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Story Notes:

Hope you all enjoy! I'll probably write more of this if it gets attention ^^

June lies in bed, clutching her pillow against herself as she sleeps. Her legs wrapped around it, tits pressing against it, and a trickle of drool coming out the corner of her mouth. Hearing her phone’s alarm, she groans, rolls over, and eventually pulls herself up from the comfort of her sheets. Sitting back and casually resting her bare butt on the pillow as she unlocks her phone to catch up on social media notifications that she received overnight

“Ah, good morning babe~”

She says down to the pillow, patting it on the part of it that wasn’t compressed under her ass, before she playfully grinds her butt against it

“Do you have to go to work today Stevey? I wanna keep you forever and ever~”

She giggles, as she rises up, and pulls the pillow into an affectionate cuddle. Squeezing it tight, before she flicks the app on her phone, and poof, the pillow that is her husband once more regains his original shape. Who, after shaking the daze of transformation off, returns her cuddle with a big warm embrace and kiss on her forehead

“Oh June, I’d love to stay with you forever~ I’ll be your property any day~”

The pair fwump onto the bed together: her lying atop him with her arms around his shoulders, and him holding her against himself with his hands groping her ass. He teasingly presses his shaft against her womanhood, and shortly after they give into their urges and have a quick morning fuck

”Hah...~ Buuut, I have to get ready for work you know~”


Steve stands up and stretches after being wrapped up in his wife overnight, and smiles as he reaches back down to her sprawled out on the mattress, and pulls the covers back over her, propping her head up on a fresh pillow, and brushing his hand against the side of her face with an affectionate stroke of his thumb gagainst her cheek. June smiling and affectionately leaning into his hand

“You stay right here okay princess?~”

“Mmmn~ okay stevey~ I love you <3”

“Love you too~”

He stands up, leaves for a few minutes and comes back with a cup of coffee for each of them, along with a bagel with grape jam the way she likes. Sitting there in bed, the two of them simply enjoy eachother’s company for a moment. Eating their breakfast in peace together, until she breaks the silence

“So stevey, anything special happening at work today?~”

“Ugh, I hope not, I gotta meet with my boss today and I have a big project coming up and….”

He goes on for a little while, dreading his upcoming work day just a little, but then taking her hand and asking her the same

“How about you babe, you have anything fun planned?~”

“Oh well I was thinking of starting a new painting project, but…. I want to stay with you today big guy!”

She enthusiastically says, and with a light blush on her face she reaches for her phone. But before she can unlock it, Steve puts his hand on hers, then works his hands up her arms, and gives her a little shoulder massage

“You’re wonderful you know that? Always cheering me on, I love you so much… but! Don’t get ahead of yourself dear, you have a garden to water and your fish to feed… and today’s grocery day right?”

June melts into his massage, And with a little giggle, she hits him with a playful response

“But Daddyyyy! I don’t wanna do my chores!~”

“Hah… now now Junebug, you have to do your chores! Or I’ll have to punish you~”

“No, I don’t wanna~

“Humph, well you asked for it this time, don’t say I didn’t warn you~”

June playfully acts like a bratty child, and then her heart flutters as she sees him reach for his phone. Excited and eager for whatever her husband decides to do with her

“D-daddy no dooooon’t~ Don’t punish m----”

She playfully protests, whining a little and then all of a sudden, she was nothing but a delicate looking pink wash cloth on the floor

“Oh no~ now where did my daughter get off to now~”

He pretends not to notice her, and brings his bare foot down on top of her. Twisting the small cloth against the hardwood

“Ah there she is!~”

He reaches down, and pulls her all the way up to his face. Breaking their roleplay for a moment as he wordlessly brings her to his lips, and smothers her frilly fabric in a huge (to her) kiss

“...look at this mess you’ve made! You’ve got me all sweaty, and got cum on the bedsheets. A good girl always cleans up after herself you know, here let me show you how~”

His wife internally squeals, as he takes her and grinds her against his left armpit, and then his right, strokes her against his shaft, dries off his balls, and then griiinds her slowly up and down his asscrack. Dirtying her fabric with sweat and debris… and finishing it off by using her to wipe their stray fluids off of the sheets. Steve just casually dumps her on their dresser for a while. Leaving her to marinate in his sweat and their fluids, sitting next to their wedding rings as he gets dressed and ready for the day

“I hope you finally learn your lesson this time~… haha, I love you babe~”

He plucks her up, and carries her along to the bathroom with him. Setting her down next to the sink as he sits down on the toilet, and does his business right in front of her. After washing his hands, he turns the sink to a nice warm temperature that she likes, and moves his wife underneath the stream of water. Lathering her inanimate form with the blueberry soap she likes, and giving her a thorough clean

“I always wonder how this feels, am I doing this too hard? You’ll have to let me know later~”

June braces herself as much as she can, as her husband twists her body into a tense spiral, and wrings her out over the sink. His powerful fingers giving her such a feeling of tension and pressure, that it feels as though her soul is getting squeezed out of her body. But it only lasts a moment, as he unfurls her on his palm, reaches for his phone, and presses at the controls on the app. Turning her from a small wash cloth, into her old self again at 2 inches tall in the palm of his hand. June takes a second to gather herself, sitting there damp with frazzled hair from her lover’s playful abuse, but very clean and warm

“H-haha, Steve it feels weird! I love it though, and I love you so much~ <3”

She says in her tiny mousy voice, crawling over the folds of his skin and hugging his pointer finger. Giving it a kiss in the middle of the fingerprint

“Ahah, I’m glad to hear! I worry about being too rough, but you’re a tough little toy~”

“Yeah! I’m the best toy~ <3”

She moves her arms to try and balance as his fingers move, but isn’t able to do much as they close in on her, and wrap around her as though she’s a small doll. Only her head poking out the top of her husband’s fist, which he then brings to his face, and presses against his lips. Giving her a long, wet kiss where he purposefully licks her face with his tongue a few times before pulling away. Leaving her dazed and gasping for air a bit, but still looking up at him with adoration and love

“So! You want to come with me today huh?… You know I can’t say no to you~ but! You owe me for doing your chores. I get to choose what to turn you into~”

He says, giving his wife affectionate pets on her little head with his thumb. A digit bigger than her whole body and powerful enough to break her in an instant, being used to gently knead her hair

“Mmmn… okaaaay~”

She watches as he reaches for his phone, but then hesitates

“Oh! Before I make you my toy for the day, do you need anything from the store?”

“...yeah some more conditioner for me please! And a jar of tomato sauce for dinner later”

“Okay, sounds good hun~”

He gives her one last nuzzle with his finger, which she lovingly kisses… and then he sets her down on the table. Leaving her in suspense as he stands up, and starts scrolling through the app.

“Hmm… what to turn you into today? Maybe boxers... a keychain? I need to think~”

“Whatever you want I’ll be happy with! Just not----”

He taps his finger, and suddenly she finds herself as a purple glitter pen on the table. Grabbed up by Steven, which he casually clicks while he thinks

“What to do… what to do~”

He tap tap taps her, moving her body up and down and up and down over and over. And then he clicks the TF app again. No longer a pen, she finds herself flattened out and dangled. Steven holding her in front of their mirror, so she can see that he’s turned her into a dick pic he sent her, that she complimented just last week

“Haha, I can’t bring this to work! But look at you, you are what you love~”

He laughs, as he pokes the app again, and she finds herself as a q-tip. Which he casually raises up to his ear and uses to get a bit of earwax that’d been bugging him

“There’s just so many choices hun! I just don’t know what to choose~”

He wipes her off with a tissue, then taps his finger one more time. Turning his wife into a plain white sock that matches his other sock

“This’ll have to do for now! You’ll be like my lucky sock dear~”

hah.. you big dork. I love you so… wah!… ah!!!~

She thinks, as he lowers her down, and rams his foot into her body. Causing immense pleasure as her entire being is penetrated, stretched, then finally stepped on and sealed in darkness as he slides his foot into his shoe. His wife getting assaulted by the worn sole of his work shoe, the scent of his foot, and the warmth of her lover’s body heat. And then he pockets his phone, and starts walking

“Hm! I might have to break this new sock in later! A couple mile jog might do the trick~”

He teases, jogging in place for a moment, and causing June to lose all sense of up or down. Shaken and dizzy, but still very much happy as every movement of his foot gives her immense stimulation

oh oh! 4 miles please.. ah~….. no 5!!… ahhh~…. I can take it!!…. mmph….

She thinks to herself, her thoughts getting interrupted by each of Steven’s steps as he walks out of their apartment, and to his car. Taking a moment to affectionatly scrunch his toes and bunch up her fabric between them, before he steps into his car and begins the drive

“Have a good day down there Junebug! Daddy’s proud of you~”

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