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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's the first chapter of this story.  Mainly a setup chapter.


Walking into her apartment living room, Ashley placed her laptop down on the coffee table and sat down on her couch. The woman who was one day away from turning forty, and she wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. “Fuck, another year. Still single,” the woman said, sipping her wine. Ashley had not been having a great time as of late. She was about to be forty years old and still single. A year ago, her boyfriend Dan, who she dated for almost three years, cheated on her.

That incident sent her on a downward spiral. She had gotten increasingly depressed and desperate to find a man, she hated the idea of being forty and single. Not wanting to have a lonely birthday with her favorite bottle of red wine, Ashley decided to try something a little devious.

She had heard about a new dating app which was combined with the advent of size changing technology. The app was called Size Hookup Encounters, or SHE for short. Ashley had made an account several months ago, but had never used it.

The app allowed users to match with people who had similar interests to themselves. The app also had features that allowed users to control their size, durability, amount of time shrunken, etc. There was also a social media aspect to the app, as you could add friends and see which of your contacts used the app.

The app was actually recommended to Ashley by her aunt Rebecca. Despite technically being her aunt, Rebecca was only seven years older than and was often like an older sister. Rebecca had told her that she and her husband Philip (Ashley’s uncle) often used the app to fool around, and that once Ashley found a nice guy, they should play around with it.

Having not found a nice guy since then, Ashley hadn’t put much thought into the app. But now it was time for something different, she needed something to spice up her romantic life, and she needed it badly.

“Well here we go,” Ashley said with a sigh. She didn’t know if she was excited or ashamed. She was actually doing this. Scrolling through the settings while setting up her profile, Ashley opted not to use a profile picture. ‘That would be so embarrassing, what if I find someone I know on here’ she thought to herself.

To keep people from catfishing, the app offered an alternative to profile pictures. Users could take a picture of themselves and the app’s AI would describe them. Ashley opted to do that. Her phone scanned her in: six feet tall, slim build, short black hair, thirty-nine years old. She then focused on her interests. “Okay, let’s see what we got,” Ashley laughed to herself, taking a sip of red wine. “Shrinking? Definitely.” She began scrolling through other preferences. Gentle was a big one. She didn’t want some giant guy to think he could take advantage of her.

Then she came to choices asking for what she was looking for as far as a relationship went. “Well, I’m not looking for a one-night stand,” she said to herself. “I guess I’ll say possible relationship.” Ashley submitted her profile and possible matches began to load.

Leaning in, Ashley began to scroll through her options. She wasn’t particularly thrilled, as two messages immediately popped up, one being a forty year old guy named Andrew who’s profile picture was his erect cock, and the second being a twenty-eight year old guy named Jacob who sent her a message just saying “Hey” with a winky face.

Then a message came in. Colin, twenty-one years old, from nine miles away said, “Hey, how are you?” Clicking on his profile, Ashley was intrigued.


Colin sat on his laptop in the bedroom at his parents’ house. He was a college senior who was majoring in accounting. Like Ashley, he also had a slim build, and though he only stood five feet, nine inches tall. Self-conscious about his height, Colin rarely had the courage to date. He felt that he was just too shy and didn’t handle rejection well. This was one of the reasons he turned to the size app. He had used it several times and each time loved playing with a shrunken woman. They had always been durable and he never did anything to devious with them.

Unfortunately for Colin, each time he had a hookup session with the shrunken women they always ended up just being casual hookups. He had hoped to have at least some kind of a relationship with these women, but they never seemed interested. Getting a little desperate, he saw a profile for Ashley and decided to bite the bullet. “Well, worst she can say is no,” he said to himself.


“Hmmm, interesting,” Ashley said, sipping her wine and reviewing Colin’s profile. The two had been making small talk for the last few minutes and everything seemed to be going well. Ashley noticed Colin’s height but didn’t seem to think twice about it. She was going to be forty soon, petty things like appearances really didn’t bother her. What gave her hesitation was his age. ‘He’s almost half my age’ the woman thought to herself. She was trying to be open minded, and his profile said they had a lot of the same things in common.

With a sigh, Ashley began to type out a message that she feared would scare Colin off. “Look, you sound pretty cute and nice, but I’m almost twice your age. I could practically be your mom!” She killed her glass of wine and waited for him to be scared off.

Colin’s message popped up on the screen. “That doesn’t bother me. You honestly sound really attractive. I was honestly worried about you being turned off by my height. Sorry, I usually don’t date much.”

A sense of relief and curiosity washed over Ashley. This might work out after all. “Oh don’t worry about that, IF I shrunk for you, your height really wouldn’t matter.” Ashley began to pour herself another glass of wine, and one of her hands snuck down and began caressing her inner thigh. He was interested, and she was playing along.

“Don’t you mean WHEN you shrink for me?! Just kidding! You’d make a great shrunken girlfriend.”

“Shrunken girlfriend?” Ashley laughed to herself. This guy really didn’t date too much. “Hey now let’s not get crazy!” she responded. “I’m not gonna be shrunken ALL the time. Maybe I’ll even shrink you sometime!”

A message on the app soon showed up from Colin. “I’m not so sure about that, I’ve never been tiny before.”

“Yeah, you’ll be trapped beneath my big toe while I’m at work, wouldn’t you like that, boyfriend?” she said with a laugh.

“I’m not sure I’d like that very much, but I do like the sound of boyfriend!” Colin responded.

“Good, maybe you’d like my pussy or my stomach a little more!” Ashley typed and laughed. “Sorry I’m a little drunk right now!”

“No problem!  So do you wanna meet up tomorrow?  You shrink this time, and I’ll let you shrink me next time.’

Ashley grinned and bit her lip. “It’s a date. Can’t wait to be in those nice safe hands of yours.” Ashley and Colin continued to chat back and forth. Ashley had their plans set for tomorrow. She would arrive at the Holiday Inn hotel before Colin did. She would hop up onto the nightstand and shrink down. Then Colin would arrive and she would let him have his way with her. After talking with him, she figured he would be gentle and wouldn’t do anything she wasn’t comfortable with.

Preparing to go to bed, Ashley posed in her full length body mirror and took a naked selfie. Of course, her face was out of frame, she didn’t want to send this guy anything yet until she met him in person. She had a feeling she would like playing with Colin. Her excited hand slid down into her crotch and began stroking her clit as she drifted off to sleep.


After going out to dinner with a few friends, Ashley was ready for the most anticipated part of her birthday. She was forty years old now, and she was just about to try the most sexually adventurous experience of her life. She grabbed pulled into the hotel parking lot and did some deep breathing exercises. She still couldn’t believe what she was about to do.

Ashley’s mind was a fuzz of excitement as she tapped her hotel key card against the lock. ‘This is crazy, this is crazy’ she thought to herself. The room was standard, a large bed, bedside table and a plain table and chairs with a small T.V.

“Romantic,” Ashley rolled her eyes and grinned, laying her handbag on the table and slipping off her coat to hang in the closet. She had at least an hour before her “date” and after examining herself in the dirty mirror, she felt that she needed to freshen up. Her black hair was in need of some shampoo as if flooded messily over her shoulders and black t-shirt. She turned and looked over her slimly built body and smiled. For forty years old, she looked fine and desirable.

“No matter what size,” Ashley said to herself with a grin, sauntering into the small bathroom. She leaned over and twisted the sink tap, letting sprays of water splash the tub. Feeling no need for privacy, Ashley stripped her top away, revealing a plain yet full bra. Next came the jean shorts, that slipped down her long legs with a single unbutton. Now she stood with a mismatched pair of panties and bra. She felt free and excited as she flicked the underwear off and it fell into the sink. Adjusting the knobs in the shower, Ashley smiled as the warm water washed over her hands and she entered the shower.

Several minutes later, Ashley felt refreshed as she stepped into the room with a fluffy towel and a clean, smiling face. Her eyes were brighter despite their dark brown color. She felt cozy and confident as she lifted her phone to send a teasing message to her date. She did this by snapping pictures of her covered, wet form, though her face was not visible. This soon evolved into nudes in the mirror as she was filled with excitement.

Her nude picture to Colin was met with an excited message in return. “10 minutes away!”

“Alright, let’s get this app going,” Ashley said to herself. The woman began scrolling through her settings. Time: one hour. Durability:  100%. Size? “I think I’ll go with one inch,” Ashley said to herself, clicking where it said one.  She didn’t bother to read the descriptions, it surely had to be inches.

Standing up, Ashley looked at her naked form up and down in the mirror. ‘Damn, hope Colin likes what he sees,” she giggled to herself. After getting a message from Colin saying that he just pulled into the parking lot, Ashley couldn’t’ contain her excitement anymore.

She hoisted her six foot form onto the hotel’s wooden nightstand, her bare ass momentarily sticking to the varnished surface. “And shrink!” she giggled to herself, pressing the button reading CONFIRM SHRINKING.

The change was almost instantaneous. As the app calculated everything, Ashley felt light-headed. The world was spinning and Ashley’s stomach was churning. Then in what felt like the blink of an eye, she shrunk!

Ashley stood groggily and examined her surroundings. “Oh fuck,” she groaned, looking around her, realizing something was not right with her settings. “How…how small am I?” Ashley mumbled meekly. Examining her phone which shrunk proportionally with her, her eyes widened. CURRENT SIZE: ONE MILLIMETER. “A fucking millimeter?! What happened?” Ashley screamed. She began to sweat nervously and pace back and forth. The excited sexual power she had just felt began to fade away.

Ashley’s troubles had just seemed to begin when the hotel room door started to open. Watching in awe as the true giant of a young man walked into the hotel room. “OH WHERE ARE YOU?” the giant laughed. “IS MY GIRLFRIEND ALREADY TINY?”

Despite the fact that she was about the size of a speck, there was something unsettling and familiar about Colin’s voice. Ashley began jumping up and waving her arms as he walked towards the nightstand, where she told him she would be.

Temporarily confused, Colin stared at the nightstand. He was expecting to see Ashley’s doll sized naked body, but at first saw nothing. Then as he got closer, he lowered his face down and realized he could see a tiny speck running back and forth. “I SEE YOU!” he said with a titanic voice. “OH MY GOD YOU’RE SMALL.”

With the towering face above her looking like a God, Ashley was frozen in fear. His nostrils flared and he licked his lips. She stared up at him in horror as he began to disrobe. “No…not him,” she mumbled. She knew she was talking to a Colin, but she didn’t realize it was her younger cousin, Colin.

Chapter End Notes:


Next chapter will focus more on the actual events of the hookup.  Stay tuned!

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