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Author's Chapter Notes:
Props to my commissioner for a great idea! In this chapter Tina and Andrew are concerned about their sister, Amy. So Andrew gets uploaded to her computer with the expectation that they'll play video games together the entire weekend. Amy has different plans. Will Tina rescue Andrew? Will he want to be rescued?

“-the latest upgrade of Transferred Reality!” the spokeswoman said on the television.

Andrew and his older sister Tina had seen this particular commercial only a hundred times since the latest program update. As had everyone else in the so-called enlightened world countries. You’d have to have been living under a bridge to not already know what Transferred Reality was, even if you chose to not use it. Which included almost no one under the age of thirty.

Drew was twenty-one and the revolutionary technology had first arrived when he was a teenager. Building on the promising-but-limited promises of virtual reality and going far more in-depth than the stunningly useful augmented reality, it had changed the world almost overnight. And that was before it had even gotten ‘good.’

The latest patch was a simple bug fix and should have been automatically downloaded to anyone who used the program. No true paradigm shifts had come for several years now, but no one minded. Transferred reality had, quite literally, created entire new worlds that twenty years ago would have required the combined computing power of every device in the world.

Video games had changed wildly when users could enter their avatars into them, as had every other form of entertainment. No longer was the world limited to mere video and audio; now they could essentially download a limited form of their consciousness into the very programs they enjoyed. If one had the right accessories they could even transfer their physical bodies into pure data, bringing their entire selves into amazing game worlds. The only downfall of a simple ‘avatar’ upload was that the user couldn’t truly experience what their avatar went through even though it still went far beyond anything that had existed before.

Gamers had quickly discovered to adjust certain settings before they entered fully, but luckily the TR developers had foreseen immature morons trying to slay dragons and ‘dying’ in games before any real tragedies struck. Now after years of improvements and fine-tuning Transferred Reality was just another amazing way to enjoy almost any kind of media. Even the most poorly-planning customer was very well protected by how well the program intuitively interpreted their actual needs and desires.

“Remember when they used to be scared of nuclear stuff?” Andrew asked Tina as he tipped his drink back.

His eyes were on a small blue and red box, no bigger than a shoebox, that sat under their television next to their retro game consoles. He knew that seated within was a pellet no bigger than a grain of sand that would power their house for the next hundred years at least.

“You mean like when that thing would’ve been worth this town’s weight in gold?” Tina replied as she finished mixing her own on the far side of the kitchen.

She was tall, just like their entire family, but at six-two she had an inch on Andrew and never let him live it down. Their whole family had jet black hair as well, hazel eyes, and a dark complexion. No one had ever questioned if they were related. Andrew had more muscular arms, but Tina’s legs often powered her through twenty-mile bike rides.

“Yeah, our parents grew up in a weird world.”

Andrew looked away from the box and back down at the deck of cards. As usual they had a pile of change from their junk drawer; while Tina had been mixing her drink Andrew had been splitting the coins evenly. Their actual worth didn’t matter, in their family they bet with the number of coins instead of caring about real money. Or favors, or dares.

They’d all grown up playing card games together, including Amy, the third sibling who was currently out on the town. Amy was the ‘baby’ at eighteen, behind Andrew by four years and Tina by five, and though they all looked alike Amy was distinctly younger. She still got carded at bars, to their constant amusement, and several older bartenders had told them all that if the new ID cards weren’t impossible to duplicate they would have assumed it was a fake.

Their mom had laughed when they told her that, and she could only agree. She’d tried making a fake ID in her teens and got caught immediately. The cards they had now, which showed holograms, were apparently literally impossible to fake compared to the old plastic cards. There was actually a government program that awarded early retirement-level cash to a good enough fake, and no one had collected.

“Yeah, and apparently my phone-“ she dangled her bracelet, from which a tiny silver bead hung and broadcast the current time in the air for a moment, “-has more computing power than the shuttles that took the first settles to Mars.”

Tina sat down her drink and eyeballed her pile of change while Andrew shuffled the cards. If Amy had been there they’d have played six-point pitch, and on the frequent days at least one of their parents were present they would’ve played ten-point. It was a good thing their family was close-knit; otherwise sharing the small house the trio rented would’ve gone south very quickly. Instead it just meant a lot of card games on slow nights when they felt like being social instead of sinking into their own Transferred Realities or bad dates.

Andrew dealt them both three cards and laid out three in the middle of the table. Each of them slid a penny forward to ante up.

“Gonna be crazy to see what they think of next,” he said as their game began.

Two hours later they’d moved through two different games. Tina was well on her way to being sloshed, and if Andrew hadn’t been at home already he knew he’d have woken up in an alley instead. Luckily he’d run out of his preferred beverage and was nursing a glass of Tina’s too-sweet apple concoction. If Amy had been there she would have been far ahead of them both.

“Speaking of Amy,” Tina said as she stood shakily, “What’s been up with her lately?”

The tall woman stumbled a little as she refilled her drink. Andrew shook his head when she offered to top his off.

“She’s been really stuck on the computer lately and then -bam!-“ she mimed an explosion, “-now she’s off with some new boy toy.”

“I didn’t even think she liked guys!” Andrew said with a laugh as Tina barely made it back to her chair. “That last chick she brought home was cute!”

“And she didn’t come back because Amy saw her flash you!”

Andrew turned red and sipped his drink. He couldn’t help but smile; Sally had been stacked.

“Guilty as charged,” he laughed. “So what, you concerned you’re not getting enough family time with the wee baby?”

Tina rolled her eyes but nodded reluctantly.

“I’m just worried about her,” she said, “You know how focused she can get on things and the rest of the world just zooms by her. I think she’d appreciate hanging out with either of us like we used to.”

“Well, board games are out for me,” Andrew said as he shuffled the deck one more time, “But if she’s glued to her screen this weekend, and you know she will be, I know how we can still hang out.”

Tina paused, watching his skilled fingers manipulate the cards.

“High card?” she asked, and he nodded. “Loser has to TR into her computer for the weekend!” Tina said excitedly.

It wasn’t the fact of spending the weekend in her sister’s computer that excited her, nor the idea that it would indeed be a way to finally spend some quality time with their little sister. It was the simple fact that she could never resist a dare even when sober.

Andrew paused and frowned but the cards never stopped moving in his hands.

“Well that’s not what I had in mind,” he said, but alcohol just let him shrug instead of voicing his own idea, “But sure, why not?”

He knew his sister was a big fan of The Old Pages Seven, Hammerland, and so was he. Andrew had hundreds, if not thousands, of hours logged in the insanely massive world. Worst case, if she was annoyed that he was in her program she could just jettison him back into the real world. Second-to-worst case, he’d just have a good time exploring the continent of Lidoryc in areas that she wasn’t currently exploring herself.

Tina wasn’t as into video games as her younger siblings were, but as the oldest sibling she was used to setting her own wants aside. Her worries about Amy were overblown by the alcohol in her system but that didn’t mean she wasn’t serious about her dare. Exploring a fantasy land didn’t sound terrible by any means to her, but she had other ways she’d spend her weekend if she could.

Andrew gave the deck on more flowery shuffle then smacked it down on the table. Before he could pick his card Tina gave his hand smack.

“No tricks!” she told him, before splitting the deck herself twice then re-stacking it. “Now draw.”

He rolled his eyes but obeyed, grabbing the top card and keeping it flat against the table. Tina did the same.

“On three-“ she started to say, but together they both flipped their cards instantly.

“Yes!” Tina yelled out, smacking her card hard enough that the nearby deck fell in disarray.

“Damnit!” Andrew said as he compared his four of clubs to her Jack of hearts. He leaned back in his chair and made himself finish the last of his drink.

For a moment he thought about pushing for a second high-card draw, but it wouldn’t have mattered. Their family had perfected the hour-long argument over card games and never once in his life could he remember the actual outcome changing.

Besides, his half-drunk mind assured him, you were gonna spend half the weekend jacked into some game anyways. Tina’s right, Amy’s been checked out for awhile now, maybe this will help her straighten back out.

“What, no argument?” Tina said when she saw his face. She was giving him her own wry grin; she knew what he was thinking. The argument would be fun, but nothing would change.

“Meh,” he responded, “It wouldn’t have done any good anyway.”

Five minutes later they were both upstairs. It felt strange and dirty in a way to be in Amy’s room without her permission. Though they were all siblings they were long past the stage of getting a thrill out of invading one another’s privacy. To Tina’s joy and Andrew’s annoyance, her computer password was the same one she’d made when she got her first desktop at the age of twelve.

 “Who doesn’t change their password after six years?” Andrew asked rhetorically.

Tina gave him a glance that told him she couldn’t believe what he’d just said.

“Everybody. Literally everybody.”

She pushed him out of the way and glanced around Amy’s desktop.

“Damn, she never quit doing the eighty-thousand-icon thing,” Andrew said over her shoulder as he saw her home screen. “How does she find anything? I can’t even see the basic ‘Net button.”

“You never paid enough attention,” Tina said dismissively as she clicked on something that Andrew missed. “Amy always thinks she’s being sneaky or whatever, but every third icon is something that actually matters, all the rest she always throws down from when Mom used to make sure we didn’t look at porn.”

“Yeah, Mom never did understand how computers work. And now I’ve got friends that practically live in porn,” Andrew added.

There was a ‘bing!’ from a speaker behind the screen. A familiar loading screen appeared as the Transferred Reality program awoke from its off-duty pause. For ten seconds an icon spun in circles before the full loading screen appeared.

While Tina started the process of uploading a new full up avatar Andrew poked around on her desk. One drawer was clearly Amy’s junk drawer, another three completely stuffed with office supplies that a new college student should absolutely have wild amounts of stashed away. A glance at her printer told him she’d set it up but it likely had never been used.

In the top-right shelf he found what he was looking for.

“You know, I feel like if we were better siblings we’d either have helped her get a faster setup or maybe focus more on school,” he said as he pulled out the TR control circlet. The thing itself could have been called a tiara if it weren’t so heavy and studded with LED lights.

Tina didn’t respond; she was changing settings that Andrew wasn’t really paying attention to. Transferred Reality was so in-depth and thorough that a lot of its uses were automatically intuitive. For every safety setting that Tina activated three more activated in a stand-by fashion: awaiting subconscious decisions that Tina wouldn’t need to be cognitively aware of. As a reminder the system flashed a line of blue text across the screen.

“Oh right,” Tina said as she slipped on a smaller version of the circlet Andrew held. The settings that had been held in standby automatically adjusted themselves as the circlet practically read her mind. She’d only explored that sub-area of the settings once and she was glad the designers had figured out how to make these parts automatic.

Andrew, meanwhile, slipped on the heavier headwear. It even automatically flexed to get good contact with his cranium. Now he turned his attention to the screen where it announced it had paired successfully with his gear.

Tina was mumbling to herself.

“Full safeties, no true damage, full reset…” she double checked all the settings.

“What are those?” he asked, pointing at an area he wasn’t used to. There was a vague outline of a human body that seemed to be adjusting itself as she looked at it.

“If you’re going to spend the weekend in a video game, no brother of mine is gonna look like that,” she said as she gestured broadly to his whole body.

“Hey!” he said, mock offended.

It was true he wasn’t very muscular in the video game sense. Compared to the average person he just looked like he took care of himself. No sick pack, no bulging biceps though he obviously could lift the heavy bag of cat litter. Average chin.

“Don’t worry, I’m not changing anything huge, you’ll just look like the version of you that lifts weights for a living and has a chin.”

“Hey!” he said, this time actually offended. “I’ll have you know-“

The computer made a happy noise that interrupted him.

Transfer prepared, it read.

“You better sit down for this part,” she said as though he hadn’t done this before.

“Yeah yeah.”

His urge to be contrary was outweighed by the common sense of what she said. He went full immersion almost every time he used his own TR program and was very used to what was about to happen. When he’d first gotten the setup the very idea had scared him. But once he’d realized how much cooler it was than simply downloading an avatar of himself he’d changed his mind.

But he told himself he was only sitting at the foot of Amy’s bed so that when his body vanished her headset wouldn’t fall to the floor and possibly break. It wasn’t because Tina told him to. Not at all.

“Ready?” she asked rhetorically.

Andrew pretended he didn’t see her clicking ‘yes’ before she even finished asking the question.

“Have fun!” Tina said as the familiar buzzing started in his head.

“Yeah, sure,” he told her, aware that his voice was suddenly only speaking at half the volume he’d intended. The actual ‘transferring’ part of Transferred reality was something no one ever seemed to get used to.

Andrew’s hands started to shake and experience told him to close his eyes. Tina said something else but his ears were already halfway transferred. He briefly grew cold, then far too hot. His stomach told him he was dropping off a cliff, then the darkness behind his eyes became infinite.


When Andrew opened his eyes again, the world has shifted fundamentally.

He was sitting in a picture-perfect waiting room with blindingly pink furniture and carpet. The chair was pink leather, or as close to it that telling the difference would have been impossible. A large window filled one entire side of the room and through it was a broad mountain range with perfectly placed snowy peaks. In between was a river at just a slight angle to make things even more picturesque.

“All this view and you picked all this pink?” he asked aloud, knowing the waiting area was Amy’s own design.

If he’d been the administrator of the program then the waiting room would have been perfectly designed by his own subconscious. As a full avatar he was a guest in Amy’s program with little to no control over the world around him, any more than he would have in the real world. Rearranging furniture was as far as he could go without Amy’s explicit permission.

The clock on the wall somehow managed to be as bright and annoying as the rest of the room. It was also stopped at midnight and would remain so until Amy became an active user again.

There was a ‘ping!’ from behind him, and Andrew looked over his shoulder, careful to not turn his entire body. In the empty air behind him was another small window, simultaneously tiny and yet clear enough for him to see the entirety of Amy’s room, covered in band posters and continuing the bright colors that covered his own waiting room.

To test it out he turned further and found as long as he kept his attention focused on the window it stayed put.

“Hey!” he yelled out at Tina, “Can you make any changes to the lobby? I’m gonna go blind from all the pink!”

“It’s all pink on the inside!” she said back with a laugh, looking into the computer screen. Looking down at Andrew through the monitor was trippy at first but she always told herself it was more like looking at an aquarium rather than a computer screen. Combined with the headset the views were bizarrely immersive and far more complete than watching a simple screen.

“I’ll pause the R until she gets here and kicks things off, does that sound good?”

On screen Andrew nodded and Tina decided she could do him this one favor.

“Oh yeah, s-“

“Have fun!” she said in a cheery voice as she paused the simulation.

Looking around she rolled her eyes at Amy’s taste in…everything. Decoration, clothes, music. She loved her sister but sometimes it was hard to tell they were raised in the same household. Ten minutes later she was in bed, sleeping hard enough she didn’t hear Amy come stumbling home.

As for Amy herself, she barely made it to her own bed before falling onto her face. Had she been even slightly more sober she would have noticed that her computer screen was still on and investigated. The man on pause screen would have looked somewhat familiar.


 Saturday morning Amy awoke early, as she always did. The power of youth did away with any chance of a hangover while the habit of getting up before high school to practice gymnastics refused to leave her. Sunlight streamed through her window as she sat up and yawned.

Without a care in the world she stripped off last night’s clothes and tossed them in the hamper. A quick dive in and out of the shower refreshed her, then she pulled on her casual weekend sweats. She combed her long dark hair and pulled it into a ponytail after making sure all of her makeup was off. With her complexion the makeup did more to hide her freckles than anything.

She didn’t like to compare herself to her sister Tina, but it did bug her a little that she was shorter. It didn’t particularly even things out that her breasts were bigger by a good amount. Or that years of gymnastics had toned her abs and butt in ways that running couldn’t help Tina with. There was always a little competition between the two of them.

Though Tina was completely unaware of this competition, Amy was equally unaware that her usually perky personality got her further with guys than Tina’s more straightforward attitude. It would have made her feel more like she stacked up against her sister. Tina had the degree, but Amy got the D whenever she felt like it.

After satisfying herself that her makeup was gone and she was all dried off, Amy straightened up and walked lightly downstairs. She didn’t have much to worry about from her siblings, they both slept like rocks and usually long into the morning. Walking naked when they were in the house always made her feel like a spy.

Ten minutes later she was back upstairs with a fresh cup of coffee and a stack of cheap toasted waffles.

“Gonna be a goooood day,” she said to herself as she double checked her phone.

No messages, no drunk status updates, and best of all: nothing on her schedule.

Her computer turned on and she smiled as she heard the startup sounds. Amy didn’t notice that her old headset was in the wrong place, and she didn’t look to see about the avatar headset displaced as well. Neither Tina nor Andrew knew that she had a smaller, newer unit that she slipped up under her ponytail. It was enough for what she needed today.

“Now who is this?” she asked as she bit into a waffle.

In a holding pattern was a man who looked vaguely familiar. Paused in her waiting lobby he seemed a little annoyed and she correctly guessed it was from her décor. The man was buff with a strong chin, had short dark hair and overall looked like he could play professional sports. On screen the camera automatically adjusted; the intuitive parts of Transferred Reality gave her a good look all around him. She wondered what he was hiding in his shorts, but knew she’d find out soon.

“Did someone give me their avatar last night?” she wondered aloud, knowing that had to be the case. A glance told her she must have dropped the memory crystal after she uploaded him. There was no way she would have brought a guy home and woken up with her pants on.

“At least he’s cute.”

Leaning forward she focused her attention slightly.

“-ure,” the man said as she unpaused him.

The man stopped himself when he realized the view on his side had suddenly changed rapidly. Amy knew he could see her and didn’t mind it one bit. If he’d given her an avatar of himself then this avatar knew exactly what to expect from her. He was probably thrilled to see her breasts.

“Hey!” he said, holding up a hand, “So I know I-“

Amy muted him and leaned back, eating another waffle while he talked. His mouth moved, at least. She had no idea what he was actually saying. It was cute, really. Every time she got an avatar from someone they assumed that she hadn’t actually meant anything she said about how she’d treat them. The confused look when they realized she could hear them was always priceless.

“Yeah it’s a surprise,” Andrew said as he paced left. The view of his sister was clear and he wasn’t sure he liked how she was looking at him. Then he ran his hand nervously along his chin and realized his biceps were a lot larger than they usually were.

“Oh, right,” he kept saying as he gave himself a quick lookover. He was wearing generic workout clothes that the real Andrew would never be caught in; name brand or bust. “So I guess Tina made me look a little cooler, but I get it if you-“

Andrew looked up at Amy and saw her finishing her cup of coffee. There was no sign she was listening to anything he said.

“Hey, are you-?”

She clearly wasn’t. Without giving him a glance, she stood up and vanished from his view. Then reappeared briefly. In a nausea-inducing movement she seemed to glitch from full standing to sitting again and he understood she had paused him while she got more coffee.

That’ll get old fast, he thought.

“Hey, so can we-“

Without warning the world shifted.

“Hey!” Andrew shouted, “What the hell!”

Then he realized what had happened. His wrists were tightly bound behind his back. Around a stick, to be precise. A thin rope akin to dental floss held him tightly to a pole of some sort, and a glance down told him the pole seemed to be stuck into the world’s largest piece of foam.

And he was naked.

“No, why I am naked?” he yelled out, jerking at his arms in a vain attempt to cover himself. “Amy! Hey, Amy!”

Looking up he saw something that worried him even more than his current situation. He wasn’t in a game. Amy didn’t recognize him.

And while he’d been panicking she’d gotten completely naked.

“What the f-“ he started to say, not able to stop himself from looking down her body.

She was his sister, but there was no denying if she wasn’t he’d have been all over her. Then he jerked his eyes away; she was still his sister, after all. Which was why he got a firsthand view of his sister’s hand wrapping around the popsicle stick he was tied to by dental floss.

Amy giggled at the little guy’s scream of surprise; the program automatically muted words from her little avatars. She wasn’t interested in those, but screams were always good and the mute function didn’t stop those.

Andrew had a few seconds of terrified confusion before everything clicked together for him. He was naked and tied to a popsicle stick. Amy was naked in the real world and clearly about to masturbate. Her avatar had just picked him up from what appeared to be an empty display case in a half fleshed out candy store.

“No wait!” he screamed out as Amy’s massive tongue dragged all the way up his side.

“Here we go,” the real Amy said as she watched the action. A finger dipped into her sex enough to get it wet, then trailed upward to drag slowly across her clit.

While the real Amy masturbated slowly, the avatar Amy had different plans.

Idly Amy licked up and down on her lollipop, giggling with every scream and cry from the little man. She turned and walked out of the store, tucking her treat into her cheek. Amy wore a bright pink dress and walked up the street, window shopping on a beautiful day.

Andrew screamed as he was pulled out of the giantess’s mouth with a ‘pop!’ A glance upward showed him the real Amy was busy biting her lip as her fingers explored down below. Then looking back at the giantess that currently held him showed a rapidly approaching tongue.

The giant Amy idly pulled her treat free and licked up his front. Heat and wetness rolled over him as she breathed. Andrew tried to turn his head away but the tongue was simply too large. There was just a brief glance of a window display of absurdly overpriced clothes before saliva covered his eyes.

She giggled as she saw something she liked, and Andrew screamed as her hand idly let him rotate out over open space.

When he was far enough away from her that her mere presence didn’t complete overwhelm him he realized he was hearing music. Happy music that would have fit in at a school playground.

What the fu-

Amy popped him back into her mouth and skipped down the street. In the real world Amy was teasing herself, enjoying the view of her avatar cheerfully enjoying her treat. A pink mini skirt fluttered in the wind, teasing just the bottom of her toned cheeks.

In his new reality, Andrew would’ve been screaming with every suck on his body if he could have. His ears popped painfully, repeatedly. Above him he could see her waiting throat, not quite ready to swallow him but it was like being held over the edge of a skyscraper.

Then the world shifted, surrounding him in infinite blackness.

Andrew’s voice cut off mid-scream and he ran his hands over his naked body, stunned at the lack of saliva. In fact, heat had been replaced with a gentle cool temperature. Childlike background music had been replaced with a slow orchestra piece.

And his terror at almost being eaten had been replaced with the distinct sense of being chased.

“Don’t disappoint me, little guy!” he heard Amy say from somewhere far away. His eyes twitched to the view of Amy in the real world, where she was waving a small pink vibrator in front of her face. Her other hand held another toy he didn’t recognize but it was obvious what it was going to do.

Then the view of the real world vanished.

“Hey, no wait!” Andrew yelled out, but almost before the words were out of his mouth he realized they were a mistake.

The view of his masturbating sister was gone but the world around him snapped into sight almost instantly. Simultaneously a sense of being hunted appeared as well; he recognized it as a TR forced behavior. He rarely played through scenarios where the simulation had any control over his emotions and tried to fight against it, but the truth was the simulation had complete control.

“Aw hell,” he said as he crouched down against something massive.

Glancing around, Andrew slowly realized where he was. What he was hiding behind was a table leg, the square tall, leg of a basic kitchen table. A hardwood floor stretched out ahead of him in all directions, making him feel centered in a football stadium relative to the kitchen cabinets in the distance. More chair legs, each thicker around than the trunk of the largest tree he’d ever seen, surrounded him.

“No no no no,” he mumbled as his mind fought against what it was seeing. Part of him knew it was Transferred Reality. But the bigger part, influenced by that very programming, was panicking.

“This can’t be right,” he said as he ran a hand over the table leg, feeling imperfections in the wood he never could have seen at full size. His hand came back shaking as he realized the boulder next to him was actually a pebble. A piece of dog hair appeared thick as rope.

And far in the distance, his sister was counting upward in a sing-song voice, just like they’d done when they were children.

“Fifty-three!” she called, “Fifty-four!”

When she got to one hundred Andrew didn’t know what would happen, but it was obviously not good.

Sprinting away from the sound of her voice he silently flew across the kitchen floor. At three inches tall he was slow but quiet even at a dead sprint. He was too scared to feel tired and couldn’t care less about being naked. Each crack in the laminate floor was almost like a street curb.

Intuitively he knew that she was counting upward from her position in the distant bedroom. How he knew didn’t matter, any more than he knew the exact layout of the living room he entered as the floor changed from fake wood to short carpet. There was no surprise when the recliner was exactly where he expected it to be, nor the couch or the incredibly massive television.

Despite the situation he stumbled as he gawked. At his size everything looked absolutely incredible. He could only imagine watching a movie on a screen the size of a gymnasium wall. And the ancient cylinder battery on the floor? It-


“Shit!” he whispered when he approached the couch. Andrew had been sure there would be space underneath it to use to hide, but instead it was sitting flat on the carpet. His lungs started to burn when he rounded the corner and threw himself at the coffee table, the only thing he could see with any space to hid under.

“One hundred!” Amy called out ecstatically, and immediately Andrew heard thudding footsteps going into the kitchen.

“Hey little snacky-snack!” she said with a giggle in her voice, “Come out come out come out!”

Chairs scooted on the floor as she slid them aside and Andrew could only imagine her looking under the table where he’d been moments before. His legs quaked with fear when he thought about how close he’d been to being found almost before he had even started moving.

Snack? he repeated, realizing what this scenario was about. Desperate again, he looked over his shoulder and tried to…tried to….

Why did I do that? he wondered briefly as the programming kept him from thinking about being in the program. The real world view wouldn’t have been their anyway, but for the viewer it was less immersive if their avatars broke character.

Then he had more immediate concerns.

Her footsteps approached rapidly, dainty for a person but earth-shaking for him. Something creaked loudly as it was moved.

Despite himself, Andrew peeked around the leg of the coffee table to see what his hunter was doing.

There, kneeling on the ground and looking under the recliner, was his sister Amy. She was wearing her usual bright pink outfit with a much shorter skirt than he’d ever seen on her. And no panties, revealing a completely trimmed bush and backside that he wished he could appreciate on anyone who wasn’t related to him.

“Aww,” her voice echoed in the house, “I’m hungry!”

But there was also the fact to consider that she was skyscraper tall and clearly considered him food. Even at this distance he could tell getting tapped by her toe would be like getting his by a car and he trembled with fear.-

The recliner dropped back to the ground and Andrew flinched involuntarily.

Amy’s head snapped around and her eyes focused instantly near his hiding spot.


“Oooh,” she moaned, rubbing her tummy exaggeratedly, “Is that my dinner I see?”

Andrew did his best to sidle away from where he knew Amy was going to be next. He missed the hand rubbing her tummy sliding down under the front of her skirt.

Real world Amy didn’t.

“Oh yeah,” Amy whispered as she watched the action, “He just looks yummy doesn’t he?”

She had one hand between her legs, vibrator tracing its way across her outer lips. Amy knew what she had planned for today, and that meant taking her time. At first, that was.

Toy in hand she watched her avatar crawl forward on her hands and knees. She’d always wondered if it was incest to admire her own coochie in that way, and she’d been tempted to use technology to go down on herself more than once, but so far she’d been satisfied with watching herself, essentially, make her own ideal porn.

Those thoughts crossed through her mind in a split second and she put one leg up on the desk as she aimed her toy at her depths.

There was a scream from the tiny man as Amy’s eyes settled on him. He tried to run but the giantess simply crawled after him and swatted him to the side.

Real-world Amy let the tip of her vibrator settle at her opening and licked the tip of the pointer finger on her other hand.

“No! No!” Andrew screamed as his sister’s avatar slammed into his side like a speeding car. Before he could even stop rolling massive fingers wrapped around his ankles and lifted him upward. His stomach tried to roll but it was mercifully empty.

As he yelled he could see Amy far below him, licking her lips as she raised him overhead. He had no illusions about what her other hand was doing; her moaning had far more to do with desire than just hunger. If she just plain dropped him it would be merciful compared to what was next.

“Aaah!” she said as she opened her mouth wide.

“Amy! Wait!” he yelled out, but she didn’t care. Or maybe it simply made the situation better for her.

Andrew screamed as she lowered him rapidly and wrapped her lips around his body. There was an exaggerated groan of appreciation for his taste, then the fingers vanished. Teeth pinned down against his hips to keep him from sliding out as her tongue flickered across his body.

In the real world, Amy decided she could take her time some other day. Her finger strummed across her clit as she plunged the vibrator deep into her already soaking pussy.

On screen her little toy’s feet were just getting sucked between her avatar’s lips. Her own face looked ecstatic as she slurped up her little treat.

Sucked entirely into Amy’s mouth, Andrew was far past panicking. Staring at her throat had been the last straw. Not that it particularly mattered. He fought in a blind rage, kicking and pushing against anything he could, completely ignoring the face that if it was hard it hurt, and if it was soft it was enjoying what he was doing.

Laughter hummed around him as her massive tongue flickered everywhere at once. When it had enough of one side of him he was flipped around only to be rubbed against it on the other. Every other moment seemed to end with Andrew hitting teeth and he knew he had to be bleeding. His legs were surely gone from the knee down.

Then the giggling stopped and his inner ear told him that her throat was straight down.

“No waitwaitwait!” Andrew called out, but his devourer didn’t care.

The teeth holding him released and her tongue smashed him against the roof of her mouth. This way instead of falling straight into Amy’s throat he was lowered slowly. A gasp of pleasure threatened to burst his eardrums, then his legs hit something harder than a tongue.

Amy’s throat squeezed around his knees and Andrew screamed again as he was pulled downward. In vain he threw his arms out desperately reaching for anything in the humid darkness.

Then light shone down from above.

“Amy!” he screamed upward as he was yanked downward again. There was no response, just a laugh mixed with a cry of pleasure as he appealed in vain to the textured ceiling far above him.

She held up an old-fashioned cell phone and took a selfie with her snack while Andrew screamed.

In the real world, Amy moaned identically to her avatar at the sight of the tiny’s terrified face. He vanished with a scream as her avatar swallowed and climaxed at the same time.

Amy instantly the did same as she watched the bulge traveling down her avatar’s throat. The little man’s image became partially visible as he traveled downward until he landed in her stomach.

“Yes!” she whispered as she drove herself over the edge, “Suffer!”

Andrew was doing so in perfect darkness. All around him was gurgling overshadowed by moaning and sounds of ecstasy. And pain.

“Help!” Andrew shouted as he was splashed by acid and his mouth filled with noxious fumes. He’d only thought he’d panicked before. Everything burned like the worst sunburn of his life and it was only moving further in with every movement.

“Somebody help me!”

Amy cried out as she watched the little man struggle, his pain making her orgasm all the sweeter. Her vibrator slid in and out of her as she watched her avatar do the same kneeling on the living room floor with the television remote. She wished she could feel the delicious writhing in her own belly but knew she wasn’t quite ready for her own full transfer.

As she came down from her orgasm she simply turned off the vibrator without removing it. Licking her finger clean she watched her avatar continue with her own moaning. She knew the program would keep the fantasy going as long as it could; the little guy’s pain and suffering could last for hours and her avatar could orgasm for just as long. She’d watched it before, wondering if the program would ever stop it, but it was smart enough to know her every wish.

“Oh that was good,” she said as she grabbed another waffle. Daintily she nibbled, wishing it was a little man. Or covered in micro men.

Her eyes flickered to the clock.

It’s still early, she thought. And if no one bothers me…

Andrew screamed in pain as he felt his skin burning, sure every moment was going to be his last. Wishing it was so.

Then his darkness was replaced with blinding light.

“Oh!” he cried out in relief, falling to his knees, “Oh thank-“

The ground below him was hot. Incredibly hot. And next to him, as tall as he was kneeling, was something that looked like a blueberry. The ground smelled sweet and his heart dropped when he realized he wasn’t saved.

“Run!” somebody screamed, making Andrew look up.

Ahead of him other men were sprinting across the hot ground. Andrew could only see about twenty feet forward before a wall that identically matched the floor rose up to chest height. One of the men casually leapt it as he ran while the rest had to stumble over it.

Someone landed next to Andrew and bumped him onto his back.

“Sorry!” was the only response he got as he yelled out angrily.

His yelled stopped before he could complete it. Far above him was a city-sized waffle. It vanished from vision for a moment, then returned with the world’s biggest bite taken out of it. A screaming figure fell from far above, their scream cutting off out of sight when they landed.

“Oh. Shit.”

Andrew rolled onto his knees again and climbed to his feet, only vaguely aware that he wasn’t covered in burns and his skin didn’t hurt anymore. Now all that mattered was getting off this waffle.

Panicked yells were coming from ahead of him and Andrew saw no reason to not follow. The ridged wall of the waffle was hard for him to get over, so instead of trying to vault it he got to a corner where two met and climbed on top. Standing carefully, he tried to get a gauge of where he was. Far above him the rest of other waffle vanished, along with screams that he was just barely beyond his hearing.

The runners he’d seen earlier weren’t heading in the right direction; they were blindly hurrying away from Amy as she enjoyed her breakfast. Daintily she licked her finger miles above him, then sipped from a coffee cup the size of a semi-trailer. Running toward her was the obviously wrong solution, but it was far closer to the edge of the waffle.

Desperately he ran, balanced on the ridge that others were throwing themselves over. Dimly he still knew that this was only half real and didn’t stop the try and warn the others. Some he vaguely recognized but most he assumed were randoms that Amy had downloaded from the ‘Net. All he let run in the wrong direction.

Almost there! Almost there! he thought as he approached the edge. Other waffles were visible on what seemed to be an endless plate.

Then his giantess sister set her coffee mug down and shook the entire table as she leaned forward. In the last well, thankfully syrup free, Andrew fell with a frustrated shout.

“Fuck!” he yelled out as his hand pushed through the layer of waffle, letting out a puff of steam.

Before he could pull his arm free the entire waffle rocked sideways.

“No! No!”

Andrew freed his arm as gravity suddenly doubled. Amy’s face approached rapidly as she lifted the waffle upward.

“Mmm, my favorite!” she said before taking a huge bite.

Careful listeners could discern a single suddenly cut off scream.

“Damn right it is,” Amy said as she watched her avatar chew. She herself was working on her last waffle as her avatar worked her way through an endless supply. With endless little men, of course.

Andrew cried out in terror as teeth descended on him. There was a flash of pain as his body was crushed instantly into mush along with a thousand tons of carbohydrates.

Then his scream stopped when he realized he was once again kneeling on a fresh waffle. To his right was a blueberry, taller than he was on all fours.

“You gotta be kidding me,” he managed to say before program stopped allowing him to think further than ‘run’ and ‘survive.’

Amy, meanwhile, finished her coffee with a grin. Her newest avatar was fun to watch. This time he joined the rest of the runners in struggling their way across their delicious death sentence. It was a little disappointing; he’d been the only one to actually try and reach safety in a smart way. But this escape was also more satisfying for her.

The camera followed him all the way down her avatar’s throat and into her stomach.

“Oh, poor guy!” she said in a teasing voice, knowing he couldn’t hear her in the simulation. But she could hear him screaming in pain as stomach acid overwhelmed him and pulled him under. Amy imagined what it would feel like to casually devour so many men and smiled.

Then the scenario started again, with the good-looking guy on all fours next to a blueberry.

“I’ll just let you enjoy yourself for awhile,” Amy said to no one in particular as she pulled on her sweats, gathered up her dirty dishware and took it downstairs.

Andrew felt himself die almost two dozen times before the real Amy made it back to her computer and sat back down. Only the carefully curated TR settings kept him from going insane.

Amy, meanwhile, was staring at her phone as he was devoured again and again.

Her eyes flickered to the screen and she giggled as her avatar leaned forward. It seemed her newest addition had finally gotten off the waffle, but her massive tongue scooped him up easily. This time he was washed down with near-boiling coffee.

Ready to settle into her weekend routine, Amy slipped the control module off and sat it on her desk.

“Computer, random happy joy playlist,” she said.

Instantly the view changed to the new man, naked except for dark and while chocolate artfully drizzled across his body. His eyes were wide with terror but the chocolate had dried enough it held him down on the plate as easily as heavy chains.

“No, please stop! Let me go!” Andrew screamed as Amy, dressed in a generic waitress uniform, handed the plate he was imprisoned on to Amy, who was dressed in a bright pink tank top that barely contained her breasts. Even in his panic he could appreciate how her nipples were visibly pushing against the thin fabric.

“Enjoy!” waitress Amy said, and happy customer Amy tucked in.

Real world Amy sipped her coffee and checked her social media while Andrew screamed on screen. With a barely listening grunt, Amy tapped her keyboard and turned the volume down. Just a little. She knew it wouldn’t be long before the debauchery on screen would get her into her next mood, which experience told her would last far beyond lunchtime.

While she smiled at her friend’s postings, Andrew was being dunked into a still-steaming cup of coffee. His screams cut off with each dunk, then resumed when he was exposed to the air. Her avatar licked the dripping chocolate from him, then sucked him dry.

Andrew screamed each time he passed between Amy’s lips but he knew it was in vain. When he was clean of chocolate he was just dipped either back into a cup of coffee that never cooled or a long stylish dish full of more chocolate, only to reverse course back into his sister’s mouth. Occasionally she held him inside for longer and he wished he could appreciate the way her massive tongue flickered against his cock but terror overruled everything.

Just when he was sure he couldn’t take it anymore he heard an adorably disappointed sound from the mouth around him.

“Shoot,” Amy said after slipping him from between her lips again, “I’m out of chocolate!”

Upside down, Andrew saw she was right though he knew without a doubt the dish had been full moments ago. The simulation anticipated his questioning and adjusted immediately. Before Amy took her next sip of coffee Andrew was already sure that he’d seen it wiped clean with his face before her last hungry lick and suck.

Then he was tucked into her mouth unceremoniously, like the last bite of a doughnut that wasn’t quite worth splitting into two.

Amy ignored her treat’s screaming and swallowed it with the last of her coffee. With a content sigh she stood and walked out of the coffee shop. Before the camera faded and the next scenario started it focused on her flat, toned stomach and the small bulges that her breakfast made as it fought digestion.

In the real-world Amy texted her friends, assuring them she’d gotten home safely last night.

In an underwear drawer, Andrew struggled against the pair of underwear that wrapped him tightly. It seemed like days since he’d been wrapped up and left there but he was sure it was really hours. The drawer pulled open with a jerk that rolled him onto his back, and Andrew screamed as a massive hand moved aside the dainties and wrapped around his entire body.

“Perfect,” Amy’s voice said as he lifted upward rapidly.

She was wearing a short skirt, bright pink of course, with ruffles and a plain white t-shirt. A packed backpack sat on the bed along with a journal and a dozen other things that screamed ‘teenager.’ Andrews own screaming was overruled by a thumb that casually and effortlessly slipped over his mouth. Her smile told him that she was excited about her day and not at all put-off by his screams.

“Now remember,” she told him as she held him in front of her face, “You gotta be quiet or I’ll get the wax out again!”

Andrew distinctly did not remember what she was talking about. But it didn’t take much imagination to know guess and his eyes bulged in fear. Casually Amy removed her finger from his face.

“Excellent!” she giggled with a massive smile, “Now don’t forget to squirm!”

In the real world, Amy looked up from her phone and smiled when she saw one of her favorite scenarios appear. Her pants fell to the floor and she made a vibrating egg appear from a drawer that Tina hadn’t checked. It slipped inside of her easily but she didn’t turn it on yet.

Andrew tried not to scream when she lowered him downward. Pink everything flooded his vision, then a brief view of her bellybutton. Then the underside of her skirt as her free hand lifted it upward.

Please no, please no, please no, Andrew prayed to nothing in particular.

But his sister’s toned navel came into view. An unnecessary shaved arrow pattern in her pubes pointed directly to where he knew he was going. From the front her lips would have seemed small to a normal sized person; her labia weren’t massive and there was only a hint of what was there. Then her legs opened slightly as she did a mini-plié.

Only the fear of the wax, whatever she really meant, kept Andrew silent as he was quickly flipped upside down.

“Stay still!” she told him in a cheerful voice that didn’t mirror at all his own panic.

His feet contacted her lips and Andrew felt her shake.

“Mmmm,” she said, a sound Andrew recognized from when she was concentrating.

Fear kept his legs perfectly straight as she slipped him upward into herself, upside down. She wasn’t wet yet, so several times she had to adjust and twist him to get him in. If he’d been able to see his face he would’ve been stunned at how casual she was about inserting him. To her this was only half a step more exciting than putting in a tampon. At least for now. In the real world it was Amy’s face of casual insertion that made the real Amy turn on her vibrating egg.

With her toy inserted all the way she ran a finger across his face just to make sure he could breathe, then Amy withdrew her hand and stood back up. Her skirt fell down again and she patted it to straighten out the ruffles. A glance in the mirror told her she was ready for school and with a smile she slung her backpack of her shoulder.

Andrew held perfectly still as his sister’s toned legs stretched downward. Her own movement shifted him side to side but he knew his only hope of this not getting worse was in not arousing her. It wasn’t lost on him that as she quickly stepped down the stairs then skipped down the sidewalk that she wasn’t wearing any panties. And he recognized the sound of the school bell when she happily greeted unseen friends.

In the real world, Amy tugged gently on her egg while squeezing her kegels. She moaned as her virtual self sat calmly in class, studiously taking notes while below her skirt the little man held as still as possible. The view of a little, terrified face pushing out of her own lips never failed to arouse her.

The control module made its way back onto her head.

Let’s spice this up a little, she thought, and Transferred Reality obeyed.

Andrew felt his sister clench down on him once. Twice. Three times. His view was all pink from the light that shone threw her skirt as it fell between her lightly spread legs. It shifted left and right as she adjusted herself in her seat.

Don’t move don’t move don’t move, he told himself.

Then the squeezes repeated, this time harder.

When he didn’t respond, the light grew as a massive hand lifted the skirt ahead of him. Suddenly he could see the back of another desk ahead of them. The hand formed a single finger which moved toward him. Andrew froze in terror as it approached.

It ignored him for a moment and vanished just out of sight. There was a sense of motion from just behind him, then two fingers gently slipped around him. He was turned in place, no longer looking downward. Now his face was mere inches away from her clit.

Her finger tapped it lightly, then tapped his head lightly before retreating.

Squeeze. Two. Three. Amy shifted her hips again.

Andrew got the hint.

Reluctantly he tried to move his legs, which got him a single longer squeeze from his full-body prison. Instantly it grew hotter. The finger returned and tapped him on the head rapidly, hard.

He panicked.

Fear of hot wax being dripped into his mouth kept him quiet, but Andrew started kicking and trying desperately to free his arms. He was unsuccessful at moving forward toward freedom, but very successful at putting a smile on his sister’s face.

In the distance a bell rang, causing Amy to jump, then stand. Suddenly Andrew’s increasingly slippery prison started to feel more like a slide toward a free-falling death. Her legs were like towers and the ground far enough away that he was suddenly more terrified of falling than of what may come next with Amy.

Amy, for her part, was walking calmly to her home room class. Her toy, once she’d gotten it started, was moving very well. She chitchatted briefly with a friend and giggled as a boy walked by and flipped up the back of her skirt. Every so often her toy seemed to succumb to gravity and slide out of her partially but Amy had plenty of practice with this; a simple squeeze pulled him back inside where he belonged.

She gasped in small orgasm when she sat down again, purposefully sitting so that her weight would push the toy further into herself. Being completely closed off from the outside world only made it move faster and more erratically. In the back of the classroom it was easy for her smile to be missed.

For Andrew the next eternity was a blur. For Amy watching and enjoying herself, it was an average Saturday.

Andrew struggled in the massive snatch, fighting for every breath knowing that he was only giving Amy more pleasure. Her very body weight had jammed him so deep into herself that the only air he could get was actually half of her juices. When he was finally able to get far enough forward again that he could crane his neck awkwardly and draw a true, full breath he immediately followed it with a scream.

Amy’s Japanese friend Kiwa planted a deep kiss on her friend’s lower lips in the girls’ restroom. She wanted desperately to suck the little man out of her best friend and swallow him down but knew that wouldn’t be polite. So instead she tortured him with nibbles as she brought her friend to raging orgasm between class periods.

When Andrew was finally pulled out of Amy’s sopping snatch that afternoon he was dropped back into the lingerie drawer without any acknowledgement. Amy hadn’t even wrapped him up in another pair of underwear but he was too exhausted to even think of finding a way out.

Before he even thought about rolling over to be more comfortable the drawer was yanked open again and his sister’s dainty hand sought him out.

“Perfect!” Amy said as the scenario restarted.

In the real world Amy came with a sigh; she’d watched this scenario dozens of times and came just as the little man started yelling her thumb cut him off. When her orgasm finished he was being slipped under schoolgirl-Amy’s skirt once more. With a groan she slipped the egg out of herself and set it aside. Her phone buzzed and drew her eye.

Picking it up, she saw one of her friends had just gotten a new puppy.

“So cute!” she squealed as she texted her friend.

After that it was hard for Andrew to remember what exact hell he was put through. But in the real world Amy watched it all. Part of the time, at least. There was coffee to consider and homework for her general education credits. Not to mention her friend’s puppy.

While Amy texted her friends, Andrew found himself face down on a cold surface. He rolled to his back just in time to see a descending fork.

Amy looked up from her phone just in time to see the little guy get speared. He was lifted up to her avatar’s mouth, but Amy wasn’t in the mood for this one.

“Skip,” she said as she turned back to her phone.

Andrew landed on something soft, but his hands instantly sought out his stomach. It was clean, smooth, and unpunctured. Before he could even think about what had just happened the world shook and he rolled onto his back again just as a slice of salami pushed him down into the piece of bread he’d landed on.

This time teeth pushed down on his ankle before the world shifted again.

Caught between two massive toes, Andrew tried to escape but without even trying Amy’s toes held him tightly.


He was drowning in a punch bowl as dozens of strangers filled their cups. They all laughed at his struggles, but only Amy made the effort to scoop him up. She drained the cup in one gulp before returning to the party with a pleasant tingle in her tummy. A brief sequence showed Andrew screaming against the side of her stomach while she grinded on the dance floor.


Heat and wetness surrounded him once more, and just enough light to see a pulsing tunnel stretching out far ahead of him. A brief flash of light in the distance, then a train-sized cock pushed into Amy’s pussy, rolling over Andrew without its owner noticing. The digital Amy came instantly, knowing what had just happened.


Andrew cried out for help as two titanic women shared him between their mouths. Which was Amy was impossible to tell until they pulled apart, leaving him gasping for air. When the new mouth opened and light flooded in he could see Amy on all fours with a single hand peeling her right cheek open. And a tiny hand pushing out of her backdoor already.

“Just three more for the record, right?” Amy asked as massive yet dainty fingers slipped him out of his saliva filled cave.

“Two more in a second!” the other voice said as Andrew screamed.




Amy leaned back in her chair as the little guy was put through most of the scenarios she’d created herself over the past several years. Transferred Reality really let people’s creativity show and she’d put a lot of time in creating her own ideal content. She was actually working on making what she considered sellable quality content, which was why her schoolwork seemed to be slipping.

At times she masturbated, and she replayed her favorite scene three full times when it came up on the random playlist. Seeing an exaggerated version of herself, in Anime style, bounce up and down on a little man was always her favorite. Particularly all the times where she pulled off slightly too far, letting her see the little toy’s terrified face before she sat down again and hid him deep within herself again.

Other times she did actually do homework. She didn’t have much trouble with any of the concepts she was studying but it was always hard to pull herself away from what she really enjoyed: the idea of using a little man as a sex toy.

Currently he was being dropped down the front of her avatar’s tight yoga pants. Later in this scenario, she knew, the act of her avatar’s walking would push him into place at her opening. The false Amy would pretend to be surprised, of course, but she’d be much more surprised when a stranger on the busy train fingered her and shoved the tiny man deep inside her snatch.

When her watch told her it was far later than she’d thought, Amy jumped slightly.

“Damn, I better eat,” she said to herself. A hand reached toward her computer to pause the program, then she grinned evilly.

Instead, she activated the two-way view once more.

Andrew balanced carefully on the skyscraper sized dildo he had been sat on. He desperately wanted to leap off and fall to the pink bedspread but the lubrication acted almost like glue at his size. Far above him his sister’s snatch, no longer a mystery by any means, hovered above him.

“No!” he screamed despite himself. Part of him knew that he was still in the TR simulation, just as part of him knew it was also manipulating his emotions so that he reacted appropriately for the user. But that didn’t help him in the moment.

Throwing his hands overhead he prepared to be enveloped again.

But nothing happened.

Instead a voice sounded from behind him.

“Hey little dude!”

Andrew turned and saw what he’d long since stopped watching for: the real-world view screen. Through it his sister was waving at him excitedly. He was far past the point of caring that she was naked and he knew she had to have been masturbating to everything he’d been put through. But now rescue was here!

Tina told her it was me! he thought excitedly.

“Hey! Amy!” he shouted. The volume wasn’t truly necessary but his distress could not be hidden. “Get me out of here!”

“So, I can’t hear what you’re saying,” she giggled, and if it had been any other girl, and any other situation, such a giggle would have drawn Andrew in like a fly to honey. This time it sounded more like a death sentence.

“I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you volunteering.” She paused, looking briefly thoughtful. “Even though I don’t remember you at all. You’re a great subject and –“ she pinched her fingers before her lips as though tasting something delicious, “-I’m really glad you didn’t know what you were signing up for.”

“What?” Andrew yelled back, “Signed up for what?”

She spoke over him: “I meet all my favorite guys on Friday nights. Maybe next time you’ll get inside me at real person size!”

His executioner gasped as she realized something funny: “Maybe you already did!”

Amy looked around and giggled again.

“Anyways, I’m gonna go get some pizza. I just wanted you to know.”

With that said, the real-world view vanished.

“Wait, what?” Andrew asked, incredulous.

Then the paused vagina above him shifted suddenly, and a massive hand adjusted the dildo he was stuck to.

Amy giggled at the little man’s face, and then at how he vanished inside of her avatar yet again. Leaving the playlist going, she started to get dressed for a dinner run.

When she returned far later than she had intended, she stumbled into her chair. Pizza had turned into drinks with an old friend followed by an alleyway hookup. He hadn’t quite done it for her but that was okay; in a way she preferred getting to the Big O herself. Sex was delicious in its own way even if she didn’t peak.

Her playlist was still running and she briefly glanced at what he’d been through.

“Oooh, last-minute protections one through five?” she said with a smile, slipping her pants off. “The Locker Room?”

Her hand slipped down between her legs where she was still wet from the alleyway. A finger dipped into her sex as her other reached blindly into her toy drawer.

“You poor, poor thing!” she mumbled as she pushed something that vibrated into her snatch. After a few drinks it didn’t truly matter what it was as long as it felt good. Anything she could imagine was a shrinky.

Right now he was waving up to Amy’s avatar for rescue; he’d shrunken down on the train seat next to the one she’d picked out. On the inside, Andrew knew he had to get away at all costs. But this was Amy’s program and in this case his actions were incredibly, terrifyingly, limited.

The computer Amy looked down and saw him with a start. The giant woman was all business as she glanced around, making sure they were alone.

“Let’s get you back where you belong,” Amy whispered in congruence with her avatar.

On screen the little man was picked up gently, and his supposed rescuer spoke reassuringly to him. While simultaneously lifting her skirt and pulling her panties to the side.

Minutes later Amy sat up in her chair and licked her fingers clean. On screen she was leaving the train, just a happy perky teenager. With a secret. If Amy continued watching she’d see herself silently orgasm a dozen times in the public library before the playlist would change scenarios.

But Amy didn’t keep watching. By the time her avatar was being ‘shushed’ by the curiously handsome librarian the real Amy was already asleep.

Meanwhile Andrew kept unwillingly exploring his sister’s fantasies.

Tina tapped light at Amy’s door around midnight. She knew her sister was a night owl but she was worried about her. Amy had barely come out of her room all day though she knew she’d left entirely for dinner. She’d expected at least a conversation about how cool it was to have Andrew literally in her game to hang out for the weekend.

Or maybe an angry outburst about touching her stuff. Instead there’d been nothing. Occasional indistinct yelling, which Tina assumed meant the two were having a good time together.

“Amy?” she asked gently as she pushed the door open. There was no response and she felt obligated to check on her little sister.

Luckily instead of finding her little sis tucked into bed with some random man, Amy was passed out and safe under the covers.

Awful early for her, she thought. Maybe she’s getting more responsible?

Then she couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she saw Amy had left her computer running. The screen was dimmed so she knew Amy had been asleep for at least half an hour.

Well wait, Tina told herself, Maybe she just left it on so Andrew could keep playing overnight, avatars don’t need to sleep and he’s probably grinding out some rare item for her.

Stepping lightly, she peered at the screen. After glancing at Amy to confirm she was still asleep she tapped a key to bring the screen back to full light.

“What game is this?” she whispered to herself.

On screen was a much younger version of Amy in a chair almost identical to the one Tina was leaning over now. This Amy was young enough that Tina was suddenly sure she was trying to relive some good memory from high school. Amy was avidly watching someone lecturing up ahead of her, but the whiteboard writing was purposefully vague. Clearly Amy was supposed to be the focus here.

That’s an awful short skirt for a high school game, she thought. And where is Andrew? I hope she didn’t just sock him away in the waiting list for the weekend.

Then she realized Amy wasn’t just sitting. She was grinding onto the chair. And she wasn’t just smiling; she wore the confident sexy grin of a woman getting exactly what she wants.

Amy stood slightly, then sat back down in a motion Tina instantly recognized. She did this several more times until she’d established a rhythm, then the camera adjusted to get a close up of what she was riding.

“Ohmygod!” Tina exclaimed, then clapped her hand over her mouth.

Each time Amy rose up, legs, a surprisingly large cock, and a toned torso appeared. When she sat they all vanished. With every upward motion Andrew could be seen struggling to move but gripped too tightly by Amy’s pussy. With every sit Amy could easily adjust her skirt and appear as though she were simply really interested in whatever she was watching.

Tina leaned forward, her horror quickly changing to something else. Yes, that was her brother being used as a sex toy. Yes, that was her sister riding him. But it awoke something inside of her that she’d never suspected.

Heat bloomed between her legs as she watched her sister ride her toy.

Then the video changed and Tina blinked. A glance showed her that this was part of a playlist. A long playlist. That had apparently been going for hours and had far more hours to go before anything repeated.

Her hand snuck down the front of her comfortable athletic shorts as she read the titles.

“Left on the shelf? Pocket surprise? Backup condom?”

She gasped when she felt how wet she was, but the latest video would have handled that even if she hadn’t liked what she’d seen so far.

On screen Amy was walking up a staircase dressed in a skimpy Stellar Sailor outfit. She looked over her shoulder at someone below and lifted her skirt. Her smooth ass looked great, but then she pulled her cheeks apart and bent forward slightly.

Sticking out of her backdoor was Andrew’s new, more rugged face. Then she let her globes slam shut again and waved happily at the camera as she finished the staircase and entered the crowd. She happily posed and took pictures with dozens of people, and the camera made sure to get plenty of peeks at Andrew while she did so.

“Like what you see?” Amy asked from behind her.

Tina let out a startled shout and yanked her hand from between her legs.

“Holy shit!” she said, heart about to be out of her chest, “You’re awake!”

“Well yeah, with you yelling and moaning who could sleep?” Amy said sarcastically as she climbed out of bed.

Tina turned red from embarrassment.

“I, uh-“

“What, you just had to come check on your little sister?” Amy said sarcastically, and not quite as mean as she’d intended. “Gee, thanks Mom.”

Tina made a frustrated noise.

“Now that’s not-“

“By the way, I got a great view of you jilling off there.”

Now Tina turned white. Amy nudged her aside and sat down in her chair. On screen the young Amy was still riding up and down on Andrew, but it was obvious she’d switched him to her backdoor. The smaller control module was slipped back into Amy’s hair and the image on the screen paused with Andrew fully inserted and to the unknowing viewer she was just another schoolgirl who was really enjoying a lesson.

“Well I-“

“It’s cool,” Amy said with a reassuring grin, “When I got my first view of macro I didn’t know what to do either but here I am now-,“ she swept her hands wide at her computer setup, “-basically making my own content. Pretty soon I think I’ll have high enough quality stuff to actually sell thanks for TR.”

Tina took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. Clearly Amy had no idea who she was playing with. And her own body didn’t seem to care; her pussy was on fire from having started then suddenly stopping what should have been a marathon session.

“That is something I’ve never seen before,” she said carefully, “And maybe I liked it.”

“Pssh, maybe,” Amy said, poking her sister in the mons.

“But that’s Andrew!” Tina made herself say quickly, before she couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Amy froze, suddenly uncertain.

“No it’s not!” she said, annoyed.

Quickly she turned to the screen and focused a little harder than her usual pause and play commands required. Dutifully her avatar rose up all the way from her dildo and stood with eagerly awaiting holes mere inches above him. The little man himself looked dazed and terrified, gazing upward like he was seeing an approaching lion.

“See?” Amy said, pointing at him as the camera zoomed in. “This is some guy I picked up at the bar yesterday. I think.”

She smiled and looked up at Tina.

“I convince guys to give me avatars of themselves that I stick into these scenarios and I must’ve met this guy the other night because he was already loaded this morning.”

Returning to the screen she continued: “Notice how this guy is ripped? Has a chin? And I hope I find him again because his dick is…” she made brief gagging sounds followed by her cheeks puffing up and an exaggerated swallow.

I didn’t mess with that setting, Tina thought, but she really did get fooled by the rest.

She would have been lying if she’d said Andrew’s disguise wasn’t surprisingly hot. Or that the situation he was in right now wasn’t so full of sexual apprehension that it was taking all her willpower to keep both hands free. Or that she wouldn’t be thrilled if a hookup was packing what he was packing.

Tina shook her head to clear her thoughts.

“No, bring up his attributes and visuals,” she told Amy, “Friday night we thought it would be fun for him to do the TR thing with you because we haven’t seen you much lately.”

Amy leaned forward and focused again.

“Obviously we thought you’d be playing games instead of…this,” Tina added.

On screen a list of attributes, character traits, and other easily customizable items appeared. Quite a few were orange from having been altered. Amy’s eyes flickered to Tina and back.

“No fucking way,” she whispered as her heart started beating faster.

Just like in those old pre-TR stories I found, she thought, mentally going back in time to when she’d discovered macrophelia. Mistaken identity stories were always the best.

As Tina watched the orange settings began switching back to their unedited bases one by one, and their text color returned to black. And next to the pop-up window Andrew slowly reappeared, body part by body part.

“Oh. My. Odin.” Amy and Tina said together.

They looked at one another. Amy bit back her response that Tina shouldn’t have been surprised at all when she saw that Tina’s hand had slipped unconsciously back down the front of her shorts. Her comment wasn’t surprise. It was desire.

If Tina had been able to control herself it may have changed what happened then. Instead Amy’s feelings and morals only had half a moment to start putting together an argument before her hormones kicked them out of the way.

“Somebody likes what she sees,” Amy said as she slid her own hand down her panties.

When Tina tried to pull her hand back Amy grabbed her wrist.

“It’s okay,” she whispered, “We both like it, what’s the harm? Just think of it as really involved family time.”

“But he’s our-“ Tina tried to say but her voice was growing weaker and Amy could see her fingers moving between her legs.

“He’s our toy,” Amy interrupted, “Now pull up that stool and pull your panties off. You’re gonna love this part.”

Amy followed her own advice and moments later her bare bottom was on her chair. Tina had abandoned her reasoning too and pulled over a rarely used stool that sat in front of Amy’s makeup vanity. Amy couldn’t help but check out her sister’s dark landing strip, a sharp contrast to her own baby-bare vulva.

Andrew was looking around, clearly relieved. The massive pussy and asshole had released him, and though they still towered overhead like a building about to fall they were unnaturally still. The simulation had paused. And since his body had changed from the unrecognizable hunk-Drew back into his regular self that could only mean one thing.

“Hey!” he yelled, looking around and trying to trigger the real-world view, “Hey! Let me out of here!”

He tried to pull his feet free but the device holding him in place was as immovable as ever. It seemed to have molded now with his original form which was a shame. But it was a relief to see himself being returned to his actual image.

That had to mean resc--

“Hey bro!” said a voice from everywhere and nowhere.

Andrew’s head shot up and forward, where the real-world view had finally appeared. Amy was visible, looking disheveled and half awake. He realized he had no idea what time it was.

“Amy! Finally!” he started to say, but she spoke right over him.

“Guess who’s here!” Amy said as the view zoomed outward.

Sitting next to her was Tina, and that was the moment Andrew’s hope of rescue vanished. The view was now broad enough he could see both women were wearing tank tops and nothing below that. Their hands were busy as well, and their eyes were locked on him.

“So, Tina just spilled the beans and you were undercover the whole time!” she said excitedly, “I’d ask why you didn’t tell me sooner but I just remembered I keep all my toys non-talking. You little boys never really know what you volunteered yourself for and the begging got old fast.”

“Amy! You gotta let me out! This has gone on long-“

She rolled her eyes.

“I told you, you’re muted for words. We get to hear you scream and panic and all the fun stuff. Nothing else.”

Andrew froze in fear.

“Anyway, I’d hate to have this much fun with myself and not share. We’re family after all! And I just wanted you to know that we’re all going to be spending the next day or so in very. Close. Company.”

Tina giggled and dipped a finger inside herself. Her clit was practically vibrating on its own; the way Amy was talking down to a clearly dominated Andrew was incredible and his faces made her wish she had a similar power over men. Any man.

Maybe this man.

“Hey no wai-!”

Andrew tried to yell out to them, but Amy’s avatar crashed downward cutting him off mid-scream. When Tina realized her brother had just been effortlessly swallowed by her sister’s asshole she came instantly. Amy wasn’t far behind her; the room was practically buzzing with sexual tension.

On screen the avatar kept bouncing, and both women kept going. With each rise and Andrew’s body revealed, Tina felt her heart leap in a way it hadn’t since she’d seen her first penis. Between the screen and her sister’s reaction Amy felt the same way. Together they reached a second, then third orgasm before they let themselves lose steam.

“Holy shit,” Tina said as she caught her breath. “I haven’t masturbated like that in years.”

“That’s been my Saturday for about a year,” Amy replied back, laughing. “I love my weekends.”

The girls thought about putting their pants back on but they couldn’t keep their eyes off the screen.

We’ve gone far enough there’s no point in pretending this isn’t awesome, Tina thought.

“So…you made this?” she asked as the video shifted.

Now Andrew was being flicked around a dining room table like a football. Each girl tried to catch him with their mouth but failed.

“Yep,” Amy replied, “With TR it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.”

She indicated her control module tucked under her ponytail, but also grabbed her mouse and keyboard. Andrew was almost caught in an Asian girl’s mouth but her lips weren’t quite quick enough to clamp onto his arm.

“So, obviously I’ve got my own avatars on here,” she explained as she clicked ‘random’ on Andrew’s playlist. Their view went from him about to swallowed by Amy again to a view of Andrew swimming in a small pool. When the camera zoomed out the pool was revealed to be Amy’s water bottle, and she was thirsty.

Amy minimized the scenario but left it playing while she brought up her Transferred Reality Design software.

“Hey shouldn’t we, um,” Tina said when she realized Andrew’s action was continuing in the background without them even watching, “I don’t know, pause him at least?”

“Why?” Amy asked, glancing down between her sister’s legs, “Don’t tell me you didn’t get off half on the fact that he was completely helpless. Just imagine how he feels now, running through everything I ever made while we’re not even bothering to watch?”

Tina flushed when she realized Amy really knew what she was talking about.  Together the sisters shared a grin.

“So like I was saying,” Amy continued, “It takes a bit to learn the ropes but after awhile the programming starts to interpret what you’re aiming for and it’s really intuitive.”

On screen there was already a pre-loaded room with a naked Amy standing in the middle of it.

“Watch,” she commanded, and Tina obeyed.

Amy’s hands flew across the keyboard but far more of her action was happening just by thought. Store shelves appeared around her avatar, then a roof and floor until it was obvious she was standing in a grocery store. As an afterthought clothes appeared while the rest of the store seemed to come into focus until the picture was indistinguishable from real life.

“Now from here the program takes what it has on my avatar, which is pretty much ninety percent me and my thought processes, and directs it based on my wants. Right now I’ll just do some shopping.”

On cue her avatar walked up and down the aisles, grabbing small items that she held in the crook of her elbow.

“Now this wouldn’t have worked so well the first time I did it,” she confessed, “But the programming is stunningly intelligent.”

Tina leaned forward, fascinated.

“Okay, but you used all this to make your own custom porn?”

“Basically!” Amy said cheerfully. “Some other people make macro porn, or but not really in the way I want to watch it.”

“That’s my next question,” Tina said as she leaned back again, “So obviously the video is crazy hot, but we put Andrew in there and clearly this is a fantasy you like…”

Her question went unfinished.

“Oh, like do I do full immersion?” Amy asked, continuing when Tina nodded, “Well the short version is that I’m not comfortable doing that without someone real world to watch my back. No one’s ever been caught in it before, not truly, but their customer service people can only retrieve someone and physically extract them to their offices in Toledo.”

Tina gave her an odd look.

“I don’t know, that’s just how it works,” she explained, “I just don’t want to chance getting beamed to an office two thousand miles away.”

With a click she brought Andrew’s playlist back up. Current he was stuck between the sole of Amy’s foot and her sandal at the beach. She stopped periodically to look at something and he was almost able to wriggle free, but moments before he got there she would resume walking and he’d be crushed once more.

“Now I know what you’re thinking,” Amy said.

We should set him free? We should keep him? We should play with ourselves until our clits hurt? Tina thought, sure Amy couldn’t guess.

It was none of those things.

“If you wanna go full immersion I’ll help you, but I highly suggest we start a little simpler.”

She was holding out a heavier headset to Tina, who took it without hesitation.

“Time to play.”

Ten minutes later the two women had moved into Tina’s room. It was bigger, with more comfortable seating and a bigger bed. More importantly, her computer ‘screen’ was projected onto her wall, essentially making it a super massive television. Tina had been unsure about the computer side of things but Amy had done…something….to pair their computers so now all of Amy’s content was equally visible on both.

Most importantly, Andrew was easily visible as Amy slid a finger up his backdoor. A finger the size of a telephone pole that distended his entire abdomen as she forced it all the way up him. When she was happy with the placement the virtual girl turned back to her virtual boyfriend. Her mouth sought his rod while her Andrew-encased finger slipped up his backdoor.

“Wait, you can do that?” Tina asked.

“You’ve never milked a guy’s prostate?” Amy asked as she finished preparing the system for Tina’s involvement.

“No I mean the thing where he-where he is stretched like that?”

Amy held back a laugh but it shone on her face as she watched what her digital self was doing. Every so often her finger reappeared to highlight Andrew’s predicament.

“Oh sis,” she said as she made sure the heavier headset was properly connected for Tina, “You’re in for a way cool ride. Now, let’s get you in here.”

Just like Amy, Tina wasn’t sure about going full-avatar yet. Not just because Toledo sounded way too far away, but because the whole process was new to her. She was already imagining how a tiny struggler inside her pussy would feel and once she could convince herself it was safe and she was truly in full control…

The next hour or so they spent purely getting Tina used to the software. Her avatar she elected to keep exactly as she was currently, but with a greatly lowered sense of inhibition. And propriety.

With Amy helping her the basic tutorials were completed in record time.

“Wait,” Tina said as they prepared to set up her first real scenario, “I’ve never thought about like, this shrunken man thing before. Can I play in one of your things first?”

“Oh no,” Amy said back, embarrassed, “My stuff is good enough for me, personally, because it’s mine and it’s all set to me. I’m not good enough at creating to zero it in where anyone can hop in yet. But there’s a site with a few real pro setups we could use. I started with those, actually, then decided I wanted to make my own.”

Tina was inexperienced enough to think Amy was underselling herself. But not naïve enough to ignore her suggestion.

“Okay, bring them up.”

From a surprisingly expansive list, Amy selected one scenario that she really thought Tina would like. A true classic.

“Now remember,” she said, “the program is still figuring out how you think. You’re the director but the crew is completely new.”

Once the new scenario was primed, Amy did make herself finally re-open Andrew’s playlist. She was pleased to see he had been tied into the crotch of a nice pair of panties. Just as he was being pulled upward she paused it.

Then focused just enough to drag his screaming form into the other open scenario. He was meshed into it almost instantly.

“Ready to watch yourself have a really good time?” she asked, making sure Tina’s headset was in proper position. Her sister nodded with a grin.

Amy started the scenario.

Andrew rolled over in bed. His head was pounding; last night he must’ve drank way too much.

“Why’d I have that last drink? Should’ve figured I’d wind up-“

He paused, looking around and suddenly sure he was still dreaming.


Surrounding him was an expanse that was clearly a bedspread. For someone a hundred times as large as him.

“What was in that drink?” he questioned as a distant booming drew his attention.

The booming turned out to be his sister Tina’s footsteps. She was tall as a mountain and patting dry her dark hair with a towel, clearly having taken a shower. His sister was also naked as the day she was born, but her titanic size kept Andrew from looking away. Something deep within him screamed that he should run, but the high-quality TR programming kept him to a stricter script than Amy’s programming was able to.

Instead of running he found himself frozen in place.

“Good, you awake!” she said, her voice lower than usual, making it obvious she had been drinking, “You passed out at the bar and geeeeez you were heavy.”

“Wha-what?” he yelled out, hoping she could hear him. She couldn’t, his voice was too small, but she could read his body language. Wrongly.

“So I knew you wouldn’t mind if I shrunk you down and brought you back to my place,” she added as she dropped the towel. “Now scooch over.”

With no more warning than that Tina crawled onto the bed, directly over Andrew. He screamed and threw himself aside to avoid her oncoming knee and was thrown into the air when she turned and slammed her butt down. When he landed he looked up at the world’s biggest vagina.

Sister, sister, sister, part of him said, doing its best to resist the TR programming.

Horny, horny, horny, the programming changed those words to, easily overcoming his aversion.

Subconsciously Andrew felt the shift and knew what had happened to him. But everywhere else…

“Like what you see?” Tina asked him, looking down at the little man between her legs.

At three inches tall her slit was longer than his entire body, but she saw him approach it like a statue made of solid gold.

Andrew saw her massive glimmering lips and couldn’t restrain himself, though deep inside he was screaming.

“Why don’t you take a closer look?” Tina’s voice boomed just before her massive finger shoved him forward.

Andrew’s face hit her wetness full strength and he pulled himself free with wet sucking sound. He was covered in her juices and far from bothering him he felt himself hoping for more. With an almost comical battle cry he pushed hard at Tina’s lips, pulling them apart and pushing an arm within her boiling depths.

“Oooh yeah, little guy,” she said as she watched, “Get in there! Work it!”

He obeyed. When she rocked her hips and told him how much she loved what he was doing he added a second arm. Tina almost creamed from the sensation, so Andrew got smarter. He pulled his hands free and used the tiny stubs of pubic hair he could find for handholds.

When he’d climbed high enough that his face was right against her clit he immediately latched his tongue onto it and awkwardly pushed one leg back into her snatch.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Tina said as she shifted her hips entirely, causing them to face upward.

Andrew was tossed upward briefly from the movement and landed with both his legs atop her soaking lips, but with her clit in his face that didn’t seem important at the moment. Without hesitation he began furiously rubbing and sucking at any part of it he could reach.

Tina loved it, rocking her hips and groaning.

“You’re doing great!” she said, “Get me there!”

Andrew renewed his efforts but felt his legs slipping. When they did he pushed downward to try and gain purchase out of reflex, but instead of pushing up his legs were enveloped immediately. Another small struggle found him up to his waist in the quivering woman.

“Hey uh,” he tried to say, but a finger immediately pushed his face back onto her clit.

“Come on you slacker!” Tina yelled, stunned with how turned on she was, “I’m so close!”

On the bed next to her appeared a long, bright purple dildo.

In the real world, Amy saw what Tina was planning. Currently the real Tina was loving the control she had. Amy had gone through this scenario dozens of times and knew it was somewhat limited, but a great intro to TR directing. And she’d just shown that she had the focus to create a ‘real’ object in the scenario which was a great sign that she was grasping the underlying principles.

All of this, of course, was underneath what Amy was primarily thinking:

“Holy shit this is hot.”

On screen Andrew had lost more and more traction, and Tina’s finger was no longer shoving him against her clit.

“Come on!” she urged him, looking down with a desperate look. “I’m close! So close!”

Andrew was close too; to being sucked in.

“Help!” he said as he did his best to pull his hands free. Despite himself he’d tried pushing on her wet lips around him to try and kick free but it had only hastened her devouring him.

“Ugh!” she said, now annoyed with him, “You talked a big game back at the bar and this is what I get?”

“You gotta help!” he cried out again, almost engulfed up to his shoulders. Reflexively he was kicking which he knew had to feel good but he knew if he stopped for a moment to try and pleasure her the way she still demanded he’d be swallowed up instantly.

“Fine,” Tina said as something massive came into view, “I’ll do it myself.”

“Wait no!” Andrew tried to scream as the massive phallus shoved against him.

In an instant he vanished from view; Tina wasted no time in shoving her toys completely inside. Furiously she pounded herself and raced a finger across her clit. She hadn’t been joking, she was close.

Ten seconds after insertion Tina sat up suddenly, and her mouth opened in a silent cry. Her legs shook as her orgasm rolled through her body, then she fell back with a sigh.

“Oh shit,” she said as she pulled the dildo free and dropped it next to her, “Oh wow I needed that.”

The drunk woman started to reach for her phone but on the way her head brushed her pillow. With her arm still outstretched she fell asleep.

Slowly the camera panned backward, showing off her incredible body and long legs. Just barely visible between her crooked legs was her slit; from which Andrew was just about to crawl out of. Desperate, he gulped down fresh air when his face finally appeared. Now that she’d stopped quaking it was easier to move, so he prepared himself for one final push out of her.

Tina rolled onto her back and pressed her legs together, savoring the afterglow of her orgasm even in sleep. Andrew’s scream as he was shoved back inside of her was overwhelmed by her moan.

“That was really good!” Amy said when the screen went dark.

Tina smiled and nodded at her sister.

“That was fun!” she said with a giggle, “And it was crazy hot but I don’t think I could masturbate at the same time without really messing it up.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Amy replied as she handed Tina her backup vibrator, “I think the system will read your mind a lot better than we anticipated.”

Andrew awoke with a scream. He sat up suddenly and then let out a sigh of relief.

“Just a nightmare,” he told himself as he realized he was in his room. At regular size, even.

Standing, he started to look for clothes just as the door burst open.

“Hey you jackass!” his older sister yelled at him, “Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

“Hey I’m naked!” he yelled back trying to cover himself but not having a clue what she was talking about.

“Well I’m hungry!” she said back as she pointed something at him.

Before he had time to even reply as to what a dumb thing that was to say, Andrew found himself on the ground looking directly at Tina’s approaching massive feet.

He screamed as her fingers easily wrapped around his body, then rocketed him upward as a nauseating pace.  Almost before he’d processed what was happening he was in front of her annoyed face.

“At least you’ll finally be good for something,” she said before popping him between her lips.

Andrew kept screaming when the light vanished. Her mouth was hot and humid beyond belief but he knew that wasn’t the worst.

Teeth smashed down on his leg, squeezing it until he felt the bones and skin rearrange to accommodate. When the teeth let up he reached down, sure he was going to feel a bloody stump. Instead his leg felt completely fine. Until the teeth came down again. And again. And again.

Tina chewed her gum as she snooped through Andrew’s room. Truth be told she’d forgotten what she was even mad at him for, but she was glad she’d came in. He had twelve dollars in his sock drawer.

Humming to herself, she slipped the little squirmer toward the back of her mouth and swallowed as she left to get ready for school.

In the real world, Amy leaned back in her chair and looked at Tina.

“Not bad for your first from-scratch,” she admitted. “But let’s keep practicing. Short can be hot and I liked how you used a familiar environment though.”

Without even realizing they were pulling an all-nighter, the sisters stayed in a pleasureful haze as Tina explored TR and brought her new fantasies to life. At times they referred to older macrophelia stories and premade scenarios for ideas, but it was surprisingly easy for Tina to generate her own. Amy had always thought her sister would have a kinky side, and now she knew.

Side by side they masturbated while watching Andrew be used as bait on a fishing line, wrapped around his feet. They giggled when a mermaid who looked curiously like the lead singer of the Flaming Peaks swallowed him whole, then was dragged out of the water by Tina. Carefully the mermaid was pulled from her bait and tossed into a cooler already full of equally small and adorable mer.

Andrew, meanwhile, could only scream as he was tossed back into the water.

In the next scene he was tucked away in Tina’s purse as she snuck him into the movies. Once the lights went down she set him free on the armrest, and he was too busy watching the previews to notice his big sister hiking up her skirt.

By the time the movie itself started the only part of Andrew that was visible were his legs, and by the time the movie ended Tina wasn’t sure if she could handle another orgasm. But she planned on finding out when she got home.

Following that, Andrew found himself stuck up to his waist in a clear silicon mold. He had no illusions about what it was for, but when Tina casually stuck him to the side of the shower with a suction cup he still screamed. Until she backed up onto him and he slid headfirst into her asshole.

By the time morning light was streaming through Tina’s bedroom window the sisters had made a dozen scenarios already, with several more written down. It wasn’t the sunlight that had broken their almost feverish work though.

“I can’t believe my batteries died,” Amy said as she held her vibrator up to her face. “That only happens like twice a year!”

Tina was flushed and leaning back in her own chair, almost grateful that something had happened to snap them out of the zone. Both women were hot and sweaty, stripped completely naked and not at all self-conscious about it. Considering how much of….everything….they’d just done Tina wondered if they’d even bother wearing clothes in the house anymore.

Andrew was unaware of the change in energy in the real world.

He was currently sprinting down an apparently endless hallway, along with dozens of other poor shrunken victims. The fact that these other victims were almost all twins or triplets of one another didn’t occur to Andrew as he ran, and neither of the women watching picked up on the TR program reusing avatars in that way either. The focus was all on their brother.

The camera focus, that is. Their current real-world focus was on stretching and getting their legs to wake back up after a marathon masturbation session.

“Want some coffee?” Amy asked as she bent down to touch her toes. The action caused her sensitive lips to rub together and she shivered.

“Ugh, I can’t believe I’m saying this but no,” Tina said as she gathered her clothes where she’d tossed them, and then threw them into her hamper. “Just twelve hours of sleep.”

Andrew ran, screaming when he stumbled over the short carpet, or when someone else jostled him. Occasionally he spared a glance behind but it told him he was still right to keep running. On their hands and knees, his sisters Tina and Amy were crawling along behind the running crowd. At their size a slow crawl was just barely faster than Andrew’s fastest sprint.

The pair wore cat ears and nothing else and were clearly having the time of their lives. They giggled and nudged each other, occasionally causing a runner to be smashed and left behind, broken but alive. Those were the lucky few.

As the sisters crawled they made a game out of snatching up a runner, toying with them briefly by hanging them over one another’s mouths until they were swallowed down. When runners fell or were smashed the pair laughed like it was the greatest joke in the world. Exactly one-in-three, not that it mattered to Andrew, were slid into one of the women’s other orifices, which greatly enhanced the fun of the game for them.

He returned to his running as Amy turned her rump toward her sister and a screaming blonde woman vanished. The women made painfully adorable noises while they played which drowned out the screaming even before she was completely engulfed.

“Help!” he yelled down the hall as the giggling pair resumed their chase, “Anybody help!”

Tina and Amy giggled at the screen, loving how their backsides looked, but more loving expression on Andrew’s face as he sprinted. Behind him they were adorable moving mountains.

“That one turned out a lot better than I thought it would,” Amy admitted as her avatar scooped up an unlucky teenager with her mouth.

She giggled as the screaming girl vanished down her throat.

“This has been incredible,” Tina said as she waved her hand at the monitor where Andrew was still running, “But I don’t think I can stay at designing and just watching. I want to feel it all myself.”

Amy gave her a knowing smile as she gathered up her own clothes.

“Well maybe since we trust each other so much we can see about taking that next step.”


Six hours later, Andrew materialized on the floor of Tina’s room.

He bit back a scream as the effects of the Transferred Reality Emotional Activity Trainer™ faded. They aways went quickly but Andrew knew how effective it had been at treating PTSD and other conditions. The body knew it wasn’t real once it was free of the simulation but it was still hard to separate e it from reality.

Unlike the first false wakeup there was no doubt this was the real world. Because things hurt again.

“At least this ankle’s good for something,” he murmured as he stood. His chronically twisted and sore ankle had been his real world reminder a dozen times. TR was excellent at pain, but the nuances of long term injuries it didn’t fully mimic yet.

At full height he realized he was naked but couldn’t find the will to care. He’d been naked for two days and his roommates had seen everything he had, and he had of them as well.

He suppressed a shudder.

Then he realized Tina was asleep in her bed three feet away.

Andrew froze, knowing if she opened her eyes she’d first see his hanging dick, then his own mortified face. Carefully he stepped backward, guiding himself into the hallway. With a sigh of relief he turned and went back to his own room.

Five minutes later he was clothed and creeping back into Tina’s room. He’d checked already and Amy was passed out as well; if they’d had their fun the entire time he was uploaded then that meant they’d just been up for at least a day and a half and weren’t going to wake back up anytime soon.

His hand shook as he slipped a memory crystal into Tina’s computer and began copying all her TR scenarios onto it. Several minutes later he did the same at Amy’s computer.

In his own room he carefully tucked the crystal away, knowing he’d never use it.

“Sure some of it was fun,” he said as he shut the drawer, “But it was all horrible.”

He paused, reassuring himself despite his growing erection. His emotions were fighting one another.

They were his sisters. But it was a new fetish that he’d never even considered. He’d basically been raped.

But without the conditioning, would I have liked it? he wondered.

“Definitely not,” he told himself as he pulled up some old-fashioned video porn.


Three weeks later the sisters finally staged an intervention.

“He’s been avoiding us way too long,” Tina said, rolling her eyes. Her brother had always been prone to dramatics.

Amy agreed. “He’s really blowing it out of proportion. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he liked it as much as we did. Every guy says he wants to get balls deep in a hot chick, and he got way further than that with two of them. For a whole weekend.”

Tina wasn’t sure she completely agreed with what Amy was saying; she could only imagine it as being handed around a fraternity house for a weekend whether she wanted it or not. But she agreed with her big point.

Which was why they didn’t bother knocking when they opened his door and barged into his room. Gracefully.

“Andrew we-“ Tina started, but trailed off in confusion.

The two looked around briefly, but it was obvious he wasn’t in his room.

“Wasn’t he just here?” Tina asked rhetorically, noticing that his window was still closed so he hadn’t snuck out like a sitcom teenager.

“Oh yeah, and he still is,” Amy said with a grin, nodding toward his computer.

Together they leaned forward and at first Tina only saw Amy sitting calmly in a classroom, taking notes, wearing a skirt that was probably too short for high school. Then she leaned forward and lifted her hips several inches. Ahead of her the teacher didn’t notice, as he was writing on the board.

But the girls noticed when Amy bounced her hips up and down on a familiar sight: Andrew’s body disappearing into a hungry snatch. On the bottom right of the screen a discrete timer was counting down to two different events: the next random scenario, and when full-body immersion would automatically end.

“Naughty naughty naughty,” the real Amy said as she leaned forward to watch.



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