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I get home in the late afternoon, sweaty from the long walk in the sun. I carefully close the door and lock it, then close the curtains for good measure. I don't want anybody looking to see what I'm gonna do to relax.

The top kitchen drawer is locked, but I get the key from under the door mat. Inside is the shoebox where my new toys are just waiting to be played with. They just don't know it yet. I take great care to lift it out without shaking it too much. I put it on the coffee table and stop to relish the excitement as I take off my clothes, leaving only my boxer briefs and socks on.

I slowly remove the lid and gaze down in amazement at the tiny world inside. Itty bitty trees, ant-like people running around what looks like model villages and landscapes, all contained in a cardboard prison. A grin forms on my face as I watch them realize what's in the sky above them. I chuckle, watching them cover their microscopic little ears as I do.

"It's playtime, my little toys! Your survival depends on how much I enjoy this, so make it count!" I explain with the evil grin still on my face. "In case you need some extra motivation, you should know I took the scenic route through the park today just to stomp on ants. That's how cruel I can be."

The tiny society contained within the box is understandably in chaos with tiny villagers trying to escape through the thick paper that is the prison walls. There is no escape.

"Where do you think you're going?" I thunder from above in feigned anger as I slam my fist into the table next to their puny little world.

The resulting earthquake causes even more chaos, and I notice some buildings collapse as I giggle and start touching myself.

"Behold my enormous power!" I declare theatrically as I stand up and straddle the entire coffee table, filling their sky with my silky, black underwear, full of what might as well be a sea of crotch sweat to the humants below me. I stand still, taking great pleasure in the thought of their world bathing in the musky smell of my crotch sweat.

I keep stroking my growing erection through the thin, smooth fabric as a lake of precum forms at the tip. I laugh at the thought of these tiny people drowning in the liquid at my tip. I might have to arrange that at some point...

Still straddling the table, I lean forward, showing off the rock-hard bulge my swelling penis is creating. Letting the wall of the box tickle my balls through the delicate material, I measure my dick against the prison containing their entire world. I can easily touch one end with my balls and the other with my glans!

"I could crush your entire world at once with my hard-on alone!" I snicker, making earthquakes again as I shake the box lightly with my half-stuck manhood.

Pulling out of the box, I squat down next to the table with one hand on my bulge and the other slowly approaching one of the villages in the box. I carefully pick up one of the tiny toy houses and bring it up to my eyes. I can barely make them out through the minuscule window, but there are definitely people inside! My evil grin widens as I decide what to do with my poor little victims.

I place the house on my finger, giggling at how the delightful fragrance of my crotch sweat sticks to it. I stand up, showing off my bulge to the tiny specks in the box. Then I pull my underwear down with one hand, pulling on my erect dick with the waistband, which makes it bounce back violently once it's free. The sound it makes when it smacks into my abdomen must be so loud to my insignificant little toys!

I turn around and lower my ass until it's right above the opening, and then bring my sweat-smelling left hand in between my legs, taking care not to crush the house on the finger with my ball hair... though the thought does appeal to me. I could fire right away, but I wait for a bit, standing completely still with the house and its inhabitants stuck on my fingertip in front of my vast asshole. I just want to make them smell my ass sweat for a bit before it's too late, but to my delight, some tiny humants actually come out of the house! I can barely feel or see them, but I guess they're trying to escape the overwhelming smell! With an evil laugh, I let it rip.


I blow away both the specks and the house. I can't even see where the pieces land!

Turning around so quickly that my boner swings menacingly for a bit, I turn my attention back to the box. I grab my thick shaft and stroke it for a bit, admiring how big it is compared to my toy world. I grin as I bend it down and milk it for precum, which crashes down onto one of the tiny villages below, much to my delight. They must be so terrified of my godlike power!

"If you thought that was scary, you've got another thing coming!" I roar overdramatically as I stroke my rod faster. "Your entire world is nothing but disposable tissue paper for my cum!"

I'm driving myself mad with lust, and I don't even know if the tiny inhabitants of the world below me can understand my thunderous voice. They can definitely tell where this is going, though. I lean in and can barely make out their microscopic actions. Some are running around aimlessly and others are on their knees begging for mercy. I let a wad of sticky saliva drop down on another village, destroying it like a bomb. I laugh at how puny their structures are before spraying my cum all over their almost microscopic world.

"This was fun! Let's do it again sometime!" I chuckle with an evil grin before putting the lid back on. I have no idea how many survivors there are, but I also don't really care. They exist for my pleasure and nothing else. If there aren't enough left, I'll just destroy the tiny world and get a new one.

After a few glasses of water and a break, I'm ready for more. I take off the lid and look down on the destruction I've caused. The helpless tinies scurrying around down there can imagine what's about to happen. I wish I could read their minds and find out, but I'm pretty confident I'm already pushing the limit of their imagination.

I carefully pick up another house and place it on my fingertip. I lift it up to my eyes so I can make out the almost microscopic tiny toys inside.

"Come out, little toy people!" I order with a horny grin.

Itty bitty humants slowly exit the tiny building before I flatten it under the weight of my thumb right in front of them. Their fear feeds my hardening cock as I lower them down to my swelling glans and order them to climb on. By the time they're on it, my erection has progressed from horizontal to almost vertical, so they have to climb up onto the tip.

"Touch my precum!" I order, laughing evilly as the specks obey my commands.

I let them stay on my dick as I grab the table to keep my balance while I lift my sweaty foot over the box. Dust, hair and tiny pieces of the sock and other particles rain down into my cum-covered toy box. I slide off the sock and lower my naked foot closer to the surface.

"Smell my cheesy footsweat!" I giggle with glee, flexing my toes so more dirt rains from the sky, as well as some drops of sweat.

Feeling a fart coming, I check that my cock toys are still stuck to my glans, then straddle the box again, lowering my ass as far as I can while holding the gas in. I stroke my shaft carefully to avoid sending the specks on my dick flying.

"Lick my dick, little slaves!" I roar theatrically. "Otherwise, I'll blow your world away with my mighty ass gas!"

I get rock-hard watching them desperately try to pleasure my enormous mountain of an erection. It's technically to no avail, since I can't feel their almost microscopic movements anyway, but their incredibly tiny size compared to my gigantic boner and the fact that they're even trying to obey my impossible commands make me feel like a powerful god as more precum emerges from the tip, with some of the micros getting stuck in it.

Although I don't have to, I decide to keep my promise. Instead of obliterating the plaything of a world currently being bathed in the rank stench of my sweaty asshole, I wrap my fingers around my balls to fondle them a bit before extending two fingers under my asshole and letting loose.


The loud, powerful burst of gas is absorbed by my sweaty fingertips, mostly sparing the toy world. What would have wreaked havoc on such a fragile little thing feels so good against my skin that I don't know how much longer I can hold off my rapidly approaching orgasm.

"Mmmmh! That was a good fucking fart!" I moan in pleasure to the tinies in the box as I grab my shaft and stroke it again.

Specks are still running around down there in the box, and I can't resist anymore. I start pushing my dick into a horizontal position slowly enough that the tinies on the tip can move further back... except the ones stuck in my precum, which drips down onto the landscape below with enough force to shake the ground the humants down there stand on. I spit on the tiny world just to outdo those quakes and relish my own perverted power over the tinies. My horny laugh echoes throughout the tiny landscape like thunder.

"Helpless little micros..." I moan. "Nothing but itty bitty toys to my giant, unstoppable lust!"

Noticing that my cock slaves have gotten stuck in a drop of spit as well, I start jerking myself off, taking great pleasure in the display of pure power this simple act is to them. I grab the far end of the box and sit down on the other, breaking it. This shakes the box almost as much as the resulting earthquakes of my ass hitting the table and my balls smashing a village or two.

"Bow down before my mighty iron rod of doom!" I roar with a horny laugh, watching my every stroke shake the ground.

"You're insignificant specks cowering in the dirt before my mighty, hairy balls!"

I slam my cock down like a hammer, destroying the middle of the world all at once and smearing my shaft with my own cooled down jizz from earlier. I watch the panic unfolding on either side as I moan and laugh at the same time, flooding the far side of the box with another eruption.

"Mmmmh... That felt good!" I grin down to the survivors as I lift the box up with my ass and junk, supporting it with one hand under my crotch and the other under the intact side of the box.

At this point, I don't care about being gentle, so my softening dick flops around a bit when my massive feet hit the ground as I head for the bathroom. I squat down before lowering my ass and the box down to the bottom.

"Fun's not over yet! I'm gonna flood this toy box with piss!" I grin evilly.


Some of the specks try to climb my mountain of a chub, but most fall off when I shake the entire tub with a fart. The ensuing tsunami of piss is more than enough to destroy everything that remains in the box. My dick soon floats like an island in a sea of urine, and I see a few inhabitants are still on it.

This gives my dick the motivation it needs to harden again. I rarely jerk off again so soon, but looking at the teeny tiny humants stranded on my glans, with my foreskin slowly approaching to swallow them, makes my crotch tingle with lust. I dip my hand into the sea of piss, grab my chub and start stroking it. It soon wakes up, hardening and swelling again.

My balls are tickled by the waves in my piss, which complement the arousal caused by the sheer size of my erection compared to the tiny passengers on it. As I carefully stroke my giant member, I watch the humants on it move up to the tip as it gets harder and more vertical. I chuckle and reach for the jar of condoms I keep next to the tub. I show them the pack before I open it, teasing them with what's to come.

I slowly tear it open and unroll the thin, transparent bag over my shaft, leaving enough air for the micros at the tip. They're completely trapped there now! I start stroking it again, more vigorously now. Some of them are stuck in precum or drops of my other bodily fluids that have made their way in somehow. Others are struggling to keep their balance, which is only getting more and more difficult.

While masturbating, I spot a few specks swimming in my piss, near my mountain-like balls. Maybe they're trying to reach them to escape the warm, smelly sea of my liquid waste? My stroking is definitely making that harder, but I have a great idea!

I lean back a little, making sure there's only one way the gas can escape between my buttocks: the front. There's a short pause, with me stopping my stroking to push harder, relishing the thought of how terrified the tiny specks in my piss must be.


Huge gas bubbles tickle their way past my huge, hairy balls, then explode around the poor tinies between my thighs. I can't even tell where they are once it's over! I turn my attention back to my massive boner and keep stroking it.

"That felt so good!" I moan. "I bet your friends down there were in awe at the sheer power of my fart!"

I laugh loudly, enjoying every moment of what is a mere kinky masturbation game to me, but to my victims not only life of death, but the end of their world. Where their villages used to be, there's a smelly sea of a gigantic giant's piss, and he's now toying with the lives of the last survivors, getting off on that fact!

"I'm such an evil giant, huh?" I moan, not sure if they can even make out my words inside their latex prison. "Your world and all its inhabitants are just disposable sex toys to me, and you're all about to drown in my cum!"

I jerk it faster and faster, probably crushing many of them without even realizing it. I cum in a less spectacular eruption than before, but more than enough to fill the tip of the condom. I let my cock drop into the puddle of piss, which has been draining faster and faster, with the condom still on, checking for any signs of specks, but without finding any.

I wash up and dispose of the used masturbation toy that lasted me three sessions. Not bad, but maybe I should make it last longer next time, I think to myself as I carefully select a new pair of boxer briefs and step into them. I grin down to the tiny world in my clean pair and slowly pull it up toward my crotch.

"It must be such an honour for your insignificant world to be a mighty giant's clean underwear!" I chuckle before pulling it all the way up, feeling cities tickle my balls as they crumble underneath them.

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