Wanda patted her stomach as she could feel the tiny humans struggle inside her, she always loved this feeling.

“This is what you deserve.” She said as looked at the lizard-girl. “Oh, sorry love, I almost had forgotten about ya.”

The elf walked toward Shyala and undid the cloth that covered the green girl’s face. She wheezed and looked at the elf with wide, horrified eyes.

“P-p-p-please don’t hurt me, elf!” She pled.

“I’m here to save ya, silly!” She said as she untied Shayla’s wrists. “My name is Wanda, I’m not gonna hurt ya.”

“Th-th-thank you.” She said as she messaged her wrists. “W-why did you save me?”

“I sniffed the smell of Hilradian soldiers and I came across that giant doofus. He told me everything I needed to know, and I wanted to get the tome from Faelyn. I got what I wanted, and some snacks on the way.” Wanda chuckled as she patted her belly. “You were also with the people who killed the prince, that’s admirable!”

“I’m... Friends with Jermia, and I was with them in Hilradia when that happened. I have not seen Jermia since.” She explained.

“I’m sure he is fine.” She said as she untied Shyala’s feet and tail. “Can you walk?”

Shyala stood up, walked a couple of steps before she lost her balance. Wanda grabbed her before she could reach the floor.

“Easy there.” She said, as she helped her sit on the ground.

“I’m fine, I can-” She tried to stand up, but she collapsed on her knees and wheezed.

“Poor thing, you were out of food for two days. You need some rest.”

“I don’t wanna bother you much more than-”

Wanda placed her hand on Shyala’s face, and then the lizard-girl’s boy fell on the floor. It wasn’t too long before she could hear her subtle snores.

“Aren’t you a little cute when you sleep like that?” Said Wanda as she slowly fondled her hair. “I’ll take you to an inn, you’ll be back up bef-”

Wanda heard a thud that came from her left. She turned to see Madis on her four as she tripped on a piece of wood.

“I was wondering where you’d be!” She said as she rose up.

Madis darted away, but the elf extended her arm and then was able to lift the tiny human off the ground. She neared Madis to her as the tiny human flailed her arms and legs.

“You ain’t running away from me.” She said as she licked her lips.

“Please, I was only following orders!” She said.

“They always say that, they just no choice ‘but’ to follow horrible orders. These excuses won’t work on me.” She grabbed the floating body and neared her to her eyes.

“I’m not like them!” She cried.

“It’s time to deal with you.” She lifted the terrified human up and then opened her mouth. Madis yelled  as she was getting closer to the elven mouth. Suddenly, Wanda lowered her arm and then looked back at the sleeping lizard-girl. “Unless.”

“Unless... You’re letting me go?”

“You guys deprived the poor girl of food for too long, it’s only fitting that you...atone.”

“What do you wai-”

Wanda slowly walked towards Shyala and slowly parted her lips as it revealed her green cavernous mouth. She slowly lowered the tiny human body and deposited it into the back of Shyala’s mouth. Madis screamed as Wanda slowly closed the lizard-girl’s mouth. Shyala let out a subtle moan before she let out a wet swallow. A lump formed on her slender neck and traveled down her body. Wanda couldn’t help but have a large smile on her face.

“I hope you enjoyed your meal, they can’t hurt you now, they got what they deserve.” She said as she placed her hand on Shyala’s stomach, she felt the subtle feeling of the lizard's toned abs as her fingers brushed against her green skin. “Alright, time to go.”

Wanda grabbed Shyala’s body and walked away. She felt herself lose balance and slowly leaned on the wall before eventually sitting down on the floor. She used too much of her magic today, perhaps recklessly so. She breathed heavily as she held the sleeping woman tight.

“I knew I should have brought my staff.” She said as she looked back at Shyala’s innocent sleeping face. “I’ll keep you safe for now.”

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