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“You’ve got six months to live.”

Brian had been so sure that he’d heard the doctor wrong.
That wasn’t a thing that happened to you, it was something you heard
about happening to someone else. On television.

The rest of the conversation had been important, but that
one statement summed it all up. There were treatments. They wouldn’t work, but
they’d extend his lifespan by a painful month or two. Oh, and by the way, these
won’t be a happy six months. In two months you’ll start losing your hair. By four
you’ll be able to count every rib. At five you’ll scare children by making eye

No, his doctor hadn’t said those words specifically. But Brian
knew they were buried in the surprisingly predictable-yet-unstoppable progression
of his disease.

Once home, after the longest twenty-minute car ride of his life,
he’d cracked open the bottle of scotch he’d been saving for his wedding day. He
wasn’t dating anyone, but a software developer could hope that one day a maiden
would walk into his office by accident and make eye contact. The bottle had
gone down easily after he’d gotten over the initial taste.

The following morning he’d made a cheap pizza for breakfast
and chased it with five Motrin.

“Who needs a liver when your insides are eating their way
out anyways?” he asked aloud, rhetorically.

But it turned out he’d made up his mind to race death with
pizza and booze a little too soon.

Before noon that very next day, the phone had rang and he’d
found himself in a different office in a hospital on the far side of the city.
He’d spent the next week running some very specific tests, reading some very
specific literature, and finally the following Monday he allowed himself to

There was a procedure, he was told, something brand new.
Cutting edge.

“New enough, in fact,” Doctor Klein told him across the massive
desk in his office, “You’ll be the first human trial. It’s been over sixty
percent effective in animal trials, but that number would be higher I’m sure if
our participants were smart enough to actually understand what we were doing. In
cognitively intact humans I have no doubt it will be closer to ninety-five
percent positive, based on my data.”

Even for Brian, who was by all standards a very smart man,
their data had been confusing. His field was computers, not genomes, protein
structure, and the theoretical basis for consciousness. But the alternative was
a painful death.

The worst part of this experimental treatment, he told
himself, would be the conversation with his parents. At first, that is.

“You what??” his father, Andy, had yelled out when he
informed them of his diagnosis. Andy wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed by
any means, but there wasn’t a person alive who didn’t fear what Brian had.

His mother, Gemma, had simply burst out crying, words were
beyond her. Andy spoke for her most of the time and her demure disposition
evened out their personalities.

Before the pair could blow their collective lids, Brian had
thrown out the most important part: That there was a potential cure.

“It’s still experimental,” he cautioned them, “But it needs you
two to be involved and it’s…well, it’s more than a little awkward.”

“Anything!” Gemma had said, and Andy just nodded in

Five minutes later the three of them sat around the kitchen
table, just as awkwardly as he’d predicted. Andy looked nervously at Gemma, but
she never for a moment debated not helping her son.

“So, uh,” Andy said as he tapped his fingers on the table, “When
do we do this?”


The following week, just after the first of a prophesied
full-body spasm dropped Brian to the ground in his kitchen, he was dressed in a
hospital gown in a surprisingly cold room. His stomach gurgled; he hadn’t been
able to eat or drink anything since midnight. A nurse gave him a sympathetic look
but assured him even coffee may be too much. For an experimental procedure like
this everything needed to be as simple as possible.

“So! The day has come!” Doctor Klein said excitedly, “I can’t
thank you enough for participating in this trail, Brian, this really is going
to revolutionize medicine.”

Brian hated to be rude, but they’d had this conversation
five times already this morning. He waved his fingers in a rolling motion to
try and keep the doctor moving.

“I know, I know, and about ten other industries,” he
replied, trying not to sound exasperated. Or terrified. “Now that they’re here
can we go through the official things for the final time and get on with it?”

Andy and Gemma had, predictably, arrived half an hour late
to their appointment time. He’d overslept and she’d been so nervous and pacing
that she hadn’t thought to look at a clock. And rushing Andy was nearly
impossible. As was teaching him or making him change his habits.

“Yeah, yeah,” Andy said, from the corner chair, “Let’s do
this one more time?”

“Okay,” the doctor said, holding up his shaking hands, “This
will be our official consent and paperwork conversation.”

He pulled over a small pile of paperwork as a nurse entered
to witness. They quickly ran through basic identifying formalities, then
procedural consent forms. Everything was signed twice, under camera with full
audio recordings.

“Now, the basic overview. Using the newly developed trans-atomic-“

“Please, small words doc!” Andy said with a nervous laugh, “There’s
enough going on here already!”

“Okay,” the doctor acceded, clearly preferring to be
technical, “Brian gets shrunken down to about half an inch tall, where physics
changes how his molecules react to pretty much everything. He is then bathed in
the raw genetic material inside Andy here for a week, then returned into Gemma’s
uterus where the birthing and basic gestational growth process re-occurs. In a
few weeks or months, we’re not sure, he’ll emerge essentially as a second
birth, then we’ll reverse the process, returning Brian to his full-sized self,
minus the world’s most horrific disease.”

“It’s been stunningly effective in primate studies, even with
some of the outliers. We may not understand consciousness fully but the re-grown
capuchin monkeys did remember things they’d been trained on prior to the

Put that way, it sounded just fine. Put another way…

“So,” Andy said for the third time that day, “He gets small,
my dick eats him, and then he grows inside Gemma gain for awhile? And it saves
his life?”

Everyone in the room resisted the urge to simultaneously
facepalm and punch Andy. The nurse’s mouth dropped open as Doctor Klein searched
in vain for a tactful way to respond.

“Let’s just do this!” Brian said, wanting to get the process
over with as soon as possible. Preferably before his father opened his mouth

Doctor Klein was supremely confident in the procedure and
his confidence was infectious. Brian, usually afraid of needles, had no issues
with the pre-shrinking infusion. He was wheeled into a room where a large semi-circular
machine hummed patient.

“Last chance,” the nurse said as she helped him lay down on
the platform the machine encircled, “It’s okay to have doubts, this is a big
deal. But it’ll help a ton of people in the future, and probably save you now.”

She was very reassuring.

“I’ve got no doubts,” he said as she stepped back. There
were several quiet minutes, then the machine started winding up, sounding like
a small airplane.

“No doubt,” Brian repeated as the anesthesia took hold of
him, his eyes suddenly weighing a hundred pounds each.

Two hours later Brian had serious doubts. By then, of
course, it was too late to accept a painful death instead.

Brian’s head rolled from side to side as something massive
gripped around his legs. He felt drunk but at the moment he couldn’t even think
of that word. Whatever was wrapping his legs pulled him downward briefly, then

“Carefully!” said a voice from a thousand speakers far above
him, “He’s far more pliable than normal but it’s still possible to hurt him!”

“Relax,” he heard his father’s voice say, but wavering as
though his ears were stuffed with cotton, “I know what I—well, guess I—”

“Stop,” Doctor Klein said drily and disapprovingly as Brian
managed to open his eyes against the thousand-pound weights that held his
eyelids closed.

When was the last time he’d been
so tired? And why was the doctor so massive? He looked really annoyed.

“No one knows what they’re doing here, please stop talking-“

Hah! Like that’ll ever happen! Brian thought as he
groggily turned his head to look up at his massive father. Why is everyone so
he wondered as the world slowly came into focus.

“-and just get this done.”

Clearly the doctor was tired of Andy, and Brian knew exactly
how he felt. He loved his dad but sometimes…

As he had this thought the reality of his situation returned
to him at roughly the same time his dad’s massive hand reached toward him. Or
rather, a single finger did.

“Now just push him in carefully and his malleable body should-“

He kept talking, but Brian stopped listening. The thing
around his legs shifted again and Brian had the distinct sensation of something
swallowing him. And what was that smell?

“Shit!” he yelled out, realizing what was wrapped around his

There was a groan from above him just as the finger pushed
down on his head.

“He’s kicking up a storm!” Andy’s voice thundered as an
unstoppable force pushed Brian further into the massive urethra.

“Push faster!” the doctor said urgently, “He’ll be fine but
the more awake he is the more likely he is to panic and-“

And at that point it didn’t matter what he was saying.
Before Brian could even truly start to fight back, Andy’s finger had shoved him
far enough into his massive cock that he couldn’t hear a thing. Even having
been told about this part of the process Brian knew there was no possible way anyone
couldn’t panic being faced with the same situation.

It just hadn’t seemed real when it was being calmly
discussed across a desk.

Hold still! Hold still! he told himself as he felt
his body squish unnaturally, first his legs then torso as he was sucked deeper
into the massive rod. Brian tried to tell himself this was expected. That he
knew this was the case. That it was preferable to dying. By the time his
survival instincts took over again he was squeezed far too tightly to do much
more than wiggle; his strongest kick barely made his surroundings budge.

No one outside of Andy’s massive cock heard him scream.

To Gemma’s amazed eyes, her husband’s eight-inch cock bulged
slightly as it swallowed her son. He had been shrunken so small, but it was obvious
where he was at every point in Andy’s shaft until he vanished. Then, to Gemma’s
embarrassed delight, there was the distinct vision of something dropping into
her husband’s testicles.

“Excellent!” Doctor Klein said, carefully ignoring the
tension in the room.

It was about the ninth or tenth time the nurse had observed
this act, and every time she thought it was going to stop stunning her it
proved her wrong. She was far past getting excited every time she saw an erect
penis, but seeing one practically eat a smaller being was like watching a train
wreck. You just couldn’t look away. Especially once the testicles started

“So, he’s in place for sure!” the doctor continued, his
excitement over yet another successful procedure overruling the strangeness of
the situation. “Now, you need to make sure you two remain celibate for the week,
Andy, it’s paramount that you—"

For once in his life Andy held in how he was feeling. It had
been pretty weird for him to get erect around another man, and stuffing
anything down his cock was a completely new experience. Especially with a hot
nurse watching him do it. But even though the doctor had explained to him how
the process worked he still couldn’t quite believe it was actually happening.

Except for the feelings rocketing through his member. Once
the deed was done, only the incredibly boring medical talk was enough to get
him soft enough to stuff back into his pants. And even that only lasted long
enough to walk to the elevator; Brian was kicking up a storm in Andy’s
testicles and even though Andy hadn’t been sure it would feel good….

“Holy shit this feels good,” he said to Gemma as the
elevator doors closed.

“Andy!” she admonished, “That’s our son in there!”

Inside herself she was conflicted. Part of her was still
barely understanding the whole situation and process. Barely believing what she’d
just witnessed. The other part could barely keep from staring at Andy’s privates,
which she still rode at every possible chance, with amazement. If it wasn’t her
son in there how differently would she see it, she wondered?

Very up close and personal, she suspected.

Andy was less conflicted.

His balls felt like they were being caressed by the warm
tongue of a beautiful stripper. But from the inside. His sex life was as good
as ever, if not better than ever, but still he felt himself bulge against his
jeans like he’d just seen his first naked woman. Even the friction from walking
seemed almost enough to set him off.

He knew the rules. No sex for a week. Brian had to stay put
to bathe in his juices for a whole week.

A whole week without sex, he thought as they drove
home. Who’d have expected it would be that tough? It had been an hour and he
was already almost raging with need.

By the time they got home he’d told himself a hundred times
that he needed to ignore his hard-on. That not having sex for a week would mean
a wild, massive orgasm when Brian was finally out of him and he could jump
Gemma again. That he was saving his son’s life and all he had to do was hold
off from sex.

That afternoon he did well. He and Gemma stayed busy with
housework, and he distracted himself with fixing the deck that he’d put off for
the past five years. Andy didn’t see it, but Gemma’s eyes were almost glued to
his crotch the entire day. If she’d believed she could control herself she
would have asked to see everything up close.

The first afternoon was an exercise in restraint for both of
them. After dinner though, Gemma went to her weekly card game and Andy found
himself with a little too much free time on his hands. For her it was as simple
as ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ For Andy….

“Doc said no sex,” he told himself as he sat in his favorite
chair. His laptop was already situated on the armrest. “He didn’t say anything
about this.”

With a smile he unzipped his jeans, adjusted his underwear,
and finally let his cock hang free.

“How you doin’ in there?” he asked Brian as he looked down.

With his balls hanging free it was obvious there was
something else down there, even without movement. A bulge that would’ve been
concerning on its own instead made Andy smile. Brian had finally settled down several
hours ago but the added weight still felt incredible. But on hearing Andy’s
voice he started moving again.

“Damn!” Andy said aloud as he brought up his favorite
website, “Keep doing that! Like a damn vibrator!”

Brian had, despite all his mental preparation, panicked initially
when he’d landed in Andy’s balls. Panicked for a lot longer than he’d expected.
It was like being caught in a fleshy sleeping bag. That was uncomfortably hot
and wet. On the bright side his nose had gotten used to the smell fast. And
when it was obvious that he was safely tucked into some well-supportive
undergarments Brian was finally able to make himself settle down.

Boredom came faster than he’d expected. It was dark, there
was a constant distant heartbeat, and the world shifted side to side as his dad
moved. He didn’t grow thirsty or hungry, and the need to use the restroom was
gone as well. So he’d settled in, wishing he’d asked about shrinking a phone
too for entertainment.

Of course, that was before there’d been a sudden shift as his
testicular hospital room dropped. And before Andy had spoken directly to him.

“Hey! What the hell!” he yelled as the sudden movement
caused him to fall over. In the darkness he tried to scramble to his feet but
only managed to fall again.

His father’s voice didn’t help anything at all: “Like a damn

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Brian yelled again when he
realized what was happening. The rhythmic up and down movements were hard to
mistake for anything else.

“Oh yeah,” Andy moaned as he searched through new porn
videos. He stroked himself slowly; with how excited he’d been he could’ve ended
the moment quickly but Andy had been around long enough he knew how to make
tonight’s fun last longer. It also helped he knew down to a fifteen-minute period
when Gemma would be home.

“We got two hours sweet thang,” he said to his computer as a
video of two petite redheads started playing.

At first he really did intend to take his time. He did.

But Brian’s movements were too much, and he’d always been
partial to redheads.

Brian tried to hold still but that wasn’t really an option.
Every jerk and stroke threw his prison around, and every time he rolled or fell
sideways it just made Andy’s balls feel even better. Even trying to lay still
in his prison just rattled him around like being in a rollover vehicle accident.

“Yeah, that’s right you little bitch,” Andy grunted as his
orgasm approached, “You dirty little…”

His dirty talked trailed off fast.

For Brian everything changed fast. The stroking accelerated to
a speed where it almost didn’t seem like he touched the supposed ground. He flipped
and rolled again, but this time when he tried to right himself pressure built
suddenly all around. Fluids he’d been trying to not think about were suddenly
filling every space around him until he could only shut his mouth to avoid
yelling out once more.

Then he was yanked upward.

Almost before he could process what was happening, his head was
pushed upward hard enough that he saw stars even in the perfect darkness when
he rammed into something that refused to move. Then the impossible pressure built
and built until he opened his mouth to scream; just as he did his head
compressed enough to re-enter the base of Andy’s cock. With the force of a
rocket he shot upward, squeezed through the tube and propelled by the very
juices that had made him all those years ago.

For Andy his orgasm built and built as he stroked, until he
was far past his usual point of no return. He tried to cum and felt it build
deliciously. The man could barely think as he felt something massive start
traveling upward; he knew exactly what it had to be. Every time he stroked he
lessened his grip around the slow-moving widening of his shaft.

Just as he was thinking something had to be wrong the
pressure finally found its release.

He couldn’t help from yelling as his orgasm exploded through
him. Andy came like he’d never came before in his life; he didn’t even bother
trying to grab a tissue at the last second. Shot after shot of his load blasted
onto his shirt, the first shot heavier than the rest, but each heavier than
anything he’d ever spent in his life.

Brian screamed as the world went from darkness to stars, and
he was impossibly squeezed through the small tube of his father’s urethra. Doctor
Klein would have been thrilled to see how much more easily his body compressed
now than it had just earlier that day, if not the timing when it was happening.
Brian was less thrilled.

The half-inch tall man felt his body widen in the air until it
snapped back into his normal form, but his joy at seeing light and fresh air
was interrupted when he landed hard on an ancient ‘Def Lepard’ tour shirt. He
took a deep breath as he felt more than saw massive globs of semen land to his
right and left. The ground of his father’s belly shook as he heard the man yelling
like his team had just won the world cup.

“What the fu-?” he tried to say as he recovered, kneeling.
Far to his right a laptop screen the size of a building showed one redheaded teenager
having a conversation with an older man seated at the far side of a dinner
table. Underneath the table was a second redhead licking her as though her life
depended on it. The man was oblivious in the way that only bad porn acting
could make him.

Then a massive weight crashed down on him from behind as a spurt
of semen hit him and exploded.

“Holy shit!” Andy said with a laugh, wiping his hand on his
shirt. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d came so hard it took his breath

“Oh damn, I’m covered!” he laughed again as he saw the mess
he’d made. “Whoops!”

His fingers picked up Brian’s tiny semen-covered form as he
refocused. The mess on his shirt would have to wait.

“We gotta get you back in there!” he told the tiny,
wriggling body.

“You asshoo—!” Brian tried to yell as his legs were
enveloped in cock again.

Before Andy could even start to recognize the look on his
son’s face his cock had already swallowed him again. The second trip down was
much easier than the first. For Andy, at least.

With Brian safely back where he needed to be, Andy carefully
peeled his shirt off and stood up. His erection went down, slowly, as he walked
to the bedroom where he tossed it into the dirty laundry pile. The twitching in
his balls still felt amazing but having masturbated kept the edge off.

As he pulled on a new shirt, Andy mumbled, “Doctor’s orders,
no sex!”

He hummed happily to himself as he walked toward the

Brian tried to yell but stopped himself when he realized it
wouldn’t matter. Even if his dad could hear him it wouldn’t matter. The man had
somehow convinced himself that masturbating wasn’t off the table just because
the doctor hadn’t specified.

“How the hell did I come from this guy?” he wondered as he
forced himself to sit down in his fleshy hospital room.

The following week passed in similar fashion.

For long stretches of time his prison remained gentle and
calm. The distant heartbeat lulled him to sleep surprisingly easily. Brian was
relieved that when the rest of his basic functions had ceased, sleep at least
continued to be necessary. It was one of the only things that got him through
the week with his sanity intact.

When things weren’t calm, it was a completely different

If he’d had a clock he would’ve noticed that about ten
minutes after Gemma went work, his prison started to shift. Not in the calm
rhythm of walking, but the sudden drop as his father dropped his shorts.

Each time it started Brian was furious. He wasn’t sure how
much this action could really harm the procedure; the doctors hadn’t had enough
information to even guess at what might go wrong. But he was sure it meant his
father couldn’t keep his hand off himself –

“For one goddamn week!” he yelled at the pressure built rapidly
around him once more.

Andy groaned with satisfaction after another massive load
shot out of him. This time he’d planned ahead and Brian’s tiny form landed on a
paper towel. Now that he knew what to expect he barely took the time to look
away from the laptop screen, where a blonde was happily going down on her
professor for better grades, to pick up the little man.

And he didn’t notice Brian’s angry yelling as he stuffed him
back into his rod.

Andy wet about his day happily, not worried about a thing.
Gemma didn’t sense anything amiss, and in fact when she wasn’t able to see Andy’s
massive cock straining against his pants it was easy for her to pretend
everything was completely normal.

The only abnormal thing for her that week, when she wasn’t
focused on the life-ending malady that they were saving her son’s life from,
was that they weren’t having sex. She was used to Andy’s voracious sexual
appetite and found herself almost coming on to him multiple times a day until
she reminded herself about the no-sex rule.

It never occurred to her why Andy was suddenly able to keep
himself off of her. She knew he understood the stakes, but she also knew Andy
would follow a redhead into a dark alleyway if she flashed him, then not make
the connection between her and the kidneys he woke up without the following
morning. She should have known better than to think Andy held back out of
actual willpower and not a fundamental misunderstanding of medical necessity.

Twice daily, and sometimes thrice, Andy found the
opportunity to get himself alone and have his fun. It wasn’t that hard; Gemma
still worked part time and he made his own hours as a carpenter. When she was
around he savored the feeling of his balls moving half the time; the other time
the simple weight of what resided in them was almost a ball of electric pleasure
on its own.

When she wasn’t around, Brian got a far more in-depth review
of his father’s personal habits than he ever wanted.

For him the week took far too long. The hours of semi
peaceful sleep helped move things along faster, but time dragged on
nonetheless. Andy masturbated often enough that Brian found in the few moments
he was out in the well-lit real world he could usually read a clock before he was
shoved back downward. The content of his father’s porn no longer surprised him
and he found himself desperately wishing the small clock in the bottom-right of
the computer screen would move faster.

Finally, the day of his return appointment came.

“Today’s the day, okay, honey?” Gemma said as she knelt in
front of Andy. He’d been getting dressed for his normal day until she’d
reminded him that they needed to go back to the hospital. She’d avoided trying
to talk to Brian all week, sure he’d just want to spend his time in quiet reflection.
It’s what she would have wanted to do if their roles were reversed, though she
could barely imagine it.

Andy’s balls moved and Gemma didn’t notice his groan. She
was so amazed at the sight that her breath was taken away. It didn’t help that
she hadn’t had any action from her man in a week and now she was kneeling
inches from his manhood.

“We’re gonna go to the hospital now and finish this up. Are
you ready?”

“Oh yeah,” Andy mumbled, not sure if she was talking to him
or Brian.

“Yes!” Brian yelled, pushing against the walls of his
prison, “Another couple days of this and I’d rather have picked death anyways!”

Gemma, of course, didn’t hear this. But she saw the
twitching ball sack and how Andy’s rod responded in turn.

Unable to control herself, she wrapped a hand around her
husband’s cock.

Andy stammered out something that might have been words, but
she didn’t care. All she knew was that the wait for the privacy of a hospital
was going to be too long. She needed something now.

Brian felt something massive rock his prison from above.

“You gotta be kidding me!” he yelled, “You can’t beat it

But he wasn’t beating it.

With a groan Gemma licked the length of Andy’s shaft, careful
not to disturb his balls. She didn’t want to mess anything up now that they
were almost done. With greater restraint than she’d known all her life, she
gently wrapped her lips around his head and gave her husband a kiss.

Then she stood up before she could keep herself from doing

“Get dressed!” she said, giving an extremely rare command.
Her voice brooked no opposition, and her pulse was racing. “Hospital. Now!”

If there’d been a police officer on their drive to the
hospital they would have gotten a serious ticket. As it was, Andy managed to
park at only a thirty-degree angle before the pair rushed inside.

Doctor Klein’s nurse was ready and waiting for them. They thought
she was just professional; in reality she’d seen their mad rush to park and get
into the hospital from her office window. She’d been thoroughly briefed on
every step of this process and part of her had wondered if the couple would be
able to handle a week’s abstinence.

Now she knew.

The pair were able to contain themselves long enough to do
the administrative things that the experiment required. Identification,
verification, basic medical questions.

Gemma giggled when she asked if Andy had remained celibate,
so the nurse missed the split-second guilty look on his face.

“Crazy celibate!” Gemma said, and Andy just nodded in
response. The smaller woman was obviously barely holding herself back. “So, I know
you’ve gotta do all these questions, but can we…you know…”

The nurse tried to stay professional as she pointed the pair
toward the room the hospital had set aside for the experiment.

But she couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes when
Doctor Klein walked in.

“Where did you find those two?” she asked incredulously, “If
whats-her-name hadn’t been practically grinding on the seat there’s no way I’d
believe they actually followed protocol.”

“Well,” he replied as he sat down to review the paperwork, “If
they didn’t we’ve got another dozen trials going on and we can scratch their
data as an outlier.”

Andy and Gemma missed this exchange, of course.

By the time the nurse was onto the paperwork for the next
trial Gemma had already thrown off her shirt. Andy’s pants hit the floor as she
hiked up her skirt and bent over the bed.

“Get in me, now!”

He didn’t waste a moment; though he’d relieved himself last
night he hadn’t gone a week without real sex in a decade. Almost before Gemma’s
voice stopped echoing he was pushing his way into her.

The two tried to be quiet. At first. But restraint had never
been their strong suit.

As for Brian, he only knew that today was the day he got out
of his father’s balls…again…and back into his mother…also again. What that
would specifically entail for him he had no idea of. Doctor Klein hadn’t had
many answers about the specifics about being ‘reborn’ from stem cells on up.

“Oh man,” he moaned as his prison started bouncing side to
side, rather than up and down. “Oh God I hope this next part is more like a
coma and less like solitary!”

Pressure built around him again, much faster than he’d
gotten used to, and he wasn’t sure that it was a good thing. He felt his body
squeeze under the pressure, the malleability that confirmed to him that
everything had worked the way it should have.

There was a final massive thrust, then he felt himself be
compressed upward one final time.

Gemma cried out when she felt Andy shoot his load inside of
her, the first time in a week and the heat of it would have made her legs weak
enough to fall over if she hadn’t been propped up already. Then there was
something else. Something more. Something moving.

By the time her orgasm finished, Gemma was drooling as she
felt impossible movement deep inside herself. Andy pulled himself free carefully,
breathing hard and feeling incredibly satisfied.

“I don’t think I’ll ever cum like that again,” he said as he
pulled his pants up.

“I almost hope I don’t!” Gemma said, her eyes finally

Carefully she pulled up her panties and straightened out her
blouse. In moments she knew Andy would be leaking out of her, so she pulled a
pad from her purse and carefully put it into place. She giggled, imaging how
once upon a time doing that in front of her husband would have been unthinkable.

“Do you think it worked?” she asked when her heart rate settled.
She could feel something extra inside of her, like a vibrating egg that hadn’t
been turned on yet. Brian, she knew.

Andy paused for a moment; he didn’t want her to know he’d
half forgotten why they were in the hospital in the first place. Or that if it
didn’t work it would be completely due to his inability to keep his hands off

“Oh yeah, I’m sure it worked,” he said to Gemma, and several
minutes later to Doctor Klein.

“Now, I know this is a very personal question,” the doctor said
as he looked at Gemma, “But during this last week Brian should have become extremely
elastic, and the goal was for him to enter your uterus.”

Gemma nodded, putting a hand on her belly where she could so
fondly remember carrying Brian all those years ago. It was something she could
never forget.

But it wasn’t where he was now.

“Can you feel him moving in there?” he asked, “In your
uterus? If not, then we’ll need to start this process all over again.”

Doctor Klein paused.

“I’m actually not sure if starting it over would still work,”
he admitted.

“Oh, no!” Gemma said, nodding and hoping her poker face was
working, “I can feel him way up in there!”

“Good!” the doctor said, smiling and leaning back in his
chair. “Then in that case---”

This part of the conversation went fast, but not fast enough
for the couple. They held back from talking as they left the hospital, but as
soon as they were in the car:

“He’s not in there!” Gemma said frantically, “You shot him
way into me but he’s definitely not in my uterus!”

“What happened?” Andy asked as he drove carefully back home,
“I don’t understand! We did everything right! I saw your face when he asked

Except for the beating it all the time…he thought,
keeping it to himself.

“I don’t know! What do we do?” she shot back. “Brian’s gonna
die! He’s gonna die he’s gonna-“

“He’s not gonna die!” Andy said, tapping the side of his
head with a finger. “I’ve got an idea!”


“Okay, get him out now!” Andy told his wife as they waited
for their last Viagra to kick in. The truth was they’d never really needed it
but it had made several weekends much more fun. But right now their focus was
on stopping what they currently thought was their biggest enemy: Andy’s
refractory period where simple biology wouldn’t let him stay erect after

Gemma leaned back against the headboard of their king-sized
bed and spread her legs.

“Are you sure this is gonna work?” she asked as her hands
moved downward. Andy was watching with a grin, and it was true she’d given him
dozens, if not hundreds, of shows in this very position. “I mean-“

“It’ll work!” he said, stroking himself gently and trying to
hurry his erection along, “It makes sense, the whole point of the week was for
him to soak in my stuff, after all.”

The fact that he wasn’t supposed to come out at all during
that week was conveniently ignored.

She gasped as her fingers brushed against her labia. Gemma
was still incredibly sensitive from their quickie earlier and despite her
terror that they’d somehow screwed up this whole operation the simple fact was
that Brian was in just the right spot.

Exactly where I’d put my vibrating egg, she thought,
blushing as her fingers reached inward. The woman whimpered as her fingers
explored; she was still sticky from Andy’s seed earlier but she was stunned at
how much was just her own lubrication. Andy had only thought he was excited,
compared to Gemma he was only mildly interested. Her internal conflict about
what they were about to do seemed to only make this more intense for her.

Her finger quickly found what they were looking for, and she
looked up with a triumphant smile when she managed to squeeze what she thought
was a tiny leg between her slippery fingers.

Brian tried to hold still, unsure of where he was. He knew
roughly, of course. The distant heartbeat in his new prison was faster and
fainter, with a slight murmur.

Back in Mom, I guess.

But as to whether he was safely in her uterus? He could only
hope. Begin ejected for the final time had been incredibly disorienting and he’d
felt himself be squeezed and tossed in a dozen directions at once, just like
Doctor Klein had warned him about.

So it’s only a matter of time before nature takes over
and I go into your ‘re-gestational coma,’ right doc? You wouldn’t have let us
all leave the hospital if I wasn’t in the right place, right?

Distantly he could hear his mother’s voice, not distinct
enough to use. But in its own way it was comforting. Instinctively he was sure
that if mom was around, everything would be okay.

Then the pressure around him changed, and he realized he
wasn’t surrounded by just simple body heat. He’d been used to his father’s temperature
and had been sure he just needed to get used to his mother’s. But when a probing
finger tickled his foot all feelings of safety and certainty vanished.

Brian yelled out in frustration as the fingers first
identified, then surrounded his leg. He would have panicked a week ago when his
leg seemed to flatten between them, but now it only made him angry. They
slipped once, twice, as his leg turned to rubber but on the third attempt the
fingers found purchase and he felt himself sliding downward.

Light blinded him as he was dangled upside down, seemingly
miles above the world’s most boring bedspread.

“It’s okay honey!” he heard his mother say, “We’ve got a
really good idea that’ll fix this whole thing!”

“No it’s not-“ Brian tried to yell back, but a pair of even
larger fingers encircled him before he could really start the long string of
invective he had prepared for them.

“We can’t hear you honey,” Gemma explained. It was true; his
words just sounded like squeaking. Though she and Andy knew with a little
effort they could have made communication work, they were okay with letting the
issue slide for now. After all, their idea really was great!

“So here’s the deal,” Andy started as he carefully grabbed
hold of each of Brian’s legs with his massive fingers.

Brian looked down and realized where, exactly, he was. And
what, exactly, his parents planned on doing.

“See, the whole point was that you spent a week soaking in
my stuff, right?” Andy said as he made sure his fingers had a good grip. Gee,
Brian was slippery right now! “Well you’re still so ‘malleable,” he emphasized
the word, “So we’re gonna do one even better!”

“No!” he screamed as his legs were pulled apart. “No wait I-“

Brian’s parents lost their control just as his voice finally
raised loud enough that even paying slight attention would have told them he
wasn’t happy.

Andy was hard as a rock; he’d never been able to resist
Gemma since the day they’d met. Gemma was so horny if he hadn’t been able to
get it up she’d have masturbated with every phallic-shaped object in the house.
Luckily, Viagra was helping them both.

“Get him on!” Gemma said, pulling him down for a kiss.

Brian drew in breath to try and scream desperately for them
to stop, but when his bottom half was rudely yanked apart his breath was just forced
back out. He had a brief moment to be thankful that his nerves were too altered
to feel pain before he did feel the worst thing imaginable: his father’s cockhead
pushing against his distended asshole.

There was a sense of the worst pressure imaginable, then his
legs lost feeling entirely. His backdoor stretched so far Brian felt like he
was going to be torn in half. Instead his father’s bulbous head simply popped
into his distended sphincter and kept pushing upward. If he’d been able to look
down he could have watched as his body warped and clung to the bus-sized cock being
shoved through it.

Far above, his parents shared a kiss more passionate than
the one on their wedding night. Andy finally broke the kiss when he felt enough
tension on his condom – no, Brian!, he thought, - that he needed to make
sure it actually fit on him right.

“Let me!” Gemma said with a fiery grin.

Her hands shot down to Andy’s cock and as she kissed her way
down his abdomen she was sure he’d dropped Brian entirely; to her hand she only
felt hot skin. Then she leaned back and almost came immediately when she saw.
Exactly liked they’d discussed, Brian was stretched so tightly around Andy’s
cock that he was almost transparent, save for his wildly swinging arms and

Even his face was distorted enough that he could easily have
been mistaken for a novelty condom.

What little inhibition she had left vanished when she
noticed Brian’s arms were pumping in sets of three. One-two-three-pause.

That means he’s fine! she thought, mistaking the
world’s most common signal for distress as one of consent.

Gemma held back a moment longer, just to make sure their plan
had its best chance of succeeding.

Through his wildly distorted vision Brian saw his mother pause
and his heart, his squished, against-all-odds-still-working heart, leapt. He
was sure she saw his signaling for help and her fingers shook slightly as she
reached toward him. Her fingers grasped his legs gently and he would have
yelled with triumph if he could have, sure he was being rescued.

Carefully, mindful of how sensitive her husband’s balls
were, Gemma stretched Brian’s legs downward until she could tie them into a
very small knot. Seeing what she was doing, Andy lifted his cock thoughtfully
for her and grinned down at Brian’s face, superimposed on his cockhead. Every
ride and vein shown easily through his body.

When she was sure the knot was tied well enough, Gemma dragged
her tongue up from his balls across his cock, half forgetting it was her own
son mounted there. Andy forgot almost immediately; if he’d been blindfolded he
would have swore he didn’t have a condom on at all.

Brian tried to cry out in terror as he was lined up with his
mother’s vagina. He didn’t understand what she’d done to his legs, nor why she’d
smiled so cruelly when she’d done it. But he knew what was coming next.

The couple were beyond words, beyond thinking. When Andy
drove himself into Gemma he went to the hilt in a single thrust; she cried out in
orgasm almost before he barely brushed up against her cervix. One well-muscled
arm wrapped around her and Andy lay on top of her, pulling her toward himself
as he shoved himself deep into his wife.

“Fuck, a week was too long!” he whispered, “You feel so good!”

Gemma tried to respond but words were beyond her. She’d
never felt so filled before, and part of her knew the reason her husband felt
bigger than ever was because her son’s arms were flailing wildly at the sides
of her vagina. Instead she just wrapped her legs around Andy’s hips and sank
her claws into his shoulder.

The couple burned together; their passion unrivaled since
their first weekend together all those years ago. Andy pounded into Gemma until
his abs burned, she rode him until her thighs quaked, then they returned to
their old faithful position. The first time they’d ever done it she’d been bent
over the back of his Trans-Am, and they’d stuck with that ever since.

“You can, if you want!” Gemma said, turning her head to look
back at Andy. Her feet were on the ground and each thrust was lifting her up
onto her toes. He’d pulled out to reposition himself but Gemma was plenty aware
of what he was actually looking at. She knew what he wanted, and though she
hadn’t prepared she knew passion would make it work just fine.

Brian knew it was a waste of time to even try screaming. His
eyes couldn’t comprehend where he was but his mind did. His insides were filled
with raging heat and hardness that drove him insane, and not in a good way. His
outsides felt like he’d been covered in boiling lubrication while the world’s
most angrily clenching fist tried to squeeze him to death.

Brief flashes of light showed him every time his parents
changed position, but otherwise his world was darkness.

“-if you want to!” he heard during another flash of light,
and he had the misfortune of his eyes choosing that exact moment to start
focusing properly again.

Two massive globes, being held apart by dainty fingers. And
a brown hole between.

The urge to scream came back as Andy pushed the head of his
rod against Gemma’s pucker. Andy pushed far more slowly than he wanted; his own
orgasm was imminent. But even he knew to go slowly. At first.

Before Gemma could urge him forward, she felt him spear into
her. His bulbous head was followed by another small widening and her eyes
bugged out at the sensation. Yet another orgasm hit her and she fell forward,
no longer able to hold her backdoor open and savoring the burn of her own
stretching. Andy went fast, fast faster than she’d normally allow him but the
thought of stopping him didn’t even occur to her.

“Cum!” she gasped as he did his best to push her through the
mattress, “In! Me!”

Andy obliged. With a roar he pushed himself as deep as he
could and exploded. He felt every squirt and shot exquisitely, but only after
half his load was spent did he even remember he was wearing a condom. The heat
from his semen seemed to build around his head then spread down the outsides of
his cock, but this time the added resistance against his shooting only made
things even better.

When he was completely spent Andy leaned forward, crushing Gemma
under him. She giggled; their size difference almost made her feel like a toy
to him at times, and the thought of being his toy made her asshole clench down
on him, milking another few drops of cum out into her.

She shook her head.

No, into Brian, Gemma tried to focus. This had been
some of the best sex they’d ever had, but she couldn’t forget why they had done
it that way.

That didn’t stop her from moaning in disappointment when
Andy lifted himself off of her and slipped out of her backdoor.

“Damn that was hot!” Andy said as he carefully climbed off
of his wife. Her asshole was already closed back up and he resisted the urge to
push a finger in for good measure. Instead, he just gave her a smack and let it

“What do you think?” he said, this time to his cock.

Brian’s arms were still waving wildly, Gemma saw as she
turned. There was some white fluid leaking from his nose and mouth but for the
most part he appeared to have held it all in. And unless she was completely
mistaken, he had to be absorbing most of it or there would have been far more of
a mess.

“I think it’s working!” she said, still acutely aware of her
shaking legs.

“You sure?” he asked, “Think once was enough?”

Gemma giggled and shook her head ‘no.’

“We’re not wasting that Viagra,” she responded, “We’ve got a
couple hours left, and we’d better make the most of it.”

She paused.

“You know, to save Brian!” she added almost as an afterthought.

“Right!” Andy said back with a grin. “Hit the showers,

He followed his wife toward the bathroom, fully intending on
shoving her against the wall until they ran out of hot water.

Brian would have cried, had his body allowed it, as the cock
he was mounted on closely followed his mother’s backside into the shower.

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