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In the early summer after Devon Mayhew’s final year of university, his life took a turn for the worst when he developed a severe case of Diminutive Size Disorder. He was lucky enough to still graduate from his program, but a college degree wasn’t much use to someone who was barely 8 inches tall. His major had been a field that couldn’t practically employ people smaller than normal. Even though his family’s life insurance had reimbursed him for the loans he’d taken out, he was still left fuming about having just wasted four years of his life. His parents tried to insist that it wasn’t a waste, and that college was good for other things like making new friends and going out into the world to experience life, but he was too gloomy to listen to reason. Devon’s despondent attitude certainly didn’t help him land any other jobs either, so for now he was stuck back at home, unemployed and living with his parents, at an unfair and uncomfortably shrunken size.

Meanwhile, his sister Bethany had just graduated high school, and in a few months was about to start college herself. And she wasn’t very enthused about Devon coming back home either. Despite being the younger sibling, their parents expected Bethany to pitch in with helping care for Devon, which had started putting a damper on her summer plans from the very first day he’d come home. This was the last summer she’d get to spend with a lot of her high school friends, and before he’d even finished shrinking, she had a gut feeling that she’d be left babysitting Devon way more than was fair (although to her, anything more than none-at-all was an unfair amount of time).

Her suspicion had been confirmed soon after by her parents when they reminded her that they’d booked a non-refundable trip to Europe for their 25th anniversary. They’d both already scheduled time off work and had been anticipating the trip for the past year, not to mention the fact that they’d be out thousands of dollars if they were to stay home and help care for Devon. So instead of ruining their romantic getaway, they tasked Bethany with caring for Devon instead. 

“It’ll be good practice for when you have kids of your own,” their mom insisted, partially joking.

“But I don’t even wanna have kids!” Bethany argued back. “For this very exact reason, I’m not gonna have any free time now til you guys are back.”

“Oh, stop being so dramatic,” their dad pitched in, rolling his eyes. “Devon’s not a baby, you don’t need to actually do anything other than be at home in case he gets hurt or something goes wrong. You can watch TV—”

“But I don’t wanna watch TV!”

“—or go tanning in the backyard—”

“I already went to the tanning salon last week!”

“—or invite a friend over to hang out.”

That was the one suggestion that was at least somewhat similar to what Bethany had wanted to do this summer, but she was too stubborn to give her parents a victory. “It’s just not the same though,” she grumbled. “I can’t go to the beach, or any parties, or even just drive around with people. Our house is so boring…”

“Well, I guess you gotta find a way to make it fun then, cuz you don’t have a choice,” the older woman sighed. “We don’t have to pay for your college, you know.” Bethany glared at her parents silently, but was smart enough to keep her mouth shut. And that was the end of that.

Her last glimmer of hope was snuffed out only a few minutes after their parents had left to head to the airport. They hadn’t wanted to argue with Bethany any further or listen to her complain, so her mom had waited til they were in the car to send the final note that killed any chances Bethany might’ve had for sneaking out of the house. “Forgot to tell you, but Dad finally fixed the outside security cameras last week,” it had read, before listing a few other instructions for taking care of Devon. Realizing that she wouldn’t be able to escape without her parents knowing made Bethany scream, before breaking down into a fit of tears. Even if she spoofed the location sharing on her iPhone and snuck out after Devon had gone to sleep, she still wouldn’t be able to get past the cameras that were apparently working now after being broken for half a year. She felt like a prisoner in her own home, and she doubted she’d get a chance to leave until her parents got back in a couple weeks.

For now, she was stuck with her brother, the one person who was ultimately to blame for all of this. Although it wouldn’t be long before they both realized that he was really the one stuck with her. 

~             ~             ~

Devon had always had a decent relationship with his sister, but it hadn’t been good enough to keep him from viewing her as a threat when he moved back home. Being a moody teenager had been fine when they were growing up together (he was a moody teenager too), but it was apparent that she still hadn’t grown out of her angst-filled demeanor yet. And coming back to someone as temperamental as Bethany like the sub-sized specimen he was didn’t help. To make matters feel worse, she’d grown significantly in the four years since he’d last lived at home. She was almost 6 feet tall now—which would’ve been taller than Devon even if he hadn’t shrank—and had put on more than a few pounds too. Her spot on the volleyball team had caused her appetite to grow over the years and she’d only recently gotten control over her eating habits, but it hadn’t been before her hips and thighs had thickened out to a point that every pair of pants she wore seemed to be a tight fit. Her boobs were gigantic too, although they’d already been large to begin with.

But now they were stuck together, and as much as Devon didn’t want to admit it, he was pretty much reliant upon his sister for the next few weeks. His parents were still waiting on his disability claim to be processed by the state, so they hadn’t bought any of the specially-sized furniture or ladders or other everyday things he’d need as an 8-incher; a few pairs of clothes to keep him from going naked were all he could use at the moment. Every time he needed to use the bathroom, eat a meal, or get some fresh air, he’d need Bethany to carry him, and sometimes set things up for him too. Bethany had also realized just how tedious the next couple weeks would be, and in the few hours since their parents had left, she was already proving herself to be dramatically bothered and lazy. 

Right now he was sitting on his sister’s plate that she’d eaten dinner on, eating her leftover mashed potatoes and chicken while using a plastic shot glass to drink water out of. But she’d left him on her bedroom floor, with the cheap reasoning being that when he was done, he could just hop off the plate and head wherever else in the house he wanted to go, instead of making her get up all for the extremely simple task of transporting him to the ground.

Trying to decide what he’d spend his day doing, Devon looked up from his meal absentmindedly and shrieked loud enough to catch Bethany’s attention. “There’s a spider over there!” he yelped, pointing over by her desk. Realizing he wasn’t hurt or in any real immediate danger, Bethany sighed and rolled her eyes, but got up nonetheless and slipped a slipper on to save the day. With a disgruntled trudge over to her desk, she extended her leg towards the harmless-looking arachnid and crushed it beneath her foot without giving it a second thought. Even though he knew his sister would never kill him, he couldn’t help but stare in horror, imagining his own body being flattened by someone angry enough to stomp the life out of him. “See?” he insisted. “That’s why I told you it’d be safer for me to eat somewhere higher up.” Normally people installed advanced bug-repellant systems around their houses if they were making it suitable for tinies, but that was just another investment Devon’s parents were waiting to buy.

“Oh yeah, cuz spiders can’t climb literally anywhere they want to,” the testy teenager snarkily remarked. But she indulged his request anyways and lifted his plate onto the top of her dresser. “Besides, it’s not like bugs are a super common occurrence indoors, at least not in our house.”

“Maybe they are but you guys never notice them cuz they’re so tiny compared to you.”

“Well I killed it for you, didn’t I?” She narrowed her eyes, annoyed at how argumentative he was already being on the first day, but sprawled back onto her bed and turned on Netflix.

After another few minutes, Devon finished with his midday meal and spoke up again. “Hey, can you just take me to the living room so I can watch TV, since I’m done eating? I promise I won’t bother you again for the rest of the night.”

“I literally just turned on the TV in here though,” she muttered.

“Yeah, but I wanted to watch the new Star Wars show.”

“I’m watching New Girl, it’s like a popular, funny show, and I know a ton of guys that like it too. I don’t even wanna watch TV that much, I just figured it’d give you something to do.”

“Yeah, but it’s just not my thing,” he pushed back.

Bethany grit her teeth together, got up, and picked him up in between her fingers. “Maybe you should be thankful that I even tried to be nice at all, instead of bitching about me treating you less than perfectly,” she said as she glared at him, and then pulled out the top drawer of her dresser. Below him, Devon saw a dozen pairs of her panties and bras… along with a long, silicone dick laying right in the middle. “In case you think I’m not being considerate enough, I’ll let you have a sample of what it’d actually be like for me to do the bare minimum.” She dropped him in, but before closing the dresser again, she paused to look at him next to her sex toy, and then chuckled to herself. “Hey look, you’re barely even as tall as my dildo,” she snorted, and then slammed the drawer shut and ignored her brother’s muffled apology as she went back to laying in bed.


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