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CJ cracked his eyes open, rubbed the sleep from them and groaned like a sexual frustrated mammal during the rut. A thought sprung up in his head, a very important thought. He leapt out of his self-fabricated bed of cork bottom and matchstick pillars and took a swift gander at the lively huge clock-radio beaming the time in radiant red figures.

“Fuck! I'm late! I. Am. LATE!” CJ grabbed his garment and bolted off. He managed to maintain a pretty high pace while putting on his cloths and keep running at the same time. As he neared the edge of the platform his bed was resting upon he jumped and made a soccer slide. Gliding over the surface, CJ's hands were deftly in time to take hold of a resting piece of hemp twine firmly attached to a monumental table lamp. Climbing down along this dangling piece of rope to the floor was something CJ had done loads of time. His vast experience in the act made him quite skillful in his hand over hand technique and grip with the legs and feet. He was even able to make short, subtle slides now and then, without burning his hands. After he descended a distance of about fifty meters – from CJ's perspective that is, because in actuality this side table was not even two feet tall – he landed deftly on his feet and dashed off. Huffing, while keeping his eyes on the time, CJ jogged further and approached the door. He fell flat on his belly and crawled under it, about to leave Gina's room – his owner.

He looked from left to right.

Beside one slacker who scurried her way around the corner in the distance the hallway was entirely deserted and silent.

He maneuvered his way from the dormitory section towards the school counselor's office – where he was needed.

While jogging, he came across many rooms. Most of them were closed, as they should be. Except for one.

Majori, how surprising… CJ pondered.

Not able to curb his curiosity, CJ walked up closer and peeped around the corner. He turned up his nose as a strong whiff of industrial deodorant, cocktailed with sourish sweat and still-slumbering-morning-smell invaded his nose to cause serious havoc there.

“Missing class again, Majori?” CJ said softly, speaking more to himself than to Majori.

A narrow beam of sunlight invaded the partly shuttered window and landed on the bed – where it lit up part of a slender long leg jutting out from under an inexplicable mishmash that had to go for a white blanket. The deep and rhythmic growls that came loudly from under the vibrating white mountain made CJ almost believe that it was a grizzly bear grumbling there under the sheets instead of a mere teen girl.
CJ’s glare kept lingering on Majori’s pale, bare leg sticking out – leaning partly on the onion chips littered floor. The sight of Majori’s firm thigh gave birth to a most pleasant sensation in CJ’s lower regions – slapping his shaft to a state of hoisting attention.
Majori had always been a comely blond youth. CJ had admired her often while clutched within Gina’s fist when Majori came visiting his owner – mainly because she needed something.
And over there – partly stationed in the shadow under Majori’s bed – sat a dusty plastic dome, the size of a basketball. A used black sock was draped over it. As CJ squinted, he could discern vague contours of multiple microscopic buildings. So small, that CJ could easily play Godzilla in the city if he had to. Through eavesdropping conversations, CJ had picked up that there had to live at least a half million shrunken souls in that thing.

Poor people… CJ thought with pity.

On occasion, Majori had pleaded fiercely with Gina to buy CJ from her. For some reason, the girl had a thing for him. CJ always sighed with deep relief when Gina remained steadfast and said that she would rather eat her own shoe speckled with sea salt sifted from Mediterranean waters than to get separated from her Bebe (Gina’s pet name for CJ.)
He came back to his senses when his eyes fell on the clock with long pointers hanging on the wall in Majori's room.

“Fuck!... Fuck, fuck, fuckerdiefuck! Miss Reece Is not going to be happy about this.”

CJ was already late for his appointment with the school’s counselor and now he was even later – making his fear for possible sanctions even greater. He ran off, ignoring his urge to take a peek into the various classrooms he passed by. Sneaking into full classrooms filled to the brim with delicious looking teenage girls with short skirts was one of CJ's favorite pastime hobby. Being this small gave him great advantage on the field of stealth. No one could see or hear him. It gave him also the best point of view a guy could have. He could see everything when peeping under a girl's skirt. It still surprised him how many girls in this school decided to NOT wear any underwear at all.

CJ craned his neck while panting from exhaustion and read the sign fastened on the monumental-sized oaken door looming in front of him.

Miss Reece.

He gulped before landing on all fours to crawl under the door. As he slithered his way in, CJ strongly believed that Miss Reece's hand would shoot shot down from the sky to snatch him up to scold him brutally for being this late. Bend over like some egghead who was afraid to receive another blow from its main bully, CJ sat there shivering like reed during an autumn storm – with his hands above his head, waiting. Only after a time that felt like an eternity – but was actually 21 seconds – did CJ dare to slowly look up. His eyes were greeted with the sight of an apparent empty office.

“Miss Reece!” CJ's tiny vocal chords called out. He sauntered right under the majestically high, wooden structure that was actually Miss Reece's desk and looked up at her throne-like chair. Vacant.

A strong aroma roused his nose and shaft into attention. CJ looked to the side and saw Miss Reece's knee-high boots lying on the floor, draped over each other like two death animals. It was just like CJ was able to see visual wisps of sweaty odor leaving the boots, meandering through the air – urging him to come closer. The strong body sense of his Goddess activated a part in CJ brain compelling him to fall down into submissive behavior. So first things first – before he allowed himself to plunge into the holy depths of Miss Reece's boots he needed to take some precautionary measures. He did not want to be branded as some blasphemous rascal after all. CJ uttered a prayer, lowered his head to the floor and visualized a lively image in his head of Miss Reece donned in thigh high boots and a tight fitting black bathing suit. He was quite sure (at least, he hoped he was) that Miss Reece would one day rule over the entire planet. With powers like her its just a matter of time before even the most influential governments on the planet will give in to her.

Just as CJ was about to stand up – with a hurtful, vein-pumping engorged member in his pants – a warm and soft blanket draped itself all around him, covering him in darkness – grabbing him firmly. Curled up like a woodchuck in hibernation, CJ's bowels felt like they were doing a freefall exhibition in his stomach when he was launched airborne. A thick cloud made up of flowery sweet substance with a delicate though very present touch of sea-breeze-freshness on the edges slammed CJ in the face – boycotting his state of mind, as it pushed him on a narrow paved path through his consciousness where submission to Miss Reece was the only thing that counted. After that, CJ's eyes adjusted to Miss Reece's billboard-sized countenance smiling down upon him. CJ scrambled back on his feet. He reeled a bit as he adjusted himself to the uneven surface while standing on Miss Reece's tennis court-sized hand.

“Finally gracing us with your presence?” Miss Reece cocked her head – making her tangled forest of night black curls waving to the side. CJ's knees buckled as his frail willpower to show some dignity melted under the glare of Miss Reece's mesmerizing copper hued eyes.

“U-us?” CJ frowned. His eyes stretched open like a field-mouse rooting about in a forest while being ambushed by a slobbering fox when he saw the short-haired beauty appearing behind Miss Reece.

“Gina!” CJ said.

“Hello Bebe,” Gina smiled. She wrapped her arms around Miss Reece and planted a long passionate kiss on her luscious mouth – which the latter answered eagerly.

CJ pulled his pants down and his boxers and started wanking ferociously while watching the two beauties swapping spit with each other.

Gina's eyes peeked to the side. She smiled while not breaking the kiss. “Looks like someone wants to join us.”

“Place him between my thighs.” Miss Reece said while barely ceasing to suck Gina's face.

CJ was picked up by his owner and placed down. Trapped on a triangle-shaped piece of wooden desk between Miss Reece's firm, bare legs CJ's lower jaw dropped to a stop. Right in front of him – partly veiled in the shadow of a skirt – was Miss Reece's twat flaunting itself in all of its dripping gloriousness.

“Get in,” Miss Reece's authoritarian voice called out.

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