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Mandy had done it. She'd been dropping hints for a while, and Bob had asked her out at last! Bob was by no means an idiot, but he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either. As long as she put some thought into this, he'd tell her anything she wanted to know, she was sure of that much!

She'd had this suspicion about him for a while, and she finally had the chance to confirm it. This would reveal whether he was in fact her dream guy or not.

Mandy had dressed for the occasion in a long, black dress that had slits running almost all the way up to her hips, revealing her legs on both sides. This was a tight garment that hugged her hourglass-shaped body and emphasized her curves. Her perky breasts looked especially good in it. While they were on the large side, they usually had nothing on her firm, round bottom, but in this dress, they might have rivalled it, but it was made even more prominent by her high heels, which were her secret weapon for dates like these. It was sort of sad to think about how many of them there had been, but she wasn't about to give up yet.

Bob was less particular about his appearance. A simple polo shirt and a pair of blue jeans were his idea of date attire. A normal girl might be embarrassed to be seen with him, but Mandy was not a normal girl.

She had a commanding presence, despite not being particularly tall or physically strong. Her attitude made her seem much bigger than she really was, and her good looks helped a great deal as well. She always had her way, which had probably spoiled her a bit, but she liked to think that was OK, as long as she was aware of it and kept it under control.

Despite her good looks, she had been single for the longest time. This was despite having a short checklist of "musts", with pretty much everything else being negotiable. She was very particular, and even if she otherwise liked a guy or even stayed over at his house, it never progressed past the one-night stand if he didn't tick all her boxes.

Would Bob be the one? That remained to be seen, as his car rolled up to her house. She let him wait just a bit longer than she needed to when the doorbell rang. The sight of her in that dress and with her dark brown hair down, as opposed to in the usual bun she wore around the office, almost left him speechless, but he did muster a greeting.

"Hey, Mandy! You look so hot, you could melt a guy!"

She did enjoy his clumsy compliments. Although they weren't a must, she considered them a bonus. She had butterflies when he offered her his elbow and escorted her to the passenger seat. He wasn't rich or anything, but he did earn a decent salary. Not that that was a must for her, but it was always good to have enough money, so she put that down as another bonus.

Originally, he had intended to take her to an Italian restaurant, mostly because it was fancy yet still served pizza, but Mandy had already decided for him that he should take her to this very exclusive and secretive club downtown. It was invitation only, but her friend worked there and could get them in anyway, she'd said. And Mandy always got her way.

It was on the top floor of the tallest building in the city, or rather, it included the two top floors. The dance floor below was where the loud music was, accompanied by flashing lights and sweaty couples. Upstairs, with an overhead view of the dancers below, was where the food was served, in a somewhat quieter area.

The music was loud enough that you couldn't hear the other tables, but not too loud to talk. It was the perfect place for her... interrogation. If things didn't go her way, she could always blame the music for causing a misunderstanding.

Mandy's friend showed them to a more private table in the corner, and Bob did indeed order a pizza. Deciding to humour him, Mandy asked her to make it large so they'd both have enough. The food wasn't the reason she'd chosen that place anyway.

"So, Bob," she began, "I was starting to worry you wouldn't take the hint."

Her playful smile made him lower any guard he might have had. It was crucial for her plan. He might not talk if he had any reservations at all.

"Oh, you know, us guys can be a bit slow on the uptake, I guess. I've wanted to ask you out since you started, not gonna lie, but actually doing it is scary stuff!"

He was either getting more confident or pretending he was. Either way was fine.

"Really? Even for a big guy like you?"

Bob smiled, thoroughly flattered. He was indeed a rather big guy. He had gone to the gym regularly before he graduated, but since he started working, he hadn't been too consistent about it. He had also gained a bit of weight sitting on his ass all day at work, but as long as he still kept his muscle mass, it was fine.

"Hehe, yeah. Even in my prime, I would've hesitated to ask out a girl like you."

Mandy gave him a dreamy look that indeed seemed to melt him where he sat.

"Remember that courage is to do something even though it's scary. I think you're a lot more confident than you let on."

She had him right where she wanted him.

"Like, most guys are afraid to talk about literally anything on the first date, but you're so chill and relaxed. I feel like we could talk about anything, and I'm still sober!"

"Sure thing!" he replied, taking a sip of his liquid courage. "Like... Like what?"

Bingo! He'd taken the bait.

"Like... I dunno... What's the weirdest thing that turns you on?" she giggled.

He took another sip. This girl was something else! The pizza wasn't even there yet, and she already wanted to talk about sex?

"You mean, like, sexually?" he hesitated.

"Yeah, no, not necessarily. More like, you know, fetishes. Lots of people love, like, feet or cars or whatever," she smiled to encourage him.

"Well, I mean, I like cars, but not in like a sexual way," he laughed, "and if you're into feet, I mean, that's cool, I guess, but I don't have, like, a foot fetish myself."

"But do you have a fetish? Mine's weirder than those examples," she said with blushing cheeks and a grin.

"I'll let you guess it, but you've gotta tell me yours afterwards. Deal?"

He thought about it for a second or two, then emptied his glass.

"Deal! Alright, so... Is it, uh, water sports?"

She giggled, "Weirder!"

"Hm... OK, maybe diapers?"

She thought about it for a second and replied, "To be honest, I can't decide if it's weirder than that or not. Maybe on like the same level of weird?"

Her encouraging smile calmed him down, and she could tell by the look on his face that he was ready to admit it, implicitly.

"Is it, uh, size differences? Like, giants and stuff?" he said with a nervous chuckle.

"That's it!" she exclaimed with skilfully feigned surprise and even more skilfully masked excitement.

"It turns me on like nothing else! How did you know?"

Bob tried and failed to conceal his huge smile by looking into his empty glass. He leaned in closer.

"You know what? Me too. It's my first time meeting someone else who's into that!"

He was clearly just as excited as she was, but sucked at hiding it. She wasn't done yet, though.

"Same! So are you more into being around a giant or being one yourself?" she smiled and took a sip of her drink.

"Definitely like the thought of being a giant myself. I think about if every time I work out, haha! What about you?" he asked with even more excitement in his voice.

"Same, actually! But, to be honest, what I really prefer is both at the same time."

"You mean...?"

"Me being a giantess and also being around a giant man my size, of course!" she whispered with another dreamy look at his manly face as her friend served their pizza.

"Oh, man! I do like the thought of that!" he whispered once she was gone.

"Can you imagine the two of us as giants?" Bob asked as he took a bite of pizza.

"Oh, yeah! Imagine all the fun we could have if we were the size of this building!" Mandy cooed.

"We could look in the windows and see all these tiny people dancing inside!" she continued.

"We could even... play with them," Bob grinned carefully.

"Haha, yes! What would you wanna do with the tiny people at that size?"

"Well... I could do whatever I wanted with them," he said slowly, "so I could make them do anything I said. I could play with them like dolls, undressing them and making them kiss."

"Would you, like, crush them? Or eat them?" Mandy asked.

"Nah, to be honest, I'm not really into vore, or the whole crushing thing. I'd make them my toys, my slaves even, but I wouldn't hurt them. Not on purpose, anyway."

"Would you make them your, I mean, our sex toys?"

"Sure! That'd be fun!"

Mandy had heard enough. Bob had passed her test with flying colours! She reached for her purse and opened it.

"I'm gonna show you something, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Ever. OK?"

Bob nodded.

"Remember the girl I replaced at the office?"

"Yeah, uh, Marina, right?" Bob said as if he didn't quite remember her name, as well as her sweet smile and gentle demeanour, not to mention how much he liked her office lady outfit...

"I have a gift for you," she said, ignoring his question and handing him a little box.

"I agree with all the things you said earlier, and although we can't grow giant, there are alternatives."

Bob was getting kind of nervous, but decided to open the box anyway. Maybe it was a miniature or something? He had some at home, but they didn't smell like Mandy's intoxicating perfume the way this one hopefully would. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw inside, though.

"Wait, what the fuck? A minitature of..."

He stopped when he realized it, or rather, she, was moving and trying to talk to him.

"This is actually her, isn't it?"

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