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Author's Chapter Notes:

An alternative take on Koyanskaya's assassination attempt before the third Lostbelt, commissioned by Sai. 

Since I don't play on JP, there shouldn't be any non-obvious spoilers for the story past Lostbelt 5.2 at most...  Yeah, definitely probably.

Tags:Vore, Sadistic Giantess, Body Exploration, Mouth Play, Insertion

At first, it could have just been a fluke.  Chaldea was just a bit more crafty than they had planned and hid a few key individuals and projects from both the Mage’s Association and the UN.  That was the only reason they escaped and were able to hide in Imaginary Number Space and appear in Russia.  After that, it wasn’t in her contract to hunt them down, though it was a bit of personal pleasure to find them and tease them a bit.  If they attacked her, she’d gladly cut them down, crush them under the weight of humanity’s sin and continue on with her own plans.  But since they were trying to fight against the Crypters with such massive disadvantages, Chaldea and its final Master, Fujimaru Ritsuka, would die miserable deaths regardless.

And yet, against all odds, they succeeded.  They cut down the Tree of Emptiness Orochi and escaped with the Crypter who managed it, Kadoc Zemlupus, as their prisoner.  Rasputin was able to retrieve Kadoc before the Chaldeans got too far, but it was a major blow to her business partner, the Foreign God.  Not in resources though, since only one Lostbelt needs to succeed in the end and Atlantis was the clear front-runner in that race, but that there was a representative of Proper Human History that was fighting back against the Crypters and Foreign God’s plans.  Their attack on Chaldea was to prevent Proper Human History from being able to participate or even observe the fight to establish a ‘better’ timeline, and that first crucial part now had a tangible failure.

But even that was fine.  The Russia Lostbelt was weak and Orochi wasn’t even able to take root.  So Chaldea was bound to fail when they ventured into the Scandinavian Lostbelt.  Sombrero had taken root, Ophelia was actually able to work with her Lostbelt’s king, and the beasts and enemies there were far more formidable than those in Russia.  Again, she went out of her way to ‘greet’ Chaldea on their journey through their second Lostbelt, enjoying the toll that wiping out timelines was taking on Ritsuka, but ultimately not interfering with them if they didn’t engage in hostilities.  Unlike Russia, Scandinavia had a proper deity watching over it.  For sure this time she’d get to see the last proper humans perish miserably…

Chaldea Novum, Wandering Sea Docks

At least, that was the plan.  You always had a knack for messing up my plans, didn’t you, Your Excellency.  Mentally sighing at the older gentleman’s pudgy sleeping face, the pink-haired business woman adjusted her glasses and narrowed her piercing golden eyes at her former employer.  Why he was in a sleeping bag at the docks was beyond her, and she wasn’t about to waste time figuring it out.  First Russia, then Scandinavia and you even hide in such a troublesome place that the Crypters ask me to handle this.  Well, I suppose I did take this job for free since I couldn’t get rid of you all in Antarctica…  I just need to take out the key figure of Chaldea and any hope you had of restoring Proper Human history is gone.  Grinning deviously, since there were no alarms sounding from her presence that meant that her Presence Concealment was hiding her properly.  Glancing over to the nobleman’s ornate blazer, she reached into its inner breast pocket and pulled out a tube of lipstick.  Aww~  Thank you for keeping my lipstick safe, Your Excellence.  Touching up her makeup with the parting gift she gave him for just such an occasion, she fixed her suit to show off as much of her skin as tastefully possible.  Even if she was here on business, that was no reason to not look presentable for the person she had her sights set on.

Fujimaru’s Room

It was nearly one in the morning, so the new base that Chaldea had established from themselves was quiet.  The empty halls made it easy for the foxy intruder to make her way to her true target’s room.  Sure, it would have been easy enough to kill the tubby, mustachioed Mage in his sleep, but the one that truly held Chadlea’s operations together was the teasable handsome young man from the Orient.

While she hadn’t anticipated the little white fur ball to be sleeping with him, a simple curse that all it took to ensure she wouldn’t be interrupted.

Look at him sleeping without a care in the world.  Do you finally feel safe?  Does it feel nice to have a place to lay down without worry, Mr. Last Master of Humanity?  He looks so weak and defenseless.  It just makes me want to… want to…  Standing over the young Magus, her soft, gentle smiling face twisted into a malicious glee as her hands hovered around his neck.  Snap his little neck!  Ahh~  And with him gone, Chaldea loses all means of fighting back against the Crypters.  But.. that’s not my job this time.

Pulling her hands away from the slumbering young man, the pinkette’s smile softened.  She promised the Crypters that she’d remove him from the equation so their plans could succeed, and at the beginning of the year that would have meant killing him without a second thought.  But as the one fighting on the front lines and interacting with the people of the Lostbelts, the veteran Master who undid Goetia’s plan to incinerate all of human history had become the representative of Proper Human History, whether he liked it or not.  None of the ‘humans’ that inhabited the Lostbelts were even worth her time to torment or play with, they were all so boring.

Huhuhu…  Seeing you struggle is more entertaining than I thought it would be, my little Ritsu.  Sorry to tell you that your little mission ends here though.  But don’t worry, I have the perfect little place far from the reach of the Foreign God that I can keep you in.  I’ll be sure to drop by when I can to cherish you properly, but you’re a bit too big for transportation right now.  Her sadism showing through her affectionate smile, the white-suited business woman held out a hand over the sleeping Master as she carefully, slowly and tediously controlled her magical output to not raise the alarm.  I’ll be sure to take my time with you, ensuring that Humanity falls to the level of beasts and then… Huhuhuhu.

Enveloping the young Magus in her magic, her smile grew wider and wider, to an almost unnatural degree, as Ritsuka’s body dwindled.  Slowly her curse permeated his physical form, attaching to his very soul as she marked him, claimed him, as hers.  His clothes were left unaffected, though once she was done with him he’d have no use for them.  There was nothing he could do to stop her anymore.

By the time he wakes up next…  Huhuhu-

“Ngh…  Crap.  I’m already a… wake?”  Cutting though the silence of the room, catching the attractive business woman by surprise, the shrinking Magus awoke far earlier than she had expected.

Huh?  Wait, why are you waking up already?  It’s only one in the morning!  What time did you go to sleep?  Be a good boy and get a full eight hours of sleep.  Cutting off her magical supply, the pink-haired intruder took a single step back in surprise.

However, her curse had already taken root, so even without her doing anything more, he continued to shrink as he looked around.  “Am I still dreamin-!?  K-K-Koyanskaya!?  What are you d-doing here?”  Quickly noticing the towering, dangerous woman, Ritsuka scrambled to back away from her, but he was already under a foot tall and couldn’t get far.

Her heart skipping a beat seeing the fear and awe in his eyes, the Nine Fox Foundation CEO’s shock quickly turned to excitement as she climbed onto his bed and easily blocked his retreat with her arm.  “Good mor~ning, sleepyhead.  This would have been easier for you had you stayed asleep, but I suppose not everything needs to go exactly according to plan.”  Whispering with an energetic lightheartedness, she smiled down at him.  “Are you ready to go?  No need to pack your bags, NFF Services will be sure to provide you with everything you need once we arrive at our destination.  Now, my dear target, I ask that you come along quietly.”

She’s here to kidnap me?  No, I can’t let her take me away!  Seeing her gigantic, and still growing, hand coming to grab him, Ritsuka dove under it and ran towards the edge of the bed.  He didn’t have time to consider whether this was a dream or not since either way this could spell disaster for their operations.  If this is real, then nobody will be able to find me, but if this is a dream, she could still imprison my mind and I’ll never be able to wake-

“Oh, this isn’t a dream.  I guarantee you, this is real.”  Giggling as she watched him run to get away from her, Koyanskaya lazily laid on her side as she spoke.  “I told the Crypters that I’d ‘remove’ you from Chaldea, so I’m sure they believe I’m here to assassinate you, but I have far grander plans for you.”  Slapping her hand down on the bed next to him, her cheeks flushed with a touch of crimson as she watched him bounce in the air and fall over pathetically.  “Now, come along quietly and I promise to accommodate you properly.”

Glancing back at his would-be abductor, Ritsuka lunged forward, out from under the shadow of her hand as she was lowering it on him and off the side of the bed.  Damn!  She can read my mind!  How can I get away from her?  Picking himself up from the cold, hard floor after his rough landing, the young Master looked around for somewhere to hide or some sort of escape.  Before he could move, a pink, high-heeled foot was planted on either side of him as Koyanskaya swung her legs over the edge of his bed and stood up.  Looking up, her long legs wrapped in dark pantyhose stretched into the darkness under her form fitting miniskirt.  Through the darkness, shadows and dark material, he couldn’t be sure if he could make anything out, but the fact that he was looking straight up her skirt wasn’t lost on him.

“Oh, you’re lucky I’m here to steal you away, my little pet.  Otherwise I’d have to charge you for peeking like that.”  Privy to all the thoughts running through the vulnerable young man’s head, she teased him a bit by crouching over him, lowering her butt quickly.

Not sure if she was actually about to sit on him or not, Ritsuka’s fight or flight response kicked in and he dove out from under her, running away from his bed with no actual plan in mind.  Hearing her softly giggling, taking pleasure in his fear, she caught a glimpse of the pinkette crouched down on her haunches with a much clearer view of her pantyhose clad crotch.  Run!  Just run and think later!  If she catches me…

“Oh!  I like that idea.”  Leaning forward, getting on her hands and knees, Koyanskaya slowly followed after the shrinking Master while listening in on his fears and fantasies going wild in his head.  “And then what would I do to you?  Mmhm?  Oh?  I never would have thought to do that.  Huhuhu, maybe a bit of higher intelligence isn’t wasted on you humans after all.”  There was no need to end her fun so quickly.  He was her prey, a little mouse desperate to escape her, but he was already under two inches tall and she wasn’t going to stop it just yet.  “My, I never would have thought to use my rear like that.  How about my breasts?  What would I use them to do?”

Her hands slowly descending from above, purposely positioned so he could get out from under them in time, Ritsuka was led to run in circles as she crawled around after him.  Her comments probed the deepest, unspoken fantasies he kept from everyone else, there was little he could do that she didn’t allow.  She could easily catch him, but preferred tormenting him.  I can’t keep running forever.  I…  I can’t escape.

“That’s right, you poor, weak creature.  Once I catch you, I promise to do all manner of unspeakable acts to you, and once your mind is broken and body in ruin, I’ll take good care of you.  You are and will belong to me and me alone, I swear on the name Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya.”

“Hold up.  Run that name by me a-gah!”  Stopping dead in his tracks after learning the malicious woman’s full name for the first time, Ritsuka turned to face her just as she lowered her hand over him, squishing him into the floor.

“Oh, it seems our little game comes to an end here then.”  Picking up the inch tall boy as she sat her plump rear on the floor, she dangled him in front of her face and smiled with sadistic glee and licked her lips.  “Unlike most foxes, I’m not so kind as to continue playing with my prey once I’ve caught them.  I’ll enjoy myself until the last moment, but it’s time to attend to a new matter.”

Blushing and breathing a bit heavily, getting to play such a simple game of cat and mouse had reminded her of the joy in such straightforward, spontaneous pleasures.  There was no complex plan behind what just happened, nor did she have to lay groundwork and wait for a prime opportunity, she just watched as he got slower and slower at avoiding her, awakening her more animalistic instincts.

“Oh, your face is exquisite.  Maybe I should just eat you up.  From the sounds of it, I’m not the only one who’d enjoy that, huhuhu.”  Seeing Ritsuka’s face pale while his tiny member twitched made it all the more tempting as she pressed him into her stomach.  “I rarely have live prey anymore, but I’ll make an exception for you.  So, where do you think you’d end up after I consume you?  My thighs perhaps?”

Brought away from the exposed, slim stomach of the gigantic woman and lowered between her legs, Ritsuka was close enough to smell the intoxicating scents that clung to her body.  The juicy thighs contained in the dark, thick mesh of her stocking carried the smell of sweat, while a sweeter, tangier aroma came from under her skirt before him.  At such close proximity, he could clearly make out the folds and curves where her legs met her hips and could even see the contour of her femininity through the skin tight material covering them.  Is she not wearing-?

“Clothes are a human fascination.  If my outfit didn’t make that clear, I wear as little as you would deem appropriate.”  Pulling the shrunken Mage from between her legs, Koyanskaya leaned forward and brought him behind her back to her rear end.  “So if you ended up padding out my petite butt, there’d be no needlessly confining fabric stretching over you.”  Giggling at the idea she wiggled her backside a bit.

‘Petite’?  It looks plenty big stretching out her skirt like that.  While he had the self-control to keep his eyes closed after taking in the broad, healthy butt, Ritsuka wasn’t able to stop himself from questioning the erroneous claim.

For the first time, blushing in embarrassment, Koyanskaya quickly pulled him away from her rear and held him up to her face.  “M-My butt is not t-that big.  These clothes are just purposely, and strategically, a few sizes too small.”  Trying to explain herself, the tiny Master’s mind didn’t accept the excuse.  Why does this feel like such a major loss…?  His head was filled with thoughts of her body, and his subconscious, honest appraisal was both positive and flattering, but it all revolved around how ‘thicc’ and ‘plump’ she looked.  Of course, his conscious thoughts were dripping with the fear and awe of her power and scale over him, which was also pleasing, but his resistance had gotten so weak that she could see his deepest, darkest fantasies without probing for them anymore.  “If you want something ‘big’, you’d be better off adding to my chest.”

Puffing out her well shaped, perky bosom, she used her other hand to grope one to show off how soft and springy they were.  The white suit blazer she wore only had two buttons, both under her bust line and both strained to keep the article of clothing closed.  Her earlier comment of not wearing more than she needed was also confirmed by the lack of dress shirt under it and by the small bumps poking out of her chest just under the lapels.  While there were plenty of Servants he had met in his time at Chaldea with larger breasts, hers fell right into his strike range, unfortunately enough.

No.  No, she’s going to eat me!  Trying to reason with his body to try and escape, Ritsuka’s mind was getting muddled by the powerful, intoxicating pheromones that the predatory woman exuded.

Listening in as he tried to deny the fearful lust spreading through his body, it was a common phenomenon found in nature.  When an animal believes it’s about to die, it wants to procreate to try and leave an heir behind.  Not that I actually will… yet.  I still have other-

Tossing me in and trapping me in her dark, salivating mouth, her slightly smooth, somewhat rough tongue would push and drag me around with ease.  I won’t be able to resist and she could drown me in her saliva alone!  But she’d make sure not to crush me in her teeth, though she’d definitely threaten to do so before tilting her head back and slowly swallowing.  I wouldn’t be able to hold on to her slimy tongue and then I’d fall into her tight esophagus and be dragged down into her waiting stomach.

Her heart quickened as he simulated, in surprising detail, his own consumption.  It was thick in the fear of death that she loved to savor, the sweetest dish in the world, but unlike beasts and animals, humans had stronger emotional ties to life.  It was as rich as a New York cheesecake, but mixed in like a tantalizing caramel drizzle was something that was normally too diluted in the overwhelming fear and despair to meaningfully add anything, lust.  Huh?  Wait… d-does he want to be eaten by me?  Just the thought alone ignited her own depraved arousal.  Forgetting her surroundings, she simply allowed him to continue.

After that, I’d be soaked in her acids as her body slowly breaks mine down.  No amount of begging or fighting would stop that, and she’d enjoy my final moments before I become just a thick slurry of nutrients for her body to absorb.  An imperceptible layer of fat on her boobs and extra padding on her plump butt.  To me, it would be the culmination of my entire life, but for her, I would be just another meal to be worked off and forgotten…

Practically drooling now, Koyanskaya swallowed hard at the extreme fantasy.  Lust and hunger driving her next actions, she tossed the tiny, dark-haired young man into her mouth without ceremony and promptly slammed her jaws shut.  Ahhh~  No, it won’t be over that quickly.  I’ll be sure to savor every last flavor I can strip from you before you lay broken and thankful at my feet.  Tossing him around her mouth with her tongue, the mild salty taste of his unwashed body complimented the terror and desire spilling out from him.  …And again, my butt is quite petite, thank you very much.

The inside of the mouth of the woman at least claiming to have a connection to Tamamo no Mae, if the similarity in their appearances was anything to go off of, was as moist and humid as he had imagined.  Her tongue was an all-powerful beast that moved Ritsuka around at her leisure and her boulder-sized teeth looked like they could crush his still shrinking body to a messy pulp with no effort at all.  There was nothing and nowhere safe in her oral cavity, but there was also no way for him to get out by himself.  N-No!  Don’t eat me.  Let me out!  All he could do, as the slimy oral muscle pressed him against the back of her gums and deftly rubbed his hardened member tantalizingly, as convulse in a profound pleasure while trembling in fear.  Koyanskaya wasn’t exactly known for her mercy.

Mmmmm, it is quite tempting, but I’m a professional type of woman.  You taste wonderful, and to cherish something is to keep it for as long as possible.  If all my contracts and plans work out like I estimate they should, you should last me a few centuries at least, my little Ritsu.  Giggling at his weakening resistance, she held him under her tongue and just let her saliva build up around him.  He was so weak and pathetic, unable to save himself as his strength failed him.  Just as he was about to pass out though, she pulled the centimeter-tall Magus out of her mouth and sneered happily at the state she had reduced him to.  “It’s too soon for my new toy to break, so how about we continue this back in my little sanctu… ary…?”  Getting ready to make off with her prize, her senses refocusing on the room around her, Koyanskaya noticed that something was off.  Why is everything so big?

“Mikon~b25;!”  From behind her, the ruthless business woman heard the most dreadful, loathsome sound she could imagine as a pair of gigantic, thick, legs in blue, thigh-high stockings came crashing down on either side of her.  Multiple layers of clothes settled around and above her, and a round, ornate mirror was positioned between the gigantic feminine legs so both foxy women could see each other.  “It looks like the wild fox has finally noticed.”  Smiling smugly at the shrunken intruder, the pink-haired Caster with fluffy, golden-furred ears blushed at the naked form of her Master in Koyanskaya’s fingers.  “Sorry I’m late, Master, but I had to make sure nobody else noticed me coming to join you in bed.  You know what a pain some of the other, more jealous types can be.  If not for them, I would have been here muuuuuuuch sooner.  Who would have though another cunning fox would not only have the same idea, but also try to make off with you in the dead of the night.  Oh, you’re such a lady-killer though, so I can’t blame her good taste, especially since she’s another ‘me’.”

“Huh!?  You want to back up and correct yourself.  While I might be based off your Saint Graph, I am far beyond being ‘another you’!  I am Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya, and unlike you I won’t reject who I really am!”  Holding her prey close to her chest, the pinkette growled angrily at the manifestation of the infamous youkai.  “I’ve already surpassed you and you will-!?  Huh?  What’s going on?”  Since she was caught, she no longer needed to worry about something like stealth and was about to abandon her disguise and cause a bit of havoc so she could slip away.  However, she couldn’t.  Seeing the smug, victorious smile on the proficient curse user’s face, she glowered at her as Tamamo reached down to pluck her off the floor.  “What did you do!?”

Easily taking her Master back from the sadistic Alter Ego, Tamamo let most of the heavy layers of her clothes fall off as she stood up and went over to Ritsuka’s bed to lay down.  As much as she preferred her first ascension form with its lighter, more seductive outfit and single bushy tail, Ritsuka had invested a lot of time and materials getting her two other tails.  “Well, you were too busy playing with Master to notice me come in, so I cursed you.  I didn’t think you’d have Master in your mouth though, so he shrank down with you, but that’s fine.  I can fix you in the morning, alright Masterb25;~!”  Winking to the minuscule young man, she exposed one of her nipples and dropped him on it.  She could barely feel him since he was less than a millimeter tall, but just having him on her was exciting and arousing enough.  “For now, play with your Tamamo’s body all you want.  Don’t worry, there are no areas off limits to you.”

Looking down at the enormous teat the he stood on, the hardened flesh was warm and carried a pleasant scent.  Further beneath, the beating of the Servant’s heart thumped mutedly through all the fatty tissue of her breast and next to him, Ritsuka saw the narrow, tight crevice that led deeper.  What is even happening tonight?  Am I still dreaming?  With his circumstances shifting so quickly and drastically, the young man didn’t know what to think anymore.  All but sure he was about to be eaten less than a minute ago, in the short amount of time since waking up he was exhausted once again.  All but collapsing on his Servant’s breast, Ritsuka soon fell asleep, curling up in a ball as Tamamo’s heat radiated into him.

Blushing happily at her adorable Master, if nothing else the foxy Servant was thankful to see him in such a cute state.  Carefully, she pulled the hem of her top up to cover him up.  Aww~  You can’t even tell he’s there.  Maybe I should pretend like I can’t fix him for a bit and keep him on me for a few days.  It’ll be like being that uncute, arrogant, bloodthirsty goddess, only I don’t need my other tails and get to stay a decent person.  Once Master gets a taste of my sexy body, I’m sure he’ll stop playing hard to getb25;!  Ah…  No, at the very least, Medea could undo this with her Noble Phantasm, and I want Master to see how capable I am.  Sighing, slightly disappointed that she only had so long to appeal to the young Magus, she turned her attention to the squirming intruder in her hand.

“Unhand me this instant!  You can’t treat me like this!”  Glaring with hate and hostility, the golden-eyed vixen continued to struggle against her captor despite her clothes coming undone, exposing her breasts.  “Even if I was distracted a bit, I should have sensed you coming into the room.  This makes no sense!”

“Oh, that?  I just cursed myself a bit until I almost stopped existing.  You wouldn’t believe how keen some of the other Servant’s senses can be, but Master’s room is warded from such things for his privacy.  Of course, there are the normal sensors that monitor his room, but those are far easier to deceive.”  Gently rubbing her breast, Tamamo casually explained how she got the drop on their foe.  “Hmm… since you obviously haven’t improved your Dark Arts or Dakiniten Ho at all, I’ve taken control of that little trick you’ve been using to hide your true power, so until you can break that I suppose you’re less of a fox and more of a helpless little rabbit.”  Her playful demeanor shifting to a sadistic glower, the playful smile on her face became twisted in a way she swore to never use towards humans ever again.  If anything, her malice towards the shrunken intruder brought her closer to a facet of her Golden White Face identity.  “You should have at least manifested as a Caster if you wanted to compete with me in Mystic practitioning.”

What a horrendous blunder!  I didn’t think anyone would be reckless enough to risk their existence just to sneak into somebody’s room.  Sure, she makes it sound simple, but it's not something just anyone could pull off.  One slip-up and she’d void her own contract, if not possibly remove herself from the Throne!  Almost impressed by the lengths the gigantic youkai was willing to go to get a booty call, it didn’t make Koyanskaya like her captor any more.  No, now’s not the time for that.  Even if I have to drag myself through mud, I have to survive and get out of here.  Accepting that she wasn’t going to overpower Tamamo no Mae, she sighed and tried to mask her hostility.  “Alright, alright, I get the picture.  So, how about I sell you a bit of information on your tiny Master’s deepest, darkest fantasies, promise to leave without harming or kidnapping him and you let me go?”

“Are you talking about Master’s vorarephilia and macrophilia?  We all know about that already.”  Tamamo asked plainly, as if this was as commonly known as the sun being bright.

However, to the shrunken business woman, to not only know about but accept such a depraved desire was odd.  “Wh-What!?  How?”

“Master’s far too honest for his own good.  Even though he tries to hide it… well we have fought quite a few giantesses and he’s summoned Kingprotea, so…”  While it might be a mistake to assume all of Chaldea’s staff and Servants know about the young man’s poorly kept secret, those that do at least respected that he wasn’t ready to share that fact about himself openly yet.  “And while it would be fun to turn you over to the Director as a prisoner, I think I’d rather have some fun with you myself.  So if you don’t want to be discovered, you better keep yourself hidden and make use of the Presence Concealment you have.”  Licking her lips, there were plenty of ideas she wanted to test before trying to tempt Ritsuka with, to make sure they were safe.  Sitting up, she pulled her thigh-high stocking off her leg and held the tiny intruder over the warm and steamy opening.  “Since I want to focus on Master first though, I’ll keep you in here so you don’t slip away and cause trouble.”

Not bothering to listen to a counter offer or plea for mercy, she dropped the heartless Alter Ego into her stocking and put it back on, catching the struggling woman in her toes.  Laying back down, she focused on her beloved Master as he rolled over in his sleep and fell into the entrance to her nipple.

Ahhhhnb25;~  Oh, Master…  So eager even in your sleep.  Don’t worry, your personal shrine-maiden/foxy wife isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I’ve already promised to remain at your side until the very end, a lovey-dovey curse that can’t be undone…  But with how powerful our enemies are becoming…  Clenching her toes around the pest that tried to steal him away from her, had she not come to claim her right as his (future) legal wife, Koyanskaya’s plan would have succeeded.  Not even the Wandering Sea and its position in between dimensions was out of their adversaries’ reach.  Rolling onto her side, Tamamo looked back at the nearly luminescent, fluffy tails attached to her.  I never wanted to go beyond three, and my fourth showed up before me as Cat, but the other five are too powerful to ignore…  If it’s for Master’s sake, maybe I should take them back.  At least another one or two should be fine, right?  As long as I don’t become that Beast-class Evil Spirit.  Luckily, I don’t have to go looking for them.  Grinning mischievously, while it wasn’t a trivial matter, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get back what was once hers.  Her new plaything was the perfect catalyst for the timely process it would take to get them back.

And judging by how completely she sealed Konyanskaya’s magic, she had plenty of time.

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